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There are numerous Lifetime Deals Websites, but which is the best for LTDs. Check out our list of Top LTDs sites, where you cal finds the most affordable lifetime deals.

Looking for the best Lifetime Deals Websites for trending software, apps, and other saas tools? Well, we got you covered. We have the ultimate list of best LTDs websites.

As we already know Software as a service (SaaS) apps typically charge their users monthly or annual fees to use their tools. Lifetime deals eliminate the need for recurring payments and allow users to pay a single, one-time fee to access the app for their entire lifetime. 

In this article, I am going to list down some of the best websites that offer lifetime deals on software and tools. So without any further ado let’s get started.

Best Lifetime Deals Websites

Here is the ultimate list of the best SaaS marketplaces with lifetime discounts so you can save money on your preferred tools and software this year.



Appsumo Lifetime Deals website

Founded in 2010, Appsumo is the leading software marketplace with a vendor base of over thousands that offers a myriad of tools and software to grow your digital business.

This site collaborates with the tech companies and provides you access to the deals on their software products and helps startups by making them leverage technology hence saving your money. It also lets people submit their deals.

AppSumo can be used in two different ways. Businesses that sell digital products or services can team up with AppSumo to offer their products at steep discounts in an effort to draw in more clients, encourage them to try out their products, and ultimately convert them to regular clients.

On the other hand, business owners can search through the various offers on the website to find inexpensive—and occasionally even free—goods or services that can support the expansion of their enterprises. Project management tools, video editing tools, and even social media tools are available.

Check out the latest AppSumo Deals here.




Pitchground Lifetime Deals Website

PitchGround is another popular lifetime deals website where you can discover the best software to grow your business. PitchGround is a unique platform that bridges the gap between Entrepreneurs, Marketers, Founders, and early adopters.

Founded in 2018, PitchGround has already helped over 20 companies to raise over a million dollars in crowdfunding in less than 8 months of operation. They specialize in the Saas software which is the hottest property on the internet currently.

You can find top deals with over 90% discounts that will help you to save a lot of money while you get lifetime access to the best software.

They also bring in offers that are FREE and give you access to some of the most powerful tools. Keep an eye on the PitchGroubd platform as a result. Your company, no matter how big or small will benefit from this SaaS marketplace.

Check out the Latest Pitchground Deals here.



Saas Mantra

Saas Mantra Lifetime Deals Website

SaaS Mantra was founded in 2016, and they have been striving positively for the last 30+ months. Like Appsumo and Pitchground, Saasmantra is another LTDs site for Entrepreneurs and Marketers to explore new SaaS tools in the market and learn how to best utilize them to grow their businesses.

They have worked with over 400+ SaaS Founders and helped launch 80+ products to get their brand out in the market with carefully laid out growth strategies. SaaS Mantra is a revolutionary SaaS Ecosystem that connects 1000s of Entrepreneurs across the world. This LTD marketplace provides the best lifetime deals, saas-based software, SEO tools & software, SaaS, and entrepreneurs deals.

SaaS Mantra is a community-driven lifetime discounts platform, which focused on bringing both entrepreneurs and founders together and helping each other.

The founder of SaaS Mantra is Sampath, and he is actively involved in bringing great deals. Sampath will also be personally there for every webinar brought by SaaS Mantra.


Rebellink Deals

RebelLink is one of the fastest-growing SaaS marketplaces for startups, entrepreneurs & business owners. Developers can list their SaaS products with RebeLink to get extra exposure for their brand, increase their growth, and generate revenue with a substantial volume of sales.

On the other hand, individuals and businesses can find LTDs, discounts, and coupons on their favorite software. Rebellink features a lot of LTDs, in-house as well as from other 3rd party sources like app sumo, pitchground, and more.

Get the best deals on SEO Tools, video editing software, photo editing software, CRM tools, PRM Tools, LMS systems, website builders, and more, on RebelLink.

Check out the latest software deals here.

And don’t miss the top Best Black Friday Cyber Monday SaaS Deal on rebellink. Get SAAS deals at the most affordable cost.





The DealMirror was founded by Akash Kumar & Di Singh in 2016 to bring some best B2B software around the globe under one platform at an affordable price. DealMirror is on a mission to give each individual and company the power to get affordable software solutions for every need for their business journey.

DealMiror is a growing LTDs marketplace that offers the best lifetime deals on various applications, services, digital goods, plugins, SEO tools, and so much more. The list of tools offered here is endless.

This platform is best suited for website designers and developers because of how many design and graphics tools are available to them. In addition, you can register your company and submit a deal to attract more clients.




Dealify Lifetime Deals Website

Dealify is a website that provides special lifetime discounts on software. Dealify focuses on offering discounted software and offers for business owners, founders, marketers, and growth hackers. It is a developing business that provides offers at reasonable prices and is used by many startups for promotional products.

In addition to their amazing deals and offers, Dealify offers free Chrome and Firefox extensions to give you the best lifetime deal alerts. Dealify is primarily for growth hackers, marketers, and business owners who are just starting out and want to scale their operations quickly.




Dealfuel Lifetime Deals Website

DealFuel is a website for all the latest and coolest tech lifetime deals primarily for marketers, designers, bloggers, and freelancers because this platform gives free WordPress themes, plugins, and SEO tools.

You also get great deals on many educational resources such as ebooks, e-courses, graphics, and more. Again, you can register your business and get customers from this SaaS marketplace too!




Rockethub Life time deals website

If you’re an aspiring business owner, RocketHub is the best option for you. They provide special discounts on a variety of tools and software in addition to a 30-day money-back guarantee that allows you to get a full refund if you’re not happy with their offers.

You can even receive many freebies of your preferred software during special occasions like Black Friday, including a podcast outreach system, an Instagram influencer marketing kit, and more. In addition, if you develop SaaS products, you can list them on this SaaS marketplace to attract customers to your company.


What are Lifetime Deals?

Lifetime deals are discounts on specific products and tools that allow users to pay a one-time fee and keep using the tool indefinitely. The monthly recurring fees that these tools typically charge can be significantly reduced with lifetime deals.

The goal of lifetime deals is for consumers to buy into the brand, thereby becoming lifelong clients. It is common nowadays for SaaS companies to have lifetime deals.

Why Lifetime Deals are Important For Your Business?

One of the best ways for your business to save a lot of money and give you all the tools and knowledge you need to keep your operation running smoothly is by utilizing lifetime deals. Lifetime trading is an essential service to include in your tech stack if you are operating your business on a tight budget.

Lifetime deals might be the most effective strategy if you’re trying to develop a devoted customer base. Customers have the chance to make long-term savings on the software they would need to use every day with Lifetime Deals. These kinds of deals benefit both the customer and the company, so it’s a win-win situation.

Benefits Of Lifetime Deals

A lifetime deal has few if any, drawbacks compared to other deals.  However, they undoubtedly have a number of benefits that you shouldn’t pass up. Some benefits of purchasing a lifetime deal include the following:

1. Price Advantage

As a user, the biggest advantage is that lifetime deals don’t require you to pay a regular monthly or annual fee in order to use them. The horrors of having our services terminated because a credit card was declined are something we have all experienced or are currently experiencing.

Why? because a software user typically has to pay for services monthly. However, with lifetime agreements, you only need to make one payment. 

2. Stacking options

Purchasing multiple codes or licenses and stacking them together to increase the restrictions that apply to your account with the service is an option, but not all offer support stacking.

Suppose a project management tool allows 3 users with 1 license, for instance. You might be able to onboard a bigger team onto the platform by stacking. Consequently, 2 licenses could allow 6 users, 3 licenses could allow 10, and so on.

3. Product Direction

As early adopters, lifetime deal investors often influence the direction of the product by discussing ideas and requirements with the founders. This frequently causes the products to grow very well, giving you more return on your initial lifetime investment.

Conclusion On Best Lifetime Deals Website

If you’ve never heard of lifetime deals before, we just hope that you now have a better understanding of them. They’re a type of deal to watch out for as you build your company because, if you find the right ones, they can help you save some of your hard-earned money.

Numerous websites offer lifetime discounts to businesses and marketers. Start by observing your needs if you’re unsure which one is best for your company. Look into the software and equipment your company uses that are similar.

You can also use a website aggregator to search through various SaaS marketplaces and find the best lifetime deal. Before purchasing any software or tools from a SaaS marketplace, make sure to read the terms, conditions, and policies to prevent future disputes. Select a lifetime deal website now to take advantage of the best tech benefits at the lowest costs.

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