Camtasia vs Filmora (2022). Which Is Best For Professional Video Editing?


Well, as a video editor, I know it is very confusing to select one video editor software when there are so many awesome video editors out there in the market.

Two of those are Camtasia and Filmora. It’s for this reason that the Camtasia vs. Filmora debate happens to be a significant one. 

So if you are looking for Camtasia vs Filmora, then this post on Camtasia vs Wondershare Filmora will surely gonna help you.

Now let’s get started.

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Camtasia vs Filmora – Overview

What Is Camtasia?

Camtasia is a professional-grade video editor for Windows and Mac. It provides a good balance of control, a well-designed user interface, and high-quality output that makes it perfect for videographers and web content producers who need their videos to look professional and unique.


The program (formerly known as Camtasia Studio) has a long development history for the PC, and its success prompted TechSmith to put out a Mac version as well. Both have been around since 2011, although earlier and slightly different versions of the software existed before then for both platforms. With such a long history, TechSmith has done a great job of constantly pushing the development limits while keeping the software relatively bug-free.

For people who have never used video editing software before, Camtasia is easy to learn thanks to the excellent tutorial support provided by TechSmith. It’s a bit limited in the amount of preset media built into the program, and there isn’t much more available on the web, but at this level, presets aren’t a primary concern. You can try Camtasia free for 30 days or buy it directly.


What Is Filmora?

Filmora is a great video editing software that balances powerful features with an intuitive interface at an affordable price point. It supports all modern video formats, as well as HD and 4K video editing and output.


It’s not a professional video editing suite, but most beginner and intermediate videographers looking to create shareable videos quickly and easily will be happy with the results.

It is a simple yet powerful video editor available for Mac and PC, aimed at the enthusiast and prosumer markets. It’s perfect for a range of basic uses, from creating tutorial videos to editing action camera footage to making viral videos for social media sites.

You probably wouldn’t want to use it to edit a feature-length movie, but for short video work, it’s surprisingly effective for its price point, with a good blend of features that are easy to use.


Comparing Camtasia vs Filmora – Features

Let’s now have a look at the key features that Camtasia and Wondershare Video Editor offer.

Camtasia Features:

  • 75+ new, modern transition effects: More than 75 new transitions to make videos more engaging and polished.
  • Motion Blur Effect: Instantly make effects and movement feel smoother with the new Motion Blur effect
  • Corner Rounding Effect: Smooth out sharp corners on your media and instantly round all or individual corners
  • Lottie (JSON) Support: Import LOTTIE animation files from other applications into Camtasia
  • Customizable media clips: Among the most popular features in Camtasia is the wide range of media clips and elements that can be added to created videos and easily customized in their properties. In this new version, it is now possible to create your own elements with such easily customizable properties, which is especially important when it comes to branding and working in a team.
  • Emphasize Audio Effect: Quickly mix background music and spoken commentary: Drag and drop it onto the clip whose audio you want to highlight, and it automatically adjusts the volume.
  • VU Audio Meter in Editor (Windows): Get a visual readout of your audio volume levels right in the editor.
  • Share Narration to TechSmith Audiate: Quickly pass audio narration back and forth with TechSmith Audiate for detailed editing and improving the sound of your recording.
  • General workflow and performance improvements: Overall, numerous workflow and performance improvements have also been made to make it even easier for users to work with Camtasia on a daily basis, alone or in a team.
  • Custom assets for you and your team: Expanded control and customization of video assets through Quick Properties.
  • Proxy Video: In order to display and edit large and high-resolution videos smoothly, Camtasia now offers the option to use proxy video. These temporary copies can be edited quickly due to their low data volume, and are then returned to the original HQ recording.
  • Improved representation of grouped assets: “Groups” have long been a proven way in Camtasia to organize sections and items on the Timeline. Instead of expanding them directly on the Timeline as before, groups in Camtasia are now displayed in their own tabs when opened, allowing you to open multiple groups at once. This is especially useful for complex and nested elements.
  • Clear organization and sharing: All files used for a specific video project are now combined into a single, central project file. This can be quickly shared with colleagues, transferred to another computer, or archived.
Camtasia Features

Filmora Features

Filmora Wondershare video editor is packed with features for both home and business use. We’ll take you through some of those features here:

  • Motion Tracking: Filmora X lets you append an element to the moving object without any hassle.
  • Zooming and Panning: If you have ever watched a Ken Burns movie, you would know just how amazing the smooth zooming and panning look. With Filmora, you can easily achieve that.
  • Color Matching: This feature is developed for you to match chosen clips’ colors to another frame from another clip.
  • Keyframing: Easily customizes any animation by joining keyframes to change the position, scale, opacity, and rotations of a clip.
  • Stabilization: Having a smooth, stabilized video is something that you should never take for granted because it looks wonderful, and with Filmora, you can achieve that with ease.
  • Audio Ducking: With this feature, you can fade away background music to assure clarity while listening to monologues or dialogues.
  • Colour Grading: The video you shoot from your camera does not always look the way you want it to look. If you really want a better-looking video, go ahead and color grade with Filmora.
  • Green Screen: If you are a streamer on YouTuber, or just someone who loves to make short skits, or clips, the green screen can help you superimpose the subjects with ease. It is a perfect video editing software for youtube.
  • Tilt Shift: Tilt-shift effect is something that requires a proper lens that can be a bit expensive and Filmora can do it with great efficiency.
  • Picture in Picture: If you want to give your project a futuristic vibe, you can do so by using the picture-in-picture feature.
  • Shortcuts: You create keyboard shortcuts via new hotkey commands.
  • Effects Library: Filmora comes with 30 new elements and 9 callout titles included.
  • Dark Mode: Filmora’s new dark mode permits you to edit videos while being pleased with your eyes.
  • Basic Features: Filmora comes with a host of basic video editing features such as splitting, rotating, cropping, trimming, brightness controls, as well as volume controls.
Filmora Features

Comparing Camtasia vs Wondershare Filmora On – Transition

Short animations called transitions are frequently used to fill the space between two video clips.

Camtasia comes with 121 different transitions.

There are many more transitions in Camtasia than in the previous version. Additionally, the quality of the transitions has greatly improved in addition to the quantity.

Since I’m not very adventurous, I only really use their Fade transition, but the majority of them look great and I can see YouTubers being drawn to these.

Camtasia vs Filmora Transition

Filmora comes with 233 different transitions as standard, with more readily available via their FilmStock library.

But Filmora’s advantage goes beyond just sheer volume; they also have transitions that look much better than Camtasia’s.

Camtasia vs Filmora Transition 2

Final Verdict

🏆 Winner = Filmora
As, Filmora has a much higher number and better quality transitions, compared with Camtasia

Comparing Camtasia vs Filmora On – Titles

You should probably use title presets to add high-quality text to your videos if, like me, you lack creativity.

Title presets are a standard feature of both Filmora and Camtasia.

About 28 different titles, including intros and lower thirds, are available in Camtasia.

You can download more title presets from the Camtasia Assets Library. Some are accessible for free, while others require a paid subscription.

On the other hand, there are 276 ready-to-use titles available on Filmora (some require an internet connection to download).

More premium and free movies can be downloaded from their FilmStock library as well.

Final Verdict

🏆 Winner = Filmora
Again, Filmora has more high-quality title presets to play with.

Comparing Camtasia vs Filmora – Video effects

As well as adding transitions, sprinkling a few video effects will also make your videos look better.

Within the video effects section of Camtasia, you will only find 13 different effects to use; examples include:

  • Clip speed (speed up or slow down a clip)
  • Remove a color (such as the green screen effect)
  • Color adjustment
Camtasia vs Filmora Video Effect

In contrast, Filmora offers 287 unique video effects.

Filmora has a motion tracking feature in addition to the ability to apply a green screen effect and change the clip speed.

Overlays and filters make up the majority of effects. These preset let you alter the colors and frames of your clips to change how they appear.

Camtasia vs Filmora Video Effect 2

Regarding color adjustments, Camtasia does not yet support Look-Up Tables (LUTs), whereas Filmora does.

🏆 Winner = Filmora
Filmora has 22 times more fancy video effects (including LUT support) compared with Camtasia.

Comparing Camtasia vs Filmora – Cursor effects

If you intend to record your desktop, you might want to give your cursor some effects to make it easier to follow.

Cursor effects are effectively handled by Camtasia.

There are 16 distinct effects in all, including the following:

  • Cursor smoothing
  • Highlight
  • Magnify
  • Spotlight

Additionally, there are distinct options for the left- and right-mouse clicks, such as playing a sound or causing a ripple effect.

The cursor can also be fully eliminated.

In comparison, the cursor effects in Filmora are quite limited.

It is only possible to play a sound and visually display mouse clicks (with a green, yellow, red, or purple ring).

In Camtasia, on the other hand, you can apply the cursor effects after you have already captured the recording rather than having to specify them beforehand.

🏆 Winner = Camtasia
Camtasia has more options when it comes to cursor effects

Comparing Camtasia vs Filmora- Screen recording

Both Camtasia and Filmora are video editors with integrated screen recorders so you can record your desktop or application usage.

You can record your screen using either of the two:

  • Screen (either full or a custom window size)
  • Microphone audio
  • Computer audio
  • Camera
Camtasia vs Filmora Screen Recording

The recording bar in Filmora resembles Camtasia’s in appearance, but it conceals more options.

You can record multiple monitors simultaneously using the options found here. Camtasia has the ability to do this, but it is not as simple.

A notable difference between the two software when it comes to screen recording is that Filmora saves the videos as an MP4 file, whereas Camtasia saves them as TREC files.

Camtasia vs Filmora Screen Recording 2

TREC files can only be opened with Camtasia, so this means you will have to use Camtasia to edit the files.

 Winner = Draw
Both have decent screen recorders

Comparing Camtasia vs Filmora – Audio effects

When you have voiceovers in a video, you can use Camtasia and Filmora to remove unwanted background noise and apply an audio ducking effect.

Since Filmora offers the option to add and edit an equalizer, I would say that it has more sophisticated audio editing capabilities. Audio tracks can also have their pitch changed.

🏆 Winner = Filmora
This was a close one, but Filmora just has the edge

Comparing Camtasia vs Filmora – Video and audio export options

Each piece of software has a different set of options for exporting your projects, whether they are audio or video.

In contrast to Filmora, which supports 12 formats, Camtasia only allows you to export videos in the MP4, WMV, AVI, or GIF formats.

A list of the various formats can be found in the table below.

You’ll be glad to know that both programs can upload directly to YouTube and Vimeo if you prefer to upload to a social media platform. Unlike Filmora, which only supports MP3, Camtasia can export audio files in the M4A format.

🏆 Winner = Filmora
Both can export video in MP4, but Filmora has more options for those that need it

Comparing Camtasia vs Filmora – Minimum System Requirements

The tables below list the minimum system requirements for running Camtasia and Filmora on Windows and Mac OS.

Remember that these are the bare minimum specifications. Better hardware is always preferable, particularly when editing high-quality video files.

Windows systems:




Windows 10 (64-bit)
version 1709

Windows 7 (64-bit)


6th Generation
Intel Core i3 Processor
1st Generation
AMD Ryzen 3 Processor

Intel i3
better multicore processor
(2 GHz or above)


8 GB

4 GB
(8 GB for HD/4K videos)

Disk space

4 GB

10 GB

Mac systems




macOS 10.14

macOS v10.12 (Sierra)


6th Generation
Intel Core i5 Processor

Intel i5
better multicore processor
(2 GHz or above)


8 GB

8 GB
(16 GB for HD/4K videos)

Disk space

4 GB

10 GB

Comparing Camtasia vs Filmora – Pros and Cons

Now let’s have a look at the benefits, these video editing tools offer:

Camtasia Pros and Cons

Camtasia Advantages
  • Excellent Video Recording Quality
  • Easy to use For Beginners
  • Less Trouble while editing and recording Videos
  • Support Multiple Data Formats
  • Multiple Video Editing Tools
  • Insert Link into Videos
  • Special Cursor Effects
  • One-Time Purchase Fee
  • 30 Days Free Trial
  • 24/7 Support Services

Filmora Pros and Cons

Filmora Advantages
  • Has a simple-looking interface
  • Easy To Use
  • Great Basic And Intermediate Features
  • Reasonable Lifetime Price
  • Faster Rendering Of Videos
  • Amazing Video Output
  • Supports Screen Recording
  • Support A Plethora Of File Formats
  • Comes With A Good User Support

Comparing Camtasia vs Filmora – Pricing

Camtasia Pricing

The pricing plans of Camtasia are as follows:

  • Individual – $249
  • Business – $249
  • Education – $169
  • Government – $223.97


Filmora Pricing

Filmora Individual plan

  • Monthly Plan – $19.99/Month
  • Annual Plan – $61.99
  • Perpetual Plan – $89.99

Filmora Team and Busienss Plan

  • For Team – $155.88
  • For Business – Customizable Plan

Filmora Education Plan

  • For Students – Starting from $19.99
  • For Educator – Customizable Plan

Filmora Bundles Plan

  • Starting with $6.80/mo


Conclusion Filmora vs Camtasia In a NutShell



Free trial

Yes (30 days)

Yes (Unlimited)




3D Video Editing



Audio Tools



Brand Overlay






Media Library



Social Sharing



Speed Adjustment



Split / Merge



Supports HD Resolution



Text Overlay



Video Capture



Video Stabilization









Live Online



Conclusion Camtasia vs Filmora- Final Call

Therefore, I believe it’s time for me to conclude this comparison between Camtasia and Filmora by offering you some straightforward guidance.

You might be thinking that Filmora should win without a doubt; after all, it’s a no-brainer, right?

Well, if your goal is to produce screen recordings and voiceovers for video tutorials, I advise you to choose Camtasia. It is simpler to use, and the cursor effects will undoubtedly be helpful.

I would advise choosing Filmora if you want to edit videos and add attractive transitions, titles, and effects (for example, when creating a vlog for YouTube).

It’s important to make clear that both software offer a free trial. So, don’t just believe what I say. Try both of them out for yourself.

Hope you liked this post on Camtasia vs Filmora. If you have any doubts or questions, you can leave them in the comment section below. I will be happy to respond.

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