12+ Best Google AdSense Alternatives For Your Website Or Blog

Find out the best AdSense network other than Google AdSense to moentize your website in the best way possible and generatet maximum revenue from your website with the best Google AdSense Alternatives

Pro Marketer doesn’t depend on a single source of income from their site. There are actually multiple ways to earn money from your website. Affiliate marketing and Selling Advertising Space are the common practices that almost every marketer starts with.

As a website owner, you already are familiar with Google Adsense. If you are not, let me tell you that Google AdSense is one of the most popular methods for monetizing websites, and despite what you may have heard, it can still be an excellent way to support your content production efforts.

The AdSense concept is based on the idea of showing advertisements that fit the content of your website as much as possible. For example, if your website is about shoes, you are likely to see shoe-related ads. The AdSense service examines your page content to find out which ads fit the interest of your readers best. The better your site and advertisements match, the better the results will be.

Even though Google AdSense is still considered a reliable option, but it does have some limitations of its own. To overcome the problems, you should get the best Google AdSense Alternatives. Here are my top picks for the Best Google AdSense Alternatives;

Best Google AdSense Alternatives


ad.Style Best Values

Native advertising
Native ads display sponsored content on a publisher’s website
Highly effective native ad campaigns

Infolinks Best Overall

Intent Targeting
High Viewability
Exclusive Placements

Setupad Editor's Choice

Viewable Bid Optimization
Cloud Infrastructure
Reports of all partners and all sources
Ad Quality

Revenuehits Best Values

Easy to Join, Simple to Use
Competitive Rates
On-time payouts
100% Fill Rate. Guarantee

Media.net Reliable Option

Contextual Ads
Mobile Responsive Ads
Native ads
Forbidden content

Monumetric Popular Option

Private Ad Marketplace
Excellent Support Team
Responsive Support Team
Ad Unit Placement Optimization

PropellerAds Best For Agencies

Push Notification
Onclick Ads
In-Page Push

Revcontent EAsy-to-use

Revenue uplift is guaranteed
Unique, first-party demand
Content recommendation technology
Granular brand safety

Mediavine User's Choice

Site Speed
Video Forward
Quality Ads
Data-Driven Dashboard

Why Use Google Adsense Alternatives?

Every program has its own pros and cons and the same is applicable to Google AdSense also. Even though it is one of the reliable PPC programs, the followings are the AdSense drawbacks.

  • Limited Language Supports: Google Adsense only supports limited languages. If your website does not have a primary language that is supported by Google Adsense then AdSense is definitely not for you.
  • Age Of Site: Publishers from certain locations like India and China must have their site for at least 6 months before applying for AdSense. Google says this step has been taken to ensure the quality of the ad network and protect the interests of existing advertisers and publishers. Thus, it is worth waiting for 6 months and then applying for AdSense to avoid rejection. You can learn more about all the eligibility requirements to apply for an AdSense account here.
  • No Traffic From Social And Traffic Exchanges: Google does not like publishers getting traffic to their sites from social sites like Facebook. The use of free traffic exchange programs is not allowed at all. If you prefer high social traffic, AdSense is not an option for you or at least you should not show your AdSense ads on social landing pages. Google can roll back your hard-earned money in the name of invalid activities without even mentioning the exact reason to you.
  • Account Verification and Payment: You need to enter the PIN received from Google to get paid when your account reaches the threshold amount for payment. This is a big problem for the publishers who do not have a permanent address or frequently travel to other countries.
  • Change Of Country: Your country can’t be changed once your application is approved by Google. If you are not located in one place with a stable address then there is no way you can receive your payment in a different country than the one you mentioned in your AdSense account.
  • Slow Down Your Page Speed: Google uses asynchronous JavaScript to load AdSense ads from the server. This will help to load the advertisements without blocking the content. But this will not help much in achieving higher page speed.
  • Privacy Factor: If you want to check the tracking, just open the “bluehost.com” website in your browser window. Now open any website that shows AdSense ads. You will see the ads are from “Bluehost” or related to web hosting services.
  • Forever Banned: Google will ban you for a lifetime if it detects invalid clicks generated from your published ID. There are a lot of possibilities that someone clicks on your ads frequently or a bot generates an ad impression without your knowledge.
  • Revenue Share: With Google AdSense, Publishers receive 68% of the revenue generated by ads on their website. This is a competitive rate, but some alternative networks offer an even greater share. You’ll need a top-notch website with steady and high traffic to qualify, but it’s worth it if you make the cut.

What Are The Best Google AdSense Alternatives?

  1. AdStyle
  2. Infolinks
  3. SetupAd
  4. PropellerAds
  5. Revcontent
  6. Mediavine
  7. Media.net
  8. RevenueHits
  9. Bidvertiser
  10. Adcash
  11. SkimLinks
  12. BuySellAds
  13. Monumetric

Detailed List

Best Google AdSense Alternatives In 2023



Native advertising

Native advertising
Native ads display sponsored content on a publisher’s website
Highly effective native ad campaigns

The look, feel, and functionality of the advertisements in native advertising are identical to those of the media source in which they appear. The term “native ads” refers to how they appear to be a natural component of a website.

Native advertisements provide a seamless ad experience by not interfering with the user’s use of the page, in contrast to other forms of advertising. Other former digital ad formats, such as banners and videos, frequently resemble haphazardly positioned billboards and detract from users’ enjoyment of the website they are visiting.
A native advertising campaign can be launched in a matter of minutes! Additionally, AdStyle can assist you in launching powerful native ad campaigns that will increase brand awareness and direct sales. Here is a helpful step-by-step manual to help you get started with native advertising.
AdStyle collaborates with many top-notch publisher websites, such as news, magazines, and popular content blogs. Any of these websites will display your native ads with completely customizable targeting options. Based on the campaigns of other advertisers and their results across the network, our system will learn about your campaign and match your ads to the most pertinent audiences.
You can tailor your native ad targeting based on success metrics such as brand awareness and direct response conversions, just like you can with other digital ad types. Based on this, you can continue to refine and optimize where your ads appear. Adstyle’s auto-optimization will take care of everything. Even if you are an expert in marketing, you will genuinely appreciate campaign results that required little to no optimization on your part.
Our dashboard’s targeting options for advertisers include GEO and multiple devices. In-depth performance reports of your campaign segmented by options like date and time, traffic sources, verticals, technology, and devices allow you to view bonus tools like managing campaign budgets, implementing conversion pixels, using dynamic macros, and retargeting.
As a publisher, using AdStyle to monetize your visitors gives you the drive to expand in terms of your readership. AdStyle Widget, as opposed to banners, offers a newsfeed experience that readers will enjoy when they are ready to find out more.



Highest Paying Google AdSense Alternatives

Contextual Ads
Mobile Responsive Ads
Native ads
Forbidden content


Media.net is one of the world’s leading contextual ad networks, with a reach spanning 100 million US desktop users. They are almost totally powered by Yahoo and Bing. The main advantages of this network as an alternative to Google Adsense are its high revenue per thousand impression rates (RPM), highly targeted contextual ads that induce more clicks, done-for-you ROI optimization, and gentle sidebar ads that blend into your website without annoying your visitors.

MediaNet has several guidelines in order to approve publishers to their program, they only allow websites with premium content. If you are looking to make money fast with your low-quality blog, Medianet is definitely not for you. As one of the Best Google Adsense Alternatives, MediaNet looks for high-quality websites but when you are approved you’ll enjoy the benefits of it. This is perhaps the best Google AdSense alternatives for bloggers.


Some Of the key features of Media.net are as follows:

  • Contextual Ads: Media.net offers contextually targeted ads to all publishers. This type of targeting shows ads basis the content type on the publisher’s site/app. For instance, if a website shares automobile blogs, users will see ads related to the automobile industry.
  • Mobile Responsive Ads: Media.net has responsive features for mobile devices that let publishers put responsive ad creatives that resize according to the screen size of the mobile or tablet device.
  • Native ads: Media.net works greatly to show native contextual ads. Native ads match the design and layout of the site to show users non-intrusive ads.
  • Forbidden content: Adult, illegal, tobacco, alcohol, ammunition, violence, gambling, profane, discriminatory, and offensive content.
  • Media.net suite: The self-optimized suite with the ability to analyze large data. Then this data is used to match traffic with the advertisers without using cookies. Hence, increases the overall revenue of the publishers.
  • It’s free to join. There’s practically no cost involved.
  • The dashboard is very powerful. You can filter your earnings by various durations. Additionally, the graphs and reports will also help you keep track of your blog/website performance.
  • It offers one of the best RPM (Revenue Per Thousand Impressions) rates in the industry.
  • The intuitive designs of the ads blend really well with the blog layouts, which leads to higher CTR. You can also change the ad style to match your blog/website design.
  • Most Ad networks don’t allow ads on fixed or sticky sidebars. But, the biggest plus point of Media.net is that it lets you allow ads on fixed or sticky sidebars.


Media.net has not provided pricing information for this product or service. This is common practice for software sellers and service providers. Contact the vendor to get the latest pricing information.




AdSense Alternatives For Bloggers

Private Ad Marketplace
Excellent Support Team
Responsive Support Team
Ad Unit Placement Optimization


Monumetric is an ad network. In simple terms, Monumetric, like other ad networks (Adthrive, Mediavie, Ezoic), acts as a sort of middle man between advertisers and publishers/bloggers. Monumetric Ad network formerly known as (The Blogger Network) is a high-performance ad network that pays content creators on the number of impressions instead of clicks like Google Adsense.

One of the cool things about this network is that any blogger can generate revenue, even if no one clicks on your ads. Content marketers have the opportunity to work with Monumetric and display video ads, rich media ads, mobile ads (Flight), and native ads. Their PPV (pay per view) monetization model works with any website/blog because you can earn passive income just from displaying ads. This is the best highest paying Google Adsense alternatives.


  • Monumetric Private Ad Marketplace: Monumetric is a managed ad service that displays ads from a variety of advertisers on different networks. The private ad marketplace is where ads are curated and the header bidding is used to determine the highest bidding ad.
  • Excellent Support Team: Monumetric offers individualized support to users through its in-house support team. The support team works mainly from behind the scenes carrying out tasks that help to maximize revenue for publishers. Requests sent to the team are promptly responded to and duly attended to.
  • Responsive Support Team: Users can contact the support team via email and will most likely receive solutions to their request within 12 hours of notifying the support team.
  • Ad Unit Placement Optimization: Publishers on Monumetric receive assistance with an ad setup and reporting. There is also support with the selection of the best ad format and placements on publishers’ websites.
  • Gaining New Advertising Partners: The managed ad platform helps publishers in getting new advertising partners to better improve earning opportunities for publishers.
  • Monumetric’s dashboard provides an easy-to use-interface for publishers which makes ad tracking and progress reporting seamless.
  • Publishers are allowed a 30-day prior notice before leaving Monumetric.
  • Monumetric uses the PPV model for displaying ads on publishers’ websites. This model is one of the most profitable revenue generators for publishers.
  • Monumetric ensures that the ads displayed on your site belong to the highest-paid ads.
  • The Monumetric bidding system tends to favor publishers since they earn a commission on what advertisers pay to Monumetric.


Monumetric requires a minimum of 10,000 monthly page views to be approved. Monumetric’s minimum payout is $10 via PayPal or direct deposit.




Highest Paying Google AdSense Alternatives

Push Notification
Onclick Ads
In-Page Push


Propeller Ads is a full and self-service advertising network providing comprehensive and industry-leading ad-serving and optimization technologies for online marketers and web publishers.

Founded in 2011, Propellerads offers display, native, video, and mobile ads along with affiliate services. PropellerAds has developed in-house algorithms that enable better matching of users and advertisers. Along with being an ad network for the publisher, PropellerAds is also a self-serve platform for advertisers, using which they can create and design their ad campaigns.


  • Push Notification: Push Notifications (Native Subscriptions) are a revolutionary monetization tool. These browser notifications take completely no space on your website, bring instant per-subscription revenue (CPS), and perfectly complement other ad formats. You will earn even if a user is not visiting your website anymore.
  • Onclick Ads: Onclick or Popunder ads are a monetization powerhouse and one of our top-performing ad formats in terms of revenue. These full-tab ads are user-initiated and appear in the new browser tab, allowing you to monetize every visitor.
  • In-Page Push: No user subscription, just native banner on your website! In-page push banners look similar to classic push notifications but are displayed on your website. Monetizes all types of traffic including iOS.
  • Interstitials: Interstitials are fast-loading, skippable ad units, displayed before or after specific website pages. These ads are perfect for additional monetization as they can be easily customized and offer high CTR.
  • Smart Links: Monetize any traffic type with special URLs designed to automatically take visitors to the most relevant offers (thanks to a smart rotation mechanism). The best solution for paid (pop), redirect, 404 traffic, toolbar, expired domains, etc.
  • PropellerAds comes with smart optimization tools for profitable affiliate marketing.
  • Build and manage effective ad campaigns, optimize performance and analyze results – all in one easy-to-use interface.
  • Its all-around ad fraud detection and prevention systems effectively identify malicious activities and eliminate the threats so only real people can see and interact with your ads.
  • PropellerAds finds the users who visited your site but left without making a purchase and shows them your ads on other sites.
  • The self-service dashboard makes it easy to launch ads, track performance, and optimize campaigns.


There’s no minimum requirement for site traffic, your account is activated instantly after creation, and the payout threshold is just $5 through PayPal.




AdSense Alternatives For Low Traffic

Revenue uplift is guaranteed
Unique, first-party demand
Content recommendation technology
Granular brand safety


Revcontent is a leading content marketing platform. It connects advertisers to highly engaged audiences through technology and direct partnerships with the world’s premier digital publishers. Revcontent empowers publishers to drive meaningful revenue streams and audience engagement through mutually beneficial business partnerships.


  • Revenue uplift is guaranteed: Revcontent promises a 20% CPM revenue increase. In addition to this, they claim to monetize traffic at over 20% higher rates than any other competitors.
  • Unique, first-party demand: A noteworthy thing about Revcontent is that they offer monetization opportunities that aren’t dependent on cookies. They further offer first-party demand, which means that revenue reaches publishers directly from the advertiser.
  • Content recommendation technology that is lighter and faster: Revcontent claims that their widgets perform about 60% faster than other ad networks offering the same ad formats.
  • Granular brand safety: Revcontent provides publishers with granular control over the content in order to provide an enhanced user experience to their audiences. Publishers can block content by brand, website, keyword, image, and category.
  • Fully customizable, native widgets match the look and feel of your sites and apps, creating a truly frictionless user experience.
  • Around-the-clock access to account management and support teams dedicated to strategically optimizing your integration to exceed your business needs.
  • Proprietary content recirculation tools increase engagement, keeping users on-site and maximizing value per session.
  • Lightweight, customizable technology empowers the web’s leading publishers to reach and exceed their revenue, engagement, and growth goals.
  • The Robust suite of campaigns management tools empowers marketers to fine-tune buying strategies and get more from their ad budgets.


Your site needs to report at least 50,000 monthly visitors and generate valuable content regularly and the minimum payout is $50.




AdSense Alternatives Instant Approval

Site Speed
Video Forward
Quality Ads
Data-Driven Dashboard


Mediavine is a full-service ad management platform designed to “build sustainable businesses for content creators.” In other words, Mediavine performs as a website’s ad manager, allowing the website owner to focus on content solely. Once accepted by Mediavine, website owners only have to install the company’s script on the site, and Mediavine’s tech team will handle all the rest.

It is also Google Certified Publishing Partner. It will manage every ad of your ad network account to maximize your site’s income. In a nutshell, Mediavine acts as a website’s ad manager, allowing the website owner to focus on content. Once you’re approved for Mediavine, you simply have to install their script and let their tech team handle the ads on your website. It’s as simple as that.


  • Site Speed: Mediavine lightweight ad tech employs “lazy loading,” so your ads will never slow your content down.
  • Video Forward: Mediavine also has a revolutionary video player that allows you to easily showcase and monetize your videos.
  • Quality Ads: Mediavine only works with premium ad partners, and every ad unit comes with an ad reporting button for real-time quality control.
  • Community: Mediavine exclusive Facebook group lets you connect with our team, other MVPs, and industry experts.
  • Data-Driven Dashboard: Mediavine offers a user-friendly dashboard that puts ad controls and earnings data at your fingertips. You can check your RPM and top posts, upload video,s and more.
  • Dynamic Ad placement: Mediavine ads are placed automatically for optimal viewability, user experience, and adherence to the Coalition for Better Ads standards.
  • One of the nice things that I love about Mediavine is that everything here is transparent and there is nothing hidden secret is there.
  • Mediavine has multiple payment options to withdraw your money like Paypal, International Wire Transfer, Domestic and International ACH, Paper Check.
  • The revenue model of this ad management service is based on CPM. That means you will be paid for impressions.
  • Mediavine helps content creators and publishers to earn more revenue by providing a variety of options. In addition to sharing 75% of ad revenue with content creators, Mediavine has launched a loyalty program.
  • Unlike other ad networks, Mediavine has linked each email id with a human customer support executive. The customer support executive resolves various issues proactively by responding to the email in real-time.


Mediavine requires monthly page views of 50000 and Mediavine’s minimum payout is $25 for PayPal and direct deposit (or $200 for international direct deposit).




Best High Paying AdSense Alternative

Intent Targeting
High Viewability
Exclusive Placements

Infolinks is an Online Advertising platform that enables bloggers and website owners to make money from their websites by displaying relevant ads to their visitors. Infolinks drives new revenue for publishers by delivering intent-based ads in non-traditional web places. Select from a range of elegant and innovative ad units that best suit your needs, fully customize their appearance and easily add them to your site

Infolinks provides you with 4 monetization options; you have four types of display ads to choose from. You can activate just one of these four options and you may also activate all the monetization options. The four types of ads are Intext Ads, Intag Ads, Inframe Ads, Infold Ads.

  • Intent Targeting: Infolinks’ real-time contextual intent targeting uses keywords to ensure that your ads reach an audience with an enthusiastic interest in your message. The Infolinks Referral Analyzer technology identifies the immediate source of traffic (search or social) visiting the publisher page and combines that with contextual relevance to determine the clear intent of the audience.
  • High Viewability: Infolinks perfects viewable impressions and duration to ensure ads are seen and considered to achieve performance. It provides multiple ad units that are triggered on viewable signals and offers industry-leading viewability of 90% across mobile and desktop devices. Its attention-grabbing ads remain viewable as the user scrolls through relative content and interacts with the user’s actions.
  • Exclusive Placements: Infolinks maximize your ad spend quality and Supply Path Optimization (SPO) strategy by providing ONLY unique EXCLUSIVE placements across our direct 25,000 publishing partners. It also simplifies your media buying by breaking through the digital maze and delivering decisive performance to your campaign. The Infolinks ad units provide advertisers with a scaled exclusive placement viewable solution for display, video, and native success.
  • Quality Publishers: The exclusive placement marketplace of over 25,000 live website partners and ad units provides advertisers with a scaled viewable solution for display, video, and native success.
  • Infolinks works fine for publishers using AdSense. It doesn’t interfere with the ad units set by AdSense, working as a perfect combination to generate maximum revenue.
  • Contextual targeting uses keywords to ensure that your ads reach an audience with an interest in your message
  • Infolinks provides a stable revenue source, reliable technology, fantastic account management, and most importantly, a positive user experience.
  • Infolinks has a quick approval span. It takes not more than 48 hours to assess whether the publisher’s website meets the minimum requirements.
  • A good support system that has a 24 hour turnaround time on queries.

Infolinks require no setup fee, and there are no minimum requirements for page views and the minimum payout is $50. Infolinks pays every 45 days via PayPal.




Best Google AdSense Alternatives For Blogger

Easy to Join, Simple to Use
Competitive Rates
On-time payouts
100% Fill Rate. Guarantee


RevenueHits is a platform like its name indicates targets the revenue. This platform is helpful for the publisher to earn money from RevenueHits. RevenueHits works on Geo-Targeted Ad Serving technology. RevenueHits ensures more earnings with this technology. This platform monitors online assets like widgets, toolbars, search, applications, and many more.

RevenueHits is a performance-based service. It analyzes the traffic coming on the blog. This platform maintains a huge inventory of millions of ads. It analyzes the performance of these ads. Inventory of ads includes various displays of ads and text ads. With these ads, publishers can customize their blogs to earn more.


  • Easy to Join, Simple to Use: Sign up in one simple step and instantly benefit from our platform’s intuitive dashboard. Start generating profits from your website’s ad space no matter how much traffic you have.
  • Competitive Rates: The wide range of in-house direct advertisers acquires your traffic without commission, allowing you to get the best rates in the industry. Business relations with more than 5000 advertisers help to make sure no one can beat its performance.
  • On-time payouts: Receive your payments always on time. RevenueHits understand the importance of cash flow to the publishers, therefore, it offers various options of payment methods and payment terms.
  • 100% Fill Rate. Guarantee: With over 2 BILLION ad impressions served daily across ALL GEOs, RevenueHits guarantee a 100% fill rate. Its robust optimization engine displays the most profitable ads in a timely manner, based on your user’s geographic location.
  • Compliance: As a top-performing network, RevenueHits assure its publishers only get matched with clean and safe demand. RevenueHits is very much aware that publishers are working very hard on their SEO and organic traffic. Having an in-house compliance team, which harnesses the most advanced ad monitoring technology, is helping to achieve the best results for our partners.
  • Full Control & 24/7 Monitoring: RevenueHits platform uses reliable multilevel tracking and reporting systems. You maintain direct access to time-framed customized vital stats, including impressions, clicks, eCPM, and revenue per customer duration – all color-coded for easy assessment. Including statistics, API to allow you to withdraw the data without direct access to the platform.
  • RevenueHit displays the most relevant ads to your audience, to help you boost conversion and make more money from your ad space.
  • RevenueHits offers a variety of options for Ads like Display Banners, Popunder, In-Page Push, Button, Footer, Floating Banners, and more.
  • RevenueHits offers payments through PayPal, Wire Transfer, and Payoneer. Such varied payment options cannot be expected from Google Adsense.
  • RevenueHits offers a CPA (cost per action) model. As such, publishers may earn money not only on impressions or clicks but when an action is made by your visitors.
  • Since RevenueHits is a self-serve platform (just like AdSense), publishers can add/remove ad units as per their convenience.


There’s no minimum traffic restriction to get started with RevenueHits. However, it’s important to note that ads through RevenueHits are performance-based, not cost-per-click. RevenueHits pays on a 30-day basis via PayPal and Payoneer. The minimum payout is $20.




Best Google AdSense Alternatives

100% Coverage
Revenue Optimization
Safe Ads


BidVertiser Platform offers targeted self-serve advertising solutions for advertisers and agencies while helping publishers to make money from their website. BidVertiser is an ad network that focuses on banners, pop-under, and slider advertising for both desktop and mobile. Tracking, reporting, and automatic (or manual) optimization are in place to help guarantee success when implementing a pay-per-click marketing campaign. State-of-the-art ad serving and real-time optimization, combined with machine learning based on concurrent and historical big data make our solution unique.

BidVertiser features include Global Network, Reliability, Transparency, Security, Targeting, Tracking, Revenue Optimization, JS Tags or XML, Smartlink, and more. The platform uses in-house technology to track, analyze, defend against fraud, and deliver a great experience for both parties.


  • 100% Coverage: Bidvertiser guarantees full coverage for desktop & mobile worldwide with real-time optimization models that deliver long-term and constant revenues.
  • Revenue Optimization: Programmatic and robust ad optimization technology, powered by AI and designed to maximize your revenues for both mobile and desktop.
  • Smart-link: Easily monetize your traffic by sending it to the direct link with no hassle. Its smart links are CPC-based and support all geos and all devices.
  • Safe Ads: Bidvertiser takes ad safety very seriously and all ads are scanned 24×7 by their compliance team, internal and 3rd party tools.
  • Ad Formats: Display banners, pop-unders, sliders, smart-links, XML, and programmatic – Its ad formats are designed to fit any kind of traffic.
  • $10 Minimum Payment: Even if you have a small website that generates revenue slowly, with Bidvertiser you get paid faster. We pay by PayPal, Bitcoin, wire, and check.
  • Transparency: Complete and accurate traffic segmentation and identification so you can make the right decisions.
  • Security: State-of-the-art ad serving platform that rejects any kind of bot traffic, click farms, malware, and viruses.
  • Global Network: Reach millions of potential customers across thousands of browsing points, worldwide.
  • Real-Time Bidding: Real-time bidding ecosystem allows you to bid in real-time and access billions of daily impressions from tens of thousands of segmented sources.
  • Automation: Set your Return Of Investment goals for your campaigns, integrate our postbacks and watch the magic happen – automatically.
  • Targeting: Get exactly the traffic you want – when you want. Geo, device, OS, browser, ISP, carrier, time-of-day, channel, contextual and more.
  • Tracking: Ad tagging, URL macros and parameters, postback integration, and targeting-layer reporting. Everything you need to make proper decisions.


You will be able to start promoting their ads as soon as you sign up. As long as you don’t violate any of the publisher terms listed below, you should have no problem entering and staying within the network. Bidvertiser users are paid monthly, and the minimum payout is $10 through PayPal.




AdSense Alternatives Instant Approval

Multiple Ad Formats
High Fill Rates
Live Statistics
Fast Payments


Adcash is a popular ad network and is used by various publishers across the world. Previously, Adcash provided dedicated account managers for publishers, now it has become a “self-serve online advertising platform”. However, publishers can still request an account manager if they need that kind of support.

Adcash offers monetization solutions for publishers of any size or any country. They have worldwide campaigns across 196 countries, allowing you to monetize your traffic pretty much everywhere in the world.


  • Multiple Ad Formats: They allow a range of high-quality, applicable ads to be delivered to new and existing site traffic.
  • High Fill Rates: This allows Publishers to securely and effectively monetize far more ad impressions.
  • Live Statistics: Where Publishers can track their earnings in real-time via the platform and its reporting API.
  • Fast Payments: The ability for Publishers to get paid quickly from a variety of different payment options.
  • Advanced Targeting: Tailor your ads to the right audience and choose from our wide range of targeting options.
  • Multiple payment methods: Adcash provides various means to get paid, so publishers can choose whatever means is the most accessible. In addition to this, they are paid quickly and without any hassle.
  • No additional charges for processing transactions.
  • Innovative tools that facilitate high earning potential.
  • Availability of anti-Adblock solutions.
  • Responsive customer supports.
  • Multiple payment options.


Adcash has no minimum traffic requirement and has a minimum payout of $25.




Google AdSense Alternatives For Youtube

All-In-One Analytics Suite
Automated Affiliate Links
Editor Toolbar
Link Wrapper

Skimlinks is a network that works with countless affiliate programs. They are a third-party app that can get approved to promote partners. They, in turn, share a portion of the commission with you for promoting them. Skimlinks was launched in 2007 by Australian co-founders Joe Stepniewski and Alicia Navarro in London, UK.

If you own a blog or website that contains product-related information and links to the product itself, Skimlinks can help you monetize the content easily. It does that by turning these product links, brand mentions, or even merchant links to affiliate links that earn you a commission once a customer follows the link and makes a purchase.

  • All-In-One Analytics Suite: In the Skimlinks Publisher Hub, you will find a wide range of reports including Performance by the merchant, Real-time clicks, and Revenue Source. By getting a deeper understanding of the type of content that performs best with their audience, media publishers use the insights from performance reports to generate more revenue. For more flexibility, our Reporting API provides the ability to import commerce data into your own business intelligence tools.
  • Automated Affiliate Links: By choosing Skimlinks, editorial teams can automate the monetization of commerce links, and spend more time writing great content.
  • Editor Toolbar: The Skimlinks Editor Toolbar Chrome Extension is a crucial part of many publishers’ workflow. When browsing any merchant’s website, you can instantly see their average commission rate, offers, and are able to easily create an affiliate link directly from the toolbar.
  • Link Wrapper: In addition to the Skimlinks javascript, which automatically generates affiliate links on your site. Editors can also create their own shortened links using the Link Generator, which can be shared on social media, email newsletters, and anywhere else your team can think of.
  • AMP: Mobile is growing and so that you don’t miss out on revenue opportunities, we launched our first-to-market AMP integration. Once the AMP code is installed, the Skimlinks AMP integration enables publishers to seamlessly monetize commerce links across all your AMP articles.
  • It’s easy for newer bloggers with minimal traffic to get accepted into the Skimlinks network.
  • You can promote any of these thousands of merchants that Skimlinks has on their site, so if you applied directly to a merchant partner and did not get accepted, you can still use an affiliate link to that merchant’s site through Skimlinks. 
  • Skimlinks has tens of thousands of merchants on the platform for you to link to in your content. 
  • Skimlinks has negotiated exclusive contracts with some of the merchants represented on their website, so the commissions are actually higher than you’ll find elsewhere. 
  • By choosing Skimlinks, editorial teams can automate the monetization of commerce links, and spend more time writing great content.

SkimLinks requires your site to be Live and offers a very low minimum payout of $10.




Google AdSense Alternatives Sites

Sponsorship Sales
Private Marketplace
Self-Serve Ad Platform
Header Bidding Management


BuySellAds.com is an online advertising network that brings online publishers (such as bloggers) and online advertisers together, making it easier for those advertisers to find Web sites and blogs best suited for their ads and budgets.

For publishers, BuySellAds is a very good alternative or supplement to more popular ad networks such as Google AdSense or Media.net. While getting up and running with live ads can take a day or more, once the ads are up, they monetize well and are very easy to manage.


  • Sponsorship Sales: BuySellAds help you execute your direct sales strategy. For publishers with large enough audiences, we help get your site in front of trustworthy, relevant advertisers that resonate with your audience.
  • Private Marketplace: Connect with top brands and make frictionless direct sales with the BuySellAds Marketplace.
  • Self-Serve Ad Platform: Its self-serve advertising technology is like setting up an eCommerce store for your directly sold ad inventory. It’s plug-and-play and the best way to compete with all the big social ad platforms.
  • Header Bidding Management: BuySellAds have relationships with 10+ demand partners who compete for each ad impression on your site. This competition is what raises yield and maximizes earning potential.
  • Ad Block Recovery: BuySellAds have built an ad-block recovery tool that helps recapture your revenue lost to ad blockers, and then we combine it with our proprietary native placements to improve the yield from users who would otherwise block ads.
  • Commerce and Affiliate Management: BuySellAds can scale your affiliate and e-commerce advertising program and maximize performance.
  • Reliable twice-monthly earnings for Publishers.
  • Competitive ads pricing for publishers.
  • Ad Space optimization for publishers’ earnings.
  • You have the option to set up automatic and manual features to approve ads.
  • Maximize earning potential by offering multiple ad sizes, locations, prices, and more.


You’ll need at least 100,000 page views per month to join, and it only accepts English-language websites with excellent content and design. And, the minimum payout is just $20 with PayPal.




Best All-in-one Alternative For Google AdSense

Viewable Bid Optimization
Cloud Infrastructure
Reports of all partners and all sources
Ad Quality


Setupad is a monetization platform for publishers. With an advanced in-house developed header bidding solution and various optimization tools, Setupad aims to increase publishers’ ad revenue to the maximum. By taking care of monetization, Setupad allows publishers to focus on their true calling– quality content creation. Currently, Setupad serves more than three billion ad impressions monthly.


  • Viewable Bid Optimization: A smart ad refresh algorithm that doesn’t diminish the average eCPM. Only viewable ads are refreshed and generate extra yield for ads above the average eCPM.
  • Cloud Infrastructure: Distributed systems across several cloud platforms-Azure, DigitalOcean, and Google Cloud ensure flexibility in Setupad service, nearly perfect uptime ratios, and availability around the world.
  • Reports of all partners and all sources into one dashboard: Aggregated data from prebid.js client, prebid.js server, OB (Google Open Bidding), TAM (Amazon’s Transparent Ad Marketplace).
  • Ad Quality: Setupad service comes with a package of extensive blocklist and additional real-time blocking software. Setupad avoids malicious ads and ensures premium ad quality for all users.
  • Designed to make it easy for publishers to start using Setupad without much involvement from IT.
  • You have full control of the CPM rate of ads.
  • Personal account manager and individual optimization for each website.
  • Supports many different types of ad banners, such as stickies, anchor ads, AMP ads, lazy load, and more.
  • Always up to date with the industry standards.


If your website’s monthly visits are at 100,000 or more, you should consider partnering with Setupad. Publishers receive their first payment after 60 days and then every 30 days if the minimum threshold of €100 is reached.



Amazon Native Shopping Ads

Best Google AdSense Alternative For Amazon

Minimal disruption of the end-user experience
Flexible and customizable ad units
Suitable for different placements within a page
Amazon Native Shopping Ads
Amazon Native Shopping Ads


Native Shopping Ads provide highly relevant and dynamic product recommendations in a stylishly designed and responsive ad unit that can be placed at the end of your content or within your content to create a more compelling visitor experience and shopping opportunity.

Native Shopping Ads would always attempt to show the most relevant set of products. Interest-based ads or ads based on your page content would be shown to your visitors such that your advertising fees are maximized.


  • Minimal disruption of the end-user experience: Native Shopping Ads are responsive and mobile-optimized ad units. They adapt to the size of the container they are placed in. The different variants are designed to display highly relevant ads to visiting users. The above features enable Native Shopping Ads to blend seamlessly into the page content and engage with end-users without disrupting their experience.
  • Flexible and customizable ad units: You can configure these ad units in a variety of ways. You can choose to control the form factor, the number of ads, ad unit caption, products are shown, as well as some of the styling elements, to ensure that the ads fit well into the overall scheme of the page content. The styling can also be chosen to suit the specific placements that you decide to use the ad units for.
  • Suitable for different placements within a page: The different formats are suited for different placements on the page – end-of-content as well as in-content. You can choose to place the ad code at a preferred place within an article to maximize engagement. You can also preview the ads before downloading the ad code.
  • Seamlessly integrate highly relevant recommendations in a responsive ad unit to earn more.
  • Native Shopping Ads provide highly relevant and dynamic product recommendations in a stylishly designed.
  • Amazon Native Shopping Ads offers responsive ad units that can be placed at the end of content or within the content to create a more compelling visitor experience and shopping opportunity.
  • Designed for a great experience on all device types – smartphones, tablets & desktops.
  • Show the most relevant products to your visitors.


You need to create an amazon affiliate account in order to apply for amazon native ads. In Amazon Ads, you will receive payment approximately 30 days after the end of the calendar month in which the ad revenue was earned. Payments are made monthly if your balance meets the minimum threshold of 200 EGP. We must have your tax information on file before we can make any payments.



Well, AdSense might lead the monetization market, but not all successful app owners and publishers use AdSense. And there are a lot of hurdles they face with Google’s AdSense. As mentioned earlier, you might not get approved by AdSense so easily. Also, they could ban your account for a single invalid click. This is why should and must shift towards finding the best AdSense alternative for your business. And there are several AdSense alternatives available in the market. Moreover, they provide a fair payout too.

So above listed are some of the best alternatives to Google Adsense. Pick and go ahead with a brand new website monetization platform and earn improved revenues.

Hope you liked reading this article on “Best Google AdSense Alternatives“. If you have any questions regarding the topic, you can leave them in the comment section below. I will be happy to respond. And don’t forget to mention your favorite AdSense alternative.

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