20 Best Grammar Checker Tools. Grammar Checker Software. Best Grammar Checker Apps Free And Paid Both(2022)

Tired of spending a lot of time correcting your own grammatical mistakes? Here is a solution for my readers! Look in 2022, nobody wants to spend any extra effort to correct their errors in reports, presentations, or social media posts. What if I share with you some of the Best Grammar Checker Tools that will take good care of all your grammatical issues, wrong punctuation, spelling errors, or incorrect words!

A Grammar Checker is an amazing tool that lets you identify all your grammatical issues and guides you in writing appropriate reports, correct punctuation, and constructs a proper sentence error-free! After a lot of research work, I have listed a handful of Best Grammar Checker Apps that comes loaded with many advanced features like active and passive voice checker as well the quality of sentences in your document.

The most important point is why I am recommending Grammar Check Solutions, is this Grammar Checker Tools not only finds errors in your writing but also provides authentic suggestions that suites your words and replace them accordingly. There are various Free Grammar Checker Tools, that help you develop your writing skills and intensify as an expert.

One of the best free Grammar Checker App, Grammarly which is very simple to use and most bloggers use this tool to improve their writing without making any grammatical mistakes! Here is a list of the Best Free and Paid Grammar Checker App that will fix all your issues! With wasting time, let’s move on!

What is Grammar Checker?

A Grammar Checker is one of the most advanced tool for all bloggers, writers, business people that helps you to fix your common spelling errors and corrects your misused words and punctuation. Let us see some of the key benefits of using Grammar Checker.

Key Benefits:

  • Fix any spelling errors
  • Copy your text and paste on any grammar corrector tools
  • Easily change the language like British, German, Japanese
  • Highlight your grammatical mistakes and suggests appropriate words
  • Helps you to write your social media posts, blog posts very easily

Detailed List Of Free Grammar Checker

Best Grammar Checker (Free)

Top Free Grammar Checker




Grammarly is one of the best grammar checker that allows you to write your blog posts, any type of business reports, more conveniently without making any spelling errors. In case, you have created any wrong sentence it instantly gives you suggestions to make it correct.

It works with Chrome Extension and is compatible with both Windows and Mac. This free grammar checker helps you to fix punctuation issues inside your WordPress Dashboard. Personally, I will highly recommend you to use this grammar checker app for your better vocabulary skills.

Free version of Grammarly, recommends users to add commas in their texts and this tool also includes plagiarism checker and you can easily check your article more quicker. Improve your writing skills with Grammarly. Premium Version of Grammarly indicates errors in sentence structure.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use and user friendly
  • Corrects grammar, spelling, and punctuation
  • Works with various browser extensions such as Chrome, Microsoft
  • Compatible for both Windows and iOS
  • Provides suggestions for misused words and replace them accordingly
  • Improves writing skills

Grammarly Pricing:

  • Free Version: Corrects grammar and punctuation, provide suggestions, 1 year license.
  • Premium Plan($11.66/m): Style tone and clarity improvements, additional advanced suggestions
  • Business($12.50/m): Style guide, Admin panel, priority email support.
Pricing Plans
Note: Grammarly’s free browser extension helps you write mistake-free in Gmail, Facebook, WordPress, LinkedIn, and anywhere else you write on the Web.





Scribens is another powerful free grammar checker that corrects over 250 types of common grammar and spelling mistakes, including verbs, nouns, pronouns, prepositions, homonyms, punctuation, typography, and more.

Scribens uses a sophisticated syntactical recognition algorithm that detects even the most subtle errors in a text. With this advanced grammar corrector, you can improve the quality of your writing and fix 10x more mistakes than Microsoft Word.

It is also considered one of the best grammar checker that identifies stylistic elements such as repetitions, run-on sentences, and even suggests synonyms for every word.It also provides highly detailed statistics on your texts, such as word, sentence, and paragraph count as well as a readability indicator and more.

Key Features:

  • Correct your texts on Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, forums, blogs, etc.
  • Can be used via various extensions Microsoft Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel
  • Detects 10x more mistakes compared to Microsoft Word
  • Identifies repetitions and correct synonyms
  • Includes definitions, conjurations

Scribens Pricing:

  • Free Version: Correction of spelling and grammar, Access to dictionaries, Grammar Rules
  • 1 Month(11.69/m): Text checks up to 200,000 characters, Plugins for Microsoft Word
  • 3 Months(23.50/m): Supports French Language, no advertising
  • Business Pack(58.92/yr): Direct correction of Emails without copying and pasting, backup of recent texts
Pricing Plan
Note: Scribens maintains security and confidentiality with SSL Encryption. There is no possibility of your texts being transferred from their server..





Ginger grammar corrector is the World’s #1 Grammar Checker that helps you write and efficiently corrects texts. Ginger Grammar Checker uses patent-pending technology to correct grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes and misused words, with unmatched accuracy.

With this amazing grammar corrector software you can improve your text by adopting various grammatical skills. With this ground breaking technology you can easily detect grammar and spelling errors in sentences and correct them with unmatched accuracy.

It is very simple to use and just with a single click multiple mistakes are corrected! Using Ginger Spell Checker, you can easily identify the correction that best fits the meaning of the original sentence.

Key Features:

  • Detects English syntax errors or punctuation mistakes
  • Corrects spelling errors in sentences and correct them with unmatched accuracy
  • Helps you to learn from your own mistakes and avoid them repeating in future
  • Helps you to improve your writing skills and correct texts more efficiently
  • Ginger corrects all types of grammatical mistakes such as subject-verb agreement, singular/plural nouns, contextual spelling correction
  • Boost your writing productivity
Note: Ginger is compatible with Windows, MS Office, Mac, iOS, and Android. It has browser extensions for Chrome, Safari, and Edge.



Zoho Writer

Zoho Writer

Another best free grammar checker, Zoho Writer powered by advanced machine learning technology, that scans for grammatical errors and suggests corrections based on the context of what you’ve written.

This grammar checker helps to improve your writing by pointing out repetitive words and suggesting better alternatives. Zoho Writer, tracks your writing skills like how you use adverbs to form passive sentences and help you to create a unique content.

This grammar check tool identifies long words from your content which seems difficult to read and suggests simple alternatives to use on your sentence.

Key Features:

  • Helps you to identify spelling errors, improper word choices
  • Free to use software
  • Improves readability for unclear pronouns
  • Suggests punctuation, capitalization, article usage
  • Enhances writing quality by identifying weak adjectives and verbs, passive sentences, informal writing
Note: Zoho Writer recently introduces a new template section with variety of templates such as Simple, Minimalistic, Standard, Slick, Compact. Experience creative writing error-free using this DFY templates.



Reverso Speller

Reverso Spell Checker

If you want to improve your writing skill with a high degree of perfection and speed then you must use this free grammar checker Reverso Speller. There are various options that helps you in checking grammatical errors and replacing that with other best suited alternatives.

Experience natural sounding with accurate translations using Reverso which most of the enterprises and translation companies use. Interconnect verbs in all modes and tenses in 10 languages including French, Spanish, German, Arabic etc.

With Reverso Speller, you can discover a variety of words and expressions to enhance your vocabulary and express yourself more clearly. This helps you to get relevant translations with the help of AI-based dictionary and explore real-life examples with millions of words and expressions.

Key Features:

  • Free to use grammar checker
  • Translate your document into MS Word, Powerpoint, PDF
  • Best automatic and interactive online spell checker
  • Improves your writing style with a high degree of accuracy
  • Interlink verbs in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Hebrew, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, Portuguese with Reverso Conjugator
Note: The high quality of Reverso AI translation is now available for Windows. Convey and translate your message in Windows and mac OS for free!



Online Correction

Online Correction

Online Text Correction is one of the best grammar checker that designed to identify spelling, as well as silly grammatical mistakes, in English texts.

Using this free grammar checker, you can improve your texts as it highlights any kind of spelling errors and fixes them perfectly.

Let us have a look at some of the Key Features below:

  • Free to use grammar check
  • Identifies and highlights spelling errors
  • Offers suggestions for improvements
  • Detects basic grammatical mistakes
Note: It is recommended not to rely fully on this kind of grammar checker tools, as because without real understanding of the text it is difficult for a program to discover all grammatical, stylistic, and factual errors.




Language Tool

LanguageTool is a free grammar checker app and can be used as a writing assistant for all common browsers and word processors. Moreover, errors are underlined in different colors such as spelling errors are underlined as red, grammatical errors are underlined in yellow, whereas style issues are unlined in blue.

This grammar checker provides tips on to improve your text while typing an e-mail, a blog post, or just a simple tweet. No matter what language you are writing, LanguageTool will automatically detect it and provide suggestions.

Key Features:

  • Distraction-free writing experience
  • Includes Personal dictionary
  • Texts are securely stored
  • Access even more suggestions with the Picky Mode
  • Integrates with Windows, Mac both
  • Add on browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera

LanguageTool Pricing:

  • For Beginners(Free): Basic grammar, punctuation and style checking
  • For Individual Users($1.25/m): Suggestions to improve style and tone, add-in for Microsoft Word
  • For Teams(2.25/m): Detection of incorrect names and titles in e-mails,user management
Note: LanguageTool Editor is coming to the Mac, where you can write and store your texts in a distraction-free environment.


Detailed List Of Best Grammar Checker

Grammar Checker Apps(Free And Paid)

Consider the following list, with the top grammar corrector below:




ProWritingAid is one of the best grammar checker app that offers world-class grammar and style checking combined with more in-depth reports to help you strengthen your writing. It’s unique combination of suggestions, articles, videos, and quizzes makes writing fun and communicative.

This amazing grammar checker helps you to write better and faster than ever. It enhance your reputation, improves efficiency, maintain consistency, develop more skills, and customize and integrate more easily. Free to use grammar checker.

Key Features:

  • Improve your writing quickly and efficiently
  • Highlights elements like repetitiveness, vague wording, sentence length variation,etc
  • Improve the style and strength of your writing
  • Provides in-app suggestions, explanations, videos, and quizzes help you build your skills
  • Identifies the right words
  • Saves time with better integrations

ProWritingAid Pricing:

  • Monthly Subscription($20/m): Analyze entire reports
  • Yearly Subscriptions($63/m): Access to the ProWritingAid Desktop App, Add-ins for Chrome
  • Lifetime($319): One time payment, includes all updates
ProWritingAid Pricing





WhiteSmoke is a free online grammar checker that allows you to check your grammar, spelling, and writing style for free. No more grammatical errors from now as WhiteSmoke acts as a second eye for your written documents and ensures your written document are free from errors.

This helps you to construct superb sentence structure,checks spelling errors and proper punctuation, and makes your content look professional and avoids any embarrassing moments.

WhiteSmoke is the perfect tool to check your grammatical errors and edit your text with flawless writing. Transform your natural writing into a clear and professional piece of work.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use grammar corrector
  • Identifies incorrect punctuation and capitalization
  • Detects commas and missing words
  • 100+ text templates included
  • Provides translator for 50 languages
  • Edit your text for flawless writing

WhiteSmoke Pricing:

  • Web($5/m): Compatible with all browsers, plagiarism checker, translator
  • Premium($6.66/m): Integrated with all writing platforms, One-click instant Proofreading
  • Business($11.50/m): 3-Computer License,Phone Customer Support
WhiteSmoke Pricing



Slick Write


Slick Write is a powerful, free application that makes it easy to check your writing for grammar errors, potential stylistic mistakes. If you are a blogger, novelist, SEO professional, or student writing an essay for school, Slick Write can help take your writing to the next level.

It is considered as the best free grammar checker with good sentence structure and wording that improves your content’s impact and readability, so that your readers feel realiable while seeing your content. Slick Write goes beyond spell checking to teach you the habits of effective writing skills.

Key Features:

  • Customizable feedback to suit your style
  • Add impacts to your reports
  • Helps you to engage more audience
  • Improve your resume with better communication skills
  • Get extensions for Chrome, Firefox
  • Free to use software





Linguix is free grammar checker tool that helps you to find and eliminate mistakes in your English writing. It is built-in by AI-based English writing assistant that will help to find errors and make your writing better in all possible aspects.

Linguix is a standard grammar checker and acts as your writing assistant giving you recommendations on how to make your content look better. No more repetation of school level mistakes like missing commas in your business letter. Get stylish and flawless texts with linguix.

Key Features:

  • Offers 14 days free trial
  • 700+ advanced checks
  • Analyse your writing and provides suggestions to make it better
  • Copy and paste your content to Linguix and get instant fix errors
  • No more punctuation mistakes

Linguix Pricing:

  • Free Version: AI-based grammar checker, Snippets and content templates
  • Business($10/m): Team management, advanced checking and writing insights
  • Enterprise: Spelling Suggestions, unlimited grammar checker, style guides
Linguix Pricing



Sentence Checker

Sentence Checker

Sentence Checker is a free online spell and grammar checker based on LanguageTool which is an open source analyzing software. It is similar to LanguageTool and very convenient to use.

With this best grammar checker, get your text free from errors,and choose the best possible corrections from the suggested ones. The algorithm will detect syntactic, grammatical, and stylistic errors, suggest replacement options, and explain its decision in detail.

Sentence Checker helps you to check any kind of complex text ,as because its databases contain a large number of rules.

Key Features:

  • Free Grammar Checker
  • Open-source software
  • Easily correct errors in the text by highlighting
  • Supports various languages such as Arabic, Chinese, English, German, Italian etc.



Virtual Writing Tutor

Virtual Writing Tutor

Virtual Writing Tutor is a free online grammar checker app, that helps writers score essays, count words, check spelling, check grammar and punctuation, check paraphrasing, improve word choice.

This is another best grammar checker that I would highly recommend to all professional teachers, bloggers which is 100% free to use and membership is also free. Virtual Writing Tutor provides automated essay evaluation with a score and formative feedback on a variety of writing assignments.

If you want to check your grammatical mistakes just type the Check Grammar button and it will automatically check for common punctuation errors, common grammar mistakes and ESL grammar errors, false cognates, contextual spelling errors, and word choice errors!

Key Features:

  • Check Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling, Vocabulary
  • 100% free to use
  • Score essays automatically
  • Check misspelled words with underlining
  • Paraphrase checker, target structure checker
  • Creates interactive hypertext stories





PaperRater is a simple and easy to use free grammar checker that provides a detailed view of word choice, grammar, spelling and more. Highly recommended for both teachers and students as it easily identifies plagiarism.

100% cloud-based software that detects errors contextually using machine learning and statistical models. Most important point is there is no obstacles while using this free grammar checker as there is no need of any sign-up and automatically generates results within seconds.

This grammar checker app, includes various modules that analyses the text and compare it with other students at the same education level. Some of the modules are vocabulary usage, sentence length and variability, passive voice detection.

Key Features:

  • Plagiarism Detector
  • 100% Cloud-based software that corrects grammar and spelling
  • Provides automated scoring
  • Includes a separate vocabulary builder that provides a word and its definition
  • Analyze texts and compare them with other students writing

PaperRater Pricing:

  • Basic(Free Version): 50 submissions per month, writing suggestions, grammar check, automated scoring
  • Premium($11.21/m) : Enhanced plagiarism check, ad-free, automated scoring, faster processing
PaperRater Pricing





Another best grammar checker, SpellCheckPlus which provides a translation exercise for all beginners such as basic expressions, body, language, greetings, health, people and more.

This free grammar checker tool is guided by various principles such as deep lexical learning, feedback, learning through production, learning through awareness. It helps you to translate Spanish words in English instantly.

It easily identifies spelling errors and common grammatical problems. There is another version of SpellCheckerPlus that is SpellCheckerPro that offers various advantages compared to SpellCheckerPlus. Let us see some key features below:

  • No advertising
  • Resizable editor for editing your text
  • Maximize the editor to the size of your Browser Window
  • Easily archieve your previously submitted text
  • Interactive grammar exercises
  • Several more planned features

SpellCheckPlus Pricing:

  • SpellCheckPlus Pro($14.99) : Group. academic and institutional licenses, summary of errors



Grammar Checker

Grammar Checker

Grammar Checker is an online free grammar checker that is used for advanced grammar detection and plagiarism. It is one of the best grammar checker platform which has more than 3000 rules for finding the mistakes in your sentences and articles.

It detects all your grammatical errors, punctuation errors, spelling errors and in many common cases contextual errors also. Most of the users use this grammar corrector app to improve their written English and get better results.

Use this online grammar tool to make your content well written, with punctuation, sentence structure, spelling, subject/verb tense and other basic mechanics and parts of speech.Grammar Checker is one of the best free writing assistant that accurately detects all your errors more precisely.

Key Features:

  • Detects 99.9% of grammatical mistakes
  • Added loads of Grammar quiz to help you learn grammar more efficiently
  • Errors are explained with suggestions to make the best choice for your work
  • Similar of Grammarly with free spell check facilities
  • Free online grammar check tool
  • Works in both online and offline mode
  • Support 24/7 to fix the language errors in your texts
Note: Despite being a free app, Grammar Checker is still in work in process. It is recommended not to depend blindly on this free grammar check tool. It can used for common types of errors, and it will does the work much faster.





Writefull is a grammar checker app that gives feedback on your writing by checking your text against databases of correct language. You can use Writefull in any writing tool such as from MS Word to Gmail.

Writefull uses Natural Language Processing and the language databases such as Google Books, Google Web, Google Scholar to give you feedback. This is absolutely a free grammar checker tool with a lot of amazing benefits. See them below

Key Features:

  • Now you can hear how your text is pronounced
  • Translate from any language into English
  • Easily find out which words are used most often in a gap in your selected text
  • Identifies which synonyms of a given word are used most often in your selected text
  • Easy to navigate and best suited for students





NounPlus is one of the best grammar checker tool that helps you to find typing mistakes and grammatical mistakes. It is a online free grammar checker tool that is effective in finding the most crucial and hidden errors and assures you with reliable and complete results.

It is very simple yet powerful grammar corrector, that literally checks your grammar and spelling like your teachers used to check. Highly recommended tool for children who are newly learning grammar and will definitely improve their vocabulary skills.

This free grammar checker online can be used by everyone and includes checks for all the vital elements including subjects and predicates, adjectives, phrases, verbs, adverbs, pronounce, prepositions, interjections and word ordering as well as sentence construction check to make your writing as perfect as possible.

Key Features:

  • Most complete online English grammar checker
  • Provides suggestions that improve the quality of your composition
  • Great for bloggers and online writers
  • Free to use grammar checker
  • Acts as one of the best grammar checker and spell checker





Frustrated of correcting mistakes and get embarrassed? Use this free grammar checker tool, Outwrite and make your writing clear and concise with stylistic and structural suggestions.

Whatever complex phrases you are writing in your content, it simplifies them instantly and brings clarity to your sentence. There are some amazing features of Outwrite.

There is a pro version of Outwrite that helps you to write compelling sentences using more active voices, includes a paraphrasing tool, and also checks plagiarism

Key Features:

  • Correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors instantly
  • Enhance your vocabulary with stronger synonyms
  • Helps you to track readability and grade level scores in real-time
  • Free to use software

Outwrite Pricing:

  • Free Version: Checks spelling and grammar, sentence re-writer, supported platforms Google Docs
  • Pro Version($9.95/m): Experimental suggestions, priority email checks, plagiarism checks
  • Teams($7.95/m): Group discount, manage team access, consolidated billing
Outwrite Pricing
Pricing plans



Grammar Slammar


Grammar Slammar is a free grammar checker tool that acts as a smart spell checker and punctuation checker tool. Ideal for all bloggers, online report writers to present their content with confidence! With this best grammar checker tool, it is now very easy to correct any kind of correction with better insights.

Key Features:

  • Free to use grammar and spell checker
  • Suggests for capitalizing, abbreviations, and punctuations
  • Corrects all types of common mistakes
  • No monthly subscription required
  • Supports Microsoft Windows


Final Words


Well, hope now it is clear what are the best grammar checker tools that instantly correct your grammatical mistakes, spellings, and sentence structure issues like a human review!

Grammatical mistakes create most embarrassing situations for most of us, especially for bloggers, online writers! Now there are lot more options to create great content structure using the above mentioned free grammar checker.

I will recommend all my friends, to give it a try as most of them are free to use grammar corrector that will help you to improve your English vocabulary.

If you have any further questions, let me know in the comment section below! Have any suggestions? Please ping me now! Ready to answer all your questions.

In the meantime, read our other blogs here!

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