12 Best Anime Selfie Apps To Turn Your Selfie Into Anime Character.

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Being the anime character of our dreams is a hidden desire of us all right? I mean, who doesn’t want to turn himself or herself into Itachi Uchiha or Raphtalia? We wouldn’t even think twice if it was possible anyhow. Unfortunately, we can’t turn ourselves into our favorite anime characters but with the help of modern technology, we still can taste the feeling by turning ourselves into anime avatars.

With the popularization of animes and mangas, the whole fanbase has shown extreme love towards this art form by creating their anime avatars through their smartphones. The AI-technology market has well utilized this opportunity by creating a lot of AI-powered intelligent software that can help you create your anime character just by uploading a selfie.


One of the most convenient apps for android and ios devices to create anime avatars for yourself, that too for free.


Get your anime avatar in just one click with TwinFace. This app allows you to save the generated avatar in your gallery with no trouble.

Anime Camera

Generate exciting anime avatars and play with interesting backgrounds on Anime camera. Create vibrant characters and share them with your friends.

Anime Faces AI

A simple anime app that lets you create and edit anime avatars within a few seconds.

Anime Face Changer

Anime Maker, Anime Filter, Photo Editor, all in a single package. Create your own anime with Anime Face changer.

Cartoon Photo Editor

AI-powered Anime Selfie app to let you create your desired anime character instantly. Create pop art, cartoon avatars, pencil sketches on this free app.

Anime Transformation

Transform yourself into anime with Anime Transformation and get a lot of anime stickers to make your chats interesting.


Play with lots of AI filters and create the anime character of your dreams. There are o many other features for you to explore.


Customize your anime avatar with 2000+ customization options with Avatoon. Also, get hundreds of animated stickers to use in your chats.


Browse through an extensive style catalog and design your anime avatar just how you want it.


With this powerful app, you can create your anime selfie in one click.


Selfie2Anime is a popular anime converter that uses machine learning techniques combined with GAN to generate anime avatars.

The internet is filled with smart applications like this but what is the best anime selfie app among them? We only want the best for us. Here’s a list of the Best Anime Selfie Apps for you to turn yourself into an anime character.

What Is Anime?

Anime is an extremely popular art form that originated in Japan. It is mostly based on hand-drawn or computer-generated vibrant characters. Animes can be dated back to 1907 but with series like Dragon Ball Z and Mobile Suit Gundam in the late 1980s, it gained popularity globally and it’s been growing ever since.

With the advancement of modern technology, the characters and the other features of animes have become more and more attractive, hence more and more people are falling in love with this art form. The most prominent trait of anime and manga is its colorful and kawaii-looking characters with big and bright eyes. L Lawliet, Kakashi Hatake, Goku are some of the popular anime characters.

Why Do You Need Best Anime Selfie Apps?

With the emergence of smartphones with front cameras, all digital platforms have been flooded with selfies. People love taking selfies and editing them to create their perfect selves. In the last few years, people have started to create different avatars to put as their display pictures. It gives people a sense of distinct identity and showcases their personalities.

For Weebs like us, nothing gives any more satisfactory feeling than if somebody recognizes our love for anime. With anime selfies, it is easily recognizable. Anime selfie apps are built with smart AI technology that can turn your images into animes in no time. You can use these AI-generated images as your profile picture and showcase your love of anime.

If you want the best anime selfie app for you to create your best anime avatar, here is a list of the best anime selfie apps to quench your thirst.

What Are The Best Anime Selfie Apps?

  1. Selfie2Waifu
  2. Selfie2Anime
  3. Meitu
  4. TwinFace
  5. Anime Camera
  6. Anime Faces AI
  7. Anime Face Changer
  8. Anime Face Changer-Cartoon Photo Editor
  9. Anime Transformation
  10. ToonApp
  11. Avatoon
  12. ToonMe

Best Anime Selfie Apps

Complete List Of Best Anime Selfie Apps

With thousands of apps are created every day, there is no dearth of anime selfie apps, but not all the apps can fulfill your desire. Every app is different from the other one, each app has its special features and a few drawbacks too. To lessen your hassle here I am providing a detailed list of some of the best anime selfie apps.



Best Anime Selfie App For Android And iPhone

Meitu is one of the most useful apps you can find on the internet to generate real-time anime avatars of yourself. This app is available on both android and ios devices, so you can easily get your hands on it.

Its camera mode is the most exciting feature of this image to anime app. As you turn on the camera, your head will be replaced with an AI-generated anime avatar that can copy every move you make. It also comes with a lot of filters that you can use on your picture. You can also customize your avatars and add different details as per your choice.

Meitu Features

  • 200+ Filters: Meitu provides more than 200 filters that you can use to make your image as much interesting as you want.
  • Unique Illustration: Meitu can create unique anime illustratons of your portrait in no time.
  • Device compatibility: Meitu is compatible with both android and ios devices.
  • Smart AI intelligence: Meitu contains advanced AI technology that can easily detect yopur facial features and add a variety of expressive stickers on your selfie.
  • It has a huge range of filters to choose from.
  • This app is a very simple one to work with.
  • It is available on both android and ios devices.
  • This is a free app to use.
  • Generated results are a bit exaggerated

Meitu Pricing

Meitu is a free app to work on. Although it contains several in-app purchases.




AI App To Convert Selfie To Anime

Even though this isn’t the best-rated apps that you can get on the google play store but this app is well known for its fast output. You can generate your anime avatar on TwinFace with just a few simple steps. You don’t need to add any filters to create your anime avatar.

The plus point of this app is you can easily save your avatars in your gallery and use it to surprise your fellow mates. You can also easily share your avatar on social media platforms with just one click.

TwinFace Features

  • Easy to use: TwinFace runs on a simple interface thatb makes it very easy to use.
  • Social media compatibilty: With TwinFace it’s very easy to share the app generated anime avatar on social media platforms, one click is all it takes.
  • Easy to save: TwinFace makes it easy for you to save your avatars as the genrated results can be saved in your gallery.
  • Using TwinFace is really easy for first-time users.
  • Easy to share generated avatars on social media platforms
  • You can easily save generated results in your gallery
  • TwinFace is a free app to use.
  • The anime avatars are too distorted usually which results in ugly-looking avatars.

TwinFace Pricing

TwinFace is totally free of cost.



Anime Camera

Anime Filter Online To Create Anime Avatars On IOS Device
Anime Camera
Anime camera

Anime Camera is the first app to make our list that is exclusively made for IOS devices. On this app, you can easily upload your picture and it’ll generate a bright anime character of you.

You can also change the background, put an animated background, or include manga characters on this app. Even though it is not a free app but you can use the free trial service before you decide whether to go for it or not. The generated results are sharable via email.

Anime Features

  • AI-Powered: Anime Camera is an AI-Powered software, that can easily change your uploaded picture into anime.
  • Easy background change: Anime camera lets you easily change the background and use your preffered background.
  • Free trial: This is not a free app but it provides a free trial so that you can choose your best anime selfie app wisely.
  • This app uses smart AI technology to make the work easy
  • You can easily change the background of your picture
  • You can add several background and manga characters to your image.
  • A free trial is available for this app.
  • The app is not free to use
  • The final output is not satisfying, as it claims

Anime Camera Pricing

Weekly subscription for Anime Camera is 4.99$ with a 3-day free trial.



Anime Faces AI

Best Anime Editor App
Anime Faces AI
Anime Faces AI

If you are looking for An app that lets you create your anime avatar and edit it as you desire, then Anime Faces AI is the one you should go for.

Anime Faces AI is a very simple app to work with. You can use this app to upload your selfies and it generates an anime avatar of your portrait within a blink. You can edit your avatar just the way you see it fit.

Anime Faces AI Features

  • Easy Interface: Anime Faces AI contains a simple interface that makes it easy to use.
  • Instant Anime Generation: On Anime Faces AI you can get your anime avatar instantly.
  • Avatar Editor: You can edit your avatar according to your preference.
  • This is an easy app to work on
  • You can get the results instantly
  • You can edit your avatar as you like it
  • This is a free app to use
  • It doesn’t capture and interpret facial expressions properly.

Anime Faces AI Pricing

Anime Faces AI Is a free app to use.



Anime Face Changer

Versatile Anime Photo Maker App

If you want to make an anime avatar based on your photo in seconds, then Anime Face Changer could be the right pick for you. This one is can create your cartoon avatar too, apart from anime avatar making.

Anime Face Changer contains a variety of anime face maker styles that you will find fun to play with. Photo Manga, Kawaii anime camera, Manga sticker, Anime Creator, and many more features are available for you to make the most entertaining anime avatar of yours.

Anime Face Changer Features

  • Easy to use: With Anime Face Changer you can create your anime or cartoon avatar without any trouble.
  • Lots of anime filters: Anime face changer comes with a lot of different filters that you can use to make your anime or cartoon avatar unique.
  • Lots of stickers: This Anime photo filter contains a variety of manga stickers that makes it a fun app to use.
  • This app gives a user-friendly experience
  • It comes with a lot of filters
  • This app is filled with lots of exciting stickers
  • Anime Face Changer is free to use
  • The final results aren’t satisfying

Anime Face Changer Pricing

Anime Face Changer is free for its users.



Cartoon Photo Editor

Cool Anime Generator From Photo
Cartoon Photo Editor
Cartoon Photo Editor

This is another anime character generator from the photo on our list. If you love creating pencil sketches, pop art, or cartoon photos then you should go for this anime filter online camera. You can get a whole lot of interesting filters that you can use to create a perfect cartoon version of yourself.

All you have to do is just take a selfie from this app and you’ll get an AI-generated avatar instantly. You can share this picture on your social media platform and impress your friends.

Cartoon Photo Editor Features

  • Easy to use: Cartoon photo editor is a great app with user friendly experience.
  • Lots of filters to chose from: Cartoon photo editor offers a huge range of filters that you can use to ceate beautiful avatars.
  • Free to use: Cartoon photo Editor is a free app to use.
  • It offers a variety of effects and filters.
  • It has an autofocus feature
  • You can easily save your photos
  • The photos are easily sharable on social media platforms
  • It contains a lot of ads

Cartoon Photo Editor Features Pricing

Cartoon photo editor is a free app for its users.



Anime Transformation

Anime Selfie App To Create Cute Avatars
Anime Transformation
Anime Transformation

Anime transformation is a useful application that can help you create cute-looking anime avatars that you can share with your friends and have some laughs.

 Just like Anime Face Changer, Anime Transformation also contains a lot of unique features like the Kawaii anime camera, Cartoon transformation, and a variety of anime stickers that you can use on your social media accounts and showcase your love anime.

Even though it is a free application, it contains a lot of ads.

Anime Transformation Features

  • Easy to use: Anime transformation gives a trouble-free experience to its users as this app is a very simple one.
  • Instant avatar generator: You can create your anime avatar instantly on this app. Just after uploading your selfie on this anime filter online.
  • Lots of features: Anime transformation contains a lot of fun filters that you can use to create your anime avatar.
  • Free to use: Anime Transformation image to anime creator app is a free app.
  • This application is simple to work with
  • It comes with loads of features
  • With this app, you can generate your avatar in no time
  • It is free to use
  • It contains too many ads

Anime Transformation Pricing

You can use Anime Transformation for free of cost.




Versatile Photo Editing App

ToonApp is possibly the most versatile app on our list that you can use to create your animated avatar. Although, the avatars are not exactly animes but more cartoon avatars. Even after this drawback it still could be the most useful app as it contains a lot of features that you can use for several purposes.

ToonApp creates avatars with amazing AI filters that result in exciting cartoon avatars of yours. The avatar gets a magic brushing touch from ToonApp, and you get a lot of other features to make your avatar more exciting. 

ToonApp can automatically remove your background and lets you add astonishing background to your photo with dripping effects. This versatile app also can be used to add amazing effects to your selfies.

ToonApp Features

  • Versatile App: ToonApp is a multipurpose app that you can use for a range of activities.
  • Lots of filters: ToonApp provides a lot of filters to choose from, you can use these filters to create amazing avatars.
  • Automatic background customization: This app can automatically detect and cancel the background of the real picture. You can then choose from a lot of animated backgrounds and create an amazing image.
  • Free to use: ToonApp is a free app that you can use.
  • This app can be used for a lot of purposes
  • It comes with lots of amazing filters
  • It can automatically detect background unlike other apps
  • It is free of cost
  • The end results aren’t exactly accurate

ToonApp Pricing

ToonApp Ai anime filter app is free of cost but the pro version of the app needs a subscription.




Best Anime Filter App For Android And IOS

Avatoon could be the best anime filter online camera app if you want to spice up your social media account with interesting anime avatars. With this app, you can select any photo from your gallery or you can just click a selfie and make a colorful anime avatar in no time.

Avatoon can also let you customize the AI-generated avatars as per your wish. You can choose from 2000+ customization options and make your avatar look dashing. Avatoon provides hundreds of anime stickers that you can use to make your WhatsApp chatbox look more entertaining.

The only drawback of this app is that the result it generates is mostly cartoon avatars, not anime. But with the number of features it offers, it can be regarded as one of the best selfie to anime app.

Avatoon Features

  • Compatible to Android and IOS: Avaton is available both on android and IOS devices, so you can access this app easily.
  • Easy to use: With Avatoon you can convert selfie to anime in seconds.
  • Lots of accessories and design: Avatoon offers 600+ outfits, 300+ shoes and 300+ accessories to choose from. Surely this makes this one of the best alternative to turn picture to anime.
  • Exciting stickers: Avatoon offers lots of anine stickers that you can use in your chats.
  • It is compatible with both IOS and Android devices.
  • Avatoon isn’t a hard-to-get app, you can use this easily
  • 2000+ customization options to choose from
  • Recognize facial features easily
  • It does take some time to generate pictures occasionally.

Avatoon Pricing

You can try Avatoon for free but unlocking the premium version has some charges. The option is available for in-app purchases.

  • Minimal Avatar: 19$
  • Cartoon Avatar: 39$
  • Skull Avatar: 39$
  • Cartoon Your Dog: 29$
  • Couple Avatar: 59$




Best Anime Selfie App That Can Generate Vector Portrait

ToonMe is the last anime editor app on our list, but it is surely not the least. This app uses artificial intelligence to turn photo to anime. All you have to do is just upload an image that includes your face and you’ll see this smart anime generator from photo creating the best quality animated full-body avatars and vector images of yours.

ToonMe allows you to browse through its extensive catalog of styles and customize your animated avatar according to your preference. One of the most noticeable features of this app is that it can create a list of photos that has a face in it so that you can easily select a photo from there and show your creativity with it.

ToonMe Features

  • Easy for users: With ToonMe you can turn photo to anime without any hassle.
  • Full-body avatars: Unlike many other anime filter app, ToonME can generate full-body avatars. This feature, with all the other features combined can easily make this one of the best selfie to anime app.
  • Extensive catalog of style: This anime converter offers an extensive catalog of different styles that you can use to make your avatar look more cooler.
  • Face recognition: ToonMe is a samart anime editor app that can accurately recognize faces from the accessible photos and it can generate a list out of it.
  • It comes with a lot of exciting customization option
  • It can create full-body avatars
  • It can recognize facial features easily
  • This app is very simple to work with
  • It won’t animate a picture that doesn’t have a face in it


ToonMe is a free app that you can enjoy without paying for it. Although, some exclusive filters are to be purchased for use.




AI Tech To Create Waifu Avatars

Selfie 2 Waifu is a website on our list that can turn your selfie into anime online. With this powerful app, you can create your anime selfie in one click. Although, you have to make sure that you have a simple background in the picture to ensure better results.

Apart from anime avatar generating this app also contains several other options, like a celebrity waifu guessing game or voting for your favorite waifu. All these features you can enjoy at no cost.

Selfie 2 Waifu Features

  • Quick Results: With this app you can turn picture into anime in no time.
  • Lots of fun features: Apart from being only an anime editror app, it contains several fun games and contests makes it fun to use.
  • High quality results: This app generates high quality results compared to other anime filter online if good quality image is uploaded.
  • Free of cost: Selfie 2 Waifu is a free app, all the the features are free too.
  • It generates anime avatars pretty quickly.
  • It has a lot of fun features that you can use
  • The end results are satisfying
  • This app is absolutely free
  • It contains so many ads

Selfie 2 Waifu Pricing

The Selfie 2 Waifu app is a free app for you to enjoy.




Turn Yourself Into An Anime Character App

Selfie2Anime is a popular anime converter that uses machine learning techniques combined with GAN to generate anime avatars. You can easily generate your anime character on this platform for free of cost. You just need to upload your selfie and Selfie2Anime generates your anime avatar within seconds.

Even though in the aspect of performance it isn’t worst but the results it generates aren’t quite satisfactory. It founds difficulty in recognizing facial features and the final result it produces is blurry.

Selfie2Anime Features

  • Easy to use: On this platform you can generate your anime avatar with just one click, makes it very easy to use.
  • Can distinguish background: Unlike other anime camera apps it can recognize and distinguish betwen background and foreground.
  • Clear outline of the chracter: Even though not perfect but the outline of the character are clear and images aren’t too much distorted.
  • This is a very simple software to work with.
  • It can clearly separate background
  • The outline of the generated characters are clear
  • Free to use for its users
  • The results aren’t satisfactory, rather far fetched

Selfie2Anime Pricing

Selfie2Anime is a free application to use.


Final Verdict On Best Anime Selfie App

If you are still staying with us, then I can assume that your search for the best turn yourself into an anime character app has come to an end. with all the apps listed here, you can choose what fits better for you. All the apps listed here are well known for their performance. Every app has its pros and cons, so you can go through the details and get the best anime selfie app only.

If you are still looking for a second opinion, fear not, you don’t have to look anywhere else. According to my experience, and thousands of other users has said that ToonApp could be the best Anime generator from photo that has been mentioned in the list.

It has a lot of features that make it really effective and useful in comparison to all the other anime filter online camera available on the internet. Though the results aren’t exactly anime but we should settle for the best right? You can also check the other apps, as most of them are free.

If you are still remaining with any other queries, leave them down in the comment box. I’ll be happy to help you.

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