Keeper Review (2022)- The Best Password Manager In The Market?

Keeper is a password manager application and digital vault created by Keeper Security that stores website passwords, financial information and other sensitive documents using 256-bit AES encryption, zero-knowledge architecture and two-factor authentication.
8/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #6 in category Password Manager
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Keeper Review By Our Rebellink Security Expert: You tried many websites and searched for many websites because you are not getting a safe and secure password manager. Then Keeper Password Manager is the best password manager. When you start working you will get impressed.

Utilizing extraordinary compared to other password managers will make your life both simpler and safer. You won’t have to recall a novel, long, complex secret phrase for all of your online records.

The keeper Password manager will recollects your passwords for you, chopping down your danger when there’s a huge information break, and rapidly produces new, solid passwords so you’ll never need to reuse another. The main secret key you’ll have to recall is the single “ace” secret phrase to the secret key administrator itself.


What Is Keeper?

Keeper is a password manager application and digital vault created by Keeper Security that stores website passwords, financial information and other sensitive documents using 256-bit AES encryption, zero-knowledge architecture and two-factor authentication.

The attendant is promoted as an exceptionally secure secret phrase supervisor with a ton of astounding highlights. After working you need to know whether these cases were valid or not. Keeper Password Manager is secure, and do these additional highlights add to an individual’s general security, or would they say they are only an exercise in futility and cash.

First of all, Keeper Password Manager utilizes solid encryption techniques (256-bit AES) to make sure about totally put away login qualifications and touchy documents, and it offers a wide scope of multifaceted confirmation (MFA) alternatives — including Touch ID and Face ID validation.

It likewise offers additional security instruments like:

  • Secret key security reviewing.
  • Dim web observing.
  • Encoded informing

Guardian joins many progressed highlights into a simple to-explore dashboard, which you discovered to be exceptionally instinctive and simple to utilize.

Keeper includes highlights like a programmed secret word transformer, which Dashlane and LastPass incorporate, and you can believe that a portion of a Keeper password manager is valued somewhat high. Be that as it may, with truly various scope of online protection instruments — including some special ones like a scrambled informing application — Keeper certainly stands apart as outstanding amongst other password managers in 2022.

In general, Keeper to be exceptionally secure, simple to utilize, and highlight rich. The attendant doesn’t offer an unconditional promise, yet you can attempt Keeper hazard free with a 30-day free preliminary.

Keeper Review

Keeper Review BY Our Security Experts

Keeper is a highly secure and feature-packed password manager that protects user data with bank-grade encryption and a zero-knowledge policy. Both its basic and advanced password manager functions work well and are easy to understand and use. It’s missing a few extra features that some other password managers have, but overall, Keeper is no doubt one of the best password managers in the market.

Keeper Password Manager & Digital Vault offers consistent, excellent apps for all the platforms and browsers you could want and includes the advanced features, among them password inheritance, secure sharing, two-factor authentication, and an actionable password strength report. 

Keeper’s functionality is simple almost to the point of being barebones: You can create secure items by providing a Web URL and the appropriate login information, together with any additional fields and an optional note. The results can be organized in an arbitrary number of folders.

Overall, the Keeper is one of the simplest password managers I’ve ever seen. If you do not use one of these apps today, it represents a great starting point: it takes security seriously, it can be set up in under five minutes and takes even less time to master.

9Expert Score
A Strong password Manager

One feature that impressed me is that Keeper Security does not have access to or knowledge of an account holder’s master password, encryption keys or access to his or her Keeper vault.

Plans And Pricing
Ease Of Use And Setup
Customer Support
  • Solid, no-nonsense apps, browser extension and website.
  • Very strong security.
  • Clean, streamlined look
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Limited free version
  • Webform filling somewhat limited

Keeper Features

Features Offered By Keeper

Keeper provides a variety of features. So let’s discuss the Keeper Features. In general, I was very impressed with the Keeper’s wide range of additional security features. It offers a lot more than most other password managers.

And Keeper also handles the basics extremely well.

zero knowledge
Zero-knowledge is central to the philosophy of Keeper Security. As such, Keeper didn’t include a password inheritance feature until the developers came up with a zero-knowledge technique. Keeper doesn’t update passwords automatically, though it helps with the process of updating to better passwords. The only way to access the Keepar software is the master password. The app itself doesn’t store it for you.

And that’s a good thing.  The fact that only you have your master password means that a warrant can’t force the company to turn over your passwords and that a shady employee can’t weasel into your stored data.
digital vault
Keeper Digital Vault allows you to attach a file or photo to any password entry in Keeper, or create an entry just to hold the attachment. A basic Personal subscription lets you store five such attachments.

If you want extra, you pay another $9.99 per year for 10GB of secure online storage and up to $749.99 per year for 1TB. As noted, both the max bundle plan for individuals and the family plan include 10GB of storage. Kaspersky Password Manager does not restrict storage space for uploaded documents
keeper review
Password generator
One of the basic feature provided by almost all password manager is the password generating feature. Keeper does the same. By default, Keeper creates 12-character passwords using all character types (letters, numbers, and symbols). Interestingly, the one-click password updater creates 16-character passwords.
emergency access
If any situation arises that you are unable to access your account of Keeper, you don’t need to panic. Keeper has an amazing feature of Emergency Access. It allows you to nominate someone as your emergency contact. That nominated person can recover your password and all other business documents from your account.

This whole process is done with certain security measurement. For example, if your security contact ever tries to access in your account, then a request notification will be sent to you. Then only if you give access to this request within a set waiting period, then your emergency contact will give access to your password.
secure sharing
There are cases when you have to share your password with a trusted partner. With Keeper, you can share any password record with another Keeper user, and maintain as much control as you like.

To share a record, you have to start by entering the recipient’s email. If that email address doesn’t correspond to a Keeper account, the product lets you know that the recipient will have to sign up for a free account and that it will email you once that happens. The recipient gets notification within Keeper itself.
You don’t need to fillup your web-forms again and again with the same information. The Keeper just saves your password during your first login after activating keeper. From the next time, it will do the job on your behalf automatically.
two-factor authentication
Your master password protects all your other passwords, so it needs to be really strong. No matter how strong it is, you’re still in trouble if a malefactor gets hold of it. That’s where two-factor authentication comes in.

When logging in requires both your master password and a fingerprint or physical token, a cyber-crook across the world can no longer gain access. Keeper guides you through setting up two-factor authentication during the onboarding process. Specifically, it asks for a mobile phone number to send six-digit authentication codes. It also generates a collection of one-use codes, in case you lose your phone or have no cell service. Thus it is super secured.
multiple platform
Keeper is available for a variety of devices and browser extensions. No matter which device user you are you can use Keeper password manager. Keeper provides a version for Windows, Linux, Mac. The browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE, Edge, Opera.
A mobile app is also available for IOS And Android.

Keeper For Desktop

Getting Started With Keeper In Desktop

Keeper’s desktop app is really easy to set up. User doesn’t have to scavenge the download page. The overall download process is simple. The download page of Keeperprovide the proper guide and option for download. For example, there are options for Windows, MAC and Linux.

keepar 1

After the install process is completed, you have to choose a Master Password and set up a security question , which is the Keeper’s only account recovery option. It is impressing that we can keep our Master Password simple. They don’t force us to use any special characters, capital letters, or numbers. Whereas password managers like Sticky Password wouldn’t let me create a Master Password unless it included a range of different characters.

Keeper’s layout is easy to navigate. Adding new passwords, payment card details, and personal information is easy. And additional features like BreachWatch and Security Audit were also simple to understand. Even any person from non-technical feild can use the software without having a confusion.

How To Start Working With Keeper

  • To start, Keeper Password Manager you will know offers to import any passwords stored in your browsers, your browser’s built-in password managers are not as secure or flexible as a dedicated password manager.
  • It’s up to you to delete those passwords and turn off the browser’s password capture.
  • Keeper helps you create your first record and install the browser extension, with an optional tour of the extension’s features. It shows how to add a payment card and personal information for filling web forms and encourages you to turn on two-factor authentication. We are impressed with this thorough introduction.
  • Password Generator: The attendant’s password generator consequently thinks of another password any time you make another record. In case you’re signing in with a current secret key, you basically overwrite the produced one. Naturally, it makes 12-character passwords utilizing all character types (letters, numbers, and images). Strangely, a single tick secret key updater makes 16-character passwords. A contact at Keeper password that the default would before the long change to 20 characters in all cases.
  • With the help of keeper password manager you can improve your password. Utilizing a secret word chief doesn’t improve your security if every one of your passwords is “secret phrase,” “123456,” or some minor variation of those. Regardless of whether you utilize a similar super-solid secret key on various sites, a penetrate at one of those destinations could uncover them all. Attendant’s Security Audit area encourages you to distinguish both powerless and reused passwords by doling out secret phrase solidarity to everyone and a general rate based score for All, Reused, and Weak classes. Dashlane correspondingly calls attention to potential secret word changes that would raise your score. Guardian doesn’t coordinate passages that have the indistinguishable secret phrase the manner in which LastPass does, yet that is not generally an issue, since transforming one of a couple of copies causes both to evaporate from the rundown.

We also tested the software on the various browser extension. Keeper performed exceptionally well. It made saving passwords simple — showing a pop-up in the corner of my browser offering to add new usernames and passwords after the first time of using them. generate passwords for new online accounts and instantly save them to password vault.

Keeper for Mobiles

Getting Started With Keeper In Mobiles

Keeper has a mobile app for Android and iOS. Tested both versions, and they both work really well. The mobile apps include similar features to the desktop app, including the password vault, BreachWatch, Security Audit, payment card details storage, biometric logins (Touch ID and Face ID), and more.

STEP 1 : Open your Google Play Store In you Android or App Store in your IOS.

STEP 2: In the search bar, type for ” Keeper”.

STEP 3: When the result will appear, click the download button.

STEP 4: Wait for the installation process. Thats it.You are now ready to use Keeper password manager.

The interface of the Keeper app is as Simple as the Desktop version. The app includes a clipboard expiration feature, which clears any copied password from your device’s clipboard within a specific time period — this is useful to avoid scam websites scanning your clipboard in order to steal your passwords. You can set this feature to activate up to 120 seconds after copying a password.

keeper review

Keeper’s auto-fill feature, KeeperFill, was pretty easy to set up, and it worked across all the login fields tested it with. It helped to sign into the apps and online accounts via both the Safari mobile iOS browser and the Chrome browser for Android.

But the Import Passwords feature — included in the main menu of the Android version seemed completely pointless to me. When you click on the icon, it just redirects you to the web app, so I couldn’t actually import passwords from my mobile browsers.

Moreover, the Keeper’s mobile app includes a standalone password generator, like LastPass’s mobile app. Also, Keeper includes emergency access settings in their mobile app, again, as LastPass does.

Keeper Security Protocol

Is Keeper Safe To Use?

Keeper uses the standard 256-bit AES encryption to secure all user passwords and data. This is the same level of encryption used by banks and governments, and it’s virtually unbreakable.

Although Keeper stores passwords and files in its cloud server, all user data is encrypted and decrypted at the device level. This means that even if hackers intercepted passwords traveling through a network, they would be unable to read them.

Keeper also has a strict zero-knowledge policy, meaning Keeper’s employees can’t access any of the data in user accounts.

Our Security experts checked Keeper’s implementation of TLS/SSL to ensure that data is being transmitted securely over the internet. We used Qualys SSL labs and were happy to find that its SSL transport security scores an A+, which means you can trust that the firm has implemented its TLS correctly and that your data is secured while in transit. (In addition to being secured with e2ee.)

In general, I was very impressed with the Keeper’s wide range of additional security features — it offers a lot more than most other password managers. And Keeper also handles the basics extremely well.

Keeper Pricing Info

Keeper Plans and Pricing

FREE FOR 30 Days✔️Unlimited Password Storage
✔️Unlimited identity & payments
✔️Fingerprint & Face ID login
✔️Unlimited devices & sync
✔️Secure record sharing
✔️Emergency Access
✔️Web application
✔️24/7 Support
$ 0.00
KEEPER UNLIMITED✔️Unlimited Password Storage
✔️Unlimited Identity & Payments
✔️Fingerprint & Face ID Login
✔️Unlimited Devices & Sync
✔️Secure Record Sharing
✔️Emergency Access
✔️Web Application
✔️24/7 Support
KEEPER MAX BUNDLE✔️All the features of Keeper Unlimited, Plus
✔️BreachWatch Dark Web Monitoring
✔️KeeperChat Private Messenger
✔️Secure File Storage
✔️All the features of Keeper Unlimited, Plus
✔️BreachWatch Dark Web Monitoring
✔️Secure File Storage
Keeper Plans & Pricing for Individuals
KEEPER BUSINESS✔️Encrypted vault for every user
✔️Folders and subfolders
✔️Shared team folders
✔️Access from unlimited devices
✔️Policy engine and enforcements
✔️Security Audit
✔️Activity reporting
✔️Team management
✔️Basic Two-Factor Authentication (SMS, TOTP, smartwatch and FIDO U2F)
KEEPER ENTERPRISE✔️Everything in Keeper Business, plus:
✔️Single Sign-On (SAML 2.0) authentication
✔️Automated Team Management
✔️Advanced Two-Factor Authentication (DUO & RSA)
✔️Active Directory and LDAP sync
✔️SCIM and Azure AD provisioning
✔️Email auto-provisioning
✔️Command-line provisioning
✔️Developer APIs for password rotation and backend integration
Keeper Plans And Pricing For Business/Enterprise

Keeper pricing structure given above will give a basic idea. Presently, you pay $34.99 every year for an individual Keeper Unlimited membership, up from the past $29.99 every year rate. In spite of the fact that that cost isn’t as high as certain contenders’, it implies that Keeper is no longer as great a worth. For example, Keeper is currently more costly than a Sticky Password membership ($29.99 every year) and about a similar cost as a LastPass Premium membership ($36 every year). Dashlane Premium is as yet a lot costlier $59.99 every year.

Keeper does have a free plan, which is offered automatically once your 30-day free trial or subscription expires. But Keeper’s free version has limited functionality — so you won’t be able to sync data across devices, auto-fill passwords, or use add-ons like secure file storage. However, you’ll still be able to manually save passwords, identity and payment card details, and use the password security audit feature (on 1 device).


✔️Unlimited Password Storage✔️Unlimited identity & payments✔️Fingerprint & Face ID login✔️Unlimited devices & sync✔️Secure record sharing✔️Emergency Access✔️Web application✔️24/7 Support

Keeper Customer Support

Help-Center Of Keeper Password Manager

When it comes to customer support, Keeper is amazing. Not only does it have valuable guides and FAQs on its website but it has a live chat on its website that is available 24/7.

 We found the live chat agents to be informative, and they were extremely patient and willing to help the user. Live chat support is somewhat of a rarity for a password manager, and this is definitely a side of the service that makes it extremely desirable. 

In addition, the level of support provided by the walkthroughs and prompts provided by the actual web client make this password manager extremely easy to use. All in all, the user experience with the Keeper is outstanding.


Frequently Asked Questions

🤔How safe is Keeper?

Keeper is one of the safest password managers on the market. It uses 256-bit AES encryption, which is one of the most advanced encryption methods available — the same standard of encryption used by banks and governments. On top of the high encryption,Keeper also has a strict zero-knowledge policy,  meaning Keeper’s employees cannot access any of the information stored in your Keeper account.

🤔Is Keeper a good value?

Keeper is a pretty good value for the price. Its most basic package — Keeper Unlimited— offers a wide range of features for slightly less than competing password managers. Keeper also offers a range of high-value bundle packages — MaxBundle and PlusBundle — that include add-on features, like dark web monitoring, secure file storage, and encrypted messaging.

🤔Is Keeper password manager free?

Keeper does have a free version of its password manager. However, it’s limited in terms of features and can only be used once your free trial or subscription has expired. The free version of Keeper only offers basic features, like password and payment card detail storage, and it only works on 1 device.

🤔Has keeper been hacked?

In 2017, One Login was attacked and customer data was leaked. The user data stored in their US data centers were affected. That same year, a vulnerability in the Keeper browser plugin was exposed. This vulnerability allowed hackers to steal any password from the vault.

🤔Is keeper good password manager?

. Keeper is impressive as a password manager, and it stems from the high level of security that the platform offers. Being Zero-Knowledge and letting only the user have access to personal information is crucial, plus the same user interface across all platforms makes it a versatile manager to use.

Final Verdict


Keeper Password Manager is a safe and highlight rich password manager that ensures client information with bank-grade encryption and a zero-information strategy. The two its fundamental and progressed secret word director capacities function admirably and are straightforward and use. It’s feeling the loss of a couple of additional highlights that some other secret word directors have, however, by and large, Keeper is without question a standout amongst other secret key chiefs in 2022. So you should work with the keeper. Before that read this article Keeper Passwords Manager Review.

Read more about password managers here.

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