Best OCR Software Of 2024|Free & Paid

Manage your documents wuth the best OCR software to save storage costs and get better data security.

In recent times, many business organizations are undergoing digital transformation with the help of digitization services. For any business that deals with a regular stream of varied documents, the ability to sort them is absolutely crucial. Are you dealing with the same problem? Today, I am here with the solution for you!

Big businesses have to deal with large volumes of paper files and that has to be converted into digital format for better efficiency and also reduce the storage costs and thereby improve data security. But many companies are facing the problem of establishing a digital transformation strategy to determine when and how to digitize their paper documents. Here is the need for the best OCR software to extract important information from scanned documents and store the data for easy accessibility.

Best OCR Software

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC Best All In ONe

Collaborate and track
Forms and signatures
Easy reviewing

OmniPage Ultimate Best IN Class

Language recognition
PDF search
Improved accuracy
Mobile document capture

Abbyy FineReader Premium Software

Edit and organize PDFs
Reuse information from PDFs
Mark up and annotate
Convert PDFs into editable formats

Readiris Best PErformance

Converts all documents to PDF
Annotate and comment on PDF
Protect and sign your PDF
High performance

SimpleOCR Best For BEginners

Format Retention
Plain Text Extraction
Batch OCR
Multiple language recognition

Tesseract OCR Convenient OPtion

Line Finding
Fixed pitch detection and chopping
Word recognition
Baseline fitting

Microsoft OneNote Reliable Software

Web clipper
Translate notes
In-built editor
OneDrive PC folder backup

Amazon Textract Affordable Option

Form extraction
Table extraction
Handwriting recognition
Invoices and receipts

Easy Screen OCR Best For Business

OCR language support
Cross platform
Screenshot translation
Two OCR Modes

Free Online OCR Free To USe

Easy installation
Convert PDF to Word
Convert PDF to Excel
Supports iOS and Android

Symphony Best For BEginners

Batch processing
Convert to PDF
Text Editor
Custom Visit Site
Rossum Logo

Rossum EAsy-To-Use

Receive document from any channel
Communicate & act
All-in-one document gateway
Understand document automatically

With the modern OCR software, you can have the ability to capture and process data from business documents and also meets corporate goals such as print on demand or online publishing initiatives. Now the question is, what is the best OCR software? To help you with easier document management, and scan your document individually I have picked up a complete list of best OCR software in order to scan your files into digital formats especially in PDF formats in order to manage all your paperwork accurately.

If you want to edit any image, then it is not possible manually, as you have to use photo editing software but using OCR software businesses save time and automate data capture from scanned documents and digitalize the data in editable formats such as XML, xlsx, or CSV files.

Without wasting any time, let’s get started with the complete list of best OCR software, with popular features that suit your organizational workflows based on accuracy, pricing, support, speed, ease of use, and more.


What Is OCR Software?

OCR Software
OCR Software

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is an amazing technology that businesses use to achieve operational objectives and also ensures to render excellent services to customers with increased accuracy and data utility add value to information, ensuring organizations make better decisions. Using this software, it is very easy to automate data extraction from printed or written text from a scanned document or image file and then convert the text into a machine-readable form to be used for data processing like editing or searching.

OCR software is also known as a text recognition tool, that converts physical documents into readable characters for machines and uses an optical scanner or specialized circuit board to read or copy texts. Plus OCR software utilizes AI technology for advanced ways of intelligent character recognition including language identification quickly and efficiently.

There are various benefits of using the best OCR software to businesses, some factors include:

  • Improved productivity
  • Error reductions
  • Reallocation of physical storage space
  • Elimination of manual data entry
  • Resource savings by processing data faster
  • Allows businesses to turn hard copies of legal or historical documents into PDFs

Key Features Of OCR Software

What Are The Essential Features Of Best OCR Software?

Features of OCR software

Paperless work is increasing and using the right tool you can easily archive important documentation in an accessible as well as retrievable way. Before you choose the right tool, you must consider the following essential features of the best OCR software:

  • Quick digital searches: OCR software helps you to convert scanned documents into word processing files and allows you to save each document with an individual name. In this way, it is will be very easy to search files without any need of categorizing and filling process.
  • Pattern recognition: The best OCR software must be capable of using AI technology and machine vision to convert scanned images into text and also adds searchable databases.
  • Greater accuracy: This is one of the most important features of OCR software as digital conversions must provide immense accuracy for all businesses.
  • Multiple format support: The best OCR software, must support import files in various file formats such as JPG, PDG, MS Office, etc.
  • Language recognition: OCR software must have the ability to multiple language recognition to help you process, edit and store documents in multiple file languages.
  • Primary error correction: A good OCR program will highlight misspellings and recognize the mistyped text so you can fix it immediately. Whereas some programs will also allow you to review your documents for corrections and mistakes.
  • Layout analsis: A good OCR program allows you to search for a word or sentence and will automatically detect multiple columns of text, tables, images, etc.
  • Easy search: A good OCR software must offer easy search features such as filters, keywords, titles and much more.
  • Split long documents: Using a good OCR software, you will be able to split long document into multiple shorter documents for easy upload and document management.
  • Speed: A good OCR software will automatically convert unstructured content into searchable data and saves time of employees and lets them work at their highest level of capability since OCR helps speed up processes.

List Of Best OCR Software

Detailed List Of Best OCR Software

Most of the businesses today, are using OCR software for automated data entry, pattern recognition, text-to-speech services, indexing documents for search engines, cognitive computing, text mining, key data, and machine translation among various other applications. Plus, it is also used for extracting text from images or extracting text from PDFs and store them conveniently for further use.

Here are my top picks of the best OCR software available on the market today. Check out below:

Best OCR Software Of 2022:


Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Best PDF OCR Software

Collaborate and track
Forms and signatures
Easy reviewing
$14.99 Visit site

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is the world’s leading best pdf OCR software with electronic signature solutions where you can turn manual document processes into efficient digital ones. Plus it allows you to take quick action on documents, workflows, and tasks across multiple screens and devices anywhere, any time, and inside your favorite Microsoft and enterprise apps.

Not only this Adobe recognizes text and matches font and converts the PDF into your particular format, plus the OCR tool offers multiple features such as ext recognition, add comments, page reorder, combine files, etc and also allows you to customize files by reusing multiple PDF pages from different files. Using the Adobe Acrobat Free Reader Software, you can also view, sign, collaborate on, and annotate PDF files or you can easily edit and convert your PDFs into file formats like Excel and Word.

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC Features:

  • Collaborate and track: With Acrobat DC you can easily share PDFs to be viewed, reviewed, and signed, and even track their progress from any device and from any location.
  • Forms and signatures: With this feature, you can easily fill and sign PDF forms from anywhere and on any device. Plus you can also collect signatures, digitally track progress, and automatically archive the signed document.
  • Easy reviewing: Using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, now it is very simple for sharing PDFs and gathering comments and as simple as email with better control, full tracking without any messy attachments. Now the recipients get an email with a link, to your PDF.
  • Easy accessibility: Now you can easily access PDFs and verify accessibility in a few quick steps.
  • ISO standards: With Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, you can easily convert your PDF to PDF/X, PDF/A, or PDF/E to comply with regulations.
  • Action Wizard: Adobe Acrobat allows you to create and apply custom actions to any PDF to save time and keystrokes.
  • Simple user interface that combines PDFs together and converts them to different file types
  • Signs document digitally with your own signature and reads any kind of PDF document
  • Convert PDF into multiple formats, such as PNG, TIFF, or JPEG
  • Easily views and read in almost all environments and perfect for sending proofs to clients
  • Automatically scan texts from the paper and convert them into editable or searchable documents

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC Pricing:

Adobe Acrobat DC Pro comes in 2 subscription plans:

  • Acrobat Pro DC costs $14.99/mo and includes features to edit text and images and delete pages in a PDF, combine multiple documents and file types into a single PDF
  • Acrobat Standard DC costs $12.99/mo and includes features add security and password-protect PDF files, turn scanned documents into editable, searchable PDFs



OmniPage Ultimate

Best OCR Software For Windows

Language recognition
PDF search
Improved accuracy
Mobile document capture

OmniPage Ultimate is another best OCR software for Windows that allows businesses to accurately digitize files so documents are easily editable and searchable for a seamless workflow. Plus, it also reduces the amount of time spent by your workforce by converting files, lower operational costs and manage and share documents with ease. Not only this, but it also converts business-critical documents and forms into ready-to-use data and editable formats, sends converted files automatically to a pre-programmed workflow, and utilizes OCR to scan documents to any format, and route on any network.

OmniPage Ultimate offers you to schedule large volumes of filters for batch processing from folders or email with unattended automation for real-time document processing. In addition to this, it supports a wide range of output formats including PDF, Microsoft Office, Corel WordPerfect, HTML, ePub, and many more. Plus it works with mobile scanners, desktop scanners, all-in-one, and multi-function printers.

OmniPage Ultimate Features:

  • Language recognition: It allows you to process edit and store documents from virtually anywhere in the world and recognizes over 120 languages.
  • PDF search: OmniPage Ultimate lets you use eDiscovery Assistant to safely convert a single PDF or batches of PDFs into completely searchable documents.
  • Improved accuracy: It comes with exceptional OCR accuracy of digital camera images. Plus includes document layout improvements to reproduce your documents in a variety of output formats.
  • Mobile document capture: It lets you capture text with a digital camera or smartphone and quickly convert pictures to text documents.
  • Supported applications: It supports a wide range of output formats including PDF, Microsoft Office, Corel WordPerfect, HTML, ePub and many more.
  • OmniPage Launchpad: This tool supports OCR for any format, anywhere on the network where you can archive and access documents on any device.
  • Offers optical character recognition (OCR) for fast, easy accurate document conversion
  • OmniPage solutions are presented as perfect for a single user, a small business, or an enterprise with 24×7 conversion processes
  • Allows you to transform PDF files and forms into documents you can edit, share and archive
  • Convert business-critical documents into ready-to-use data and editable formats
  • Great OCR software for Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2012
  • Integrates OCR functions into apps to support operating systems virtually for computers and smartphones

OmniPage Ultimate Pricing:

OmniPage Ultimate comes with 15 days free trial and costs $499 and includes features to turn paper, PDFs, and images into valuable digital files.



ABBYY FineReader PDF 15

Best Free OCR Software For Mac

Edit and organize PDFs
Reuse information from PDFs
Mark up and annotate
Convert PDFs into editable formats

ABBY FineReader PDF 15 is an excellent PDF application, powered by AI-based OCR, for unified workflows with both digital and scanned documents. With this best free OCR software for macOS that easily convert PDFs, paper documents, and their images into searchable and editable documents. Plus it also lets you search comments by sort, filter, and keywords.ABBY FineReader PDF allows you to meet the needs of individual use, SMB, and enterprises in both PDF and OCR software. The best part is FineReader PDF offers all the basic capabilities of Adobe Acrobat at an affordable price. Moreover, with this OCR software, you can also correct paragraphs and sentences and even fix the layout of the documents.

ABBYY FineReader PDF Features:

  • Edit and organize PDFs: Using the best mac OCR software, you can save time and effort by using and finalizing documents in an easy and productive way.Plus you can work with any document (whether it was created digitally or converted from paper) in the same efficient manner.
  • Reuse information from PDFs: ABBY FineReader PDF allows you to extract text and tables directly from any PDF while maintaining the formaatting with just a few clicks.
  • Mark up and annonate: This OCR tool allows you conveniently annonate any part of a PDF such as text, images, a chart or chart area, captions, etc using Notes, Text Box, and a wide range of markup and drawing tools.
  • Convert PDFs into editable formats: FineReader PDF allows you quickly turn your PDFs into fully editable formats such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and others(one by one or in batches of multiple PDFs all at once). On the other hand, ABBYY’s intelligent OCR and PDF document conversion technologies ensure high levels of accuracy, plus document layout and structure retention quality for further effortless editing.
  • Create fillable PDF forms: This tool allows you to create and edit your own interactive PDF forms to effectively collect information and standardize documents. Plus you can also compose your forms from interactive fields of different types, set actions, edit existing PDF forms, or add form elements to a regular PDF.
  • Automate digitization and conversion routines: This best OCR software mac allows you to take a digital-first approach by standardizing documentation in the PDF format and capitalizing on its advantages. Plus you can easily convert paper documents or files from any format into searchable PDFs (compliant with ISO specifications) or convert PDFs into Microsoft Word, Excel, and more than 15 other formats to get full flexibility when editing and reusing them.
  • Unique cross-format document comparison allows to find exact differences in the texts of 2 documents even if one or both of them are scans
  • All-in-one solution for working with PDFs and digitize, retrieve, edit, protect, share and collaborate
  • Easily edit and perform full-text search, accurately convert into truly editable Word, Excel, even if the initial scan has a poor quality
  • Offers a modern and easy-to-use interface with advanced text recognition
  • Easy and fast configuration, in addition to the support of a large number of different digitization equipment
  • Includes high-quality editing and document comparison tools with sophisticated and flexible OCR settings

ABBYY FineReader PDF 15 Pricing:

ABBYY FineReader PDF 15 offers a 7-days free trial and includes 3 subscription plans:

  • FineReader PDF 15 Standard costs $199 and includes features such as view PDFs, edit and organize PDFs, create PDFs, convert PDFs
  • FineReader PDF 15 corporate costs $299 and includes features such as protect and sign PDFs, volume benefits and more
  • FineReader PDF 15 includes features such as digitize documents and scans with OCR, Dark Mode and Continuity Camera support, etc




Best OCR Software Freeware For Windows

Converts all documents to PDF
Annotate and comment on PDF
Protect and sign your PDF
High performance

Readiris is one of the best OCR software freeware for Windows that comes with a unique and intuitive solution to manage your PDFs and paper documents. It allows you to aggregate and split, edit and annotate, protect and sign your PDFs. Using this global solution to convert, edit and transform all your paper documents into a variety of digital formats, intuitively with a few clicks. Readiris 17 brings a complete approach to creating, modifying, and signing PDF’s in an easy way and also allows you to convert PDF’s, images, and texts in an image or scanned documents to edit in the format of your choices such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or indexed PDF.

Readiris Features:

  • Converts all documents to PDF: Using the best free OCR software, you can rapidly capture and convert your documents to editable PDF’s with Readiris 17 for windows with easy management of your documents.
  • Annonate and comment on PDF: It is the best OCR software and is ideal for collaboration, and Readiris 17 offers a group of tool to attach annotations, comments and hypertext lines which can be clicked on to reach attached documents.
  • Protect and sign your PDF: Now you can simply sign and protect your PDF’s to send them electronically.
  • High performance: It recognizes and converts texts quickly and accurately in many languages and paper document formats, using new recognition engine, new user interface, and faster document management.
  • Split and merge a PDF: It allows you to merge and combine PDF files and put them in the order you want. Plus it is very fast where you can select the page range, separate a page, or convert each page of the document into an independent PDF file.
  • Watermark on PDF: Using this tool, you can put watermark in your PDF files, plus apply a confidential watermark to pages containing sensitive information.
  • Automatically converts text from paper documents, images, or PDF files into fully editable files without having to perform all the tedious retyping work
  • Readiris 17 allows very accurate document recognition whilst preserving the original page layout
  • It allows you to protect your PDF files and sign your PDF documents electronically
  • Easily convert and export to Microsoft Office such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint and also converts documents into editable text
  • Integrates verbal recognition and converts all your files into audio files to embed verbal annotations and attach various file formats to your PDF’s

Readiris Pricing:

Readiris 17 offers 3 subscription plans:

  • Readiris PDF 17 costs $49
  • Readiris Pro 17 costs $69
  • Readiris Corporate 17 costs $99




Best Freeware OCR Software

Format Retention
Plain Text Extraction
Batch OCR
Multiple language recognition

SimpleOCR is one of the best freeware software solutions for every enterprise to data capture, OCR Servers, Handprint Recognition for Forms and Surveys. It is the most popular freeware OCR software with hundreds of thousands of users worldwide.SimpleOCR is a royalty-free OCR SDK for developers to use in their custom applications. SimpleOCR freeware is 100% free and is perfectly used by home users, educational institutions, and even corporate users.

With SimpleOCR, you could easily and accurately convert that paper document into editable electronic text for use in any application including Word and WordPerfect. Moreover, it works on any version of windows from Windows 95-10 and beyond and works with the PC and scanner, and includes a free version for basic functions and a fully functional 30-day trial for advanced image processing and OCR features.

SimpleOCR Features:

  • Format Retention: SimpleOCR can keep certain elements of the document’s format in the recognized document. From varying font sizes to font formatting elements such as underline, italic, and bold, SimpleOCR recognizes it all. For certain documents, it retains the original document’s format with up to 99% accuracy.
  • Plain Text Extraction: OCR can be set to recognize the characters and words but ignore the formatting. The resulting file is ready for your word processor or your HTML/web editor and your own custom formatting.
  • Batch OCR: If you have several documents to OCR, this freeware tool will OCR them from start to finish without delay.
  • Multiple language recognition: SimpleOCR currently supports English and French recognition. Plus, they are working on adding recognition additional languages.
  • Image retention: Not only the document’s text, but SimpleOCR also captures and retains pictures from the document. With this feature, it reduces the need to import images from a document by other means.
  • Input formats: It works with all fully compliant TWAIN scanners and also accepts input from TIFF files and saves the document in text forms (TXT and RTF) and is importable into almost every program such as Word, WordPerfect, HTML editors, and e-mail programs, either fully formatted or as plain text.
  • It is perfect for image quality control and rescanning in production environments
  • SimpleOCR views common image formats like TIFF, JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, etc. as well as PDF files and MS Office documents in the same interface
  • Perform full-page OCR to text files or searchable PDF files with support for multiple languages using the Tesseract OCR engine
  • Provides a despeckle or “noisy document” option which increases SimpleOCR‘s accuracy
  • It provides 99% accuracy that reduces the need for post-recognition proof-reading and correction

SimpleOCR Pricing:

SimpleOCR is free for all commercial and non-commercial purposes and offers 30 days free trial. It is recommended to get the best OCR software for free download.



Tesseract OCR

Best Free OCR Software

Line Finding
Fixed pitch detection and chopping
Word recognition
Baseline fitting

Tesseract is another best freeware OCR software engine with support for Unicode and the ability to recognize more than 100 languages out of the box. It can be trained to recognize other languages. Tesseract is used for text detection on mobile devices, in the video, and in Gmail image spam detection. Plus it can recognize more than 100 languages such as French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, and Brazilian Portuguese.

Tesseract OCR Features:

  • Line Finding: The line finding algorithm is designed so that a skewed page can be recognized without having to de-skew, thus saving loss of image quality.
  • Fixed pitch detection and chopping: Non-fixed-pitch or proportional text spacing is a highly non-trivial task. Tesseract solves most of these problems by measuring gaps in a limited vertical range between the base line and the mean line.
  • Word recognition: It identifies how a word should be segmented into characters. First, it classifies the initial segmentation ouput from line finding and then the rest of the word recognition step applies only to non-fixed pitch text.
  • Baseline fitting: This OCR system uses a quadratic spline to fit the baseline plus it also handles pages with curved baselines. The baselines are fitted by partitioning the blobs into groups with a reasonably continuous displacement for the original straight baseline.
  • It is very easy to use and the new version can support up to 40 languages
  • Works great with 300 DPI files and can create sandwich PDF files
  • This tool identifies both proportional and non-proportional words
  • This OCR software supports various platforms such as Windows, Linux, and Mac OS
  • It also figures out most likely words from characters and also detects other scripts and languages

Tesseract OCR Pricing:

Tesseract OCR is completely open-source software and is free to use.



Microsoft OneNote

Best OCR Software For Taking And Organizing Notes

Web clipper
Translate notes
In-built editor
OneDrive PC folder backup
$99.99 Visit site

Microsoft OneNote is one of the best OCR software for free that allows you to organize text files with images like PDFs, screenshots, or inserted photos, and it includes a quite basic OCR software function. It suits your needs only if you sometimes need to scan and extract smaller amounts of text. The OCR technology works better with higher resolution images that recognize 52 languages. Using this software, you can get options to revise your notes with highlighting, type, or ink annotations plus also share your ideas with your colleagues and employees. With this amazing OCR tool, you can organize lessons in searchable digital notebooks.

Microsoft OneNote Features:

  • Web clipper: OneNote web clipper allows you to extract information from a web page to OneNote. Plus you can access clipped webpages on any computer, tablets, or phones.
  • Translate notes: This OCR tool allows you to translate he notes from one language to your preferred language, which is simple for you to understand.
  • Text search: This software has the ability to search a particular text and also enables he search panel, and type what you want to search.
  • In-built editor: With this built-in editor you can identify and correct grammatical mistakes or errors in your text.
  • Detection and recovery: This helps you to protect all your files from various digital and virus attacks.
  • OneDrive PC folder backup: It allows you to back up and access files and photos across devices and save office documents to OneDrive to enable AutoSave and easy sharing.
  • Smart assistance: Microsoft OneNote get your job done faster with smart assistance features and premium templates, icons, and fonts in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

With the new update of Microsoft OneNote, you will get Office mobile app, editor, and AI-powered premium templates in PowerPoint.

  • OneNote automatically saves all content users input into the program and operates as a functional database
  • Microsoft OneNote is absolutely free for Windows, MAC, Android, and iPhone users 
  • OneNote shares information efficiently for all organizations and comes in handy in meetings especially to share needs with a colleague
  • With the OCR feature, it allows you to search text on pictures themselves and not just file names
  • Improves workflow and daily organization and allows you to draw on your notes using a stylus or your fingers
  • With easy navigation and search, you’ll always find your notes right where you left them

Microsoft OneNote Pricing:

Microsoft OneNote offers a 1-month free trial and comes with 3 subscription plans:

  • Microsoft 365 Family costs $99.99/year
  • Microsoft 365 Personal costs $69.99/year
  • Office Home & Student costs $149.99 for one-time purchase(PC & Mac)



Amazon Textract

Best OCR Software For Document Processing

Form extraction
Table extraction
Handwriting recognition
Invoices and receipts
$0.0015 Visit site

Amazon Textract is a simple optical character recognition (OCR) that allows you to identify, understand, and extract data from forms and tables. It is an excellent machine learning service that automatically extracts data from scanned documents like PDFs, images, tables, and forms, or through simple OCR software that requires manual configuration which requires reconfiguration when the form changes. Plus you can also extract the data in minutes vs. hours or days.

This OCR software is suitable for scanning a resume, legal document, financial firms, insurance forms and keeps the information organized and in its original context, saving you from manually reviewing the output. Amazon Textract uses artificial intelligence to read as a human would, extracting text, layouts, tables, forms, and structured data with context and without configuration, training, or custom code.

Amazon Textract is directly integrated with Amazon Augmented AI (Amazon A2I) so you can easily implement a human review of text extracted from documents. In addition, Textract supports Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) endpoints via AWS Privatelink and KMS, enabling customers to avoid using the public internet and encrypting their data.

Amazon Textract Features:

  • Form extraction: Amazon Textract enables you to detect key-value pairs in document images automatically so that you can retain the inherent context of the document without any manual intervention makes it easy to import the extracted data into a database or to provide it as a variable into an application.
  • Table extraction: Amazon Textract preserves the composition of data stored in tables during extraction and this is helpful for documents that are largely composed of structured data, such as financial reports or medical records that have column names in the top row of the table followed by rows of individual entries. Plus you can use this feature to automatically load the extracted data into a database using a pre-defined schema.
  • Handwriting recognition: With this best OCR software you can extract printed text and handwriting from documents written in English with high confidence scores, whether it is free-form text or text embedded in tables and forms. Plus, documents can also contain a mix of typed text or handwritten text.
  • Invoices and receipts: It can extract relevant data such as contact information, items purchased, and vendor names, from almost any invoice or receipt without the need for any templates or configuration. There are various layouts which makes it difficult to manually extract data, but it uses ML to understand the context of invoices and receipts and automatically extracts data such as vendor name, invoice number, item prices, total amount, and payment terms to suit your business needs.
  • Bounding boxes: This feature is helpful for being able to audit where a word or number came from in the source document or to guide the user in document search systems that return scans of original documents as the search result. For example, when searching medical records for patient history details, users can easily make notes of the source document and quickly take notes for future searches.
  • It reduces efforts to perform OCR & write rules engine to extract meaningful information and converts physical documents into digital
  • Built with thousands of free templates to choose from and with the elastic search what amazon claims can store millions of indexed document templates
  • Amazon Textract is a powerful cloud-based intelligent OCR tool for extracting text from scanned pdfs to handwritten documents/images
  • It extracts text from any pdf file from anywhere we like and can even read handwritten receipts which cut the cost of developing other software and saves time
  • It uses a unique technique to extract data using machine learning from thousands of invoices, documents, and templates present over the internet

Amazon Textract Pricing:

Amazon Textract pricing is measured in $/hour and basically depends on:

  • Detect Document Text API(OCR) costs $0.0015/page
  • Analyze Document API for pages with tables and costs $0.015/page
  • Analyze Document API for pages with forms and costs $0.05/page
  • Analyze Document API for pages with tables and forms and costs $0.015/page



Easy Screen OCR

Best For PC Screenshot OCR And Translation Application

OCR language support
Cross platform
Screenshot translation
Two OCR Modes

Easy Screen OCR is a smart software that enables users to capture the screenshot and then extract the text from these pictures in the most efficient way. Plus it is equipped with a powerful Google OCR engine, that easily turns images into editable text with the highest accuracy. It has an intuitive interface, where you can save your captured screen as an image or PDF, set OCR language, customize keyboard shortcuts, configure general settings. And in addition to this, this program supports auto-detecting and 27+ languages and allows you to translate the screenshot directly.

Easy Screen OCR Features:

  • OCR language support: Easy Screen OCR supports recognizing more than 100 languages around the world.
  • Cross platform: EasyScreenOCR supports OCR your images/photos online, on your Mac/Win computer and Android/iOS mobile phones.
  • Screenshot translation: It allows you to extract text from screenshots, images and then translate them to other languages. Plus supports 20 languages translation.
  • Two OCR Modes: With this feature, you can choose Google OCR Mode (supports 1, 100 OCR languages) on the other hand its own OCR Mode (supports 2, 10 OCR languages).
  • Best text scanner: It supports screenshot OCR and there is no need to retype any text from images and this freeware allows you to copy text.
  • Easy to install: This OCR process is online and makes your local executive file much smaller which is less than 8MB. Get the best OCR software free download.
  • Allows you to enjoy updated services that are totally free
  • Easy to use software, and there is no need to upload anything and you can easily capture a portion of the screen and then copy the text
  • The system recognizes over 100 languages and comes with a translation feature that can be used once the image has been captured
  • It easily captures, translates, and copies text from documents and images into an editable format
  • Simple to use as it eliminates the need to upload, scan, or photograph any item
  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac

Easy Screen OCR Pricing:

Easy Screen OCR provides 3 plans:

  • Life-Time plan costs $15
  • Half-yearly plan costs $29
  • Yearly plan costs $49



Free Online OCR

Best Free OCR Software For iPhone

Easy installation
Convert PDF to Word
Convert PDF to Excel
Supports iOS and Android

Free Online OCR is one of the best OCR software for iPhone and supports 46 languages including Chinese, Japanese and Korean. It allows you to extract text from PDF and images (JPG, BMP, TIFF, GIF) and convert it into editable Word, Excel, and Text output formats.

Free Online OCR Features:

  • Easy installation: This tool doesn’t need any installation on your computer. Plus it recognize, text and characters from PDF scanned documents (including multipage files), photographs and digital camera captured images.
  • Convert PDF to Word: It easily convert text and images from your scanned PDF document into the editable DOC format. Plus the converted documents look exactly like the original tables, columns and graphics.
  • Convert multiple PDF documents: This tool allows you to convert 15 files per hour (and 15 pages into multipage files). Registration will give you ability to convert multipage PDF documents and other features.
  • Supports iOS and Android: It allows you to use from various computers such as Windows, Linux, MacOS or phone such as iPhone or Android.
  • Convert PDF to Excel: This free OCR software allows you to extract tables from your PDF documents to XLSX format and also convert the same as tables, graphics and text.
  • Allows you to convert PDF documents to the editable Excel file very accurately
  • Online OCR features a minimalist interface and offers an efficient tool, which does its job well extract text from PDFs and images accurately
  • Online OCR helps you to convert your scanned documents to text files and the type of file you want
  • Simple interface and it converts every word in the image including lines too
  • One of the best tools to convert images/pdf to editable text without any extra effort and efficiently work with multiple formats and convert them within no time
  • It supports all types of formats as well such as JPG, BMP, TIFF, GIF

Free Online OCR Pricing:

Free Online OCR is an entirely free software to use.




Best Document Management System

Batch processing
Convert to PDF
Text Editor
Custom Visit site

Symphony OCR is the most popular document management system where you can detect text on image-based PDFs and it makes it simpler to find exactly what you need when you need it. This OCR software automatically applies OCR to documents filed into your document management system, making them text searchable.

It also allows you to scan documents (PDF and TIFF files), e-faxes, email attachments, and more—even legacy files. Plus, this program also gives you the ability to select, copy, and paste text from the document to avoid wasting time retyping. Symphony OCR supports integration with platforms like Worldox, Structure, ShareFile, Practice Master, SharePoint, etc.

Symphony Features:

Symphony OCR includes features such as batch processing, convert to PDF, and text editor, and many more.

  • It supports various platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, and iPad
  • Symphony OCR works behind the scenes to automatically OCR all image-based PDFs
  • This tool enables you to search text in the document
  • Integrates with various major platforms such as NetDocuments, Worldox, SharePoint, and more
  • Easily detects text from PDF files containing scanned images

Symphony Pricing:

There are no pricing details provided by the vendor, for more information visit the official website.




Overall Best OCR Software

Receive document from any channel
Communicate & act
All-in-one document gateway
Understand document automatically
Custom Visit site

Rossum is another best OCR software that helps you to organize and automatically process all your incoming document traffic. It automates your business communication between you and your business partners. It works by using AI to scan the document for key information rather than using a template format, which helps in that different invoices will tend to be formatted to present information in different ways. Great OCR tool for enterprises with a large number of invoices, especially coming from contractors and suppliers.

Rossum Features:

  • Receive document from any channel: No matter the file format or communication channel, this tool reliably and securely deliver the data you need with required filtering and pre-processing included.
  • Communicate & act: Rossum send automated confirmations, correction requests or status updates that your business partners require. Plus it add semantics like coding and any matching strategy through in-depth integrations.
  • All-in-one document gateway: It helps you to organize and automatically process all your incoming document traffic. Whether you receive invoices, purchase orders, packing lists, claims, any other transactional documents or all of these, Rossum automates your business communication.
  • Understand document automatically: It automatically sets OCR templates and maintains your own data capture tool. In addition to this, it includes industry-leading artificial intelligence simply turns human-readable into machine-readable from day one.
  • Rossum is an AI-based cloud document gateway for automated business communication
  • Rossum’s proprietary AI engine outranks narrow data extraction solutions’ inaccuracy.
  • Allows you to receive documents across multiple platforms
  • Easily extracts data from your invoices in a minute

Rossum Pricing:

The pricing of this software is not provided by the vendor. Please contact the team for more pricing info.



Final Words

Automated value extraction from unstructured content ensures that customers interact with companies in a way that makes sense. Since every business has an increasing number of document files it is literally not possible to manage all the documents manually. Using the best OCR software, many big enterprises are maintaining a high degree of accuracy and also enables enterprises to control the quality of data.

Digitize printed documents is a must-have if you want to manage your files and it also ensures that clients are attended to in good time. Then why not you get the task easy with OCR software? OCR enables organizations to convert unstructured content into searchable data and also the working environment easier to work, with less paper-centric.

If you are looking for the best OCR software, I would definitely recommend you to go for SimpleOCR and it is my personal favorite. Above, are the top suggestions of the best free OCR software after hours of testing. Try out the freemium plans, and start storing the information digitally boosting the overall customer experience.

Thank you for reading this article. Hope you have liked the list of best OCR software that suits your business needs. Which one is your favorite OCR software? Let me know in the comment section below!

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