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Both Paid & Free AI Powered Business Name Generator With Features And Pricing

Have you ever heard of a successful company with a dull business name? I bet you haven’t! With hundreds of companies rising every day, it is important to stand out from the crowd and create an impression. The name of your company is very essential as it makes the first impression on the masses.

Deciding the name of the business is a subject almost everybody struggles with. It is really important to give your company a name that is unique, catchy, and must sound different from the others. This is where business name generator AI comes into play.

Whether you have your own business or planning to start an LLC business formation, business names must be catchy brand names. First, you have to register a business name search to make your brand name unique and you need to file a DBA to legally register your business name.

What Is Business Name Generator AI?

You might be wondering what is business name generator AI if you haven’t crossed paths with this term. Business name generator AIs are AI-powered software that helps you to find random catchy business name ideas for your startup. With software like this, you can create unique business name ideas and become noticeable to people without going through brainstorming and all the heated debate regarding the name of your business. Some of the software also provides interesting icons that are relevant to your business.

What Are The Benefits Of a Business Name Generator?

We all struggle when it comes to choosing the name of something which is very important to us. Naming your pet is one thing and naming your business is completely another. We always look for a name that is unique, easy to remember and promotes our intention toward the future. It is not possible for all of us to sit and bang our heads all day with names that fit all the criteria. With business name generator AI, it can be done in no time.

Here are some benefits of an AI brand name generator:

  • Availability Of Names: You might go out of ideas but business name generator AI does not, It can produce numerous unique and interesting names which you can choose from. Read Our Guide On How To Register Business Names In USA.
  • Relevant Names: The names business name generators suggest are relevant to your business. You don’t want to end up with names that might confuse people about what your company does.
  • Easy To Remember: Business Name Generators usually provide names that can be easily pronounced and easy to remember.

As you are now informed enough about how business name generators can be useful for you, you might be already thinking about the options that are available on the internet and what are the best AI business name generator for you. Let me help you with this. Here is a list of some of the best AI company name generators for you:

What Are The Best AI Business Name Generators?

  1. Namelix
  2. Squadhelp
  3. Name Mesh
  4. Zyro Business Name Generator
  5. Wpbeginner
  6. BizNameWiz
  7. Business Name Generator
  8. NameSnack
  9. Logopony
  10. Shopify Business Name Generator
  11. Hipster

Best Business Name Generator

Complete List Of AI Business Name Generator

It is extremely crucial for a business to have a good name, as we all know, the first impression is the best impression. The business name generator does the job for you, once you enter the type of business you are into, ai company name generators generate a lot of interesting names that suit your business.



Best AI Business Name Generator

Namelix business name generator could be a useful tool for you if you want a short and catchy name for your business. it is not like any random company name generator as it recommends business names from dictionary words.

You can also filter the results according to your requirements. You can filter the results by entering any specific keyword or you can prioritize shorter domain names. Its smart algorithm can also learn what kind of words you like with time and recommends the names accordingly.

Namelix Key Features

  • Easy search: Namelix provides you with unique business names very easily. You just need to enter specific keywords, like what type of business you are in and Namelix fill you up with catchy business name ideas.
  • Easy filtering option: You can easily filter the search result by choosing filters provided on the platform. You can choose how long or short names you want or what type of names you want.
  • Smart algorithm: This business name generator AI runs on a samart algorithm that learns what kind of results you like and prioritize that kind of names in the future.
  • It is very easy to use
  • You can easily filter search results according to your requirements
  • Its advanced algorithm can learn your taste
  • You cannot customize generated names

Namelix Pricing

Namelix Generator is a free platform to use.




AI Brand Name Generator That Provides Logo And Design

Squadhelp comes second on our list, it is a powerful AI brand name generator that provides you with lots of catchy business name ideas to stand out from the crowd. You get your results in no time with Squadhelp.

Apart from generating unique brand names, it also provides domain names and design logos for your company. It also shows if the name is taken or not. Although, each name comes with a price.

Squadhelp Features

  • Provides quality names: Squadhelp always generates distinct and catchy names that sounds good for your company.
  • Quick results: Squadhelp generates results in no time. Just put the type of name you want or search for popular domain names and you will get the result in seconds.
  • It provides good quality names with no hassle
  • It provides domain names and unique logos with names
  • It generates names very quickly
  • It is quite heavy on the pocket

Squadhelp Pricing

Average pricing for the names on Squadhelp costs more than 1000$.



Name Mesh

Best AI Online Business Name Generator

Name Mesh is a platform that generates distinct names for online businesses. With this brand generator, you can easily get unique name ideas easily.

Just after a simple search, Name Mesh searches for name trends and suggests names with higher ranks. This platform also shows you if the names are already available on social media platforms. The only backlog with this AI is that it suggests domain names, not business names.

Name Mesh Key Features

  • Easy to use: Name Mesh is an extremely simple software to work with. You can get relevant suggestions just by few clicks.
  • Shows Availablity: Name Mesh accurately shows if the names are already taken or not.
  • This software is very easy to use for first-time users
  • It shows if the names are available
  • Suggests good domain names
  • The names are not free
  • It does not suggest business names but domain names

Name Mesh Pricing

Name Mesh has different prices for different names. The prices can range anywhere from 1000$ to 10000$.




Free Business Name Generator
Zyro Business Name Generator
Zyro Business Name Generator

Zyro is a website builder that comes with a business name generator tool. It allows you to search fr the specific keywords you want to target and produces high-quality brand names with ease.

The searching process is also very easy, you just need to enter keywords in the search bar, separated by commas, and Zyro generates unique brand names within a few seconds. You can just copy the names and use them as your business name. It is that easy.

Key Features

  • Easy search: The searching process on this platform is very easy. You can search for the names with only a few clicks.
  • Target multiple keywords: Unlike all the random company name generators available on the Internet, you can search for multiple keywords at once on this platform.
  • Easy to use: You can just copy the generated result and use it at your disposal.
  • This business name generator AI is really simple to work with.
  • You can search for multiple keywords a once
  • You can copy the names with just one click
  • You cannot see if the names are already taken.

Zyro Pricing

Zyro business name generator is totally free of cost.




AI-Powered Business Name Generator

Wpbeginner is an AI-powered business name generator that helps you with new business name ideas. You can get unique search results with only a few clicks.

Additionally, it also shows the availability of the names which is a very useful feature of this platform. It comes with the reliability of WordPress and you don’t need to register to use it.

Key Features

  • Easy to use: Wpbeginner is very easy to use, even for the first-time users.
  • Automatic name generation: This is a creative brand name generator that automatically generates unique names that suit your business.
  • No registration to use: Wpbeginner doesn’t require any registration, so you can freely use it.
  • Free domain names: Wpbeginner grants you free domain names that you can get easily.
  • It generates business names quickly.
  • The software is very easy to use.
  • You don’t need to register to use it.
  • It provides domain names for free.
  • It generates limited business names from which you have to choose.
  • Even though you can get domain names for free but it has costs for other necessary products.

Wpbeginner Pricing

Wpbeginner charges you nothing for business name generation.

NOTE: It has prices for different services but the details are not available yet. For further information contact the website directly.




Business Name Generator For Easy Business Name Generation

Another business name generator that makes up our list is BizNameWiz. This software is known to provide you with business name ideas free of cost. The plus point of this catchy name generator is that it generates business names by industry. It provides numerous search results from every industry from which you can choose.

Although, the process of choosing names could be very time-consuming as it shows results from every industry. The good news is that you can use different filters to narrow down the search results and choose your desired name from there and it is free to use.

BizNameWiz Key Features

  • Lots of names to choose form: BizNameWiZ generates tens of thousands business name for you.
  • Shows availibility: Unlike Wpbeginner, it shows the availibility of the names it generates.
  • Free to use: BizNameWiz is a free platform, certainly a feature for best business name generator.
  • It generates thousands of business names, gives you a lot of options
  • It shows if the names are available or not
  • It has no cost for using it
  • It produces way too many results, most of which may not suit your requirements.

BizNameWiz Pricing

BizNameWiz is a free platform, you can get business name ideas for free.



Business Name Generator

Best AI Business Name Generator
Business Name Generator
Business Name Generator

This is an AI-powered business name generator that could be the best option for you if you are looking for a creative brand name generator. It produces thousands of search results with just one click.

You can shortlist the search result by applying the filters it provides. You can choose from the number of words you need or if you need rhyming, the option is available too.

The only problem this software has is that it contains so many ads and it redirects to a shopping page when you click the generate button. Apart from that, it is a useful page to get unique business names for free.

Busniess Name Generator Key Features

  • Tons of results: Busniess Name Generater provides thiusands of search resultrs with just one click.
  • Different filters: Business name generator has multiple filters that yiou can use to narrow your search.
  • Free of cost: This software provides you with names that are free to use.
  • It generates thousands of names with just one click
  • You can use different filters to get more accurate results
  • This platform is free to use.
  • It contains too many ads and shows too many results

Business Name Generator Pricing

Business Name Generator has no cost for its users.




Best AI Business Name Generator

NameSnack is one of the most popular business name generators out there. If you are looking for a good quality brand name without going through a lot of hassle and that too for free, then this could be the best pick for you.

This AI-powered tool generates unique brand names according to the niche you are looking for. Even though it doesn’t provide a lot of filter options but you’ll still be remaining with a lot of useful options. It also shows you the availability of the names.

NameSnack Key Features

  • Quick results: Just after entering the keywords, NameSnack generates multiple search results in no time.
  • Shows availibility: NameSnack also shows if the names are already taken or not.
  • Free of cost: You don’t need to pay anything for using this platform.
  • It generates results in no time
  • It shows the availability of the names accurately
  • This platform is free to use
  • Doesn’t have adequate filters

NameSnack Pricing

NameSnack is a free platform to use.




Best AI Business Name Generator That Comes With A Logomaker

Logopony is best known for generating catchy business names without any trouble. It is an AI-powered software that generates distinct business names with a few clicks. Additionally, the logo feature is an interesting one. Creating logos usually takes certain skills that everyone doesn’t possess. Logopony provides you with designer logos that gives your brand a distinct identity.

It also allows you to customize your logo until it doesn’t feel satisfying to you. With this feature, it is no surprise that it makes up our list of best AI business name generator.

Key Features

  • Easy to use: Logopony is a very easy platfrom to work on. You will find no difficulty for using it.
  • Provides logo: It comes with a logo making option which makes it a good option if you are trying to add creativity to your brand name.
  • Logo editer: Logopony also allows you to edit logos according to your taste. This feature makes it a fun platform to work on.
  • It generates search results quickly.
  • You don’t need to register to use this platform.
  • The logo feature is a fun one to explore
  • You can’t check the availability of the names on this site
  • It is not free to use

Logopony Pricing

Logopony comes with two different types of pricing:

  • Basic Plan: 20$ for lifetime access with only one logo file.
  • Premium Plan: 65$ for lifetime access with multiple high resolution files and multiple tools.




AI Business Name Generator For Shop owners

Unlike many other business name generators that made to our list, it is not an AI-powered tool to work with but it certainly can be a useful tool for you as it can generate multiple business names in seconds.

You can get hundreds of business names that are specific to the keyword you are looking for. The major problem with this platform is that you need to become a shop owner by creating a store in order to check the availability of the names.

Shopify Key Features

  • Easy to use: Shopify is a very easy software to work with and it produces unique business names pretty easily.
  • Lots of names to choose from: Just with a few clicks Shopify generates hundreds of unique brand names to choose from.
  • Mulitiple Filters: You can narrow down the search result by using different filters given on the site.
  • It is a simple platform to work on.
  • You get hundreds of unique business name ideas
  • The names are free to use
  • You have to pay to own a store and check the availability of the names

Shopify Pricing

The names generated on Shopify are free to use but in order to check the availability of the names, you need to pay to own a store. The prices of the store vary on the product.




Unique Business Name Generator AI

Just how interesting the name Hipster sounds, it produces search results that are as interesting as this. With business name generator Hipster, you can get AI-generated business name ideas that include well-designed logos. You can customize those features according to your taste with just one click.

You can also see the availability of the domain names on this platform. All you need to do is just enter the keywords you want to target and Hipster does the job for you. it produces hundreds of domain names with a hosting service. But it comes with a cost.

Hipster Key Features

  • Easy search results: You just need to put the keyword in the searchbar and Hipster generates results that are relevant to your niche.
  • Unique designs: It provides you brand names with well-designed logos which you might be looking for.
  • Names with low prices: You can get free domain names on this platform which may not be up to the mark. But it also provides premium names, you need to pay for that but those are cheaper than other premium services you’ll get on the internet.
  • It grants view to the availability of the names
  • It generates names with unique logos
  • Comparatively cheaper than other paid services
  • The front view of the platform is confusing.
  • The good names are not free to use

Hipster Pricing

There are a lot of options available on the site. The prices vary from product to product. You can get premium names for as low as 300$.


Final Takeaway On The Best Business Name Generator

All the entrepreneurs know the value of the name of your brand. As it gives your company recognition and grants an impression to the people. It is really important that people know what you do by just looking at your brand name. Thus, it can be easily said that the right name for your company is important for its growth.

If you are still perplexed by the options given above, let me help you a bit more with this. You can obviously go for the free sites to get unique brand name ideas but you need to make sure that the names aren’t taken. BizNameWiz is the perfect platform for you if you are looking for this. But if you are not willing to rely on freebies and want a paid service that serves you well then Logopony could be the right one for you. It doesn’t charge you a lot of money and also lets you customize the logo that suits your criteria.

Time is money, so you better not waste it. Choose the best AI business name generator and take the first step towards building your brand. For any further help, feel free to let me know in the comment box down below.

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