Ultimate List

Best Scheduling Software Of 2021.

Ultimate List Of Appointment Scheduling Apps and Booking Software. Both Free and Paid.

A man who does not plan long ahead will find trouble at his door.”- Confucius.

Planning helps a business chart a course for the accomplishment of its goals. Whether your organization is large or small, a solo enterprise or a conglomerate of thousands, defined and planned workflows reflect your business processes. A workflow represents that process, an agreed-upon series of steps performed to finish each work item in a quality manner. Although workflows may sound esoteric, they are widely used and are often merely called planning or scheduling.

Scheduling is the art of planning your activities so that you can achieve your goals and priorities in the time you have available. By having your schedule at the top of your mind, your calendar acts as a filter against distractions. Although scheduling tools are often found as an inbuilt-in feature on many business software like CRM and PRM Software, business webinar software. But still, there is numerous individual scheduling software in the market that supplies small and large businesses with many noteworthy benefits compared to outdated scheduling processes.

In this article, I am going to review some of the best scheduling software that you can have. But before that let us discuss some basics about scheduling software.

What Is Scheduling Software?

Scheduling software is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) tool perfect to help businesses manage appointments, bookings, employee scheduling, or project management tasks. In short, scheduling tools help you to rounds up your plan, directs it, and gives you a comprehensive overview of the progress of your workflows.

There are different types of scheduling software available like appointment scheduling software, project scheduling software, staff scheduling software, and more. The requirement of particular types of scheduling software depends on the nature of the business or projects.

What Should You Look For in Scheduling Software?

There are multiple scheduling tools in the market and everyone is claiming to be the best employee scheduling software. But there are certain criteria that one must look upon before choosing a scheduling Software. They are:

  • Scheduling Features: There are multiple scheduling tools in the market and every one is claimming to be the best employee scheduling software. But there are certain criteria that one must look upon before choosing a scheduling Software.
  • Compatibility: You have to make sure that the scheduling software that you are choosing are compatible to all platforms and devices.
  • Scalability: Size and type of your business plays an important role while deciding on the software. You must make sure that when you are planning to expand your business, the software must would be able to meet your expanding requirement in future.
  • Customer Supports: For every SaaS products, it is very important to have a efficient and responsive customer support systems . Users must get all the solution of their quries from the customer support.
  • Price: Last but not the least is the price. The price you are being charged for a scheduling software must be reasonable in terms of features it offers.

What Is The best Scheduling Software?

  1. Squarespace Scheduling – Overall Best Scheduing Software
  2. SimplyBook – Best Scheduling Software For Small Business
  3. Bookafy – Best Appointment scheduling Software For Small Business
  4. Hubspot – Best Scheduling Software For Small Business
  5. Setmore – Best Free Scheduling Software
  6. findmyshift – Best Staff Scheduling Software
  7. Calendly – Best Free Appointment Scheduling Software
  8. Appointy – Best Online Scheduling Software
  9. SuperSaas – Best Salon Scheduling Software
  10. Square Appointment – Best Restaurant Scheduling Software
  11. BookWhen – Best Calendar Scheduling Software
  12. SkedPal – Best Project Scheduling Software
  13. Project Manager– Best Construction Scheduling Software

Detail List

Best Scheduling Software

So here is the list and review of some of the best scheduling software that is available in the market. Based on my years of professional experience and recent product testing, I am going to list down some of the best scheduling tools out there.


Squarespace Scheduling

Overall Best Scheduling Software
SquareSpace Scheduling
SquareSpace Scheduling

Squarespace Scheduling is the overall perfect solution for those who want to automate appointment bookings by offering a real-time view. Squarespace, also formerly known as Acuity Scheduling, is a cloud-based appointment scheduling software solution that enables business owners to manage their appointments online.

Squarespace provides you with a customizable scheduling page where clients can easily view your real-time availability and self-schedule their own appointments. Thus Squarespace Scheduling is an online assistant that works 24/7 to fill user’s schedules.

Squarespace Scheduling Features

  • Control Your Availability: With Squarespace, you can manage multiple locations and employees, only show your clients the calendar you want them to see, and harness all the flexibility to make scheduling work for you.
  • Organize Your Schedule: Enables you to auto-adjust for time zones, let clients easily cancel & reschedule themselves, and send automated reminders to keep clients prompt.
  • Organize Client Information: Let you to ask clients to fill out intake forms at the point of booking, so you’ll have everything you need to know about them in one place.
  • Syncronization: Sync with Google Calendar, iCloud, Outlook.com, Exchange, and Office 365.
  • Payment: Accept payments and deposits through Stripe, Square, or PayPal.
  • Online Meeing: Meet clients anywhere through video conferencing integrations. Available Zoom, Google Meet, GoToMeeting integrations for online meetings.
  • Reduce no-shows by sending automated customized reminder emails & texts to clients.
  • Sync your calendars and get notified about new bookings.
  • Lets you easily share your calendar via Facebook, Instagram, email, or your website.
  • Working across time zones. Automatically handles changes in time zones when scheduling appointments across the world.
  • Two-way API integration with Google Calendar avoids double bookings.
  • SuareScape Scheduling is a very flexible platform. It integrates your websites and social media, and it does so without being complex.

SquareSpace Pricing

Squarespace offers 3 annual plans:

  • Emerging – $14/month
  • Growing – $ 23/month
  • Powerhouse – $45/month

Squarespace Scheduling also offers 7-day Free Trial and monthly plans. You can check them on their official websites.




Best Scheduling Software For Small Business
SimplyBook Scheduling
SimplyBook Scheduling

SimplyBook is an online booking/scheduling tool with the help of which you can simply define your services and providers, display their availability, and you will have clients both old and new, making bookings 24/7. SimplyBook.me offers over 60 custom features to help you attract new clients, nurture your current ones and manage your business like a pro.

With SimplyBook, you can get your own mobile-optimized booking website or integration with your existing site. Also, accept bookings directly via Facebook, Instagram, Google, or your own branded client app.

SimplyBook Features

  • Notification Via SMS/Email: Reminders to staff and clients whenever appointments are booked, canceled, or rescheduled. With push notifications on your mobile for new booking information via the admin app.
  • Integration & API: This tool allow Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business native integration, WordPress and other CMS systems or you can use its API to build your own custom integrations.
  • Intake Form: With this custom feature, user can ask your clients obligatory or non-mandatory questions or offer them to leave a comment. This helps providers to be prepared and perform their job even better.
  • Coupon and Gift Cards: Discounts can be applied to services or any other product you sell. The other great part of this feature is that it offers you the possibility to issue gift cards. The gift card can be in the form of a simple code sent via email, and applied upon booking, or printed out as a nice-looking greeting card with customizable design.
  • Online Payment: It allows you to collect payments upfront, upon booking, so you and your client don’t have to worry about payment after the service is over. Incurring payments beforehand has been proven to reduce no-shows significantly.
  • Google Meetings: By adding Google Meet links to your bookings, your clients will receive an invite to a Google event within their booking confirmation.
  • Lets your clients book, cancel, and quickly reschedule appointments.
  • You can create an Event in Classes management interface and add its custom schedule: a particular day or a set of dates.
  • Boost your sales by offering several services and products bundled up in one package.
  • Enables you to create several sites, at separate addresses, in different cities, or even other countries.
  • You can add more pages to your website with fully customizable content, re-order all booking site pages in the main menu, hide menu items, and also add custom links to the main menu.
  • You can switch the language to one of the suggested ones or even add your unique custom translation.
  • You can have multiple system users at no additional cost and assign them different administrative rights and access levels.

SimplyBook Pricing

SimplyBooks offers four Plans:

  • Free – $0.00
  • Basic – $9.99/month
  • Strandard – $29.9/month
  • Premium – $59.9/month




Best Appointment Scheduling Software For Small Business

Bookafy is an amazing scheduling software for businesses that provide real-time appointment booking with automated calendar syncing, text reminders, and more. Bookafy’s user-friendly scheduling software integrates with all your marketing, record-keeping, invoicing, rescheduling, and work schedule management apps (Zoom, Webex, Outlook, Mailchimp, etc.) for stress-free automated customer engagement.

Bookafy Features

  • Mini Scheduling Website: Each scheduling software account comes with a free mini-website. Create a meeting profile with available hours, company details, and more.
  • SMS Reminder and Email Notifications: Send up to two SMS reminders for scheduled meetings. You can Customize your emails with unique brand elements such as text, colors, and more.
  • Multiple Time Zones: Display global time zones and schedule meetings based on your customer’s time zone.
    Custom APIs and Webhooks: Access our open software APIs or let us build a custom booking system integration for your company’s software.
  • Private Data Server: Store all meetings and customer data in a separate Azure Server.
  • Social Media Profiles: You can embed this appointment scheduling software widget into your profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc.
  • GDPR Compliant: Bookafy have a legal basis to process Personal Data complying to GDRP. Bookafy claims that they are applying GDPR standards to all their data, not just EU data.
  • Automatically Schedule and Run Meetings by fetching a unique meeting link with each new appointment booked with Zoom, Gotomeeting others.
  • Allows you to set a limit on how far into the future customers can book appointments.
  • Allow you to display only the calendar dates when staff is available for appointments.
  • Bookafy is currently available in 32 languages and has users in 180 countries.
  • 7-day Pro Plan trial(No strings attached. No credit card required. No contracts to sign. And you can cancel anytime)
  • You can book as many customers as you want for a single event.
  • You can set Multi-User Appointment by scheduling meetings between one customer and several staff members.
  • Can set up a minimum lead time before an appointment can be scheduled.

Bookafy Pricing

Bookafy offers 3 plans:

  • Pro– $7/month
  • Pro + – $11/month
  • Enterprice – You have to contact with Bookafy Teams for pricing details.




 Best Scheduling Software For Small Business

Hubspot is a fantastic tool with which you can Schedule your appointments faster and forget the back-and-forth emails. This tool works with Google Calendar, Office 365 Calendar, and HubSpot CRM. Schedule more meetings and generate more leads by embedding your calendar on your website — no coding needed.

Hubspot Features

  • Email Scheduling: Schedule emails to go out at a specified date and time, or use machine learning to deliver emails to prospects when they’re most likely to engage.
  • Meetings: Share a link that gives leads the power to choose a time that works for everyone. Works with Google Calendar, Office 365, and HubSpot CRM.
  • Email Tracking: Know the second a lead opens an email, clicks a link, or downloads an attachment, and surface the most relevant notifications to the top of your activity feed. Then send a perfectly timed follow-up.
  • Live Chat: Connect directly with prospects when they’re actively engaging with your website. Route chat conversations to the right salesperson to build better relationships and close more deals.
  • Available as part of HubSpot’s free All-In-One WordPress plugin
  • When you let prospects automatically schedule meetings with HubSpot’s meetings tool, you’ll save hours spent on unnecessary emails.
  • Group meetings link to allow prospects to schedule time with more than one person in your organization.
  • Optimize your documents and personalize your pitch by seeing who views each document and which pages they spend time on.
  • HubSpot CRM works seamlessly with Gmail, G Suite, and Outlook or Office 365 for Windows.
  • Set up a round-robin meeting link so prospects can schedule a meeting with the sales rep whose availability works best for their schedule.

Hubspot Scheduling Pricing

Hubspot has 4 plans:

  • Free Plan – Includes one personalized meeting link, unlimited meetings, integration with HubSpot’s free-forever CRM, and the ability to embed a calendar on your website.
  • Starter Plan – $50/month (Includes all the other paid features of HubSpot Sales, as well as 1,000 personal and team meetings links.)
  • Professional Plan– $800/month
  • Enterprise Plan – $3200/momth




Best Free Scheduling Software

Setmore is a free scheduling software with which you can organize your business with 24/7 automated online booking, reminders, payments, and more. Manage all appointments through one online calendar planner to help your business run like clockwork.

Setmore Features

  • Automate your scheduling: Simply click your calendar to book a new appointment. Choose the service, time and guest, and Setmore sends out automatic email confirmations.
  • Online Booking Page: With Setmore Get your free online Booking Page and empower customers to book appointments 24/7. You can personalize your Booking Page with your logo, brand colors and Instagram stream for a sleek and professional booking experience.
  • Accept Online Payments: Forget endless invoicing and logging every transaction. Get paid directly from your Booking Page with Square or Stripe integrations.
  • Reviews: Engage customers to post reviews about their experiences. Showcase standout reviews directly on your Booking Page and build trust in your service. When you deliver a magical experience, reviews and testimonials become an asset to your business. You can also send automatic email requests to get reviews from customers after appointments
  • Website Plugin: Embed a free booking calendar widget on your website and empower visitors to schedule their appointments online. Make it simple for your customers and online visitors to self-book their appointments 24/7, right from your business website. In addition to placing a ‘Book Now’ button on your website, your Booking Page can open in a pop-up window.
  • Recurring Appointing: With recurring service scheduling software, you can automate the process instantly.Schedule multiple advance bookings for your customers with recurring appointment scheduling software. Give return visitors priority spots on your calendar and secure future revenue.
  • Enable your team members to book their own clients across several locations.
  • Receive instant notifications on desktop, tablet, or mobile.
  • You can sync all of your calendars across multiple devices and connect with customers on the go.
  • Very easy to manage, great customer support, clear and simple interface.
  • It offers robust customer support that is quite active and responds quickly.
  • Get likes, comments, and new appointments directly from your profile social platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Setmore Pricing

Setmore offers 3 annual pricing plans:

Free – $0/user/month
Premium (Upto 2 User)- $ 9/month
Pro(3+ Users)- $ 5/month

Setmore also offers plans. You can check them from the official websites of the Setmore.




Best Staff Scheduling Software

findmyshift is one of the best staff scheduling software with the help of which you can create employee schedules manage shift requests, track your labor costs, and communicate with your employees or staff. This user-friendly scheduling Software lets you track the hours your employees are working, so you can compare them against your schedule.

Normally managing employee schedules is a bit tricky in many other software. But the developer of this software designed this scheduler to look and feel like an Excel spreadsheet – simple, intuitive, and no training required.

findmyshift Features

  • Multi-cell editing: The software comes with a multi-cell editor that lets you add and edit shifts on up to 140 days at once.
  • Time And Attendance: This software enables you to create a timesheet where you can record the clock-in and clock-out timing of your employee.
  • Reporting And Payroll: By combining the hours from your schedule (or timesheets) and the pay rates entered for your employee, This software can orecast your labor costs in real-time while you work on your schedule.
  • Reminder and Notification: Shift reminders can be sent to employees automatically up to 30 days before their shift is scheduled to begin, either via email or push notification. Findmyshift also helps by sending notifications for schedule changes, cancellations, requests, and shift swaps.
  • Time Off Management: Manage time off directly from your schedule, so you’ll always know who’s available and who’s not when you’re allocating shifts.
  • You can access your staff roster from the calendar on your phone and set alarms for your upcoming shifts.
  • Lets you ensure that your employees are at work when they clock in by restricting their access to your workplace network.
  • The location tracker of this software will let you know exactly where your employees clock in and clock out in real-time.
  • You can send notifications and shift reminders to your employees directly through Slack.
  • You can easily create repeating shift patterns by saving them in the “Templates” area.
  • Findmyshift offers highly functional Android and iOS applications to keep employees connected on the move.

Findmyshift Pricing

Findmyshift has 4 annual plans:

  • Free Plan(5 team member)- $ 0/team forever
  • Starter Plan(20 team member)- $21/team/month
  • Business Plan(100 team member)- $34/team/ month
  • Enterprise Plan(300 team member)- $60/team/month

Findmyshift also offers monthly plans. You can check them on their official websites.




Best Free Appointment Scheduling Software

Calendly is another one of the best appointment scheduling software that can schedule meetings professionally and efficiently, eliminating the hassle of back-and-forth emails so you can get back to work. Calendly automates administrative tasks like sending reminder emails and follow-ups, you can focus on the work that builds your business and brings customers back for more.

Calendly Features

  • Connect to all your calendars so you’re never double-booked.
  • Control your availability by setting your preferences.
  • Set the right meeting for the right goal: one-on-one, group meetings, and round robin for rotating availability.
  • Share availability anywhere you can share a link: add Calendly to your website, email campaigns, text messages, social profiles, or web chat.
  • Send your preferred times from wherever you are with Calendly’s mobile apps, integrations, and browser extensions.
  • Meet your invitee wherever they are by providing multiple in-person and virtual location options.
    Automations within your CRM integrations remind you of tasks on your plate, through emails and SMS.
  • Calendly Workflows send email follow-ups to invitees automatically, continuing the conversation.
  • Easy Payment Stripe and PayPal integrations enable your clients to submit payment as soon as they schedule a meeting. You get paid on time, every time, without dealing with bills or invoices.
  • With Calendly, everything is automated. You do not need to be informed before a meeting is scheduled, neither do you need to put calls across or send emails to cancel appointments.
  • Embed Calendly within a website easily.
  • The platform integrates well with G Suite and other extensions.
  • Easy setup of events, reminders, and everything else that is needed – It’s really quite easy to use, once you set it up once, it just always works!
  • Calendly shows names of invited members and their schedules. This allows meetings to be made without having to go back and change times because of conflicting schedules.
  • Block out available times, lets you control “quiet zones” in your week when you can’t be interrupted.

Calendly Pricing

Calendly Offers4 plans for users:

Basic– Always Free
Premium – $8/month
Pro – $12/month
Enterprise – You have to contact them to know the pricing detail.




Best Online Scheduling Software

Appointy is one of the finest and best online scheduling software for better appointment management that cuts hours of admin work. With Appointy, you can accept payments, reduce no-shows, manage staff, get more clients. Appinty appointment scheduling software has everything you need to grow and manage your business in one easy-to-use and powerful user interface.

Appointy Features

  • Schedule Online: Eliminate email/call back-and-forth with web-based scheduling.
    Boost Productivity: Automate daily tasks to improve staff productivity and manage your entire schedule in one place.
  • Set working hours at staff level: You can control business hours at both the staff and service levels giving you the flexibility you need.
  • Flexible time-slot interval: Open regular intervals from 5 minutes to a whole day or irregular intervals. Its completely customizable.
  • Back-to-back Service Booking: Customers selecting multiple services will only be shown times where all chosen services can be availed together.
  • Recurring Booking: Allow customers to schedule multiple future appointments for the same service.
  • Notifications: Send automated email sms reminders to clients at preset times before each appointment. Ensure that your customers never miss an appointment again.
  • Payement: The software will allow your customer to “Prepay” the amount either in full or in part when they schedule an appointments.
  • The Appointy website widget seamlessly integrates with your existing website. 
  • Appointy has the option to display its booking interface in 20+ languages making sure you can reach out to your customers in your local language.
  • You can export all your information from Appointy at any time, no matter what plan you choose.
  • Get a free 14 day trial with all features. No strings attached. No credit card is required.
  • In case you do not have an account, Appointy provides a unique sub-domain that you can use to create your own booking page.
  • Appointy can create a ‘tab’ on your Facebook page allowing customers to schedule their next appointment.

Appointy Pricing

Appointy has 4 pricing plans:

  • Free– USD 0.00/month
  • Growth– USD 19.00/month
  • Professional– USD 49.99/month
  • Enterprise– USD 79.99/month




Best Salon Scheduling Software

SuperSaas is an online appointment solution for businesses and individuals. You can automate complicated scheduling with limited resources with an online reservation system for photo studios, boat rentals, vacation rentals, and meeting room scheduling.

SuperSaas is the best for Service appointment booking that lets your customers book service appointments online. For beauty and wellness salons, medical clinics, therapists, driving instructors, cleaning services, and more.

SuperSaas Features

  • Extremely customizable: Set up the layout of your appointment schedule to match the style of your own website for consistent branding.
  • Send Confirmations: You can customize and send email confirmations, SMS reminders or follow-up emails. You can also Send verification links to ensure users have valid email addresses.
  • Integrate Payment Options: Integrate direct payment via PayPal or Stripe, or handle payment yourself.
  • Synchronize with other Calenders: Link your Google Calendar so that appointments there show up as unavailable on your SuperSaaS schedule.
  • Reporting and Analytics: The reporting section provides you with insights on booking activity. User data can be imported and exported in various formats to/from the online appointment system. The booking information can be exported to programs such as Excel, allowing you to create your own custom reports.
  • Let’s integrate SuperSaaS into your website or Facebook page.
  • Access to your online appointment schedule can be controlled by IP address, email address, a shared password, and more.
  • You can choose from 33 languages, 26 currencies, and all the world’s time zones.
  • Fully customizable design to showcase your brand.
  • Flexible appointment pricing. Payments with 0% commission in 26 currencies.
  • You can set up and manage our booking system on any browser, without needing to install any software on your computer. Backups and upgrades are all performed automatically.
  • Connect your booking calendar with your favorite apps and software like Facebook, WordPress, Google Calendar, MailChimp, Google Analytics.
  • Allows you to manage your bookings from any device. Combine schedules and sync calendars.

SuperSaas Pricing

SuperSaas does offer a free version with multiple package plans. Plans start from $8.00 and go up to $46.00.



Square Appointment

Best Restaurant Scheduling Software

If you are running a restaurant, then Square appointment is one of the best restaurant scheduling software in the market right now. As a restaurant owner, this software can help you in managing the all-around booking function of your restaurant. You can manage and view physical, online, and delivery orders all in one place. You can also manage your menu your way with customizable layouts. Add items to a display group and put top sellers on the main menu for faster checkout. Make changes from anywhere and apply them to every restaurant location.

Square Appointment Features

  • Table Management: You can see how long a table has been open, and keep an eye on tables that are sitting or waiting for too long, with red and yellow labels.
  • Menu Report: See reports based on your specific menus’ sales. Compare dinner versus lunch or lunch versus happy hour to make more informed business decisions.
  • Square Online: Serve customers at home with a free and custom Square Online site. Orders placed online will automatically sync with Square for Restaurants for easy integration. Offer curbside pickup, your own delivery service, or other delivery options through third-party platforms.
  • Bulk additions: Use bulk additions to update your menu when you make seasonal swaps or rethink the whole entrée section. No more adding items one at a time when you need to make multiple changes fast. You can even apply taxes and modifiers in bulk, which streamlines the process.
  • Order manager: Be equipped to handle delivery and order fulfillment so you can reach more customers. Drive more orders through partner solutions and run it all with Square.
  • Reports: From top-line summaries to granular daily stats, keep tabs on all the numbers that matter. See sales by category, item, or payment type. Monitor overall trends for the month, and see how many items were comped during one shift. With reports, nothing gets past you.
  • Table management: Customize your floor plan with all the sections you need. Organize the dining room, the bar, large parties, and more with intuitive click-and-drag layouts. Monitor every seat in the house to see when a table is about to turn.
  • Square is easy to use—so you can spend more time with your guests, and less time training staff.
  • Get notifications and ticket timers to keep orders moving.
  • Manage all your kitchen orders in one place, no matter how they’re placed.
  • Take orders on your free online ordering page, and have them delivered without commissions.
  • Lets your guest order quickly and accurately with QR code ordering.
  • Free 30-day returns, no questions asked.

Square Appointment Pricing

Square appointment for the restaurant has 3 plans :

  • Free – Free for Unlimited Devices
  • Plus– $60/month/location
  • Premium– Get a custom plan that scales as you expand your footprint and your brand.





BookWhen is an online calendar booking system that is simple and flexible enough to allow anyone to organize almost anything. It’s empowered thousands of businesses, individuals, and non-profit organizations to bring people together, online and in person.

You can use Bookwhen to manage bookings of any size: one-to-ones, classes, outdoor activities, leisure center sessions, music festivals… your imagination is the limit. You can allocate tickets for free or set a price and accept payments online.

Bookhen Features

  • Custom booking forms: Customise your booking forms for each event, validate responses, add attachments for waivers and opt-ins for marketing.
  • Confirmation and reminder emails: Confirmation emails include essential details, a link to manage the booking, a calendar file and text you can customise. Set reminder emails before the event, at a time that you determine.
  • Online and offline payments: Accept payments online through your chosen payment gateway, offline via a ‘pay later’ function, or be flexible and allow both. Online payments are taken via Stripe, Paypal or WorldPay and you can pass their fees on to your customers if you wish.
  • Class register: Mark off attendance directly on the day via our online register. Customise the field responses included on the register so you have all the information you need at your fingertips.
  • Multiple tickets and attendees per booking: Multiple tickets can be selected prior to checkout, enabling the booking and payment of multiple classes, or multiple people onto a single event at the same time.
  • Multiple ticket types: Create multiple ticket types for any event – including course tickets (which can be prorated as dates pass), family/group tickets and membership tickets. You can also restrict when tickets are available – perfect for ‘early bird’ tickets.
  • Available in English, French, Spanish, German, Danish, Dutch, Swedish, Italian, and Hungarian.
  • Recurring schedules allow you to Set up your event once and tell Bookwhen how and when it should recur in the future.
  • A simple basket system makes it easy to select tickets, and details can be saved to make checkout even faster next time.
  • Offer a web-based app that is designed using a mobile-first approach. 70% of users access Bookwhen via mobile or tablet.
  • Easily link your schedule page to a calendar app.
  • You can use API to integrate event data into your website.

BookWhen Pricing

Bookwhen offers 5 plans :

  • Free– $0.00/month
  • Lite– $ 15/month
  • Standard– $ 29/month
  • Plus– $ 59/month
  • Enterprise– $ Contact BookWhen to know the price.




Best Calendar Scheduling Software

With SkedPal, you finally get one single app to include both your to-do list and the calendar. SkedPal Intelligently and intuitively schedules your tasks based on your priorities and commitments. Gets you back on track when you are off schedule – just like a GPS for your work.

SkedPal Features

  • Automatic Time Blocking: Tell SkedPal the things you want to do and advanced algorithms will curate a schedule of your tasks. Uses AI to combine all your priorities and intentions.
  • Goals, and Habits: Create habits that repeat daily, weekly, or monthly and track your progress. SkedPal will find you a good time to accomplish your goals.
  • Time Maps: Time Maps enable you to design your ideal week and budget your time for different categories of work and life.
  • Multiple Platform: Cloud-based with apps for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Mobile apps for iOS and Android will keep you productive on the go.
  • Calender Integration: Works with your Google, Outlook, Office 365 and iCloud calendars so you have everything that competes for your time in one place.
  • Teamwork and Workflows: Asana integration enables teamwork. With Zapier integration, design your ideal workflow with your favorite apps.
  • It seamlessly integrated with Outlook, Google, Office 365, and iCloud calendars to ensure there are no duplicate bookings and conflicts.
  • SkedPal outlines a clear agenda for each day based on the user’s priorities and commitments.
  • SkedPal stops users from overcommitting and helps to scale back when needed by prioritizing and planning.
  • Free 14-Day Trial. No Credit Cards Required. Free Support.
  • Apps for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.
  • SkedPal works with Zapier, and this gives you the ability to connect almost any of your popular apps like Gmail, Slack, Trello, or Evernote.

SkedPal Pricing

SkedPal costs $9.95 per month per user and is billed annually. You also get a 14-day free trial to check whether the tool aligns with your requirements or not.



Project Manager

Best Construction Scheduling Software
Project Manager
Project Manager

ProjectManager is an online project management software that runs on both Windows and Mac computers—no complex installation or downloads required. Simply take a free trial to get started. This is one of the best construction Scheduling software where you can plan, track and report every last detail of a construction project.

ProjectManager’s award-winning project management system combines powerful project planning and scheduling features with collaboration tools for teams. Plan small projects with kanban boards, or plan long-term projects on the interactive Gantt chart. Adjust due dates with easy drag-and-drop scheduling. ProjectManager takes project planning to a whole new level.

Project Manager Features

  • Online Gantt Charts: Create project schedules with interactive Gantt charts so you manage progress over time.
  • Email Alerts: Get notified when tasks are due and when schedules have been updated.
  • Collaboration: Your team can update their tasks, and add files and comments right on the project plan.
  • Project And Project Scheduling: Schedule projects, tasks, and teams with online Gantt charts, task lists, and calendar views. Create online production schedules, track budgets and manage clients easily.
  • Resource Management: View workload and resource availability in easy, color-coded views and calendars.
  • Scheduling software is a tool that helps you schedule work, manage team availability, assign resources and keep projects moving forward.
  • Schedule all your jobs in one place, with integrated timesheets and budget tracking.
  • View team and task calendars that sync with your Google Calendar.
  • Schedule tasks with your team and monitor progress updates.
  • The Gantt plans can be easily updated when you need to quickly change dates.
  • The dashboards offer complete visibility into your projects and team performance, with real-time views into schedule status, task progress, resource availability, and project budget.

Project Manager Pricing

The Project Manager offers 4 plans:

Starter– $0.00 (Free Forever)
Team- $14 /month
Business– $25/month
Enterprise– You have to contact them to know the pricing details.



In life and in business you’ll often encounter a variety of appointments, be it a job interview, business meeting, a dental appointment, or even just agreeing on a convenient time to meet up with old friends.

With the help of an online appointment scheduler and calendar system, you will certainly be able to accomplish key goals such as improving punctuality, and ensuring that you have adequate time for planning and preparation for upcoming appointments. So the above list represents some of the best Scheduling software from where you can choose.

Hope you liked reading my “Best Scheduling Software” If you have any queries or questions, you can leave them in the comment section below. I will be happy to respond.

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