15+ Best Anime Character Creator To Showcase Your Love For Anime (Listed & Reviewed)

Konnichiwa!! You must be an Anime fanatic as you are visiting this page, looking for Best Anime Character Creator. Is there a reason not to be? Anime has been seeing its popularity skyrocketing with each day. With its vibrant graphics and distinctive art style anime is adored by almost everyone in recent times. From social media anime fan pages to Cosplay exhibitions, there’s no dearth of activities to show how popular it is among the masses.

With its exceedingly increasing popularity, everybody is looking for a way to get their hands on something that shows their love for manga. Creating an anime character is not an easy task, artists spend a huge amount of time creating an anime character that people adore. Not everybody of us is an artist, but with modern technology, it is possible for you to custom anime characters of your own. Sounds interesting right? If somehow you are not familiar with Anime, let’s know what is this all about.

What is Anime?

Anime basically is a hand-drawn or computerized art form that originated in Japan. Its emergence can be dated back to as late as 1907, but the recent form of art started its journey in the 1960s, and with modern technology, it started to become recognized globally from the late 1980s with the creation of Mobile Suit Gundam and Dragon Ball Z.

Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Pokemon, Death Note, Attack on Titan are some of the most popular Anime of recent times.

Why do you need online Anime character creator?

What has made anime so big is its fanatical fan base. With every day passing by it’s only growing enormously. In the age of social media, everybody is eager to prove themselves the biggest fan of manga. So why do you stay behind? There is a lot of free anime character creator software that can help you create your desired anime character on your own. This software helps you in anime character creation that you can use as your profile picture or on any of your preferred platforms and show your love for anime.

What are the best anime character creator online?

Due to its humongous popularity which increased in the last few years, there are a number of software available on the internet that allows you to create full-body anime characters which you can share on social media platforms.

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Here is a hand-picked list of the best anime character creator online_

  • Crypko
  • Picrew
  • Charat.me
  • MakegirlsMoe
  • Cartoonify
  • Character Creator
  • Avatar Make: Anime
  • SuperMe
  • Avachara
  • Factory for Avatar
  • Bitmoji
  • Faceyourmanga
  • Portrait illustration maker
  • Custom Anime
  • My Blue Robot
  • Picassohead
  • Pick a Face
  • Dude factory
  • Marvel Superhero Avatar

Best Anime Character Creator Online

Quicklist Of Best Anime Character Creator Online?

The Best Anime Character creator is a must-have for anime and manga lovers. With a good anime character creator, you can create your own anime character or make an avatar of yourself to share on social media platforms to showcase your love for anime.


Crypko Free Avatar Maker

Free Anime Avatar Maker

Crypko free avatar maker is one of the best anime character generators that use Generative Adversarial Network to create anime faces like professionals. With this anime character generator, you can create a customized anime facial avatar from scratch.

Additionally, with this software, you can purchase Crypko cards which help you in creating a high-quality anime avatar of your choice. Combining those cards you can also create anime avatars more than usual. It could be a useful anime character creator if you are looking for a free one.

Crypko Key Features

  • Automatic avatar generation: Crypko automatically generates anime avatars in accordance with your requests.
  • Uses GAN: Crypko uses Generative Adversarial Network to create high-quality anime avatars.
  • Crypko cards: Crypko cards are a useful feature of this anime or Waifu maker that enables you to get better results and more options.
  • Free: Crypko is a free anime avatar maker which makes it popular with the masses.
  • It produces high-quality results
  • Combining Crypko cards provides better performance
  • It uses GAN to give a high-quality product
  • It is focused on commercial activities

Crypko Pricing

Crypko is free for its users but you need to purchase Crypko cards to get better features.




2D anime maker for non-commercial use

MakeGirlsMoe is another anime character generator AI which enables you to make attractive 2D anime girl models. It is an excellent Waifu maker created in collaboration with Fudan University, Stony Brook University, Tongji University, and Carnegie Mellon University.

MakeGirlsMoe could be a good anime character creator if you want to customize every bit of your character. it is exclusively for non-commercial usage. It enables you to use all the options available that you want to use to create the anime you desire. You can customize hair color to the ribbon of the head with MakeGirlsMoe.

MakeGirlsMoe key features

  • Lots of customization option: MakeGirlsMoe comes with a lot of customization option that allows you to customize almost everything in your anime character.
  • Automatic Anime generation: This anime character generation AI automatically generates anime characters based on the uploaded portrait.
  • Free to use: MakeGirlsMoe is a non-commercial software that is free for its users.
  • A lot of customization options are available
  • Anime generation is fully automated which makes it easy to use
  • All the features are accessible without any amount to pay
  • It doesn’t provide a preview option

MakeGirlsMoe Pricing

MakeGirlsMoe doesn’t have any price. It is totally free.

VISIT MakeGirlsMoe



An anime character creator online

If you are looking for an online anime character creator that comes with a huge range of customization options, Charat.me could be a great option for you. Charat.me allows you to design your character from the ground up.

Charat.me enables you to create a full-body anime character, unlike any other random anime character generator which only allows you to create only facial avatars. It also comes with a huge range of customization options like hair length, eye color, clothes, accessories, etc. Although, it is to be noted that customization options for a girl character are better designed.

With this anime character generator, you can also create original icons and avatars. There are anime networks all over the world where you can show your love for anime.

Charat.me key features

  • Well-designed features: Charat.me comes with a lot of well-designed features.
  • Great range of options: It comes with a huge range of options that make it one of the best Online anime character creators.
  • Full body custom anime characters: Charat.me allows you to create full body anime characters.
  • It offers a variety of well-designed features
  • It offers a lot more options comparatively
  • It lets you create full-body anime characters
  • Great for commercial purpose
  • It doesn’t have as many male character customization options as female ones
  • The interface isn’t user friendly
  • Sometimes, options only show Japanese language

Charat.me pricing

Charat.me comes with 3 different prices

  • Standard: 299$
  • Premium: 599$
  • Master: 999$




Online software to cartoonify yourself

If you want to specialize your social media handle with your cartoonified profile picture this is the right tool for you. It allows you to create your customized cartoon avatar from the scratch and that too for free.

It comes with more than 300 customization options so that you can make your avatar as special as you want to. You can change the hair color, eye color, clothes, and even the background. What else do we need? Have I mentioned before that it’s free?

Cartoonify key features

  • 300+ customization options: Cartoonify comes with more than 100 customization options, which lets you be as creative as you want to be.
  • Easy to use: Cartoonify uses a simple interface, making it user-friendly.
  • Free of cost: You can use all the options for free.
  • Allows adjustments: You can make as many adjustments to your character as you need.
  • Simple interface for user friendly
  • Huge range of customization option
  • You can make adjustments to your avatar
  • It’s free for users
  • It supports male characters too
  • Lacks the aesthetic aspect

Cartoonify pricing

Cartoonify is totally free of cost.



Character creator

Online anime character to create cool characters
Character creator
Character Creator

This one is another anime character creator available online that allows making preferred changes to the given character. Although, it doesn’t allow to create a character from zero but it provides a lot of options like adding wings, pets that other alternatives don’t.

When you are done creating your model, you can save it in PNG or SVG format and use it later. You’ll find many interesting features which you can’t find in other software and the best thing is, it’s free to use.

Chracter creator Key Features

  • Interesting customization: Character creator offers a whole lot of customization options like bat-wing, bone wing which makes this a lucrative option for anime lovers.
  • Allows PNG and SVG format saving: It allows saving your customized anime character in PNG or SVG format for later use.
  • Comes with a lot of features
  • Easy saving in PNG and SVG format
  • Limits yourself with provided characters only
  • Female characters are too muscular sometimes

Character creator price

The Character creator is free to use.



Avatar Maker: Anime

Anime Character Creator App For iOS and Android

Avatar Maker: Anime is a useful anime character app available for iOS and Android users. It doesn’t limit your creativity as it allows you to mix and match, and create characters for any genre.

It offers more than 10,000 characters and avails you of a huge range of customization options that gives your creativity a boost for sure. You can also add the characters in your mangas to create your own stories or you can add these in your profile picture.

Avatar Maker: Anime Key Features

  • Compatibility to any device: Avatar Maker: Anime is compatible with iOS, as well as android devices.
  • 10,000+ characters: Avatar Maker grants you more than 10000 characters that help you create characters suitable to your genre.
  • Flexible colors and huge range of accessories: Avatar Maker provides flexible color options and a vast range of accessories to create awesome vibrant characters.
  • It is compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • Provides a huge range of characters suitable to any genres
  • Grants flexible color options and a lot of accessories to provide room for creativity
  • The interface it uses is a bit bland for some users

Avatar Maker: Anime pricing

Avatar Maker: Anime is a free application.




Anime character creator app made especially for girls

Designed especially for girls, SuperMe is an anime character creating app that is available for both iOS and Android users.

SuperMe grants a lot of MOE material that allows you to add the desired expression to your character. Apart from creating interesting anime characters, you can also chat with people on this app, which certainly gives this anime character generator AI an edge over other software.

It provides a lot of customization to create cool anime characters and it is very easy to use.

SuperMe Key Features

  • Compatibility to various devices: SuperMe is available to both iOS and Android devices, which makes it accessible to the masses.
  • Abundance of MOE materials: It contains a lot of MOE material that allows you to add expressions to your character.
  • Chat option: It comes with a chat option which makes it fun to use.
  • Share Option: You can share your created avatar on Facebook and other social media platforms with this app.
  • It is compatible with Android and iOS devices, making it super accessible
  • You can add a lot of expression to your character
  • You can chat and share your anime characters with your friends
  • It has no cost
  • Some of its options are available only in the Chinese language which makes it hard for other users
  • You can’t make a lot of changes in the given characters

SuperMe Pricing

SuperMe is a free app for both iOS and Android users




Anime Character Creator Online

WIth Avachara, you can create anime characters from the scratch.

You do not even have to upload images, you can make your avatar the way you want it. You just have to select the gender and add features according to your preference.

It also comes with a lot of accessories like glasses, hats, and instruments to make your character look cooler. Even though you can create a character from scratch, the process is a little time-consuming.

Avachara Key Features

  • Character from scratch: Avachara lets build a character from the ground, making it a fun feature.
  • A variety of accessories: It allows you to add additonal accessories to your character to make your characters look cool.
  • Supports male characters: Unlike any other random anime character creator, it also supports male characters.
  • You can create a character from the scratch
  • It grants a range of accessories and instruments to let you make a cool character
  • It also provides a lot of customization options for male characters
  • It takes a lot of time to create a complete character
  • Some options are not very well designed

Avachara Pricing

Avachara is free for non-commercial usage. Although there is a certain licensing fee for commercial usage that varies according to the size of the picture.



Factory For Avatar

Free Cute Anime Character Creator App

Factory For Avatar is an online anime creator available for android devices, that lets you create kawaii anime characters.

You can create a whole new character or build an avatar of your own. You can create a full-body anime character, a head portrait of it. You can also create customized stickers and share them on social media.

You can add facial features and fancy dresses to your character makes it a very good alternative for you. This app, however, uses a single classification bundle. Hence, you need to download it every time if it’s from a different bundle.

Factory For Avatar Key Features

  • Lots of stickers: This app comes with lots of adorable stickers whih are fun to use.
  • Lots of customization option: It comes with a lot of customization option that helps you creatye a unique chracter every time.
  • Customized background: You can also customize the bnackground acording to your preference.
  • The stickers are extremely fun to use
  • Allows creating a character from scratch and also of your own
  • It also allows customizing the characters’ background
  • You need to download different bundles every time you want to use an element from them

Factory For Avatar Pricing

Factory For Avatar is a free app for its users.




Best Anime Character Creator In 2020

Bitmoji is one of the most popular and most used platforms for online anime character making since 2020. You can create your avatar on this platform and share it on social media with your friends.

Apart from that it also comes with a huge range of exciting stickers that make your chats more fun.

Bitmoji Key Features

  • Available for all the devices: Bitmoji app is available on iOS and android smartphones. You can also try the PC version for free.
  • Huge range of stickers: Bitmoji contains a huge library of stickers that you can use in your chats.
  • Free of cost: Bitmoji is available for free on smartphones and PCs
  • It is compatible with iOS, Android devices and with PCs as well
  • The large range of colorful stickers are lucrative
  • It comes with no cost at all
  • It contains content that is inappropriate for kids.

Bitmoji Pricing

Bitmoji is a free app for iOS and Android users, the PC version is free too.




Online Anime Character Creator site

FaceYourManga.com is none of the most popular sites that help you create full-body anime characters. It contains all the options that you’ll need to make a unique and cool character.

You can add a lot of special features to your characters, like a blemish or a birthmark which is extremely cool. All the services are free at FaceYourManga. You can even print your character and ship it to your home. You can also make stickers on this platform and use them on social media.

FaceYourManga.com features

  • Full-body character: This free anime character genrator allows you to create full-body anime characters.
  • Special features: You can ad a lot opf special features to make your character look as unique as possible.
  • Additonal service: You can print your created character and get oit shipped to your house.
  • Free service: FaceYourManga.com is totally free for you.
  • It lets you create a full-body anime character
  • You can add a lot of special features to your character
  • You can get your character printed and shipped to your house
  • You can get a lot of stickers with it
  • There are not many drawbacks to this platform.

FaceYourManga.com Pricing

FaceYourManga.com is totally free for usage.



Portrait Illustration Maker

Free Anime Character Generator
Portrait Illustration Maker
Portrait Illustration Maker

Portrait Illustration Maker is possibly one of the best ways you can choose to create a unique anime character.

This anime character creator allows you to create an anime character from ground zero, that too without any cost. It also comes with an interesting feature called “Randomizer” which allows you to generate random anime avatars. Even though it doesn’t contain exciting features like FaceYourManga.com but it does the job for you.

Portrait Illustration Maker Key Features

  • Randomizer: The Randomizer feature alows generating random anime avatars, on which you can ake adjustments.
  • Character created from scratch: You can create your desired anime character from ground zero on this platform.
  • Free of cost: Portrait Illustration Maker is completely free to use.
  • The randomizer feature is helpful to create unique characters.
  • It allows making characters from the scratch as well.
  • It does not have any cost for its service.
  • The end result is not as attractive as other sites.

Portrait Illustration Maker Pricing

This platform is free to users.



Custom Anime

Best Anime Character Creator Online
Custom Anime
Custom Anime

Custom Anime is one of the most used sites to create Anime characters online. With Custom Anime, you can enjoy full freedom over your character as you can change their body shapes, hair color, cloth shapes, etc. It grants you an array of customization options to let you create the avatar exactly how you want it.

The avatar you create is also downloadable in JPG format for your usage and all this comes with no cost at all.

Custom Anime Key Features

  • Full-body character: You can create full-body anime characters from the scratch with this platform.
  • Exciting customization options: Custom Anime lets you change everything you want. You can change the shape of yor character’s boidy as well as their body parts.
  • Easy to share: The created avatars are downaloadable in JPG formats.
  • You can create a full-body character
  • A lot of customization option that helps you create a unique character
  • Allows you to save the avatars and share them
  • Not many faults are found yet.

Custom Anime Pricing

Custom anime is totally free for its users.



My Blue Robot

Best Anime Character Generator AI
My Blue Robot
My Blue Robot

Now that we have covered more than half of our list, let me present you the MY Blue Robot! It is an extremely useful anime character generator AI for free.

With this anime creating tool, you can create unique anime avatars for free. It comes with a lot of customization option that gives away exciting output. You can customize your character as much as you like. You can shape their eyes, choose their dresses and most of all you can also make their eyes bigger and make them look more adorable.

You can also tilt your characters’ heads to give them a unique personality. The characters are sharable on social media platforms.

My Blue Robot Key Features

  • Easy to use: It is very easy to create your character on My Blue Robot.
  • A lot of customization options: My blue robot provides you with a lot of customization options to make your character look distinct.
  • Distinctive features: This platform contains features that allow you to make your characters’ eyes look bigger and make them tilt their heads.
  • My Blue Robot is easy to use for first-time users.
  • It allows adding distinctive features to your character.
  • This software is totally free to use.
  • The end results are more of cartoons than animes

My Blue Robot Pricing

My Blue Robot anime generator AI is free to use.




Free Anime Avatar Maker

If you are looking for a free online anime maker, then Picassohead could be a great pick for you. This one is exclusively made for users who like the art style of Picasso, this software lets you add a touch of the legend himself to your avatar.

You can also create imprints of Picasso’s drawings with this software. Although it is a great tool, it can restrict the creativity of the users who are trying to create something unique.

Picassohead Key Features

  • Drag and drop features: With Picassohead you can drag and drop facial parts and add them to your avatars.
  • Lots of browsing options: Picassohead allows you to browse over 1 million online submitted paintings.
  • Easy saving: You can easily save your avatars into the site’s gallery or you can forward them in your email.
  • The drag and drop feature makes it easy to use.
  • Millions of paintings to browse and create interesting avatars.
  • The easy saving process to save and share your avatars.
  • It is good but for Picasso lovers only

Picassohead Pricing

Picassohead is totally free for its users.



Pick a Face

3D Anime Avatar Creator
Pick A Face

Pick a Face is an extremely helpful anime avatar creator that helps you create amazing 2D and 3D anime avatars of yourself. It contains a lot of useful features that help in resulting in an amazing outcome.

All the pictures of the avatars are high resolution, so you don’t need to worry about the quality of the final product. Also, it has no cost.

Pick A Face Key Features

  • 550+ designs to explore: Pick a face includes more than 550 designs that let you be creative.
  • Easy to use: With some simple steps you can generate your avatar and make adjustments.
  • High-resolution results: It always produces high-definition pictures that ensure user satisfaction.
  • The quality of the end result is satisfying
  • You just need to upload your picture to generate your anime avatar
  • It provides a lot of designs to create your avatar
  • There are better alternatives in the market

Pick a Face Pricing

Pick a Face is a free site to use.



Dude Factory

Online Cartoon creator
Dude Factory
Dude Factory

If you are looking for a platform to create funny cartoon avatars, Dude Factory could be the best option for you. You can take several characters from this platform and create absurd-looking avatars by making adjustments to them.

You can choose from a variety of body parts and clothes to customize your avatar. Also, it is very simple for you to use. Even though the characters aren’t human-like by their looks, they are extremely fun to look at.

Dude Factory Key Features

  • Various design options: It offers a lot of customization options that make your character look unique.
  • Easy to use: Dude factory uses a simple interface, which makes it very simple to use.
  • Compatible with social media: You can use your created dudes or dollz on social media and make your presence more entertaining
  • Lots of customization options to work with
  • Very easy to use with no hassle at all
  • You can share your cartoons on social media
  • The characters are too far stretched

Dude Factory Pricing

Dude Factory is totally free of cost.



Marvel Superhero Avatar

Online Cartoon Creator For Marvel Lovers

I assume that you know what it does already! As the name suggests it creates Marvel Superhero Avatars of your choice easily. If you are an MCU fanboy, this app is perfect for you.

Marvel Superhero Avatar lets you create your desired marvel superhero in no time. Iron-man, Black panther whatever you want to create, this app makes it super easy for you. Even though it limits your creativity as you can only choose from the listed options and can’t make as many changes as you want.

Marvel Superhero Avatar Key Features

  • Easy to use: This cartoon creating software lets you do the job with a simple process.
  • A variety of characters: This software allows you to create all the marvel superheroes you want to create.
  • Free to use: Marvel Superhero Avatar is free for the users.
  • This is easy software to work with.
  • You can get all your favorite heroes on this platform.
  • It is free, totally no cost at all
  • This one limits you within the marvel characters
  • you can only make a few adjustments to the character

Marvel Superhero Avatar Pricing

This is a free site that you can enjoy.


Final Verdict

With the expanding fanbase of the Animes, the social activities related to animes are increasing with each day. With this increasing popularity, the internet is getting filled with Anime makers and Waifu makers. Assuming that you are a Weeb as you have come all this way, you might be confused about what is the best anime character creator online. Let me get rid of this confusion.

The answer depends on your requirements if you are looking for a platform that will let you create your personalized anime character and use it to show your love for animes then FaceYourManga.com or MakeYoursGirels Moe could be the best pick for you. If you are looking to create your own manga with your own characters then Avatar Maker or Character Creator is the best for you. If Waifus is your need Charat.me is the option you should go for.

The world is getting filled with anime fanatics, why not let them know how crazy you are for anime. Choose one of these best anime character creators and show the world what animes mean to you. If you have any questions left with you, feel free to let us know in the comment box down below. Arigato gozaimasu!!

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