Affiliatable Plugin Review | Best Choice For Affiliate Blogger?

The Amazon Associates program is quite popular among bloggers. Many pro bloggers are using this program to promote Amazon products on their websites and earn huge commissions in return. Affiliatable is one of the most popular plugin among top Amazon Affiliate Marketer.
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Affiliatable Plugin Review

Are you using the Amazon affiliate program?

Want to earn more money like other top Amazon affiliate marketers?

Just like you, when I started using Amazon Affiliate, I always wondered how the top Amazon Affiliate makes money with the amazon associates program. So after some research, I get to know that there are some Amazon affiliate marketing plugins that are being used by them. 

From my research, there are some points that I discovered:

Firstly, there are many top affiliates who use comparison tables in their blog that help their viewers in decision making.

Secondly, the call-to-action button used in their blog is very much specific and clear.

Lastly, the product box used in their blog is beautifully customized that clearly increase the chances of conversion through your URL.

Besides, Amazon affiliate marketer generally faces a lot of hindrances while promoting a product. For example, a product link cannot be found, the product may be out of stock, etc. This situation hampers your opportunity to earn a profit. Here comes the need to use amazon plugins that will automate the entire process and make things easy for you else you’ll be working round the clock. In short, what you need is an affiliate tool that will automatically update your affiliate links. Moreover, the default Amazon Affiliate plugins in WordPress is not so impressive with their visual output. Overall the amazon plugins boost your sale by allowing flexible customization in your affiliate blogs.

After further research, I came across an excellent amazon affiliate plugin known as Affiliatable Plugins. This is a powerful Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin for new affiliate bloggers as well as pro bloggers to make the most out of the Amazon affiliate program. I am using this plugin for more than a year and finally, the Affiliatable plugin review is here.



What Is Affiliatable Plugin?

Affiliatable is an amazon plugin that helps bloggers to cut down their affiliate website development time by half and help them build stunning websites that perform for their business.

With the help of this tool, you can create an attractive product box, comparison box and many more other things to stimulate your viewer to click on your product link. The developer of Affiliatable developed a cloud-based tool to resolve the problem faced by many bloggers and affiliate marketers. Behind this cloud-based tool, there is now a complete team dedicated to improving the product and customer service. Every day, 5 people collaborate full-time to help their customers around the world. The Affiliatable professional support, future updates and simple money-back guarantee help to certify our tool as nothing but the best.

Affiliatable Features

Some Of The Key Features Of Affiliatable Plugin

Let us Discuss some Affiliatable features:

1. Affiliatable Plugin Comparison Table

Affiliatable Product Comparison Box
Affiliatable Product Comparison box

The main highlighted feature of the Affiliatable Plugin is the comparison table. With this comparison table, you can compactly compare several amazon products and provide all the specifications and relevant information at a glance.

This feature is very much important for users in deciding on the purchase. Viewers don’t have to scavenge different pages to compare similar products. Instead, they can see all the highlights, specifications, advantages, disadvantages in a simple table format.

To create a comparison table with Affiliatable Plugin, users don’t have to be a professional coder. Rather it is a very easy method, even newbies can do it in a minute.

2. Affiliatable Plugin Top 3 box

Affiliatable Plugin Top three box
Affiliatable Top 3 Box

Affiliatable Plugin tools help you to create a list of the top 3 best products. It is a super-easy way to list down your best product in your blog. The resulted output is super clean that helps to increase the conversion rate of purchase from your blogs or articles.

3. Affiliatable Plugin Product Box

Affiliatable Product Box
Affiliatable Product box

The product box is the most visually attractive thing that affiliate marketers can use in order to attract customers to click. The product box is better alternatives than any links or pictures. The Affiliatable plugin tool offers banners of products that are designed to raise your conversion rates. These are customizable and clickable, so your customers can be directed to the product pages right away.

4. Affiliatable Plugin Pros And Cons Box

Affiliatable Pros And Cons Box
Affiliatable Pros And Cons Box

Any Product has both pros and cons at the same time. It is usually visually attractive if viewers find the advantage and disadvantages of a particular product in a clean and compact manner at the same place. Affiliatable Plugins tool help bloggers to create such an outstanding Pros and Cons Box that viewers can get overall ins and outs of a product.

5. Affiliatable Plugin-Multiple layout

Affiliate Plugin offers sections and settings which give you unlimited options for customizing the layout, colour, text format of your pages. It is highly responsive and customizable.

6. Affiliate Plugin Compatibility

Affiliatable Plugin is highly compatible and this tool works on any platform. You can seamlessly use Affiliatable with the tools you already use: WordPress, HTML, Elementor or PHP, Our tool works on any platform.

Pricing Info

How Much Does Affiliatable Plugin Cost?

Affiliatable pricing structure consists of 4 plans. They are:

  • Basic Plan – Free Forever
  • Pro Month – $ 19/ Month
  • Pro Year – $ 89/ Year
  • Pro Lifetime – $ 299/ Lifetime

The features that you will get with all the plans (Except The Basic Plan) are:

✔ Unlimited Websites
✔ Unlimited Comparison Table
✔ Unlimited Product Box
✔ Unlimited Pros and Cons Table
✔ Unlimited Top 3 Choice Box
✔ Priority Support
✔ Future Updates

Whether you’re a start-up or corporate, the pricing is pretty simple. You’re even able to use the power of Affiliatable entirely free with limited options. No hidden fees. Not many Amazon plugins offer a free version. Although the Affiliatable Plugin offers a free version, there are several limitations with the free version. The Pro plans for a year cost 80% off.

Visit Affiliatable Site

Customer Support

Help Center Of Affiliatable Plugin

Affiliatable Plugin has options for email support. On their official site, there are demo pages that contain quick demos of some of their key features. One thing that impressed me is that they have a Live Chat option that doesn’t have many other plugin offers. They claim to reply in the Live Chat section within 40 minutes.

Tutorial videos are also available.

Pros And Cons

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Using Affiliatable Plugin

Advantages Of Affiliatable Plugin:

  1. Simple: Affiliatable is super easy to use. It provides a mainstream feature that is pretty much simple.
  2. Free version: Affiliatable Plugin Provide a free version that is for a lifetime. No Credit card details are required.
  3. Live Chat Option: Live Chat option is provided where the developer team claimed to reply within 40 minutes.
  4. No coding Required: Users doesn’t have to know any coding. They can use and customize without any difficulty.

Disadvantages Of Affiliatable Plugin:

  1. Few Features: Other Amazon Plugins provide more features than Affiliatable plugin.
9.1Expert Score
Love the ease of use interface

The most simplified plugin ever used. NO coding knowledge is required. Easy to create product box and comparison box within few minutes.

Ease Of Use
  • Easy to use
  • Free version available
  • No coding required
  • Live Chat option Available
  • Few Features compared to other plugins


Frequently Asked Questions

🤔Who is Affiliatable Build For?

Affiliatable is built for Affiliate Marketers. All features and layouts are easy to use and you can have your first table or box installed in less than 5 minutes.

🤔What makes Affiliatable different from other tools or plugins?

Affiliatable Plugin Tool is 100% cloud-based and you’ll no longer have to install expensive plugins, which in the end will save about a hundred dollars per year and ensure your page loading speed is not affected.

More than just a tool, Affiliatable offers you greater freedom to build a successful affiliate site with outstanding features: Multiple Layout Options, Ratings, Color Options, Advanced Visual Editor, Everything is optimized for Speed and Mobile.

🤔Can I use Affiliatable on multiple sites?

Yes, Absolutely! You can use the Affiliatable Plugin tool on multiple sites when you are on a pro plan. They don’t charge based on the number of websites or domains like other themes or plugins.

🤔Why should I upgrade to the Affiliatable Pro plan if the current Free plan already meets my needs?

While the FREE plan brings a lot of value to your website, the Affiliatable Pro plan is a more powerful option to help you scale your website. It will provide you:
1. Multiple layout options
2. Advanced visual editor
3. Early access to our future updates
4. VIP customer support

🤔Does Affiliatable only work for Amazon affiliates?

No! Affiliatable Plugin tool is developed in such a way that you can use other than Amazon affiliate sites. It could be a product comparison website, coupons or deals website or even a simple content website.

🤔Does Affiliatable work well with page builders?

Of course. Affiliatable Plugin tool works well with the most popular and trusted page builders like Elementor, Oxygen, Thrive etc. If you encounter any issues, their support team will assist you and provide you with the appropriate solution.

🤔Will Affiliatable slow down my website?

No worries. Affiliatable Plugin tool is developed to increase your conversion rate and selling effectiveness by removing the need to install many different plugins.
Installing too many plugins on your website will affect your page’s loading speed and may lead to lower conversions. With Affiliatable, we aim to optimize your loading speed.

🤔Do I need to change any code while using the Affiliatable Plugin?

You don’t have to edit any code to get the awesome custom look & feel you want. All features provided by Affiliatable Plugin Tool are easy to use without editing a single line of code. You just need to copy the embed code and paste it onto your website. It’s really that simple.

🤔Do I need to update the Affiliatable base code?

If you upgrade from the free plan to the pro plan, you need to update the base code as the pro version base code is different from the free version.

🤔What is the Affiliatable Plugin refund policy?

For your monthly or yearly subscription, you have 48 hours after the transaction to request a refund. Affiliatable sometimes offers lifetime deals. There’s absolutely no warranty on license codes after purchasing. This means digital access to the software is provided after the activation of the code. Those deals come without refund policies.


Final Words On Affiliatable Plugin

The Affiliatable Plugin is the most simplified Plugin I have ever come across. The features are pretty much Streamlined. Affiliatable is not a plugin but does a lot of what affiliate plugins do. It’s a cloud-based software that creates product boxes, tables, pros/cons boxes and other goodies to boost up your affiliate content on your site. You can use it to promote Amazon products (it syncs with Amazon’s API so it’s totally legit) and/or use it to promote non-Amazon products. It’s very versatile and flexible.

I hope, you liked reading the Affiliatable review today. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment section below. I will be happy to respond.

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  1. Hey, how does lasso compare with affiliateable? I’m concerned whether the elements within the affiliateable boxes are SEO friendly? For example, if instead of writing a long blog article about the pros and cons of something, I inserted a well written affiliateable pros/cons list – do you think google would pick up and index the text in the affiateable box? I feel that it probably would not as it’s an external cloud based insert, not necessarily attributable to the website directly. Whereas a tool like lasso is a plugin which posts directly onto the pages of your site. What do you think?
    Also – does lasso replace the need for thirsty affiliates and pretty links completely? Looks like it’s missing the geolocation link benefits but otherwise ok

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