30 Best MasterClass Classes For 2021: Choose From The Best MasterClass Classes List.

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Best MasterClass Classes:

MasterClass Classes List
Learn From Best Instructors Of The World

Looking to take up a new hobby or learn a new skill? If you want to learn new things then this is the time to enroll! A masterclass is an online platform for all creative people who want to learn new skills from famous experts in the fields of photography, film-making, music, and more!

A masterClass is the best educational platform that you will never find anywhere in the world. But how will you decide which are the best MasterClass Classes? To help you out, I will list down the MasterClass classes from famous celebrities from musicians to chefs to filmmakers such as Gordon Ramsay(World-Renowned Chef), James Patterson(Author), Aaron Sorkin(Screenwriter), Steve Martin(Comedian), and many more categories!

The best part is the entire MasterClass charges only $180 where you can get unlimited access to every class which covers a variety of subjects! Every class comes with a document, from its instructor who recaps the main topics and the masterclass is a one-stop platform for anyone who can engage with a casual interest in topics! In addition to that the program, does offer 30 days refund policy from the sign-up date of a user, cool right?

If you are looking for a way to change your life by adopting new skills or want to seek a new hobby, here is the masterclass classes list that will encourage you with more creativity, and inspire you to perfect your craft! Let us have a look at the Best MasterClass Classes and also the new masterclass classes of 2022!

MasterClass Classes Types

What Type Of Classes Does MasterClass Offer?

The MasterClass is a unique educational platform that covers various categories of interest with the most renowned celebrities of the world! Here are some highlighting MasterClass classes types below:


  • Neil Gaiman Teaches The Art of Storytelling
  • Margaret Atwood Teaches Creative Writing
  • Joyce Carol Oats Teaches The Art of the Short Story
  • David Sedaris Teaches Story Telling and Humor
  • Shonda Rhimes Teaches Writing for Television

Music And Entertainment:

  • Steve Martin Teaches Comedy
  • Danny Elfman Teaches Music for Film
  • Hans Zimmer Teaches Film Scoring
  • Herbie Hancock Teaches Jazz
  • Itzhak Perlman Teaches Violin

Film And Television:

  • Samuel L. Jackson Teaches Acting
  • Helen Mirren Teaches Acting
  • Werner Herzog Teaches Filmmaking
  • Ron Howard Teaches Directing
  • Jodie Foster Teaches Filmmaking

Design, Photography And Fashion:

  • Marc Jacobs Teaches Fashion Design
  • Diane Von Furstenberg Teaches Building a Fashion Brand
  • Jimmy Chin Teaches Adventure Photography
  • Frank Gehry Teaches Design and Architecture
  • Annie Leibovitz Teaches Photography

Sports And Games:

  • Garry Kasparov Teaches Chess
  • Serena Williams Teaches Tennis
  • Stephen Curry Teaches Shooting Ball
  • Misty Copeland Teaches Ballet Technique and Artistry
  • Simone Biles Teaches Gymnastics Fundamentals

Business, Politics And Society:

  • Anna Wintour Teaches Creativity and Leadership
  • Bob Woodward Teaches Investigate Journalism
  • Sara Blakely Teaches Self-Made Entrepreneurship
  • Doris Kearns Goodwin Teaches U.S. Presidential History and Leadership
  • Paul Krugman Teaches Economics and Society

Culinary Arts:

  • Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking
  • Yotam Ottolenghi Teaches Modern Middle Eastern Cooking
  • Alice Waters Teaches Home Cooking
  • Aaron Franklin Teaches Texas-Style BBQ
  • Dominique Ansel Teaches French Pastry Fundamentals

Science And Technology:

  • Chris Hadfield Teaches Space Exploration
  • Dr. Jane Goodall Teaches Conservation


  • Bobby Brown Teaches Makeup And Beauty

Above is the detailed list of various categories of masterClass celebrity classes offered on this platform. For more details visit masterclass.com and get instant access to all classes investing only $180! All the content and the production value are the best you will find anywhere on the internet!


List Of Best MasterClass Classes For 2021

Detailed List Of MasterClass Classes

If you want some inspiration from well-produced videos which make you more dedicated and engaged then you will definitely love Masterclass! Download the masterClass App on your phone and enjoy lessons any time of your day!

Basically, it is next to impossible to choose the number one best masterclass classes. Trust me, the quality of all the masterClasses literally blown away my mind and it will definitely bring a lasting impact for all! And one more important thing is, you must have knowledge about the category of classes, if you are looking for masterClass for kids it will not work at all as they don’t have that much knowledge about any of the categories!

Top MasterClass Classes List 2021 :

1.Helen Mirren MasterClass Review:

Academy Award-winning actress Helen Mirren teaches and shares the techniques she has learned through the course of her international career that has spanned stage, screen, and television.Her powerful and versatile performance have earned numerous awards.

Mirren teaches you how to break down a script and also shares tricks for tackling large volume of materials and performed speech from the ”Merchant Of Venice”.Moreover she has researched about types of fictional characters and real characters for historical roles.Here, Helen shares her practical performance from Elizabeth I and the The Queen.


2. Annie Leibovitz MasterClass Review:

Annie Leibovitz, the first woman to be named chief photographer at Rolling Stone shows what makes a picture stunning and her entire MasterClass is immensely stunning and motivating. Annie shares how you can improve your portrait photography skills with different lenses and lighting.

In her MasterClass Annie breaks down her process for developing imaginative and creative concepts for her photo shoots, sharing examples from Tess Gallagher, Amy Schumer, Keith Haring, Whoopi Goldberg, and more. Get a better perspective on focus and sharpness and this is one of the best MasterClass Classes if you fascinated with photography and a must-watch lesson for beginners and advanced photographers! See the World through her eyes and bring images to life!


3. Spike Lee MasterClass Review 2021:

If you are an upcoming filmmaker then Spike Lee MasterClass will be the best masterClass Classes for you! In his Masterclass, you will get the visionary of this legendary filmmaker and his uncompromising approach to filmmaking! Spike teaches you his techniques for writing bold, distinct characters, capturing two sides of a story, and creating stories that react to social injustice.

Get tips on some of his successful casting and what to look for in a director of photography and how to create a plan of action, once you’ve found the right collaborator. With this MasterClass, Celebrity Classes learn about writing, self-producing, working with actors, and making movies that will break all barriers and encourages you to take his tools and be a student of cinema!


4. Yotam Ottolenghi MasterClass Review:

James Beard Award winner, Yotam Ottolenghi teaches you simple steps for making and mixing Middle Eastern-inspired recipes! In his MasterClass, Yotam shares some childhood stories, layered dishes with bold flavors with colorful ingredients, and his influences from across the Middle East.

Want to taste stunning stand-alone and delicious vegetables? Then watch this best MaterClass classes that teach you how to make generous platters, mezze and brand spreads to homemade condiments! Ottolenghi teaches you how to make muhammara, a pepper- and tomato-based salad.

Breakfast can easily turn into lunch if you do it right. Yotam introduces you to the first piece of his brunch spread, a simple display of tomato, cheese, and bread. Turn your breakfast into lunch with the first piece of his brunch spread a simple display of tomato, cheese, and bread. Get to know the best dishes from crossroads and Yotam shares his favorite ingredients such as fenugreek. dried limes, and harissa.


5. Herbie Hancock MasterClass Review:

Herbie Hancock, one of the most celebrated musicians in the world shares his approach to improvisation, composition and harmony.Hancock, the legendary pianist will help you to learn simple harmonic patterns and improve ideas and discover new opportunities to use them.Not only this you will also gain 10+ original piano transcriptions, including 5 exclusive solo performances! Take your love of jazz to a new level with his masterclass.


6. Gary Kasparov MasterClass Review:

Garry Kasparov, one of the youngest world chess champion, who is ready to share the strategy that made him a six-time world champion. In his masterclass classes, he has shared detailed lessons about his favorite openings and advanced tactics, that will help you to develop the instincts and philosophy to become a strong player and put your opponent in check! Kasparov helps you to learn how to defend yourself from deadly attacks, discover attacks, and shows how to identify an opponent’s target and then find a tactical way to destroy that defensive coordination.


7. Kelly Wearstler MasterClass Review:

World-renowned interior designer Kelly Wearstler believes good design helps us live and feel better. With this MasterClass celebrity class, she shares her ideas confidently on how to make creative choices for your home. Kelly shows you how to look for your inspiration and how to design your space like a boat and make a small space feel larger and engage with existing architectural features and start a new design. Curate collections of art and objects, cultivate your own distinct style and create spaces that tell a story and make you feel your best at home.


8. Serena Williams MasterClass Review:

Serena Williams, the world’s #1 ranked women’s tennis player and winner of 23 Grand Slam singles titles, teaches you tennis and reveals the secrets of her game. In this new MasterClass class, you will get to learn 9 video lessons with the world’s greatest tennis player! Whether you’re a beginner or a budding champion, Serena Williams can teach you how to improve your game on and off the court.

In her MasterClass, Williams reveals her tips for staying in top shape, and her pro drills while putting in hard work. Tennis is 70% mental and if you want to be a tennis player then you must know how to dig deep in tough situations from such a player known for impossible comebacks!


9. Donna Farhi MasterClass Review:

Donna Farhi is one of the most sought-after yoga instructors and in her masterclass she shares her approach to create a safe, sustainable yoga practice with students of all levels. Farhi will guide you with the heart of traditional yoga, and learn different yoga postures and practices which are truly important in this current situation and must be taken care of.

In her MasterClass classes, Farhi will share lessons on the physical and mental foundation of yoga including her understanding of what yoga is and how the physical practice of yoga can be utilized. Here, members will learn fundamental movements and postures and how to build on those to personalize a safe practice of their own, ranging from warm-up basics to backbends.


10. Niki Nakayama MasterClass Review:

Niki Nakayama is a champion of female chefs in an incredible male-dominated field. In her masterclass, there is an introduction to cooking kaiseki from Nakayama. Your mouth will be filled with water and her lessons will definitely inspire you to get in the kitchen and explore the idea of balance within a kaiseki meal which is a delicious dish on japan.

With these masterClass celebrity classes, you will also get to know which ingredient is Nakayama’s favorite and learn a little about Japanese rice traditions. To be true, her classes are really interesting to know more about Japanese foods and cooking style. Nakayama’s masterClass classes will teach you the modern Japanese pantry, fry crispy tempura, and cook rice flawlessly! Learn more, how to cook Japanese food with perfection!


11. Apollonia Poilâne MasterClass Review:

Apollonia Poilâne is the CEO of the renowned Parisian bakery and in her MasterClass classes, she will share the joy of making bread from scratch with her recipes and hands-on demonstrations as well you will learn core breaking philosophies and practical guidelines for ingredients and equipment. There is various MasterClass classes list which will inspire you and help you to live your dreams!

Poilâne will teach you how to make your own starter and a variery of French breads, including rustic wheat, rye and brioche! Now you can taste, smell and feel your way to fresh, warm bread at home.


12. Steve Martin MasterClass Review:

Steve Martin, the most accomplished comedian of all time will instruct you how to find your voice, gather material, develop an act and take your comedy writing to the next level! Want to help your audience with amazing jokes? Martin’s classes are the best MasterClass classes to refresh your mind!

In Steve’s MasterClass, he shares some ways how anyone can jumpstart their comedic journey and teaches you how to keep your eyes open, and reveals some of the most abundant sources of comedic material. Learn your mistakes, refine your materials and ensure that you are ready to take the next step to connect with the audience!


13. James Suckling MasterClass Review:

Internationally renowned wine critic, James Suckling teaches you how wine appreciation can enhance your life. Suckling’s masterClass teaches you to explore the stories, history, and people behind every bottle. James shared a lot about wine and also evaluate the quality of a wine!

In his MasterClass classes, you will learn the principles of viticulture as James teaches you the factors that influence a great wine, and the importance of soil, climate, varietals, and regions. Cultivate your passion and pair wines with confidence.


14. Joyce Carol Oates MasterClass Review:

Award-winning author and Princeton University writing professor Joyce Carol Oates teaches you in her masterclass classes how to improve your story-telling instincts and find ideas from your own experiences and perceptions. If your dream is to be a writer, Joyce explains how to draft, revise, and share your work with others. Protect your time for writing that will leave a lasting impression on you! Not only this, she advises you on how to select a place to write that makes you feel inspired and how to continue finding joy in the writing process. Improve your ideas and creativity with her MasterClass!


15. Tan France MasterClass Review:

Internationally celebrated stylist, designer and cohost of Queer Eye Tan France shares his comprehensive and transformational approach to developing your own personal style. In his MasterClass classes,France will teach you how to build a capsule wardrobe, select colors, shapes, and patterns that work for your body and your unique personality, and also encourage you to discover the confidence to look and feel your best, every day.

Not only this, Tan reveals the simple but critical rules for great style, including why style is for everyone, why you should know your proportions, and when to let go of the rules. Get inspiration and understand why style is more important than fashion! Express your individual style through confidence and body language with Tan France MasterClass!


16. Brandon McMillan MasterClass Review:

Brandon McMillian is an expert trainer, who has dedicated his life for animal training. In his MasterClass, he’ll show you his simplified training system that will build trust and increase obedience and control with your dog.Train your dog using commands like sit, stay and down to fixing barking and digging!

In Mcmillian MasterClass he will help you to learn how to improve your dog’s behavior and create a lifelong bond. Brandon discusses the key variables that make your dogs unique such as breed, age, history, and imprinted DNA. Learn how to make important decisions based on your particular dog’s factors. Make your relationship with your dog more strong!


17. Ron Finley MasterClass Review:

Community activist and self-proclaimed “Gangster Gardener” Ron Finley teaches and shares his thoughts on how to grow your own food, keep your plants alive, and find beauty and freedom in gardening no matter the size of your space.

In his MasterClass classes, Ron talks about his personal story, the critical role of healthy food, and lets you know why gardening is really important! If you can’t keep your plants alive, then learn about proper plant maintenance and how to diagnose common issues, including root-bound plants and over-and under-watering. Garden is the perfect place to unleash your creativity!


18. Dominique Ansel MasterClass Review:

Award-winning pastry chef Dominique Ansel shares his lesson and teaches you the fundamentals of pastry and a curated selection of stunning desserts. World’s best pastry chef, Dominique teaches essential techniques for perfect pastries in his masterclass classes!

If you are a dessert lover like me, watch now and learn how to make mini-madeleines, pillowy cakes that can be baked and served within five minutes! Want to make different flavors of pastry cream? Ansel shares how to apply the infusion technique to create complementary flavors! Create your own memorable pastries from now!


19. Christina Aguilera MasterClass Review:

Christina Aguilera, who has earned five Grammy Awards because of her extraordinary range of voice! In her MasterClass, Christina teaches you how to expand your range, find your voice, and master the techniques that will embrace your flaws to better connect with your audience.

In her online MasterClass, you will learn powerful secrets of singing and you will learn vocal warmup before your performance, have better breath control, vibrato and her signature growls like never before!Most important thing is voice protection, Christina shares how to protect your voice and adjust to different environment. Take the next step to achieve your dream inspite of difficult moments in your life!


20. Amy Tan MasterClass Review:

Amy Tan is the award winning writer, of the Joy Luck Club where she shares her personal and most challenging life experiences to demonstrate how members can tap into their own thought and memories to inspire creative writing.Tan’s masterclass guides on how personal memories, observations about life and the most challenging experiences can become the greatest sources of inspiration in writing.

Tan will reveal lessons learned from her own failures and mistakes and her lessons are filled with practical tools and exercises, concrete examples, metaphors, and motivation. Amy Tan teaches you lessons on how to craft compelling beginnings and endings, find your voice, and embrace your emotional memory to bring powerful narratives to life. Keep your readers looking forward to the sequel from her inspirations!


21. Bobbi Brown MasterClass Review:

Famous beauty industry icon, Bobbi Brown shares her expertise in step-by-step tutorials using models with a range of skin tones. In her MasterClass, Bobbi covers everything that beauty pros need to know to step up a morning routine! Moreover, Bobbi discusses how color and style are key to self-expression and how undertones can help you find the right colors!

Whether you are using the right foundation, or want to draw a perfect smoky eye with statement lips and most importantly she helps you to feel confident with your own skin undertone. Get to know what are her favorite makeup products will make you look great and how you can create a flawless makeup look using only a few products! If you are aspiring to step into the makeup world, watch her classes now!


22. Massimo Bottura MasterClass Review:

Massimo Bottura, chef of the three-Michelin-star restaurant Osteria Francescana shares how he transforms classic, regional Italian recipes into exciting modern dishes. In Massimo Bottura MasterClass Classes, you will learn how to transforms classic, regional Italian recipes into exciting modern dishes! Learn how to make rich, flavorful tagliatelle al ragù, pumpkin risotto, and a MasterClass-exclusive Emilia Burger recipe.


23. Misty Copeland MasterClass Review:

Misty Copeland, the first African American female dancer with American Ballet Theatre, develop your deeper appreciation for ballet and the language of dance! In Misty’s MasterClass classes, she explains her techniques and teaches you to own your movement, own who you are, and do the dance only you can do.

Misty talks about the philosophy that’s helped her through challenges, and she shares how this class will help you gain confidence and a fresh perspective. She shares a series of stationary exercises to practice pliés and tendus that will help you to build strength and prepare for jumps! In her online classes, she shares her personal experience of working with different choreographers! Joining her MasterClass, you will definitely change your perception of a ballet dancer!


24. Martin Scorsese MasterClass Review:

Oscar-winning director Martin Scorsese explains the goals of his MasterClass and talks about the importance of staying true to yourself on your filmmaking journey.In his online masterClass classes, he talks about how filmmaking was his true calling in life and also teaches his approach from storytelling to working with actors!

Martin teaches you to appreciate the value of every shot, which he has learned from his tough times and
encourages you to take inspiration from the work of other directors and discusses the significance of referencing other films in your own work.


25. Thomas Keller MasterClass Review:

Thomas Keller, the award-winning chef shares fundamental cooking techniques that will empower you to make great food in your own kitchen. In Thomas Keller MasterClass classes, he will cover everything such as all kitchen essentials that you will need to have to start cooking! In his masterclass , he will teach you the underlying techniques of making great food so you can go beyond the cookbook. One source of inspiration for Keller is vegetables that will let you enjoy flavors in any season!

Learn how to prepare golden omlet with some classic ingredients!Learn in his classes, what are the six deciples for success in career how to confit vegetables, poach perfect eggs, make hand-shaped pasta, and bring Michelin star-quality meals to your kitchen and make people love you through food!


26. Wayne Gretzky MasterClass Review:

Wayne Gretzky, one of the greatest athlete and he will share his experiences about life if you participate in a sport, and especially a team sport.This great legend will help you to learn work ethic, attitude,unselfishness, teamwork and preparation. In his class, he will share the physical and mental habits that made him a champion of hockey. There is no question that Wayne is one of the most legendary athletes of all time.

Gretzky will inspire you and help you to learn the power of an athlete’s mindset and make your dreams come true and achieve them one by one. Maintain your physical and mental health and let the hard work speak for itself!


27. N.K. Jemisin MasterClass Review:

N.K Jemisin is the first author to win the Hugo Award for Best Novel for her Broken Earth Trilogy. In her masterclass, she will teach you a self-guided course on writing fantasy and science fiction. Jemisin’s course not only outlines how to create your own world and populate it with characters but guides you on how to write characters of marginalized backgrounds.

Nora shares her methodology and framework for building a rich and believable world and discusses how to create a new, believable, and engrossing structure of humanity. Learn how to live life as a writer, absorbing and interpreting the world for your audience.


28. Questlove MasterClass Review:

Questlove, the four-time Grammy Award-winning musician, DJ, drummer for the Roots, and late-night TV star will share his passion with you that will help you to expand your musical vocabulary and shows you how to listen and search for music to find remarkable moments.

In his masterclass, you will gain a deeper understanding of how to listen to and absorb music. You will definitely love music and will build a deeper appreciation you hear in his classes. In addition to that, he will also share details of his equipment list, phasing, beat juggling, and more. He will teach you the connectivity of music, and how you can increase your music vocabulary and craft the perfect playlist.


29. Roxane Gay MasterClass Review:

Roxane Gay, the best-selling author of Bad Feminist, professor and New York Times columnist will reveal her approach of her thinking and writing and gives you the right questions to ask yourself and develop yourself! Roxane teaches you how vital research is to the writing process and how you can best approach research in your writing.

In her masterclass ,she will guide you on how to own your identity, how you can write about trauma with care and courage and also demand change.Her lessons include Writing as a Black Feminist, Challenging ideas and changing minds.Gay will help you to make a difference in the world through writing and you will start yo see the world in a different way. Engage with your audience and put your dreams out into the world!


30. Joe Holder MasterClass Review:

Joe Holder is a nationally recognized master trainer and one of the most influential coaches in fitness and sports.n his masterclass, he will teach you to build good health for a lifetime. Holder will guide you on how to work out for increased mobility and strength, maximize your nutrition and build a positive mindset towards life. Joe teaches you how this workout’s increased intensity advances you on your wellness journey. Understand your body and achieve your wellness goals!

He will share his knowledge basic human body motions like squatting, twisting, pressing, and pulling in various directions are essential to wellness. Workout is a great practice for all levels to keep our body fit and if you are a beginner then you must know why mobility is important. Start achieving your health goals with Joe’s MasterClass!



Final Words

I Hope, now you all know what are the best MasterClass Classes in 2022! To be true, I have listed my favorite MasterClass classes list and types but this doesn’t mean you will also have the same preferences. Let me tell you, all the MasterClass celebrity classes are superb with the best content and visualization ever!

If you still not get the MasterClass Access, just go and grab the entire classes of various categories such as writing, entertainment, music, filmmaking, sports, a comedy that will definitely blow your mind!

Thank you for being a part of my favorite MasterClass celebrity classes! Let me know in the comment section below, what is your favorite MasterClass and whether you liked my ranking or not!

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