AAWP Plugin Review (2022), Features, Pricing, And More. The Best Amazon Affiliate Plugin?

The Amazon Associates program is quite popular among bloggers. Many pro bloggers are using this program to promote Amazon products on their websites and earn huge commissions in return. AAWP is one of the most popular plugin among top Amazon Affiliate Marketer.
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AAWP Plugin Review

AAWP Plugin Review

Are you using the Amazon affiliate program?

Want to earn more money like other top Amazon affiliate marketers?

Just like you, when I started using Amazon Affiliate, I always wondered how the top Amazon Affiliate makes money with the Amazon associates program. So after some research, I get to know that there are some Amazon affiliate plugins that are being used by them. You can read our blogs on Best Amazon WordPress Plugin to know about them in detail.

From my research, there are some points that I discovered:

Firstly, there are many top affiliates who use comparison tables in their blog that help their viewers in decision making.

Secondly, the call-to-action button used in their blog is very much specific and clear.

Lastly, the product box used in their blog is beautifully customized that clearly increase the chances of conversion through your amazon URLs.

Besides, Amazon affiliate marketer generally faces a lot of hindrances while promoting a product. For example, a product link cannot be found, the product may be out of stock, etc. This situation hampers your opportunity to earn a profit. Here comes the need to use Amazon plugins that will automate the entire process and make things easy for you else you’ll be working round the clock. In short, what you need is an affiliate tool that will automatically update your affiliate links. Moreover, the default Amazon Affiliate plugins in WordPress is not so impressive with their visual output. Overall the amazon plugins boost your sale by allowing flexible customization in your affiliate blogs.

There are many Amazon Affiliate Plugin in the market right now. Some of the popular amazon Plugins are Affiliatable, AAWP and AzonPress Plugin. And here is the complete AAWP review. AAWP is a powerful Amazon affiliate plugin for hobby as well as pro bloggers to make the most out of the Amazon affiliate program. I am using this plugin for more than a year and here is the detailed review of the AAWP Plugin.

In this AAWP review, we will explore and discuss the pros and cons of AAWP, its features and benefits it offers, price structure and ultimately – whether it is the right product for you and your online business.


AAWP Review | Introduction

AAWP Plugin Review | What Is AAWP?

Basically, AAWP is an Amazon affiliate plugin that helps to insert Amazon affiliate links on your WordPress site, without needing to go through AAWP is an Amazon affiliate marketing program that allows website owners, bloggers, YouTubers, Social media influencers, Developers to earn money from Amazon, by recommending the product.

Once, you have an approved Amazon associate account, you can recommend any product on your blog or article, YouTube channel, Android or iOS app, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or other medium and earn a handsome commission. AAWP provides a blogger with all of the necessary tools that he or she would need to excel as an Amazon affiliate marketer. It offers several features that can help boost your affiliate page performance and, therefore, increase your earning potential by amazon products from your blogging.

The software comes packed with tools that help you create interesting and beautiful layouts for your Amazon products to improve your website’s user experience. Besides the customizable design, marketers can also improve functionality to enhance the shortcodes used on their site. With AAWP, all affiliate links on your blogs will be automatically updated, guaranteeing that you will earn your commissions no matter what changes occur in original product pages.

AAWP Review| AAWP Features

AAWP Plugin Review| Some Core Features Of AAWP

There are many challenges if you are planning to monetize your websites through Amazon Associates Program. Such as:
1. Getting Product links.
2. Adding the links in relevant places on your post.
3. Creating and customizing more striking CTA buttons.
4. Adding product images and star ratings.
5. Creating visually attractive comparison tables.

Missing any of these in your blog decrease the percentage of conversion. As they all, in one way or the other, make your website visitor click your links and boost your conversion rate.

AAWP offers a handful of features for its user which helps to create affiliate blogs more easily and conveniently to overcome all the above-mentioned challenges. So, let us discuss some of the key AAWP features.

1. AAWP Plugin Text Link

aawp plugin text link

An Amazon text link is an HTML link within a body text that links to a product. You can use a single term or an entire phrase as part of the link to draw attention to a product. This feature is one of the most important and must-have features that many amazon affiliate plugins offer. These links can be included anywhere in your blog with or without the amazon symbol in it. One thing is to be noted that the amazon text link is always “no-follow” which means it will not affect your search engine ranking.
In order for a text link to display a product, the user needs the product ASIN ( Amazon Standard Identification Number )number. On Amazon, the default location for the ASIN number is below the product description. To link to the product, the user needs to insert the ASIN number into the shortcode.

2. AAWP Plugin Product Box

AAWP single product box
AAWP single product box
AAWP multiple product boxes
AAWP Multi-Product Box

The product box is the most visually attractive thing that affiliate marketers can use in order to attract customers to click. The product box is better alternatives than any links or pictures. AAWP offers banners of products that are designed to raise your conversion rates. These are customizable and clickable, so your customers can be directed to the product pages right away. This amazon plugin makes use of Amazon API to collect information from the amazon site and automatically update the product box.

This Product box is very much flexible and customizable in WordPress. Instead of using the same template, again and again, users can use their own colour and style while editing the product box.

Learn how to embed product boxes using the AAWP WordPress plugin.

3. AAWP Plugin Geo-targeting

AAWP Geo-targeting
AAWP geo-targeting

Geo-targeting is a built-in feature of AAWP that can determine the geo-location of internet users. The geo-targeting features not only improve the earing from your sites but also help in improving the user experience.

Initially, Amazon Associate programs required marketers to sign up separately for each location they wanted to target. Now, the Amazon Onelink functionality facilitates international marketing to a handful of countries in the EU and Asia.

For example, if a user from Spanish clicks the affiliate links, AAWP will redirect him/her to the Spanish page instead of a german page. This will also obviously improve the experience of the user and if the user gets redirected to the appropriate page, chances are you are getting the commission after a successful purchase.

Note: Additionally it’s mandatory to signup for all Amazon affiliate programs individually. After this, you have to enter your local tracking ids into the corresponding fields at the settings page (tab “Amazon API”).

4. AAWP Plugin Best Seller List

AAWP Best seller list
AAWP Best Seller List

E-commerce site like Amazon contains several products listing. Listing is one of the most important things for affiliate marketers as well as viewers because visually it is very clean and from the marketer’s view, they can categorize and customize the item in the list.

Similarly, the bestseller list is an automated list that is generated from a specific Amazon product category. This means that the list only the most popular and the most frequently purchased products of a particular niche or category. You only need to enter the product keyword, and AAWP will provide you with the item list.

An Amazon bestseller list is not restricted to posts or pages. If you use the Amazon bestseller list widget, you can incorporate the bestseller list into the sidebar of a blog. You can display this bestseller list in the form of the Product Boxes feature that has been explained above. This makes it even more efficient, as you do not have to redo the configurations for each product again and again. Instead, they will all consistently feature the same style and design.

5. AAWP Plugin New Release List

AAWP new release product list
AAWP new release product list

The New Release list is somewhat similar to that of the bestseller list. This list displays the latest product from the particular product group. By entering the shortcodes, AAWP can generate lists of any new product categories by entering the corresponding shortcode. Customizing the list is super easy with this amazon plugin.

The list is fully customizable. ie, by default the maximum number of products is 10, although you can edit it according to your requirement. Furthermore, you can expand the shortcode using attributes. For example, the list can be displayed according to price or product title. In addition, you can use a widget, for example, in the blog’s sidebar.

6. AAWP Data Field

AAWP data field
AAWP data field

An Amazon data field (simply known as a “field”) displays specific Amazon product data. For example, this could be the price, the product title, the star rating or the buy button. You can place this information anywhere in a post, on a page, or in a sidebar.

Data fields can also be used in a template or as part of a comparison table. In addition, an Amazon data field can generate buttons, such as the ‘buy’ or the ‘details’ buttons, that is simple yet direct CTA.

7. AAWP Plugin Comparison Table

AAWP Comparison Table
AAWP Comparison Table

AAWP is popularly known for its comparison table feature. With this comparison table, you can compactly compare several amazon products and provide all the specifications and relevant information at a glance.

This feature is very much important for users in deciding on the purchase. Viewers don’t have to scavenge different pages to compare similar products. Instead, they can see all the highlights, specifications, advantages, disadvantages in a simple table format.

AAWP allows you to create these right from your WordPress blog, without needing any specific coding skills. The table is highly customizable and upgradeable. This means that the post can be edited even after you have posted it without any programming skill.

8. Google Accelerated Mobile Pages

AAWP Google Accelerated Mobile Pages
AAWP Google Accelerated Mobile Pages

If you really want to make a profit from the amazon affiliate, you need your site to be highly responsive on all smart devices. AAWP has added layers that will work well with Google’s AMPs or Accelerated Mobile Pages. It will ensure that your mobile pages are loaded fast, without losing their charm. As such, it will minimize the CSS and JS elements on your page. There are several benefits of using Amp. These are:
1. Lightning-fast loading on mobile devices.
2. The visitor bounce rate is significantly reduced.
3. A better user experience on mobile devices.
4. Template formatting is preserved.
5. Positive impact on mobile rankings.

9. Translation

AAWP Translation

AAWP plugins can be translated into many languages. So you don’t have to worry about viewers of other languages. AAWP helps you to reach potential and existing customers in multiple languages. Currently, AAWP supports English, German, Spanish, Italian and French.

10. Widgets

aawp widget view
AAWP Widget View

Widget is a block of fixed or prepared content (such as a product box, best-seller list or new release list) and you can place this in the sidebar of a WordPress theme. Depending on the theme, you can also add widgets to the header or footer of a web page. In addition, you can include widgets in page builder layouts. There are several benefits of using it in your post:
1. A widget can be used in a sidebar, header and footer (depending on the theme).
2. The title can be configured.
3. Choose from various designs & templates.
4. Display the widget according to a category.

A widget’s appearance can be configured. This means you can customise the title and change the look of the widget. There are several designs and templates available for this.
In addition, widgets can be displayed according to a category and using additional plug-ins. This means that the widget will only be displayed if it fits in with the relevant category

11. Other Tools

In addition to the above highlighted features, AAWP also offers several other necessary tools that will improve your blog and marketing performance.

1. Amazon Partner Networks – AAWP supports Amazon PartnerNet for the US, Canada, EU, Japan, India and Brazil. The countries can be selected through the plugin settings.

2.Prepared templates
– AAWP offers a set of templates for almost every feature. If you want to modify them further, you can avail of the integrated PHP templating to make individual changes as per your needs.

3.Click Tracking – Event tracking is already included to support integration with tools such as Google Analytics and Tag Manager. Additionally, your tracking ad will also be included in all plugins and shortcodes, so you will never miss any commissions.

4.Caching – Reduce your website’s loading time further by using the caching functionality. Once the site fetches the product data, it will be temporarily stored and provided for the next page. Users can change the plugin settings to adjust how long the caching has to be active.

5.Amazon Prime Flagging – Marketers can also tag any products that have special pricing as part of the Prime subscription. This will further help you to earn commissions by referring new Prime memberships.

12. GDPR Compliant

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. GDPR is a regulation that aims to protect the privacy of EU (European Union) citizens. The European Data Protection Regulation is applicable as of May 25th, 2018 in all member states to harmonize data privacy laws across Europe. Among other things, it provides users with more control over the personal data that they share with websites.

To get more information on this subject, you may visit:

13. Responsive And Updates

Responsive refers to how well a software or tool performance in devices. AAWP plugin performs like a hot knife through butter. The widget and the AAWp tools are highly responsive.

Users of Amazon Affiliate plugins are always excited about the new features and benefit that the product will offer. AAWP plugin provides the latest updates and releases as soon as the update is released.

14. New Releases

This AAWP feature helps you to grab your visitor’s attention with the latest products on Amazon within a specific product group. With AAWP Plugin, you will be confident that no new product will be missed on your websites when they are available on amazon. You can narrow the newly released product making them easier for you to target the right audience.

AAWP Review| AAWP Pricing Info

AAWP Plugin Review| How Much Does AAWP Cost?

AAWP pricing structures have four plans:

[wpsm_comparison_table id=”2″ class=””]

Visit AAWP Pricing Page

NOTE: In order to use our plugin, it is mandatory that you have access to the official Amazon Product Advertising API.

Except for the multi-site option, all the plans provide the same features that were discussed above. All plans are valid for one year, including any product updates. As you can see, even with its most expensive package, the plans offer value for the price. All price options include 1 year of updates and support for free. AAWP also offers 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

AAWP Review | AAWP Setup

AAWP Plugin Review| Setting Up With AAWP

There are certain criteria you have to full fill before you start using the AAWP Amazon Affiliate Plugin. You first need to have an official Amazon Application Programming Interface or API. Without an API, the plugin cannot retrieve any data nor can connect to the Amazon server. Now the question is how to get the API from amazon? Firstly You gave to get yourself verified. Secondly, you have to generate at least 3 sales.

Once you fulfil these two steps, your API will start working after the next 48 hours. However, you also need to continue generating sales if you want to keep your Product Advertising API. It also comes with an initial usage limit per day, which will depend on the performance and revenue achieved in the last 30 days.

How To Install The AAWP Amazon Plugin?

There are basically two ways you can install the AAWP Amazon plugins

  1. Install via File Protocol
  2. Install via WordPress Uploader

Steps To Install Via File Protocol

STEP 1: Log in to your blog or website.
STEP 2: Go to your dashboard.
STEP 3: Select Plugins.
STEP 4: Click “Add New”
STEP 5: Click the provided Upload link.
STEP 6: The downloaded package will contain the file, upload the .zip file.
STEP 7: Extract the file on your local computer.
STEP 8: Connect your PC to your server and navigate /wp-content/plugins/
STEP 9: When you are through, upload the AAWP folder directory on your server.
STEP 10: Log in to your website again and revisit your dashboard.
STEP 11: From the side menu, select Plugins.
STEP 12: Activate Plugin.

Steps To Install via WordPress Uploader

STEP 1: Log in to your blog or website.
STEP 2: Go to your dashboard.
STEP 3: Click “Plugins.”
STEP 4: Select “Add New” from the given options.
STEP 5: Click the provided link for uploading.
STEP 6: Upload the file after downloading it.
STEP 7: Complete the process by activating the plugin.

You can also watch the video.

Follow these steps to install the AAWP plugin in your system easily.

NOTE: To run the Amazon Affiliate Program, there are certain parameters that have to be fulfilled. Please ensure that your web hosting meets the following requirements:
1. PHP 5.6 or newer
2. MySQL 5.0.3 or newer
3. WordPress 4.7.5 or newer
4. PHP “SOAP“, “cURL” and “mbstring” extensions installed and enabled
5. PHP “curl_exec“ and “allow_url_fopen” enabled
6. PHP “XML“ enabled

If you don’t know information about your web hosting specification, AAWP provides you with a very easy tool in order to check if your web hosting meets all requirements. Click here to download their Server Check Tool.

AAWP Plugin Review| Setting Up AAWP

The default settings of the plugin may not offer you the best of its services. You may change some of the settings to get the most out of it.

Follow the steps below to set up the plugin easily:

1. License It

AAWP Plugin Licence

The first thing in order to configure the AAWP is to license it. After you have successfully installed and activated, you have to click the License Tab to start the configuration process.

You will be provided with an empty area to put down the Licence key. Put there the License key and click the “Activate Licence” as shown in the above picture.

After you successfully activated the license, a “License Valid” will be displayed beside the “Status” display to notify you of the successful licensing.

2. Amazon API Integration


After you have licensed the AAWP Plugin, the next step is to integrate your Amazon API into your website.

To start the integration process, first, click on the “Amazon API” tab as from the image above. If you are not a registered member of amazon Associate, you need to sign up to enable you to proceed with the integration. You can read the complete steps on how to become an Amazon Affiliate here.

If you are already an Amazon Associate, and already having a Tracking ID, then follow these steps:

  • Add the Tracking ID in the provided column so that your Affiliate link will automatically be updated with your ID.
  • Click the “Save Changes” button after providing your API Secret code, your API Key, and your Tracking ID.
  • You will then can notice “Connected” as your Status is updated to reflect the new changes.

3. AAWP General Settings

AAWP Gereral Settings

These pages contain different settings that you can do to enhance the efficiency and usefulness of the plug.
Some of the available options, you should focus on :

  1. Shortcodes: Shortcodes in WordPress are little bits of code that allow you to do various things with little effort. In short, shortcodes allow you to add various functionality into posts, pages, and widgets without actually writing any code.
  2. Cache Duration: Your product will be displayed on your site according to the cache duration chosen for the display. With the assistance of the plugin, you can cache all your data. But except for images. Options that are available for cache duration are varying from an hour to a week.
  3. Affiliate Links: There are different options for the text link format. The default link format is the best. But you have the option to choose either the shortened version or the standard version. A cloaked version will also be available after few updates.
  4. SSL Support: SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. In terms of security, an SSL certificate is a must-have for a website. Turn on support for images. If your website is already running HTTPS, the SSL will take care of your images.
  5. AMP Support: Don’t compromise speed. Boost your website’s load time by adding support for AMP. The Accelerated Mobile Page feature ensures that your site will load at an impressive speed on mobile devices.
  6. Last update format: You have two options here: “Date and Time” and “Date.” Choose either of these two-time formats based on preference.
  7. Inline info: You can incorporate custom text into the display of your product box.
  8. Disclaimer: Amazon has an API License Agreement option. You may also set a custom disclaimer.
  9. Credits: If you wish to acknowledge the AAWP plugin developers, you have the option to do so here.
  10. Clear cache: With this option, you can clear the cache to free up your space.

4. Output Customization

AAWP output Settings

The Output tab has certain settings like Product Descriptions, titles, pricing, buttons, custom CSS, ratings and others. Let’s discuss a few details with the available options.

  1. Title: This plugin offers you the opportunity to personally determine the length of your product description. If you wish, there is a provision for appending custom text to each product title. Take advantage of this provision as well.
  2. Description: In the description section, you can specify the number of bullets you want to be visible in your description. There is also an option that allows you to give a limit to the character length of each of the bullet point sentence.
  3. Rating: Do you want your customers to rate your products or not? The decision is yours. You can hide or show rating stars in this column. If you wish to show the ratings, you can also choose different sizes for the stars as well.
  4. Pricing: If there are advertised pricing for products, specify whether you want to show or hide such advertised pricing here.
    Other settings you can do here include choosing whether the Amazon Prime logo should be displayed beside advertised prices or not.
  5. Button: Amazon has default Buy buttons. If you are not comfortable with the default attributes of these buttons such as style, colour, and label, you can choose the attribute of your choice here.
  6. Custom CSS: With Custom CSS, change the styles of your product descriptions, title, pricing, ratings, and buttons.
  7. Clear cache: This option performs the same function as the Clear cache option in the General tab.

5. Function Tab Customization

AAWP Fuction tab
  1. Icon: This option enables you to decide whether you want to show a cart or an Amazon icon immediately after the product link or not.
  2. Template: There are three different template options for bestseller displays, product box displays, and new release displays. You can use a table template, a standard template, or any custom template you personally
  3. Style: In the style section, there are three built-in styles. They are Light, Standard, and Dark. However, if you are not comfortable with any of these styles and are good at CSS, use a custom style.

AAWP Review| Customer Service

AAWP Plugin Review| Help And Support

One of the positive points of AAWP is that the developer team has been providing detailed tutorials and documentation on their official website. Users can find in-guides on how to set up the software and other resources to help you make most of its features. By going through their blogs and articles, you can surely increase the productivity of AAWP PlUgins.

Customer support is also available through live chat, a contact form, or email. They have also built an engaging forum where you can receive tips on any problems you come across while using the product. Overall the customer service is fully satisfactory and problem-solving.

AAWP Review| AAWP Pros & Cons

AAWP Plugin Review| AAWP Advantages And Disadvantages

Advantages Of AAWP :

  1. Easy To Use: AAWP is designed in such a way that both beginners and professional can use it without any hindrances. There is no need for knowing coding throughout the process of using AAWP. Instead of manually putting the affiliate links and product descriptions, AAWP does the hard work for you. The shortcodes are easy enough to understand, and you will only be required to enter specific details and if needed – customize the templates as you like.
  2. Focus on Conversion: The AAWP Plugin is designed in such a way that all the features of AAWP are targeted for conversion. The plugins are highly customizable making it easy for views to navigate through your post. AAWP plugins put maximum effort to encourage readers to click on your URL.
  3. Automated data update: As discussed earlier, you do not have to manually update any changes in the product box with AAWP. The AAWP plugins id designed in such a way that any change In the original amazon product page will automatically change data in your blog too.
  4. High quality and performance: The AAWP plugin is featured-compact that is highly productive. the glitch-free high performance makes it for the marketer to customize the template without any hindrances.
  5. Offers easy targeting to International viewers: As we discussed earlier, the AAWP plugins offer geo-targeting features. Besides that, it also supports multiple languages that will capture international viewers.

Disadvantages Of AAWP:

  1. No search option: One of the downsides of AAWP that is highly disappointing is that it doesn’t provide any search option to search amazon product directly from the plugins. You cannot create any other list except the bestseller list and new release list directly. In that case, you have to open the Amazon app separately to create the list.
  2. Few languages supported: AAWP only supported a few languages. It would be more amazing if it covers other international languages.
  3. Amazon Product Advertising API is a must: You can not use this plugin without Amazon product advertising API.

AAWP Plugin Pros And Cons

9.4Expert Score
Easy to use

AAWP is super easy to use even for newbies. No coding knowledge is required to edit and customize with this tool.

Ease Of Use
  • Few languages supported
  • Good Support
  • Automated data retrieval
  • Consisting Stability
  • Few language support
  • No search option (Need to Enter ASIN)
  • Amazon Advertising API is a must-have.

AAWP Review| FAQ

AAWP Plugin Review| Frequently Asked Questions

🤔Do I need to renew my AAWP license?

Your license key is valid for one year from the date of purchase. You need an active license key for continued access to automatic updates and support.

🤔Can I cancel my AAWP subscription?

Yes, your subscription can be cancelled at any time from your account page. You will retain access to support and updates until your license key expires, one year from the purchase date.

🤔Is it possible to upgrade an existing AAWP license?

Absolutely, you are allowed to upgrade a license at any time via your account page. The remaining amount can be paid by PayPal or Credit Card.

🤔Do AAWP offer a trial?

No, AAWP offers no trial period. But users can get 30 days money-back guarantee.

🤔Do AAWP have a refund policy?

Yes, AAWP will refund 100% of your money within 30 days of purchase if you are unhappy with the plugin.

🤔What is a “site”?

In our pricing above, a “site” refers to the number of WordPress websites you can use AAWP on. Using the plugin on a subdomain count as a website too.

🤔Do AAWP offer support if I need help?

Yes, AAWP does provide quality customer supports for the user. There is also a blog page on their official site. There are documentation, tutorials and article to guide its users.

🤔Do I get updates for the plugin?

Yes! Automatic updates are available free of charge to all users with a valid and unexpired license key.

🤔Does the plugin work with as well?

AAWP works on self-hosted WordPress installs and also on if you have a Business plan. A Business plan allows third-party plugins (such as AAWP) to be installed.

🤔Can I use the plugin on a multi-site?

Yes, AAWP does allow you to use the plugin on different sites only if you are subscribed with Plus, Pro, Unlimited plans. AAWP doesn’t offer multisite to a personal plan user.

🤔Do AAWP have any theme recommendations?

Yes, AAWP has built its very own WordPress theme called NicheWP. NicheWP is a lightweight and high-performance WordPress Theme. It was originally designed and developed for niche pages (affiliate pages) including essential features and Google Page Speed optimization. Anyway, this theme should be your first choice when preferring a well structured, lightweight, fast and good looking WordPress theme.

🤔Does AAWP works with

Yes, it does work with if you are on a Business Plan. This plan allows AAWP and other third-party plugins to be easily installed on a website.
You can install the Plugin on and other self-hosted WordPress sites if you are using the Business plan.

🤔Can I do AAWP Free Download?

No, you cannot download AAWP for free. You need to pay for the subscription in order to use the plugin.

🤔What are the best AAWP Alternatives?

Some of the best AAWP Alternatives are Affiliatable, AzonPress, Amalinks. My personal recommendation is Affiliatable.

AAWP Review| Conclusion

Final Words On AAWP Plugin

The Amazon Affiliate program is an amazing way to earn money but yes if you do it in the proper way. With proper customization, you increase the chances of getting your product to the right audience, and that will go a long way in determining your success rates in this pandemic.

Without any doubt, AAWP is one of the well-designed Amazon affiliate plugins for affiliate marketers. It is relatively easy to configure and comes with tons of customization choices typically not available. You have to just install the Amazon Affiliate Plugins And you are ready to earn money.

I hope, you liked reading my AAWP Plugin review today. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment section below. I will be happy to respond.

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