Best Graphic Design Software Of 2022 ( Both For Beginners & Pros)

Find the best Graphic Design Software from the list given below. Use these easy-to-use tools o channel your creativity to create stunning graphic designs and give your career the boost it needs.

We are more focused on creativity and more involved in graphical presentations in this digital age, right? Whenever I think of Graphic Design Software, there comes eye-grabbing graphics on websites & magazines!

Personally, I have a deep passion for graphic designing and have taken various classes on graphic designing skills. Experienced digital artists don’t need to be pros in this field. If you are a beginner and want to put stunning creativity into real-world design you must need the best graphic design software that can make all the difference!

Best Graphic Design Software

Pixlr Editor's Choice

Remove background
Filters & effects
Design templates
Supports various file formats
Stickers & icons

Xara Photo and Graphic Designer Best For BUsiness

New content for projects
Customizable Professional Template
Intuitive image editiing
High quality vector design

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite Advanced Option

Flexible design space
Progressive image editing
Next-generation collaboration
Cross-platform software

Adobe Photoshop Popular option

Simple user interface
Illustrate creative ideas
Improved Neural Filters
Add your own originality
Inkscape logo

Inkscape Affordable Option

Object creation
Great tool for manipulation
Text Support

Sketch Smart Tool

Color variables and styles
Design together
Smarter sharing
Native to macOS

Adobe Illustrator Reliable Software

Perfectly scalable
Collaborative editing
Powerful documents in the cloud
Create custom fonts

Affinity Designer Premium Option

Color control
Rock solid vector
Advanced grids and guides
Sophisticated typography

Canva User's Choice

High-quality photos
Drag-And-Drop Editor
Create stunning videos
Background remover

Similarly, for showing your creativity in real-life events you must go for the best photo editing software and become a pro in that field. There is various free graphic design software that provides more flexibility and control with a free trial for users and give them a better understanding. Honestly, the term “Graphic Design Software” not only creates a visual design but leverages graphic design skills to create work that considers the entire user experience, including users’ visual processing abilities.

As a graphic designer, you must consider things with an eye to how elements match the tone, and then only it is possible to create an overall effect for your users’. Whether you want to add a product for your affiliate marketing or create a website for e-commerce, only the right visual design will take your brand to a new height with additional brand value.

Thinking about how to improve your graphic designing skills and leave your users spellbound? After a lot of research work, I have listed the top graphic design software that will cater to your different needs and preferences. Earlier, Adobe Photoshop uses to be my personal favorite but in recent times, I have had to spend a lot of time on something simpler and budget-friendly tool. In this article, you will find the top options with detailed features, usage, performance, cost, and availability.

So let’s get started and express yourself in stunning ways and communicate like professionals!


What is Graphic Design Software?

Graphic Design is the best way to communicate with users virtually. Basically, graphic designers create visual concepts by hand or by using computer software, and one of the best ways to inspire or inform consumers is with the help of images, words, or graphics. Here, designers attract viewers using typography and help users find it highly pleasurable, meaningful, and usable.

It is no brainer to say “Graphic Design is emotional design” as here you must have a firm understanding of color and the right choice of the color scheme as it will reflect the user’s imaginations & expectations. According to user psychology there are some considerations you must keep in mind:

  • Symmetry and Balance
  • Flow
  • Repetition
  • Pattern
  • The Golden Ratio
  • The Rule Of Thirds
  • Typography
  • Audience Culture


What Are The Benefits Of Graphic Design Software?

benefits of graphic designing
Advantages Of Graphic Design

Graphic Design is the blend of photography, illusion, typography, and motion graphics that captures attention and helps your business in several ways. You need to choose the best software for graphic design to create stunning visuals.

Here are some amazing benefits that online graphic design software helps your business:

1. Strengthens your brand:

Without a recognizable logo, a brand is not identifiable, right? So, here comes the role of graphic design that differentiates and promotes your company for more success rate. Using graphic design software you can convey the right message for your company. Users can make use of graphic design and create reliable communication and marketing activities.

2. Flexibility & Scalability:

A good graphic design software saves both time and money and provides greater flexibility to share website photos and images into various file formats such as JPG, TIF, EPS, PDF, or GIF. Create stunning graphics with a limited budget.

3. Budget Friendly:

If you want to invest in a good graphic designer to create professional layouts for print or online publishing then they will charge you a higher amount. But if you choose a value for money software to create stunning designs. There is free online graphic design software that will help you save a lot of expenses.

4. High Quality Visuals:

Whether you are a website owner or a blogger or a social media marketer, high-quality visuals will grab more attention of viewers and plays important criteria for purchasing decisions. Graphic design software provides high-quality photography, infographics, illustrations, and video to create more successful marketing tools.

6. More Attraction And Engagement:

A fresh graphic design not only creates brand identification but also increases brand engagement. Moreover, it also maintains a unique identity that attracts attention, retains your customers, and sends the right message to the audience promptly.

7. Better Graphic Communication:

We can’t think to lead a life without mobile phones, computers,s and magazines in our daily lifestyle. A good graphic design studio software captures more viewer’s attention and has the power to communicate complex messages much faster than words can. So, your images must be unique, relevant, and high-quality for high-speed communication.

Now, I hope you have got a clear idea that graphic design software will help you judge your talent, skills, and experience and where you can communicate ideas through images and the layout of web screens and printed pages.

Without any ado, let’s get started with the best graphic design software to discover the creativity level that suits you and your art! Keep Scrolling…!

List Of Best Graphic Design Software

Detailed List Of Best Graphic Design Software

Design is an art, and it requires a lot of creativity. The term “Graphic Design” surrounds a lot of things such as posters, infographics, book covers, product labels, logos, business cards, signs, website layouts, mobile apps, software interfaces—the list goes on…Today I am here to provide you with the top graphic design software list that will let you create stunning designs of your own!

Top Graphic Design Software Of 2022:


Adobe Photoshop

Graphic Design Software For Mac

Simple user interface
Illustrate creative ideas
Improved Neural Filters
Add your own originality

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most popular graphic design software in the market. It is an amazing image manipulation tool for both beginners to advanced levels. If you create banners, posters, websites, or logos Photoshop will do everything for you. I really love illustrative designs, where I can draw or paint anything of my choice. Moreover, here you can create naturalistic artwork or you can create isolated elements from backgrounds, work in 3D. Adobe Photoshop offers excellent graphic design capabilities to transfer imaginations to real-life events and explore your artistic skills with tutorials, live stream events, and more.

Adobe Photoshop is free graphic design software for macs that comes with a full creative cloud costing and brings creativity for all levels such as photography, video, design, UI and UX, 3D and AR, and social media.

Adobe Photoshop Features:

  • Create anytime, anywhere: Now you can easily sync your customized brushes and saved brush presets with creative cloud libraries to paint and draw on the go, whether on your mobile or your desktop apps.
  • Simple user interface: Adobe comes with a simple user interface and offers several workspace layouts, including Graphic and Web, 3D, Painting, Designer to create your own custom layout.
  • Illustrate creative ideas: Create the exact linework and shading you want and bring your digital drawings to life with pencil, ink, and charcoal brushes.
  • Add your own originality: Adobe is an open-source GIMP software and very easy to download and install this software for free. Here, you can take photos of drawings or textures and use Adobe Capture to transform them into distinct and stunning paintbrushes.
  • Improved Neural Filters: Now you can enjoy neural filters even better and use Colorise to effortlessly bring life to gray images, or Depth Blur to realistically blur backgrounds in a snap.
  • Includes integrated stock library
  • Easy masking and create virtually unlimited layers
  • Offers a library and photo management with Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac
  • Includes multiple design tools with responsive graphics
  • Easy to use user interface
  • Adobe Photoshop comes with 3D design capabilities to add remarkable animations

Adobe Photoshop Pricing:

Adobe Photoshop comes with a 30-days free trial and includes various packages with different prices:

  • Photograpy Plan ($9.99/mo) includes Lightroom, Lightroom Classic, Photoshop on desktop and iPad, and 20GB of cloud storage (1TB available)
  • All Apps($52.99/mo) includes 20+ creative apps including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, and Acrobat Pro
  • After Effects($20.99/mo) includes motion graphics and visual effects for film, TV, video, and web

In addition to this, there are various pricing plans for students, teachers, businesses, and universities




Free Online Photo Editor & Graphical Design Tool

Remove background
Filters & effects
Design templates
Supports various file formats
Stickers & icons

Pixlr is another powerful graphic design tool that lets you edit photos and create great designs right in your browser for free. It allows you to create next-level editing with intuitive photo editing with AI-powered tools for quick yet professional edits. Not only this Pixlr, allows you to create stunning YouTube thumbnails, Instagram stories, Facebook posts, and more. Plus, you can create photo collages free online with built-in pre-made collage templates. For more advanced tools such as extra overlays, stickers, and even a stock library it is recommended to check out Pixlr subscription plans.

Pixlr Features:

  • Remove background: With this graphic design tool, you can erase backgrounds in your photos with ease It comes with an AI-powered background removal option and removes the background from portraits, selfies, profile pictures, and more in mere seconds.
  • Filters & effects: With the right photo filters you can archive the desired photo effects in your visuals. There are versatile photo filters and effects that helps you create artsy images with a click.
  • Amazing design templates: It includes the latest social media templates to create stunning YouTube thumbnails, Instagram stories, Facebook posts, and more. Now it is very easy to design professionally crafted PowerPoint, resume, brochure, business card, newsletter, or wedding invitation template.
  • Supports various file formats: Pixlr is an intuitive photo editing and graphical design tool that opens in almost any image format such as PSD(Photoshop), PXD, JPEG, PNG (transparent), WebP, SVG and more.
  • Stickers & icons: Allows you to inject fun into visuals by adding stickers or icons to create better engagement with your audience.
  • Allows you to remove spots, unwanted objects, blemishes, and clean up images
  • Easy to use for beginners and for quick edits and includes a lot of artistic presets
  • Free intuitive photo-editing software for free without any installation needed
  • Automatic background separation is quite useful and works best for any graphics designing work
  • Provides some very useful tools and features which is used for designing artworks and posters
  • The UI is very suggestive and user-friendly and can be freely downloaded from the app or play store
  • Compatible with any browser, iOS, and Android

Pixlr Pricing:

Pixlr offers 3 subscription plans to take photo editing to the next level:

  • Free version includes access to Pixlr X and E, basic editing tools, limited set of overlays
  • Premium Version ($4.90/mo) includes extensive editing tools, AI Cutout, 3000+ extra overlays, 5,000 decorative texts, new templates
  • Creative ($14.99/mo) includes unlimited access to stock content, 28,000 extra overlays, 5,000 decorative texts



CorelDRAW Graphics Suite

Best Graphic Design Software For Professionals

Flexible design space
Progressive image editing
Next-generation collaboration
Cross-platform software
$35.38 visit site

CorelDraw Graphics Suite is the best-suited software for graphic design applications for vector illustration, layout, photo editing, and more. This is a great platform for both branding & marketing and helps you create everything from stand-out brand identity assets to alluring sales tools. Highly suited for creative professionals working in advertising and publishing, to small businesses producing in-house marketing materials.

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is enjoyed by diverse designers, industries, and businesses worldwide and is perfect for creating visual communications, web and print designs.

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite Features:

  • Flexible design space: With this versatile design tool you can get ideation to output in record time with new workflows that put you in control of your pages and assets.
  • Progressive image editing: With the powerful photo editing features you can enhance images by replacing colors to flawless photos faster.
  • Next-generation collaboration: With its intuitive dashboard, now it is very easy to connect with clients as remote work is new normal or you can gather real-time comments and annotations and give feedback right within the dashboard.
  • Cross-platform software: CorelDRAW is a true cross-platform and you can experience it across Windows, Mac, web, iPad, and other mobile devices. Not only this, you can get a new touch-optimized user experience and get more facilities on mobile and tablets.
  • Extensive File Compatibility: Using this software, you can easily import & export a variety of project assets based on client-provided files or needs and publish in various image file formats such as AI, PSD, PDF, JPG, PNG, SVG, DWG, DXF, EPS, etc.
  • Smooth transition from desktop to tablet with various touch features
  • Works quickly and efficiently with Windows Real-Time Stylus pen-compatible tablets
  • Allows you to discover downloadable fonts, fills, vectors, creative templates, and more
  • Produce captivating website content with a collection of exceptional web graphics tools
  • Comes loaded with image-optimization options that help improve the quality of a bitmap as you trace it
  • Very easy to apply colors to fills and change the transparency of an object and fill objects with patterns, gradients, mesh fills, and more

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite Pricing:

  • CorelDRAW Graphics Suite offers a 15-days free trial and costs at $35.28/mo and annual subscription costs at $ 424.03 with 30 days money back guarantee.




Best Graphic Design Software For Beginners

Object creation
Great tool for manipulation
Text Support

Inkscape is a free open-source designing tool and a perfect tool for illustrators, website designers to create some vector imaginary Inkscape like never before. It is the best free graphic design software for web designers to create some vector imagery. More importantly, Inkspace is the best graphic design software for beginners. This software is compatible with three platforms Linux, Windows, and macOS.

It is open-source and one can easily upgrade and develop the features for more exciting designs. To be very frank, my opinion is Inkspace is an amazing alternative to Adobe Illustrator which is another free graphic design tool.

Inkscape Features:

  • Object creation: With Inkspace, you can use pencil tool, pen tool or calligraphy tool, shape tools, text tool and embedded bitmaps of selected objects.
  • Great tool for manipulation: Now it is very easy to transform such as moving, scaling, rotating, skewing. Not only this, you can group objects, layer or rearrange them.
  • Text Support: Inkspace has multi-line text support that can be used to outline fonts including right-to-left scripts, text on path and text on shape.
  • Rendering: This tool comes with alpha transparency support for display and PNG export. Moreover, you will get a complete drag-n-drop rendering of objects during interactive transformation
  • Free Open-source tool: This robust software is absolutely free to use with flexible drawing tools and Broad file format compatibility.
  • Regular Updates: This tool provides regular updates & features. With its recent update, it includes a welcome dialog, a command palette and other searchable preference options with various new formats.
  • Offers several well-designed and tools to create, edit and convert vectors
  • Runs evenly across three platforms such as Linux, Windows, and macOS
  • Powerful text tool with bezier and spiro curves
  • Includes a gradient editor which is capable of multi-stop gradients
  • Perfectly compliant SVG format file generation and editing
  • Different preset categories of filters save both time and effort

Inkscape Pricing:

  • Inkspace is an open-source graphic design software which is free to use




Best Graphic Design Software For Business Collaboration

Color variables and styles
Design together
Smarter sharing
Native to macOS

Sketch is a powerful native graphic design software that helps you to supercharge your creative process, and customize your workflow with plugins and extensions. Using this vector editing tool, you can kickstart your career effortlessly and a great choice for both beginners or seasoned pros. It is a free graphic software for macs and shared libraries, with reusable components and tools to keep everything organized

This graphic design software is highly compatible with industrial tools that enable you to scale across multiple platforms and also delivers a meaningful digital experience with speed and flexibility. Moreover, it includes instant updates for everyone and shares them automatically with collaborators.

Sketch Features:

  • Color variables and styles: With this software, you can keep[ things consistent by defining color variables, text and layer styles. Moreover, you can also use & reuse them across your designs.
  • Design together: With real-time collaboration in the Mac app, and a set of cross-platform tools for feedback, sharing and developer handoff in the browser, you can keep everyone on the same page.
  • Prototyping: Now you can quickly link different parts of your design and create prototypes to test out your ideas or share them in browser or test them on your device.
  • Smarter sharing: Using Sketch software, you can share your work with anyone, anywhere, in any web browser or keep them private or you can save them to a shared workspace.
  • Native to macOS: Sketch is familiar with macOS app, and provides you with various advantages such as touch bar support, Super fast performance on Apple silicon, customizable toolbar and shortcuts, Dark and light user interfaces etc.
  • Offers a library of artboard templates for iOS devices and responsive web design layouts
  • Customize visual representation of charts and change data in seconds
  • Allows designers to share interfaces and collaborate through the cloud
  • Get infinite control over typography in your designs with variable font support, and unlock alternate characters
  • Easy export options to quickly share, set up export presets, and speed up things for everyone
  • Work with boolean operations that are non-destructive, editable, and easy to combine

Sketch Pricing:

  • Standard ($9/mo) includes unlimited documents and projects, a native Mac editor, a web app for everyone and a free 30-day trial
  • Business plan is for organizations with advanced needs and includes single sign-on, priority support, invoice-based billing, dedicated customer support



Adobe Illustrator

Industry Leading Vector Graphics Software

Perfectly scalable
Collaborative editing
Powerful documents in the cloud
Create custom fonts

Adobe Illustrator is an industry-standard vector graphic design software that lets you create everything from web and mobile graphics to logos, icons, book illustrations, product packaging, and billboards. This tool helps you to create typography, draw freehand and trace and recolor graphics. Compatible on desktop, iPad, and even off-line. Plus, it stores and manages your documents, graphics, styles, and text in the cloud for easy access.

Get access to thousands of fonts from Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign, Adobe XD, Adobe After Effects. Not only this, now you can automatically extract colors from a photo and add them to your design, auto-trace a hand-drawn sketch and turn it into a vector graphic, and more.

Adobe Illustrator Features:

  • Perfectly scalable: With this graphic design software for mac, you can create typography, draw freehand and trace and recolor graphics.
  • Collaborative editing: This tool helps you to share a link to allow others to edit your Illustrator document and collect all edits in one document without the need to send large files.
  • Powerful documents in the cloud: It is very easy to keep track of all your versions with cloud documents that save automatically, so you can access them anywhere and even off-line.
  • Create custom fonts: Illustrator can help you create custom letterforms and fonts that fit your unique layout and design. It is very easy to find the right type of design with variable fonts in Illustrator’s font menu.
  • Highly compatible: Adobe Illustrator is highly compatible with both Mac and Windows and other devices. Not only this, it is highly accessible and customizable through multiple layouts.
  • Adobe Photoshop work with predefined content and support template file format
  • The user interface is highly accessible and customizable
  • Work seamlessly with other creative cloud apps
  • Lets you create everything from web and mobile graphics to logos, icons, book illustrations, product packaging, and billboards
  • Generates graphics based on mathematical equations
  • Allows you to create mirror images or repeat artwork in a radial or grid pattern
NOTE: With the latest version 25.3, you will get rotate view tool, Apple Silicon Support. For iPad users, you will advanced export controls, enhanced blob brush, transparency grid view, support for the template file format.

Adobe Illustrator Pricing:

  • Adobe Illustrator Monthly Plan costs $9.99
  • Adobe Illustrator For Enterprise use costs $33.99



Affinity Designer

Graphic Design Software For Professional Illustrators And Game Developers

Color control
Rock solid vector
Advanced grids and guides
Sophisticated typography
$49.99 visit site

Affinity Designer is the fastest, smoothest, and most precise graphic design software editing and retouching images, creating full-blown multi-layered compositions, or making beautiful raster paintings. This software is a powerful design app for professional illustrators, web designers, and game developers who love its silky-smooth combination of vector and raster design tools. Affinity Designer is setting the new industry standard in the world of design and is simply a joy to use.

Affinity Designer Features:

  • Color control: Affinity work in RGB or LAB colour spaces and even up to 32-bits per channel. It also helps designing for print, Pantone support, end-to-end CMYK and ICC colour management are built in as standard.
  • Rock solid vector: This tool provides high-productivity with a comprehensive vector toolset,non-destructive boolean operations, and powerful control tool.
  • Advanced grids and guides: There are options for setting up grids and guides which is unlimited. Whether it’s a standard grid pattern, or full isometric with multiple planes, you have full control over spacing, sub-divisions, gutters, angles and more.
  • Unlimited artboards: With this tool, you can layout all your screens, pages, menus and other items in a single project across any number of artboards or export artboards in your designs with a single click.
  • Sophisticated typography: With this graphic design software online you can create artistic text for headlines, or frames of text for body copy, or add advanced styling and ligatures with full control over leading, kerning, tracking and more.
  • It supports various vector files types including PDF/X4, EPS, SVG, and PSD support
  • Allows you to create smooth and accurate curves through rope and window stabilizers
  • Offers a wide range of colors to enhance designs
  • Users can work in both pixel art environments and vector art environments without opening other application
  • Its versatile grid system enables designers to set up grids while creating isometric video game graphics
  • Great for various architectural purposes or for making a logo or print file for a sticker

Affinity Designer Pricing:

  • Affinity Designer For Mac $49.99
  • Affinity Designer For Windows $49.99
  • Affinity Designer For iPad $19.99



GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program)

Free Open-Source Graphic Design Software For Windows

High-quality photo manipulation
Original artwork creation
Graphic design elements

GIMP(GNU Image Manipulation Software) is a cross-platform image editor & graphic design software that provides you with sophisticated tools and enhances your productivity with many customization options and 3rd party plugins. Plus this tool is available for GNU/Linux, OS X, Windows, and more operating systems. From my end, I think this tool will be a great choice for graphic designers, photographers, illustrators, or scientists.

GIMP Features:

  • High-quality photo manipulation: GIMP provides the tools needed for high quality image manipulation. From retouching to restoring to creative composites, the only limit is your imagination.
  • Original artwork creation: With this graphic design free software you will get the power and flexibility to transform images into truly unique creations.
  • Graphic design elements: It is an amazing tool for producing icons, graphical design elements, and art for user interface components and mockups.
  • Flexibility: GIMP is a highly flexible tool and has integrations with many programming languages including Scheme, Python, Perl, and more. Even you don’t have any coding skills you can customize it as per your requirements with several incredible plugins
  • Compatibility: This tool is highly compatible with many operating systems including macOS, Windows, Solaris, Linux.
  • Provides top-notch color management features to ensure high-fidelity color reproduction
  • Offers a high level of customization with various third-party plugins
  • Free open-source image editor for Linux, OS X, Windows, and more
  • Easy to use user interface for beginners who are new to the field of image editing
  • Provides a high-quality framework for scripted image manipulation with multi-language support
  • Allows designers to design an image under an existing image

GIMP Pricing:

  • GIMP is an open-source software and entirely free to use



Xara Designer Pro

Overall Graphic Design Software For Web & Print Design

Easy Drag & Drop
Top-quality Screen Display
Online editing & collaboration
Direct action tools
$16.95 visit site

Xara Designer Pro is the world’s fastest graphic design software with powerful illustration tools, innovative photo editing, flexible page layout, and unrivaled WYSIWYG web design. It is a single integrated solution for all your creative work, for print and the web, and my best choice for graphic design needs.

This graphic design software provides all the tools for a range of graphic design such as illustration, photo editing, advanced page layout, web graphics, websites, and more.It is one of the most sophisticated high-performance vector rendering engines that allows you to create effects such as transparency, shadows, bevels or gradient fills in an interactive, fast, and intuitive way

Xara Designer Pro Features:

  • Easy Drag & Drop: Xara Designer Pro helps users with easy drag & drop principle which is the most intuitive way of working and a great time saver. It also supports drag and drop import of files, such as photos.
  • Top-quality Screen Display: Xara is the world’s first vector graphic design software with maximum screen quality with the fastest, highest quality anti-aliasing available in any drawing program.
  • Online editing & collaboration: Using Xara Cloud you will get an ultra-simple way to view, edit and update your Xara document using a web browser on any computer or tablet and from anywhere in the world. It is a perfect tool for collaborative editing, for commercial designers.
  • Direct action tools: Xara Designer Pro includes direct action tools that allows you to create effects such as transparency, shadows, bevels or gradient fills in an interactive, fast and intuitive way.
  • Ultra fast processing: With this sophisticated vector rendering engine you will enjoy ultra fast processing, even with complex illustrations or very high resolution photos and take your creativity to a next level.
  • Xara Designer Pro is capable of syncing files with Dropbox and Google Drive in just a simple clicks
  • It is super-fast and resolution independent and allows zoom up to 25,000%
  • Designer Pro offers solid live object manipulation, which simply makes it much easier to see what you’re doing
  • Designer Pro offers everything you need for professional DTP, combining advanced text controls with flexible page layout features such as drag and drop editing of images and automatic text flow around objects
  • Offers support to an extensive range of file formats, including bitmap types like JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF, PSD
  • Includes a set of powerful but really easy-to-use vector line and shape drawing and editing tools

Xara Designer Pro Pricing:

Xara Designer Pro+ comes with a great value package:

  • Xara Designer Pro+ costs $16.95/mo
  • Xara Designer Team+costs $9.98/mo



Gravit Designer

Vector Graphic Designer App

Unlimited flexibility
Cloud integration
Easily accessible

Gravit Designer is a free full-featured vector graphic design app that works on all platforms and is a very fast and flexible tool for professional designers. This tool includes a professional vector editing toolbox which includes Pen, Bezigon, preset shapes with smart controls, Knife, and non-destructive Boolean operations, including the ability to vectorize borders or offset path contours. Not only this, works with RGB, HSB, and CMYK colors with a rich collection of adjustments and effects including color transformations, blurs, shadows, and many more.

Gravit Designer Features:

  • Unlimited flexibility: This graphic design software free fits perfectly for diverse design work including Illustration, UI and screen design mockups, Printed Artwork, Branding and Logo design and also suitable for non-typical design disciplines such as laser cutting and game assets design.
  • Easily accessible: Gravit Designer is available at any desktop platform such as Mac OS, Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS and you can design it from any place.
  • Beginners-friendly: This powerful software has simple user-interface and beginners can find the clean and uncluttered interface easy and fun to use.Both free version and pro version is highly productive design tool.
  • Cloud integration: Get ravit cloud to have access to them at any time and place that save files locally even if you are offline. It includes search files and folders, unlimited folder structure. Plus you can get access and open your existing Google Drive files and create new ones directly from within Gravit Designer.
  • Compatibility: Includes a wide range of industry standard input and output file formats for excellent compatibility with other products. Plus, it has inclusive file formats such as SVG, SVGZ, JPEG, PNG, GIF for a flawless collaboration with other designers, developers and clients.
  • Includes advanced vector editing with intuitive and powerful vector toolset such as smart shapes, live boolean operations, object styling fills, borders, etc
  • Allows you to control special points on smart primitives to change the corner radius, arc and pie angles, and many other smart parameters of the shapes
  • Gravit Designer is a versatile pointer tool that automatically selects, moves and rotates, and modifies the shape instantly
  • This freehand tool allows you to draw freeform vector paths with automatic smoothing where you can add or remove parts to enrich the hand-drawn look of your artwork
  • Work with physical (real-life) units like inches, centimeters, or millimeters for print related projects or stick to pixels for the screen-based design output
  • Includes powerful aligning and distributing system using advanced transform panel(both horizontally and vertically)

Gravit Designer Pricing:

Gravit Designer has two subscription plans:

  • Gravit Designer (Free) includes 500 MB Cloud storage, PDF export, color space(RGB only)
  • Gravit Designer Pro($49/year) includes unlimited cloud storage, PDF export, works offline, advanced export options




Best Free Graphic Design Software For Beginners

Easy User Interface
Editing features
Screen capture

PhotoScape is free graphic design software for beginners for easy photo editing that enables you to fix and enhance photos. This tool is amazing for editing and managing photo archive and serves as the best choice for beginners and professionals with easy to use interface.

PhotoScape Features:

  • Easy User Interface: PhotoScape offers a simple and easy to use interface which makes the software beginners-friendly.
  • Editing features: This free graphic design tool has various editing features resizing, brightness and color adjustment, white balance, backlight correction, frames, balloons, mosaic mode, adding text, drawing pictures, cropping, filters, red eye removal, blooming, paint brush, clone stamp, effect brush.
  • Screen capture: It allows you to capture your screenshot and save it.
  • Many other features: This tool includes a lot of features such as color adjustments, brightness, animated GIF, Screen capture, color picker, rename, raw converter, batch editor and many more.
  • This design software is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux
  • Highly responsive and lightweight and free of cost
  • With the batch editor feature, users can edit multiple photos to resize, convert or rename multiple pictures
  • Easily converts raw images to JPG
  • Allows you to attach multiple photos vertically or horizontally to create one final photo
  • Allows you to zoom in on images, search and pick a color

PhotoScape Pricing:

  • PhotoScape comes with free of cost




Free Graphic Design Software For Presentations

Better interactivity
Creative templates
Interactive images

Genially is an all-in-one free graphic design software that helps you to create presentations, infographics, and other stunning content by yourself or with your team. With this platform, you can fill your designs with interactivity and movement and create stunning pieces in no time.

You will find thousands of visuals to choose from such as vectors and image libraries and make your content more interactive. Not only this, Genially allows you to start from scratch where you can create posters, infographics, interactive images, and more. Do you know the best part? There is no limit on the number of creations and start using Genially as a free user.

Genially Features:

  • Better interactivity: Using this free graphic design software you can create something really engaging by adding add text, images, videos, audios or external links.
  • Faster: Genially is more efficient and allows you to invite your colleagues or friends to collaborate on your creations.
  • Easy to use: With this online graphic design software, you can feel like you are at home and there is no need to download anything and very simple to use.It’s advanced tools and resources help you create interactive content quickly.
  • Includes creative templates: Genially’s library provides you with thousands of templates, with predefined interactivity and animation effects, designed by professionals.All you need to do is, add your content! Yes, it’s that simple!
  • Interactive images: Now it is very easy to create eye-grabbing images in a heartbeat, without needing to code. You can enrich your image by inserting text, audios, videos, and more in other layers of information.
  • Includes thousands of creative templates with predefined interactivity and animation effects
  • Allows you to add buttons to your creations to turn your designs into microsites, product catalogs, and other interactive spaces
  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac system
  • With Genially, you can amaze your audience with your attractive & customized presentation
  • Includes awesome presentation templates so that you can customize your template like a magic
  • It allows you to create a video presentation with animation and capture everyone’s attention with dynamic content

Genially Pricing:

Genially offers two amazing plans for Education and Company:

  • Free plan ($0) includes unlimited creations, unlimited views, free templates and resources
  • Pro plan ($7.49/mo) includes privacy control, import PowerPoint files, insert audio from your computer
  • Master plan includes ($20.82/mo) includes all features from Pro version, remove the Genially watermark,etc
  • Team plan ($79.15/mo) includes all features from master, 5 master accounts and a dedicated account manager




Free Graphic Design & Image Editing Software

High-quality photos
Drag-And-Drop Editor
Create stunning videos
Background remover

Canva is a free graphic design software and not only that it does a lot and can be called the best image editing software. Plus, this tool acts as a photo editor, color palette tool, font combination picker, learning resource, and photo collage maker. Recently, I have come across its thousands of free design elements and is really great as an infographic maker.

Canva offers you a full graphic design suite and is available for Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS. Plus, it has a wide range of templates for social media, marketing, business, education, and trending. Canva is very simple to use, with inspirational learning assets and my current favorite design tool.

Canva Features:

  • High-quality photos: With Canva, you can create millions of free and premium photos with beautiful designs.And the best part is, the free designs are very interactive to use.
  • Drag-And-Drop Editor: Canva offers a drog and drop editor which is a great alternative for absolute beginners as it offers amazing customization potential.
  • Create stunning videos: With canva you can easily create high-quality videos without being a professional video editor.
  • Background remover: With this free graphic design software you can automatically remove background from image in just one-click.
  • Simple to use interface: Canava offers a easy to use interface for both beginners and professionals that helps you to design anything, from from logos and social media content to documents, prints and more.
  • Magically resize designs: With this feature, you can have your graphics ready to share in any size and for any platform.
  • Allows you to design anything with no prior design knowledge at all
  • Offers a wide selection of templates, fonts, and images that are absolutely free to use
  • Comes with an easy to use interface and is suitable for both beginners & professionals
  • Great for designing simple social banners or marketing materials quickly
  • Allows you to save your creation in the cloud and download it in your desired formats as well
  • A simple online graphic design tool that offers a load of templates and stock photos for business proposals, posters, social media posts with any design skills
  • Offers 30-days free trial

Canva Pricing:

Canva offers 4 pricing plans for designing your creativity:

  • Free ($0) includes 10+ design types, thousands of free photos, 5GB of cloud storage
  • Pro ($9.99/mo) includes everything of free version, 75+million premium stock photos, remove backgrounds in a click
  • Enterprise ($30/mo/person) includes everything of pro version, unlimited storage, establish your brand’s visual identity, 24/4 enterprise-level support




Free Vector Graphics Software

Works on cross-platform
Real-time sharing
Scale designs

Vectr is a great standalone free online graphic design software for professionals as well as newbies. This software allows you to create vector graphics easily and intuitively. It is a very simple yet powerful web and desktop tool that brings your design into reality. Personally, I will recommend this software for beginners as they will find the low learning curve attractive and best used for vector images.

Vectr Features:

  • Works on cross-platform: Vectr is an amazing graphic editor absolutely for free and you can Vectr on the web, or download to your desktop. Moreover, it automatically save & sync your work in real-time, across all platforms.(Firefox support is coming soon)
  • Easy to use: This tool comes with intuitive tools that let you focus on what truly matters and helps you create beautiful graphic designs.
  • Real-time sharing: Now you can easily send Vectr documents for real-time collaboration and let others watch you create and edit designs live, whether you’re in the web app or desktop version.
  • Scale designs: Vector graphics are always crisp and clean and allows you to create blur-free logos, presentations, cards, brochures, website mockups, or any 2D graphic with Vectr.
  • Free graphics editor: This free graphics software is used to create vector graphics easily and intuitively that brings your creativity into reality.
  • Great cross-platform way to work and create vector images
  • A free and web-based graphic design tool that allows you to export files into SVG, png, and jpeg format
  • Allows users to create and edit beautiful designs, blur-free logos, presentations, cards, and brochures
  • Vectr offers transparent PNG export as a standard feature, while you have to upgrade to paid plans on Canva for that
  • It is really simple to use and learn and can be used to modify shapes and colors to a great capacity
  • With Vectr you can work with shapes, text, and multiple layers, just like with other professional vector imaging apps

Vectr Pricing:

  • Vectr is a cross-platform designing software and available for free



Design Wizard

Online Free Graphic Design Software

Personalized designs
Professional templates
Engage Followers Instantly
Resize your designs

Design Wizard is an amazing graphic design software to create impressive videos and image designs in minutes. With this tool, you can create unique content with premium images, videos, and fonts or you can also include a personalized caption. One of the most important features of Design Wizard is its integration with Hubspot, Buffer, Intercom, Marketo. Compatible with Web Browser.

Design Wizard works in 3 simple steps:

  • Select a template that suits your social media and print from the template library.
  • Tailor your template with premium images, videos and fonts and create unique content in minutes
  • Lastly, you have to schedule, share and download your design using integrations such as Buffer, Hubspot

Design Wizard Features:

  • Create personalized designs: With this tool, you can create custom designs such as birthday cards, party invitations for family and loved ones.
  • Includes professional templates: Design Wizard provides you with everything for your business and includes a library of editable business and social media templates that will save you hours of valuable time and resources.
  • Engage Followers Instantly: With this tool, you can grab the attention of your followers and fans with amazing posts, images and videos and also share your designs to popular social media networks.
  • Resize your designs: It allows you to magically resize your designs, upload your fonts, photos, logos and create custom colour palettes.
  • Includes template library: This feature provides you with amazing designs with a wide library of ver one million premium images, thousands of high quality videos, illustrations, graphics and more.
  • Online graphic design software with amazing templates and images to make it easier and more time-efficient to create endless designs and share them.
  • Very easy to redesign a post to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook with best fitting image size and supports videos
  • A flexible tool with top-notch stock photography and helps you to create your own design templates
  • A simple platform that allows even non-designers to create beautiful work with eye-catching features
  • Design wizard not only allows you to design graphical images but also gives us the ability to make short videos and they have a ton of resources in their image and video library
  • Pro tool for image creation with custom color palettes, canvas resize, font uploader, and more

Design Wizard Pricing:

Design Wizard comes with a free trial and 2 subscription plans:

  • Basic($0) includes resize image designs, add text, images and shapes to design, lifetime license
  • Pro ($9.99/mo) includes all basic features plus 60 image design downloads per month, image uploads, font uploads, 1GB storage
  • Business ($49.99/mo) includes all pro features, unlimited standard video downloads, video uploads, add text & images to videos, 10GB storage




Open-Source Free Painting Tool For Professionals

Flexible interface
Built-in vector tools
Simple and powerful 2D animation

Krita is a free open-source graphic design software designed by artists and used by everyone for concept artists, texture and matte painters, illustrations, and comics. It offers a set of brushes for types of work and includes advanced filters for creating seamless textures and patterns. It comes with an intuitive interface with a customizable layout. Plus it includes beautiful brushes, stabilizers, brush engine, and the best part is you can download it for free. Krita is a natural painting toolbox that is perfect for artists to cartoonists that every digital creator should have

Krita Key Features:

  • Flexible interface: It has an intuitive user interface that stays out of your way. Plus you can create your own shortcuts for commonly used tools such as customizable layout, over 30 dockers for additional functionality, dark and light color themes.
  • Built-in vector tools: This software help you create comic panels from the vector library and drag them on your canvas. You can also add text to your artwork as well with the text tool. Krita uses SVG to manage its vector format.
  • Simple and powerful 2D animation: Krita transforms your workspace to an animation studio and bring your drawings to life by layering your animations and export them with audio import support.
  • Full color management: Krita supports full color management through LCMS ICC and OpenColor IO for EXR, and allows you to incorporate Krita into your existing color management pipeline. Moreover, Krita comes with a wide variety of ICC working space profiles for every need, with a color space browser to visualize and explore them
  • Layer Management: Krita not only assists you in painting but also comes with vector, filter, group, and file layers and also combine, order, and flatten layers to help your artwork stay organized.
  • Krita is the best free desktop vector graphics tool that runs smoothly and is entirely free
  • Offers many basic photo editing features for Windows, Mac, and Linux and is designed for illustration and digital artists
  • It is very approachable and elegant software with open source roadblocks
  • It is a feature-rich open-source platform that is perfect for my needs
  • Krita comes with a great set of brushes that are optimized for digital drawing and painting
  • The layout is adaptable to the artist’s use and can be changed according to what is most convenient
  • Compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux

Krita Pricing:

Krita is an open-source platform and is available for free



Final Words

Graphic design sounds very interesting to some extent, but professional graphic designers need the best graphic design software that meets all their requirements. Now, the question is do you really think this guide will help you to become a pro in graphic designing? Yeah, absolutely not! Being a graphic designer it seems tricky to choose the best one, right? And let me tell you, I am also in this group! After a lot of research and testing, I have picked up the top options for you that will boost your artistic talent.

Standing in this modern era, graphics is the utmost important factor that opens new roads of success as well as new opportunities that will evaluate your work for your client! Before you choose the best graphic design software, you must consider some tips:

  1. Always analyze the graphic design software with its features even though it is an open-source or paid tool and ofcourse it must be budget-friendly
  2. If you want to manage basuc editing then, I will recommend you to go for free tools like GIMP or Inkscape. Rather,Adobe Photoshop will be the best choice for vector designs
  3. For collaboration, there are cloud based graphic design platform that will smoothly collaborate and share your files

That’s all guys. I hope, now you have a clear idea and make the right decision for choosing the software.

Thank you for being a part of this article. Don’t forget to share which one is your favorite design software in the comment section below! Happy to hear from you all!

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