Graphy vs Podia: Who Is The Winner And Why?

Graphy and Podia are the most affordable LMS tools to build online courses. But which one is the best buy in terms of features and functionality? Find out in this Graphy vs Podia article

To start an online teaching business, you need an LMS tool to create a platform where you can sell your intellectual properties. With the surge of the online teaching business, several LMS systems have come into existence. If you want a full-featured LMS platform, the price will probably be really high, and if you get an affordable one, it may lack some crucial features that can become a major obstacle for you.





 Start at $49/month

 Starting at $54/month

Ease of Use


Not just live chat support  which student want to know more graphy help them to reach.

In Learning procedure teacher always helping  via communacation with student

Live Teacher Experience

Free Plan


Payment Gateway

Stripe, Paypal, Razorpay, Instamojo, PayTm, and many more. 


Customize Setup

Report And Analytics


  • Easy setup

  • Convenience signup

  • Multiple payment plans

  • Flexible  Chat support

  •  Provide Afiliate link

  • Unlimited Video hosting

Marketing Tools

Afiliate Marketing

In this Graphy vs Podia article, we’ll be discussing Graphy and Podia, two LMS software that provides almost all the features that best LMS platforms must have, and that too at an affordable range. As you have landed on our page, we can make your purchase a more affordable one.

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So if you want to get a powerful, yet affordable LMS tool to start your business then Graphy and Podia is possibly the best option you should get. But you can get only one right? In this Graphy vs Podia article, we’ll be comparing both software side by side, to see which is the best purchase in terms of price, performance, and power.

Graphy vs Podia: Product Summary

Formerly known as Spayee, Graphy is a great LMS system that allows you to build custom websites to host online teaching businesses without any prior knowledge of coding. It’s an all-in-one platform to host and create online courses, webinars, coaching sessions, and other digital products. Apart from selling online courses, you can also create a membership platform with Graphy at a very affordable cost. Since its launch, more than 30 thousand educators have used and benefitted by using this online course-building platform.

On the other hand, Podia is a well-known platform that is known for its ease of use and affordability. Even after its low price, Podia offers a great number of features that allow beginners to easily create an online platform to sell online courses and other digital products with convenience. Being in the market since 2014, Podia has proved itself as a reliable option. Apart from course creation, Podia also provides you with marketing tools that enable you to boost your sales.

Graphy vs Podia: Graphy Advantages

  • Graphy provides advanced features for easy website building
  • Graphy provides high-level protection to keep your content exclusive
  • For ease of usage, Graphy provides a powerful drag-&-drop editor
  • You can directly communicate with the learners with its communicative channels
  • Graphy doesn’t take any transaction fees, the option is available in all of its plans
  • It’s an all-in-one platform that allows you to create, promote and sell digital products with ease
  • Multiple payment channels, currency-specific pricing, and multiple currency support helps you scale your business globally

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Podia vs Graphy: Podia Advantages

  • You can create as many courses and memberships as you like with Podia.
  • Podia allows you to integrate with more than 1000 third-party tools.
  • It’s a stand-alone platform to create and sell online courses.
  • Podia provides great support in affiliate marketing
  • You can send drip campaigns with Podia
  • You can get a live chat option with Podia

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After seeing all the advantages of Graphy and Podia, you can easily understand that both the software come with a great range of features and tools that can help you set up a professional e-learning business. Even though both the tools are quite similar there are a few differences that set them apart. If you are to buy one, which one will be the smarter choice? Let’s see them below where we compare them side by side and see who wins in this Graphy vs Podia battle.

Ease of Use

Graphy is built to simplify the work for beginners. You can easily set up Graphy with a few simple steps and you can start creating your courses. You can add as many chapters as you like, and add different assets like SCORM files, videos, PDFs, and many more.

Podia is also a user-friendly platform that enables beginners to build courses, webinars, and many more. All the major features are always one click away, and you can design and create pages with its powerful editor, without any prior technical knowledge. But unlike Graphy, it doesn’t support SCORM files.

After using both of these best LMS software, I felt Graphy be slightly easier to work with, so, in this Graphy vs Podia battle, Graphy takes the first lead.


As I previously said, both the LMS are affordable options with great features. In terms of pricing, these two software make very good alternatives to Teachable Podia and Graphy come very closer in their pricing. You can choose LMS Plugins for WordPress as they come cheaper than all-in-one LMS platforms. You can see your options in our LearnDash Alternative blog.

Graphy offers 4 great paid plans along with a limited free trial. Their basic plan costs only $54/month and comes with unlimited courses, Unlimited videos, a Custom domain, Basic integrations, a Mobile app, and many more lucrative features. You can also get White-labeled mobile apps with their Business and Advanced plans.

Graphy pricing
Graphy pricing

Podia also comes in an affordable price range. It offers 3 paid plans, its mover plan costs only $33/month. All of the plans of Podia come with a custom domain, community building option, built-in tool for email marketing, and unlimited courses.

Podia Pricing
Podia pricing

In the pricing range, Podia costs lesser than Graphy. Even though Graphy is slightly pricier than Podia it still offers a whole lot of options and provides an additional advanced plan that allows you to scale your business effortlessly. At the end of the day, it still is costlier, so this round of Podia vs Graphy goes to Podia LMS.

Integrated Payment Gateways

One plus point of setting up an online teaching business is that you can scale your business on an international level from the very beginning. Podia and Graphy provide international gateways, Podia majorly suggests Stripe as their recommended payment gateways due to the issues that come with PayPal.

In contrast, Graphy comes with many payment gateways like Stripe, Paypal, Razorpay, Instamojo, PayTm, and many more. If you are an Indian educator, I would suggest you use Graphy, as this is the only LMS platform where you can get Indian payment gateways. Being the world’s biggest market, it is a huge bonus for you to get into the Indian market effortlessly. This is a major factor where Graphy gets an edge over most of its alternatives. You can learn more about Graphy LMS in our Graphy review.

Online Course Building

Building an online course is the reason why people buy LMS software instead of going to online tutoring sites. Being two popular LMS, Graphy and Podia offer advanced tools to create online courses. You won’t be needing to know coding to create courses with theses software. Let’s see the performance of Graphy and Podia in course creation.

Graphy assets
Graphy Course Builder

Creating a course o Graphy is quite easy. After entering your course name, you can create your course chapter by chapter on Graphy. You can add as many chapters as you need in your course, and enrich the chapters by adding SCORM files, Audio, Video, PDFs, and many more. You can also add new links, texts, assignments, Live classes, Quizzes, Live tests, and so on.

Graphy Course Setup
Graphy Course Setup

The thing that caught my attention about Graphy, is that you can set the pace of your course with one click.

Graphy Course
Graphy Course

You can also add texts in your chapters, change the typography, add videos, special characters, tags, and other elements. All these features easily make Graphy one of the most advanced LMS software on the internet.

Podia Courses
Podia Courses

Podia also eases the work of course creation with its user-friendly interface. Simply go to the dashboard and select Create a Product, from which you can select the product you want to create. Online courses, digital downloads, Webinars, bundles, and coaching sessions are all possible with Podia.

After selecting one, you’ll be taken to the course creation page, where you may add various texts, embed videos, create quizzes, and much more, all from one page. You can create new sections to help learners to absorb your lessons in an easier manner.

In comparison with Graphy, Podia’s course building features seems quite basic, even though you can create engaging courses with this LMS tool too, but I found Graphy to be more convenient and full of options while creating courses. Thus, I have to give this round of Graphy vs Podia to Graphy.

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Customization Options

A well-built, professional-looking website and landing pages help your sales boost more than you think. Thus, major LMS software tries to provide advanced website building tools that you can use to create a professional website by yourself.

Graphy offers an innovative website builder with advanced customization tools to assist you in easily designing your website and pages. You can effortlessly drag and drop the themes and templates to design a website that makes you look professional. You can choose any section and customize them easily.

Graphy Customization
Graphy Customization

Graphy offers a range of themes and templates that suit your course. You may customize your website with alternative typography, columns, high-converting CTA buttons, and a variety of other elements. Aside from website development, you may use selected keywords to construct SEO-friendly landing pages that will help you obtain a lot of organic traffic from various sources.

Podia Design
Podia Design

Podia has a variety of customization options so you may create your course exactly how you want it. You can create different pages, customize them with words, videos, and images, and add multiple styles and layouts from the modify site option. It also integrates with Unsplash, allowing you to customize your sites with thousands of high-quality stock pictures.

The ready-to-use templates Graphy provides are so well designed that it cuts the labor in half, you can also choose templates that suit your niche. For this reason, Graphy is better when it comes to designing your courses. So the winner of this Graphy vs Podia round is Graphy.

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Reports and Analytics

Reports and analytics are a crucial part if you want to set a proper strategy to make your online teaching business successful. Both Podia and Graphy provide reports on a different scale, let’s see who excels in this round of Graphy vs Podia.

Podia Reports
Podia Reports

The reports and analytics feature of Podia is somehow limited. It only allows you to track the performance of your sales. With its report chart, you can also check the performance of your email marketing campaign. Open rates, bounce rates, the number of unsubscribed subscribers, and many more metrics can be tracked.

Graphy Reports
Graphy Reports

Graphy on the other hand provides tailored reports that allow you to track your sales, consumption of your courses, and many more. You can use its reports dashboard to see New signups and enrollments, number of active users, Total revenue, transactions, school activities, and other important aspects of your course. All of this you can track from a single dashboard. So it’s a clear win for Graphy it seems.

Marketing Tools

In order to make your course successful you need to engage with your prospects in an efficient way, and to do that you need effective marketing tools. Graphy and Podia, both software includes in-built marketing tools that allow you to engage with your existing customers and get new customers as well.

Email maketing

Podia Email marketing
Podia Email Marketing

Podia has an email marketing tool built-in, which you can use to send newsletters to your leads with a modest number of emails. With the Podia LMS system, you can also design a drip campaign. When a trial is purchased, for example, a trigger mechanism is activated, guiding the user through a funnel system toward paying purchases.

On the other hand, Graphy comes with a Mailchimp integration, so you get the power of Mailchimp email marketing software with Graphy.

Affiliate Marketing

Having a network of affiliate marketing can largely benefit your online teaching program. Being the top-rated LMS tools, Graphy and Podia both provides you with affiliate marketing features, so you can make affiliate partners easily and give your sales additional push against a little commission.

Podia Affiliate
Podia Affiliate

Podia provides a dedicated affiliate page where you can easily set up your affiliate marketing program, from the same page you can easily track the performance of your affiliate partners.

Graphy Affiliate
Graphy Affiliate

Graphy took the concept of affiliate marketing to the next level. You not only can make new affiliate partners, but you can also make the learners your affiliates. You can set the commission rates, set the number of days of cookies, add different conditions and apply them to all your affiliate links at once.

Apart from that, Graphy also provides refer-and-earn marketing features, that many of the beginners may find attractive. Graphy offers an SEO-friendly platform with an integrated blog that can help you boost traffic to your website. To convert prospects into paying consumers, you can develop promos and interesting coupon codes. It also allows you to create your own virtual currency to reward your customers and make more sales.

Thus, it can easily be said that Graphy comes with a greater number of marketing tools in comparison with Podia. Another lead for Graphy in this Graphy vs Podia face-off. Graphy can go parallel with sites like Kajabi in this case.

Membership Building

The key to a loyal customer base is membership. If you can build a membership community, it can get you a large amount of upsells and cross-sells. It also reduces your advertisement costs by a lot. Through membership platforms, you can engage with your existing customers and build your business as a brand.

Graphy Membership
Graphy Membership

Graphy provides multiple options that allow you to build and nurture your community. You can keep your free signups engaged by launching a public form. Through consistent engagement, they’re very likely to turn into your paid customers. You can post exclusive interviews, posts, notes, and other stuff for your paid members. The public form supports every type of content, so you can post anything in the public forum. It also enables you to send push notifications to engage with your members and allows you to track the engagement rate.

Podia Community
Podia Community

Like Graphy, Podia also provides options to build a paid community to grow your business. It comes with a dedicated page to build a community. You can create an unlimited number of membership plans with different content, perks, and prices. You can create posts visible only to the paid members, offer free trials, create bundle products with one click, and many more actions that can grow your membership community.

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In this section, Podia is visibly ahead of Graphy. It provides clear options from where you can build memberships and the process is also easily understandable. Whereas Graphy doesn’t really help much in this case, though you can build a membership site with Graphy that’s a lot of work. So we can declare Podia as the winner of this round of Graphy vs Podia.

Third-party Integrations

Both Graphy and Podia provide flexibility to their platform by providing a number of third-party integrations. Podia allows you to integrate with more than 1000 third-party apps and webhooks. On the other hand, Graphy comes with a decent number of integrations but all the apps it connects with are very powerful, i.e, Whatsapp, Messenger, Zapier, Pabbly, Zoho, Mailchimp, and many more.

Now that we are about to end our battle of Graphy vs Podia, you should know about some limitations or advantages of these apps.

Mobile apps: Graphy provides white-label mobile apps and websites with their business and advanced plans and common apps for their lower-paid plans. Podia misses this feature.

Live classes: If you are trying to set up your online teaching business, you should know that an online course that is a blend of pre-recorded and live classes, performs the best, rather than only pre-recorded classes. Live classes bring in dynamic sessions, interaction, and engagement.

Graphy does support live classes and it also offers some amazing features to complement it. Unlike Graphy Podia doesn’t have this feature.

Certificates: If you are running an online course you should provide a certificate to the learners to validate their learning. On Graphy, you can create custom certificates to reward your learners. With Podia you need to manually create certificates with the help of Google slides. This certainly provides Graphy an extra edge in this Graphy vs Podia dual.

Quizzes and Assessment: Although both the LMS platforms allow you to add quizzes with Graphy you can open-ended questions, MCQs, Fill in the blanks, and other different types of questions, whereas with Podia you can only add MCQs.

Concluding Statement On Graphy vs Podia

Seeing all the advantages and disadvantages of Graphy and Podia, it is quite difficult to choose a winner of our Graphy vs Podia battle. Both the software are capable to build an online course or membership site with ease. Podia is considerably a cheaper LMS tool and you can create a membership community with this easily, along with the other features it easily becomes a go-to choice for beginners.

But considering the number of features and tools Graphy comes with, I must say that it is worth the price. Graphy, in my opinion, is the best deal if you want a powerful yet affordable tool to build your online business. So the winner of this Graphy vs Podia is Graphy LMS for its all-around performance.

If you liked this blog or if you have any queries regarding Podia vs Graphy, do let me know in the comment box, I’ll be happy to hear you.

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