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Best VoIP Providers (2022) | Ultimate VoIP Service Providers

Any business with a concern about efficient and cost-effective solutions for telecommunications has likely been informed that VOIP telephone systems are the best choice in today’s Internet-driven society. Read this article to know about the most powerful VOIP Service Providers for Business and Home.

With the increasing usage of mobile phones and the internet all around, there are zero requirements for landlines in today’s era of business communication. Be it pricing, simple setup, ease of use, or accessibility, a VoIP system dominates over the conventional method in every aspect. As such there are many VOIP providers in the market now. So if you’re looking for the best VoIP provider for your business, we’re here to help.

I am going to first list down some of the best VOIP services providers. In this article, we will also review these VoIP providers to find the industry’s top VoIP providers for business communication, comparing features, pricing, pros, and more.

List Of Best VoIP Providers



Mobile And Desktop App
Business Texting
Call Forwarding
VOIP + Wifi Calling
Custom Greetings


Easy to use
HD Audio
Easy Management
Work From Anywhere
Video Conferencing


iOS & Android mobile app
One-click conference calling
Advanced VoIP conferencing
8x8 VoiP


Support For A Mobile Workforce
Improves Customer Service
Easy To Deploy, Manage And Use
unlimited global calling


Call Queuing
Call Recording
Number Porting
Call Masking
Conference Calls
Fresh Desk Contact Center

Freshdesk Contact Center (Formerly Freshcaller)

Call Masking
Deflect Calls with Voicebots
Automate Your Call Routing
Freshcaller mobile app


Easy Setup
Team Collaboration
FREE Mobile App
Big Business Features
JusiDial VOIP


Call Analytics Dashboard
GDRP Compliant
Call Queue
Record Phone Calls


VoIP provider offers unlimited calling.
Easily block additional numbers easily.
Smart faxing services from mobile, desktop, or laptops.


Chat And Video Conferencing
Virtual Presence Indicator
Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
Employee Polling


Easily customizable
Weave Analytics
Dedicated multi-location platform
Allows Call recording, tracking, and forwarding.
Customized Plan
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Vonage Voip

Vonage VOIP Provider

Vonage Extension App
Dedicated Fax Line
Enhanced Call Forwarding
axvoice voip


DND services avoid call ringers in the night.
Delivers exhilarating and high-quality voice calling.
Affordable hardware and virtual activation services.
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Best Voip Providers – Our Top Picks

Top VOIP Providers

Detailed Review Of Best VoIP Providers

Here is the list of some of the best VOIP service providers. The list is based on my years of professional experience and recent product testing.



Overall Best VOIP Provider


Mobile And Desktop App
Business Texting
Call Forwarding
VOIP + Wifi Calling
Custom Greetings
 $ 6

My first choice for VOIP phone provider is Grasshopper. Grasshopper is the most popular business VOIP provider in recent times. Grasshopper is one of the best Virtual Phone Number Providers that provides you with a second phone number. Grasshopper primarily uses your service provider’s cellular network for incoming and outgoing calls. Grasshopper does offer both WiFi and VoIP Calling options, but they are not the default. Grasshopper is one of the best VOIP providers.

🔥 Grasshopper Features:

  • Mobile And Desktop App: Stay connected with Grasshopper on your desktop, iPhone or Android device. Use the Grasshopper app for business calls and texts, while your personal calls and texts stay totally separate. Both your personal and business phone numbers on one phone. Use your internet connection to make and receive VoIP calls and text messages, view voicemails, and see your call history so you can respond to clients efficiently.
  • Business Texting: This features lets you conveniently send and receive text messages on your business phone number rather than your personal number.
  • Call Forwarding: Call forwarding is a phone system feature that works by redirecting any incoming call to another phone number or service. You can forward any incoming calls to multiple phones at once to ensure every call is always answered.
  • VOIP + Wifi Calling: Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) calling uses the internet to make calls, instead of traditional phone lines or cellular networks. Grasshopper’s VoIP calling phone service gives you the flexibility to call and text from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Custom Greetings: Record professional messages that welcome your customers when they call in.
  • Take calls from multiple people at the same time so no one hears a busy signal.
  • Can Set up a voicemail for business calls and get MP3s of your messages through email.
  • Automatically send a text to new callers when you can’t answer their call.
  • Screen callers, block calls, and set up custom schedules for your business hours.
  • Get your voicemails transcribed so you can read them without having to listen to the message!
  • Can have incoming faxes delivers as PDF attachments right into your email box.

🔥 Grasshopper Pricing

Grasshopper offers 3 pricing plans:

  • Solo – $ 6/month
  • Partner – $ 44/month
  • Small business– $ 80/monthly

They also offer a 7-day free trial.




Best VOIP Provider For Medium-Sized Business


Easy to use
HD Audio
Easy Management
Work From Anywhere
Video Conferencing

RingCentral is another software that offers a reliable VoIP phone service solution and is most famous for its robust network in the US, Europe, and Asia. You will get all the features of your business phone system in a single app. Manage calls from a single app that works on your smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

🔥 RingCentral Features

  • Easy to use: Your business phone number now lives on all your favourite devices.
  • HD Audio: It support HD audio so you can take calls with HD audio.
  • Easy Management: The setup of this app is really simple. you can set business hours, custom greetings, and advanced call routing rules so you’ll never miss a conversation. Let’s you Monitor call quality, dive into usage, and manage employee permissions—all in one place.
  • Work From Anywhere: Ring Central Provides you with another seprate number. You can call and text using your Ring Central Number, so your personal number stays private. You can also flip a call to your desk phone, softphone, or cell. Plus, switch from audio to video to meet face-to-face.
  • Video Conferencing: It is a also video conferencing software with the ability to conduct meetings with up to 500 people.
  • Take your business phone with you—even when you’re away from your desk.
  • Quickly respond to missed calls with automatic voicemail transcriptions.
  • No need to give out your personal number—send business SMS and MMS with your RingCentral number.
  • Let callers select who they want to reach with the Receptionist and extended phone menus.
  • Have Mobile and Desktop App.

🔥 RingCentral Pricing

RingCenter offers 4 plans:

  • Essentials – $29.99/user/month
  • Standard – $34.99/user/month
  • Premium – $44.99/user/month
  • Ultimate – $59.99/user/month

There are many other pricing options. Visit RingCentral’s official site to know more.




Best VoIP Provider For Small Business


iOS & Android mobile app
One-click conference calling
Advanced VoIP conferencing

Nextiva’s business phone service lets you make and receive phone calls over the internet. It’s got all the calling features you’ve ever wanted. With Nextiva, you can connect your phone system with business apps, AI, and automation on a single platform — to run your business.

🔥 Nextiva Features

  • Call Features:

✔Unified communication with VoIP, video, & chat

✔ Bundle with helpdesk software & Sales CRM

✔ Unlimited calling, faxing and texting nationwide

✔ Amazing Service with 24/7 support

✔ Free toll-free, virtual voicemail, & auto attendant

  • Work from anywhere:

✔ Top-rated iOS & Android mobile app

✔ Easy-to-use desktop app for Windows and Mac

✔ Send text messages from your mobile device

✔ One-click conference calling from your cell phone

✔ Declutter your workspace. Ditch the desk phone

  • Conference calling

✔ Host unlimited audio and video meetings

✔ Audio conferencing with messaging & screen share

✔ Dedicated conference bridge for all your meetings

✔ Crystal-clear, HD audio with no static on the line

✔ Advanced VoIP conferencing with call recording

  • Keep track of conversations and team projects.
  • Allow you to schedule meetings, & assign tasks with due dates.
  • You can access historical and live call data.
  • Real-time call tracking with custom reports & dashboards.
  • Provide helpdesk tools to manage customer service requests.
  • Allow you to integrate your business phone software with other apps.

🔥 Nextiva Pricing

Nextiva has 4 plans namely :

  • Essential– $23.95 /user/month
  • Professional– $27.95 /user/month
  • Enterprise– $37.95 /user/month
  • Ultimate – $67.95 /user/month

There are many other plans and the price depends on the number of users.




Best Business VOIP Providers


Easy Setup
Team Collaboration
FREE Mobile App
Big Business Features

Ooma is one of the best VoIP Home Phone Service Providers, especially for remote teams. Ooma comes with all of the features your business needs to advance collaboration. Ooma phone systems are flexible, so you can use your office phone while working at home, place and accept work calls on your cell phone, and even use the Ooma desktop app to place calls on your computer. And Ooma’s plans stay affordable even with an upper-tier plan.

🔥 Ooma Features

  • Big Business Features: Virtual receptionist, extension dialling, conferencing, music-on-hold and much more.
  • Keep Your Number: Port your current phone number for free or choose a new local or toll-free number.
  • Use Mobile Phones: Ooma FREE Mobile App allows all of your on-the-go workers to use and manage their business phone calls from their smartphones.
  • Team Collaboration: Video conferencing comes standard with Ooma Office Pro. Simultaneously screen share; no app required.
  • Easy Setup: Do-it-yourself installation sets up in minutes. If you need help, we’re here with 24/7 customer support.
  • VoIP phone services and communication solutions are customizable for any size business.
  • Ooma Office Pro makes meeting with your team, partners, or customers easy.
  • Unlike other video conferencing platforms, Ooma Meetings allows two or more people to share their screens simultaneously.
  • You can invite up to 25 participants to desktop share, invent, solve and collaborate.
  • The Ooma Meetings dashboard gives you a full view of your meetings.
  • Easily transfer calls to another extension, your work voicemail, or a co-worker’s voicemail.
  • Allows you to flip an active call from a desktop phone to the app and eliminate interruptions.
  • Persistent Call Recording can record all calls automatically, allowing you to easily review your sales staff’s calls for training purposes.

🔥 Ooma Pricing

Ooma offers two plans :

  • Ooma Office – Ooma office will cost you $19.95 monthly/per user.
  • Ooma Office Pro – Ooma office pro will cost you $24.95 monthly/per user.




Best VOIP Provider For International Call
8x8 VoiP


Support For A Mobile Workforce
Improves Customer Service
Easy To Deploy, Manage And Use
unlimited global calling

8×8 is a trusted provider of award-winning cloud communications systems that aids businesses from various industries such as insurance, construction, healthcare, finance, and transportation in providing better customer service through a flexible and mobile solution regardless of time and place.

8×8 is a hosted VoIP service that offers competitive rates for a business-focused service that comes with instant messaging and web conferencing included. It is also ideal for organizations with offices in multiple locations.

🔥 8×8 Features

  • Advanced Phone Features: 8×8 VoiP Phone Sytem provides everything your business needs to connect employees, customers and partners. Cloud phone, unlimited global calling, auto attendant, instant messaging and audio & video conferencing are all included.
  • Easy To Deploy, Manage And Use: You don’t need specialized IT resources to deploy or manage 8×8 cloud communications. An intuitive interface makes it simple and easy for users to access all of 8×8’s powerful capabilities.
  • Support For A Mobile Workforce: Employees can work from anywhere on the device they prefer. With modern smartphone, tablet and desktop apps, users can access voice, messaging and online meetings whether they’re in the office, on the road or at home.
  • Improves Customer Service: Chat with customers using their messaging platform of choice. Tap into contact center capabilities like skills-based routing and predictive outbound dialing to empower your sales and customer service teams like never before.
  • Unlimited calling within the US and Canada
  • Auto-attendant and call handling
  • HD audio and video conferencing
  • Mobile and desktop applications
  • Offer free for 30 days with no-risk cancellation.
  • Affordable Pricing

🔥 8×8 Pricing

8X8 offers 4 plans

  • 8×8 Express – $12.00/user/month
  • X2 – $24.00/user/month
  • X4 – $44.00/user/month




Best VOIP Provider For Call Centers


Call Queuing
Call Recording
Number Porting
Call Masking
Conference Calls

CloudTalk is a cloud-based business phone system to make smarter calls, so you can focus on growing your business instead. In fact, this is one of the best call center software. With CloudTalk Voice, you can interconnect your branches, departments, and team members without any hassle.

CloudTalk’s web-based admin interface to manage your call center in real-time, add agents, phone numbers, and set up everything you need at any given moment. CloudTalk’s web-based admin interface allows you to manage your call center in real-time, add agents, phone numbers, and set up everything you need at any given moment.

🔥 CloudTalk Features

  • Call Queuing: CloudTalk allows you to create customized call queues. Inbound calls are sorted in call queues based on pre-defined rules and steered to available agents within the right group.
  • Call Recording: CloudTalk can automatically make a recording of all calls. Once the call ends, you can listen to it directly from your internet browser anywhere and anytime. Improve customer interactions by monitoring your team’s calls.
  • Voicemail: You can create personalized greetings or group voicemail messages. If the caller leaves a voicemail, you can listen it directly from the internet browser from anywhere and anytime.
  • Number Porting: CloudTalk allows you to use your existing phone numbers by porting them to CloudTalk.
  • Call Masking: Call Masking feature ensures that your personal phone number stays private. No need to share your phone number with everyone you are calling to. Share it only with the callers you choose.
  • Conference Calls: Improve teamwork with conference calls. You can schedule conference calls easily in a couple of minutes and invite external contacts, e.g. your clients, suppliers, etc.
  • CloudTalk is a completely cloud-based business phone system.
  • Reliable operation with 24/7 monitoring. All data are stored in secured locations of Amazon AWS with 24/7 monitoring provided by CloudTalk experts.
  • Create your multi-level interactive voice response (IVR) menu to guide the callers through different options.
  • Allows you to send your customers personal messages or general notifications and make your contact center much more effective.
  • Allows you to add tags to your internal Phone number for your IP Business Phone System.
  • CloudTalk allows you to set an outbound caller ID automatically based on the call destination country.

🔥 CloudTalk Pricing

CloudTalk offers four plans:

  • Starter Plan – $25/user/month
  • Essential Plan – $30/user/month
  • Expert Plan – $50/user/month
  • Custom Plan – You can contact CloudTalk for a tailor-made offer.




Best VOIP Provider For Enterprises

DialPad is a Business Phone system that allows Talk, massage, and Video calls anytime and from anywhere. Dialpad works on all your favorite devices. We’re talking smartphones, laptops, tablets—everything. All you need is the app. Dialpad runs on the Google Cloud Platform and worldwide data centers, so service is always on when you are.

DailPad Features

  • HD Calls: CloudTalks offers 100% uptime SLA which means you’ll never have to deal with a dropped call again—just crisp quality every time.
  • Call Summaries: Dialpad instantly transcribes calls, action items, snippets, and notes. Then sends it right to your inbox.
  • Custom IVR: Sort incoming calls based on custom call routing rules so you can quickly track and manage conversations.
  • On-premise Gateway: Whether you’re in the process of retiring your PBX (Private Branch Exchange Systems) or facing telephony limitations, we’re here to help.
  • Call Transfer: Easily transfer an incoming call to someone else on your team with a click.
  • Company Directory: Quickly search for a coworker, send a message, start a meeting, or hop on a call.
  • Conference Phone: Dialpad allows you to add Conference Phones to shared spaces easily.
  • Business text messaging: Dialpad modernizes business communications with the ability to send messages—both internally to colleagues and externally to clients and partners.
  • Real-Time Assist: Dialpad’s Real-Time Assist feature provides your sales representatives and customer support agents with key details in real-time so they can help prospective and existing customers with accurate information quickly.
  • Dialpad’s Chrome extension gives you a Chrome dialer that lets you make calls from your web browser.
  • With Dialpad, installation, configuration, and user management are a breeze.
  • From 24/7 live chat to 24/5 phone support to a wealth of online resources, Dialpad customers are able to get help and find answers quickly.
  • With Dialpad, you can make crystal clear VoIP calls from any device.
  • Dialpad’s business phone app works across iOS, Android, PC, and Mac.
  • Dialpad lets you move a call from your laptop to your smartphone (or your tablet) and vice versa—without the other person ever knowing.

🔥 DialPad Pricing

DialPad offers 3 plans:

  • Standard – $15/user/month
  • Pro – $ 85/user/month
  • EnterPrise – You can contact Dialpad for Enterprise Pricing. You have to get a 100 License Minimum.

Dialpad also offers a free version for 14 days.




Best VOIP Provider For Remote Teams


Chat And Video Conferencing
Virtual Presence Indicator
Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
Employee Polling

Bitrix24 offers a free VoIP service and works with both call centers for outbound and inbound calls and as an internal PBX system. Bitrix24 improves internal communications inside companies by putting together the most popular online collaboration tools.

🔥 Britix24 Features

  • Employee Polling: Bitrix24 comes with Employee features. It is a quick and easy way to collect opinions from your team, polls are fun, engaging, and super-helpful.
  • Chat And Videoconferencing: Remote or not, your employees will always have a wide choice of communication tools – chats, voice calls, video calls and conferences.
  • Virtual Presence Indicator: This is a hot new feature that Bitrix24 has included. Bitrix24 will show you which of your employees are currently online and which have already finished their working day. If you happen to manage a remote team, you will love this feature.
  • Custom Backgrounds: Add a bit of your personal style to Bitrix24 by customizing the background image or applying your brand colours.
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA): RPA is a great time-saving tool allowing you to automate recurring, standard processes like document approval or leave requests.
  • Tried, trusted, and loved by more than 8 million companies around the world.
  • 100% FREE to start, unlimited number of users per account.
  • Ideal solution for remote teams that work from home.
  • Best way to streamline your internal business communication.
  • Replaces any office communication and group collaboration tools you might be using.
  • Bitrix24 lets you create сreate multiple knowledge bases for the entire company or for specific workgroups/projects that can be accessed from any device.

🔥 Britix24 Pricing

Britix24 offer mainly 3 main plan-

This plan is absolutely free but with basic features

Special Plan

Start+ (2 users)- $ 19/month
CRM + (6 Users)- $55/month
Project+ (24 Users)- $55/month

Business Plan

Standard(50 users)- $79/month
Professional(Unlimited)- $159/month



Verizon VOIP

Best VOIP Provider For Mid-Sized Businesses

Verizon VoIP is a professional communications solution that works over a secure cloud-based VoIP connection, making it easy to manage your calls on desk phones and through a mobile app to keep your business running. Version VOIP Provider Business offers more than 45 features with which you can control your communications, improve customer experience, streamline your business and simplify your day-to-day.

🔥 Verizon Voip Features

  • Announcements On Hold: Record your own message, advertisements, or play music for customers on hold.
  • Auto Attendant: A virtual receptionist that helps customers self-select who they need to talk to.
  • Business Continuity: Automatically forward calls to a preset number to help you maintain service in the event of a power outage.
  • Call History: See incoming, outgoing and missed calls across your business and analyze the effectiveness of your advertising.
  • Mobile App(In-progress and Outbound calls): Seamlessly transfer calls between your IP and mobile phones. Make and receive business calls using your mobile phone, which will appear as your office phone number on Caller ID.
  • Administrator web portal: Manage features through My Account for both the entire business and individual users.
  • End user web portal: Each user can manage their call history, voicemail and other important features through the My Phone site.
  • Provide over 45 calling features, including automatic call forwarding, voicemail to email, seamless call transfer between devices, and more.
  • Keep your business running, even during a power outage, with our cloud-based VoIP connection that can reroute calls to another preset number.
  • Manage your calls from anywhere you have an internet connection using our app and online dashboard.
  • Allow multiple phones to receive and make calls on behalf of another user.
  • Allows users to see who left you a voicemail and when they called on your computer or smartphone.
  • Mobile app for working on the go.
  • Automatic call forwarding, voicemail to email, call transfer between devices, and more.

🔥 Verizon VOIP Pricing

The plans Of Version start from $94 and go all the way up to $249.




Best VOIP Service For Large Business
Avoxi Voip


Cloud Call Recording
VoIP Auto Attendant
VoIP Number Porting

VOXI’s virtual call center software is the flexible, affordable, and easy-to-use cloud contact center platform for global business. You can manage your call center agents, phone numbers, customer service metrics, call routing rules, and more from anywhere with an internet connection. AVOXI offers an affordable and highly efficient virtual VoIP phone service.

🔥 Avoxi Features

  • Flexible and Affordable International Virtual Number Plans: With Avoxi, you will get toll free, non-geographic, and local virtual numbers in 170+ countries.You can forward calls to one or multiple devices around the world, including landlines, mobile devices, and desktop softphones. AVOXI provides access to premium business numbers where most global providers can’t, including most countries in Africa and APAC.
  • Cloud Call Recording: Cloud-hosted call recording (VoIP phone recording) is a call management feature used for quality assurance purposes and legal compliance. Easily manage outbound and inbound call recordings, score calls, leave feedback notes and much more.
  • VoIP Auto Attendant: Auto attendant software greets and forwards callers based on which menu option they select. VoIP auto attendant and many more phone system features are included with any phone number from AVOXI. With this feature you can save time, reduce costs, and look more professional when you set up your virtual phone attendant today.
  • VoIP Number Porting: You can transfer your business numbers to AVOXI and get your first month of calls for free. Enjoy all the benefits of the AVOXI platform without giving up your existing business phone numbers with VoIP number porting.
  • No setup fees or contracts, set up new business numbers in minutes.
  • Toll-free, local, and non-geographic business numbers are available online.
  • Includes call forwarding, auto-attendant, voicemail-to-email, and more.
  • Every virtual number plan includes 20+ VoIP features at no extra cost.
  • Supports outbound call recording, call scoring with notes, custom dispositions, advanced analytics, CRM integrations and so much more.
  • SIP trunk software by AVOXI enables you to scale for growth and better connect with customers around the globe.

🔥 Avoxi Pricing

Avoxi offers two pricing options

  • AVOXI Contact– $ 24.99/user/month
  • Avoxi Enterprise – $49.99/user/month






Powerful Control Panel
Dialer Traffic Welcome
Real-Time Call Data Records
Tier-1 Redundant Network

SIP.US is a low-cost yet reliable business VoIP phone service provider. It is actually a business-class SIP trunk service provider for IP-PBX systems and analog/digital telephone adapters. This is one of the best VOIP Sip Providers.

🔥 Sip.US Features

  • Powerful Control Panel: This SIP Voip provider offer a powerful easy-to-use control panel to manage all aspects of your account. You can easily purchase and manage phone numbers; add, change or discontinue service; review and export real-time call data records and modify your billing preferences.
  • Dialer Traffic Welcome: Most SIP trunking providers avoid outbound dialer and telemarketing traffic. We have special arrangements with upstream carriers who welcome type of traffic and can accommodate this need.
  • Real-Time Call Data Records: Call Data Records (CDRs) can be useful in understanding your true communications needs and also give you a view of business activities.
  • International Toll Fraud Protection: Sip.Us watch in real-time for International call fraud and take immediate action to kill unauthorized calls in progress, shut off International calling on your trunk and alert both our customer and our Network Operations Center of suspicious activity.
  • Tier-1 Redundant Network: SIP.US uses only Tier-1 upstream providers to route traffic for our customers so that users get the best quality voice along with a redundant platform that ensures performance and reliability.
  • SIP.US gives you the flexibility to choose your own broadband Internet connection.
  • A unique advantage of SIP.US systems is the ability to have an inbound DID route to a primary and a secondary IP-PBX.
  • Its SIP Trunking service is a perfect fit for open source systems such as Asterisk, FreeSwitch, Elastix.
  • The VoIP service software offers a free trial of 60 minutes for outbound calling.
  • SIP.US puts you in control by providing an easy-to-use interface that lets you manage all aspects of your SIP account.
  • Sip.Us have telemarketing Supports that use automated dialing for telemarketing.

🔥 SIP.US Pricing offers a simple pricing plan of $24.95 per month.



Freshdesk Contact Center (Formerly Freshcaller)

Fresh Desk Contact Center

Freshdesk Contact Center (Formerly Freshcaller)

Call Masking
Deflect Calls with Voicebots
Automate Your Call Routing
Freshcaller mobile app

FreshCaller is a cloud PBX system that provides VoIP Services with the flexibility to break free from your desk and work from anywhere. You can manage and run your phone operations seamlessly even while working remotely. The Freshcaller dashboard can manage your multiple numbers and workflows easily.

Freshcaller makes it easy for agents to leave notes for collaborators, privately brief fellow agents before they transfer a call, and loop in the right reps from any team for a conference call. Additionally, supervisors can seamlessly join ongoing conversations and take over for agents when the need arises.

🔥 FreshCaller Features

  • Route calls to voicemail: With this feature, you can give your callers the option of leaving you a voicemail message, and call them back. Similarly, you can also use voicemail routing to capture calls you receive outside business hours.
  • Call Masking: The Call Masking functionality of Freshcaller, lets you make calls from your business call center but disguised as a personal number. You can use this functionality to make your business seem personal and local to your customers.
  • Freshcaller mobile app: Manage pressing conversations on the go with the Freshcaller call center app for Android and iOS.
  • Answer Calls on SIP Phones: Receive your incoming phone calls directly on your SIP devices while still being able to use the Freshcaller dashboard for transfers, notes, etc.
  • Deflect Calls with Voicebots: Empower your business to give your customers an exhilarating experience with instant answers to their concerns even without an agent.
  • Automate Your Call Routing : Using powerful custom apps within your Freshcaller account, you can route callers based on inputs from external systems such as your CRM or Helpdesk.
  • Best-In-Class Supervisor Controls that allow you to virtually monitor every conversation.
  • Freshcaller upgrades your current phone technology to a state-of-the-art routing and voice AI engine.
  • Custom Reporting Features enable you to use any of the pre-built reports or build your own phone report.
  • With Freshcaller’s Holiday Routing, you can get notified of important calls even during holidays.
  • You can continue communicating with your customers and partners without any service disruptions.
  • Freshcaller will automatically let callers know their position in the queue while they await their turn to talk with your support team.

🔥 FreshCaller Pricing

FreshCaller Pricing plans start from $19 and go up to $59 per agent per month.




Best Communication System For Remote Workers


Remote work Apps
Business Text Message
Integrated Video Conferencing

3CX offers a robust and reliable unified communication solution.3CX is an open-platform office phone system that runs on-premise on Windows or Linux, with the option to migrate to the cloud with a simple backup and restore. 3CX’s cloud PBX also includes integrated video conferencing software, mobile apps for iOS and Android, website live chat, Facebook messaging integration, and much more.

🔥 3CX Features

  • Remote work Apps: 3CX was built for mobility, with remote work apps that offer secured communication for the whole team. With the iOS and Android applications, business communication is no longer tied to the office building. Take your extension with you anywhere and work on the go.
  • Integrated Call Center Solution: 3CX integrates call center software features that help you satisfy the most demanding of customers. 3CX’s CRM integration and call work flow eliminates tedious and time intensive tasks for your agents allowing them to focus on what’s important.
  • Business Text Message: 3CX provides VOIP apps for iOS and Android, users can send and receive instant text messages with a designated business phone number, without giving out their personal mobile number. Incoming text messages can be assigned to queues so there’s no relying on a single agent to respond.
  • Integrated Video Conferencing: 3CX is a complete communications solution for businesses that offers integrated video calling. You can join scheduled and ad-hoc meetings directly from your browser without installing any plugins. Schedule a meeting in seconds and invite participants through your preferred calendar or easily share your meeting room from your own unique URL.
  • CRM Integration: You can integrate your CRM software or helpdesk system with 3CX. The integration also allows you to call directly from your CRM system. Work seamlessly across both apps, making and receiving calls without ever leaving the interface of your customer relationship management software! You’ll give your sales team wings.
  • No expensive hardware is needed. Use existing infrastructure.
  • Allows you to send and receive SMS from your business number.
  • Allows to record calls for legal and quality monitoring purposes. Also, Train agents during a live call with Listen in and Whisper.
  • Allows you to check agent performance with the built-in reports. Get reports on SLA and call-back statistics.
  • It offers automatic configuration of phones and SIP Trunks.
  • Enables you to view contacts and status from the pop-out browser extension window.

🔥 3CX Pricing

3CX pricing starts from $250 that gradually increases based on simultaneous calls requirement by the business and the number of users.




Best Cloud Phone System For Small Business

JustCall is a Cloud Phone System that allows users to make, receive, distribute and track phone calls and SMS for any device. It offers excellent features and highly reliable service. The best part is that you can easily integrate the software and start within minutes.

🔥 JustCall Features

  • Call Analytics Dashboard: You can track your live call activity, call/team/number analytics at a centralized place.The call analytics section gives you a detailed overview of the calls made via your account.The Team Analytics section comprises of segregated data that depicts the activities of all your team members respectively in the last 24 hours.To keep a track of the voicemails you’ve received and how many responses are due you can refer the Voicemail Analytics Section.
  • Record Phone Calls: Record your calls and monitor your performance as a team. Call recordings let you review and analyze your client interactions so that you can improve your voice processes.Get real time, actionable insights and minimize risk with Justcall’s business call recording.
  • Call Queue: When all your agents are busy,JustCall’s Call queue will keep customers on hold until the next available agent.The waiting call will be listed under Live queue box
  • Caller ID: This feature help you to mask your outbound calls with a custom phone number. With custom caller ID, the agents will never have to manually select a number, saving them time and effort.
  • SMS Bot– SMS Bot is an auto-responding SMS app which responds to incoming messages intelligently using user defined rules and patterns.
  • GDRP Compliant: JustDial comply with GDPR requirements providing adequate protection for the transfer of personal information from Europe to the US.
  • Get local, toll-free, and mobile numbers of 70 countries, instantly.
  • For your JustCall phone numbers, you can easily share the number allotted to you with your other team members.
  • JustCall uses secured data centers for communication. These data centers provide high levels of security to ensure that customer data is safe.
  • Schedule calls with customers and tag agents to make or receive calls at the requested time.
  • You get a 70% discount for the first month.
  • JustCaller is GDRP Compliant.

🔥 JustCaller Pricing

Justcaller Offers 3 pricing plans

  • Standard– $25/user/month
  • Premium– $50
  • Enterprise (Minimum 100 Users)- Request Quote




Best VoIP Service Provider For Businesses Looking for a Robust Platform

MesageBird is another top VOIP provider that can help you to build fast, reliable, and secure Voice applications for your business with our powerful VoIP infrastructure. Messagebird is a CPaaS (communications platform as a service) company that has been providing ways for companies to connect globally since 2011. Messagebird is a provider that offers versatile in-house communication APIs. They use voice, SMS, and chat channels to help businesses communicate with their customers more efficiently. They also make it easy to integrate your business’s communications with 3rd party programs such as Salesforce, Zendesk, STDLib, Sapier, Amio, and more.

🔥 MessageBird Features

  • Reporting: You can request and receive insights on call duration and peak times to help improve your global call center.
  • Record and Archive: MessageBird allows you to store your call recordings in a single, accessible location. Automatically record incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Transcription: You can keep conversations on file with Transcription. Automatically convert call recordings to text.
  • Inbound Voice Recording: Automatically record and store inbound voice calls. All recordings are easily categorized and retrieved.
  • Lookup: Avoid calling defunct phone numbers. Lookup and HLR scour your contact list of numbers no longer in use.
  • Cloud Telephony: Start building your call center immediately without investing in conventional business telephone equipment.
  • Masked Numbers: Safeguard privacy with our masked numbers, keeping customer and employee details anonymous.
  • Interactive Voice Response: Streamline the customer experience of your call center by adding IVR to the flow for inbound calls.
  • Caller ID: Let customers interact with a local number. Adopt a Number and give your caller ID the right dial code.
  • Create tailored voice messages with text to speech in our 20 offered languages.
  • Direct customers to the appropriate extension quickly and easily through our Voice platform.
  • MessageBird Support Team provides unparalleled support in every time zone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • MessageBird offers enterprise-quality calling at unmatched prices, with per-second billing to minimize your calling costs.
  • MessageBird infrastructure and in-house telco stack are compatible with all carrier networks, optimizing call quality.
  • With MassageBid, you can connect to VoIP without paying for a virtual number.

🔥 MessageBird Pricing

MessageBird offers four plans:

  • Startup– Free
  • Pro – $ 50/month
  • Pro Plus – $150/month
  • Custom Plan– Contact MessageBird to Custom your Plan.




Best VOIP Service For Fax

ZoiPer is an intuitive VoIP business provider that is best suited to handle business requirements of all sizes. ZoiPer offers free encryption for all your text, voice, and video communications with TLS/SRTP and ZRTP. Zoiper comes with free, military-grade end-to-end encryption for voice and video. Zoiper is compatible with most VoIP service providers and PBXs. Thus you can enjoy free calls between Zoiper users or combine our dialers with your favorite provider for the cheapest calls.

🔥 ZoiPer Features

  • Compatible: Zoiper runs on a multitude of different platforms. No matter if you are using macOS, Linux or Windows. iOS, Android or a browser.
  • Unified VOIP Communication: Lets you to strengthen a single platform to do all types of communication, including Fax Audio, Video, Instant Messaging, and Presence.
  • Increased Efficiency: Zoiper lets you to improve the efficiency of your communications. Zopier supports Click-2-dial CRM integration, number recognition, Outlook and Thunderbird plugins.
  • Small Footprint: Zoiper does not rely on Java, Flash or .NET but is written in oldsk00l C/C++ and Assembly. This results in low memory and CPU usage and makes for quality audio even on older hardware.
  • You can use automatic provisioning options and restrict parts of the interface to make sure all your users are at ease.
  • Use remote provisioning and installer service to automate the deployment of preconfigured phones.
  • Zoiper is compatible with most VoIP service providers and PBXs.
  • It makes the global calling experience more worthy. It helps to record the calls over the cloud and that is very important from a business quality perspective.
  • Zoiper provides its own software development kit (SDK) for integrating its functionalities with any hardware or software.
  • Mobility and versatility to establish communications from any geographical location with access to the internet.

🔥 ZoiPer Pricing

ZoiPer have Versions

  • Desktop – Euro 49.95
  • Android- Free
  • iOS – Free




Best VOIP Service Provider For Customer Support Team


Easily customizable
Weave Analytics
Dedicated multi-location platform
Allows Call recording, tracking, and forwarding.
Customized Plan
Read Full Review

The Weave is another VOIP Provider which offers a smarter phone system that can help you identify new and current customers, heavy call times for your business, and opportunities to impress your customers with helpful and actionable information at every call.

🔥 Weave Features

  • WeavePOP: With this feature, You can better know your customer at every interaction. When a customer calls in, WeavePOP shows you who’s calling, who needs an appointment and who has a balance on their account.
  • Business Line: This feature lets you to keep personal and business messages separate with a dedicated business line even on your mobile device.
  • Easily customizable: Easily manage your voicemail greetings, phone tree menus and hold music to create any phone experience.
  • Weave Analytics: Analytics gives you an in-depth look at Call Analytics ansd payment history. It will helps you to bring back patients with unscheduled treatment, canceled appointments, and other priority patients.
  • Weave Unify: Weave dedicated multi-location platform – eliminates missed opportunities by bringing your locations together.
  • Its feature’s ability to access dental insurance demographics will allow office owners to maximize profitability.
  • Allows Call recording, tracking, and forwarding.
  • Digital Forums lets you send forms ahead of appointments allows you to stay on schedule, get patients in on time, and avoid tedious data entry through available integrations.
  • Weave helps you easily collect and monitor reviews across platforms to acquire new customers and maintain a strong reputation.
  • Turn website visitors into customers quickly by giving them a fast, easy way to schedule an appointment or start a conversation with your business—all through text.
  • Allows you to add any special notes to your customers’ profile so your entire team can stay in the know for things.

🔥 Weave Pricing

Weave provides a free demo. However, you can get details of the pricing plans after requesting only.



Unified Communication Manager By Cisco

Best VOIP Provider For Small Business

Cisco is a popular name when we talk about VOIP Service providers. Cisco aims to bring people together anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Cisco Unified Communications Manager (Unified CM) provides reliable, secure, scalable, and manageable call control and session management.

🔥 Cisco Features

  • UnifiedCommunications: Consolidate your communications infrastructure and enable your people and teams to communicate simply with the Cisco Unified Communications Manager. The solution features IP telephony, high-definition video, unified messaging, Instant Message and Presence.
  • Enhanced Mobility: With Cisco you can transform your workspaces. Attract and retain the best talent wherever they are and enable them to be productive by giving them Cisco Unified Communications Manager, the tools to succeed. The solution has extensive features to support mobile and remote workers.
  • Local and Global: Cisco Unified Communications Manager supports the needs of small and midsize businesses through to the largest enterprises with up to 80,000 users.
  • Open and Interoperable: Cisco Unified (CM) supports industry standards, a wide range of gateways, and a broad ecosystem of third-party integrations and solutions plus partners. This results in a rich collaboration with anyone, anywhere and embedded collaboration in your line-of-business applications.
  • Secure and compliant: Cisco Unified (CM) supports the latest authentication, encryption, and communication protocols. It complies with key industry certifications, and secures data and communications for customers in financial services, manufacturing, retail, and government across the globe.
  • It provides reliable, highly secure, scalable, and efficient enterprise call and session management.
  • Customizability – The program allows for a lot of specific features and ways to use the program.
  • This solution is extremely stable and has been running in our environment for several years without downtime.
  • Call Manager is intended to be integrated with the newest collaboration tools like Webex and Jabber for call processing purposes.
  • The ability to have voicemails automatically sent as an email message is extremely helpful in helping us to keep in touch while away from the desk.

🔥 Cisco Unified Communication Manager Pricing

CUCM offers customized pricing plans based on the requirement of a business.




Best VOIP Service Provider For Call Centers

Blueface is a cloud-based business VoIP phone solution that is suitable for businesses of all sizes. Key features include international numbering, call conferencing, number porting, IVR, account management, call barring, and more. It also features call recording that allows users to store their communications with customers for training and compliance purposes.

🔥 BlueFace Features

  • VOIP Business Landline: Reliable business phones with calls to local and national Landlines.
  • Call Recording: Record your calls with real-time toggle, Cloud management, and SFTP transfer.
  • IVP: BlueFace allows you to customize your virtual receptionist on the fly with the Blueface UC Portal.
  • Music On Hold: Upload and Preview music on hold in real-time with the Unified Comms Portal.
  • Call Barring: Block inbound and outbound calls from and to destinations that are untrusted or costly.
  • Extension Dialling: Call colleagues locally, or on Softphone internationally with short number dialling.
  • Multi-Site Deployment: Link and manage every site from the UC Portal with multi-currency billing.
  • Allow you to remotely check if colleagues are available or not using Blueface BLF.
  • Take your business landline with you on your mobile with the Softphone App.
  • Blueface has designed a package with features tailored for remote workers.
  • Monitor call activity in real-time and gain click and drag call handling features.
  • Apply automated office opening hours to your phone system call routing/strategy.
  • Measure your call activity and make analytic drive decisions for your business.
  • Supports High capacity, high-quality call conferencing with 40+ international bridge numbers.
  • Access clear per-second billing from the Unified Communications Portal.

🔥 BlueFace Pricing

There is no pricing information available on the official websites. However, you can request quote-based pricing by contacting their customer representatives.



Vonage VOIP Provider

Best VOIP Service For Personal Use And Home
Vonage Voip

Vonage VOIP Provider

Vonage Extension App
Dedicated Fax Line
Enhanced Call Forwarding

Up to this, I have made enough business VoIP provider reviews. But now, I am going to review a residential VOIP service provider known as Vonage. Actually, Vonage’s VoIP phone service uses your Internet connection to make and receive calls. And with its great features, you can take your Vonage number with you on your smartphone.

🔥 Vonage Features

  • Vonage Extension App: You can take Vonage home phone service with you—make and receive calls on your smartphones, plus get free Wi-Fi calling. You can take an incoming call with your Vonage Number.
  • Add A Line: Add a phone line to your Vonage account and free up your home phone from professional calls or talkative teenagers.
  • Virtual Number: With Vonage, You can get Virtual Number in one of the 22 countries so that people living in that country can call you without incurring International log distance rate.
  • Toll-Free Plus: A Vonage toll-free number means others can call you for free.Calls to your Toll-Free Plus number ring your existing Vonage phone number.
  • Dedicated Fax Line: You can add a dedicated VoIP fax line to your Vonage service and free up your home phone.Use any fax-capable machine to send and receive faxes. Send faxes abroad at a low, international rate.
  • Enhanced Call Forwarding: Enhanced Call Forwarding forwards your calls to any other number—even a mobile. You can set up call forwarding through your Vonage Online Account or by phone.
  • Vonage has a special feature called SimgRing which can ring up to five additional phones at the same time to make sure that you Will catch critical Incoming Calls.
  • The setup is quite easy, adding users and additional extensions is very easy on the Dashboard.
  • Vonage has a wide range of plans to suit every customer’s needs.
  • You can easily block calls from both your online account and the Vonage Extensions app.
  • With Vonage Extensions, you can make and receive nationwide and even international calls on your mobile phone – all as part of your home phone plan.
  • Vonage provides 24-hour live customer support.

🔥 Voanage Pricing

Vonage has two separate sections for pricing, i.e, Residental Plans and Business Plans. The Vonage Residental Price starts withness $14.99 and Business Plans start from $19.99.


What Is VOIP?

The term VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocols. VOIP is a technology that allows you to make voice calls using a broadband Internet connection instead of a regular (or analog) phone line. Some VoIP services may only allow you to call other people using the same service, but others may allow you to call anyone who has a telephone number – including local, long-distance, mobile, and international numbers. Also, while some VoIP services only work over your computer or a special VoIP phone, other services allow you to use a traditional phone connected to a VoIP adapter.

How does VOIP Call Work?

VoIP services convert your voice into a digital signal that travels over the Internet. If you are calling a regular phone number, the signal is converted to a regular telephone signal before it reaches the destination. VoIP can allow you to make a call directly from a computer, a special VoIP phone, or a traditional phone connected to a special adapter.

In addition, wireless “hot spots” in locations such as airports, parks, and cafes allow you to connect to the Internet and may enable you to use VoIP service wirelessly. Using a VoIP service, you can call landlines or cell phones. You can also call computer-to-computer, with both parties speaking into a computer microphone and listening through computer speakers or headsets.

You can read our blog on How Voip Works to Know about it in detail.

Benefits Of Using VOIP

Using VOIP services provides many advantages to the users. So lets us check some of the main benefits of using VOIP calling Service.

  1. Low Cost: VoIP is a low-cost alternative to the traditional telephone system. The bottom line is vital for every business, large or small. So, you have to consider every cost-saving opportunity. This can dramatically reduce your business running costs by eliminating the need for lots of individual telephone lines.
  2. Quality Of Call: When compared to the traditional calling system, VOIP offers higher call quality. VoIP telephone system offers its users HD voice using internet connectivity, with incredible clarity and crisp audio.
  3. Accessibility: One distinct advantage that VoIP service offers is the ability to make calls from anywhere. Provided that you have a decent data connection, you can receive and make calls. And when you’re unable to answer the call, you can direct calls to another person or get voicemails emailed to you.
  4. Higher Scalability: Another benefit of VoIP is its scalability. Because VoIP telephone systems use the internet for calls, adding new users is easy. You don’t need to provision new lines, you can just add phones and licenses if required. The advantage of this is that VoIP can scale to meet your current and future requirements.
  5. Multi-tasking: Besides phone calls, VoIP allows you to send documents, images, and videos all while simultaneously engaging in a conversation. So you can seamlessly hold more integrated meetings with clients or staff from other corners of the globe.

What Should You Look for in a VoIP Provider?

  1. Quality: The first thing you should look for in any business-grade VoIP service is call quality. If the quality of the call is not crystal clear, then it is good for nothing. It is to be noted that the quality of a VOIP call largely depends on the Internet speed of the Internet Network Provider.
  2. Mobile Apps: With new trends, especially after Corona Pandemic, you might have noticed the shifting of the workforce toward the remote model. So, a VOIP service provider must-have mobile apps that deliver the same value and services as desktop apps.
  3. Collaboration Tools: Full-featured VoIP services can offer a variety of collaboration tools your employees can use to meet, interact, and work jointly online. For example, it may be basic SMS texting, Video Conferencing, and online meeting Collaboration. Many VoIP software also comes with CRM and PRM Tools.
  4. Backups and SLAs: Studies show that 82% of companies surveyed experienced downtime. So it is very much necessary to check whether a VoIP provider has an uptime guarantee or SLA.
  5. Customer Support: As with any product, the level of service you’ll receive is crucial to how well your service functions. The VOIP service providers must have effective and responsive customer service to solve or answer users’ queries.
  6. Pricing: Last but not least Is Pricing. A VoIP Service provider must offer a reasonable price in terms of the features it offers to its customer.

Conclusion On Best VOIP Providers

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is also referred to as Hosted VoIP, Business VoIP, Cloud PBX, and a variety of other terms with similar meanings. The benefits of VoIP over traditional phone systems are extensive. Virtually every business stands to greatly benefit by implementing this sophisticated communications technology. Not only business but VoIP service can be also used at home. As such there are many residential VoIP providers also. So above list of VOIP providers is some of the best VOIP Service providers in the market now.

Hope you liked reading this article on the “Best VOIP Service Providers“. If you have any questions regarding the topic, please leave them in the comment section below. I will be happy to respond.

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