Google Password Manager Review (2022) – Is It Safe To Use?

Google Password Manager provides a free tool for everyone as part of the browser. There are no hidden costs, neither it has a paid version. It’s also updated constantly which is pretty impressive for open-source software.
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Google Password Manager Review By Our Rebellink Security Experts: In this digital world, we use several accounts, whether it be a social account, a shopping account, account for other official work and a lot more. Using a Password Manager Simplifies Password Security. Choose a password manager that lets you instantly create secure and complex passwords to protect your online presence from trespassers. It should also provide a security-restricted site for your passwords and let you access them from any internet-connected device.


What Is Google Password Manager?

As we know about the Chrome Browser. So basically Google password manager is the default password manager comes with Google Chrome browser. Google Chrome Password Manager is the most common password manager that all of us, use in our day-to-day lives. Chrome’s built-in password manager is, not surprisingly, tied to whichever Google account you used to sign in to the browser. When you’re signed in, passwords sync to your Google account and are available in Chrome on your PC or Mac, on Android devices, and on iPhones and iPads. If you’re not signed in, passwords are saved locally.

Google password manager is a simple password manager with only streamline features available. Comparing to the other password manager in the market, Google password manager only perform the basic password saving and auto-fill function.

Google Password Manager Review

Google Password Manager Review By Our Security Expert

Google Password Manager Review

Google password manager is the most basic password manager that you can have. Nothing fancy features are there. I really appreciate the effort of Google and even use the tool to save your passwords. But to be honest, I will never recommend relying on this free service because it’s not a conventional password manager.

With Google Password manager no AES 256-bit encryption, no PBKDF2, or any other dedicated system that traditional programs use. And that makes your data an easy target for hackers.

Another big problem with Google Password Manager is the authentication. Anyone who can get his/her hands on your web browser can see your saved passwords. Because there’s no two-factor authentication or multi-factor authentication available to prevent such uninvited guests.

7Expert Score
Very Basic Password manager

Google password manager is the most basic password manager that you can have. Nothing fancy features are there. I really appreciate the effort of Google and even use the tool to save your passwords.

Plans And Pricing
Ease Of Use And Setup
Customer Support
  • Ease Of Use
  • Free To Use
  • Form Capture And Autofill Feature
  • No AES 256-bit encryption, no PBKDF2
  • No two-factor authentication
  • No password sharing
  • Not available offline

Google Password Manager Features

Features Offered By Google Password Manager

As compared to other password managers, Google password manager will fall back. But even so, some basic features are still offered by it. So let’s discuss Google password manager features.

password generator
Most of the acceptable password manager provides the password generating features. Google password manager do the same but the feature is not very impressing. The Password generated by google is merely a simple one. Another drawback is that Google does not provide an option to alter the password. Also, you don’t have an option to include symbols in your generated password.
Security and encryption
Many password managers go above and beyond to secure all information, including using a zero-knowledge model that encrypts server data in a way that isn’t even accessible by company employees. However, these kinds of advanced security measures tend to be somewhat prioritized by programs that function specifically as password managers rather than those that are part of a browser.

While Google Password Manager does keep information secure, its practices aren’t quite as detailed as subscription-based password managers. This is large because the use of Google Password Manager is just one facet of a larger being. Google Password Manager is simply a feature of Google’s infrastructure and is protected by the same measures used to safeguard Gmail accounts and other customer information.
auto fill
Auto-fill is one of the most basic features of every password manager in the market. Google password manager do the same. It saves the password when you initially type in while filing up web-form. Next time it will assist you with the same. You don’t have to give your password again and again for the same site.
Google password manager will work only in chrome. No other browser support google password manager. It will work in your android device if you are using Chrome browser in it. And the same goes for IOS devices.

Google Password Manager Security Protocol

Is Google Password Manager Safe?

With most browser-based password managers, including Google Chrome, your password security is directly tied to your device security. There is no No two-factor authentication. Clearly speaking, anybody who is able to get access to your computer, tablet or phone will immediately get access to all of your passwords without having to supply an additional password. This is a big problem. There is no option of creating a Master password either.

Any good password manager app requires you to log in with a separate master password and locks your passwords after a specified period of time (usually an hour). All these security features are clearly missing in Google Password Manager. From the security point of view, it is not recommended at all.

google password manager review

Google Password Manager Pricing Info

How much Does The Google Password Manager Cost?

Google Password Manager provides a free tool for everyone as part of the browser. There are no hidden costs, neither it has a paid version. It’s also updated constantly which is pretty impressive for open-source software. On can use the Google Password Manager freely in almost all the devices having Google Chrome Browser.

Google Password Manager Customer Support

Help-Center Of Google Password Manager

However Google password manager provides a help-centre for resolving a customer issue, but the service provided by them is not very much impressive. No Live Chat option is provided. Neither any email support is there. Thre are various article that is a bit informative.

Yes, community page is available in there but that is not active at all. No replies were received on the query. Overall the support service is very much disappointing.


Frequently Asked Questions

🤔What is Google password manager?

Google Password Manager is the default Password manger comes with Google Chrome. It is one of the most basic password managers in the market offering a few mainstream features like storing and generating passwords.

🤔Is Google Password Manager safe?

Google password manager has no two-factor authentication, neither it provides any military level encryption.

🤔How to use Google password manager?

Google Password Manager is installed automatically with the Chrome browser. You can download Chrome for Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, and Mac OS for free. After downloading the installation file, run it and follow the instructions. You’ll be asked to create a new Google account or you can use an existing account.

🤔Is Google password manager free?

Yes, Google password manager is absolutely free. It has no upgradable option either. It’s free for a life-time.

Final Verdict


Google Password Manager is not a traditional password manager. As a browser tool rather than a standalone management platform, Google Password Manager works a little differently than most of its rivals in the market. However, it’s easy, safe to use and talking about google password manager pricing cost, it’s completely free with no paid option to upgrade, making it a great option for those who don’t need extensive functionality. 

For those who are craving for other features like password generator, password sharing, vault, then Google password manager is surely not for you. For casual users who doesn’t bother about security much can go with the Google password manager. Because it is better to have something rather than nothing.

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