20 Best Photo Editing Software For Beginner And Pro Photographers (2024): A Comprehensive Guide

Make your images even more attractive with the help of the best photo editing software. Get the best photo editing tools to add effects, and color palletes and show your creative skills.

Photography is one of the most passionate hobbies of most of us, Right? There are many newbies who have an interest in great photography and make the rest of the world amazed with that! Nowadays, everyone is a photographer with their own mobile phone and uses various filters. Instagram is considered one of the best social media platforms, where photos are generally posted to get more likes! If you are one of them, to get more likes on Instagram then also you have to give stunning posts!

Do you know where most people lack? It is the viewpoint guys! Real photographers know how to take attractive images, and they have to rectify and adjust the image exposure, focus and highlight necessary things to make the image look exceptional! In fact, there are some must-have tools for photographers like Photo Organizing Tools and Photo Editing Tools. So, after a lot of investigation and testing, here is some best-handpicked Photo Editing Software for beginners to choose from.

Best Photo Editing Software

Pixlr Affordable Software

Photo editor for beginners
Quick and playful photo edits
Mobile version available
User-friendly interface

Stencil User's Choice

Royalty-free images
1250+ templates
3450+ Google Web fonts
140+ preset sizes

Skylum Aurora HDR Premium Software

Flawless HDR images
Quantum HDR Engine
20+ essential tools for HDR editing
HDR Denoise

Skylum Luminar EDITOR'S CHOICE

AI technology
AI Assistance
24/7 technical support
PhotoXpanse technology

Corel Paintshop Pro Reliable Software

Free Photo Editing and Graphic Designing
Professional image editing tools
New color palettes
Best for beginners

Fotor User-Friendly

Hundreds of promotional poster
Artistic collages
Hundreds of fonts
Countless pretty stickers

Snappa Best For Business

Pre-made templates
Free high-resolution stock photos
Remove image backgrounds
Resize your best graphics

Canva Free Software

Perfect for beginners
Stunning creations
Drag-n-drop editor
4,20,000 design templates

After capturing an image, the first thing we do is to edit the image, and use filters to make the simple image look stunning using various effects, and backgrounds! Photographers generally use various tricks to make their photos look amazing with DSLR Sensor! But in this digital world, there are many photo editor software, which can be used by all levels of photographers!

Here is a complete guide, for you with the best photo editing software that will meet all your needs and expectations like never before! Without wasting time, let’s get started!

Detailed List Of Photo Editing Software For Beginners

Best Photo Editor: A Complete Guide

Top Photo Editing Software List:

Photo Editing is not a tough job anymore! I know there is plenty of photo editing software in the market with various features and benefits. Here is a complete list of beginners that will deliver outstanding images. Consider the following list to make a start to stunning photography!


Adobe Photoshop

Best Adobe Photo Editing Software

Expressive portraits pop and expressions
Custom brushes
Create your own posters
Faster with larger size images
Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most reliable photo editor software in the market still now. With this stunning photo editor it is very easy to edit photos and combine them to digital painting, animation, and graphic design which you can do it all in this Photoshop.

It magically transforms images with the power of AI. Learn new skills and share your projects via Livestream. Compatible with both Windows and Mac. With its latest update, photoshop is faster, smarter, and easier than ever. One of the best photo editors for professionals, with all stunning features like never before.

With powerful editing tools and new smart features for creating stunning effects, turn imagination into artistry. Combine photos, graphics, and texts and create magical images with Adobe Photoshop.

Key Features:

  • Make portraits pop and expressions more expressive
  • Transform photos into flights of pure imagination
  • Paint and draw with thousands of custom brushes and create your own collection
  • Create your own posters, banners, graphic designs with Photoshop
  • Faster with larger size images
  • Supports all file formats like JPG, PNG, GIF as well as raw files
Note: With March 2021 release, Photoshop 22.3 runs natively on Apple Silicon devices, bringing speedier selections, filters, and performance boosts. For now, some features including Invite to edit and Synced presets, are available under emulation mode only. It also provides fixes to several customer-reported issues and feature improvements to the Line tool, Rectangle tool, and more.
Photography (20 GB)✔️Edit anywhere with lightroom
✔️Transform your images with Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop Single App✔️Get Photoshop on Desktop and iPad as part of Creative Cloud$20.99/m
All Apps✔️ Get Photoshop on Desktop and iPad plus the entire collection of creative apps$52.99/m
Students and Teachers✔️Polish up any project and make your vision a reality with student pricing on the Creative Cloud all apps plan, which gives you 20+ cutting edge creative tools for desktop, mobile, and web — plus 100GB of cloud storage.
✔️Acrobat and Adobe Scan are part of the plan



Corel PaintShop Pro

Best Photo Design Software For Beginners

Free Photo Editing and Graphic Designing
Professional image editing tools
New color palettes
Best for beginners
$70.98 Visit Site
Corel PaintShop Pro 1

Corel PaintShop Pro is a premium photo editing software, available in 2024 that instantly gives your photos a unique HDR effect with an exclusive collection of presets powered by Artificial Intelligence. With this stunning photo editor software, you can experiment with a variety of styles to enhance the finest details and bring out the best in all types of photography from close-up portraiture to scenic landscapes.

It includes AI HDR Studio is a hassle-free solution to correct, enhance and apply artistic flair to your photos in a matter of seconds. Effortlessly transform any image into a mesmerizing animation in a matter of minutes with PhotoMirage Express. Bring your photos to life with the amazing features of Corel PaintShop Pro and share them on various social media platforms and blow out the minds of your viewers! It includes a free trial and the best photo editor for beginners.

Key Features:

  • Free Photo Editing and Graphic Designing Software
  • Enhance your photos with professional image editing tools
  • Create impact designs using new color palettes, brushes, gradients, patterns, and textures
  • Best photo editing software for beginners
  • Adjust your images and make your image better like crop, straighten, remove red-eye
  • Add effects for attention-grabbing photos
  • Offers 30 days money-back guarantee
Note: Enjoy a simplified user interface for faster navigation with the new improved tools and new Workspaces to match your level of expertise. Includes a full 30 days free-trial with this photo editing software. New Features Includes->Sea-To-Sky Workspace, AI Style Transfer, AI Artifact Removal, AI Denoise, AI Upsampling. Only available on Windows.
PaintShop Pro ✔️New AI Upsampling
✔️New AI Denoise
✔️New AI Artifact Removal
✔️New AI Style Transfer
PaintShop Pro Ultimate✔️New AI HDR Studio
✔️New Sea-To-Sky Workspace
✔️New Painter Essentials 7
✔️PhotoMirage Express
✔️Corel AfterShot
✔️Corel Creative Collection
Photo Video Bundle Ultimate✔️2-in-1 Photo Video Editor
✔️Includes all-new AI-Powered Tools
✔️Movie-making fun with VideoStudio



Skylum Luminar

Best Photo Editing Software For PC

AI technology
AI Assistance
24/7 technical support
PhotoXpanse technology
Skylum Luminar 1

Skylum Luminar is the first image editor fully powered by Artificial Intelligence. Luminar AI is designed to reflect new skies in all bodies of water, for a completely natural result. It can even handle ripples on the water’s surface. Using this amazing photo editing software create a completely different light source that affects every colour in the image.

Skylum Luminar helps you to create a completely different light source that affects every colour in the image. Its new relight human tool helps you to create a seamless natural effect. Not only this, you can load transparent PNG files as textures and use them to add special effects to photos, including watermarks, text, borders, emoticons, and other decorative elements.

Here images are adaptive, no matter which quality or from which device it has been taken. Luminar Template helps you to apply all those templates to look like they are taken at one photo session.

Key Features:

  • Gives you whole new possibilities to express your ideas with innovative technologies
  • With the AI technology, you can focus to build your own creative story
  • The fastest way to meet templates with AI Assistance
  • Get full control of your creative vision with Luminar AI
  • 24/7 technical support
  • With PhotoXpanse technology you can add 3D effects to your image, creating a deeper, atmospheric, immersive story.
  • Offers 30 days money-back guarantee
Note: Luminar AI has improved camera support for several new formats and improvements with CNG, CR3, and RAF files. With the new update, Luminar is faster and smarter to deliver high-quality results in less time. It includes improved editing, adjust the atmosphere of the image with 3D depth, a new tool for portrait and skin adjustments, improved Eraser and Clone and Stamp tools offer better results on even complex areas, take professional control with the Color Harmony Tool.
Luminar AI✔️Fully Powered by AI
✔️ Create striking photos easier and faster
✔️ Adaptive templates
Luminar 4 ✔️Works as Standalone and Plugin
✔️Free Enchanting Twilight Skies



Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Best Photo Editing Software

Adobe Lightroom

Innovative tools
Easy-to-use sliders
Reduce distraction
Face detection capability
Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is a cloud-based service that gives you everything you need to create, edit, organize, store, and share your photos across any device. This photo editor software comes with easy-to-use tools like sliders and presets that let you create photos that look just the way you want. Connect with fellow photographers and deepen your skills in the preview of the new Lightroom community.

Start on mobile, web, or desktop and your edits will automatically apply everywhere you want. Cloud storage at 20GB, 1TB, or more ensures that you can access your library wherever you are. Best photo editing software for beginners that capture, edit, and share your photos all from one place. Lightroom can manage any number of photos so you’ll always stay organized and on top of your game from others.

Key Features:

  • Create photos with innovative tools and filters and experience the most complete photo editing service
  • Easy-to-use sliders give you complete control over the light and color properties of your photos
  • Crop, invert, and straighten photos to express your creativity the way you see it
  • With Lightroom, you can shift focus and sharpen your photos to highlight your subject and even reduce distraction in the image
  • Supports face detection capability
  • Offers 7 days free trial
Note: With the all-new features you can explore a personalized feed on Lightroom desktop, supports Apple ProRaw images, view combined notification when people like or comment, easily mute a panel’s settings, find newly added cameras and lenses. For Android Mobile, a new dot icon is visible below a panel’s name if any new edits have been made.
Lightroom✔️Easily edit, organize, store, and share photos from anywhere
✔️1 TB of Cloud Storage
Photography Plan✔️Lightroom on desktop and mobile
✔️Lightroom Classic
✔️Photoshop on desktop and iPad
Creative Cloud All Apps✔️20+ desktop and mobile apps
✔️100 GB of Cloud Storage
✔️Includes Lightroom, Photoshop, Illustrator



Skylum Aurora HDR

Best Photo Editing Software For Windows 10

Flawless HDR images
Quantum HDR Engine
20+ essential tools for HDR editing
HDR Denoise
$95.55 Visit Site
Skylum Aurora HDR

Skylum Aurora HDR is the most popular photo editing software for beginners and is considered the world’s most advanced photo editor. Get the highest quality of bracket merging, and a spectacular level of color enhancement, with the advanced power of Artificial Intelligence.

It comes with 20+ essential tools with HDR editing needs with creative lut mapping, polarizing filter, colour toning, HDR Denoise, dodge & burn, details enhancer, and many others. This photo editing software comes with HDR Denoise, HDR Smart Structure, HDR Quality to deliver excellent quality photos with every detail.

Instantly convert your photos from raw to awesome with just one click. Aurora HDR brings you top-notch features and works as both standalone or plug-in with Apple Photos Extensions, Adobe Photoshop Plugin, Adobe Lightroom Plugin, Standalone Application.

Key Features:

  • Flawless HDR images in seconds
  • Quantum HDR Engine powered by AI
  • 20+ essential tools for all HDR editing needs
  • Recognizes noise on your HDR photos with the powerful tool HDR Denoise
  • Enhances depth of your photos with every detail
  • 80 unique filters to take your photos from raw to awesome with just one click
  • Unlock unprecedented detail and expanded dynamic range from single photos
Note: There are advanced features for pro photographers with powerful layers, blending modes, masking and other features, batch processing raw support. Provides 30 days money back guarantee.
Aurora HDR Bundle✔️Easily create natural-looking HDR images
✔️Requires Mac OS 10.11 or above, or Windows 7 or above
✔️License for 5 computers
Luminar 4 Plus Aurora HDR✔️Innovative Professional Photo Editor For Mac and Windows
✔️Powered by AI
✔️Requires Mac OS 10.12 or above and Windows 7, 8, 10




Best Photo Editing Software For PC Free Download

Perfect for beginners
Stunning creations
Drag-n-drop editor
4,20,000 design templates
$30.02 Visit Site

Canva is one of the best photo editing software for beginners, where you can design like professionals without having any technical knowledge of photo editing. It comes with premium tools to boost your creativity with multiple designs where you can design your photos like a pro and make images transparent with one click pro tools.

Bring your innovative ideas to life with stunning creations and improve your productivity to the next level. Canva provides a user-friendly interface with the drag-n-drop editor where you can create your own designs with the free templates with a fully customizable option.

There are options like a custom size, where you can create your own fonts, custom size, remove backgrounds that will look absolutely professional. Choose templates, add designs and publish to social media platforms or your own website. Create photo designs for websites, social media, flyers, brochures for your brand and also for your client.

Key Features:

  • Simple and easy to use and perfect for beginners
  • Doesn’t need any design skills to make stunning creations
  • Comes with drag-n-drop editor
  • 4,20,000 design templates, which are fully customizable
  • Transform your designs to the custom size you need instantly
  • Remove background with just one click
  • Animate any design and save it as a GIF or MOV file
  • 3000 Premium Fonts to use from
  • Offers 30 days free trial
Note: With Canva Pro, you can choose from millions of premium photos and graphics plus thousands of videos and audio tracks without any extra cost. Create your brands visual identity with logos, colors and fonts in 1 brand kit.
Canva Free✔️250,000+ free templates
✔️100+ design types
✔️Collaborate and comment in real-time
✔️5GB of Cloud Storage
Canva Pro✔️1-Click Design Magic Resize
✔️75+ Million Premium Stock Photos, Videos
✔️100GB of Cloud Storage
Canva Enterprise✔️Built-in workflows to get approval on your designs
✔️Unlimited Storage
✔️24/7 Enterprise Level Support




Best Photo Editing Software For MAC

Royalty-free images
1250+ templates
3450+ Google Web fonts
140+ preset sizes

Stencil is an outstanding photo editor software where you can create amazing social media graphics, compelling ads, stunning blog headers and much more. It is considered as the web’s most popular online graphic designing tool for business owners, social media marketers, bloggers and entrepreneurs.

Most important is now you can create images faster and easier than before with multiple filters that you can use to beautify your images and download them in high resolution. Stencil helps you to integrate with various social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Provides you with royalty-free images with over 5,000,000 stock photos, upload and store multiple logos if you are creating visuals for different brands. Stencil saves your time and increases your workflow whenever you browse the web.

Key Features:

  • Thousands of royalty-free images added every week
  • 1250+ templates to create beautiful images even faster
  • Upload and store multiple logos
  • Collection of 100,000 to make inspiring quote images in seconds
  • 3450+ Google Web fonts for your image
  • 140+ preset sizes for social networks, ads, blog posts
  • Beautiful icons which are safe to use
  • Supports browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari
Note: With Stencil, you can create amazing blog images, right from your WordPress Dashboard. Compatible with WordPress Version 4.0 and up.
Stencil(Free Version)✔️Limited Photos
✔️Limited Icons
✔️Upload up to 50 images
✔️Create up to 10 collections
Stencil Pro✔️Save up to 50 images/month
✔️5,000,000+ images
✔️1250+ amazing templates
✔️Create up to 25 collections
✔️Font Uploads
Stencil Unlimited✔️All Pro Features included
✔️Save unlimited images
✔️Upload unlimited images
✔️Create unlimited collections




Best Beginner Photo Editing Software

Customizable templates
Own brand identity
Instant background remover
Supports in various file formats

PicMonkey is a powerful photo editing software with amazing tools that will boost your productivity. It is a beginner-friendly photo editing tool where you can start your own blank canvas, and add your own photos, logos, images, to match your brand color.

There are multiple assets, fully loaded with graphics, fonts, templates and more. Instantly remove your background color with the auto magical features. PicMoney provides you top-notch creativity tool, and you can use any font on your computer.

The Pro Version provides you the easiest way to animate your designs where you can play with your texts, make them float, graphics jiggle and pics bounce. Experience a total freedom, using this amazing graphic designing software PicMonkey.

Key Features:

  • Design your own way with customizable templates
  • Add fonts, logos, images and create your own brand identity
  • Share files and leave comments on designs
  • Instant background remover with a single click
  • Perfect for product shots, YouTube Thumbnails, and more
  • Supports in various file formats such as PDF, JPG, or PNG
  • Offers 7 days free-trial
Note: There are amazing new updates for PickMonkey, such as add multiple pages to your designs, presentations and Instagram Stories, change individual colours on your photos with the colour changer effect, more outline tools option where you can tweak the angle, distance and the scale of the outline tool.
PicMonkey Basic✔️Powerful Photo Editing Software
✔️Best for Beginners
✔️Download images in JPG or PNG
PicMonkey Pro✔️Unlimited Storage
✔️Best for growing businesses
PicMonkey Team✔️Unlimited Storage
✔️Download images in JPG, PNG, or PDF



Capture One

Best Professional Photo Editing Software

Speed Edit tool
Full suite of color tools
Highest quality raw files
Precise photo editing tools
Capture One

Capture One is a uniquely powerful software for photographers where you can create any colour with precision editing tools. Bring your photos to life and start editing with raw images that look better and reliable like never before.

It comes with a unique Speed Edit tool that lets you edit without the interface and adjust multiple photos at once. Plus, professional workflow tools make import, export and file organization seamless. Capture One Pro lets you edit files from all major camera brands or you can save with a Capture One version that’s just for Fujifilm, Sony or Nikon cameras and get solutions for business and multi-user teams.

Key Features:

  • Transform your editing experience with a revolutionary Speed Edit tool and the most authentic color profiles
  • Speed Edit lets you work seamlessly without touching a slider on the interface
  • Process photos with true colors and then adjust them further with a full suite of color tools
  • Process the highest quality raw files with the sharpest details
  • Take creative control of your images with powerful and precise photo editing tools
Note: With the latest upgrade Capture One provides you with a lot more features such as Speed Edit, Color Control, Skin Tone Editing, Noise Reduction, Sharpening, Image editing with exposure, contrast and saturation, high-dynamic range, layers and masks, optimization with Lightroom importer, Filters and smart albums, customizable workspace and many more
Capture One Pro✔️Supports all major cameras
✔️Supports all features
Capture One For Sony✔️Exclusive to Sony Cameras
✔️Supports all features
Capture One For Fujifilm✔️Exclusive to Fujifilm cameras
✔️Supports all features
Capture One For Nikon✔️Exclusive to Nikon Cameras
✔️Supports all features



Design Wizard

Best Photo Editing Software For Beginners

Huge library of editable business
Social media templates
Create personalized designs
Design Wizard

With Design Wizard it is very easy to create unique content in minutes. Now you can edit every element, change or upload backgrounds, images, videos and colours. Add your logo, change fonts or include a personalized caption.

Images can be downloaded in print or web quality. Videos can be downloaded in standard or high definition. You can then share them instantly to social media or schedule them using our Buffer, Hubspot or Marketo integrations with a few minutes. Create high-quality content in minutes using this photo editing software.

There are free features that allow you to magically resize your designs, upload your fonts, photos, logos and create custom colour palettes. Explore their library of over one million premium images, thousands of high-quality videos, illustrations, graphics, and more.

Key Features:

  • Share your designs to popular social media networks and grab the attention of your followers and fans with amazing posts, images, and videos
  • Huge library of editable business and social media templates that will save you hours of valuable time and resources
  • Create personalized designs for your family and loved ones with custom-designed birthday cards, party events
Note: Design Wizard ensures you that every video and image in their library, has been licensed for commercial use protecting you from any copyright complications.
Design Wizard Basic✔️Resize image designs
✔️Add texts and shapes to designs
✔️Customer Color Palette
Design Wizard Pro✔️All Basic Features included
✔️Image uploads
✔️✔️Font Uploads
✔️1GB Storage
Design Wizard Business✔️All Pro features plus unlimited standard video download
✔️1 Premium video per month
✔️Unlimited image design downloads
✔️10GB Storage



ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate

Best Photo Editing Software For PC

Improved performance
Precision editing
Color manipulation
Add watermarks
ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate

ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate is one of the best software for photographers with huge performance enhancements that lets you focus on the task and perfect your images. Experience the fastest performance with 40X faster database, 100% faster start-up, 50% faster mode switching performance.

It has outstanding features like colour wheels to enhance your images, make your skies bluer and your reflections vivid. ACDSee provides a face detection & facial recognition tool that will find the humans in your photographs so you can name them for quick searching.

With layered editing, you can achieve complex adjustments and effects and twist them at any time. There is a Develop Mode included in ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate that offers advanced editing features that are non-destructive.

Key Features:

  • Improved performance and precision editing
  • 100% faster when working with keywords and categories
  • Get enhanced control over color manipulation
  • An improved quick search for finding images much faster
  • Add watermarks with more accuracy
Note: There are new improved features of ACDSee that lets you faster your performance level such as tone wheels, new develop mode UI and panes, new improved batch rename, improved quick search, improved watermark, improved crop
ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate 2021 Home Plan ✔️4 Top ACDSee Products
✔️50GB Storage included
ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate 2021 Life-time License✔️One Time Fee
✔️Enjoy one year of free updates and technical support with the purchase of this Lifetime License
ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate 2021 Home-Pack✔️4 Top ACDSee Products
✔️3 Unique Devices per Product



ON1 Photo Raw 2021

Easy and Best Photo Editing Software

Stay organized
Image clarity
Portrait editing
Creative styles
On1 Photo Raw

ON1 Photo Raw 2021 is the perfect software for photographers with professional photo editing tools, to get the professional results you want without putting in any extra effort. It helps to balance your workload be more efficient, powerful and simple.

Most of us want to create stunning visuals without having any technical knowledge of how to create stunning photos. Using Photo RAW is like having Lightroom & Photoshop under one roof. It comes with the tools you need for compositing, hundreds of the hottest presets and filters built-in, and world-class masking tools to make your life easy.

With ON1 Photo RAW you can easily capture, edit, organize and sync your photos across all of your devices and computers. It’s an entire photography workflow ecosystem giving you more flexibility, choice, and control.

Key Features:

  • The easiest way to stay organized
  • Get the ultimate image clarity, beautiful color, and maintain the finest details
  • Acts as a game-changer for portrait editing and saves your valuable time on editing sessions
  • Unlimited creative styles with hundreds of most popular looks
  • Supports for over 800+ cameras
  • Supports in various file formats like JPEG, TIF, PSD, PSB, PNG, and DNG
  • Offers 14 days free trial without any limitations
Note: New Version for ON1 Photo Raw comes with new features such as quickly add clouds to dull skies, create stunning sunsets in seconds, refresh smiles in a few simple clicks, find your duplicate photos in seconds, make the eyes pop in seconds, easily change colours of objects in your Photos.
ON1 Photo Raw 2021✔️Download on any device
✔️Execute live adjustments and preview
✔️Get 200GB for Monthly Subscription
ON1 Photo Raw 2021.1✔️Includes 360 presets, LUTs and textures$79.73




Best Photo Editing Software For Beginners

Photo editor for beginners
Quick and playful photo edits
Mobile version available
User-friendly interface

PIXLR is a free photo editing software for beginners. It can be opened in any image format like PSD (Photoshop), PXD, Jpeg, PNG (Transparent), WebP, SVG and many more. There are two new online photo editors to choose from Pixlr X and Pixlr E both are AI-powered with automatic background removal technology.

This is outstanding software for photographers to create professional-looking photo edits. There is an automatic and free image background removal option in just a couple of seconds! AI tools from Pixlr lets you remove backgrounds without the manual work.

Key Features:

  • Best photo editor for beginners
  • Perfect for quick and playful photo edits
  • You can download its desktop version or mobile version
  • User-friendly interface
  • Supports masks and layers
  • Automatic and free image background removal option
Note: The current privacy policies and practices applicable to the processing of your Personal Data will vary with the type of relationship you have with them.
PIXLR (Free Version)✔️Access to Pixlr X and E
✔️Basic editing tools
✔️A limited set of stickers
PIXLR Premium✔️Full access to Pixlr X and E
✔️Extensive editing tools
✔️New 18000+ assets
✔️New Templates
✔️The new version supports a maximum of 8196 x 8196 image resolution
PIXLR Creative Pack✔️Extensive editing tools
✔️5000 decorative texts
✔️24/7 premium support




Free Photo Editing Software

High-quality image formulation
Power and flexibility
Graphical design elements
Supports multi-language

GIMP is also referred to as GNU Image Manipulation Program and cross-platform image editor available for GNU/Linux, OS X, Windows and more operating systems. It is free software, you can change its source code and distribute your changes.

If you are a graphic designer, photographer, illustrator, or scientist, GIMP provides you with sophisticated tools to get your job done. There is a possibility to enhance your productivity with GIMP with the customization options and 3rd party plugins.

With this photo editing software, you can easily get the tools needed for high-quality image formulation. From retouching to restoring to creative composites, the only limit is your imagination. Best used in workflows involving other free software such as Scribus, Inkscape, and SwatchBooker.

Key Features:

  • Provides high-quality image formulation
  • Gives the power and flexibility to transform your imaginations into unique creations
  • Used for producing icons graphical design elements, and art for user interface components and mockups
  • Supports multi-language such as C, C++, Perl, Python, Scheme, and more
  • Provides top-notch color management features to ensure high-fidelity color reproduction across digital and printed media
Note: GIMP 2.10.24 is mostly a bug fix release, which once again comes mostly with file format support improvements such as Off-canvas point snapping, improvements in the metadata viewer and editor, improvements in file format supports. Entirely free to use.



Alien Skin Exposure X6

Best Video and Photo Editing Software

Complete photo editing application
Faster and smoother editing
Advanced color editor
Brushing and masking tools.
Alien Skin Exposure X6

Alien Skin Exposure is the best image editor for creative photo editing, with professional photo adjustments provided with a huge number of gorgeous photos like never before. Exposure’s intuitive design helps you focus on your guarantee.

It comes with extensive selection of beautiful film presets that looks more accurate and elegant with eye catching color shifts. Now it is very easy to customize each of Exposure’s built-in looks, then save it as a unique look that expresses your own style. Reuse your customized presets to achieve consistent looks across all your work with a single click.

Alien Skin Exposure X6 includes a powerful color editor for sophisticated color adjustments, realistic film grain, creative lens focus and tilt-shift effects, and a huge number of overlays light effects, textures, and borders to create your own masterpiece.

Key Features:

  • Exposure is a complete photo editing application and a plug-in.
  • Exposure uses your GPU to make editing even faster and smoother.
  • Bring your imaginations to life with unique tools such as advanced color editor, artistic focus effects etc.
  • Apply effects selectively to specific areas of your image with brushing and masking tools.
  • Layer effects, including presets and photo adjustments.
  • Core editing tools like exposure, contrast, saturation, and other essential adjustments.
Note: After the new update, Alien Skin Exposure X6 comes with new advanced color editor, new automatic adjustments, new GPU Optimized Editing, new Haze Level slider to decrease the contrast caused by atmospheric haze.
Exposure X6✔️Fast Technical Support
✔️30-days money-back guarantee
✔️Exposure X6 plug-in for Lightroom and Photoshop
Exposure X6 Bundle✔️Integrated Snap Art natural media
✔️Non-destructive raw photo editor
✔️High-quality photo enlargement



Adobe Photoshop Elements

Best Adobe Photo Editing Software Site

Add motion
Fine tune face tilt
Automatic colorization
Reduce camera shake
$74.99 Visit Site
Adobe PhotoShop Elements

Adobe Photoshop Elements is one of the best photo editing software for beginners with powerful photo editing capabilities. This is a smart photo editor where you can easily edit, create, organize, and share your photos and bring your imagination to life.

Using Adobe Photoshop Elements AI technology, you can also find your photos and videos in a snap using Smart Tags, facial recognition, and more. Plus, your catalog structure is automatically backed up for easy recovery so you can work hassle free.

Key Features:

  • Add motion to your static images and transform your favorite shots into moving photos
  • Fine tune face tilt and you can easily adjust the position of a person’s face
  • Change up the colors in your pics with automatic colorization
  • Automatically select the subject of your photo with a single click
  • Easily whiten teeth, make skies blue, remove haze, reduce camera shake, and fix tilted photos
Note: It has been never easier to edit, create and organize your favourite photos with the latest upgraded features such as by adding motivational quotes, make perfect landscapes, create modern duotunes, move scale and duplicate objects, automatically backup your catalog structure like never before.

Photo Elements 2021✔️Easy photo editing software
✔️Great for selfies
Premiere Photoshop Elements 2021✔️Premium version for professionals
✔️Bring your imagination to life with aI




Best Beginner Photo Editing Software

Pre-made templates
Free high-resolution stock photos
Remove image backgrounds
Resize your best graphics

Start your photography using Snappa, and create a perfect sized image with just one click. Set your own image dimensions for social media, display ads, blogs, emails, and infographics are available as clickable presets.

Get the opportunity to choose from thousands of pre-made templates that look professional and earn you more attention, clicks, and customers. No more need to search for multiple stock libraries and forget about paying huge amounts for background removal.

Choose from 200+ fonts, 100,000+ vectors and shapes, and play with photo effects until your graphic is perfect without having any graphic designing experience, and remove your backgrounds with just one click!

Key Features:

  • Get pre-made templates that look more professional to get more clicks and attention
  • Find free high-res stock photos inside Snappa
  • Add text, graphics, and effects in seconds
  • Remove image backgrounds with just one click
  • Resize your best graphics in a flash
  • Schedule and share your graphics instantly with Snappa
Note: Snappa is a must have tool for beginners who publish content online. It’s super easy to use and has a nice set of templates, and despite its simplicity offers unlimited possibilities for creative minds. 100% royalty-free images and graphics and licensed for commercial use without any extra fees
Snappa Starter✔️6000+ Templates
✔️5,000,000+ HD photos plus graphics
Snappa Pro✔️Unlimited downloads per month
✔️Social Media Integrations
✔️Custom Font Uploads
✔️Remove image backgrounds
Snappa Team✔️Custom Font Uploads
✔️Buffer Integrations




Simple And Best Photo Editing Software

Simple and fast
Customizable beautification presets
Fully adjustable correction
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PortraitPro is an amazing software for photographers that enhances every aspect of a portrait for natural results.With PortraitPro helps you automatically mask and blend your photographs, twisting the tones of the foreground to match the new sky, leaving you with impressive yet realistic results.

No more wasting time with manual selections and complex masks. Using the latest development in deep learning and image recognition, PortraitPro offers the most accurate feature finding offered by any photo editing software in the market.

This photo editing software uses a skin-smoothing tool to deliver unique and mesmerizing photos like never before. Now you can easily adjust your skin’s texture by removing blemishes and shadows and get glowing skin with a natural-looking texture.

Key Features:

  • Simple and fast photo editing software
  • Easy retouching with customizable beautification presets
  • Automatic selection of skin, hair and background
  • Fully adjustable correction and retouch sliders
  • Apply studio lighting to your portraits using PortraitPro’s relighting tools and brushes to correct unflattering shadows
Note: With the new upgraded version, there are new tools such as Clone Tool which is great for retouching projects, sky replacement feature to match the new sky effects with realistic results, lighting brushes to paint with light color and shadows, or add new lighting sources.
PortraitPro 21✔️Handles raw files directly
✔️Available as a smart filter
PotraitPro Studio✔️Advanced Portrait Retouching
✔️Raw file support
PotraitPro Studio Max✔️Full batch mode
✔️Works as a smart filter with Photoshop




Easy And Best Photo Editing Software

Hundreds of promotional poster
Artistic collages
Hundreds of fonts
Countless pretty stickers

Fotor is a perfect choice for beginners to edit photos, make a collage or create a design for their personal use. It comes loaded with eye-catching posters which makes it easy to design sales posters, or design any special offers to get more attention and clicks on your design. Best choice for non-designers who don’t have any knowledge about photography.

This software provides you with many creative and beautiful layouts with unique fonts which are very simple to use. Create collages of your past memories and cherish the moments that are gone with Fotor.

Not only this, it provides beauty touching tools that will make your images more attractive and unique with many options like remove acne spots, blemishes, whitening your teeth and bringing out the best portraits with advanced beauty tools.

Key Features:

  • Hundreds of promotional poster to boost your sales
  • Make artistic collages of happy moments and rejoice the past memories
  • With the photo editing suite, adjust the color, size, light, with HDR effects
  • A large selection of photo filters that give you the magic touch to edit your photos the way you want
  • Hundreds of fonts, countless pretty stickers, and more designing tools
Note: Now there is a 30% student discount in Fotor with student beans. Use the Fotor 30% student discount code to get instant 30% off! Grab the offer now.
Fotor Basic✔️Basic edit adjustments
✔️Basic photo effects
✔️High dynamic range
✔️100+ photo frames
✔️30+ stylish fonts
Fotor Pro✔️200+ photo collage layout
✔️1,00,000+ templates and designs
✔️300+ stylish fonts
✔️Auto-resized designs
Fotor Pro+✔️All advanced editing tools
✔️200+ premium photo effects
✔️Advanced beauty touch up
✔️200+ photo collage layouts




Free Photo Editing Software

Object creation tools
Transform image into a moving image
Hide individual layers

Inkscape is a free open-source software designing tool and a perfect tool for illustrators, website designers to create some vector imaginary Inkscape like never before.

This is software for photographers that come loaded with flexible drawing tools, broad file format compatibility, powerful text fonts tool to enhance your design. Create stunning images, with the one-click filter to experience instant stunning photos.

Most important point is, Inkscape is completely an open-source software and one can easily upgrade and develop the features for more exciting designs.

Key Features:

  • Provides object creation tool such as pencil tool, text tool, shape tools, embedded bitmaps
  • Transform your image into a moving, rotating image
  • Hide individual layers or rearrange them according to your choice
  • Includes color selector, color picker tool, with many predefined dash patterns
  • Multi-line texts including right-to-left scripts
Note: If you join Inkscape’s GSoC 2021 team, which is highly recommended for students to work with mentors, and get to know more about this open-source software, and work with many projects. With the latest version get newly added code to identify and debug problems in the code. Inkscape is completely free to use for all level photographers.



To wrap up, I hope now you have got many options to choose from the best photo editing software. All the above-mentioned software have unique editing features of their own.

After doing a lot of research, I have hand-picked some of the best photo editors to suit your requirements. Now it is entirely up to you which one will you pick according to your budget, skills, and needs.

Above are all listed, keeping in mind about the newbies and you can definitely give it a try as most of them offers a 7-day free trial which is exciting right?

So guys, let me know in the comment section below which one suits your requirements! In case you have any suggestions, please share them with me below!

In the meantime, you can read our blogs here.

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