Best Property Management Software Of 2023(Ranked & Reviewed)

The best property management software provides a simple solution to manage real estate portfolios, covering everything from tenant screening to maintenance. Read this article to find out the best one for you.

Property management is a very broad industry, which needs comprehensive solutions that can support all processes within it. And choosing the Best Property management software is definitely the best way to manage properties effectively.

So, if you are looking for the best property management software, you have landed in the right place. This article will surely help you on finding the best property management solution for you.

After a week of research and testing, we have the list of ultimate property management software and we have reviewed them in detail. So without any delay, let’s get started.

Here is my most recommended Property Management Software in terms of features and performance:

List Of Best Property Management Software Companies


Easy to use Property Management Software.
with everything, you need to manage properties
Ensures that you can easily collect rent online without any hidden fees.
Reduce vacancy and turnover time with free syndicated listings to, Doorsteps, and RentRedi.
$19.95 Visit Site


Track budgets, rent, vendor payments, and more with powerful reporting.
Talk to tenants, vendors, and owners from one central place.
Find better tenants with comprehensive screenings and applications.


Manage your entire residential portfolio on one intuitive platform.
Digitize, streamline, and automate your processes with flexible tools and advanced AI.
Gain greater insights across your portfolio and boost accuracy with robust accounting.


Propertyware is highly customizable, even having an open API available.
Supports single-family property management companies of even the largest sizes.
Protect rentals against accidental damage and reduces tenant liability.

Turbo Tenant

Quickly customize a state-specific lease to fit your needs and stay compliant.
Have your renters sign legal forms from their phone or computer. No need to meet in person.
From a signed lease to condition reports, keep and share documents in one place.


Helps you collect payments online, advertise your vacant properties, and screen potential tenants.
Your info is protected in AWS data centers.
Automatic rent invoices, late fees, and receipts delivered to tenants

Rentec Direct

The highest-rated and easiest to learn property management software that includes free US-based support.
All the tools for landlords to easily manage properties and tenants.
A complete management solution for professional property managers.


Manage and grow your portfolio from anywhere with ease.
DoorLoop combines multiple programs into one. Simplify your operations with one login. No add-ons are needed.
Automate everything from listing units to moving out tenants, and everything in between.
$24.50 Visit site

Best Property Management Software (Expert’s Recommendation)

  1. RentRedi– Overall Best Property Management Software.
  2. AppFolio – Best Property Management Software For Advanced Features
  3. Propertyware – Best Property Management Software For Single Family Homes.
  4. Turbo Tenant – Best Free Property Management Software.
  5. TenantCloud – Best Property Management Software For DIY Landlords.
  6. Rentec Direct – Best Property Management Software For Commercial Property.
  7. Doorloop – Best for Short-Term Vacation Rentals.
  8. Buildium –  Best for Managers with Multiple Property Types.

What Is Property Management Software?

Property management software is a set of tools that landlords can use to attract leads, screen tenants, and manage leases. There are usually communication features that allow managers and tenants to discuss maintenance requests or send global announcements like when snow removal is scheduled. Last but not least, rental property management software includes an accounting component. You’ll be able to accept and record payments, as well as generate reports for income, expenses, cash flow, and other strategic and financial planning concerns.

Detailed Review Of Best Property Management Software



Best For Managers with Multiple Property Types.


Rent Payments
Tenant Screening
Manage or Outsource Maintenance
List & Market Properties
$19.95 Visit site

RentRedi is a property management platform used by thousands of landlords to manage their residential properties. This solution includes several useful features including automated listing syndication, online rental applications, electronic payment processing, and maintenance request tracking.

RentRedi offers several useful features that help landlords streamline their workflow and improve business operations. These features include automated listing syndication, online rental applications, electronic payment processing, and maintenance request tracking.

Overall, RentRedi is an affordable property management solution that optimizes a variety of important tasks. We recommend it for independent landlords responsible for small to medium-sized residential portfolios with 1 to 100 units.

RentRedi Features

  • Rent Payments: Easy mobile and online rent collection without any hidden fees! RentRedi offers a Landlord app to manage rent, late fees, evictions, and send reminders, along with a Tenant app for rent payment and auto-pay.
  • Tenant Screening: Identify high-quality tenants, quickly! Prequalify prospective tenants, plus offer screening for $35 to prospective tenants. With RentRedi mobile app, you can view applications and hit “accept” all from your phone.
  • Manage or Outsource Maintenance: Spend more time doing what you want and less time handling maintenance requests! You can use a standard maintenance request form or add hands-off maintenance coordination through RentRedi’s Latchel partnership.
  • List & Market Properties: Reduce vacancy and turnover time with syndicated listings to, Doorsteps, and more. With access to unlimited property marketing pages, you have everything you need to market your listings from one place.
  • Lease Signing & Document Sharing: Streamline the lease signing process and store documents! In-app or on desktop, you can upload a lease or any other document to share or send for signatures. Notify tenants and receive a legally binding signature through the Tenant RentRedi app.
  • Provide Affordable Renter’s Insurance: RentRedi has partnered with Sure, an insurance tech company, to offer your tenants a low-cost insurance option. Tenants can purchase renter’s insurance within their RentRedi tenant app or upload their current policy for your records.

RentRedi Pricing

RentRedi is priced as a monthly subscription. The company offers a discount for longer contracts, and you can add an unlimited number of properties, units, tenants, and teammates for no additional cost.

  • Monthly subscription: $19.95 per month
  • 3-month subscription: $15 per month
  • Annual subscription: $9 per month
  • ACH fee: $1
  • Credit card transaction fee: 2.9% + $0.30
  • Tenant screening fee: $35 per report
Reason To Buy
  • Responsive customer support team with live chat support.
  • Includes easy-to-use mobile applications for landlord and tenant.
  • Consistently adds features driven by customer feedback.
  • Offers competitive pricing that includes unlimited properties, units, tenants, and teammates.




Overall Best Property Management Software.


Track budgets, rent, vendor payments, and more with powerful reporting.
Talk to tenants, vendors, and owners from one central place.
Find better tenants with comprehensive screenings and applications.

Buildium is a cloud-based property management software that allows managers of residential and association properties to control every aspect of their business, whether in the office or completely remote, including online rent and payments, vacancy management, maintenance cycles, and accounting.

Buildium includes a number of useful features that assist property managers in streamlining their workflow and automating tasks. Automatic listing syndication, marketing websites, electronic leases, tenant and owner communication tools, and maintenance management tools are among the features available.

Buildium is typically used by property managers as an all-in-one solution for all of their property management needs. Buildium assists property managers throughout the property management life cycle, from listing properties to inspecting units after tenants move out.

Buildium Features

  • Accounting: The accounting features of Buildium allows you to track budgets, rent, vendor payments, and more with powerful reporting. You can securely manage bank accounts, accept rent, and create valuable reporting. Buildium also enables you to monitor and report on business expenses alongside property expenses.
  • Resident Center: Your Resident Center takes the heavy lifting out of rent collection and keeps you in sync with your residents. You can collect the rental fees, Track maintenance requests, and send announcements to entire properties by text and email.
  • Document Storage: Secure document storage makes every lease, document, insurance policy, and notice safe and easy to find. You can upload an unlimited number of leases, policies, addenda, receipts, meeting minutes, inspection reports, floor plans, and maps. Access them anytime, from anywhere. Easily share documents with residents or rental owners when the need arises.
  • Leasing: This feature enables you to find better tenants with comprehensive screenings and applications. Manage all of your rental listings and syndicate to our partners in a few clicks. With Buildium, you can also accept rental applications from your marketing site, and process any related fees. Run comprehensive tenant screenings: criminal, credit, & eviction reports.
  • Analytics and Insight: Powerful property management data analytics and comparative insights let you drive your business with metrics-driven decisions and benchmarks. See real-time performance, set goals, and use personalized data insights to strategically manage and grow your business.
  • eSignature: Manage the entire leasing process online and collect applicant signatures from any device. You can gather electronic signatures securely and allow applicants to sign from anywhere using the device of their choice. Set the signer order and track the signatures and status for every lease and addendum, and get notified when all requested signatures are received so you know when it’s your turn to countersign.

Buildium Pricing

  • Essential – Starting at $50/month.
  • Growth – Starting at $160/month.
  • Premium – Starting at $460/month.

You can customize your subscription with the features and services you need. When you sign up for a free 14-day trial you’ll be able to use sample data to see how Buildium handles your real-world tasks. It takes just 30 seconds. No credit card is required. You can convert to any of the plans, Essential, Growth, or Premium, from the same trial.

Reason To Buy
  • Buildium has an award-winning support team that has the expertise to help you get the most out of Buildium.
  • The data in Buildium is encrypted (to get technical, it’s done through TLS with a 2048-bit certificate, signed with SHA-256). And, all of your information is secured at a physical data center, monitored by the professionals at Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Buildium’s Open API integrates your most critical property, resident, and accounting data with your other business applications, to provide increased access and insight into what matters most.
  • You can log, track and report on your homeowners’ violations easily, from anywhere.




Best Property Management Software For Advanced Features.


Manage your entire residential portfolio on one intuitive platform.
Digitize, streamline, and automate your processes with flexible tools and advanced AI.
Gain greater insights across your portfolio and boost accuracy with robust accounting.

Appfolio is one of several all-in-one property management software tools that enable you to manage your entire portfolio from a single location. You can manage any type of property with Appfolio, including residential, commercial, condos and multi-family, vacation, and so on. Appfolio, one of the more notable options in the space, has made a name for itself with a robust feature set and user-friendly interface.

The system also allows you to make the most of your budget by providing analytical reporting capabilities that promote a more efficient and profitable property management experience. AppFolio Property Manager is a cloud-based program that can be downloaded and installed on Android and iOS mobile devices.

AppFolio Features

  • Portfolio Management: AppFolio Property Manager consolidates diverse leasing portfolios into a single location. From a unified dashboard, you can manage your residential, commercial, student housing, and community association accounts, providing you with a centralized portfolio management solution.
  • Communication: AppFolio provides your residents with a convenient online portal that includes a built-in texting tool, allowing them to contact you as needed. The texting feature can also be used to send out mass updates to all of your tenants, streamlining communication between you and your tenants.
  • Maintenance: A useful hub consolidates all of your maintenance workflows into a single location. Renters can use the app to submit maintenance requests, which speeds up the process of getting work done.
  • Marketing: Empty units cost money, which is why the service includes a marketing toolkit that allows you to quickly fill openings. For maximum marketing efficiency, you can post available units, book showings, and verify leads directly from the palm of your hand.
  • Property accounting software: The system’s analytical reporting capabilities enable you to search for financial patterns. It provides real-time analysis of usage metrics such as spending, budgets, billable income, and even rentable items like covered parking spaces or storage space.

AppFolio Pricing

The service has multiple price plans available for Residential, Commercial, Community Associations, and Student Housing.

Here’s an overview of the prices for AppFolio Property Manager:

  • Residential — $1.25 per unit per month
  • Commercial — $1.50 per unit per month
  • HOAs — $0.80 per unit per month
  • Student Housing — $1.25 per unit per month
Reason To Buy
  • With AppFolio, you can streamline and simplify your customer service, while creating exceptional experiences for your renters and homeowners.
  • Empower residents with a one-stop-shop to access the information and tools they need. With convenience at their fingertips, supply residents with instant, on-demand access to their Online Portal to submit online requests, make payments, and more.
  • You can quickly share important documents with residents directly through their AppFolio Online Portal.
  • AppFolio can automatically send surveys to receive immediate feedback from residents and measure their satisfaction with your services over time.




Best Property Management Software For Single Family Homes.


Propertyware is highly customizable, even having an open API available.
Supports single-family property management companies of even the largest sizes.
Protect rentals against accidental damage and reduces tenant liability

Propertyware is a cloud-based tool powered by RealPage that helps reduce inspection time, customize reporting, manage online payments, and create and dispatch work orders. This cloud-based software was created specifically for small, low-density, single-family residential properties. It is cutting-edge software that combines accounting, management, and online property marketing software.

Propertyware will be especially useful for landlords managing tenants and rental properties, fee managers managing fees and properties for their owners, and asset managers managing bank-owned properties. The software simplifies leasing renewals, rental management, and tenant communication.

Propertyware stands out for its simplicity and ease of use, which is not found in other solutions. This property management platform in the cloud was created by property managers for property managers. That is, the system is designed to be user-friendly, allowing them to deploy Propertyware immediately and make the system work for them without spending time on training.

Propertyware includes a property management module that allows users to organize and share all owner and tenant contact information as well as property information in a safe and centralized location.

Propertyware Features

  • Accounting: Accounting puts you in control no matter your expertise level. From AR to AP, bank reconciliations, and ACH payments to owners and bank reporting, Propertyware offers it all.
  • Marketing & Websites: Propertyware offers a complete marketing solution that puts you in control of your listings, prospects, and tenant applicants.
  • Payments: More payment options. Less property risk. Provide tenants with the payment options they want–online and in cash–and minimize the risks of late rent, missed rent, theft, and even fraud.
  • Maintainance: From move-in to move-out (and everything in-between), Propertyware offers a solution no one else has. It’s a tool for coordinators and vendors—a re-invented solution designed to manage the entire process, including photos and billing.
  • Full Accounting Suite: One of the main features of PropertyWare is its fully integrated accounting suite. This feature provides you with a large collection of tools that allows you to manage the core of your business – the money.
  • Digital Marketing Functionality: One very unique and useful feature that is offered by PropertyWare is digital marketing functionality. This feature makes it extremely easy to list your vacant properties on the internet to quickly fill them up.
  • Lease Management: Another invaluable feature that comes with PropertyWare is the ability to manage all of your leases and assets. This feature is involved in every step of the process when it comes to finding, onboarding, and maintaining new tenants.

Propertyware Pricing

Popertyware offers 3 plans:

  • Basic: $1.00/unit/month
  • Plus: $1.50/unit/month
  • Premium: $2.00/unit/month
Reason To Buy
  • Propertyware is a complete, integrated solution enabling you to manage the full property management lifecycle in one system, seamlessly, and in real-time.
  • Its custom dashboards, unlimited custom reports, and self-service owner portal provide the insights and visibility that are critical to monitor your business and impress owners and investors.
  • The customization features of Propertyware are unmatched in the industry. It allows you to develop unique workflows and automatic processes and enable superior service to property owners and tenants.
  • Propertyware simplifies the management process with our open data access and two-way data exchange (Open API).



Turbo Tenant

Best Free Property Management Software.

Turbo Tenant

Quickly customize a state-specific lease to fit your needs and stay compliant.
Have your renters sign legal forms from their phone or computer. No need to meet in person.
From a signed lease to condition reports, keep and share documents in one place.

Turbo Tenant is a cloud-based property management solution that allows for tenant tracking as well as building maintenance. It automatically distributes vacancy listings to multiple sites, including Rent Jungle and Apartment List. It also helps users fill out Craigslist listing forms. A tenant database, a rent calculator, and rental form templates are available to users.

Turbo Tenant allows tenants to apply for housing online. Mobile devices can be used to fill out applications, and the system notifies users when new applications arrive. Users have the option of ordering credit reports and criminal background checks on prospective tenants.

Turbo Tenant allows users to upload property details and photos, which potential tenants can view online. Landlords can also be contacted, listings shared with friends, and applications submitted online. It generates flyers for users based on information and images from job postings. Users can print and distribute these flyers as they see fit. Support is available through an online knowledge base and a support ticket system.

Turbo Tenant Features

  • Advertising: With a professional listing page, Turbo Tenant helps you spread the word about your vacancies. You can create a website that includes photos, information, directions, and a list of amenities, among other things. These specifications enable you to distinguish yourself from the competition and compile a shortlist of potential renters. The application assists you in creating a property website and has automatic posting capabilities that allow you to publish your listing on dozens of listing sites for increased advertising efficiency.
  • Flyers: Another way to spread awareness about your available properties is to simply post flyers around town. The application simplifies local advertising by assisting you in designing, generating, and printing flyers to effectively spread the word about your available units.
  • Online application: With a comprehensive online application toolkit, you can get the information you need from potential residents. You can use the program to ask applicants custom questions, upload relevant documents, and automate reference checks. For a more convenient application experience, the rental forms are simple to fill out on any device and can be easily shared via text or email.
  • Tenant screening: A useful tenant screening feature allows you to screen out applicants who may not be a good fit for your properties. It automatically sorts potential tenants based on their move-in date, number of tenants, pet preferences, employment status, and other factors. These metrics ensure that you can concentrate your efforts on candidates who meet your specifications.
  • Lead tracking: The system’s handy lead tracking feature assists you in organizing applicants. It automatically gathers interested parties and displays them in a comprehensive list to you. You can then access their contact information, answer any questions they have, and even view contact histories to see if you’ve spoken to them before.
  • Payments: With an easy-to-use online payment portal, Turbo Tenant makes it simple for residents to pay their rent. They can pay their rent using the program’s credit and debit card support, or they can send you payments via bank transfer. The system also includes automatic reminders, which help to reduce the number of late and unpaid rents each month.

Turbo Tenant Pricing

TurboTenant’s platform is free to access ($0 price), but several tools and services do cost extra.

  • Tenant screening fee: $35 to $45
  • Application fee: $35 to $45 (paid by applicant)
  • Electronic lease signing: $9 per lease
  • Rent comparison report: $14.99 per report
  • Forms pack: $99
  • Free Trial
Reason To Buy
  • TurboTenant is free to use and ideal for independent landlords.
  • The pre-screener questionnaire helps narrow down leads to only the best applicants.
  • Equipped with automatic text and email notifications for landlords, leads, and applicants.
  • TurboTenant helps reduce vacancies by helping you create rental listings, and making them visible to your prospective tenants.




Best Property Management Software For DIY Landlords.


Helps you collect payments online, advertise your vacant properties, and screen potential tenants.
Your info is protected in AWS data centers.
Automatic rent invoices, late fees, and receipts delivered to tenants

TenantCloud is a cloud-based property management system designed to meet the needs of landlords, property managers, and real estate professionals. The system offers property management, tenant management, accounting management, and marketing functionality.

It also assists you in creating rental application forms and requesting background and credit checks. TenantCloud accepts both one-time and recurring payments. It includes accounting tools for managing invoices and receipts, processing deposits and refunds, and exporting and sharing accounting data. It also enables you to provide partial rent options and tailor payment allowances to each of your tenants.

TenantCloud generates actionable analytics to give insight into your property performance. It can build rental and financial reports. It also offers a Tax Preparation Report and the 1099 Tax Form to ensure your compliance.

TenantCloud Features

  • Unified Platform: Track and manage every marketing, leasing, maintenance, and accounting workflow from a centralized dashboard. 
  • Increase Brand Visibility: Design branded websites using a library of customizable templates and take bookings and applications directly from the website. Offers a native channel manager to syndicate property availability, pricing, and description across multiple ILS. 
  • Seamless Online Transactions: Digitize every business transaction and automatically record items in specified ledgers by integrating with Stripe or Dwolla. Handle rent payments, work order invoices, late fees, refunds, discounts, and more. 
  • Efficient Lead Tracking: Leverage partnership with Rentler to access a database of premium leads. Provides a basic CRM module to track lead journeys, answer queries, send invitations and receive applications. 
  • Streamline Workflows: Onboard teams and manage access levels and permissions according to the user role. Assign tasks to team members, create reminders and track changes. 
  • Promote Accountability: Create a central repository of business interactions with owners, tenants, and vendors through in-app messaging and emails. Solve issues, promote accountability and perform quick audits using the database. 

TenantCloud Pricing

  • Free – $0/month
    • Everything you get for Free:
    • Listings
    • Scheduling
    • Applicants
    • Screenings
    • Rent Payments
    • Maintenance
    • Vendor Network
  • Starter – $12/m
    • Everything in Free, plus:
    • Premium Leads
    • Tax Reports & More
    • E-Signature
    • Leads Tracking CRM
    • AutoPay for Tenants
    • Google Calendar Sync
  • Growth – $40/month
    • Everything in Starter, plus:
    • Property Manager Tools
    • Individual Owner Portal
    • Management Fees
    • Lease Builder
    • Property Message Board
    • QuickBooks Online Sync
  • Custom pricing
    • Everything in Growth, plus:
    • Team Management & Tools
    • Task Management
    • Customization
Reason To Buy
  • With TenantCloud, all invoices, late fees, and receipts are generated automatically, eliminating the need for landlords to invoice tenants manually. 
  • TenantCloud makes it possible to create maintenance requests, deal with service providers and suppliers, and communicate with renters and property owners about scheduled maintenance activities.
  • TenantCloud gives direct and rapid access to properties with exact, up-to-date, and real-time data, all through one powerful software.
  • Customer support that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week – is a genuinely priceless resource that may make all the difference in the business. 



Rentec Direct

Best Property Management Software For Commercial Property.

Rentec Direct

The highest-rated and easiest to learn property management software that includes free US-based support.
All the tools for landlords to easily manage properties and tenants.
A complete management solution for professional property managers.

Rentec Direct is a property management platform used by over 15,000 landlords to manage their properties. Typically, Rentec Direct is used to manage residential portfolios, but about 10% of customers use this platform for commercial properties. This solution includes several features to help optimize and automate a variety of essential tasks including automatic listing syndication, marketing websites, electronic leases, texting & emailing, and maintenance request tracking.

Rentec Direct is an affordable property management solution that includes the core set of features that helps landlords efficiently operate their business. We recommend Rentec Direct for price-conscious property managers responsible for small to medium-sized residential portfolios.

Rentec has strict bank-grade security standards in place to protect client data, including 2-factor authentication, third-party security verification, and real-time secure data backup. The software is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems as well as various mobile devices.

Rentec Direct Features

  • General Ledger Accounting: You have the power to review, edit and print ledgers for every property, tenant, owner, and bank account used to manage your properties.
  • Online Rent Payment: Give your tenants convenient ways to pay rent each month through online rent payments from Rentec Direct. Your tenants can set up one-time or recurring payments paid by e-check (ACH), credit card, or debit card.
  • Comprehensive Reporting System: You have access to the most robust reporting system in the industry. A comprehensive set of financial reports and useful reports is included. While specialized reports for property portfolios and owners provide you with the most relevant data quickly and easily for your clients. All reports can be emailed, printed, or exported to PDF or Excel. Your data can also be downloaded and imported into Quickbooks to provide a familiar format to CPAs and bookkeepers when necessary as well.
  • Property Management Website: You receive a responsive (desktop and mobile-optimized) professional website to promote your company and brand. This website is included and hosted on Rentec’s servers completely free, saving you thousands in up-front investment and monthly hosting fees. Included in the website are multiple fully customizable pages to promote your company as well as professionally designed listings to show off your vacant properties and get them in front of potential renters faster.
  • File Library: Securely store all your important files, documents, and photos in your Rentec account. Files are encrypted during transit to provide complete data security. You can selectively share files from your file library with tenants and owners. Files are backed up daily both on-site and off-site to ensure the maximum possible data security and retention.
  • Online Rental Application: You have access to a customizable online application system that will help qualify prospective tenants quickly. Accepting online applications gives you direct access to potential tenants who are reviewing your vacant rental properties online. Your online rental applications will work with any mobile device. Collect application fees and recover tenant screening costs directly within the application.
  • Work orders & Maintenance Tracking: Enter and track your own work orders and recurring maintenance, or allow tenants to place their own repair requests via your tenant portal.
  • Tenant Screening: Access instant background screening reports, like criminal records, credit reports, eviction history, income verification, and more.
  • Market Vacant Properties: Create beautiful rental listings, that will be published online and syndicated to the top ten rental listing sites. Collect online applications and track prospects and leads.

Rental Direct Pricing

Two subscription plans are available:

  • Rentec Pro – $35/month
  • Rentec PM – $40/month

The pricing varies according to the number of units to manage. Discounted Premium Tenant Screening packages are available on the platform for an additional cost.

Reason To Buy
  • Keep track of maintenance and repairs with the work order management system.
  • Automatically syndicate your vacancies to the world’s top property listing services.
  • Built-in email and text message (SMS) service for convenient communication with your tenants, owners, and vendors.
  • Your data is secured using bank-grade security – the toughest in the industry.
  • Create, share, and store custom forms and accept electronic signatures.




Best for Short-Term Vacation Rentals.


Manage and grow your portfolio from anywhere with ease.
DoorLoop combines multiple programs into one. Simplify your operations with one login. No add-ons are needed.
Automate everything from listing units to moving out tenants, and everything in between.
$24.50 visit site

DoorLoop is all-in-one rental property management software. It offers its customers simple and cost-effective software for managing their rentals, collecting rents, screening tenants, tracking maintenance, growing their portfolios, and much more. It combines a number of programs into a single package. You can simplify your processes by using a single login.

With an integrated Customer Relationship Management Solution (CRM) and tenant portal, you can track prospects and active renters, all communications, renewals, and more with DoorLoop. Custom reports, document storage, online advertising, and role-based access controls are also important components.

Its accounting software enables managers to view financial data and collect rent via credit cards, automated clearing houses (ACH), and other methods. Managers can also receive maintenance requests, monitor the status of work orders, and create a customized website for property listings. With DoorLoop, you can automate everything from listing units to evicting renters and everything in between. Furthermore, DoorLoop is one of the few systems with an open API and Zapier integration, allowing you to connect and sync with tens of thousands of apps worldwide.

DoorLoop Features

  • Marketing: Advertise portfolio on multiple listing channels, build a personalized website with business color and logo, and schedule virtual property tours. Collect and track prospect and renter information with a built-in CRM. 
  • Tenant Screening: Screen every prospect’s criminal, eviction, and credit history report through TransUnion to find suitable tenants. Pro and Premier plan users can markup screening costs to prospects during application. 
  • Electronic Leases: Generate custom digital leases to let applicants sign documents remotely. Store leases, files, pictures, and other digital media in a centralized library. Document storage space varies according to pricing plans. 
  • Online Payment: Leverage partnership with RapidRent to accept rent via debit card, credit card, and eChecks. Send payment reminders, track individual payment history, receive renewal alerts, and automate penalties for late rent payments. The payment processor is 256-bit military-grade encrypted and maintains PCI compliance. 
  • Individual Portals: Enables tenants to pay rent, submit maintenance requests, and add a renters insurance. Owners can monitor property workflow, view documents and check distribution payments through individual portals. 
  • Renter’s Insurance: Offers renter insurance programs to safeguard property and replace complicated security deposit transactions. 
  • Workflow Management:  Manage user access permissions and job roles, onboard external maintenance vendors and automate repetitive tasks like rent collection, reminders, and transaction recording for smooth and efficient workflows. 
  • Maintenance Module: Receive maintenance requests from active tenants, assign vendors for specific tasks and monitor progress from the dashboard. Pay vendors and e-file 1099 tax forms from one place. 
  • Accounting: Automate bookkeeping and ledger maintenance. Offers QuickBooks integration and CAM reconciliation modules with Pro and Premier plans. 
  • Reporting: Generate custom reports to drill down into specific areas and identify profit-making opportunities. 
  • Integrations: Integrate with external software using an open API. Connect apps and automate workflows through Zapier. Only available with the Premier plan. 

DoorLoop Pricing

The yearly plans of Doorloop For 1 unit are as follows:

  • Starter: $24.50 for the first 2 months(Billed yearly)
  • Pro: $39.50 for the first 2 months (Billed yearly)
  • Premium: For the first 2 months (Billed yearly)

The price will vary depending on the unit you choose.

Reason To Buy
  • DoorLoop is a very easy-to-use yet powerful project management platform. If you know how to use a mobile phone, you’ll find DoorLoop’s interface as intuitive as the best-designed applications you have.
  • With a built-in CRM and tenant portal, keep track of prospects & active tenants, all communications, renewals, and more.
  • DoorLoop is equipped with stakeholder management modules to keep owners, managers, and tenants within the loop.
  • The platform is packed with automation tools for tasks and workflows. Automation is available in virtually all facets of property management, including customer relationship management and vendor management. 


Benefits of Property Management Software

  • Cost: Property management software is now very reasonably priced. It also has the potential to save you a significant amount of time and money.
  • Real-time Access to Information: With cloud-based property management software, you can access all the information and data in real-time. This suggests that you don’t need to be available in your office to have an eye on the software data. With all the important data and information collated in a single place available at your fingertips, this software rightly simplifies data management and its accessibility.
  • Accessibility: Instead of storing all of your files on a single computer or going old school and using paper files, you can keep everything safely stored in the Cloud. This means you can access your (well-organized) data and files from any location.
  • Scalability: Managing your properties manually takes time. You can save a lot of time by using property management software, which not only makes managing your properties easier but also gives you more time to do other things, such as investing and managing more properties. Streamlining operations means you can manage more, and in doing so increase your revenue and profit.
  • Simplified Backup & Recovery: Having everything automatically stored online means not only having access from anywhere in the world but also having your data and information backed up and safely stored in case you ever need it in the future.
  • Data analysis: In order for a business to thrive, its owners must make informed, data-driven decisions. However, when gathered and performed manually, their data and analysis may be incorrect. With property management software, all information entered into the system is saved, allowing you to run a thorough analysis and gain insights into your business. Proper data analysis enables you to identify inefficiencies and identify new opportunities.
  • Security: An advanced property management software ensures that all your important and confidential data is kept secure. A software development company, which develops one such software solution, also builds a comprehensively secured environment, including firewall, encryption, and backup/recovery modules.

How To Choose The Best Property Management Software?

When looking for the best property management system, you need first to recognize your business requirements to find a matching solution equipped with features that help you execute your daily tasks.

  • Intuitive interface – users of property management software praise the fast operation and trouble-free functioning of the software.
  • Process automation – with property management, all key processes in the area of property management can be carried out much faster and more efficiently.
  • Real-time data – the property management system MUST provide you with data on current defects in the apartments and reports from tenants.
  • Combination of functions – the software supports property management in many areas, from invoicing to report generation.
  • Vacancy management – if someone is interested in renting and has paid the initial fee – you should know about it as soon as possible! Access to such data is very valuable knowledge.
  • Ordering repairs – if a request has been received, such a system should provide you with access to have a professional repair it in no time. Then it will be possible to provide high comfort to every tenant in your properties
  • Ability to search for units – property management software should allow you to search for tenant-occupied units, but not only. It is advisable for the software to include also those properties which are vacant and you can easily manage to have them listed in ad services or on your website.
  • Accounting for your properties – automate the posting of payments, send payment reminders to latecomers, and do your bookkeeping with an affordable, built-in system. These types of improvements can save you time and, of course, money. Besides, it is possible to drastically reduce accounting errors.
  • Customizable system – property management software is a flexible solution that can be configured to meet all the requirements of your company or project. Determine whether such software should be modular in nature.

Conclusion On Best Property Management Software

Of course, property management companies come in all shapes and sizes. That’s one of the reasons there isn’t a single answer to the question of which property management software is the best. There are numerous Property Management Software available but some of them are really worth choosing from (as mentioned on the list above).

If you manage a large portfolio of industrial or office-oriented commercial space, your requirements will differ from those of a small group of single-family residences. Nonetheless, there are numerous common challenges. Whatever your requirements, software solutions are being developed to reinforce operational best practices and assist your company in becoming more profitable.

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