Best Competitive Intelligence Tools Of 2024

Forward-thinking marketers and planners wanting to drive growth use competitive intelligence as a secret weapon. Entrepreneurs must be aware of their competitors' performance in order to set a dynamic and unpredictable market. Let's explore some of the top competitive intelligence tools to handle your business.

Whatever sector you operate in, there will always be other businesses competing for customers in your field. When you look around at your current competitors, do you know what they’re doing? Do you know how to develop your business strategies, and what your competitor’s strategies might be?

Understanding competitor motivations and behaviors help shape product development, pricing, brand positioning, and more. Competitive intelligence sounds like a useful concept in theory, but should it be considered an ongoing business priority? With the use of competitive intelligence tools, you can gain a competitive advantage that helps you to stay ahead in the game!

Buzzsumo is the game player that helps you to sharpen your marketing strategy and helps you to monitor performance and identify influencers.

Building a strategy without competitive intelligence is like planning a road trip without a map. Competitors are busy gathering competitive intelligence about your company right now, and they likely aren’t eager for you to up your competitive intelligence gathering game.

Most businesses use competitive intelligence largely to be able to predict the moves of their competitors and stay ahead of them. Another thing is, that your market plays an important role in determining how well you sell your product or service! Once you know what your competitors are doing, you are better able to plan your company’s next move.

I have been using the tool Spyvio, to have a better understanding of competitors and how to find what’s working for them and what’s not! Are you thinking about which tool can be used to gather competitive intelligence from websites? Here’s a complete list of the best competitive intelligence tools to keep an eye on your competitor’s analysis and track your competitors and keep a close watch on emerging market trends.

So, without any ado let’s get started with the best competitive intelligence software to help business formulate their own marketing efforts to foster lead generation!

Here are my top recommended Competitive Intelligence Tools

What Are The Best Competitive Intelligence Tools?


Explore high-performing content
Analyze billions of data points
Identify influential people to power up your brand
Track comments and capture opportunities
Increase productivity and content success

Semrush Traffic Analytics

Traffic metrics against competitors
Website competitor analysis
Detailed analysis of competitors’ ads
Social media traffic


Real-time actionable Intel
Intel from 300M+ sources
Automation data categorization
Analyze competitors strategies

Rival IQ

Landscapes and company filters
Social Posts Analysis
Title and meta tag tracking
Pre-built dashboard templates
Posted URL analysis


Build backlink profile
Track every rank or ad position
Offers users a unique SEO and PPC research tool


Track your client’s email marketing
Discover what your competitors are doing
Monitor all from one single dashboard


Custom filters to find the exact insights
Intuitive IQ apps
Social channel analytics
Unique theme analytics


Competitive SEO & content analysis
PPC & Display campaign intelligence
Get TrafficMeter free for your browser
Analyze competitors’ marketing mix strategies


Cross-platform functionality
Capture consumer attention
Simple and easy to use
Track advanced metrics


Automate technology lookups
Monitor your competitors’ websites
Create a list of websites and contacts

What Is Competitive Intelligence?

Competitive intelligence essentially means understanding and learning what’s happening in the world outside your business so you can be as competitive as possible. It’s generally part of a market intelligence plan, which is designed to improve your business decisions by keeping you up to speed with what’s happening in the external market environment.

Business success is all about being able to make better and more informed decisions confidently, before anyone else, and this is exactly what competitive intelligence allows organizations to do. In other words, it is all about creating an informed, consumer, and market-driven understanding of your brand position in the larger category.

Using Competitive Intelligence Tools, you can monitor and assess the actions of competitors and long-term market prospects. This helps you to gain valuable information, and to develop proactive plans to reduce the chances of receiving unexpected news, like a competitor’s new product launch, or a change in pricing strategy.

What Are Competitive Intelligence Tools?

Competitive intelligence tools, are software that helps you get an inside picture of your competitor’s strategies and marketing tactics and how they are positioning their product. With these competitive intelligence tools and techniques, you can gather crucial information about current competitors and use those to achieve the future goals of your own business! Getting comprehensive insights which is a crucial part of any business.

Competitive Intelligence Tools helps you to find out what your customer wants, and if your competitor’s services are satisfying them.

Competitive intelligence (CI) software is like a secret weapon for forward-thinking marketers and strategists seeking to accelerate growth. By gathering this type of information, you improve your own decisions, both strategically and tactically, and you get a better understanding of your own competitive position.

Competitive intelligence focuses on five basic categories of information:

  1. Strategy assessment – What are your competitors’ strategies?
  2. Current operations – What are your competitors doing right now?
  3. Competitor perceptions – How do customers perceive your competitors?
  4. Competitor capabilities – What advantages can your competitors use now and in the future?
  5. Market prospects – In what direction is the market moving, and how well-positioned are your competitors to move with it?

Why Competitive Intelligence Tools Are Essential?

Competitor Intelligence Tools help you understand your audience and their needs. It also helps you to stay up-to-date with your competitors, and ultimately inform your own strategic business decisions. When you have a strategy in place for using competitive market intelligence tools, you can set up your business to a new level:

  • Drive new business pitches
  • Measure brand perception
  • Map customer reviews
  • Conduct competitive analysis
  • Discover cultural patterns
  • Gather creative inspiration

Importance Of Competitive Intelligence Tools For Business:

Competitive intelligence programs uncover and analyze market and competitor activity to provide actionable intelligence. Ultimately, the goal is to provide leadership with useful insights to support more informed business decisions.

It is very important for any organization as it can give them a competitive advantage over their competitors by enabling their business leaders to make informed decisions. It enables to do the following actions:

  • Monitor market trends, customer expectations, emerging technologies, disruptors, and changes in their industry to better position themselves
  • Predict their competitors’ next moves and be ready to counter them through qualitative and quantitative information.
  • Identify future threats that might arise in their industry
  • Find opportunities for business growth
  • Improve their sales pitches to win more deals
  • Benchmark themselves to identify gaps and understand where they can improve
  • Make strategic business decisions with confidence, armed with actionable insights and research
  • Enhance time-to-market, market-entry, and market defense capabilities

Benefits Of Competitive Intelligence Tools:

Competitive intelligence, at its core, is information. It provides businesses with the actionable information they require to boost their business performance. Here are the benefits, of how CI software improves business performance:

  • CI positively influences the process of strategy formation by providing timely, relevant, and useful information on the business environment and competitors, which is critical to strategic decision-making.
  • Competitive intelligence tools provide you with information that allows you to anticipate what your competitors are planning next and allows you to keep track of competitors.
  • When delivered to respective stakeholders, competitive intelligence augments the development and implementation of strategies
  • Continuous use of CI within a company creates defense capabilities and can be a source of sustainable competitive advantage
  • Competitive intelligence removes all the guesswork from your strategy development process and powers it with accurate insight

List Of Best Competitive Intelligence Tools

Detailed List Of Best Competitive Intelligence Tools

With the use of competitive intelligence tools, you can really identify what your customers really want, and what your competitors are targeting and build a deeper insight to grow your business. Here are the best competitive intelligence tools you should use in 2024! Let us dig into the tools themselves, for deeper market intelligence to get a comprehensive understanding of trends in your market:

List Of Best Competitive Analysis Tools:



Best For Content Oriented Analysis
BuzzSumo icon

Explore high-performing content
Analyze billions of data points
Identify influential people to power up your brand
Track comments and capture opportunities
Increase productivity and content success

BuzzSumo is one of the best competitive intelligence tools that helps you to track the key metrics around your competitor’s activity. It helps you to compare up to 10 competitor pages at a time to find out what successful audience engagement really looks like. You can also boost your campaigns by optimizing your posts based on your audience’s preferences.

You can break down likes, shares, and comments by post type, post length, and time published to get the full picture of how your competitors run their pages. It allows you to create dashboards to track your competitors and how you stack up and learn from competitors’ errors so you can focus on effective marketing.

BuzzSumo is constantly crawling the web and social media feeds to bring you the most popular content in any niche. With BuzzSumo provides you with an opportunity to better understand your competitors through the content they create, plus you can learn about new competitors and what they are up to.

BuzzSumo Features:

  • Identify top formats: Filter by content type to see which formats resonate with your audience.
  • Competitive benchmarking: Search by domain to uncover your competitor’s top content.
  • Social engagement: Sort by social engagement so you can focus on the links getting love.
  • Export: Pump reports into Excel so you can crunch the numbers and rule the world.
  • Full insights: Combine keywords with BuzzSumo’s content, questions and influencer data to create comprehensive content.
  • Predict viral hits: Sort stories by trending score to spot emerging viral hits
  • Monthly search volume: Understand the popularity of keywords to identify topics with high demand.
  • Content examples: Quickly generate ideas with real content and question examples on one page.
  • Genuine questions: Explore the gaps in common knowledge so you can create in-demand content.
  • Prioritize your outreach: See which journalists have the most impact, by viewing the publications they write for and the social engagement data for their latest articles.
  • A great tool for finding influencers on various social media platforms and makes it easy to stay on top of trending topics
  • Allows you to keep track of your competitors and also helps in monitoring social media
  • It gives us insights into what can help us perform better on social media and also tells us what type of content is trending
  • BuzzSumo really helps with finding the most effective content publishing times and also let you know which keywords relevant to their products have been searched most frequently
  • BuzzSumo has a great tool for understanding which social media platform to use for sharing your content and finding content suitable to get backlinks
  • Some of the interfaces can be a bit difficult to manage

BuzzSumo Pricing:

BuzzSumo offers a free plan and 3 subscription plans:

  • Free plan provides 10 free searches a month
  • Pro plan costs $99/mo which is great for startups and freelancers
  • Plus plan costs $179/mo which is great for small agencies and growing businesses
  • Large plan costs $29/mo which is great for marketing teams




Best Competitive Marketing Intelligence Tools
Crayon icon

Real-time actionable Intel
Intel from 300M+ sources
Automation data categorization
Analyze competitors strategies

Crayon is the best competitive marketing intelligence tool that allows

you to capture, analyze, and act on your competitors’ every move. Crayon tracks 100+ data types across hundreds of millions of sources to provide a complete view of your competitors’ movements. Plus, its intelligence layer combines human and artificial intelligence to filter out the noise and surface key signals in an organized, curated view.

Enable sales, marketing, product, and executive teams with real-time, actionable insights to win more deals and drive business impact. It allows you to capture every move your competitors make automatically and tap into hundreds of millions of competitive intelligence sources to track everything from a pricing change, customer reviews, marketing campaigns, and more.

Drive product strategies, sales enablement programs, marketing campaigns, and more with real-time, actionable competitive intelligence for every employee. With Crayon, spot and analyze trends, then collaborate with your team to determine what actions to take! Give it a try if you want to analyze your competitor’s performance then Crayon is worth a try!

Crayon Features:

  • 360-degree view of your competitors: Track a company’s complete digital footprint, both on and off their website, from social media to review sites to app stores and beyond. Plus, catch subtle changes to a competitor’s website or the latest customer discussion thread.
  • Intel from 300M+ sources: Automatically tap into millions of sources of intelligence, collecting and categorizing intelligence while you sleep. Spend less time researching competitor changes and more time analyzing and acting on your discoveries.
  • Centralized platform for Internal & External Intel: Combine automated intelligence with your team’s research and knowledge on a central platform for collaboration and analysis.
  • Real-time actionable Intel: Capture the latest competitor promotion, analyze their content strategy, and discover key messaging changes. Plus, it allows you to get the inside scoop on competitors’ product strategies, reveal each company’s strategic investments, and uncover their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Automation data categorization: Easily review competitive intelligence data that’s been categorized and prioritized. Filter and sort by company, data type, keyword, date, and more to hone in on exactly the intel you need.
  • Analytics reports: Use Crayon Analytics to spot anomalies and dive into competitor trends. Analyze competitor strategies or simply benchmark your company’s activities in the market.
  • Crayon makes it easy to get insights from publicly available resources that would otherwise take too much time individually to gather
  • It is more than a research tool that gathers insights on competitor online activity, collaborates with team and x-functional partners, and distributes tailored content to drive impact business
  • It’s easy-to-use, intuitive, with extraordinary support, and provides great insights to empower the sales team
  • It boosted the role and legitimacy of competitive intel across Sales and Marketing functions and provides content that is easily accessible and up to date
  • Crayon’s monitoring capabilities are incredibly helpful and let you monitor a broad spectrum of competitors and share insights quickly
  • The platform is very user-friendly and makes it easy to stay on top of and share competitive intelligence
  • The layout is sometimes hard to navigate on a call

Crayon Pricing:

Crayon comes with custom quote-based pricing. If you want more details, you need to contact Crayon’s team.



Semrush Traffic Analytics

Best Competitive Analysis Software For New Market Research
Semrush traffic analysis logo

Traffic metrics against competitors
Website competitor analysis
Detailed analysis of competitors’ ads
Social media traffic

Semrush is one of the best competitor analysis tools that helps you to get a full view of any company’s online performance with website traffic analysis. It allows you to check traffic metrics of any domain, plus compare several websites’ traffic data side by side and analyze up to 200 sites at once from your custom list.

With Semrush you can keep an eye on website traffic metrics for almost any website on the internet, set benchmarks, and spot trends. It allows you to find and fix on-page issues to improve your technical SEO, get SEO ideas, identify your closest competitors to uncover their strategies, and more.

This amazing tool generates specific ideas to optimize any page or group of pages on your website for your target keywords. Not only this, you can analyze how businesses attract their website visitors and see the social networks that drive the most traffic!

It allows you to observe how user behavior varies from country to country, plus you can also have a check whether your competitors’ email campaigns bring a lot of traffic. Check website stats for all of your competitors, potential partners, or prospects at once!

Semrush Traffic Analytics Features:

With Semrush increase your website traffic and improve performance with competitors’ winning strategies. Get your rivals” online presence, their website traffic and marketing strategies, SEO efforts, advertising, content and PR, and social media performance.

  • Traffic Analytics: Benchmark your website traffic metrics against competitors to confirm your marketing success and rebuild after a temporary decline. Inform your strategy shifts with website competitor analysis.
  • Organic Research: Inform your strategy shifts with website competitor analysis. It allows you to learn the value of the exact keywords they are ranking for and highlight the gaps that even your rivals overlook.
  • Advertising Research: Highlight your advantages over the competition in paid search. Capitalize on knowledge of the advertising landscape and detailed analysis of competitors’ ads with the help of Semrush software.
  • Brand monitoring: Facilitate the work of brand managers and the PR team and track online mentions of your rivals’ or your own brand name and products. Keep control of your reputation with online competitor analysis.
  • Social media tracker: Address your competitors’ social media under a comprehensive digital analysis. Keep tabs on your audience’s preferences and discover new means of increasing engagement.
  • Grow organic traffic: It allows you to uncover millions of national & local keywords, analyze any domain’s backlink profile, run technical SEO audits, and track your SERP positions daily.
  • It allows you to perform an SEO audit on your website to find out if there are any technical improvements you can make to it that will help you achieve better search results
  • Semrush offers a handful of Competitors reports that quickly tell you who you are competing with the most on organic search results, paid search results, backlinks, Google shopping ads, etc
  • Semrush’s keyword difficulty tool provides you with all the key information you need to make decisions on which keywords to target as part of an SEO project
  • Allows you to monitor visits, bounce rate, traffic sources of your competitor’s landing page
  • With the link building tool, you can determine who your competitors are, what they are ranking for, and also examines the content on your site
  • Compared to other tools, SEMRush requires a level of technical understanding and familiarity with their tools

Semrush Traffic Analytics Pricing:

Semrush comes with 3 pricing plans:

  • Pro plan costs $119.95/mo
  • Guru plan costs $229.95/mo
  • Business plan costs $449.95/mo



Rival IQ

Best Competitive Intelligence Tools For Social Media Analytics
RivalIQ logo

Landscapes and company filters
Social Posts Analysis
Title and meta tag tracking
Pre-built dashboard templates
Posted URL analysis

Rival IQ is a powerful social media analytics tool that helps you to build a stronger social media strategy with everything you need to compare your social to your competitors. Plus, it can quickly track, measure, and present metrics and insights from your social. Create a stronger social media strategy with everything you need to compare your social performance to your competitors’.

With Rival IQ, you’ll quickly add competitive context to all your social metrics with our always-on benchmarks. It allows you to uncover your competition’s strategies and priorities using powerful analysis tools for popular topics, hashtags, and top-performing content. Rival IQ helps you keep your eye on the competition with continuous monitoring across every major social channel and proactive alerting.

With Rival IQ, you’ll quickly see where your competitors are focusing their energy. Never miss your competitor’s move and profile monitoring such as boosted post-detection, popular topics with a 14-days free trial. Get this game-changer tool with a 14-days free trial!

Rival IQ Features:

  • Social posts analysis: Powerful tools including hashtag analytics, popular topics, post times, media types, keyword search, and more.
  • Landscapes & company filters: Compare your social performance against your full industry, or go head-to-head with your #1 rival with customizable landscapes and company filters.
  • Facebook and Instagram Ads: Easy-to-understand campaign dashboards at your fingertips help you understand who you’re reaching, how much it’s costing you, and how you can optimize your ads.
  • Title and meta tag tracking: Spot changes in your competitors’ positioning and messaging by monitoring technical SEO elements like meta descriptions and title tags.
  • Flexible export formats: Export all of your analytics in a variety of formats including PNG, PDF, PPTX, and CSV.
  • Custom dashboards: Pre-built dashboard templates help you communicate your social performance effectively across all your major channels.
  • Posted URL analysis: Understand and improve your content curation across social while revealing your competitors’ most-shared links.
  • Rival IQ has some of the best reporting available, and it’s easy to share with clients via customizable slideshows, pdfs, or by creating a “portal” for your client to log in to
  • Includes a user-friendly interface with an efficient account manager as well as for analytics/data scientists
  • Delivers social media analytics and competitive insights to help digital marketers make informed decisions, improve results, and better understand competitors
  • Provides a snapshot view of how the brand compares to the competition and allows us to make adjustments to optimize based on performance recommendations
  • Allows you to track your story performance profile visits, post engagements, follower online time, and more
  • Allows you to identify influencers and brand advocates plus trending hashtags and keywords using their live social search features
  • Compatible networks not applied evenly

Rival IQ Pricing:

Rival IQ comes with flexible plan sizes and also offers a free plan to get social insights you need:

  • Drive plan costs $239/mo
  • Engage plan costs $329/mo
  • Engage Pro plan costs $519/mo




Best Competitive Analysis Tool For SEO & PPC
spyfu logo

Build backlink profile
Track every rank or ad position
Offers users a unique SEO and PPC research tool

SpyFu is one of the best online competitive tools that boost SEO and PPC profits. This tool also acts as an SEO marketing suite, PPC analyzer, Historic data, backlink outreach, unlimited keyword & domain projects & custom reporting.

Get everything you wanted to see about your competitors such as ranks, ads, keywords, backlinks, and more. With this amazing tool, you can dominate your competition, there are so many awesome features that give you an advantage over your advantage.

It helps you track your competitors, watch for domains gaining your keywords, measure competitors by the clicks they get and what those are worth, and reduce your workload by emulating their content and keywords. It also helps you identify hidden trends and competitors to keep you one step ahead of the competition. Plus, you can quickly identify hidden threats, and helps you prepare for budget adjustments to stay competitive.

SpyFu also comes with an innovative dashboard that easily handles monthly clicks, cost per click, and click-through rate. With the combat feature, you can target relevant, valuable keywords and search for competing domains to highlight effective keywords. Kombat helps you identify potential dead ends so you can spend your time targeting stronger keywords instead.

SpyFu Features:

  • Allows you to quickly get a site’s PPC keywords for direct answers about what to add to your own campaign and get new ideas and estimate costs to for keywords you have been missing
  • Allows you to build a backlink profile with specific keywords in mind, find links that already help other sites rank, discover competitors’ shared links that you don’t have
  • It aims to rank for keywords, and backlinks are a major element in getting there and use SpyFu focuses on targeting high-quality links that help you rank
  • Track every ranking or ad position in the ongoing chart so you can see exactly where your work paid off or took a hit
  • It offers users a unique SEO and PPC research tool and helps you catch changes in your competitors’ ad spend over time
  • It gives fantastic keyword analytics for competitors, AdWords buys, and comparisons to what purchases your competitors have made
  • SpyFu is a good keyword research tool and is much cheaper than most other tools
  • The UI is easy to navigate and provides lots of ways to continue your search via finding more competitors, and focuses on building a PPC campaign
  • The best keyword analysis platform on the market with a clean and intuitive interface and allows you to find the competition’s golden links
  • SERP analysis is another great area where SpyFu will help you identify keywords and the SERP position of your competitors
  • The free version has some limitations

SpyFu Pricing:

SpyFu comes with 3 pricing plans, with unlimited access:

  • Basic plan costs- Annual Plan $33/mo, Monthly Plan $39/mo
  • Professional plan costs- Annual plan $58/mo, Monthly plan costs $79/mo
  • Team plan costs-Annual plan $199/mo, Monthly plan costs $299/mo




Best Competitor Intelligence Tools For Small & Large Enterprises
Owletter logo

Track your client’s email marketing
Discover what your competitors are doing
Monitor all from one single dashboard

Owletter is one of the best monitoring tools that captures, stores & analyzes your competitor’s emails. This tool automatically captures all emails sent from a website to their mailing list and then takes a screenshot, stores it, and analyses it, alerting you about the email if it’s important to you. It’s great for agencies, retailers, and marketers who want to get a competitive edge or be inspired to make better emails.

It helps you to monitor what your competitors are doing with email, plus you can get competitor email analytics such as spot trends, see how frequency changes with seasonality, and spot opportunities in when to send your own emails.

It allows you to stop using your own inbox to capture and store emails and let you see what your r competitors did last year or the year before. You can also monitor all of your prospective clients, current clients, and their competitors in one place, then share that info with your entire team.

Owletter Features:

  • Owletter helps you to follow inspiring and leading marketing brands, and automatic email alerts are sent to you when emails contain specific terms you want to monitor
  • Track your prospective client’s email marketing & homepage changes, track competitors, and group them all together with tags
  • Discover what your competitors are doing such as do they have e great SPAM reputation, how does their frequency change seasonally
  • Owletter helps you to monitor all from one single dashboard
  • The emails captured by Owletter are stored forever and can be used by your team anywhere and at any time of their choice
  • Allows you to create winning email campaigns that are lucrative in the long run
  • Provides you a detailed insight into your competitor’s email campaigns and what needs for working
  • Monitor all of your prospective clients, current clients, and their competitors in one place, then share that info with your entire team
  • Haven’t found still now

Owletter Pricing:

Owletter offers a 14-days free trial with all plans:

  • Starter Plan costs $19/mo to monitor up to 10 websites
  • Pro Plan costs $39/mo to monitor up to 25 websites
  • Unlimited Plan costs $79/mo to monitor unlimited website




Free Competitive Intelligence Tools For Social Media
Talkwalker logo

Custom filters to find the exact insights
Intuitive IQ apps
Social channel analytics
Unique theme analytics

Talkwalker is the best free competitive intelligence tool to track, benchmark, and optimize your social media performance. Plus, it has advanced competitive benchmarking features to create the best social media marketing strategy for your business. Its AI-powered analysis provides real-time insights into what’s happening on all social channels and online media, across 187 languages. This enables you to quickly identify issues and complaints before a crisis hits.

This social media analytics tool provides influencer insights and identifies quality influencers for your brand. With Quick Search, spot the trending stories on your brand and industry, in real-time. Amplify your brand message for one global impact with Influencer One – one influencer marketing hub for a simpler workflow and measurable ROI metrics.

Social media analysis of your social accounts alongside those of your competitors will show how you rank compared to other brands in your industry. Competitor analysis of your industry peers’ social media presence will reveal key metrics on how they’re positioning their products, what messaging is working for them, and feedback from their customers.

Use social analytics to get real-time updates on what your industry is talking about, consumer opinion, and brand sentiment. Plus, track campaign performance in real-time with our easy-to-use dashboards so you can see the impact of your social marketing every day, hour, or minute. Talkwalker allows you to capture not just what your competitors are doing and saying but also what is being said about them across multiple channels.

Talkwalker Features:

  • Custom filters: Create your own data filters using 50+ Boolean operators to find the exact insights you need.
  • Intuitive IQ apps: You can use pre-set dashboards for crisis management, competitive intelligence, campaign monitoring, and more to uncover data-based insights for a variety of business needs in a matter of seconds.
  • Social channel analytics: Deep dive into the performance of owned social channels and competitors using comprehensive social channel analytics. Analyze reach, engagement, the share of voice, the trending score of your posts, and much more.
  • Influencer analytics: With the use of influencer monitoring you can find the bloggers, tweeters, and journalists who are driving the most engagement. Plus, you can sort results by positive and negative sentiment to find your true brand ambassadors.
  • Smart themes: Automatically identify the key people, events, companies, and emotions linked to your brand using our unique theme analytics.
  • Virality map: Replicate viral campaigns using their unique virality map. Instantly identify the key influencers, blogs, and publications that helped a campaign spread worldwide.
  • Identify emerging influencers with a social media tracker that actually gets the job done and capitalizes on their growing fanbase
  • Talkwalker also helps you delve deeper into the social insights to track patterns and give you data that can be helpful in the future as you plan your marketing efforts
  • Easy to use yet powerful dashboard visualizations with an intuitive user interface packed with all the KPIs you could want
  • Talkwalker has introduced greater AI capabilities recently which means the capability of the tool in monitoring is ever-increasing, and the accuracy of targeting content and sentiment analysis is improving.
  • It has endless filtering and sorting capabilities, making it extremely easy to zero in on relevant coverage and filter out noise
  • It has an unlimited amount of variations, even in the free version
  • It’s pretty expensive

Talkwalker Pricing:

Talkwalker offers 3 simple pricing plans for your business. You can also sign up for a free demo, before starting the plan:

  • The listening Plan starts from $9,000 yearly and provides the best data coverage on social and web
  • Analytics Plan is basically quote-based to fit your specific needs
  • Research Plan is also quote-based with best in class AI features




Best Competitive Intelligence Tools For Website Traffic
Similarweb icon

Competitive SEO & content analysis
PPC & Display campaign intelligence
Get TrafficMeter free for your browser
Analyze competitors’ marketing mix strategies

SimilarWeb is another popular competitive intelligence tool that is the fastest and the easiest way to discover what’s really happening online. The must-have platform to win your market for digital research, digital marketing, eCommerce, investing, and more. SimilarWeb is backed by the world’s most intelligent and comprehensive view of digital traffic, plus this platform gives you the data and insight you need to win – and win big – online.

Their online traffic data enables you to deliver an unbiased, objective view of real-world web and app performance. From executing day-to-day tactics to building long-term digital strategies, all your decisions can now be driven by the most important data there is – reality. With these competitive intelligence analysis tools, uncover your competitors marketing strategies across channels and acquisition tactics.

It allows you to reveal new acquisition opportunities based on what is working best for your competitors’ marketing strategies and grow your market share. In addition to this, you can maximize ROI and allocate marketing resources based on your understanding of competitors’ activities as well as your own traffic share. It includes a strong analytics program with efficient visualization that helps you to understand your position compared to your competition.

SimilarWeb Features:

  • Get TrafficMeter free for your browser: With the Similarweb TrafficMeter™ browser extension, you’ll have easy access to objective traffic data and other insights, as you surf. Plus access to behind-the-scenes analytics for every site online.
  • Analyze competitors’ marketing mix strategies: Evaluate the quality of channel traffic through the use of engagement metrics such as visit duration, pages per visit, and bounce rate. With the benchmark channel performance, you can identify those channels with the highest traffic share.
  • Competitive SEO & content analysis: Grow organic traffic by optimizing your share of voice per keyword. Plus review the traffic share of each keyword by geography, branded vs. non-branded, search type, competitiveness, and more. You can also create effective content by identifying trending keywords and the most viewed content of any site.
  • Uncover competitors’ affiliates & referrals strategies: Discover the most valuable partners with the highest relevance to both your competitors and your own offering and uncover your share for any referral source. Plus optimize your referral partnerships by analyzing any referral website’s traffic share over time.
  • PPC & Display campaign intelligence: Understand your share of paid search and display traffic and evaluate your investment compared with your industry using metrics such as bounce rate, visit duration, and pages per visit. You can also reveal your competitors’ best-performing publishers and ad networks to optimize your placement strategy.
  • Get accredited: If you are looking to improve website monetization or discover new partners and channels. With SimilarWeb get your public traffic ranking reflects your real-world success. Get your site accredited and give your online reputation a boost.
  • The platform is easy to use and therefore allows you to find insights quickly and allows you to see new keywords and trends to help improve the SEO and SEM strategy
  • User-friendly custom dashboarding to do quick competitive intelligence with highly informative insights on digital marketing
  • Competitor analysis is available across the majority of the tools with functionality that allows simultaneous comparisons of multiple competitors
  • SimilarWeb has a full range of tools to analyze both the market and has own products allowing complete tracking of its competitors with a frequent update
  • The tool allows you to analyze traffic and engagement data not only for individual sites but for industries as a whole
  • The data provided can be a little too high level at times

SimilarWeb Pricing:

SimilarWeb comes with a free version and a subscription plan:

  • The free plan comes with packed up features such as 5 results per metric, 3 months of web traffic data
  • An enterprise plan helps you to grow your business with unlimited results per metric, up to unlimited results per metric up to 3 years of web traffic data




Best Online Competitive Intelligence Tools

Cross-platform functionality
Capture consumer attention
Simple and easy to use
Track advanced metrics

Moat is one of the best online competitive intelligence tools built for media professionals. With this software, you can reach potential customers, capture consumer attention, and drive outcomes for your business, clients, and partners. Moat Analytics helps you identify the advertising activities that drive growth for your business by providing a comprehensive view of campaign performance across channels, formats, and platforms.

Discover the most profitable growth opportunities in your business by understanding advertising performance on a granular level across display, video, content, and context. It is basically used by brands, agencies, and publishers for their digital ad measurement and makes smarter decisions, and drives increased success in digital marketing programs.

Moat also allows you to identify high-performing channels, creativity, formats, and environments to optimize your spending with a comprehensive view of all your campaigns. Moat Reach’s single-view dashboard makes monitoring cross-platform saturation and avoiding ad overload a simple task. Plus, deliver more efficient campaigns with pre-bid targeting solutions for brand safety, invalid traffic avoidance, and viewability.

MOAT Features:

  • Cross-platform functionality: With a broad array of metrics for video, mobile, display, and branded content, measure what matters to your business and advertising objectives.
  • Attention-level data: Optimize campaigns toward real outcomes by tracking advanced metrics that reveal how consumers are paying attention to your ads.
  • Capture consumer attention: Go beyond standard verification and measure consumer engagement with advanced metrics that help you determine if people are paying attention to your message.
  • Simple and easy to use: Take control of your digital campaigns with a self-service platform and visual reporting that lets you view performance across regions, channels, devices, and platforms.
  • Turn performance into progress: Understand how to drive growth for your business, clients, and partners, with actionable insights that get to the core of advertising performance.
  • Ad verification: Eliminate waste, maximize spending, and protect brand equity by transacting on valid, viewable, and brand-safe impressions.
  • Protect your ad spend by ensuring every impression you serve is valid and viewable, with built-in verification from Moat Analytics
  • Improve campaign efficiency by understanding if your ads are reaching the intended audiences at the optimal frequency
  • Go beyond baseline verification with attention metrics that reveal how consumers are engaging with your ads across channels and devices
  • Easy-to-use platform with self-serve dashboards and custom reporting
  • Increase ROI and allocate digital dollars with confidence by understanding how campaigns are driving sales and visits lift
  • Access historical campaign performance to inform current and future strategies
  • Haven’t found any problem using this tool

MOAT Pricing:

MOAT doesn’t provide any pricing details. A custom quote is basically delivered upon request with a free demo. For more details contact the official website




Best Competitive Intelligence Tools For Competitor Research & Market Analysis
Wappalyzer logo

Automate technology lookups
Monitor your competitors’ websites
Create a list of websites and contacts

Wappalyzer is another competitor analysis tool to create lists of websites that use certain technologies, with company and contact details. This tool is great for lead generation, market analysis, and competitor research. It instantly reveals the technology stack of any website, such as CMS, eCommerce platform, or a payment processor, as well as company and contact details.

Using this tool you can discover who is using this software and instantly find out the technology stack of your competition’s websites, individually or in bulk. Plus, you can automate technology lookups and real-time analysis with their highly scalable APIs.

Wappalyzer also helps you to understand prospects better and faster by having a clear view of their tech stack. It tracks web technologies in dozens of categories, such as eCommerce platforms, CMS, and CRM. In addition to this, they compare market shares by install base and website traffic, segmented by location and language.

Wappalyzer Features:

  • Create lists of websites and contacts: Find prospects by the technologies they use and get lead lists containing websites, company and contact details, social media profiles, and more. Plus, create and export custom reports for any web technology or keyword based on industry, website traffic, and location.
  • Automate technology lookups: The Wappalyzer APIs provide instant access to website technology stacks, company and contact details, social media profiles, email verification, and more. Plus, you can track your prospects’ technology choices, examine large numbers of websites or enrich your own datasets with technographic insights.
  • Find out what websites are built with: Instantly reveal the technology stack of any website, such as CMS, eCommerce platform, or a payment processor, as well as company and contact details.
  • Monitor your competitors’ websites: Get notified when a website’s technology stack changes. Be the first to know when a competitor moves to a new CMS, eCommerce platform, or any other technology.
  • Prevent bounced emails: Verify email addresses to prevent bounces, spam reports, and fake website sign-ups. Plus, you can run a number of live checks for mail server connectivity, inbox availability, and more, without sending an email to the address.
  • Wappalyzer was very easy to use, and the info was generally accurate
  • It easily replicates successful websites and optimizes traffic for your own website
  • Protect ad spend with post-bid blocking solutions for brand safety, invalid traffic avoidance, geo, and domain allow/blocklists
  • Allows you to connect Wappalyzer to the apps you use, without any coding required
  • Allows you to automate workflows and email marketing
  • It’s a total game-changer for your organization and an integral part of the sales process
  • Sometimes it lacks some of the data that other tools show

Wappalyzer Pricing:

Wappalyzer comes with a free plan and 3 subscription plans:

  • Free plan costs $0/mo
  • Starter plan costs $99/mo
  • Team plan costs $249/mo
  • Business plan costs $449/mo



To wrap up, you truly need to understand and identify opportunities to grow, or you need to gather information and share that information. Competitive intelligence tools help to get deeper insights into your business and identify what makes your rivals grow and what actions they are taking to improve their business!

All the above-listed competitive intelligence tools will help you to get a clear idea of your competitors without any hassle. After a lot of research work, I have listed them with unique features! With the best competitive intelligence tools, you can easily collect your competitor’s information to make better-informed decisions for your business.

Hopefully, this guide has provided you with some clarity and assisted you to research your competitors. Which tool suits your business? Don’t forget to share in the comments section below! If you have any questions, leave them below!

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