AmaLinks Pro Review (TESTED IN 2021). Plugin That Works Also Without API !!

The Amazon Associates program is quite popular among bloggers. Many pro bloggers are using this program to promote Amazon products on their websites and earn huge commissions in return. Amalinks Pro is one of the popular plugins among the top Amazon Affiliate Marketer.
9.1/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #6 in category Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Are you planning to be an Amazon Affiliate? Want to make more money like top Amazon Affiliates?

To make more money, you must have to generate powerful and attractive blogs just like them. If you closely study the content pattern of the top amazon affiliates, you will find 3 noticeable points in common.

Firstly, they use clickable and eye-catching comparison tables in their affiliate blog, which helps visitors to make decisions before purchasing any product.

Secondly, they use a much clear and specific Call-To-Action Button in their blog.

Lastly, they use a beautiful Product Box that is fully customizable. All these types of small things increase the clickable rate of their affiliate links and hence boost the income of affiliate bloggers. And Amazon Affiliate Plugins are used by them to create such types of displays.

Besides, Amazon affiliate marketer generally faces a lot of hindrances while promoting a product. For example, a product link cannot be found, the product may be out of stock, etc. This situation hampers your opportunity to earn a profit. Here comes the need to use amazon affiliate WordPress plugins that will automate the entire process and make things easy for you else you’ll be working round the clock. In short, what you need is an affiliate tool that will automatically update your affiliate links.

One such amazing amazon Affiliate plugin is AmaLinks Pro. This is an amazing Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin for newbie bloggers as well as pro bloggers to make the most out of the Amazon affiliate program. I am using this plugin for more than a year and finally, the AmaLinks Pro review is here for you guys.

What Is AmaLinks Pro?

AmaLinks Pro is an Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin that let you connect with Amazon in your WordPress Blog. So basically AmaLinks Plugin is a tool that helps affiliate bloggers to create beautiful displays in their blog like comparison tables, Product Lists, Best Sellers Lists etc.

With the use of the AmaLinks Pro Plugin, you can increase the clickable rate of your affiliate links. AmaLinks Pro provide you with a better all-around design that will surely help you to convince your website visitors.

AmaLinks Pro is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to products on Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc, or its affiliates.


Quick-Review Of AmaLinks Pro

There are generally two ways to promote products. You can either go to the product page and can grab a link for that product and paste it in the appropriate place in your blog. And the second way is to create dedicated product pages, demo pages etc and promote a product.

If you are serious about affiliate marketing, then the second option is more recommended for you. I will explain why?

Reasons are:
1. First of all, dedicated pages are easy to optimize for the search engines and hence getting a higher ranking on the search engines.
2. Secondly, this type of dedicated product page act as a one-stop resource for people who are looking for accurate and detailed information about a particular product. It is to be noted that people who visit these pages have the primary motive to buy the product, so with a simple push, you can get a click for a purchase.
3. Lastly, if you do it right, these pages can build confidence in the visitors and help in better ROI.

If you are wondering how to become an Amazon Affiliate, read our blog on this topic. If you are planning to start an affiliate with a dedicated product page, then Amalinks Pro Plugin is just for you.

AmaLinks Pro is an Amazon Plugin that helps to create different product-related showcases like Display Box, Comparison Table, Call-To-Action Links, Text/Image Links that are visually attractive to your website visitor. There are varieties of product showcase styles available. You can focus on the descriptions or the images. There is even a large showcase mode that allows you to display multiple product images, and descriptive points to fill an entire page section.

With AmaLinks Pro, you do not have to use complicated strings of shortcode to achieve any of the table’s functionality. The plugin also offers a live preview of the table so you can finalise its look before taking the plunge.

One of the main advantages of using Amalinks Pro is that this plugin even works without API. As Amazon is continuously updating its policies, it is becoming really tough for new associates to get their APIs approved. The program requires having a minimum of 3 sales in 180 days, and you might need a little help to achieve that. Without API also, Amalinks PRO allows you to use many of the core features like you can use affiliate pictures, titles, Editable Showcase, CTA button, Comparison Table. You do not have to compromise on anything.

The cost is a bit high compared to other amazon plugins, but considering the No-API features, it is quite reasonable. Talking about the support service, you will get an email support option. Other than that, Demo videos, Documentation and FAQ are available to guide you if you face any issues while using the plugin. Overall Amalinks Pro will be a great choice for you if you are a newbie in this affiliate field.

Amalinks Pro Plugins Pros and Cons

9.1Expert Score
AmaLinks Pro is by far the best option for Amazon links.

Before Amalinks Pro, I often didn’t add affiliate links to posts just because it took so much extra time to log in to my Amazon account, find the links, and insert them into my post. Now, I’m monetizing way more of my posts because it only takes a couple of clicks of my mouse to insert an Amazon affiliate link!

Ease Of Use
  • Easy To Use
  • Attractive Design of Product Display Box
  • Highly Customizable
  • 30-Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Google Analytics Event Tracking
  • Works Without API
  • Price is a bit costly

Some Of The Key AmaLinks Pro Plugin Features

Amalinks Pro Features:


Amazon Compliant Pictures

Product images are pulled directly from the API keeping you in full compliance. You can choose from any image and size available in the API data. Images are not stored on your server which is mandatory to keep you in full compliance.


Prime Eligible Batch

Amalinks Pro Product Showcase

If the product is available on Amazon Prime, Amalinks Pro will display a tag to make your visitors aware and more likely to buy. Amalinks Pro plugin will display a custom ‘Prime eligible’ text-based tag instead of an actual Prime Logo on your website.

NOTE: It is a violation of the Amazon Associates Operating Agreement to use the actual Prime logo on your website. (Most other popular Amazon plugins put you at risk by displaying the Prime logo)

Amazon Product Title

The product title is pulled automatically from the API. This amazon affiliate plugin gives you the ability to edit it to make it say whatever you want. Oftentimes, Amazon product titles are outrageously long and contain information that doesn’t need to be in the product title itself. In such a case, you can edit the Product Titles.


Amazon Product Features

Amalinks Pro Product Boxes

Like everything else in the showcase, the features of a product are pulled directly from the product features listed in the API. Amalinks Pro display them in a bullet-list format with checkmarks and give you the ability to edit and customize these to say whatever you want.


Affiliate API Disclaimer

This disclaimer displays the date and time that the API call was made. This disclaimer is essential for compliance with Amazon Policies if you are displaying pricing information or images pulled from the Amazon API.


Accurate Amazon Product Prices

Product prices in your affiliate blog must be accurate with the amazon product in order to be in total compliance with Amazon Policies. Pulling the prices directly from the API is the only allowable way. For this reason – the pricing data is not editable in our Showcase Boxes in order to keep you 100% safe.


Call-To-Action Button

A specific and proper call to action button for each product is very much essential to convert your leads. Amalinks Pro make it easy for them by including a clear call-to-action phrase inside the button. You can edit the text to make it say whatever you want.


No- API Features

amalinks Pro No Api Features

One of the most highlighted features of Amalinks Pro is its no-API features. The situation can be many that you don’t have API. For example, you are new to Amazon Affiliate Program and you don’t have the API yet. Or Amazon itself has taken away your API with the new quota policies. In such a case this plugin will help you.

AmaLinks Pro is the only Amazon Affiliate linking solution that can switch between No-API mode and API mode seamlessly, in full compliance with Amazon’s policies.


Image Links

Amalinks Pro image Link

There are lots of restrictions because of the policy around the usage of product images from amazon. As most blogger violates this policy by downloading images from Amazon and upload then on their sites. Amalinks Pro resolve this issue by helping insert beautiful and compliant image links on your blogs without breaking any policies.

Images catch the eye on a webpage and that is a fact. Very often, people click images out of habit or by accident not even knowing if they link to anything. Take advantage of this. Claim those easy image clicks with Amalinks Pro.


Text Links

Amalinks Pro Text Link

Amalinks Pro allows you to inserts Amazon Associate Policy compliant text links on Buyer-triggering keyword phrases. This will increase your click-through rates. This Feature of Amalinks Pro can be used both with API as well as Non-API cases.


Product Comparison Table

Amalinks Pro Comparison Table

Amlinks Pro Plugin helps to create a product comparison table that will increase your clicks and commissions. People love them because they are extremely useful in making visual comparisons and casual web browsers can’t help but click on them.

The visitors Of your site can take a quick look, process important specifications, compare data and arrive at their decisions faster. The table can feature the product image, descriptions and a CTA to go with it.


Google Analytics Event Tracking

Amalinks pro Plugin Offers some awesome automatic Amazon affiliate event tracking built right into it for users of Google Analytics. You can track all of your AmaLinks Pro link clicks, showcase interaction, and comparison table interactions all from within your Google Analytics Data.


Amazon Associates Operating Agreement Compliance

Many affiliates have been banned because of small and common compliance errors due to a lack of understanding. Amazon’s policies are complex and vague and even sometimes seemingly contradictory. It’s not hard at all to do something on your site that violates Amazon’s policies. So Amalinks Pro Plugin is developed in Compliance with the Amazon Associates Operating Agreement.


90-Day Cookie

When people visit your website, many of them don’t purchase the product instantly, instead, they decide to purchase that product after a week or a month. Because you helped the visitor make the decision about the product of interest, Amalinks Pro offers a 90-day cookie period. This means that once a visitor clicks your affiliate link but does not convert, you will still get a commission if he completes the purchase process within 90-days. To encourage the visitor to convert within these 90-days, you should consider running a remarketing or email marketing campaign to remind him/her about the product of interest.

Amalinks Pro Plans And Pricing

Amalink Pro Pricing

  • BLOGGER ( $ 67/YEARLY )


  • 1 WP Install Only
  • All Core Features
  • Table Builder Add-on
  • Regular Support
  • BASIC ($ 127/YEARLY)


  • Up to 3 WP Installs
  • All Core Features
  • Table Builder Add-on
  • Regular Support
  • PREMIUM ( $197/YEARLY)


  • Up to 25 WP Installs
  • All Core Features
  • Table Builder Add-on
  • Priority Support
  • BONUS: 2,796 Niche Ideas
  • PLATINUM -$ 797 (ONE-TIME)


  • Unlimited WP Installs
  • All Core Features
  • Table Builder Add-on
  • Priority Support
  • BONUS: 2,796 Niche Ideas

As you can see that Amalinks Pro Price structure has 4 plans, namely, Blogger, Basic, Premium and platinum. (*) Priority Support for Premium and Platinum subscribers means their support requests move to the front of the line. Amalinks Pro provides a 100% money-back guarantee for its users. If you are not satisfied with the product. You can cancel the subscription of your account within the first 30 days, your money will be refunded without any further surveys.


Help-Center Of Amalinks Pro Plugin

First of all Amalinks Pro Plugin have a Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) Page. If a user faces any issue regarding the use of the plugin. More or less, their FAQ page covers a wide range of topics. Then also If you don’t get your problem solved then Amalinks Pro also offers you email support from their official support page. You can directly mail them.

They have a PRODUCT DEMO Page as well as a Blog Page on their official website. If you need to know further information, you can also check its Documentation Page.

Frequently Asked Questions

🤔Does Amalinks Pro Work with Gutenberg or Classic editor?

Yes absolutely, AmaLinks Pro is compatible with and works seamlessly both in the new Gutenberg editor and in the Classic WordPress editor.

🤔What is the requirement to use AmaLinks Pro?

1. You must be using a self-hosted version of WordPress (not
2. Your site must be running on PHP 7.0 or higher (check with your host)
3. You must have an approved Amazon Associates account
4. To use the full version of AmaLinks Pro – you must be signed up for the Amazon Product Advertising API and you must have current API keys that work with Amazon’s new API 5
5. API access is no longer required! Now have No-API mode which allows you to use AmaLinks Pro even without API access.

🤔Does Amalinks Pro have a FREE Trial?

No, unfortunately, Amalimks Pro doesn’t offer any FREE Trials but at the same time, they are not trying to hide anything. You can see everything that AmaLinks Pro is capable of on their official Demo page (video and example post). Additionally, Amalinks Pro Offer a 100 % money-back guarantee.

🤔Does AmaLinks Pro work with Elementor or Thrive?

Yes, AmaLinks Pro link types can be inserted into page builders like Elementor or Thrive or any other page builder. Their Official has a full tutorial post on how to insert AmaLinks Pro links into Elementor or Thrive. Basically, AmaLinks Pro links can be used anywhere you can insert a shortcode into WordPress.

🤔Does AmaLinks Pro have an affiliate program?

Yes, Amalinks Pro have affiliate Programs. you can check their Affiliate Program Page to know more about this,

🤔Does AmaLinks Pro include a WordPress widget?

No, right now Amalinks Pro does not have an official widget but the developers are planning to add this in future updates. YES, you can insert AmaLinks Pro links in widget areas manually.

🤔What Amazon affiliate countries are supported?

AmaLinks Pro works in every country that has an Amazon Associates program Amazon is constantly improving and adding countries.

🤔 Can I do AmaLinks Pro Free Download?

No, you cannot Download Amalinks Pro for free. You have to pay for the subscription in order to use the Amalinks Pro Plugin.

🤔How can I get Amalinks Pro Coupons?

There is no way, you can get Amalinks Pro Coupons unless there is an announcement of coupons distribution from the official Amalinks Pro site. Amalinks Pro itself made a statement that “No – we typically don’t provide any coupons nor discount codes to ANY other service, so you shouldn’t believe their claims. “.

Final Words On Amalinks Pro Plugin

Overall Amalinks Pro is an amazing Plugin that is worth a try. If you are new to the amazon affiliate program and you don’t have API yet, Then Amalinks Pro is one of the best choices for you. This Amazon Affiliate Plugin can also work in its best possible way without API. Yes, other Plugins are a bit better than this one, but they just cannot work without API.

Amalinks Pro is a feature-packed Amazon affiliate plugin that allows you to display your affiliate links in a highly professional and sleet manner in your WordPress theme. The Product showcase, Comparison table, Product Table, Text and Image Links are beautifully designed and highly customizable. Having such a table on your site can drive engagement and improve your conversion rates.

If you are planning to become an Amazon affiliate, don’t forget to check the out Requirements to become an Amazon Affiliate. So with the use of this AmaLinks Pro Plugin, you can surely boost up the click rate from your affiliate blog.

I hope, you liked reading my Amalinks Pro Review blog. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment section below. I will be happy to respond.

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