Updated: May 2023

60+ Best AppSumo Lifetime Deals (May 2023)

Curated And Listed By RebelLink Team

Best AppSumo Deals: Whether you’re a creative professional, independent contractor, or small business owner, leveraging the power of digital tools is essential. And when it comes to finding affordable yet high-quality digital solutions, AppSumo emerges as a top contender.

AppSumo is a booming online marketplace that constantly offers a wide variety of deals, ensuring you have access to a vast array of budget-friendly digital tools. From AI Writers and cloud storage to SEO optimization and WordPress plugins, there’s something for everyone.






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But with such a vast selection, choosing the right tools for your specific needs can be a daunting task. That’s where we come in to simplify the process for you. In this article, we’ll delve into the most captivating Lifetime Deals currently available on AppSumo for May 2023. We’re committed to keeping you informed and up to date, so make sure to bookmark this page as we’ll regularly update it with the latest and greatest deals from AppSumo.

So here are the best AppSumo Lifetime Deals.

May 2023

Best Appsumo SaaS Deals

Curated And Listed By RebelLink Team

Here is the list of the Top exclusive Appsumo Live deals. Below listed are new arrivals Appsumo lifetime deals.


AtomChat (chat and collaboration solution)

Real-time text messaging
Voice/video calling and conference
Collaborative whiteboard
Single Sign-On (SSO)
One-on-one chat
Real-time language translation
$49$1188 Visit Site

AtomChat Features

  • AtomChat is a chat and collaboration solution for websites.
  • It allows visitors to chat, make audio calls, and have video calls.
  • Users can join group chats and collaborate with others.
  • The chat interface can be customized.
  • Users can share files, photos, and emojis.
  • It works on major browsers and integrates with 30+ programs.
  • The platform can handle communities of any size.
  • It has an intuitive interface for easy navigation.
  • The security settings manager can be adjusted.

AtomChat plans

AtomChat offers three license tiers for its chat solution, tier 1 is priced at $49 ,tier 2 priced at $109 & tier 3 priced at $189. All tiers include custom branding, no AtomChat branding, and email notifications.


Embolden (AI-powered writing tool)

AI-powered writing tool
optimized copy for conversions and SEO
Access to over 50 AI-powered writing tools.
Tools are trained on world-class
Helps create content quickly and efficiently.
$39$252 Visit site

Embolden Features

  • AI-powered writing tool for generating optimized ecommerce copy.
  • Access over 50 AI-powered writing tools trained on world-class.
  • Built-in SEO tools optimize ecommerce copy for every popular search engines.
  • Create ad copy for major platforms like Facebook, Google, and Instagram.
  • Preview ad mockups before going live and make changes.
  • Easily save and organize favorite copy for repurposing later.

Embolden plans

Embolden offers two license tiers for its AI-powered copywriting tools. Tier 1 is priced at $39 and includes all features, current and future copywriting tools, up to 20,000 words per month, and unlimited users. Tier 2, priced at $129, also includes all features and tools, with a higher limit of 400,000 words per month and unlimited users.


Acadle(learning management software)

Unlimited courses and lessons
Custom domain support
Bulk user creation
Free SSL
Third-party integrations and API
SMTP integration
$79$468 vISIT SITE

Acadle Features

  • Acadle: One of the best Learning management software for white-labeled online academies
  • Customized academies with unlimited courses and lessons
  • Intuitive course builder, no coding skills required
  • White-labeling with branding on custom domain
  • Live courses and drip-feed content options
  • Interactive lessons with quizzes and progress tracking
  • Integration with third-party tools for enhanced engagement
  • Simplify the creation and management of online academies with Acadle

Acadle Pricing

Acadle offers three license tiers: Single, Double, and Multiple. The Single tier is priced at $79 for a one-time purchase and includes all features, basic features, 200 users, 2 team members, and 10 GB storage. The Double tier, priced at $158, expands the offering to 400 users, 4 team members, and 20 GB storage. The Multiple tier, priced at $237, further expands the offering to 600 users, 6 team members, and 30 GB storage.


Chatbase (AI chatbot builder)

Embed on an unlimited number of websites
Ability to upload multiple files
Access to API
Includes all future AI model updates
$29$100 Visit site

Chatbase Features

  • Chatbase is an AI chatbot builder.
  • It lets you build and embed smart chatbots powered by ChatGPT on your website.
  • Customize your chatbot’s personality and tone.
  • Train your chatbot using various data sources.
  • Customize the appearance, greeting, and suggested messages.
  • Embed the chatbot on your website using HTML code.
  • Communicate with the chatbot using the Chatbase API.
  • Provides all the tools you need to build and integrate a powerful AI chatbot on your website.

Chatbase Pricing

Chatbase offers two license tiers for its chatbot solution. Tier 1 is priced at $29 for a one-time purchase and includes features such as 1,000 message credits per month, support for up to 10 chatbots, and 2,000,000 characters per chatbot. Tier 2, priced at $159, expands the offering to 5,000 message credits per month, 40 chatbots, and 6,000,000 characters per chatbot.


Voila (AI-powered browser extension)

Chrome extension
Craft emails
Create blog posts, essays, and domain
Specific Documents in product development
Create UX, SEO content
$29$96 visit site

Voila Features

  • AI-powered browser extension
  • Instant answers to questions
  • Generate outlines for content
  • Gmail integration for professional emails
  • Write high-quality marketing copy
  • Improve existing content, fix errors, translate text
  • Convenient shortcuts for productivity
  • Compatible with popular websites
  • Enhanced privacy and security

Voila Pricing

License Tier 1 is available for a one-time purchase of $29, offering features such as 2,000 requests per month and access to the Auto AI model (GPT-3.5 / GPT-4). License Tier 2, priced at $119, includes unlimited requests per month and the ability to select the AI model. Both tiers encompass all the mentioned features, providing flexibility and options for different usage needs.


ContractHub (contract management platform)

Unlimited documents & signatures
Search, sort, and report
Document management
Team workflows
Document export
$39$600 visit site

ContractHub Features

  • Enterprise-level contract management platform
  • Upload and collect unlimited e-signatures
  • Create and send unlimited contracts
  • Assign roles and limited access to confidential documents
  • Monitor document status and activity from the dashboard
  • Streamline the entire contract management process
  • Store documents and e-signatures securely
  • Generate contracts with predefined terms using templates
  • Drag-and-drop editor for easy customization
  • Centralize contract management for simplified workflow

ContractHub Pricing

License Tier 1 is available for a one-time purchase of $39, offering all the included features along with 5 users. License Tier 2 is priced at $99 as a one-time purchase, providing all the features, but with an increased user limit of 15. License Tier 3 is the highest tier, available for a one-time purchase of $199, granting access to all features and allowing unlimited users.


NeuronWriter (AI based writing tool)

AI-powered content writing with templates
Competitor SERP analysis
Internal link suggestions
NLP content optimization
Content planning
Schema data explorer
$69$750 visit site

NeuronWriter Features

  • AI-powered research and writing tools for content planning and optimization
  • Analyze SERPs and extract content from top-ranking pages
  • Generate drafts and outlines based on automated recommendations
  • Use AI to write content and overcome writer’s block
  • NLP and SERP-driven recommendations for copy improvement
  • Advanced plagiarism checker for unique content
  • Export articles and collaborate with team members
  • Integration with Google Search Console for monitoring results
  • Share options for easy collaboration and sharing
  • Internal linking recommendations for better website navigation

NeuronWriter pricing

NeuronWriter has three license tiers available: Single for $69 with 2 projects, 25 content analysis queries, and 15,000 AI credits; Double for $138 with 5 projects, 50 content analysis queries, and 30,000 AI credits; and Multiple for $207 with 10 projects, 75 content analysis queries, 45,000 AI credits, and additional features such as GSC integration, WordPress integration, task management, and 75 plagiarism checker credits.


Adilo (video hosting platform)

Team collaboration
Video branding and watermarking
Advanced streaming technology
Unlimited ad-free video and audio hosting
High-performance video delivery using CDN
$79$468 visit site

Adilo Features

  • Ultra-secure video hosting platform
  • Fast SD, HD, and 4K video and audio hosting
  • Customizable video player with branding options
  • Real-time video analytics and engagement heat map
  • SEO settings for video ranking and free traffic generation
  • Multi-DRM anti-piracy technology
  • Lead capture forms, CTAs, maps, and HTML forms inside videos
  • Automatic captioning and subtitles in multiple languages
  • Content scheduling and video experimentation features
  • Snapbyte add-on for screen and camera recording
  • Retargeting suite for installing FB or Google ads pixels

Adilo pricing

License Tier 1 is priced at $79 and includes 100 GB storage, 150 GB bandwidth per month, 3 video channels, 4 users, and 40 minutes of A.I. captions and translations. License Tier 2 is available for $149 and provides 250 GB storage, 300 GB bandwidth per month, 5 video channels, 5 users, and 80 minutes of A.I. captions and translations. License Tier 3, priced at $229, offers 500 GB storage, 500 GB bandwidth per month, 10 video channels, 10 users, 120 minutes of A.I. captions and translations, 3 custom domains, 500 anti-piracy multi-DRM licenses , and 2,000 dynamic visual watermarking sessions per month.


Nymblr (B2B leads Finder)

Prospect finder
Real-time email validation
Contact and company enrichment
Up to 50 data points per lead
Audience builder
$39$948 visit site

Nymblr Features

  • Nymblr provides access to millions of verified B2B leads with contact information.
  • Find the best verified B2B leads based on your ideal customer profile and marketing goals.
  • Access a validated B2B contact database of over 70 million US-based business contacts.
  • Real-time email validation ensures accurate data without extra cost.
  • Build custom contact lists and audiences for targeted ads on platforms like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and email.
  • Enrich your contact data and update information in your CRM.
  • Add unlimited team members to collaborate effectively.
  • Customize the platform with powerful white-labeling features.
  • Nymblr helps you streamline your B2B outreach campaigns and close more deals with reliable data.

Nymblr Pricing

Nymblr offers three license tiers for its platform. License Tier 1 is available for a one-time purchase of $39 and includes all features, 1,000 credits per month, unlimited users, and white labeling. License Tier 2 can be purchased for $79 and provides all features, 2,000 credits per month, unlimited users, and white labeling. License Tier 3, priced at $119, includes all features, 3,000 credits per month, unlimited users, and white labeling.



Over 100 servers worldwide in 24 countries
Supports all operating systems
Wide global server coverage
Compatibility with multiple systems
Future-proof access to new servers & app
$19$149 visit site

GOOSE VPN Features

  • Secure VPN service for anonymous internet browsing and data protection
  • Encrypts internet activity and routes it through remote servers for anonymous browsing
  • Wide server network with 80 servers worldwide for easy location and IP address changes
  • Military-grade encryption ensures online privacy and security
  • Cyber Alarm feature provides real-time notifications about potential risks
  • Access to geo-restricted content and streaming services
  • No-logging policy for data privacy
  • User-friendly app available on Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux devices
  • Protects against tracking, monitoring, and hacking


GOOSE VPN provides three license tiers to choose from. Tier 1 costs $19 and includes support for 3 devices with unlimited bandwidth. Tier 2 is priced at $39 and supports 10 devices with unlimited bandwidth. Tier 3, priced at $79, offers unlimited device support and unlimited bandwidth. Additionally, all license tiers include the Cyber Alarm add-on feature.


Breakcolde (Sales CRM)

Company news aggregation
Like and comment on LinkedIn and Twitter
LinkedIn posts and Tweet tracking
Quick LinkedIn & Twitter messages & emails
Prospecting feed & Prospecting feed
$39$348 visit item

Breakcold Features

  • Engage with leads via LinkedIn, Twitter, and email from one platform.
  • Curate segmented lists of B2B contacts to keep your outreach organized.
  • Create custom sales pipelines with as many stages as you want.
  • Send unlimited cold email sequences and personalize messages with custom variables.
  • Centralize your B2B marketing and nurture relationships at all stages of the sales pipeline.

Breakcold Pricing

Breakcold offers three license tiers for its sales CRM. License Tier 1 is priced at $39 and includes 3 slots, unlimited users, Zapier integration, and API access. License Tier 2 is available for $99 and offers 5 slots, unlimited users, Zapier integration, API access, campaign analytics, and cold email campaigns. License Tier 3 is priced at $199 and provides 10 slots, unlimited users, Zapier integration, API access, campaign analytics, and cold email campaigns.


Castmagic (AI Tool For Podcasters)

Converts podcast audio into content.
Automating the extraction of insights.
Increase your content output by 10x.
$39$480 visit site

Castmagic Features

  • Castmagic extracts transcripts, summaries, key topics, chapter breakdowns, quotes, hooks, and timestamps for ready-to-use blog and social media content.
  • It streamlines post-production, saving time and effort.
  • Simply upload your podcast MP3, select the desired outputs, and let Castmagic’s AI do the work.
  • Automate editing and save over 20 hours a week for content creation.
  • Turn audio into summaries, social posts, timestamps, highlights, newsletters, and more.

Castmagic Pricing

The Castmagic pricing plans offer different options to suit your needs. With Plan 1, you get all features for a one-time purchase of $39, including 2 episodes per month, 100 minutes included, and 1 show with basic content outputs. Plan 2 provides 5 episodes per month, 200 minutes included, and 1 show for a one-time purchase of $78. Finally, Plan 3 offers 10 episodes per month, 500 minutes included, and multiple shows for a one-time purchase of $117.


Plai (Ad tool)

Targeted ads across multiple platforms AI Copywriting using OpenAI model
AI landing page builder
Automated audience creation
Automated optimizations for campaigns
$59$360 visit site

Plai Features

  • Plai is an ad tool for small teams and creators to launch targeted ads effortlessly.
  • Plai automates campaign creation and management across multiple platforms.
  • Plai offers A/B testing, insights, and integration with popular ad platforms.
  • Plai helps reach target audiences, increase online presence, and drive business growth.
  • Plai provides insights and templates to improve marketing decisions and strategy.
  • Plai offers A/B testing to optimize campaign performance over time
  • Plai offers campaign analytics and strategy specifics through Plaibooks.

Plai Pricing

License Tier 1 is available for a one-time purchase of $59, providing all the included features such as unlimited team members and users, unlimited ad spend, and unlimited client accounts. It offers 1 workspace for effective collaboration. License Tier 2, priced at $99, offers the same features as Tier 1 but includes 3 workspaces. Lastly, License Tier 3 is available for $179 and includes 8 workspaces, making it suitable for larger teams and organizations.


Zagomail(Email Marketing Platform)

Free migration service
A/B split testing
Drag-and-drop editor
Forms and popups
Sign-up forms
$69$1068 visit site

Zagomail Features

  • Zagomail is an email marketing platform for targeted campaigns through forms, landing pages, and automated workflows.
  • Create custom templates and forms easily using drag-and-drop tools.
  • Automate workflows and trigger actions based on events.
  • Monitor conversion rates, segment your audience, and target new subscribers.
  • Engage customers with timed emails and personalized campaigns.
  • Conduct A/B tests to optimize email performance.
  • Connect with other apps for automation and data synchronization.
  • Access campaign data and insights on the dashboard.
  • Simplify your email marketing with Zagomail.

Zagomail Pricing

Tier 1 is available for $69 and includes all features, up to 8,000 contacts, and 1 team member. Tier 2 is priced at $129 and offers all features, up to 16,000 contacts, 5 team members, removal of branding, intelligent scheduling tool add-ons, and send by timezone. Tier 3, priced at $209, provides all features, up to 32,000 contacts, 10 team members, removal of branding, intelligent scheduling, and send by timezone.


Katteb (Fact Checked AI Write)

Credible Writer
Proofreading Engine
Long Form Article Writer
AI Art Generator
One Click Article Rewriter
$39$999 vist site

Katteb features

  • Katteb: A revolutionary AI writer that learns and produces high-quality content
  • Credible Writer: Writes based on reliable sources
  • Proofreading Engine: Supports 25+ languages for error-free content
  • Plagiarism Checker: Checks for plagiarism and includes citations
  • Long Form Article Writer: Utilizes GPT-4 (beta version) for writing long articles
  • AI Art Generator: Generates artwork using DALL-E
  • Related Images Suggestions: Provides suggestions for relevant images
  • One Click best Article Rewriter: Preserves formatting and images while rewriting
  • Advanced Article Rewriter: Offers multiple suggestions for rewriting
  • Content Enricher & Expander: Enhances and expands content using keyboard shortcuts
  • GPT-4: Generates up to 10 daily content generations per account

Katteb pricing

Plan 1 offers all features for a one-time purchase of $39, including an AI article writer, Ads generator, and 15,000 words per month. Upgrade to Plan 2 for $78 and get the same features with a higher word limit of 30,000 per month. For larger content requirements, Plan 3 provides unlimited access to the AI article writer and Ads generator, along with 45,000 words per month, all for a one-time purchase of $117


Eventin (WordPress plugin)

Simplified schedule management
Maintain recurring events
Showcase speakers and organizers
Multi-tier ticket pricing
Unique attendee management
$59$245 visit site

Eventin Features

  • Eventin is a user-friendly WordPress plugin for event management and ticket sales.
  • Manage unlimited events with custom schedules, speakers, and event countdowns.
  • Seamless integration with Zoom for virtual events and meetings.
  • Generate unique QR codes for attendees to confirm and easily manage attendance with its included features.
  • Integrate with tools like Google Calendar, Zapier, and WooCommerce for streamlined workflow.
  • Set up custom ticket stock and multi-tier pricing options with WooCommerce integration.
  • Access detailed analytics to track ticket sales and inventory.
  • Simplify event management and ticketing with Eventin’s comprehensive features.

Eventin Pricing

License Tier 1 is available for a one-time purchase of $59 and includes all features, with the license valid for up to 5 sites. License Tier 2 is priced at $99 and includes all features, with the license valid for up to 10 sites. For those with larger requirements, License Tier 3 is available at a one-time purchase of $199 and includes all features, with the license valid for unlimited sites


Repliq (Video Creation Tool)

Record or upload your videos
Access to ChatGPT AI messages
Utilize ChatGPT AI messages
Merge feature to combine videos
Full API access
$39$348 visit site

RepliQ Features

  • Automatically generate personalized outreach videos
  • Easily upload or record source videos
  • Capture attention with customized video backgrounds
  • Add interactive elements like CTA buttons
  • Integrate with popular outreach tools for seamless workflow

RepliQ Pricing

License Tier 1 is available for a one-time purchase of $39 and includes all features along with 100 video (or image) URL credits per month. License Tier 2, priced at $139, provides all features and offers 500 video (or image) URL credits per month. For more extensive usage, License Tier 3 is available at a one-time purchase of $299 and includes all features along with 1,500 video (or image) URL credits per month


Serpple (SEO Toolkit)

Accurate keyword ranking data
Search volume history for 12 months
Typo error finder in keywords
Keyword positions history since start
Keyword cannibalization issue finder
$69$108 visit site

Serpple Features

  • Serpple is an SEO toolkit that provides accurate keyword tracking, insights, and competitive intelligence.
  • Comprehensive dashboard for an overview of SEO ranking, keyword positions, performance, and search volume.
  • Segment keywords and monitor real-time data for adjustments in strategy.
  • In-depth keyword analysis with autocomplete predictions and related keywords.
  • Customizable email notifications for monitoring ranking and important metrics.
  • Real-time data and actionable insights for making data-backed SEO decisions and optimizing website performance.

Serpple Pricing

Serpple offers three pricing tiers: Single ($69), Double ($138), and Multiple ($207). Each tier includes different project limits, keyword tracking capabilities, monthly refreshes, and competitor tracking. Users can choose the tier that suits their needs and budget.



Lead forms
Multiple sales pipelines
Meeting scheduler
Email sequences
Custom branding
$49$190 visit site

Agencyjoy Features

  • User-friendly CRM for storing, managing, and converting leads
  • Create and embed customizable lead forms on your website
  • Design email sequences to engage and nurture prospects
  • Customizable sales pipeline to fit your workflow
  • Two-way sync with emails and calendars, and integration with third-party apps

Agencyjoy Pricing

The Single plan, priced at $49, includes all features, supports 1 user, and provides unlimited leads, clients, custom fields, meeting types, and API calls. The Double plan, priced at $98, offers the same features but supports 2 users. The Multiple plan, priced at $147, supports 5 users.


Teachify (Content Selling Platform)

Unlimited live events and sessions
Unlimited members and students
Stripe Connect integration
Custom domain support
Embed videos on your websites
$39$600 visit site

Teachify Features

  • Sell coaching sessions, video courses, digital downloads, and memberships with a custom website
  • Manage and sell courses, products, and premium content from the same platform
  • Support for third-party integrations with popular apps like Zapier, ConvertKit, Meta Pixel, Zoom, and Google Analytics 4
  • Create product pages to boost sign-ups and subscriptions
  • Embed interactive widgets on any web page, even on an existing website

Teachify Pricing

License Tier 1 is available for a one-time purchase of $39 and includes 1 admin and 1 teacher, with a 2.5% transaction fee. It provides unlimited courses. License Tier 2, priced at $99, includes 2 admins and 3 teachers, with a 0% transaction fee. It also offers unlimited courses, along with a marketing bundle and white labeling. License Tier 3, priced at $199, includes 4 admins and 6 teachers, with a 0% transaction fee.


BrandLens (content platform)

Unlimited video tagging
Unlimited inactive campaigns
Searching and filtering
HD resolution (1280 X 720)
$49$549 visit site

BrandLens Features

  • Collect user-generated videos from customers and fans via mobile devices.
  • Create unlimited user-generated content campaigns effortlessly.
  • best way to Design a landing page to gather customer information, including name, email, and social media handle.
  • Ensure legal compliance by adding terms and conditions to your campaigns.
  • Provide incentives like contests and discount codes to engage contributors.
  • Guide users to record their best videos with on-screen instructions and visual aids on the recording screen.

BrandLens Pricing

Tier 1 for $49 includes 1 active UGC campaign, 1,000 seconds of collected UGC videos per month, and more. Tier 2 for $129 provides 3 active campaigns, 3,000 seconds of collected UGC videos, and more. Tier 3 for $229 offers 5 active campaigns, 7,000 seconds of collected UGC videos, and more.


Saastic (Review Toolkit)

Customizable email templates
Review form with links to 3rd party sites
Kiosk page with QR code
Reviews showcase page
Automatic review requests via email or SMS
$49$1428 visit site

Saastic Features

  • Customizable email templates
  • Review form with links to 3rd party review sites
  • Kiosk page with QR code
  • Reviews showcase page
  • Automatic review requests via email or SMS
  • Hosted landing page for capturing feedback and reviews on popular review sites
  • Customization options for email templates,logo, body copy, and theme color
  • Collect ratings, reviews, feedback, and testimonials from customers

Saastic Pricing

Plan 1 is priced at $49 and includes all features, allowing you to send up to 5,000 review requests per month, add unlimited projects, request reviews via SMS with Twilio, customize emails and domain, and utilize hosted review, kiosk, and showcase pages. It also enables you to capture customer feedback, receive alerts, and invite unlimited team members. Plan 2, priced at $98, includes all Plan 1 features and increases the review request limit to 10,000 per month. Plan 3, priced at $147, also includes all Plan 1 features but offers an even higher review request capacity of 15,000 per month


Prefinery(customer acquisition platform)

Referral campaigns
Multilingual support
Personalized fields
Audience engagemen
$199$1118 visit site

Prefinery Features

  • Customize referral campaigns, and add text in any language.
  • Add fields for personal information, behaviour-triggered emails, and referral rewards.
  • Detailed data points for searching, sorting, and filtering.
  • Track form impressions, conversion rates, and total referrals.
  • Zapier, webhooks, API, and third-party analytics.
  • Automate viral referrals: Boost brand hype and product visibility.
  • Make your product the talk of the Twitterverse with Prefinery.

Prefinery Pricing

The Prefinery Growth Plan is priced at $199 or $1,188 annually. It allows you to manage up to 10,000 users/subscribers and provides unlimited team members. There are no restrictions on signup form impressions, submissions, or campaigns. The unbranded plan ensures compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and Privacy Shield regulations. It includes all the 50+ features available in the Growth Plan.


Hexospark (An CRM Platform)

Unlimited contacts
Built-in CRM
Unified inbox
Capture leads from LinkedIn
$69$290 visit site

Hexospark Features

  • Hexospark is an email and CRM platform for personalized outreach.
  • The platform provides a unified inbox to manage email campaigns and track replies.
  • Users can create personalized emails using custom variables and personalized images.
  • The built-in CRM allows manual or CSV import of contacts and integrates with the browser extension for capturing leads.
  • Hexospark enables 1:1 personalized email campaigns at scale, with features like scheduling follow-ups and an email template library for inspiration.

Hexospark Pricing

Single: $69 one-time purchase, unlimited emails, 1 inbox, 1 GB storage.
Double: $138 one-time purchase, unlimited emails, 2 inboxes, 2 GB storage.
Multiple: $207 one-time purchase, unlimited emails, 3 inboxes, 3 GB storage.


Webullar (AI-Based Website Generator)

Free access to a library of stock images.
SSL certificate for secure browsing.
Automatic indexing on Google search.
SEO optimizations to improve visibility & rankings.
$39$240 visit site

Webullar Features

  • AI technology generates complete websites in seconds
  • AI can also write webpage copy and add royalty-free stock images.
  • Webullar manages password security, web hosting services, domain, and Google indexing for you.
  • Generate engaging social media posts for Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Use the built-in CRM to manage customer information and make data-driven decisions.
  • Segment your audience and run targeted outreach campaigns.
  • Send newsletters and track email campaigns.
  • Stay organized with a centralized dashboard.
  • Build your online presence easily from your desktop or mobile device.

Webullar Pricing

License Tier 1 is priced at $39 (one-time) or $240 (annually) and includes 10 social media posts per week, a CRM capacity for 100 customers, 2 newsletter emails per month, 10 pages, 1 admin, basic web analytics, and supports 1 website language.

License Tier 2 is priced at $79 (one-time) or $480 (annually) with 30 social media posts per week, a CRM capacity for 500 customers, 4 newsletter emails per month, unlimited pages, 2 admins, advanced web analytics, and supports 2 website languages.

License Tier 3 is priced at $109 (one-time) or $960 (annually) with 100 social media posts per week, a CRM capacity for 2000 customers, 20 newsletter emails per month, unlimited pages, 4 admins, advanced web analytics, and supports 6 website languages.


PubCoder (Digital Content Maker)

Refined typography
Integration with Google Fonts
Support for multimedia content
Compatibility with Adobe InDesign import
Mobile app preview functionality
$69$3500 visit site

PubCoder Features

  1. Create interactive digital content for iOS and Android apps, ebooks, and HTML5.
  2. No coding or design skills required.
  3. Responsive content for any screen size, format, or device.
  4. Support for multiple languages and global distribution.
  5. Drag-and-drop editor for adding interactive elements, animations, videos, and sounds.
  6. Export projects in multiple formats and publish as native apps or in digital bookstores.

PubCoder Pricing

  1. Tier 1: $69 / $3,500 – 5 users, unlimited projects and storybooks.
  2. Tier 2: $149 / $5,000 – 10 users, unlimited projects and storybooks.
  3. Tier 3: $269 / $8,500 – 50 users, unlimited projects and storybooks.

Fouita Smart Widgets

Fouita Smart Widgets(interactive widgets maker)

Accurate customer experience representation.
Time-saving integration.
Maintenance-free, no code modifications.
DIY capability.
Easy version management with a single click.
$89$1317 vist site

Fouita Smart Widgets Features

  • Engage visitors based on their interactions, visited pages, source, and geolocation.
  • Customize design, text, images, and code of each widget.
  • Inline edit widgets directly on your website for a precise customer experience.
  • Save time on integration and eliminate maintenance costs by avoiding code modifications.
  • DIY capability with easy enabling, disabling, and switching between widget versions.
  • Manage widget flow to control when and where to show/hide widgets based on various factors.
  • Collect detailed analytics and generate reports on visitor behavior and origin.
  • Integrate with marketing tools and CRM systems effortlessly.
  • Attract and retain visitors with appealing widgets for enhanced engagement.

Fouita Smart Widgets Pricing

Plan 1 includes all features, 100 projects, 250,000 monthly views, detailed widget analytics, 2 GB of assets, unlimited widgets and integrations, 3 team members per project, widget source code editing, and flow management. Plan 2 offers the same features with 200 projects, 750,000 monthly views, and 3 GB of assets. Opt for Plan 3 to enjoy all features, 300 projects, 1,250,000 monthly views, and 4 GB of assets


Learnitive(AI Writer)

100+ AI prompts
Copyscape feature
Premium AI writer with learning assistant
Private sharing
PDF exports
$49$208 vist site

Learnitive Features

  • Learnitive enables collaboration, knowledge sharing, and feedback for writers.
  • Free access to Learnitive AI with limited word count, upgrade available.
  • Unique features include interactivity, knowledge curation, research options, and code execution.
  • Educational tools: Copyscape, drawing, voiceover, research, and fact-checking.
  • Learnitive AI Writer offers learning widgets, Grammarly integration, neural voices, and code playgrounds.

Learnitive Pricing

  • Basic: $49, unlimited research, 1 user, 15,000 words/mo.
  • Pro: $98, unlimited research and collaboration, 5 users, 30,000 words/mo.
  • The Creator: $147, unlimited research and collaboration, 20 users, 50,000 words/mo.


Tiledesk (no-code chatbot builder)

Unlimited chatbots
Unlimited live chat
CRM integration
$39$165 visit site

Tiledesk Features

  • No-code chatbot builder: Create customized chatbots without coding.
  • Multichannel support: Engage users across different digital channels.
  • Chatbot templates: Customize pre-made templates for your business needs.
  • Integration and automation: Sync lead data with CRM and automation tools, and get email alerts for new leads.
  • Improved customer service: Use chatbots alongside live support to manage tickets and AI assistance tool integrated.

Tiledesk Pricing

  • Tier 1: $39, 2 seats, 500 monthly conversations.
  • Tier 2: $79, 5 seats, 1,000 monthly conversations.
  • Tier 3: $179, 10 seats, 2,500 monthly conversations.

Linguix Turbo

Linguix Turbo(AI-powered writing tool)

Rich text formatting is available.
A grammar checker similar to GPT is included.
The ability to rewrite paragraphs is supported.
$39$240 visit site

Linguix Turbo Features

  • Linguix Turbo is an AI-powered writing tool.
  • It allows you to create shortcuts for generating messages with a single word.
  • Saves time on customer interactions by using smart text shortcuts.
  • Customizable messages with lists, links, and formatting.
  • AI-powered grammar checker and paraphrasing tool.
  • Integrates with popular apps and platforms.
  • Streamlines workflow and automates customer interactions.
  • Ensures error-free and engaging content.
  • Sends quality messages at the press of a button.

Linguix Turbo Pricing

  • Single: $39, Pro plan features, 2 users, 20,000 characters in shortcuts, unlimited shortcuts.
  • Double: $78, Team plan features, 5 users, unlimited characters in shortcuts, unlimited shortcuts, team templates.
  • Multiple: $117, Team plan features, 20 users, unlimited characters in shortcuts, unlimited shortcuts, team templates.


SocialSlides (Social Media Templates for PowerPoint & Canva)

Your online success made easy.
Professionally designed templates for social media.
Customize designs to match your brand.
Create stunning posts for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
$29$199 vist site

SocialSlides Features

  • SocialSlides: Empowering your online presence.
  • Create stunning social media posts effortlessly.
  • Choose from a variety of customizable templates.
  • Boost brand visibility and captivate your audience.
  • PowerPoint integration for easy branding customization.
  • Engage your followers with captivating social media content.
  • Save time with our AI content generator.
  • Stand out with eye-catching visuals in seconds.
  • Say goodbye to the hassle of creating visuals from scratch.

SocialSlides Pricing

For a one-time purchase of $29, you get access to 1200+ social media templates, organized into 24 industry categories. These templates are fully editable in PowerPoint and Canva, and you can customize them effortlessly to match your brand. With one-click color switching, white-label templates, HD stock images, an AI title generator, and a video portal with helpful tips, SocialSlides Pro equips you with everything you need to create captivating social media content.


Sococal.ai(intuitive generator interface)

Tailored 30-day content calendar
Maximize efficiency and achieve objectives
Spark creativity with visual ideas
Intuitive interface
$19$120 visit site

Sococal.ai Features

  • Intuitive generator interface
  • Four crucial inputs: products/services, goals, tone of voice, platform
  • Tailored 30-day social media content calendar
  • Maximize efficiency and achieve objectives
  • Sparks creativity with visual ideas and direction
  • Craft eye-catching and distinctive content
  • Customized profile for brand alignment
  • Personalized content based on brand identity and audience preferences
  • Stress-free, high-impact social media presence

Sococal.ai Pricing

Choose the Lite Plan for a one-time purchase of $19, which includes a complete 30-day AI social media calendar with visual ideas, captions, and hashtags generated for Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. You’ll also have an account profile and access to generation history with 4 credits every month. Upgrade to the Elite Plan for $38 to enjoy all the same features, but with 8 credits per month and the ability to regenerate individual posts.


Dokin(Data Management Software)

Seamless data integration.
Effortless data import in Google Sheets.
Link values in Sheets cells to text boxes in Slides.
Streamlined data management without manual entry.
$59$590 visit site

Dokin Features

  • Seamless data integration without manual entry.
  • Link values in Sheets cells to text boxes in Slides and Docs.
  • Merge data from different sources effortlessly.
  • Import and organize data in Google Sheets with ease.
  • Mail merge and send personalized documents with a single click.
  • Connect and sync data across Google Workspace apps.
  • Automate workflows and adapt documents for different recipients.
  • Save time on manual updates and focus on what matters.

Dokin Pricing

  • Premium Plan: $59
  • Unlimited mail merge & variables
  • Unlimited external data sources
  • Unlimited data merge in Google Sheets
  • Import up to 5,000 rows of live data
  • Daily auto-refresh
  • Dokin branding remo


Breeze.bar(Website Migration & Management Tool)

Breeze.bar: Fast audits
Critical page info
Screenshot automation
Website performance assessment
Breeze Migration: Factsheet tool
Efficiency and accuracy
$49$468 Visit site

Breeze.bar Features

  • Breeze.bar: Analytics integration
  • Visual sitemaps
  • Website assessment & audit
  • Breeze Chrome Extension
  • Premium agency transformation
  • IP protection

Breeze.bar Pricing

Standard Plan: $49, 25 websites, 5 workspaces, 10 invite members, 20 screenshots. Agency Plan: $98, 625 websites, 25 workspaces, 20 invite members, 50 screenshots, Google Analytics integration, sitemap automation. Pro Plan: $147, 5000 websites, 50 workspaces, 50 invite members, 100 screenshots, Google Analytics integration, sitemap automation, website playbook, track subscription & tools.

AppSumo Connect (Beta)

AppSumo Connect (Beta)

Easy integration
Ready-made templates
Custom workflows
Multi-account automation
Simplify work processes
$49$560 visit site

AppSumo Connect Features

  • Connect & Automate
  • Ready-made Templates
  • Custom Workflows
  • Multi-Account Integration
  • Simplify Work

AppSumo Connect Pricing

Get the powerful features of AppSumo Connect for just a one-time purchase of $45. With this plan, you’ll have access to 7,500 tasks per month, 3 active workflows, and a fast 15-minute update time. Connect seamlessly with popular tools like SendFox, KingSumo, TidyCal, Slack, Klaviyo, Gmail, Google Sheets, and more. Simplify your business processes and automate your workflows with ease using AppSumo Connect.

Ahsuite Client Portals

Ahsuite Client Portals(Share portal)

Full-featured collaboration
Free unlimited version
Secure content sharing
Trello, Dropbox, Slack, LastPass
Password-protected storage
$108$468 visit site

Ahsuite Client Portals Features

  • Ahsuite is a comprehensive software for collaboration.
  • Full-featured version includes tasks, file sharing, a Top password manager for the team, and finding/recruiting other Ahsuite users.
  • Exclusive offer for AppSumo community: Get unlimited full-featured Ahsuite for FREE for up to three clients.
  • Ahsuite Client Portals offer tasks, files, group messaging, and team password manager.
  • Say goodbye to Trello, Dropbox, Slack, and LastPass.
  • Clean and simple client portals for professional access to reports and presentations.
  • Use Ahsuite to hire or get hired, connect with skilled Ahsuite users.
  • Team members added on a client-by-client basis for privacy.
  • Ahsuite network is private, not visible to clients.
  • Network feature included in free AppSumo deal to benefit the community.

Ahsuite Client Portals Pricing

Ahsuite offers a comprehensive plan priced at $108, which includes unlimited storage, task management, file sharing with client approvals, team password management, work journals, email conversations, customizable client portals, SEO-friendly profiles with lead capture forms, and access to a network of talented individuals.


BrandVox(social intelligence tool)

Competitor tracking
Content creation
Scheduling and posting
Email digest
Hashtag monitoring and analysis
$39$180 visit site

BrandVox Features

  • BrandVox: Social intelligence tool for competitor tracking, insights, and analytics.
  • Monitor competitors, evaluate audience insights, and track analytics for your social media strategy.
  • Connect social media accounts to view top performers, performance insights, and engagement rates.
  • Main dashboard: Campaign metrics, audience insights, top performers, and user-friendly feed displaying competitor posts.
  • Evaluate upcoming posts based on predictive performance, content type, and complexity.
  • Schedule posts in advance using the calendar feature.

BrandVox pricing

  • License Tier 1: $39/$180, 1 project, 3 competitors, 30 days data
  • License Tier 2: $119/$480, 5 projects, 5 competitors, 30 days data
  • License Tier 3: $239/$840, 10 projects, 10 competitors, 60 days data


GroupApp Features

  1. GroupApp is an all-in-one platform for managing online courses, memberships, and events.
  2. It allows you to sell courses and memberships to build a successful online business.
  3. The platform provides a distraction-free environment to enhance student engagement.
  4. You can create a collaborative learning community and personalize the learning experience.
  5. GroupApp offers tools for storing and sharing learning resources, monitoring student progress, and simplifying course sales.

GroupApp Pricing

  1. Tier 1: $49, 1,000 members, 5 channels, 5 courses, 1 team seat
  2. Tier 2: $159, 10,000 members, 10 channels, unlimited courses, 3 team seats
  3. Tier 3: $259, 50,000 members, 30 channels, unlimited courses, 5 team seats


ChatPen.ai(AI-powered assistance)

AI-powered assistance
Cutting-edge browser
Real-time assistance
ChatPen add-on
$19$49 visit site

ChatPen.ai Features

  • Unlock the full potential of ChatGPT on your favorite websites with ChatPen.
  • User-friendly and designed for all technical backgrounds.
  • Real-time assistance feature for crafting perfect responses.
  • Works seamlessly with major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.
  • Quick and easy installation process.
  • Simply click the ChatPen icon or type ‘chat:’ to connect to ChatGPT.
  • Get relevant suggestions and ideas.
  • Automatically insert generated content with a click.

ChatPen.ai Pricing

Get the ChatPen Lifetime Plan for just $19 (previously $49) and enjoy unlimited access to ChatPen. Compatible with Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, ChatPen offers seamless integration with any website with just one click. Your data is secure and private, saved locally on your browser. Plus, you’ll receive immediate access to all new features and updates, ensuring you have the best experience possible.


MiCLIENT(Deal Closure Platform)

Customizable proposal templates
Reports and analytics
Dynamic products and services
Sales pipeline
Kanban board
$49$384 visit site

MiCLIENT Features

  • MiCLIENT is a deal closure platform founded by experienced sales leaders.
  • It automates client interactions and improves proposal conversion.
  • MiCLIENT simplifies the configure, price, and quote (CPQ) process.
  • It helps track and close deals faster, providing a superior customer experience.
  • Comprehensive reports offer insights into business performance.
  • MiCLIENT aims to be the world’s fastest-growing deal automation software.
  • It scales customers through ecosystem partnerships.
  • Simplify your sales process from prospects to closure with MiCLIENT.

MiCLIENT Pricing

Business Plan: $49 (previously $384) includes unlimited contacts, proposals, single user access, upgrades, sales pipeline, Kanban board, proposal lifecycle management, dynamic products, customizable templates, reports, analytics, and contract signer.

Free AppSumo Deals

Free things are the sweetest things in life. Here are a few of the most beneficial freebies that AppSumo is now giving away. You can discover free tools and educational eBooks and PDFs here in a variety of categories:

1. Million-Dollar Email Templates

Million-Dollar Email Templates is an ebook of 30 email scripts used and curated by Sumo and AppSumo to help develop business and client relationships.

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2. Mint Marketing Plan

The Mint Marketing Plan for Any Business Launch is an ebook that breaks down actionable, real-world strategies for launching your business.

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3. Google Sheets Template Pack

Google Sheets Templates Pack is a free ebook that features 19 ready-to-use Google Sheets templates across productivity, sales, and more to empower your work—and play.

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Other Best Appsumo Life Time Deals (LTDs)

Appsumo Coupons And Discounts

If you are looking for AppSumo Coupon Codes, then you are in the right place. Here are all currently active AppSumo coupons, discount codes, promo codes & deals. All the AppSumo Coupon Codes here are tested & verified that working before updating. If you love shopping at AppSumo, make sure you take the time to try these offers.

About AppSumo


AppSumo is a marketplace for businesses to get access to lifetime software deals. AppSumo’s founder Noah Kagan started AppSumo out as a side hustle but it quickly caught traction in the market especially when they started to use the services of a professional copywriter for their email blasts.

There is a definite growth hacker and startup vibe to AppSumo so the type of lifetime deals you will expect to see include things like tools to help you design better websites (like Ultimate Addons for Elementor) all the way to invoicing and reporting tools making it easier for you to get paid.

AppSumo negotiates deals with app vendors based on the significant size of the AppSumo audience which represents publicity and immediate capital injection for the startup.

AppSumo Review

9.9Expert Score
Appsumo is awesome!

Appsumo is awesome! It is a great ground for Tech-founders to launch products. The place for your digital tools so that you can grow your business. The deals plus great customer service make AppSumo the place for the digital marketplace.

Refund Policy
  • Great software.
  • Affordable price (sometimes 90%+ off normal pricing!)
  • Full suite of products to help business operations.
  • Great money-back guarantee.
  • No commitment or contract–Leave whenever you want.
  • Trustable site.
  • There are positive feedback from customers.

Conclusion On Best AppSumpo Deals, Coupons, and Discounts.

We made every effort to give you the offers that are best for bloggers and other types of marketers.  On this page, you can find AppSumo discounts that offer you up to 98% off. You can also see all the live deals on Appsumo here. 

You must act fast because the majority of AppSumo’s promotion deals sold out within a few days. They typically only last a week or less. Choose the tools and products that are ideal for you and pay a small fee to have lifetime access to them.

FAQ On Appsumo Lifetime Deals, Coupons, and Discounts

1. How often does AppSumo release new coupons?

On average, AppSumo offers 1 coupon code per month. As of today, AppSumo has 26 active coupons and offers.

2. How do I find AppSumo coupons?

We’ll update new deals as we hear about them so please bookmark this page by clicking CTRL + D so you don’t miss these awesome lifetime deals. Most of these deals will be sold out within one week of their launch on AppSumo. So be sure to grab them while you can.

3. How do I activate the software I purchased through AppSumo?

When you buy a software package, you’ll be issued a unique activation code that can be redeemed for your chosen app up to the date of expiry (this will be listed in the product details).

4. What is the AppSumo returns policy?

All products and deals at AppSumo are fully protected by a generous 60-day return window, which can be done by yourself at any time under the ‘My Products’ tab on your account. Be aware that AppSumo Plus rewards memberships will become ineligible for a refund once any rewards have been used.

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