Clipperz Review. Better Than Bitwarden? Let’s Find Out..

Finding a free but secured password manager is difficult. But not anymore. Read this Clipperz Review to know how this free password manager is highly secured.

Clipperz Review

In this digital world, it is very common that you use multiple websites and apps. And you already know that every site and apps, you use, need a login ID and password to access your data from that site and apps. So security professionals and experts recommend maintaining complex and unique passwords for each site and service that you use. This is because, if your login ID and password of one site leak, you don’t have to risks the data of all your sites and app.

But maintaining unique and different passwords for all your accounts on various websites is quite hectic and confusing. It is literally not possible for humans to remember every password unless you are a human calculator. Here comes the use of password managers. So you may ask “What actually is a password manager?“.

Simply talking, a Password Manager is an application or you can say a tool that can save all your password in one place. Password manager not only can store your password, but it can also store and manage online credentials. If your password is stored in a secured password manager, you can access those passwords from any other device.

Even if you lose your primary devices, you don’t have to reset all your account passwords. You can access all the passwords by simply logging in to the password manager account on which you saved all other passwords. You only have to remember one password- Which is called Master password (The Login password of the password manager app). And a password manager will take care of all other passwords. It’s so simple. Right?

There are many password managers right now in the market. Clipperz password manager is one of those. And I am going to start my review on the clipperz password manager. In this clipperz Review, I will discuss various aspects of this password manager like its features, its security protocols, and much more.


What Is Clipperz?

Clipperz is a web-based password manager tool that can store and manage your password, credit card details, data, notes, and other sensitive and private data securely in one place. Clipperz is a web-based password manager tool that can store and manage your password, credit card details, data, notes, and other sensitive and private data securely in one place. Clipperz password manager is a free tool that uses cryptographic encryption to protect usernames and passwords and data from online attacks.

Clipperz was actually developed in 2006 on the solid belief that security and privacy are just other forms of intelligence that need to be built on the edge of the Internet, that is in your browser, without relying on centralized authorities. But later on. Clipperz online password manager was officially launched in April 2007. The developer of the clipperz promises to satisfy the need for confidentiality. Clipperz password manager is based on running strong cryptographic algorithms right in the browser, the most ubiquitous and standard computing platform ever existed.

Clipperz Password Manager

Clipperz can store passwords and any other confidential data, from burglar alarm codes to private notes. You can access your data from anywhere and from any device, including your smartphone.

Now, In this Clipperz Revie, let’s discuss some of the features that the clipperz password manager offers to the users.

Clipperz Features

What Are The Features Of Clipperz Password Manager?

1. Clipperz Offline Copy Features

Clipperz Password Manager offers very interesting features called offline copy. As you know most password managers are web-based. So when you are using a password manager, being offline could give you a sense of uneasiness, a weird feeling of being disconnected by your most precious bits of information.

Clipperz password manager has included the offline copy features from its very first release. That simply means you can dump the whole content of your account to a local hard disk or USB drive and create a read-only portable version of Clipperz to be used when no Internet connection is available.

Your offline copy is just a single HTML file that contains both the whole Clipperz It is as secure as the read-and-write one and will not expose your data to higher risks since they both share the same code and security architecture. Of course, you cannot add new cards or modify/delete existing ones. web application and your encrypted data as well.

Here is the step that you can follow to download an offline copy:

  1. Select “Export” from the “Data” menu.
  2. Click the “download offline copy” button.
  3. The browser will download a file named “YYYYMMDD_Clipperz_Offline.html“.
Steps To download offline copy In Clipperz Password Manager
Export File In Clipperz

If you want to access a previously saved offline copy, you have to just open the downloaded HTML file in any browser and log in with your Clipperz credentials. The only visible difference is the banner informing you that you are using a read-only offline copy along with the date/time it was created.

Steps 2 To download offline copy In Clipperz Password Manager
Offline Copy In Clipperz
NOTE: Using your offline copy shouldn’t be confused with launching Clipperz from a local file that allows you to run local code while reading/writing your encrypted data from/to the Clipperz server.

3. Mobile Version Of Clipperz Password Manager

This Clipperz Password Manager also offers a mobile version. Thus Clipperz interface is optimized enough to work on screens of any size. And all the credit goes to the adaptive design of the Clipperz password manager. This adaptive design allows you to use the app on most smartphones and tablets.

Clipperz Password Manager Mobile Version

3. Direct Loginsm Of Clipperz Password Manager

Clipperz cards are commonly used to securely store the details of online accounts like URLs, usernames, passwords, PINs, and more. Clipperz password manager is the finest place to save that amount of data used to access all kinds of web services: your mobile phone bills, the username you were issued by an airline’s website or the credentials for the new social network you just joined.

Have you ever thought that it be more convenient if you could not only retrieve this information from Clipperz but also directly sign in to your web services without typing any username and password? This is exactly what direct logins Of Clipperz Password manager is all about.

More simply speaking, a “direct login” is just a link in your Clipperz interface that allows you to sign in to a password-protected website by simply clicking on it.

NOTE: Login credentials are never transmitted to Clipperz. All actions involved by creating and using “direct logins” are performed locally in your browser.

4. Exporting And Importing Data

Exporting – Exporting data features of a password manager is very much essentials. Every Password manager must allow users to freely move their data in and out. Luckily, the Clipperz password manager also allows users to import and exports their data.

But Clipperz password managers have opted for JSON and XML formats rather than going for common CSV formats. Clipperz has a solid reason behind that. CSV can only describe tabular data, while Clipperz cards are extremely flexible which means you can add as many fields as you like and your set of cards cannot be reduced to a simple table.

Furthermore JSON and XML, formats that are both human-readable and machine-readable and commonly used for representing data structures. They allow a “lossless” export of your cards. All your information will be preserved, including direct login configurations. Exporting to JSON or XML is also convenient if you need to move some or all of your cards to a different Clipperz account. Or if you want to restore a card that has been accidentally deleted. The Clipperz export section also offers the option to download a “Printable version”.

NOTE: Data exported from Clipperz are not encrypted. If you are going to export/print the content of your account for backup purposes, please consider the safer options provided by creating an offline copy. Both the JSON file and the print version show your data clear. Make sure to store them in a safe and private place.

Importing: Now coming to Exporting Features of the Clipperz password manager. Many password managers allow exporting to a CSV file (Keepass, Lastpass, 1password, Passpack, PasswordPlus). Clipperz makes it easy to import those CSV files into your Clipperz account. Follow the steps to import CSV files from other password manager to another.

  1. Go to “Data > Import” and choose the CSV option
  2. Click “Open CSV file” and select the CSV file from your computer.
  3. Click “Next” and follow the instructions.

And If you want to move the whole content of your Clipperz account to a new Clipperz account or recover a card that has been accidentally deleted, please follow the below steps:

  1. Go to “Data > Import” and choose the JSON option
  2. Click “Open JSON file” and select the JSON file from your computer.
  3. Click “Next” and follow the instructions.
NOTE: The unencrypted CSV file and JSON file will never leave your computer. All the import process takes place right in your browser.

5. One-Time Passwords

To prevent attacks from keyloggers and spyware, OTP( One Time Passwords) is a solid choice. A one-time password works like a regular Clipperz passphrase, but it can be used only once. If the same OTP is used again at a later stage in a login attempt, it will be rejected and the login process will fail. Each one-time password is 32 characters long and it guarantees at least 128 bits of entropy.

You can create a One-time password by opening the “Account” menu and then selecting the “One-Time Passwords” entry. Now you have to click on the “+” button to add a new OTP. You can create as many as you need.

Now if you want to log in with a one-time password, just enter your username and the one-time password instead of your usual passphrase. Clipperz will automatically detect you’ve entered an OTP and will try to validate it.

NOTE: For increased convenience, the OTP is case and space insensitive. Furthermore, the validation process is smart enough to not get confused by the most common typing errors (e.g.: “0” for “O”, “1” for “l”, …).

6. Anonymity

Clipperz Password Manager is completely anonymous. To open a Clipperz account no personal information of users or email is requested. You have to just pick a username and a passphrase.

7. Zero-maintenance

With Clipperz Password Manager, your data are stored on the Internet, so there is nothing to install, upgrade, or maintain. You can access your most precious data from anywhere, anytime.

8. Open source

Unlike Nordpass and LastPass, Clipperz code is open source which enables as many people as possible to play with it. So that you can fully trust Clipperz. The code, not its developers.

Security And Privacy

How Much Secure Is Clipperz?

Now when we all know about the features that the Clipperz password manager offers, it’s time to discuss the security and privacy of the Clipperz Password Manager. Clipperz has some really strong security protocols that worth mentioning in this Clipperz Password Review.

1. Clipperz Is A Host-Proof Web App

A host-proof web application encrypts and decrypts the data inside the browser to avoid storing readable data on the server. The keys for all encryption processes are derived from a passphrase that never gets sent to the server.

Host-proof web apps are online services that ideally should know nothing about their users. They look and behave like regular web apps, but they hide a strong Javascript cryptographic engine entirely built and executed within the browser.

2. Clipperz Is A Single Page App

The whole Clipperz application is retrieved with a single page load. HTML, JavaScript, CSS, encoded images, all are loaded into the memory of the browser before credentials are entered in the sign-in/signup form. Clipperz does not automatically reload during user interaction with the application, nor does control transfer to another page.

3. Clipperz Can Run From A Local File

Clipperz may be executed from a local file using the file URI scheme as a Single Page App. This gives users the ability to download and verify the Clipperz code once and then run the file locally without downloading a new copy every time they need to use the service.

4. Clipperz Uses Proven Cryptographic Algorithms

Clipperz is built upon proven and trusted cryptographic algorithms like SRP, AES, and SHA2.

  1. SRP ( Secure Remote Password) : SRP provides a better way to perform password-based authentications. It is believed that SRP achieves the theoretical limit of security that can be offered by a purely password-based protocol.
  2. AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) : The Advanced Encryption Standard is a block cipher adopted as an encryption standard by the US government. AES is fast in both software and hardware, is relatively easy to implement, and requires little memory. Currently AES is one of the most popular algorithms used in symmetric key cryptography.
  3. SHA2 (Secure Hash Algorithms) : SHA2 refers to a group of cryptographic hash functions developed by NSA and standardized by NIST. Hash functions can process a message to produce a condensed representation called a message digest. These algorithms enable integrity checks. Any change to the message will result in a different message digest. This property is useful in the generation and verification of digital signatures and message authentication codes, and in the generation of random numbers.

5. Clipperz Has 128-Bit Security Level

Clipperz is a cryptographic system with a 128-bit security level. This clearly indicates that to be successfully attacked, it will require the attacker to perform at least 128 “steps” of some kind of work. It is good enough to design a strong cryptographic system. And according to Cryptographers, a 128-bit security level will be sufficient against brute-force attacks into the foreseeable future.

Thus We can conclude that Clipperz Password Manager is really a secure tool to use.

Pricing Information

How Much Does Clipperz Password Manager Cost?

Clipperz Password Manager is absolutely free to use. Anyone can use this password manager without spending a single dollar. However, if you are satisfied with the product, you can donate funds. The developers of Clipperz password manager stated that their favourite payment method is clearly Bitcoin, but you can also send your donation via credit card or bank transfer. In all cases, there will be no link between your real identity and your encrypted data stored on Clipperz. Thus available payment methods are:

  1. Bitcoin
  2. VISA, Mastercard, AMEX
  3. Bank Transfer

Clipperz Password Manager

Clipperz can store passwords and any other confidential data, from burglar alarm codes to private notes. You can access your data from anywhere and from any device, including your smartphone.

Clipperz UI Interface

Looks And Feels Of NordPass Clipperz

Like Bitwarden Password Manager, Clipperz is also an open-source password manager and it is very easy to get started with it. Many of the users don’t usually like installing the app and performing several steps before actually using the software.

So it is an opportunity for the Clipperz password manager to impress those users with its straightforward interface. Clipperz literally allow users to get straight to the business as soon as they set their username and password and confirm that password on the next window. That password will become the master password to access the online vault.

Let’s discuss how to get started with Clipperz Password Manager.

STEP 1: At First, you have to visit the clipperz password manager official page.

STEP 2: You have to Sign up if you are a new user and Login if you are an existing user.

sign up with clipperz
Sign Up with Clipperz

STEP 3: After you click “Sign up“, a new window will open where you have to put your Username and Passphrase.

Clipperz Sign Up Window
Clipperz Sign Up Page

STEP 4: You have to put your “username” and “passphrase“. And confirm your passphrase. After that, you have to agree with the terms and conditions of the clipperz and enter Login.

Clipperz Terms and Condition
Clipperz Term and Condition Page

STEP 5: After this brief setup, you come across a clean and sleek interface that even a novice can get along with quickly.

Clipperz User Interface
Clipperz User Interface

STEP 6: By tapping the plus icon on the lower right side, you can add any password with all its credentials and details.

Add password to Clipperz
Add password To Clipperz

STEP 7: You have to put all details like Card Title, username and password. You can also upload files as attachments. After you have given all the required information, click on SAVE.

save password In Clipperz
Save Password In Clipperz

Similarly, you can store your card details, addresses, notes, and much more. In addition to this, you’re also allowed to classify your credentials using different tags like cards, social, Bitcoin, etc.

Now, when your account is set up and you know how to add passwords, let us discuss some of the other options that are available on the dashboard of the clipperz tool.

features of Clipperz
Clipperz Account Settings

If you look at the above picture, you can see various options that are available under Account.

  • Under Preferences, you will get an option of “Enable auto-lock“. Here you get to change lock timeout, The default lock timeout is 10 minutes. However, you can change it according to your need.
  • Under Passpharse, you wil able to change your current password. Foe this you will need the username of the account, Old passphrase, new Passpharse. By confirming the new passpharse again, you can change the password of the account.
  • Under Plan tab, you wil get to see how many attachment quota you have left in your clipperz Account. By default, you will get available space of 100 MB.
  • Under One Time Password, you will get to generate an password when you click “+“. A one-time password works like your regular passphrase, but it can be used only once. Strongly recommended when accessing your Clipperz account from unsecure devices where keyloggers may be installed. You can also take out a print of the generated password.
  • Under Device Pin option, You may create a 5-digit PIN to be used instead of your passphrase. Please note that the PIN is specific to the device you are now using.
WARNING: Enabling a PIN on your device may represent a security risk! Make sure to keep the device with you at all times!
  • Under Delete Account, you will be able to delete your account permanently. By providing the Username and Passpharse, and confirming the check box, you can easily delete the account.
  • Under Data tab, yiu can Import and Export Passwords. We have already discussed this portion under the “Clipperz Features” .
  • When you click the Lock tab, your dashboard will be locked. You have to re-renter the Passpharse again to use the tool.
  • Under Logout option, you can log out your Clipperx Account from the browser.

Pros And Cons

Advantage And Disadvantages Of Clipperz

  • Free and Open Source Software
  • Web-based Tool. No app installation needed.
  • Easy To Use Software
  • Highly Secured
  • Offline Version Available
  • No share option is available.


Final Words On Clipperz Password Manager

It’s time, to sum up, the clipperz password manager review. Clipperz is an open-source password manager tool and more importantly, it is web-based. Thus you don’t have to install any kind of apps to use it. It is highly secured by Crypto Algorithms like SRP, AES, SHA2 and Fortuna PRNG.

The most highlighting feature of Clipperz Password Manager is its Offline Copy features in which you can dump the whole content of your account to a local hard disk or USB drive and create a read-only portable version of Clipperz to be used when no Internet connection is available. Thus Clipperz is the best option for those who want an easy and simple password manager to shore their password and online credentials.

Hope you have liked reading this article on “Clipperz Review“. If you have any questions regarding this, you can leave them in the comment section below. I will be happy to respond.

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