Konversion Shopify Theme Review: Best Conversion Theme On Shopify?

Best ECom Store Theme For All Online Store Business! Must have the theme to sky-high your profits! To know more read the full review!

Do you know the most trusted application to build your own online store? Shopify is one of the most popular online store builder where you can create your own online store of your own. It comes with a wide range of themes that can easily be customized to meet your requirements and allows you to sell both physical or digital products!

Imagine, if I introduce a theme that has highly customizable options with fast loading and SEO optimized that will deliver your customers an awesome mobile experience? Guys, without wasting your time let us start with a premium theme on Shopify, named Konversion Shopify Theme which is mainly designed to optimize your eCommerce store for mobile visitors and offers you awesome features to boost your online sales like never before.

Konversion Theme For Shopify is mainly designed for mobile users for experiencing smooth online shopping as 80% of your site’s traffic comes from mobile devices, accessing various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

Most important to note in my Konversion Shopify Theme Review is a flexible and user-friendly design that builds strong CRM with your customers and visitors and allows them to purchase products from your site or store confidently.

If you are looking for an attractive-looking, smartly designed store that will convert visitors into potential buyers then definitely give it a try to Konversion Shopify Theme and create a unique theme for your site! To know more read Konversion Theme Review till the end!

Detailed Product Review

Konversion Shopify Theme Review: What is Konversion Theme?

Konversion Theme For Shopify

Tired of the slow online shopping experience with the slow website? Here comes Konversion Theme For Shopify created by one of the biggest Shopify Online Sellers, Phil Kyprianou, and TABERNAP to focus on more conversions and loading speed of a store owner site.

To be true in my Konversion Shopify Theme Review, make sure that your store looks completely unique on different electronic devices including mobile phones, tablets, and desktops. Konversion Shopify Theme is a perfect choice for business owners, professional marketers, and helps them to improve their site’s overall performance.

Konversion Theme For Shopify is expensive compared to other themes available on Shopify Dashboard and helps you to increase your store’s conversion rate, less bounce rate, more user interactions, speed and increase your total sales and thereby increases your revenue!

In this Konversion Shopify Theme Review, I will definitely recommend you to make an addition to this amazing theme and increase your site traffic especially if you want to create a professional, customer-focused, and distinctive theme for your site.

Konversion Shopify Theme can be used on various social media platforms, and many sellers can use to promote their products may be physical or print on demand products to boost their sales and generate more revenue from their products!

Konversion allows you to upsell in the product page, in the cart page, when you click Add-to-Cart or when you click checkout! Let us have a look at the 3 simple steps to drive more traffic to your store!

3 Simple Steps For More Sales:

  • STEP 1: Install Konversion Theme For Shopify
  • STEP 2: Optimize your site for more conversions without any designing skills required
  • STEP 3: Instantly watch your sales skyrocket with more cash

Benefits Of Using Konversion Shopify Theme:

Konversion Theme For Shopify comes with easy grids that make browsing for a product more easily. This theme is mainly built for eCommerce stores rather than one product drop ship sales funnel. Now it is very easy to see product list such as product titles, product prices, and add-to-cart options from the product grid pages.

Let us have a quick look at the benefits of Konversion Theme For Shopify:

  • Fully customizable your own collection page
  • Add timers and quantity limits on ”For Sale” Products
  • 100% Mobile-optimized and looks unique on any device such as desktop, laptop
  • Build buyers confidence by adding 30 days refund policy and other trust icons
  • Mobile-optimized checkout process for a smooth experience on behalf of users
  • Add upsell products with a few clicks and increase your revenue instantly
  • Provides smart navigation which makes it easier for people to discover what they want
  • Included easy-to-use blog
  • Designed especially for high speed, and motivates your user from browsing your store to buying

In this Konversion Theme Review, let us jump into the next part of Konversion Theme Features in detail.

Continue reading Konversion Theme For Shopify below…..!

Konversion Theme Features

Konversion Theme Features: A Complete Breakdown

Konversion Shopify Theme Review

Konversion Shopify Theme is perfect for setting up an eCommerce store and is considered one of the most expensive Shopify themes available on the internet! It comes with awesome features to motivate buyers and purchase products from your site. If you want an attractive looking, perfectly designed store see the below-mentioned features:

  • Built Mobile First: Konversion is mainly built for a mobile-friendly experience. Now users can experience smooth site visits as 80% of the store traffic comes from mobile visitors. No more abandoned carts and missed sales due to unmanageable mobile experience!
  • Sales Focused Features: Konversion Shopify Theme is boosted with features like collection banners, sales tag, custom CTA, countdown timer, deal of the day widget, trust icons, and over 20 other options pursuing the goal to increase your sales and generate more revenue!
  • Easy To Find Products: Now it is easier to navigate and search for products in your store, the more you’ll sell the more you profit! With the smart navigation and search features, people will be able to find what they’re looking for right away and at right time! No more sales missed.

And more Konversion Shopify Features to engage more visitors comes to your site. Preview them below:

1. Header

  • Flexible Logo: Adjust the widths and margins of desktop logo and mobile logo
  • Announcement Top Bar: Comes with announcements and CTA buttons, Facebook share and like buttons
  • Menus: It includes 3 types of menus like basic menu, mega menu, and 6 columns or menus with products and collections. Easily choose the alignments, padding, and mobile images
  • Header Cart Widgets: Now you can easily select the cart widget like text only, cart only, or both. Display a user-profile icon or search icon

2. Homepage

  • Blog Posts: Konversion Shopify Theme, add up to 5 rows of featured blog posts, in 2, 3, or 4 columns. It shows post titles, dates, excerpts, and read more buttons.
  • Custom Content: Now it is easy to add a custom content blog on desktop or mobile both.Image ,text, link, button, and you can play with the alignment and width of the custom content blog
  • Page Content: Using Konversion Theme For Shopify you can add the content of an existing page in your shop. You can select the page, show or hide its title, define the width of the page block and its alignment or hide it on desktop or mobile devices
  • Testimonials: It is now easy to put a testimonial block, as a grid or a slider on your homepage. For each testimonial, add text, image, name, company, and link.
  • Icons: One of the most important Konversion Theme Features is built-in icons (plane, truck, badge, shield) or you can upload yours. For example, Free Shipping, Free Returns, Money-back guarantee, Secure payment.
  • Instagram Feed: Feature your Instagram feed on your homepage using Konversion Theme For Shopify. You can also limit the number of pics to show on mobile and desktop.
  • Logos Grid: In my Konversion Theme Review, it is to be noted that you can feature some brands by putting their logo upfront. Upload your own images and add a link on each and convert more buyers
  • Slideshow: The slideshow is used to watch, what customers see first. Konversion Shopify Theme is flexible in any display (desktop, mobile, or both, his dimensions (small, medium, large, x-large height), title/subtitle and content size, frequency/speed, styling (text and buttons size and colors), content alignment and location, overlay opacity and more.
  • Loop Visual Review: With Konversion Shopify Theme, you can display reviews with photos, select to hide reviews without images, define the number of reviews to show and the maximum width of the Loox widget.
  • Google Map: Now display your location in a Google Map, on your homepage. Ideal for retail stores with one or more locations. Choose the map mode (Place, Search, View), the initial zoom, enable satellite view, set the map height, and hide it on desktop or mobile.
  • Newsletter: Another Konversion Theme Features, is to grow your mailing list with a newsletter sign-up form anywhere in your homepage sections. Add a CTA title, a description, and a button.
  • Section Separator: Now you can split two sections with a section separator. Separator comes with the ability to select the size, or you can remove or add margins or hide on desktop or mobile.
  • Collections List: Now you can show some featured collections, with the collection featured image, title (over or below the image), add an image hover effect, play with its overlay opacity and color.
  • Single Collection: Konversion Theme Features one single collection or add a link on the heading title to the collection page, select the ATC button location and text, display a second product image on hover and define how many rows of products are displayed on mobile and desktop.
  • Featured Products: It is similar to the Single collection section, the featured products section allows a manual selection of products by the merchant. The features are similar to the Single collection section.
  • Single Product: Now you can showcase one-star product on your homepage or set the button action (Add to cart, Buy Now or Go to product page), use variants dropdown or variant swatches for product options, hide them when the product has only one option.
  • YouTube Video: Konversion Shopify Theme helps you to make your homepage more dynamic with a video. You just have to choose the video URL and then choose the alignment, column width, etc.

3. Collection Pages

  • Collection Settings: Mack your collection pages with breadcrumbs, left-sidebar, or dropdowns with tag filters, sorting options, and navigation menu. Make your products more attractive on desktop or mobile
  • Title and Description: Now you can add the collection title and description in your collection pages, above or below the products, aligned left, center, or right.
  • Menu: Improve the collection navigation with a custom menu in the left sidebar or inside a dropdown top-right. Add any link in this menu from the Navigation section inside Shopify.
  • Categorized Tags: With Konversion Theme, you can group tags together rather than being displayed all separated by alphabetical order. In this way, all tags related to the tag category “Size” will be grouped and displayed together.
  • Banner Image: Each collection can have its own banner image, easily manageable via the theme customizer section. The banner can be hidden on desktop and/or mobile. It can contain the collection title and subtitle, with the desired alignment, size, and color.

4. Product Pages

  • Product Gallery: One of the most important selling factors is the quality of the product images. It enables you to click on a desktop or on mobile or display arrows to switch images for the main image and thumbnail.
  • Product Properties: Every product has many properties and options. They can have a short description with a different length, product options can be inside swatches or dropdowns, the Add-to-Cart button can be moved above/below, products with only one option can have the variant picker hidden.
  • Related Products: You can display related products at the bottom of the product pages. Related products can be products from the same collection, or can be manually selected by you which is manageable with a custom menu, via the Navigation section in Shopify.
  • Secure Payment Badge: Display a secure payment badge provided by the theme, or upload your own. Adjust the location (below/above icons) and the image width.
  • Trust Icons: Now you can add trust icons and select from the theme’s default icons or from any font awesome icons. You can also upload your own icons and you can write your own text under them.
  • Sticky Add To Cart: Activate a sticky add-to-cart bar on desktop and a sticky add-to-cart button on mobile, alongside the default add-to-cart button. Make it easier for customers to buy your products.
  • Content Tabs: With Konversion Shopify Theme, you can add more info on each product page using content tabs. Tabs can be global, but each product or collection can have its own tabs. Manage the content tabs via the Navigation section of Shopify, by creating a new menu.
  • Reviews: It is easier to boost customers’ willingness to buy your product with great product reviews. It works with any reviews app with a one-click setup for Shopify’s Product Reviews app, Loox Visual reviews app, Ryviu app, and Yotpo app.
  • Custom Content: Add some content at the bottom of your product pages as some products require more product details or more pictures, displayed inside a specific design of yours.
  • Variant Swatches: Enable variant swatches for color options, or for any other option like size, material, etc. For colors, you can select from the color picker or upload your own images
  • Mobile Settings: Konversion Shopify Theme is built mobile-first, and allows some settings specific to mobile devices. You can change the location of the Add-to-Cart form and button, show or hide the excerpt, change the location of the variant/option labels.

5. Cart

  • Cart Settings: Cart has many options, that includes a special instructions field (checkout note), a floating image animation when you add a product to the cart, a continue shopping link, a banner image at the top of the cart page, a logo, and title, the alignment of the content and more.
  • Add-To-Cart Action: Now you can define the behavior when customers add products to the cart such as stay on the page, open the cart drawer, open the cart popup, go to the cart page, go to Checkout, go to the product page, hide the add to cart button.
  • Header Cart Widget: It is the behavior of the top-right cart widget when clicking on it like open the cart drawer, open the cart popup, go to the cart page, go to checkout.
  • Trust Badges: Now you can secure payment badges, banner image, warranty icon, phone number, support agent image, and more.
  • Custom Content & HTML: With Konversion Theme For Shopify, add more content to your cart page, or embed any widget or snippet of code like Facebook comments, like box, reviews, or any HTML content.
  • Shipping Rates Calculator: Allow customers to estimate the shipping fees before reaching the checkout page. Edit the heading text, the default country selection, and the button labels.

6. Contact Page

  • Settings: Now you can display a breadcrumb, content from the contact page, or custom content with Konversion Theme.
  • Contact Form: Edit the contact form, change the submit button text, add a phone number field, a form title, or a description.
  • Featured Product Upsell: Promote a product inside the Contact page, which is the most often visited page after the homepage. Add a featured product title, show or hide the product description, put an Add-to-cart button over the product image
  • Map: Show a Google Map on desktop or mobile or both, Select your map mode (place, search, view), set the location query or coordinates, the initial zoom, the max height, and location in the page.

7. Footer

  • Menus: Display one or more menus in the footer. Collapsable on mobile, or you can adjust the width and margins
  • Page Content: Get the content from any page of your store in the footer. Limit the amount of content showed with a read more button.
  • Text CTA: Add some custom text and call-to-action in the footer, or the contact details with links.
  • HTML Content: Insert a widget, like a map, a Facebook Like widget, an embedded video from Youtube, or reviews from social media.
  • Image: Upload a pic, for example, a logo, a trust badge, or any other image in your footer.
  • Sub footer: Social link icons, payment & security icons, colors, mobile display, and more.

8. Custom Features

  • Page Builder: Build any page from scratch, using this Page Builder tool and define your layout with columns, and set the page width.
  • Currency Switcher: Display a currency switcher in the top header bar on the desktop and in the menu drawer on mobile. You can edit the default currency and the list of currencies you want to show
  • Countdown Timer: Display countdown timer inside the Add-to-cart button. Simply tag the products you want to display a countdown timer on, using the tag countdown
  • Deal Of The Day: The deal of the day feature is composed of two parts. Firstly, a widget in the header to feature your deal of the day. Secondly, a widget inside the product page. Add the tag deal yy-mm-dd to all the products in the deal-of-the-day collection.
  • Newsletter Popup: Display a signup form in a popup on page landing, on desktop, or mobile. Set the time when the popup appears and its frequency of re-appearance
  • Announcement Popup: The popup displays a product and makes sure your visitors are aware of your new product. Play with the popup size, text alignment, and product image alignment.
  • Upsell Popup: Display an upsold product in a popup when customers click the Add to Cart button on the product page or when they click on the Checkout button on the cart page.
  • Integration with Uploadery App: Give your customers the ability to send files with their order. One-click setup with the Konversion theme, no coding required nor any theme file edit.

Konversion Theme Pricing

Konversion Theme Pricing Details

Konversion Theme Review

Konversion Shopify Theme is the most expensive Shopify Theme available on the internet! But do you know the most exciting factor of using this amazing theme for your own store? After using this theme you can gain a large number of potential customers, even without knowing any technical skills!

Konversion Theme comes in two packages. One is the single store license costs $177 which is a cost-effective way for newbies and business owners to get started with Konversion Theme For Shopify. It offers the following:

  • Get one Store License
  • Free updates for 1 year
  • Free support for one year
  • Updates and supports renewal( $99/yr)
  • 15 days money-back guarantee

If you have more than one Shopify store and expect high growth in the future it is better to choose the 3 store license package costing $348! Big Entrepreneurs can take huge advantage of this option. It offers:

  • Get 3 store licenses
  • Free updates for 1 year
  • Free support for 1 year
  • Updates and support renewal ($99/yr)
  • 15 days money back guarantee


Honest Konversion Shopify Theme Review: Is It Worthy?

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Konversion Shopify Theme comes with various built-in features and widgets that help you to create a successful Shopify store like never before! With this amazing theme, you can experience more conversions with fantastic customizable features and makes sure your store is compatible with all devices like desktop or laptop and main motive is to make your store mobile-friendly!

From the above Konversion Theme Review, it is clear that you can design your stores with 20 custom features and plugins. Personally, I would definitely recommend this outstanding theme to all newbies and professional marketers, online entrepreneurs, to create their own successful stores using this incredible theme!

Using the fantastic Konversion Theme Features, like homepage, product page, collection page, custom features, you can make your store more attractive and professional to your users and build your brand awareness by strong CRM. I know Konversion Theme For Shopify is a bit expensive but you will definitely skyhigh your profit in the coming days!

Thank you guys, for reading this article till the end! Feel free to ask any questions, if you find any difficulty using this! Happy to answer all your questions as soon as possible !

In the meantime, read other blogs here!

Konversion offer

Konversion Theme For Shopify Awesome theme for more sales

Konversion is the fastest theme to generate huge revenue for your business with fantastic features!
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Konversion Shopify Theme Review: Best Conversion Theme On Shopify?
Konversion Shopify Theme Review: Best Conversion Theme On Shopify?
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