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LastPass is a safe, secure, and easy-to-use password manager. It uses bank-grade AES 256-bit encryption to ensure all passwords are stored safely.
8/10 (Expert Score)
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LastPass Review By Rebellink Security Experts: Monitoring handfuls or many solid, special passwords simply is absurd without a secret key administrator. Luckily, you can get essential assistance without using up every last cent.

The free release of LastPass has a lot of highlights, more than a portion of its for-pay rivals, and it matches up over the entirety of your Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS gadgets with no cutoff points on the number of passages you can make. The Premium and Family forms of LastPass include some advantageous sharing and confirmation settings, yet numerous clients will be in an ideal situation staying with the free contribution. LastPass is an Editors’ Choice secret phrase director.


What Is LastPass?

LastPass is a secure password manager that stores all of your usernames and passwords in one safe place called a Vault. After you save a password to your Vault, LastPass always remembers it for you. When you need to log in to a website, LastPass enters your username and password for you!

Numerous individuals have disclosed that everyone thinks LastPass is the best password manager in 2022, and you need to check whether that was valid, so you need to put it under serious scrutiny. LastPass certainly makes secret phrase the executives both simple and safe. The LastPass work area application and program expansion are both simple to utilize, easy to comprehend, and profoundly natural. At first, experienced some difficulty finding several LastPass’ additional highlights, you had the option to completely see how to utilize the program inside only a couple of minutes.

LastPass additionally has different layers of security, including military-grade encryption and secret phrase reviewing over the whole secret word vault. This elevated level of security makes it for all intents and purposes outlandish for programmers and cheats to get to your records.

LastPass gives numerous record recuperation alternatives in the event that you lose your Master Password, ensuring you’re as yet ready to get to your secret key vault — recuperation choices like these are significant highlights not found in a great deal of other secret key supervisors, so it’s ideal to see them remembered for LastPass.

LastPass offers a huge amount of worth — it has a larger number of highlights for less expensive than other secret key chiefs, particularly thinking about that LastPass Free considers boundless secret phrase stockpiling across boundless gadgets.

LastPass for its convenience, a serious scope of highlights, and in general worth. However, there are two or three things that I might want to see LastPass do to make their item stunningly better. LastPass is certainly extraordinary compared to other secret key chiefs I’ve seen.

LastPass Review

LastPass Review By Our Security Experts

LastPass is a strong contender if you’re searching to have a more secure password management option than your built-in browser manager. That said, it might be worth exploring some of the other options out there before making a decision.

Security is their highest priority, including quickly responding to and fixing reports of material bugs or vulnerabilities. LastPass is in part able to achieve a high level of security for our users by looking to our community to challenge our technology. 

LastPass is a fairly powerful and thankfully modern security tool. Given it’s also one of the cheapest options among its competitors, with even the free option providing more than enough features for the average user, LastPass is password manager worth giving a shot. So, Lastpass can be a great option for them who is searching for a handful of additional security tools in a budget. The latest version overcomes some of its past issues to become a password manager easily worth the already low price. For $3 per month, you would be hard-pressed to find a better option.

9.3Expert Score
A Powerful Password Manager In Market

LastPass is a powerful contender if you’re looking to have a more secure password management option than your built-in browser manager. LastPass comes with AES 256-digit encryption.

Plans And Pricing
Customer Support
  • Easy to use apps for all devices.
  • Great user interface
  • Dark web monitoring.
  • Excellent family tools.
  • The browser plugin has its issue. It is not working and popping up annoying banners and requiring the user to log in again.

LastPass Features

Some Of The Attributes Of LastPass

LastPass password manager is one of the effective password managers in 2022. LastPass has a large number of features in place, all designed with some type of security angle in mind. In all, LastPass features are:

1 click login
Once you save a password in LastPass, you’ll always have it when you need it; logging in is fast and easy. You don’t have to remember your all password of your webpages. Just remember your master password and LastPass will do the rest of the job.
SimplifIED online shopping
When you’re ready to make a purchase, LastPass will help to create your profile and will fill all your payment and shipping details for you.
password generator
LastPass will generate randomize strong password that cannot be hacked by any hacker. For every webform, LastPass password manager generates totally random and different password. You will be given the options to select how the password will be generated depending on the characters like uppercase, lowercase, number and symbols.
password vault
Like many other password managers in the market, LastPass also offers the vault features. LastPass store all your passwords and other essential information in a password vault. You can think of it like a physical safe but for your online valuables.

Your vault in Lastpass is your home base for everything you’ve saved including passwords, secure notes, and credit card information. If you are new to LastPass, you can import sites into your vault or add them manually. Or with the browser extension, LastPass will automatically capture account passwords as you enter them on every website.

Not only these, but also the LastPass vault lets you launch websites, edit login information, add notes, share login information, and more.
digital wallet
A “digital wallet” is a blanket term for a variety of technology that helps you store payment information and make transactions digitally. A digital wallet allows you to do away with cash and physical credit cards in favour of electronic transactions and payment methods, usually relying on your phone to transmit payment data securely.

LastPass works great as a simple, secure digital wallet as it is built for storing passwords, credit cards, and more, LastPass works great as a simple, secure digital wallet. It facilitates online shopping for all e-commerce websites so that your shopping experience is much faster, no matter what device you use. If you ever leave home without your wallet, you can always look up your cards in LastPass.

With the help of LastPass digital wallet, you can create multiple payment profiles to easily store and use different cards for different purposes. One could have your corporate credit card and one personal.
username generator
Surveys show that cybersecurity hacks are happening more frequently, with the username and email addresses targeted as well. Creating a secure username can be a big first step to protecting your information online. And that’s what the LastPass username generator tool does!

Maximum of the Password Manager tool in the market will provide the features of generating strong password but LastPass have the bonus features of generating username also. You can create a username for different web forms.
Lastpass authenticator
Unlike other tools, LastPass Authenticator offers a unique one-tap password verification experience that no other authenticator app delivers. LastPass allows you to enable push-based notifications for commonly accessed sites, and auto-generated passcodes for others so you only need one app.
dark web monitoring
The dark web is the place where there is full of hackers and your account generally lost its security. LastPass monitors your email addresses continuously within a database of breached credentials and immediately alerts you via email if they have been compromised. You can put your mind at ease knowing LastPass is protecting you, even if you aren’t logged in.

LastPass For Mobile

Setting Up LastPass In Android And IOS

Setting up LastPass in Android Or IOS

LastPass provides an app for Mobile which will allow you to carry your LastPass data around with you. After you install and log in to the app, you can set up Fingerprint Authentication, enable and use autofill, add and manage passwords, secure notes, and items in your Vault, use the Sharing Center, change your settings, use the in-app browser, or use the LastPass Keyboard.

LastPass offers mobile apps for both iOS and Android. When you start working you will be going to like both apps, and like the desktop version, found each app’s installation very easy. On both my iPhone and Android, all I needed to do was download the app and enter my email and Master Password.

STEP 1: Install the LastPass Password Manager app via the Google Play Store on your Android device or from the App Store in your IOS devices.

STEP 2: Enter your username and Master Password. If desired, tap to enable the Remember Email, Remember Password, and/or Log In Offline options.

LastPass Review

STEP 3: Tap Log In, After you are logged in, you can see your vault area where you can navigate using the All items view or searching for individual passwords, secure notes, or form fill items.

The interface is simple and easy to navigate for both the iOS and Android version.

However, I found that there are a few options missing from the mobile interface that is included in the desktop app. For example, the Sharing Center interface isn’t included in the mobile app like it is on the PC app. But after some searching, I found a “Share” option in the list of actions available for every item.

But overall, LastPass’s apps for iOS and Android are both feature-rich and simple to set up and use. Many other password managers either don’t have mobile apps or they have really bad ones, so it’s nice to see LastPass paying attention to its mobile users. Some options may be a bit hard to locate, as the sharing function. And the “Remember Master Password” feature seems totally pointless to me. I also had a couple of issues with the Android version, but this didn’t totally ruin my overall experience with the app. I expect LastPass to continue to improve its mobile app’s functionality.

LastPass For Desktop

Setting Up LastPass In Windows

Setting Up LastPass In Windows

For the most seamless experience, it is highly recommended that you install and log in to the LastPass web browser extension, which can be used for all of your password management needs without ever having to navigate away from the website you’re visiting.

STEP 1: Go to the LastPass downloads page.

STEP 2: Click Download for your desired web browser extension, or click Quick Install if you are actively using your desired web browser.

STEP 3: In your browser toolbar, click the inactive (gray) LastPass icon lastpass icon not logged on.

STEP 4: Enter your email address and Master Password, then click Log In.

STEP 5: If multifactor authentication is enabled on your account, you will be prompted by your default multifactor option (which can also be changed). Follow the prompts to authenticate, which will vary depending on how multifactor authentication is configured for your account (e.g., 6-digit passcode, SMS code, push notification, biometrics).

An active LastPass icon is now displayed in your browser toolbar to indicate you are successfully logged in to LastPass.

LastPass Review

Security Protocol

Is LastPass Secure?

LastPass has a very significant level of security. First off, it has a zero-information strategy, which means LastPass doesn’t track, access, or sell any information put away in your LastPass account. LastPass encodes and decodes all information at the gadget level, which means not even LastPass can get to your passwords or login data. All information is made sure about utilizing AES 256-digit encryption — a similar encryption technique utilized by high-security foundations like banks and militaries.

LastPass likewise has a few two-factor verification (2FA) alternatives, such as sending security messages requesting that clients check any logins on new gadgets. This prevents somebody from getting to your information on an alternate gadget, regardless of whether they know your Master Password.

LastPass likewise bolsters various outsider multifaceted validation alternatives (MFA) for additional security, including Duo Security, Google Authenticator, and YubiKey. MFA applications produce extraordinary one-time codes that are required alongside your Master Password so as to sign in to your LastPass vault. Once more, this makes it a lot harder for somebody to get to your LastPass information, regardless of whether they have your Master Password.

LastPass Review

LastPass has its own One-Time Passwords (OTPs) option as well. OTPs are unique, one-use passwords which will grant you access to your LastPass account. They’re extremely useful if you need to access your LastPass vault while in a potentially dangerous situation, like logging into your account on a public computer. LastPass will generate these OTPs and add them into a list of one-use passwords that can be used to access your account. Then you can print them out or store them in a safe place until you need to use them.

LastPass Pricing

LastPass Plans And Pricing

LastPass offers a variety of plans suited for various users. There are of course a free plan and also other paid subscription plan.

FREE✔️ Secure password vault
✔️One-to-one sharing
✔️Save and fill passwords
✔️Password generator
✔️Secure notes
✔️Security Challenge
✔️Multifactor authentication
✔️LastPass Authenticator
$ 0.00
PREMIUM ✔️All features included in free
✔️One-to-many sharing
✔️Emergency access
✔️Advanced multi-factor options
✔️Priority tech support
✔️LastPass for Applications
✔️1 GB encrypted file storage
$ 3/month
FAMILIES✔️6 Premium Licenses
✔️A vault for every user
✔️Unlimited shared folders
✔️Family manager dashboard
✔️One-to-many sharing
✔️Emergency access
✔️Advanced multi-factor options
✔️Priority tech support
✔️LastPass for Applications
✔️1 GB encrypted file storage
✔️Secure password vault
✔️Access on all devices
✔️One-to-one sharing
✔️Save and fill passwords
✔️Password generator
✔️Secure notes
✔️Security Challenge
✔️Multifactor authentication
✔️LastPass Authenticator
$ 4/month
LastPass Individual Plans And Pricing

LastPass pricing has a variety of options. Yearly plans are also available. There is anything but a paid-month to month plan, and LastPass doesn’t offer a discount strategy.

In any case, LastPass’ free form incorporates a 30-day free preliminary of the Premium arrangement — and it doesn’t expect you to give your charge card subtleties. In this way, you have 30 days to choose if the extra highlights in LastPass Premium will be beneficial for you.

When you start for the first time then you will get a trial version. LastPass Premium Free Trialguarantee your FREE 30-day preliminary of LastPass Premium at this point. when you use you will get 60% success. While it’s unquestionably extraordinary compared to other free secret key directors out there, it’s significant that LastPass Free does exclude crisis access, secure distributed storage, or progressed 2FA choices. In any case, it’s the most ideal decision in case you’re searching for a free, highlight rich secret key supervisor.

[ NOTE – LastPass Free user cannot sync their account on both computer and mobile devices at the same time. This means if a free user in using LastPass on a computer or laptop, then he can use the account on other laptop or computer but not on any mobile devices.

Similarly, If a LastPass free user is using LastPass on mobile devices, he can use the LastPass account on mobile devices and not on any computer and laptop until he upgrades LastPass membership to premium.]

LastPass also have a business plan. Have a look.

MFA✔️Adaptive authentication
✔️Biometric authentication
✔️Contextual authentication
✔️Extensive integrations
✔️Admin dashboard
✔️User management
✔️Directory integrations
$ 3/user/month
Teams✔️Offline mode 
✔️Admin console 
✔️Vault for every employee 
✔️Password generator 
✔️Save & auto-fill passwords
✔️Shared folders 
✔️Security dashboard 
✔️Dark web monitoring 
✔️Self-guided support
✔️Standard two-factor authentication
$ 4/user/month
Enterprise✔️Single Sign-On
✔️Enterprise password management
✔️Central admin dashboard
✔️Easy user management
✔️Group management
✔️Directory integrations
✔️Federated login
✔️100+ security policies
✔️Advanced reporting
✔️Multifactor authentication options
✔️Password sharing
✔️API Access
$ 6/user/month
Identity✔️Single Sign-On
✔️Enterprise password management
✔️Admin dashboard
✔️Adaptive authentication
✔️Biometric authentication
✔️Contextual authentication
✔️User management
✔️Group management
✔️Directory integrations
✔️Federated login
✔️100+ security policies
✔️Advanced reporting
✔️API Access
✔️Password sharing
$ 8/user/month
LastPass Business Plans and Pricing

In short, LastPass for Business can simply and securely connect employees to work. From authentication to access to passwords, LastPass manages every entry point to your business so you can mitigate risk while improving employee productivity. More applications, devices, threats and regulations increase the complexity of balancing strong security that’s also easy to use and manage. And hence LastPass for business is the perfect solution for you.


✔️ Secure password vault ✔️Access on all devices ✔️One-to-one sharing ✔️Save and fill passwords ✔️Password generator ✔️Secure notes ✔️Security Challenge

LastPass Support

After-Sales Services Of LastPass

LastPass offers good customer support options for general questions, but contacting the support team is a little difficult. For starters, there’s a good collection of training videos, “How To” guides, and FAQs located on the LastPass website. However, there isn’t an easy way to access other customer support options. The support page of LastPass has many articles that help users to self troubleshoot if anyone faces that.

Users can contact the LastPass support team through our support centre. Once you’ve searched for an answer to your question, a “Contact Support” link will appear. Clicking “Contact Support” will open a form where you can enter the details of your question and submit it to our team. One drawback of the customer support is that it doesn’t provide Live Chat option


Frequently Asked Questions

🤔How LastPass works?

LastPass is a browser extension that generates, stores, and fills in passwords. It makes practising good security a little easier, by letting you generate unique, random, very long passwords for each website you go to. If one website is compromised, attackers only have access to your account on that one website, and only until you change the password.

Your data is encrypted and decrypted at the device level also. Data stored in your vault is kept secret, even from LastPass. Your master password, and the keys used to encrypt and decrypt data, are never sent to LastPass‘ servers and are never accessible by LastPass.

🤔Who owns LastPass?

LogMeIn, the parent company of LastPass, has agreed to sell itself to a pair of private equity firms for $4.3 billion. Francisco Partners and an affiliate of Elliott Management Corporation announced are buying the Boston-based LogMeIn for $86.05 a share.

🤔Is LastPass trustworthy?

LastPass is a very safe, secure, and easy-to-use password manager. It uses bank-grade AES 256-bit encryption to ensure all passwords are stored safely, and it includes many advanced multi-factor authentication options for extra layers of security.

🤔Did LastPass get hacked?

 LastPass experienced a single security incident in our 10-year history, back in 2015. The bottom line, no encrypted vault data was compromised. We also installed HSMs at our data centres to further lock down SAML keys and user password hints.

🤔Is LastPass a virus?

LastPass virus was distributed as an extension in the Chrome Web store. Since few users have noticed that the publisher of the malicious versions is not “” but “AdGetBlock,” the majority of them installed the vicious version. It has been reported that more than 1,800 users have become the victims of this scam.

🤔Is LastPass free forever?

You can use LastPass on any device, anywhere, for free. No matter where you need your passwords – on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone – you can rely on LastPass to sync them for you, free of charge.

Final Verdict


LastPass has a large number of features. Most users, however, are likely to restrict their activities to the most basic functions related to password management. That usually includes saving passwords, auto-filling passwords into sites, and changing passwords when necessary. LastPass has a lot to offer on this angle, although some issues might give you pause or reason to consider other password management tools. If you want to work with LastPass then you need to know detail about LastPass. So read the LastPass Review article and start working with it.

LastPass is a strong contender if you’re looking to have a more secure password management option than your built-in browser manager. That said, it might be worth exploring some of the other options out there before making a decision. Even more, features are available, some of which are locked out if you’re using the free service. Additionally, some unique options exist for those signing up for the company’s family or business options.

Read more about password managers here.

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