Hans Zimmer Masterclass Review 2021: Learn Everything You Need To Start Film Scoring.

Composing some fabulous piece of music needs some inspiration! But how to find the positive vibe in music composition? Yeah, you have to the right place! Read my Hans Zimmer MasterClass Review, and experience some wonderful and inspiring sessions who guides to create a piece of music out of the box!

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Hans Zimmer MasterClass Review
Hans Zimmer Teaches Film Scoring

Composing music is considered one of the complicated tasks in the film-making industry. If you like music and want to learn the ways to write music then you must check out the Hans Zimmer MasterClass!

Music is the most abstract thing, as it involves creating something from nothing, and perhaps you can unlock the creativity which exists in your veins with music only! Since childhood, I always have a deep passion for music and dreamed of if I could nurture the skills….and guess what? I have come across this amazing educational platform MasterClass.

Let me share my most favorite films like Sherlock Holmes, Lion King, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Dark Knight, Gladiator, which are all famous films and the soundtrack is unique right? Yeah, you are thinking right! Hans Zimmer was behind all the soundtracks and was his most awarded works!

Hans Zimmer is one of the famous film composer icons and incredibly versatile in every film he works. If you are someone with musical knowledge and want to broaden your musical range, then Hans Zimmer MasterClass will be the best course for you!

Thanks to masterclass classes, that helped me to get inspiration and learn the minute details that an aspiring producer/ musician must know. MasterClass covers a wide range of classes, such as Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking, Neil Gaiman Teaches The Art Of Story Telling, Garry Kasparov Teaches Chess and the list goes on….!

Let’s get started with my honest Hans Zimmer MasterClass Review, where I will discuss about the course in details, what can you expect, Hans Zimmer MasterClass cost and is this course worthy or not!

Who Is Hans Zimmer?

Hans Zimmer MasterClass Review: About Hans Zimmer

9.9Expert Score
Really Worth The Money

Searching for a true inspiration to create my own soundtracks and finally got Hans Zimmer MasterClass, one of the most influential composers of all time and my all time favorite musician! This course suits any composer at any skills and has helped me to sharpen my abilities and create my own soundtracks. Personally, I would recommend this course to all film composers or aspiring composers to expand your general knowledge related to scoring film music.

Quality Of Content
Educational Platform
Video Lessons
Practical Knowledge
Value For Money
  • Get to learn from the best composer
  • Super insightful course for composers
  • Includes lots of case studies
  • Mindset focused course
  • Highly inspired with this masterclass
  • Amazing production quality and experience
  • Super guidance to create your own musical story
  • Meets expectations
  • 30 days refund policy
  • Not for those who want only practical tips
  • Instructions are hard to follow
  • May be difficult for the beginners to identify the intended audience

Hans Zimmer, one of the most influential film composers who had composed famous music pieces for blockbusters such as Gladiator, Sherlock Homes, Interstellar, The Dark Knight which are highly recognizable with amazing soundtracks.

Zimmer is a German, film score composer and record producer and was born in Frankfurt in 1957. He didn’t start his career as a classical musician, rather began his journey in rock and pop music. His works are notable for integrating electronic music sounds with traditional orchestral arrangements.

He is a self-taught academy award winner and started his musical journey with two weeks of formal lessons. Zimmer’s musical career began in the 1970s and he has scored 150+ movies and composed music for over 150 films and has won 122 award and 243 nominations and has received Academy Awards for the Lion King and the Golden Globes for the Gladiator soundtrack.

In 1988, there was a turning point in Hans Zimmer’s career when he composed the score for Rain Man and since then he has composed scores in a list of movies and also composed the theme tune for the hit TV show ”Going for Gold.

In Hans Zimmer MasterClass Review, I will share with you my own experience and how Hans Zimmer MasterClass VIdeos helped me to learn some basic explanation of music scales and critical music compositions. After watching MasterClass Hans Zimmer trailer, I am overwhelmed and have signed up for the annual subscription at $180 only. Watch the trailer below:


What Can You Expect In Zimmer’s MasterClass?

What Is Inside Hans Zimmer MasterClass?

Hans Zimmer MasterClass Free

The concepts and ideas in MasterClass Hans Zimmer will teach you appropriate applications for composing music. In his masterclass, he will teach you how to create sounds from nothing, composes compelling character themes, and scores a movie before ever seeing it and you will learn everything to start film scoring.

In this Hans Zimmer MasterClass Review, you will get to know more about Han’s mindset such as how he views each process and how he chooses to do rather than diving deep into compositional or practical techniques. Moreover, you have to keep in mind Hans Zimmer MasterClass lesson plan will not teach you how to score music but his classes will provide you all kinds of inspiration which can be implemented in combination with hard work.

If you want to have a deeper insight into the entire process of film scoring or be familiar with compositions, musical scales, reading music and have a musical ear then this famous personality will definitely expand your general knowledge. Take a look at what this professional composer says:

Hans Zimmer Quotes:

“Breakthrough the myth that unless it’s a Steinway, you can’t make music on it. If it’s a laptop, you can make music on it.”

MasterClass Hans Zimmer focuses more on practical teachings, which are as follows:

  • Hans shares how to effectively match up a scene using the tempo and the film’s frame rate
  • Focuses on synth building to create custom sound palettes
  • Zimmer shares his favorite key and why

Hans Zimmer MasterClass is one of the longest courses available on MasterClass where you will get:

Details Of Zimmer’s MasterClass

In this entire masterclass, Hans gives fantastic advice on how to handle the other aspects of writing music for films that other composers would not realize. Master Hans Zimmer touches on sound palettes, tempos, and the concept of music as its own language.

The average run time of total classes is about 5 hours in total and contains a list of 31 video lessons that cover different aspects of his teachings. Most of the classes are theoretical and only a few of them are practical. After signing up for the annual subscription, I have got Hans Zimmer MasterClass free which is an amazing deal for me! For better understanding and creating a whole new world with sound just click on Hans Zimmer MasterClass Download.

Han’s theoretical lessons are basically about how to work with directors, partnering with other musicians, creating amazing themes, and getting feedback from the audience on the other hand practical topics focus on making sound palettes, creating with synthesizer, choosing the right tempo which makes the course wonderful and inspiring.

The best part is Hans Zimmer MasterClass offers lifetime access to the Community Forum which is filled with challenging conversations with other subscribers doing the same course where you can get tips and also have a friendly conversation with each other. I am literally very much satisfied with this student’s forum as this helped me to grow my skills and learned from the feedback of other aspiring music composers.

Above I have discussed what you can expect inside, but if you want to have more details of the lessons then you can visit Hans Zimmer MasterClass. If you really want some inspiration, related to scoring film music, then you can visit Hans Zimmer MasterClass!


Benefits Of Hans Zimmer MasterClass

Why Should You Get Hans Zimmer MasterClass?

MasterClass Hans Zimmer
A Clip From MasterClass

Hans Zimmer MasterClass guides you with tips that will help you to see life from the eyes of a director and discover instruments, parameters, definitions and demonstrates how to build the layers and compose music for films with a good musical ear!

Things I Have Learned From Hans Zimmer MasterClass:

  • Get to learn composing music from one of the most fascinating musicians out there
  • Learned how to make my own sound palettes and create samples from scratch
  • Learned to transmit the outburst of strong emotions to create storytelling by music
  • Writing tips with bold ideas with just a computer to make music
  • Understood how music works in films and how to create a piece of music out of the box
  • Basic explanation of music sales and their critical role in music composition
  • Learned how to play an instrument, and familiar with compositions, musical scales and implement a lot of practical knowledge

Who Should Go For Hans Zimmer MasterClass?

  • Producers who needs technical content
  • Aspiring musicians who wants some practical teachings for composing music
  • Brand new musicians who want to brush up some musical fundamentals
  • Someone who have the passion for composing music
  • Anyone who is familiar with electronic music production and want to branch out into different genres
  • A film enthusiast who wants to understand the different dimensions of music

Who Should Not Go For Hans Zimmer MasterClass?

  • This course is not for someone who just started with musical journey
  • Not for someone who is expecting how to score music
  • If you think this course will magically transform you into a music producer, you are wrong
  • If you think this course will magically transform you into a music producer, you are wrong.


Hans Zimmer MasterClass Lesson Plan

What’s Inside Hans Zimmer MasterClass?

Hans Zimmer MasterClass Lesson Plan

MasterClass Hans Zimmer covers almost every aspect of a film composer’s life and you will get to learn plenty of case studies on composing music for specific characters in films. Not only this Hans Zimmer MasterClass lesson plans will cover comprehensive details on how to make music and compose film scores and get the most out of it.

This Hans Zimmer MasterClass Review, will provide good overview of the film industry and have a deeper insight throughout the filming and production process to create your own samples that you love.

31 Hans Zimmer MasterClass Lesson Plans:

1. Introduction:

In the first lesson, you will meet with a synth guy and true charmer of classical music, Hans Zimmer where he will share his journey on how to find your voice in musical storytelling and create an amazing piece of music like a professional musician.

2. Themes

In the Themes lesson, Zimmer will guide you on how to create a theme, and how simplicity is his best tool to maintain a theme. He provides examples about how to drive momentum forward for crafting a musical question. You will learn why tune needs to have to be successful, how he started his writing that helps him to expand outwards. Hans likes writing in D and will help you to understand the reason for writing in D.

3. Story:

In this Hans Zimmer MasterClass Lesson, you will discover how Hans approaches writing to story and his number one rule for film composers. Here, you will learn what are the benefits of speaking to the director about the story VS reading the script and what is the importance of learning the rules within the story and apply them to your favorite music.

4. Directors: Part 1

In this section, you will learn how Hans works with directors, including what he needs to learn from the director in order to start writing and talk about more practical aspects such as budget and how to drive conflicts of vision between directors and producers.

5. Directors: Part 2

In this lesson, Zimmer teaches you how to effectively have a conversation with the director throughout the film process and how to work with directors and musicians in the film industry.

6. Directors: Part 3

In this Hans Zimmer MasterClass Lesson, he discusses what makes a great director and what makes a great relationship between composer and director.

7. Sound Palettes:

The great composer quotes “I hear the world may be more than I see the world.” We all know Hans is known for creating unique sound palettes and this lesson teaches you how music can dissolve into sound effects and create a whole new world through sound! Learn how to create a whole new world through sound and create a unique sound palette on your own. Basically, this section is mainly about how to find inspiration and how to get it.

8. Creating with Synths:

In this lesson, Hans will dive you into the world of synthesizers band,s and discusses how he uses synths, as he creates a song from his starter patch for us. Here, Hans shares how to approach synths as a tool like a violin and why you should never use presets for your movies, how to use real instruments as a base and how to create abstract sound. Moreover in this section, you will get to know about un-technical languages that will unlock your creativity to a new level.

9. Scoring To Picture:

Hans Zimmer Teaches Film Scoring

In this MasterClass, Hans Zimmer discusses how to score different types of scenes as well as recognizing when a scene doesn’t need a score. Moreover, he also teaches you when you should write to fit the cutting of camera angles in order to see the structure of the hands and position of the fingers and how to leave the room for the audience to complete the emotion.

10. Scoring Under Dialogue:

In this section, Hans discusses the approaches between music and dialogue and how music can be used as a dialogue too. This class focuses on how to think of your music being played on the best sound system ever and how to boost the dialogue!

11. Tempo:

This lesson is all about knowing your tempos and how to take your tempos cues from the editor’s cutting and find your tempo according to the scenarios while the actors are moving. Hans will teach you how to recognize the tempo of a scene and change the tempos over time.

12. Tempo: Sherlock Holmes Scene

In Hans Zimmer MasterClass Videos Sherlock Homes’s score is a very practical one and in this masterclass, Hans Zimmer discusses how he scored an extremely well-edited scene from Sherlock Holmes.

13. Music Diary: Sherlock Holmes

Hans says “You just have to doggedly move forward – that’s the secret.” In this lesson, Zimmer shares how he creates music diaries for each film to help him and also discusses why he does it as he walks through his diary for Sherlock Homes. For better understanding, it’s better for subscribers, to click on Hans Zimmer MasterClass Download and watch at any time of your day!

14. Character:

Hans Zimmer MasterClass Google Drive

In this section, your instructor how to identify a character even if you haven’t experienced the same thing as them. Here, you will learn how Hans gets to know his characters in order to create memorable themes for them. Moreover, he reveals his experience and emotions with the Lion King.

15. Character Theme: Batman

In this lesson, Zimmer shares his thoughts for creating iconic character themes and shares what makes Batman’s theme in The Dark Knight so recognizable among the audiences. He also shares how he developed the theme by thinking about the story and character. It focuses on 3 main areas such as when to realize you don’t need a tune, why it is important to create your own backstory.

16. Character Theme: The Joker

In this lesson character theme The Joker, Hans shares how he fell in love with the Joker Theme and created a haunting tune from just one vibrating note. He also discusses how the story and the character’s impact on the story help create the theme.

17. Character Theme: Jack Sparrow

Hans Zimmer MasterClass Composing

In this lesson, “Theme-Jack Sparrow” Hans breaks down how he created Jack Sparrow’s theme by finding the tone for the movie first. He quotes “Pirates were the rock-n’-rollers of the middle ages.” It is one of the true teaching and Hans’s best music pieces!

18. Case Study: Frost/Nixon

This lesson is about the case studies, of Hans’s movies Frost/Nixon where he describes how he had to score a dialogue-heavy film. He also shares the budget for Frost/Nixon which was very small compared to other movies and also shares how to create an incredibly effective movie score virtually and teaches how to create a minimal but beautiful score.

19. Case Study: The Dark Knight

Hans Zimmer’s case studies are really very helpful to watch and listen to and learn how Hans highlighted the tension in the already-tense boat scene from “The Dark Knight.” Here, in this lesson he also shows the benefits of using objective movie scoring, how to lead your audience to the character, where to push the boundaries of silence, and much more techniques.

20. Working With Musicians:

In this lesson, Zimmer explains how to find and write for the best musicians and instruments for your score. Here, he focuses on some most important tips such as how to earn the orchestra’s respect how to maximize efficiency in the time of recording, what language you should use while communicating with the musicians, the difference between live theatre and studio recordings which are all worthy information according to me!

21. Working With Musicians: The Orchestra – Part 1

Hans Zimmer MasterClass Techniques

In Hans Zimmer MasterClass Free, he quotes “Get one player who is just going to play his ass off.” Here, in this section, Hans discusses the importance of earning your musicians’ respect and how to effectively communicate with them. He focuses on how to cast your solo musicians, how to build relationships, one must think of specific players rather than instruments.

22. Working With Musicians: The Orchestra-Part 2

In this MasterClass Hans Zimmer Free, you will get to know how he makes sure he’s getting the best performance while recording an orchestra. He further adds, to focus on performance first over notes and push the boundaries of an instrument. Get Hans Zimmer MasterClass Google Drive or even you can get it over your phone or laptop!

23. Feedback & Revisions:

Hans describes that Feedback is one of the most important aspects of the writing process and also encourages that not every score is perfect on the first try and explains how he approaches rewrites when it is not working. He also adds how to stay audience-focused and what to pay attention to during an audience test screening.

24. Audience Feedback:

In this Hans’s lesson, he teaches you how he approaches showing a score to an audience and how he determines if it’s working or not.

25. Writing Tips: Part 1

This section focuses on the writing processes and provides you the tips and tricks he has learned over the years on how to approach writing music. Moreover, he guides you on how to cope on a small budget, how to stay organized, how to break rules elegantly, and how to prevent yourself from panicking about a blank slate and get started.

26. Writing Tips: Part 2

In this Hans Zimmer MasterClass, he provides deeper insights into how to make sure that you are not limiting your creativity when writing as it is the most practical part and quotes “You only need passion to start writing.”

27. Han’s Journey:

This masterclass lesson is all about how this legendary composer started his journey and how Hans fell in love with storytelling and switched his career from a “radio star” to a “film composer.Zimmer quotes, “Get involved. Be part of it. There’s no such thing as a stupid question because none of us know what we are doing. We are just making it all up.”

28. Learning By Listening:

In this Hans Zimmer MasterClass Video, he discusses the importance of how to listen and dissect music when it works and doesn’t work. He also guides how to select revolutionary movie scores and listen to composers!

29. Life of a Composer: Part 1

In this lesson, Hans discusses the struggle of the artist’s life and challenges he has to face to balance life in the arts and also gives advice on how to never give up and never compromise your voice throughout your musical journey!

30. Life of a Composer: Part 2

In this lesson, Hans continues his discussion on artist’s life, telling you why he was inspired to pursue the life of a composer in the first place.He further encourages you to have the courage to struggle which is the biggest inspiration for me!

31. Closing:

Hans closes his MasterClass giving you real hope and inspiration to move forward in your musical journey without waiting!


Hans Zimmer MasterClass Price

How Much Does Hans Zimmer MasterClass Cost?

Hans-Zimmer-Masterclass Price

If you really want to get some desired classes on composing music, you must sign up for the all-access membership and get Hans Zimmer MasterClass Free! Amazing, right? The best thing is, you will get 90+ masterclasses by purchases an annual all-access pass for $180. There are various courses such as Gordon Ramsay teaches cooking, Garry Kasparov teaches Chess, Neil Gaiman teaches the art of storytelling!

I am literally very much satisfied by purchasing this course and get access to 90+ courses and obviously, this is a worth for money course. Again, if you sign up for one masterclass, you will get a subscription of 2 memberships, which means no need to pay $360 for two yearly memberships, rather you have to pay only $180 and that will not cost anything extra!

Want to gift a masterclass to your loved ones? This is the right time for getting the 2 for 1 deal, and watch with your friend and enjoy! If you buy one MasterClass Annual Subscription for yourself, get another absolutely free to give someone special! Just imagine, the world-renowned composer will teach you how to inhale some inspiration which is key for creativity!

With Hans Zimmer MasterClass subscription, you can have access to your smartphone and TV apps, offline lessons, the member’s only newsletter and the best part is you can chat with other MasterClass members around the world. In case you are not satisfied with their services, you can get a complete refund of your purchase as all the packages on Masterclass comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Music MasterClasses

Hans Zimmer MasterClass Alternatives

There are different ranges of music masterclasses somewhat similar to Hans Zimmer MasterClass! If you want to get real practical advice on music theory then I would definitely say there are no alternatives compared to Zimmer’s masterclass.

Danny Elfman Music Theory MasterClass:

Danny Elfman, the four-time Oscar nominated composer shares his unexpected journey to film composition. In Danny Elfman music theory classes, you will learn his techniques for evoking emotion and elevating a story through music.

Danny Elfman theory is absolutely original,memorable and exuberantly weird.You will get to know how to map out your score and determine length, budget, and how to overcome temporary music inside Danny Elfman lesson plan. Using examples from some of his most well-known scores, Danny teaches you how to create and identify themes and melodies for your film’s score.In his closing lessons, he encourages you to find what makes you unique, pursue what you can do best, and promote that aspect of yourself to be heard.


Deadmau5 MasterClass On Electronic Music Production:

Deadmau5, the man behind the mau5head will teach you how he approaches melodies, mixing and mastering to make unique sounds you can’t find in a cookie cutter sample pack. In his music production masterclass, you will learn how to create your own music without spending money on million dollar gear.

You will learn Joel’s unique approach to the music creation process and how to get the most out of your time in the studio in Deadmau5 masterclass videos. Not only this, in his lessons you will get to know some important techniques he uses to shape his soundtracks in the mix. He concludes give your audience an experience they will never forget!


Is Hans Zimmer MasterClass Unique?

Reasons Why You Should Invest In This Class?

Hans Zimmer MasterClass

Hans Zimmer MasterClass will take to a new world of music where you will achieve different balances between music and dialogue and most important his music lessons covers the whole spectrum of music composition.Hans techniques are most fascinating as he creates the link between synth-electronic music and classical-symphonic music which we can learn and implement by ourselves.

Things I Liked About Hans Zimmer MasterClass:

  • Get to learn from the world-class composer and understood how to tell stories through music
  • Hans’s music diary that helped me to have an idea of how to form a full movie score
  • Liked the approach of this legend and his genuine teaching style helped me to achieve great things
  • Incredible production quality which literally brings the excitement that Hollywood movie brings
  • Wonderful community vibe that encouraged me to explore the workbook and discuss things with other classmates and share samples of work
  • Get inspiration to start composing which is really hard to find anywhere else
  • Amazing video lessons which helped me to have a technical point of view and implement those in real life


Is Hans Zimmer MasterClass Worth It?

Is Hans Zimmer MasterClass Worth It

Hans Zimmer MasterClass is the ultimate source to acquire the knowledge of creating music from scratch and to be honest Hans masterclass brings the inspiration to create my own musical journey! The entire course is filled with Hans philosophies and principles that one can easily app in their own music creation process.

And if you ask me, “Is Hans Zimmer MasterClass worth the money?” My answer is Yes! Obviously!This course will not provide a step-by-step guide rather it will provide you with a vast knowledge of playing with an instrument, reading notes with a good musical ear!

In this Hans Zimmer MasterClass Review, you will definitely find the passion for music and create your own story by music. Without inspiration, it is really hard to create your own music and the best part is this course has inspired me to write my story through music with composing techniques only at $180!

Thank you for reading this article till the end. Are you taking class from this industry legend? I can assure you that there is more to gain and nothing to lose!Let me know your experience in the comment section below! Wish you Good Luck!

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