Best Social Media Management Tools

Today, social media is one of the most crucial aspects of digital marketing. After all, it is an ideal way to reach millions of customers across the globe. So as a business owner you must understand the risks you’re assuming if you’re not using social media in your business marketing mix. There is the potential for loss in revenue, damage to your reputation, looking obsolete, and more. There’s a lot to worry about if you’re not on social if you are not tapping the advantages of social media marketing.

Social media has greatly transformed the business landscape. It is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing, which provides incredible benefits that help reach millions of customers worldwide.

But at the same time, you should also keep in mind that managing all the social media account at the same time is not an easy task. Here comes the need for social media management tools. In this article of mine, I will be listing and review some of the best social media management tools. But before that let us discuss some of the basics of social media management tools or software.

What Is Social Media Managemnt Tools?

Social Media Management Tool is software designed to allow the user to publish to, monitor, and manage one or more of your social media networks from one interface. This not only makes it easier for you to share and schedule to share content to your social networks from one place, but it also makes it easier for you to respond to customers who comment on something you post or message you direct. It can also make it easier for teams to work together in managing one or more social streams.

According to the report of, the Social Media Management market size is projected to grow from USD 14.4 billion in 2022 to USD 41.6 billion in 2026, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 23.6%.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Social Media Management Software?

  • Manage Multiple Accounts: Managing your social media accounts can become complex very quickly as you begin to grow your presence on multiple networks. A viable social media management tool can manage multiple social accounts from one place.
  • Ensure You Never Miss Something Important: If you miss a notification from your best friend on Instagram telling you to check out a funny cat video, chances are the world won’t end. However, if you miss an important message or mention from a customer it could result in a loss of money, relationships, etc. A good social media management tool will make it nearly impossible for you to miss an important notification.
  • Schedule Posts Ahead of Time: By planning, you can ensure you post the type of content necessary to reach your goals and grow your business. A social media management tool will allow you to schedule social media posts ahead of time. This will make it much easier to visualize what you will be posting and align it with your goals.
  • Organize Conversations: A social media management tool will make it much easier for you to keep track of all your conversations. To begin with, all of your data is in one place, this already makes your job easier. Some tools also allow you to search for conversations by keyword, which may make you feel like you have social media superpowers. By remembering even one word or name from the conversation, you will be able to find it with ease.
  • Analyze your interactions/platforms: A major benefit to using a social scheduler tool is the analytics component. What time of the day is your audience engaging the most? What days of the week should you be posting? Being able to gauge the use of your socials allows you to know what content is working for your platforms and what is not. Analytics may include a breakdown of audience demographics, month-over-month trends, and engagements across platforms in one place.

What Are The Best Social Media Management Tools?

  1. Buffer – Best free social media management tools.
  2. SocialBee – Overall Good social media management agency.
  3. SemRush – Best Social media management platform for B2B enterprise.
  4. HootSuit – Best Social media management services Analytics.
  5. Zoho Social – Best All-In-One Social media software for managing.
  6. Loomly – Best Social Media Management Software For Large Team Collaboration.
  7. Sendible – Best Social Media Management Software For Integration.
  8. iconosquare – Best Streamlined social media management.
  9. Sked Social – Best social media management tool for agencies.
  10. Later – Best marketing platform for Instagram.
  11. Social Pilot – Best Social Media Management Software for Small Teams.
  12. CoSchedule – Best social media scheduler.
  13. Sprout SocialBest Social Media Management Company

Detailed List

Best Social Media Management Tools Of 2022



Best free social media management tools.

Buffer is an intuitive, streamlined social media management platform trusted by brands, businesses, agencies, and individuals to help drive meaningful engagement and results on social media. With Buffer, users can manage multiple social media profiles, plan and schedule posts in advance, collaborate with multiple team members, and analyze social media performance.

Buffer is keen to constantly introduce new, useful features such as their suggested media feature, our Instagram direct scheduling feature, and more. Native iOS and Android mobile apps give users the flexibility to schedule content on the go.

Buffer Features

Some Key features of Buffer Social Media Management Platforms are

  • Publishing: With Buffer, you can plan, collaborate, and publish thumb-stopping content that drives meaningful engagement and growth for your brand. You can publish your content for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, all from one simple dashboard. This platform allows you to create a preset publishing schedule for each social account.
  • Analytics: Analytics help you to measure social media performance, create gorgeous reports, and get recommendations to grow reach, engagement & sales. You can track performance and create reports for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn — all from one intuitive analytics dashboard.
  • Reporting: After measuring with the help of analytics., you can build fully customizable reports and easily export them. You can actually add metrics and charts from multiple social channels. Buffer allows you to add your own LOGO, title, and description for each report.
  • Engagement: Build a loyal and engaged audience on social media. See all of your comments, stay on top of important interactions, and turn followers into fans using Buffer. You can reply to unanswered comments in one simple dashboard. Buffer tools also come with Smart Alerts that let you know at a glance if a post has questions, negative sentiment, or comments about a purchase.
  • Visually plan and set reminders for your Stories on the web or mobile. You will receive a mobile notification when it’s time to share
  • Allows you to work together with your team to create content that’s high quality, on-brand, and that your audience is going to love.
  • Account Management lets you easily share and manage access to each social account.
  • Buffer analytics studies your data and tells you when what, and how often to post to maximize your results. For your Instagram profiles, your best time to post is predicted using your followers’ activity and your previous posts.
  • Have keyboard hotkeys and smart emojis that help you quickly interact with more fans, without having to pick up your phone.

Buffer Pricing

Buffers offer 2 pricing plans:

  • Free – $0/per social channel/month (Manage upto 3 channel)
  • Essentials – $5 social channel/month (Add as many channel as you need).




Overall Good social media management agency.

SocialBee is a cloud-based social media management software designed to help businesses manage content, scheduling, marketing, planning, audience tracking, and more across LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social networks. The platform includes custom posting capabilities, which enable organizations to handle content posting on social profiles, pages, and groups, and promote offers, products, events, and services on Google Business. With SocialBee, you’ll be able to look at your social media profiles’ growth, your top-performing posts, the number of likes for Instagram and other social media platforms, comments, re-tweets, or shares.

SocialBee Features

  • Content Categories: Categories will help you organize your posts to get a better mix of content. Also, you can even move your content from one category to another at any time. SocialBee allows category Based Scheduling, Pause Categories, re-queue Post, post customization, Post variations, and bulk editing.
  • Content Sharing: Publish content on your favorite platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Instagram, Pinterest, Google My Business from one place based on a set schedule, all while having a great overview of what’s about to be published. When creating a new post you can click on the emoji plugin to open up a list of emojis you can use.
  • Import and Editing: Upload your content in different formats, from various sources in no time. You can import Multiple Media Files, multiple links at once. You can also import from the RSS feed or through CVS upload.
  • Custom URLs & Tracking: Customize any link you’ll be sharing on your social media profiles. You can short the link by using either your own URL shortener or also can integrate with other shortening Tools.
  • Collaboration: Teamwork makes the dream work! Working together with your team should be easy peasy lemon squeezy…and make you less busy. If you have multiple brands, or if you’re a freelancer or agency with multiple customers, you can now keep everything separate with workspaces. You can also invite multiple users to your workspace, assign them different roles and work together on sharing content.
  • Analytics & Performance Reports: Have a better overview of your profiles’ performance with tailor-made analytics and reports for all your social media profiles. You can take a look at how fast your audience is growing on different channels.
  • You can see the latest posts that need your approval in Content Approval, either by profile or content source.
  • Allows you to save groups of hashtags either by category, social profile, or social platform and then use the collections.
  • When preparing a posting schedule, you can start from SocialBee’s templates and then customize your calendar as you want.
  • You’ll be able to look at your social media profiles’ growth, your top-performing posts, the number of likes, comments, re-tweets, or shares.
  • SiocialBee provides amazing support to users through help documentation, Live Chat, email support, and 1-on-1 Calls.

SocialBee Pricing

SocialBee offers 3 plans:

  • Bootstrap – $19/Mo
  • Accelerate – $39/Mo
  • Pro – $79/Mo

SocialBee also offers a 30-days money-back guarantee and top-level support on all its plans.




Best Social media management platform for B2B enterprise.
SemRush Social Media ToolKit

SEMRush is an inclusive SEO tool that incorporates some very useful social media management tools. You can schedule and post to all major social media platforms, and the platform has a powerful image editor, link shortener, and UTM builder to customize your posts. There is also a social media tracker that you can use to monitor cross-platform engagement and collect analytics for reports in one convenient dashboard.

SemRush Features

  • Cross-platform Posting: Schedule and post to multiple accounts, including those on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linked In, and Google My Business.
  • Track Competition: See how often your competitors are publishing, whether or not their follower count is growing, and what posts and hashtags seem to be driving the most engagement.
  • Manage Social Media Ads: Create, launch, manage and optimize ads on placements within the Facebook family with the Social Media Ads tool. See your low-performing ads and get recommendations on how to improve them.
  • Schedule and post: Publish immediately, schedule for later, multi-schedule selected posts, or save them as drafts. Automate your scheduling with time-saving features: image editor, UTM-builder, and link shortener.
  • Analyze your performance: Monitor engagement, followers, and more. Track your mentions on social media and get to know your customers. Also, find out which of your hashtags drive the most engagement.
  • Improve your social media strategy with cross-network publishing, scheduling, analytics, and ads management.
  • Allows you to add RSS feeds of your favorite blogs and share them with one click.
  • User-friendly social media poster.
  • Social media tracker to monitor engagement.
  • SEO integration to optimize content for your post.

Semrush Pricing

Semrush offers 3 annual plans for its users:

  • Pro – $99.95/mo
  • Guru – $191.62/mo
  • Business – $374.95/mo.




Best Social media management services Analytics.

Zoho Social helps marketers in small to large organizations to grow the social media presence of their brand with actionable insights focused on content and engagement. Zoho Social provides marketers with pre-publishing insights based on the engagement level of previous posts and the activity of their audience.

Zoho Social even goes a step ahead to shows users the percentage of their audience that’s likely to see their post now, suggests the next best time to post, and lets them schedule a post to go out at the same time of the day in different time-zones. Zoho also offers social media software for agencies that manage at least 10 different brands under their business umbrella

HootSuite Features

  • Create and Schedule Post: Craft new posts and schedule to multiple social networks at the same time using our publishing features. Get an instant overview of published and scheduled content across all your networks in one calendar view.
  • Engage: Monitor trends and your posts’ performance across profiles in one place by setting up custom streams that suit your workflow. Respond to queries, boost positive reactions, and share items with teammates in a single click.
  • Monitor: Use Hootsuite Insights, powered by Brandwatch, to gain an instant overview of millions of online conversations in real-time. Search for any topic or keyword, and filter by date, demographics, location, and more. You’ll be able to identify thought leaders, understand the perception of your brand in the market, and get immediate alerts if and when your mentions spike.
  • Advertise: Automatically or manually boost your organic Facebook content to reach new audiences and fight the decline in organic reach, right from the Hootsuite Composer. Easily target key segments and niches by location, age, and user interests.
  • Analyze: Get a 360-degree view of your results on all social networks from a single place, to set performance benchmarks and monitor improvements over time. Our customizable reports make it easy to distill, distribute, and digest the facts and figures that are most meaningful to your organization.
  • Hootsuite’s mobile apps seamlessly manage and maintain your social media presence from anywhere.
  • Hootsuite Amplify makes it easy for your employees to safely share your content—extending your social reach.
  • Hootsuite simplifies the process of planning, composing, and publishing engaging, on-brand content.
  • Hootsuite helps you deliver efficient and personalized customer care through social media.
  • Stay on top of conversations on key topics, track the performance of your posts and brand mentions, and monitor competitor activities. All from one dashboard.
  • Analyze your performance across all your social networks and create custom reports to show the impact on your brand and bottom line.

HootSuite Pricing

HootSuite offers 4 plans:

  • Professional -$49/mo
  • Team – $129/mo
  • Business – $599/mo
  • Enterprise – Contact the vendor for a customized solution.

You will get a free 30 days trial to test out Hootsuite. At the end of your trial, regular billing begins and you’ll be charged. You can avoid charges by downgrading or canceling any time before your trial ends.



Zoho Social

Best All-In-One Social media software for managing.
Zoho Social
Zoho Social

Zoho Social helps marketers in small to large organizations to grow the social media presence of their brand with actionable insights focused on content and engagement.

Zoho Social provides marketers with pre-publishing insights based on the engagement level of previous posts and the activity of their audience. Zoho Social even goes a step ahead to shows users the percentage of their audience that’s likely to see their post now, suggests the next best time to post, and lets them schedule a post to go out at the same time of the day in different time-zones.

Zoho Social Features

  • Schedule: Post content to your channels right away, or schedule for a later date. Customize content for individual networks with our built-in power editor, to ensure you’re optimizing reach for every channel. Also, get week-wise and month-wise views of all the content going out of your brand. Zoho Social also allows you to schedule content in bulk.
  • Monitor: Monitor core keywords, brand hashtags, product reviews, and more. Discover new leads and listen to what people are saying about the brands you manage across your social channels.
  • Collaborate: Work together on all things social. Discuss popular posts, share custom reports, or plan a campaign together. Make decisions faster and save time when you collaborate with your team from within Zoho Social.
  • Analyze: Discover where your followers are from, the type of content they love, what they’re saying about you. Get key metrics to analyze your brand’s performance.
  • Custom Reports: Choose from a wide range of analytics to tailor-make reports for your social channels. Add more visual appeal to your reports with colorful graphs and charts.
  • Schedule Reports: Set up a schedule, decide on the frequency and automate reports to be delivered to your team at a time of your choice.
  • Simplify your content pipeline with an intuitive social media scheduler. Control when and how you want to reach your brand’s audience by choosing from an array of scheduling features.
  • A real-time stream of updates from your audience across all the social media channels that you can manage via Zoho Social.
  • Get in-depth tracking for hashtags, page reviews, user profiles, and more.
  • With real-time notifications, you won’t miss out on anything that your clients or colleagues share with you. Respond instantly from the notifications panel and stay on top of team discussions.
  • Allows you to reply inline to all the messages you receive on Facebook and Twitter. Check out the social profile information of engagers and attach media to your responses.

Zoho Social Pricing

Zoho Social annual business plans are:

  • Standard – $10/month billed annually
  • Professional – $25/month billed annually
  • Premium – $37.5/month billed annually

Zoho Social also provides separate plans for Agencies. You can check them on their official site.




Best Social Media Management Software For Large Team Collaboration.

Loomly is a social media calendar management tool that helps teams and individuals create and schedule content for social media networks including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ & LinkedIn.

Via an intuitive interface and innovative features, users can get ideas for social posts, enjoy live post optimization tips, preview social media posts, manage approval workflows, boost posts with ads, moderate comments, and messages, automate post scheduling & measure their success with advanced analytics. Loomly is available as a web platform, with native mobile applications for iOS & Android.

Loomly Features

  • No more spreadsheet: Now, with Loomly, you can manage all your social media content — organic posts & ads — from one platform. Plus, you get notified every time someone in your team updates or comments on a piece of content, with email, push, Slack, and Microsoft Teams notifications.
  • Never run out of inspiration: Loomly gives you post ideas, based on trending topics, RSS feeds, date-related events, and social media best practices. Manage all your assets like Loomly helps you store, organize and use your assets in a central, intuitive Library.
  • Schedule seamlessly: Loomly allows you to plan content ahead of time: just set it and forget it, Loomly will publish it for you. Automated publishing for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn & Google My Business.
  • Interact with your audience: Interactions is a powerfully simple community management system that allows you to respond to the comments & reactions of your followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn.
  • Analytics: Loomly’s Analytics allows you to measure in real-time your posts’ performances once they have been published. You can then identify at a glance which topics and content types your audience is most interested in, and loop this information back into your planning process.
  • Manage all social media calendars from the central dashboard in Loomly, and get notified when team members update or comment upon content.
  • Maximize the organic ROI of content by composing social media posts based on proven rules.
  • Ability to preview & edit posts for each social media channel.
  • Customizable team workflows for approving & publishing social media content.
  • Suggested post ideas & RSS feeds to inspire your team.

Loomly Pricing

Loomly offers 5 annual plans:

  • Base – $25 /mo
  • Standard – $57 /mo
  • Advanced – $119 /mo
  • Premium – $249 /mo
  • Enterprise – You have to contact the vendor for pricing information.




Best Social Media Management Software For Integration.

Sendible is the leading social media management platform for agencies looking to manage social media more effectively for their clients. The Sendible platform brings all your social networks together into a centralized hub and is the easiest way to execute a winning social media strategy for multiple brands at scale. Positioned as a productivity tool for agencies, you can be certain that your team will save hours of time.

Sendible Features

  • Dashboard: Sendible makes it easy to effectively engage with your client’s audience, monitor their brand, and track results from one dashboard. No other tools are needed. you can easily identify important messages and take action in one place, including delegating conversations to specific team members.
  • Publishing: Tailor content for every platform and save time when crafting posts for your clients. Plan their calendar in advance and give them visibility on what’s next. Schedule social media posts, images, and videos individually or in bulk as far in the future as you need.
  • Collaboration: Sendible comes with useful collaboration tools for our platform to empower you to do your best work. Assign and approve posts, and grant custom access to clients and team members.
  • Analytics: Gain dynamic insights from your social data. Use our social media analytics to demonstrate your value to clients and team members. Generate in-depth reports for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, and more. Our Reports Hub gives you eight ready-to-go social media reports for an instant snapshot of your social data.
  • Listening: Improve your social media strategy by tracking brand, competitor, and key industry terms. Keep clients and followers happy by monitoring comments and responding quickly. Respond to comments on social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn Company Pages without leaving Sendible.
  • Sendible offers mobile apps for Android and iOS, using which you can maintain your presence on social media from anywhere.
  • You can build branded, presentation-ready reports to impress your clients and prove the ROI of your social media efforts
  • With direct access to Canva, Google Drive, YouTube, and Dropbox your team’s content is only ever a click away.
  • With over 250 modules to play with, you get best-in-class social media analytics designed to impress your clients.
  • Google Analytics report enables you to track the effect your social media campaigns have on visits, page views, and content popularity.

Sendible Pricing

Sendible offers 3 annual plans:

  • Creator – $25/mo(billed yearly)
  • Traction – $76/mo (billed yearly)
  • Scale – $170/mo (billed yearly)




Best Streamlined social media management.

Iconosquare offers deep management of Instagram accounts. Aimed almost entirely at those with Instagram business accounts and Facebook Pages (although it can also connect to Twitter), Iconosquare helps you monitor, publish, and analyze visual content on the social web. The service uses a modern, responsive dashboard that feels like it has been designed with the Instagram generation in mind. Navigation is simple using the pop-out menu to the left of the screen, with clean white backgrounds, bold typography, and sparing use of eye-catching colors.

Iconosquare maximizes your social media performance by making insightful, data-driven decisions based on intelligible analytics. A customized dashboard quickly visualizes the metrics most important to you, and scheduled reports help you stay on top of your game.

iconosquare Features

  • Advanced Analytics: Easy-to-read graphs display your performance for metrics like follower evolution, average engagement rate per post, reach and impressions history, and more to give you the insights to modify your social media strategy and optimize your performance.
  • Publishing: Plan and publish your social media content in one place, to be posted now or later. With the Media Library, you can upload images using Dropbox or OneDrive. Categorize your content so you can easily search for images when needed. Used images are tagged so you risk posting the same content twice.
  • Monitoring: Easily keep track of chatter about your brand online. Tags and Mentions Analytics break down your mentions on Instagram with metrics like mentions by type ( either the photo, caption, or comments.), mention by post type, mentions history, and more.
  • Custom Feeds: Set up custom feeds so you can easily monitor content from specific Instagram Business users – great for following influencer content or keeping an eye on your competitor’s posts.
  • Hashtag Tracking: Track the performance of your Hashtags using the Hashtag Tracker. Monitor content posted under a specific Hashtag in the Hashtags Feed.
  • Multi-profile management from one dashboard.
  • Available for your smartphone. Thus, all the power of Iconosquare is in your pocket. Schedule, publish and monitor your accounts with ease.
  • You can see a clear split of your organic vs. promoted Instagram posts to understand how your results were impacted across selected metrics.
  • Allows scheduling your first comment in advance – easily include your hashtags for improved reach and engagement.
  • Iconosquare helps you monitor your content performance and channel growth, as well as schedule posts.

iconosquare Pricing

Iconosquare offers 3 plans :

  • Pro – $49/mo (Billed annually)
  • Advanced – $79 (Billed annually)
  • Enterprise – $139/mo (Billed annually)



Sked Social

Best social media management tool for agencies.
Sked Social
Sked Social

Sked Social (formerly Schedugram) is an all-in-one visual social media marketing platform for businesses, brands, and agencies. Built from the ground up to help you create, store, find and use all your social media marketing content online – whilst collaborating with staff and partners.

SkedSocial has led the Instagram business scheduling market for 5 years now and we’re not stopping: Sked is now the only platform you need to create, plan and publish your Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter (coming soon) posts online. With unlimited user accounts included at no extra costs, you are not forced to share logins to save money on your subscription: if someone needs a login, you can collaborate instantly.

Sked Social Features

  • Auto-Post Stories And Feed Post: Plan and create content in one go and Skedsocial will post it for you – feed posts, stories, carousels, the lot. Its 360-degree visual marketing platform lets you plan, create, store, find and use all of your visual marketing content in one place.
  • Unlimited Account And Unlimited Users: Whether you’re a team of 1 or 100. Sked makes it easy to work together with customers, clients, and collaborators. With easy switching between different accounts and content schedules – Sked scales to meet the needs and budgets of small or big agencies, entrepreneurs, and global brands.
  • Social Media Calendar: Whether it’s #nationaldonutday or #weinerdogweek, you can get ahead of every social event that glimmers with gold. See the big picture or filter by day, week or month. Drag and drop your drafts into fresh time slots and preview them before you post.
  • Analytics Dashboard: SkedSocial comes with a robust visual report. you can share insight on audience growth and engagement so your value is plain as day.
  • Post Template: Hashtags and @-mentions make it so easy to reach new people. Remembering and typing the right ones in every post is a chore. SkedSocial’s social media post templates stash them all for you in groups. Pick and pop them all onto your posts with a click.
  • SkedSocial will Automatically Publish Posts across multiple platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business, and Linked In.
  • Schedule Instagram posts with product tags, hashtags, user tags, and location tags for more engagement and sales.
  • Sked doesn’t limit how far in advance you can schedule or the number of posts. Its Instagram & Facebook analytics go back up to 2 years.
  • The user interface of this tool is pretty simple, so you won’t have to worry about usage.

Sked Social Pricing

Sked Social Offers 3 annual plans:

  • Fundamentals– $21/month (Billed annually)
  • Essentials – $63/month (Billed annually)
  • Professional – $113/month (Billed annually)

Sked Social also offers a 7-day free trial.




Best marketing platform for Instagram.

Later is a web-based marketing platform, designed to help businesses plan and schedule posts across social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. The drag and drop calendar tool allows users to plan social posts for the week ahead and monitor engagement in real-time. The visual content calendar provides an at-a-glance view of upcoming posts and automatic publishing means that no manual work is required once the schedule is set up.

Later Features

  • Visual Planner: Scheduling a week’s worth of posts is as simple as dragging and dropping. Select your photos and videos, drop ‘em onto the calendar with your posting times, and they’re ready to publish.
  • Hashtag Tools: You have to tell your go-to hashtags and later it will show you some new ones to try. Create different lists of hashtags for different post topics.
  • Scheduling: Create stunning Instagram Stories Later, then schedule them at your best time to post. Your stories are sent to your phone when it’s time to publish.
  • Analytics: Go beyond standard 30-day metrics. Later helps you understand what’s really working—right down to stories analytics, detailed post metrics, and audience insights.
  • Personalized Insight: Take the guesswork out of scheduling. Later learns when your followers are most engaged, and suggest the best time for you to post.
  • The visual Instagram planner within Later allows users to visualize their feed aesthetic and see how photos will look once published.
  • Instagram stories can also be scheduled using the Later planner and optimization analytics help businesses to determine the best times for posting stories.
  • It’s easy to quickly and efficiently schedule a month or more in advance.
  • Later is quite useful to have an idea of what your progression is in terms of followers and reactions.
  • The dashboard is clean, and it’s very easy to upload media and manage your calendars.

Later Pricing

Later offers 4 plans:

  • Free – Free forever
  • Starter – $12.50/month(Billed yearly)
  • Growth – $20.83/month (Billed Yearly)
  • Advanced – $33.33/month (Billed Yearly)



Social Pilot

Best Social Media Management Software for Small Teams.
Social Pilot
Social Pilot

SocialPilot is a social media scheduling and analytics tool which helps social media professionals, digital marketers, and agencies to schedule their posts to multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google My Business, Pinterest, Instagram, Vk, Tumblr, and Xing from one place. SocialPilot also helps users gain insight into what is working, and what isn’t, with deep social media analytics and reporting features.

Other important features include – social inbox, social media calendar, bulk scheduling, team collaboration tools, client management, and content curation. SocialPilot is known for its quick support – any issues with SocialPilot are resolved quickly through phone, email, or live chat support.

Social Pilot Features

  • Social Media Scheduling: Easily schedule and publish your social media content across all major social networks with social media scheduler. Save Time and Generate More Leads.
  • Social Media Content Calendar: Embrace a dynamic strategy with a powerful social media editorial planner tool that allows Publishing, Scheduling, and Planning – all from one place.
  • Bulk Scheduling: With SocialPilot, you can bulk schedule posts in just 2 steps—upload, and review. Effortlessly schedule up to 500 posts in advance to make sure that you never miss posting on the times that your audience is most active.
  • Content Curation: SocialPilot’s content curation platform provides you with a list of content pieces that help you come up with unique ideas. Get the inspiration to create engaging social media posts.
  • RSS Feed Automation: Add the RSS Feed URL of a particular site and leave the rest on SocialPilot. SS Feed Automation Tool will automatically share the blogs of your favorite websites on your social media accounts. With SocialPilot, you have the freedom to connect the RSS Feed from your own website or any other website of your choice.
  • Browser Extension: The web extension for SocialPilot can be installed and used on browsers such as Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. Get an extension directly by installing the official SocialPilot Extension from your respective browser store.
  • Comes with Powerful Social Media Analytics and White Label PDF Reports with One Click
  • Engage efficiently with social inbox by replying to all your comments, messages, and posts on multiple Facebook Pages – in real-time with SocialPilot.
  • Connects with all major social networks and with Facebook ads.
  • Priority email support to never let you down.
  • Allows you to manage client profiles without asking for social media credentials.

Socilal Pilot Pricing

Social Pilot offers 4 annual plans:

  • Agency – $127.5/month
  • Studio – $ 85/month
  • Small Team – $ 42.5/month
  • Professional – $25.5/month

Social Pilot also offers free 14 days trial.




Best social media scheduler.

CoSchedule is a calendar with prospects like Editorial and Marketing subjects and to fully integrate with other media platforms like Google Calendar, WordPress, and so on. Furthermore, it also lets you automate all your posts on social media and then, handles posting as the schedules are made. It is a cloud-based software offering the flexibility to users, individuals, and businesses to coordinate, manage, and schedule their content and campaigns online.

CoSchedule Features

  • Easy To Start With: Getting started with CoSchedule doesn’t require much of the users’ effort. Just sign up for free and you can start off. Initially, there is no cost that you have to endure, however, you can upgrade your plans in the future as you want.
  • Calendar To The Rescue: When there is a big team working round the clock, handling the to-do list could be a tedious job. As a result of this, handling tasks could really be a grubby process. This is where you need CoSchedule to come to the rescue. Using the CoSchedule calendar, tracking deadlines becomes effortless.
  • It allows integration with many other tools like Google Docs and Evernote to exchange texts, MailChimp for email marketing, and Google Analytics for addressing reports.
  • With CoSchedule, there is always a way to figure and work with new ideas. The presence of numerous search engines on the platform offers the privilege to understand the perspective of the audience.
  • Social publishing & automation.
  • Save custom views of your calendar.
  • Easily reschedule projects.

CoSchedule Pricing

CoSchedule offers annual plans

  • Marketing Calendar – $29.
  • Marketing Suite – Contact with the vendor.



Sprout social

Best Social Media Management Company

Sprout Social is the best option for businesses based on the array of scheduling tools and analytics they offer, as well as their mobile app for iOS and Android along with their paid promotion tools to help you expertly boost Facebook posts. One major benefit you get with Sprout Social is a 30-day free trial with any of their plans. If you’re unsure of the value of this software, this free trial gives you a full month to try it out.

This software currently supports all the major social media platforms—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest—which makes it an excellent choice for all-in-one management.

SproutSocial Features

  • Analytics: Sprout’s Analytics tools speed up data collection and distribution so brands can focus on the KPIs that matter, inform strategy and prove ROI.
  • Engagement Tools: Sprout’s engagement tools help you connect with customers quickly and efficiently, so you can better address their needs and build greater brand loyalty.
  • Publishing Tools: Sprout’s intuitive publishing and scheduling tools make quick work of delivering social content, so your team can focus on strengthening strategy and effectively connecting with your customers.
  • Listing Tools: Sprout’s Listening tools help brands tap into the global social conversation to extract actionable insights, identify industry gaps and improve brand health.
  • Plan, organize, schedule, and deliver content as a team with cross-network social publishing.
  • Uncover trends and actionable insights from social data to inform brand and business strategy.
  • Streamline social monitoring and improve responsiveness with a unified inbox.
  • Drive strategic decision-making across the business with rich social data and dashboard.
  • Track campaign performance and identify, personalize and respond to incoming messages quickly.

SproutSocial Pricing

Sprout Social Offers 3 annual plans

  • Standard – $89/user/month
  • Professionals – $149/user/month
  • Advanced – $249/user/month



Regardless of the size of the company, being present on social media has become an essential part of almost all businesses – and rightfully so. With the vast majority of today’s consumers active on one of the many social platforms, there are many ways in which businesses can use these channels to their own advantage.

Alright, now that you know why it’s definitely worth investing in a good social media management tool, you can start looking for the perfect match that will fit your specific needs.

Hope you liked reading this article on the best Social Media Management Platforms. If you have any questions regarding this topic, you can leave them in the comment section below. I will be happy to respond.

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