Kajabi Vs Teachable: Which Is The Best LMS Tool For You?

Kajabi and Teachable are the two best LMS systems currently. Both LMS tools can be great for building online course platforms and memberships. Which one is better? Find out in this Kajabi VS Teachable

In the market of Learning management systems, Kajabi and Teachable are two of the biggest names, that people usually look up to. If you are new in the business and trying to get your hands on the best possible options then it’s understandable why you chose to search for Kajabi vs Teachable. To rescue from the dilemma here in this Kajabi vs Teachable blog, I have tried to compare these two giants, so you can get a clear view of these two learning management systems and take the right decision.

If you are trying to sell digital products, Online courses, then both the LMS platforms are suitable for that, and you can do it pretty effortlessly. In the first look, both Kajabi and Teachable might seem identical, but originally they are built for different sets of audiences, so in some sections, there is a difference between Teachable and Kajabi. If you are not sure which one will be the best for you, let me help you out with my article Kajabi vs Teachable.

Teachable Vs Kajabi: A Product Overview

Teachable is a freemium LMS platform that is ideal for course designers who are just getting started. It has reasonable premium pricing plans. It includes a good set of features for creating, marketing, and selling courses. Though it is a very popular one but not the very best. If you are in search of alternatives to Teachable, Kajabi is another popular LMS system that people usually check out.

Kajabi, on the other hand, is suitable for advanced course designers. It is expensive, but it is well worth your money. Kajabi aspires to be an all-in-one learning management system. Course development, memberships, blogs, email marketing, webinars, pipelines, landing page builders, and many other capabilities are included. It’s for people who want to keep their entire business under one roof.

Basically used for similar purposes, these two LMS software offers distinct features that can be used for various tasks. Let’s compare Kajabi and Teachable side by side.

Kajabi VS Teachable Comparison




Product Type



Free Trial

14 days Free Trial Available

There's a free version available to try out

Mobile Apps

Comes with White label Android and iOS apps

It comes with only a iOS app which appears to be glitchy

Cart Abandonment Action

You can set up emails to be sent to people who have abandoned  their carts.

There are no options similar to that


Kajabi has no in-built options for that, you can integrate it with third-party apps

Teachable offers a number of certificate layouts as well as  option of creating your own certificates.

Community Option

It has a community-focused feature.

Teachable lacks options to build a community

Drip Content

As students progress through your course, you can make the sections unlock.

You can select a drip and define the time after which the section should be accessible by clicking on the category.

Pricing Plans

Teachable paid plans starts at $29/month

Kajabi plans starts at $119/month

Course Compliance

There are numerous possibilities, such as enforcing lecture order, enforcing video viewing, and enforcing graded quiz completion.

Kajabi allows you to lock a category until a given lesson has been completed.

Quizzes and Assesments

Teachable includes a quiz option. You can make quizzes that are both graded and ungraded.

You may construct evaluations and have them graded automatically with Kajabi.
You can also automate the assessment completion process.

Transaction Fees

$1 + 10% per transaction on the free plan
5% per transaction on the basic plan

0% transaction fees


For announcements, you may need to add the filters and send emails to all the students of a course

You can make announcements for each subject separately, and you can also alert students by sending emails.


You can create store-wide or single-course coupons, as well as choose the coupon name, expiration date, and quantity.

You have the option of selecting single or bulk discount codes. You can customise the coupon code and expiration date, but you won't be able to limit the number of times you can use it.

Now you may already have somewhat idea about how different are Kajabi and Teachable from each other. Like all the software and tools, Kajabi and Teachable also have their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s check them out.

Teachable Vs Kajabi: Kajabi Advantages

Kajabi Advantages Over Teachable
  • Kajabi is an all-in-one platform with all of the tools you’ll ever need to run a company. You don’t need to worry about integrating other tools with Kajabi because it includes all of the necessary functions.
  • Even though the pricing is a bit high, Kajabi doesn’t charge you transaction fees, thus it is a profitable option in the long run.
  • Kajabi includes a website builder, 10+more than 10 themes, and several customization options. Teachable isn’t as flexible as Kajabi is.
  • Kajabi provides automation for specific lectures. For example, if a student completes a specific lesson, such as a promotional video, you can apply a tag or send an email to them.
  • It has excellent engagement options like communities, tasks, and assessments. Despite the fact that Teachable offers a commenting system, I would recommend Kajabi in this area.

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Teachable VS Kajabi: What Teachable Offers

Teachable Features
  • Teachable is by far one of the most affordable LMS platforms on the internet, and you can also use it for free with its freemium plan.
  • In all of Teachable’s plans, you can build an infinite number of courses. You can also have an unlimited number of students sign up for your classes.
  • Teachable offers a free plan, but it includes a 10% transaction fee.
  • It is the finest place to host academic courses because it has greater course compliance and certification courses. You can also host courses in areas such as the arts, health, and business.

Take A Tour

Now that I have listed the points I liked best in Kajabi and Teachable that’s not going to be enough to satisfy the readers. I have made good use of the free plan of both the LMS tools and tried to provide you with the real user experience that you might find helpful while making up your mind. If you want to check a more modern tool, at an affordable price, you can check the Graphy review.

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Kajabi VS Teachable: User Experience

Being similar software, both Kajabi and Teachable contains features that are similar to each other, so who’s getting the edge in this Teachable vs Kajabi face-off? Let’s see

User Interface

In the section of interface both the software comes very close, as they have been in the market for a while and have certainly put in the time and effort to make their interface as user-friendly as possible.

Both Kajabi and Teachable offer an array of features in their left side menu, from where you can easily select the features you want to use to create online course.

Teachable interface
Teachable interface

From my experience, I can tell you that both the interfaces are user-friendly and easy to navigate. Although the features of Kajabi are more deeply nested, Kajabi has made it easy to navigate with the Kajabi Assistant. You can enter anything in its search bar on the top, & the Kajabi assistant will find relevant options for you.

Kajabi interface
Kajabi interface

Course Creation

That’s the most important part, creating courses. On both platforms, you can create online courses with rich media easily, but what happens when it comes down to the question of quality. Let’s shed some light on that.

When you start creating a course on Teachable, you need to fill in some necessary details before you start creating the main structure of your course. After inserting the details, you can set your course in the curriculum section.

Teachable Course
Teachable Course

It also provides various options such as, adding or duplicating lectures, making them downloadable, free preview, etc, which you can find easily on the right side of the sections.

After setting up your course, you can move on to the next section to set the pricing of your course.

Teachable payments
Teachable payments

Once you choose from the different payment methods for your course, you are ready to publish.

Kajabi Courses
Kajabi Courses

Kajabi provides you with a platform to create online courses, Podcasts, Coaching services, mini-courses, Drip courses, and many more from one single platform. Once you choose the type of product you want to create, Kajabi provides you with a well-structured skeleton for the course that you can edit at your will.

Kajabi Course Creation
Kajabi Course Creation

You can add different media, set customized fonts, add downloadable content, and set automated actions for completion of the course.

Membership Site Creation

This is where Kajabi excels again, there are not many clear options to create memberships on Teachable. In order to build memberships, you need to create bundle courses and sell them at an exclusive price to your users to build membership platform.

Teachable membership
Teachable membership

On the contrary, Kajabi provides its users with a dedicated membership function, even though it’s similar to its course building function, you can still make use of this feature to build a community and increase your sales. This feature is pretty hard to find in Kajabi competitors.

Kajabi Memberships
Kajabi Memberships


To sell your courses in an effective way, you need to present them with a professional look. Kajabi and Teachable, both the best LMS tools come with a number of features that allow you to design your courses, sales pages, checkout pages, and thank you pages without writing a single line of code.

In Teachable, you need to visit the Page sections, where you can select and design your sales page with different blocks. In the left menu, you’ll find a list of different blocks that you can add or edit to give your platform a professional and sophisticated look.

Teachable Design
Teachable Design

Kajabi provides ready-to-use themes to design your online teaching platform. All the themes are dedicated to different niches, so you can choose the one that suits you the best.

Kajabi Design
Kajabi Design

You can add or edit different styles and blocks from the side menu, similar to Teachable. But I felt the designing part of Kajabi is slightly better than Teachable.

Reports and Analysis

Both LMS giants offer a clear insight into your courses with the help of detailed reports and analysis. On Kajabi, you can easily get a view of play rates, total plays, average engagements, etc. It also provides a unique visual graph of drop-off over a video. It also enables you to see if your members are enjoying your videos of yours. You can track if they are watching it on a loop or they are dropping off soon.

Kajabi Analytics
Kajabi Analytics

Like Kajabi, Teachable also has its reports and analysis section to help you keep track of your course. It allows you to keep track of the progress of the learners. You can keep track of the completion of lectures, Quiz scores, Video stats, and many more. You can also track the progress of an individual. Teachable also provides thorough sales reports where you can see the statements, transactions, and upsell reports.

Marketing Features

Creating an online course is no doubt is a hard thing to do, but the harder part is selling them to the prospects. To reach the right audience and sell them your products you need a set of advanced marketing tools to set yourself apart from your competitors. Let’s see in this Kajabi vs Teachable, who does it better.


You can take benefit of the thank you page of Teachable for upselling. While editing the thank you page, you can add the Upsell block from the left menu. Once the learners complete their payments, the upsell will be pitched instantly.

Teachable Upsell
Teachable Upsell

You must choose the course you want to provide as well as the pricing plan you want to pitch as an upsell when generating the upsell. It’s a one-click upsell feature. Teachable completes the payment using the users’ previously used card details.

Kajabi comes with a dedicated Upsells page in its offers section, where you can add upsells of your choice. The process is clear and smoother than Teachable and even Podia LMS. In our Podia vs Kajabi blog, you can see that clearly.

Email marketing

Email marketing is an important aspect that you’re going to need to engage with the learners, and it also helps in converting leads into paying customers.

Though Teachable provides a tool for email marketing, it seems to be pretty basic. You must go to the “Emails” section and write an email to your target audience. You’ll need to add the relevant filters here, as well as the option to “Email students” in that segment. You can experiment with a variety of filters.

Kajabi Email Marketing
Kajabi Email Marketing

On the other hand, Kajabi comes with advanced native email marketing tools, along with integrations with major email marketing software that allows you to perform email marketing on a large scale. You can also send a drip sequence at the scheduled time.

Kajabi Email Sequence
Kajabi Email Sequence


Except for integrations and webhooks, Teachable doesn’t have many automation tools. It also lacks the email sequence functionality that I previously mentioned. Although Teachable comes with Zapier integration and many more webhook systems to cover the gap, you need to have some prior technical knowledge to use it.

Kajabi Automation
Kajabi Automation

Kajabi doesn’t bluff when it claims itself to be an all-in-one platform.

Pipeline and Funnel Builder

Kajabi pipeline
Kajabi pipeline

In the face-off of Kajabi vs Teachable, Teachable lacks in this section too, as it doesn’t have any function to build you a funnel or pipeline. In contrast, Kajabi comes with an advanced Pipeline builder.

Affiliate Marketing

Both the LMS tools have dedicated affiliate marketing sections that can help you grow your business. You can add affiliate partners to your program, which will help you get more sales in return for commissions.

Teachable Affiliate
Teachable Affiliate

You need to go to the ‘USERS’ section, and you’ll find an affiliate sub-section there. From there you can add affiliate partners easily, and after adding affiliates you can also see their statistics. You can also cookie durations, commission rates, notice sending, and affiliate administration.

Third-party Integrations

Teachable integrates with a variety of email marketing services as well as Google Analytics. It also comes with Zapier and Webhook integration. Teachable’s webhook feature is pretty broad, with a lot of choices.

On the other end, Kajabi also comes with similar integrations for Zapier, Webhooks, and major email marketing tools. Webhooks may be accessed by going to the edit page of relevant offers, where you can find both inbound and outgoing webhook URLs.

The presence of incoming webhooks is a fantastic feature that Teachable lacks. It allows you to send data from any app to Kajabi without having to use Zapier.

Kajabi vs Teachable: Pricing

Price is a big factor when choosing any product. In the pricing section, Teachable has got the upper hand over Kajabi and many WordPress LMS plugins that come at a low price. to be honest only Podia can compete with Teachable in this section.

Dive Deeper: Podia vs Teachable

Not only the paid plans of Teachable is considerably lower than Kajabi, but it also provides a freemium plan that allows you to create unlimited courses and have unlimited students, but you’ll have to pay 1$ + 10% transaction fee for every transaction.

Teachable Pricing
Teachable Pricing

On the other hand, Kajabi doesn’t offer any free plans, and its paid plans are a bit pricey. It comes with 3 paid plans, but unlike Teachable you don’t need to pay any transaction fee.

Kajabi Pricing
Kajabi Pricing

Even though the pricing of Kajabi is higher than Teachable, considering its number of features, and various in-built tools the price may seem reasonable to many. You may think of trying Teachable for its lower cost and even buy it with Teachable coupons but in the long run, the transaction fee going to cost you a good amount of money when you scale your business. The problem seems to be handled by Kajabi.

Concluding Opinion On Kajabi VS Teachable

So the bottom line is, if you already have plenty of marketing and automation tools at your disposal, then Teachable is the best option for you. But if you are starting from scratch and willing to save your time by taking advantage of an all-in-one platform, then Kajabi is an automatic choice for you. The price may seem high, but while testing both of the software, I found out the number of features, and tools available in Kajabi LMS, justifies its price.

In my opinion, even though Teachable has got the edge on pricing, in overall performance Kajabi wins the Kajabi VS Teachable debate. The number of advanced features, marketing tools, premium support makes it one of the best learning management systems of recent times.

Liked the Kajabi vs Teachable blog? Leave a comment below. If you are on the contrary, let me know why? I’ll be glad to have some suggestions.

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