How We Test Password Manager Applications?

A Great Password Manager works as a Game-Changer, especially in this new year! During this Pandemic where most of us are being forced to work from Home, and many of us have been looking for “Password Managers” in recent times for security purposes.

A Good Password Manager will not only save you the effort of remembering dozens of different logins for all your online accounts, but it will also keep them secure by generating strong passwords that are impossible to guess, and storing them all safely in an encrypted way.

Let us now discuss why we need to test our Passwords for the sake of user’s safety and security. Our Expert Team, are mainly focusing on the safety and security for our Users and every company’s main motive should be customer satisfaction and building goodwill.

The testing method involves both core and specific features to see whether a company can maintain its Marketing Campaign.

Our Testing Method :

  • Firstly, after buying the product we need to test the product from the customer’s point of view. Our main focus or objective is to maintain honesty with our customers and for that we need to place ourselves from the user’s point of view
  • Secondly, our testing process is different from most of our competitors because we run a series of intense tests that are mainly built to detect Security Flaws if any. Each piece of software is been tested thoroughly in order to guarantee that our recommendation won’t put you at risk.
  • Lastly, if you are not satisfied with your purchase we offer you to return the product and get a 100% Money-back Guarantee. This entire process is done very smoothly and perfectly for our customer’s sake, in order to maintain Goodwill with you.

What Do We Test in a Password Manager?

Our Main Objective while testing Password Managers, is checking whether it is capable of keeping your passwords secure and how much approachable for our customers. Let us have a look below :

  • Password Generator: One of the best ways to keep your account safe, is to opt for safe and secured passwords. Our focus is to have Password Managers that have a Powerful Password Generator.
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): This 2FA factor enhances your protection to another level and hence it improves your security in the Login Process
  • Fillable Web Forms: Here there is no chance of getting infected with keyloggers, as the user load reduces
  • Application Password Support: Nowadays, Password Managers offers support for other applications too. In recent times, this is expanding widely.
  • Import from Browsers: Here, it is very important for Password Managers to correspond with your existing passwords and bring them to its new management system

How We Test Password Manager Applications?

We assure you that in Password Manager, your passwords are safe and secured as we run a series of multiple tests with each password manager while promising you safety and honest word of mouth. Look at our testing process below :

  • Purchase the product: Here, every Password Manager is freshly purchased ensuring you for having a first-hand experience of its features and efficacy. We never use any kind of free accounts as we want us to experience the same way as our users will have
  • Review the Installation Process: The installation Process is categorized, based on how simply it works and how easily you can use your App
  • Test Individual Features: Here, we assure your safety by testing every major feature a password manager claims while advertising like fillable web forms, 2FA, password import, and generation, and every possible feature included in a password manager
  • Communicate with Customer Service: Most important area we focus is on Customer Satisfaction. Here, we see how effective customer service is regarding technical questions and refund requests for hassle-free transactions

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