Kahoot vs Quizizz: Who Is The Real Winner?

Are you confused between Kahoot vs Quizizz? This post on Quizizz vs Kahoot will help you to choose between them.

So you already know that Kahoot and Quizizz are online quiz platforms that allow players to use their own devices to answer multiple choice questions. These two tools are a remarkable learning tool that motivates you as a student to learn through interactive gamification. It is a user-friendly and mobile-friendly platform with an easy-to-use interface for creating quizzes and games.

Kahoot! and Quizizz are both great options for engaging your students — but which quiz game should you choose? Well, it really depends on your needs. We’ve identified the most important categories to compare. We will compare Kahoot and Quizizz on the basis of features, pricing, pros, and cons.

Comparing Kahoot vs Quizizz- Overview

Kahoot Overview: What Is Kahoot?


Kahoot is a game-based learning and trivia platform used in schools and other education settings. Kahoot was initially released in 2012 and officially launched in 2013. It’s a 100% free, cloud-based solution.

Kahoot! is a learning management system (LMS) that helps schools and higher education institutions create games, interact with students via online sessions, streamline remote learning processes, and track class progress via formative assessments. Professionals can share reports with teachers or administrators and use quizzes or puzzles to improve class engagement.

Kahoot! allows organizations to host live games with various question types such as multiple-choice, true/false, images, or short answers questions. Supervisors can gain visibility into the number of players or questions, view students’ performance, and generate reports in real-time to identify difficult questions. Plus, Universities can also communicate with students via video conferences and go over course material to help students prepare for exams.

Kahoot! enables schools to request students’ feedback via polls during games and adjust sessions’ time according to requirements. The product is free and available with monthly or yearly subscriptions, and support is provided online through video tutorials, live chat, documentation, and other tools.


Quizizz Overview: What Is Quizizz?

Quizizz is also a student-paced formative assessment platform with plenty of academic games. Founded in 2015, Quizizz is user-friendly and accessible on any device. It is packed with public quizzes for classroom use.


Quizizz is a student and employee engagement platform designed to assist with training exercises and classroom curriculums. The system comes with gamification functionality along with interactive learning materials such as leaderboards, live videos, live chat, and more.

Quizizz also allows administrators to control activities and assign specific tasks and assignments individually. The dashboard provides a centralized view of which tasks have been completed as well as the necessary requirements to complete additional assignments.

Additionally, Quizizz comes with helpful learning tools such as flashcards, practice tests, and question hints that can be assigned directly through the administration portal.

By the way, apart from creating quizzes, if you are interested in launching your own course for students, check our post on: Best Online Course Platform.


Comparing Kahoot vs Quizizz On The Basis Of – Features

Kahoot Features

Some of the best Kahoot features are as follows:

Kahoot Features
  • Ghost mode– Ghost is a great feature that allows students to play live against their own previous high scores, making a game out of improving performance. This allows for going over a quiz more than once and helping to make sure information sinks in at a deeper level.
  • Analysis – Improve each student’s understanding by using the analytics of results to see which student has struggled and with what, so you can help them in that area.
  • Copy – Take advantage of the wealth of quizzes created by other educators and already available on Kahoot!, which are available to use freely. You can even combine multiple Kahoots for an ultimate quiz.
  • Assess students first – A Kahoot quiz can be a great way to check students’ knowledge before you start teaching a subject to help avoid making it too simplistic or too complicated for the class.
  • Use media– Add in videos right from YouTube very easily. This is a great way to have students watch and learn, knowing they’re going to be questioned after the video ends. You can also add in images and, in the case of the iOS app, your own drawings.
  • Icebreaker Templates – Children require a little assistance establishing relationships with their classmates at the start of the academic year. To get to know your students and help them get to know one another, Kahoot offers pre-made templates as well as blank template options that you can edit and create.
  • Anonymous Voting – Voting is a helpful tool for reaching decisions as a class. Standard voting can be challenging because your students may feel pressured to vote a certain way by their peers. Kahoot, however, provides you with straightforward templates to make your questions clear and four answer alternatives that your students can select from.
  • Assigning Homework – Teachers can now give homework assignments that require students to review material on their own. They have the option of playing games alone, with their parents, or with their peers. The teacher can monitor student responses to homework in real-time to gauge engagement and comprehension.
  • True/False Questions – With a variety of options for questions in Kahoots, true/false can be effective in language classrooms. Pronunciations, definitions, grammar, and other topics are all available for study by students. These games can be played by students individually or in groups, in a classroom setting, or at home.
  • Smart Drawing on Slides– Sometimes there are images, words, or sentences on a slide that a teacher wants to emphasize. Teachers can now edit their students’ questions and images by clicking the pencil icon in the draw feature, saving the changes for later, or erasing them entirely.

And more.

Quizizz Features

Some of the key Quizizz Features are as follows:

Quizziz Features
  • Instructor-paced Lessons/Quizzes: Teachers control the pace; the whole class goes through each question together.
  • Student-paced Lessons/Quizzes: Students progress at their own pace and you see a leaderboard and live results for each question or lesson.
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD): Students always see the content on their own devices, be it  PCs, laptops, tablets, or smartphones.
  • Access to millions of Quizzes: Import any public quiz as-is, edit and customize them.
  • (Quiz + Lesson) Editor: Choose from 6 different question types to add images, video, and audio to teleporting questions from other quizzes and lessons.
  • Reports: Get detailed class-level and student-level insights for every quiz. Share with parents/guardians to monitor student progress.
  • Options to Customize: Options to customize your quiz sessions to toggle the level of competition and speed.
  • Sharing & Collaboration: Share your quiz with other instructors and/or ask them to be collaborators.
  • Homework Mode: You can use the homework mode to assign homework that must be finished by a certain deadline. This implies that you are not required to finish your game in person. I think choice boards, rotation stations, and homework mode can all be effective.
  • Memes: Images with humorous captions can be a real treat. They’re frequently shown following an answer to a question to show whether the question was correctly or incorrectly answered.
  • Power-Ups: Students who correctly respond to questions are awarded power-ups. Immunity (for answering correctly on the second try), Power Play (if you score 50% more points in 20 seconds), and x2 are some of them (double points for a single question).
  • Including graphics, mathematical formulas, and audio in questions: Use the icons next to them as you create new questions. The media button, for instance, enables you to upload a picture or a piece of audio, while the math button displays a keyboard with mathematical symbols.

And more.

Comparing Quizizz vs Kahoot On: Quiz Creation and Game Variety

Both Kahoot and Quizizz is a great tools and offer similar in-game customization options. They both allow teachers to create their own or use public quizzes.

The difference between the two is that Kahoot allows teachers to make multiple-choice tests, surveys, discussions, and jumbles. You have a responsibility as a student to arrange your responses correctly.

Teachers only use the multiple-choice quiz format with Quizizz, which restricts learning to just recalling facts.

Comparing Kahoot vs Quizizz: Student Data Tracking

Both Kahoot and Quizizz are unable to recognize and monitor student growth or provide options for data permanence.

Kahoot’s learning games generate real-time data that teachers can download and view in Excel.

As a Quizizz teacher, you can only look through student reports to see which questions your students got wrong. It’s also possible to see the students’ responses broken down into questions.

You cannot compare data over time for particular students or classes using either of these tools. This is so that students are not required to have accounts.

Students use a PIN or access code to access their quizzes while teachers create accounts for them. It is optional to register for a student account with Kahoot or Quizizz.

Comparing Kahoot vs Quizizz: Student Experiences

Kahoot and Quizizz both use upbeat music and vivid colors to create a playful, game-like atmosphere for learning.

You can view the questions and answers on Quizizz through your device.

However, Kahoot only shows the symbol and color options on your device. You must use the classroom screen to see the actual answers.

Although it may seem a little restricting, this ties the lesson together and motivates students to look up. Positively, this promotes active student engagement in the classroom.

Comparing Kahoot vs Quizizz: Student Feedback

Kahoot will give fast feedback on your device (student) and the class screen, regardless of the results. . After each question, the most recent rankings will be displayed on the class scoreboard. Your device will receive your individual point information.

The teacher can personalize the comments that students see on Quizizz after each quiz question. Based on your correct answer or incorrect answers, premade or custom memes will be displayed as feedback. Music, leaderboards, and question timer usage are all under your control.

Comparing Kahoot vs Quizizz: How They Fit Within the SAMR Model

  • Substitution: In Kahoot, students take the quiz to respond to questions after finishing a unit. Similar to Quizizz, the students will use the platform to take an online test rather than a conventional paper test.
  • Augmentation: With Kahoot, augmentation can be viewed as a fictitious replacement for formative assessment. A teacher can gain insights into a student’s learning, knowledge, and unique learning styles by using enhanced features like inserting images and videos during the quiz.

The students will complete the quiz on Quizizz and remain anonymous while comparing their answers to those of the rest of the class.

  • Modification: Kahoot’s modification feature gives you access to quizzes that have already been created by others to advance their learning and knowledge.

Students will be able to review their responses right away, while they are still fresh in their minds, thanks to Quizizz’s modification feature. The teacher won’t have to wait to grade them individually.

  • Redefining: Kahoot allows a huge number of people to take part in games or surveys in real-time. The instructor will review trends in the class data in Quizizz (i.e., to identify problems that took students longer to answer, the questions that most of them got wrong, and more). The results will then be used by the teachers to identify areas that require additional study.

Comparing Kahoot vs Quizizz: Pricing Model

Kahoot Pricing

Kahoot has four plans.

Kahoot Individual Plans

  • Kahoot! 360 Standard – $17/ host/ month
  • Kahoot! 360 Presenter – $39/ host/ month
  • Kahoot! 360 Pro – $59/ host/ month
  • Kahoot! 360 Pro Max – $79 / host/ month
Kahoot Plan

Kahoot Team plan

  • Kahoot! 360 Pro for Teams for team members – Starting from $25/ member/ month.
  • Kahoot! 360 Spirit – Starting from $15 /member/ month.
  • Kahoot! 360 Spirit Premium – Starting from $19/member/ month.

Kahoot! Enterprise Plan

Itz a customizable plan. You have to contact the vendor.

Kahoot!One-time Event Plan

  • Kahoot! Event Bronze – $250
  • Kahoot! Event Silver – $500
  • Kahoot! Event Gold – $750

Quizizz Pricing

Quizizz has 3 simple plans.

  • Premier – $48 /month/ host
  • Standard – $25 /month/ host
  • Intro – Free version
Quizizz Plan

Comparing Kahoot Vs Quizizz – Pros and Cons

Kahoot Benefits

Kahoot Pros
  • Kahoot offers great engagement to help students enjoy their visualized quizzes.
  • It boosts students’ interest levels, helping teachers assess their understanding levels through polls and quizzes.
  • This tool reduces boredom and monotony.
  • It provides a positive learning environment for students through motivation.
  • It can be used as an assessment tool for teachers.
  • Kahoot increases student performance with increased student attendance.
  • It minimizes student frustration and stresses that we see in traditional formative assessments.
  • It is a very lively platform.

Quizizz Pros

Quizizz Pros
  • Quizizz is free.
  • It has a blog section highlighting its new techniques and features.
  • With Quizizz, you don’t have to project questions on a board/screen. This is because every student has access to their own question-and-answer gameplay.
  • Its flexibility is high, allowing any instructor to use it in any content area.
  • Quizizz lets you view student reports and questions that were answered right or wrong to help you address the learning gaps.
  • You can easily add Quizizz to Google Classroom.
  • You can use Quizizz for extra credit or fun trivia.
  • You can customize the fun memes to fit your school environment, classroom community, or content and give positive feedback to the students.

Comparing Kahoot vs Quizizz In a Nutshell



Best For

Education Corporate training Presentations

Students or workers looking for a gamified quiz learning platform

Ad hoc Reporting



Customizable Branding






Interactive Content



Real Time Data






Rewards Management






 Email/Help Desk






Knowledge Base



24/7 (Live rep)






Polls and Surveys






Audience Q&A



Live Slides



Live Results



Dashboards & Reporting



Data Exporting









Kahoot vs Quizizz – Differences & Similarities



First Release






Question-Answer Display

On the teacher’s device

On Student’s device

In-Game Feedback

Top five display

Class-wide display

Quiz Display

Needs a projector

No need for a projector

Student device

Displays questions only

Displays questions and answers


Same questions and answers

Randomized questions & answers


Only the teacher can host

Students can host

Pre-made games



Great for

Instructional design, game-based learning, assessment, and formative assessment

Instructional design, game-based learning, assessment, and formative assessment


Quick pace, suspenseful music, instant scoreboards, and creating kahoots

Fun memes




Conclusion On Kahoot vs Quizizz: Which Is Better?

If I had to pick between Quizizz and Kahoot, I would choose Quizizz because it has more user-friendly storage and organization of its game data than Kahoot does.

Quizizz also provides a variety of options for students and the whole class, so if I wanted to, I could view it online or download it as an Excel spreadsheet.

Quizizz also caters to a wider range of learners than Kahoot, which is another reason why I like it. Quizizz is ideal for students in grades 3 through 12, while Kahoot is best for students in grades 8 through 12.

Additionally, using Quizizz is simpler because you don’t require a projector as the teacher. However, in order to conduct the presentation with Kahoot, you will need a projector.

What you choose to use for low stakes quizzing in your class is entirely up to you. One day that might be Kahoot. Another day it might be Quizizz. It’s entirely up to you.

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