Neil Gaiman MasterClass Review 2021: Discover The Art Of Storytelling. Is Neil Gaiman’s MasterClass Worth It?

Storytelling is an art and must be informative and inspiring. Imagine if you can learn from the famous storyteller Neil Gaiman? Yes! Heard it right! Read my full Neil Gaiman MasterClass Review below!

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Neil Gaiman masterclass free

Have you ever dreamed of writing stories out of your imagination and bring characters to life? If your answer is yes! Please check out Neil Gaiman MasterClass now!

Ask yourself when was the last time you find inspiration from your work? I know, during this hard time it is really going so low and most of us are losing the spark without ourselves!

If we want to improve our writing skills or develop original ideas, we can’t forget about creative writing Neil Gaiman right? In Neil Gaiman MasterClass, you will learn the art of storytelling and how to build a story! In this Neil Gaiman MasterClass Review, you will definitely regain the inspiration that you need to get back to writing!

Bored with this isolation period and searching to get back to the real you? MasterClass has a list of interesting classes that cover all genres that an individual can think of! From cooking to acting, philosophy, writing, photography, fashion design, sports you will get everything here at any time you want!

In this Neil Gaiman MasterClass Review, you will learn how to find your unique voice, develop original ideas and breathe life into your characters. Moreover, I will share my personal experience with Neil Gaiman’s MasterClass, what can you expect, what are the lessons you will get to know, and lastly you will get to know if this masterclass is right for you or not!

So let’s get deeper and dive into Neil Gaiman MasterClass Free which is perfect for aspiring and seasoned writers who want to discover Neil’s philosophy as a writer!

Who Is Neil Gaiman?

Neil Gaiman MasterClass Review: About Creative Writing Neil Gaiman

10Expert Score
Great Experience

Started writing my own story which I never had imagined before! Neil Gaiman’s MasterClass is not only a course for me rather it hit my emotions compared to other writing courses. After taking his lessons, I literally soar to myself that I can become a novelist and can do anything that will provide value to my readers. Highly recommended!!

Improved Writing
Video Lessons
Worth For Money
  • Well-produced lessons
  • Includes practical writing exercises
  • Amazing classes with high-production values
  • Provides supportive workbook
  • Great value for money course with subscription
  • Budget-friendly
  • Gaiman never discussed writing advice anywhere else
  • Not for non-fiction writers
  • Targeted only young writers
  • No 1-1 contact

Neil Gaiman, one of the most prolific storytellers and an award-winning author of multiple novels such as Coraline, American Gods, and best-selling comic books like The Sandman. Not only this, being a versatile writer Gaiman has written fantasy novels for adults such as The Graveyard Book which has topped the New York Times Bestseller list for 61 weeks.

Gaiman was born in Hampshire, UK and now lives near Minneapolis. He was basically known for being imaginative and unique, creating characters that are more memorable and noteworthy. For past years, he was the professor of the arts at Bard College in New Work’s Hudson Valley.

Neil Gaiman teaches the art of storytelling and created the most captivating worlds for writing. Neil Gaiman MasterClass has already reached millions of students all over the world and it can’t be denied he is one of the most popular storytellers working today!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn from this absolute legend who has gained an extensive creative career and a popular storyteller working across multiple genres. Haven’t checked out the trailer yet? Check Neil Gaiman MasterClass Trailer below:


What Can You Expect In Neil Gaiman’s MasterClass?

What Does Neil Gaiman MasterClass Promise?

Neil Gaiman MasterClass videos
Moment From Neil Gaiman MasterClass

In this Neil Gaiman teaches the art of storytelling review, he will share about his own writing experience that will ring your emotions and let you love your own stories!

Gaiman’s course is one of the best masterclass classes where you will learn about how creatives collaborate and more about Gaiman’s creative process. To be true, you will be getting Neil Gaiman himself who will share his favorite kind of teaching followed by personal feedback and instruction.

Neil Gaiman MasterClass focuses on 3 main areas, which are:

  • Teaches you how to find your own unique voice
  • Learn how to find and develop original ideas which is meaningful to you
  • Bring a character to life and help your readers remember your characters

In Neil Gaiman the art of storytelling masterclass he will guide you in various parts of the creative writing process, he will share video lessons on different genres, provides you tips and advice that will help you improve your stories and craft! If you really love this masterclass, you can give your special ones a masterclass gift to encourage them to tell stories that matter!

There are various other course instructors as well as world-famous personalities such as Gordon Ramsay teaches cooking, Garry Kasparov teaches chess, Amy Tan teaches fiction, memory, and imagination.

Honestly, Neil Gaiman MasterClass videos helped me to get back my confidence and I would highly recommend this masterclass course for a fiction writer, aspiring storyteller to weave ideas into something unique and fresh. Overcome the fear of making a mistake and get a fascinating insight from the world’s most successful living authors. And the best part is, this is absolutely worth for money!


What Are You Getting Inside?

What Do You Get Inside Neil Gaiman’s MasterClass?

Neil Gaiman’s masterclass is all about truth and fiction that instructs writers how to use the ”lie” of a made-up story to tell a human truth. Gaiman poetically says:

Neil Gaiman Says:

‘Human beings are storytelling creatures. Stories are vital. We convey truth with stories. That is the magic of fiction.”

Have a quick glance of what are you getting inside:


If you want to get subscription to Neil Gaiman’s MasterClass, here is what it provides for you:

1. Neil Gaiman Himself:

The best part of Neil Gaiman MasterClass storytelling review is about his own writing experience which tells you should love to write your own stories. In his entire course, Gaiman explains his favorite kind of teaching and breaks down each and every lesson for his students.

2. 19 Beautiful MasterClass Lessons:

In Neil Gaiman MasterClass, you will get 19 HD video lessons, with amazing visualization and production quality. I really loved the way Gaiman delivers his speech and compose his thoughts and his masterclass is similar to Margaret Artwood’s MasterClass. It will take nearly 5 hours long to complete Neil Gaiman MasterClass Videos, which is too long to listen to.

But there are playback buttons that help you to watch the course at 1.5x and 2x speed. Literally, I lack concentration for longer time commitment so this option helped me a lot and I had completed the entire lesson in about 3 hours 20 minutes at 1.5x speed with better subtitles, and trust me this doesn’t affect at all my whole learning process

3. Class Workbook+ 19 Designed PDF Lesson Downloads

.In Gaiman’s MasterClass, you will get an amazing class workbook plus you can download Neil Gaiman MasterClass workbook PDF for students, which was really well designed and helpful to understand! It is basically a 94-page class workbook that includes assignments and supplement material.

Let me tell you a secret, the class workbook includes two additional sections in each lesson which are ”For Your Novel” and ”Writing Exercises”. This section basically covers the techniques mentioned by Gaiman in the lesson and turns them into practical exercises. This is an extra benefit for me to understand the lessons and revise them.

4. Writing Exercises For Homework Purpose:

The lessons come with some kind of homework exercise, and most of them really helped me a lot that developed my internal thoughts and imaginations. Neil Gaiman Masterclass pdf helps you to put Neil’s advice into practice and will definitely take you beyond the course.

5. Community Access:

Every MasterClass has its own community forum where you can interact and communicate with other students and writers taking the class. Neil Gaiman MasterClass free also includes office hours which gives you the opportunity to ask questions personally to Gaiman and you will immediately respond via video!


Neil Gaiman MasterClass Lesson Plan

What’s Inside Neil Gaiman MasterClass?

MasterClass-Neil-Gaiman lessons

Neil Gaiman MasterClass is an excellent source of writing as he is a popular storyteller working across multiple genres. If you watch Neil Gaiman MasterClass videos you will definitely love his personality throughout the screen! The way he delivers his thought in a slow and pleasant style accompanies you through his stories, insights, and advice.

In Neil Gaiman teaches the art of storytelling masterclass is divided into 19 beautifully designed lessons with an average time of 14-15 minutes per lesson! Moreover, each lesson is subdivided into 3 to 5 sections.

Here are the detailed discussion of 19 Neil Gaiman MasterClass Lesson Plans:

1. Introduction:

Here, you will meet your instructor and famous storyteller Neil Gaiman, where he explains why he loves to teach and how he wants to encourage you to tell stories that matter.

2. Truth In Fiction:

In this section, Neil Gaiman teaches you the subject of storytelling and truth-telling in fiction. He explains that stories are a way to give readers information that they will remember, and we can achieve this by toggling between truth and lies. Neil shows you how to make your story’s world that feels real sense to readers.

3. Sources Of Inspiration:

In this lesson, Neil teaches how to create your own “compost heap” of inspiration and how to draw from your experiences to make a story uniquely your own. He believes that even old stories can be approached from new angles and teaches you to go beyond other writers and covers some topics to develop new ideas such as how to bounce ideas off one another, different ways of telling stories, and how to make stories of your own.

4. Finding Your Voice:

In this lesson, Neil teaches you how to find your voice through reading, experiment, trial, and error. In this lesson, Neil teaches you how to find your voice through reading, experiment, trial, and error. In Neil Gaiman MasterClass review, you will learn how to develop your voice and how to overcome the fear of making mistakes.

5. Developing The Story:

In this lesson, you will learn how to find a big idea that’s meaningful to you, as well as how to create conflict and compelling stakes for your characters. He also dedicates a video lesson ”The Graveyard Book” which showcases his techniques for holding attention and also focuses on how to create and develop your plot, what you need to know before you write, and what fantasy writing is all about.

6. Short Case Study: The Graveyard Book

.In this lesson, Neil uses his young adult fantasy novel, The Graveyard Book, to illustrate how character motivations serve as the essential building blocks of a compelling plot. In this MasterClass lesson, Neil Gaiman will help you find your idea, one that is meaningful to you, and he’ll help you build it up and bring the pieces together.

7. Short Fiction:

In this lesson, Gaiman explains short story is an ideal format for risk-taking. Neil also teaches you how to focus your scenes and descriptions for maximum impact.

8. Short Fiction Case Study: “March Tale”:

In Neil Gaiman MasterClass videos, he explains “Writing a novel is like driving through the fog with one headlight out. You can’t see very far ahead of yourself. Every now and again the mists will clear.” He gives “March Tale” as an example, and shows you how to expand your narrative by creating conflict for your protagonist and how to bring your story to a satisfying climax.

9. Dialogue and Character:

Neil Gaiman teaches the art of storytelling review, helps you to build memorable characters who have real conversations, and also provides insight on how you can listen and build trust for your characters and help readers remember your characters. As Gaiman explains, Dialogue is what we breathe life into our people and it must move the story along.

10. Character Case Study: “October Tale”:

creative writing Neil Gaiman

In this lesson of Gaiman, he teaches the technique of bringing a character to life by putting them in an unfamiliar situation that creates tension.

11. Worldbuilding:

Worldbuilding is Gaiman’s most favorite thing that you can learn from Neil Gaiman MasterClass trailer where he says, ”Worldbuilding is honestly the joy of getting to play god.” Moreover, you will learn Neil’s philosophy of worldbuilding, including how to create compelling and believable settings for your novel, and how to avoid the common pitfalls that many aspiring writers make. Worldbuilding teaches you how to take in your surroundings and write about what you know!

12. Descriptions:

Neil’s masterclass prompts us to consider our fictional world that will determine the rules of our world! In this lesson, Gaiman shares his techniques to liven up descriptive prose, including cold opens, withholding information, finding emotional weight, and choosing memorable details.

13. Humor:

Learn how to use humor in your storytelling from Neil Gaiman MasterClass. Neil shows how he uses humor in his work. He includes a close look at his novel Anansi Boys to illustrate his personal techniques such as “sherbet lemons” and “figgins.”

14. Genre

In Genre, Neil Gaiman teaches that reader’s expectations are tied to genre. Neil explains how an understanding of your story’s genre can help you provide delightful surprises to your audience. In addition to this, he explains genre will help you understand what you read will expect from your story.

15. Comics:

Gaiman explains in his masterclass that writers don’t need to shy away from comics just because they’re not illustrators. Rather, Neil demonstrates his process of plotting and scripting a comic, using an award-winning issue of Sandman as an example.

16. Dealing With Writer’s Block:

Neil-Gaiman teaches the art of story telling masterclass

In the Dealing With Writer’s Block video, Gaiman talks about some of the difficulties of the writing life and gives ideas about how to get through them. In Neil Gaiman MasterClass Review, he explains every writer faces a time when they are stuck on a thing and have no idea how to move the story forward from that point and to figure out how to fix that thing! In this lesson, he focuses on topics like how to give yourself a deadline, how to write the next thing you know, and how to retrace your steps.

17. Editing:

In this lesson, Neil gives advice about the editing process, including why it’s important to take time away from a project and to get feedback from a trusted reader. He also explains his method of writing a short story, a novel, or a script and how he pretends to like a method actor as for him pretending is the most important thing in the world.

18. Rules For Writers:

In his rules for writers video lesson, Neil talks about striking the right balance between humility and confidence, as well as the need to stay organized and devoted to daily work.

19. The Writer’s Responsibilities:

Finally, in the last video lesson of Neil Gaiman MasterClass, he concludes with a deeply personal discussion of the responsibilities that people who create art have to their audience and what this means for humans as a whole.


Let us move to the next part of Neil Gaiman MasterClass Review, where we will discuss Neil Gaiman MasterClass Cost.

Neil Gaiman MasterClass Cost

How Much Does Gaiman’s MasterClass Cost?

Neil Gaiman MasterClass Cost

If you want to get Neil Gaiman MasterClass, you need to get access to a one-year subscription to MasterClass! Neil Gaiman MasterClass costs $180 for an annual membership where you can get access to all 90+ available masterclass classes! Great bargain right?

Just think, Neil Gaiman MasterClass costs only $180, and if you get a subscription to just one course you will get all other courses for free! Other masterclass courses include writers such as Aaron Sorkin Teaches Screenwriting, James Patterson Teaches writing, Margaret Artwood Teaches Creative Writing.

I really found it very helpful, as the annual subscription will automatically renew after one year, and you will just have to pay whatever the new subscription costs at that specific time! Personally, I really feel blessed to get this entire masterclass gift and enjoyed the well-organized video content. And there are a lot of chances to learn more as this course covers every category and anybody who wants to learn more about Gaiman’s creative process.

In case you are not satisfied with their services, you can get a complete refund of your purchase as all the packages on Masterclass comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Writing MasterClasses

Neil Gaiman MasterClass Alternatives

Neil Gaiman teaches the art of storytelling MasterClass is one of the most popular masterclasses because of his fantasy-style work, unique novels, short story, and comics. But there are other masterclasses with other authors and writers who are world-famous personalities!

Let us move to the next section of Neil Gaiman MasterClass Alternatives:

Margaret Atwood Creative Writing MasterClass:

Margaret Atwood Masterclass, one of the most literary voices and the award-winning author of “Man Booker” shares her perspective on the art of writing and who ultimately gives your book its meaning. Atwood teaches you how she crafts compelling stories, from historical to speculative fiction, that remain timeless and relevant. Margaret Atwood Masterclass workbook pdf, explains the significance of time in fiction and offers advice on keeping readers oriented without compromising your story structure. Explore Margaret’s creative process for developing ideas into novels with strong structures and nuanced characters.


Malcolm Gladwell MasterClass On Writing:

Malcolm Gladwell the best-selling author and longtime New York staff writer reflects on the idea of writing as a calling. Malcolm Gladwell MasterClass Course on writing helps readers digest data and engage with complex ideas in his writing. Learn how to launch and maintain your career as a professional writer.

Moreover, Malcolm Gladwell’s masterclass notes explain his guiding principles to uncover a good idea for a story through research. In masterclass Malcolm Gladwell teaches writing, you will learn how to write like Malcolm Gladwell and craft stories that captivate by learning how Malcolm researches topics, crafts characters, and distills big ideas into simple, powerful narratives.


Joyce Carol Oates Storytelling MasterClass:

Award-winning author and Princeton University writing professor Joyce Carol Oates teaches you in her masterclass classes how to improve your story-telling instincts and find ideas from your own experiences and perceptions. In Joyce Carol Oates MasterClass Workbook PDF, she advises how to select a place to write that makes you feel inspired and how to continue finding joy in the writing process.

If your dream is to be a writer, Joyce explains how to draft, revise, and share your work with others. Protect your time for writing that will leave a lasting impression on you! Not only this, she advises you on how to select a place to write that makes you feel inspired and how to continue finding joy in the writing process. Improve your ideas and creativity with MasterClass Joyce Carol Oates!


James Patterson Teaches Writing MasterClass:

James Patterson currently the best-selling author in the world guides you from the start to the finish of your book. If you want to start writing your own best-sellers then his lessons will help you focused, productive, and motivated.

James Patterson teaches writing masterclass, spells out the techniques he uses to generate his ideas, and then separates the good ones from the less compelling ones. James Patterson outlines how to grab your reader’s attention quickly and make them hold on for dear life.


Aaron Sorkin Screenwriting MasterClass:

Aaron Sorkin, the Academy Award-winning writer of The West Wing and The Social Network will help to learn how to build the “drive shaft” that will set your script in motion. Aaron Sorkin teaches screenwriting masterclass PDF teaches you his rules of storytelling, dialogue, character development, and what makes a script actually sell. You can also watch Aaron Sorkin MasterClass Google Drive and learn how he gets unstuck and what writing tools he uses to make sure he’s ready when inspiration strikes. Learn how to write screenplays that capture your audience’s attention!


Neil Gaiman Masterclass Pros And Cons

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Neil Gaiman MasterClass

neil-gaiman-masterclass pdf

Neil Gaiman MasterClass Review is all about storytelling and writing fiction novels. If you really want to develop new ideas and improve your writing skills then Gaiman’s writing skills and techniques will definitely help you to have a connection with another individual and share your viewpoint! Below are the few key things that I have learned from his MasterClass.

Things I Learned From Neil Gaiman’s MasterClass Review:

  • Learned how to add details to your story and attract your reader into a real experience and a sense of reality
  • Make sure to carry a small notebook and keep it as a compost heap of ideas and imaginations
  • Another important thing is to find and finish the things which you have dumped. Always take things which you want to make perfect and finish them
  • Learned that we always learn more from writing a failure thing compared to writing a success story
  • For a writer, there are four important words which are And Then What Happened?
  • If you are struck in a word and don’t know how to move on then go for a long walk, chop wood or play with kittens and then pretend you have never tried the thing before
  • Every dialogue has three important purposes which are adding to the character, moving the plot forward and provide entertainment to your readers

Things I Liked About Gaiman’s MasterClass:

  • Get to learn how to write as an professional author and to get published the realities of writing
  • Found how to build an emotional connection between a writer and a reader and how to add emotional depth to stories
  • Enjoyed how to use short stories and and plot them as a magic trick
  • Benefited with Neil Gaiman MasterClass Workbook PDF which highlights key points and contains lots of practical information
  • Learned how to start writing and motivated to finish it
  • Neil’s writing techniques helped me to look at writing from a new point of view and more compelling
  • Found it very interesting with the community hub to discuss lessons and feedback from others. Encouraged with this online support system
  • Found a reasonable balance between theory and practice
  • Learned how to use dialogue to create character in a good way

Things I Dislike About Neil Gaiman MasterClass:

  • High-level course with the concept of great fiction, and not a course that will help you to start and finish a bestselling novel
  • Requires self-discipline where you need to invest your time and writing focus to make the most of them
  • If you are not interested in reading this course is not for you
  • This course is full of professional advice, and if you are looking for grammar tips, sentence structure or story templates then look somewhere else
  • Basically targets young writer or aspiring writer
  • No 1-1 contact with the instructor
  • Some of the Neil Gaiman MasterClass Videos are lengthy which might be a drawback for writers


Is Neil Gaiman’s Content Unique?

What Others Have Said About Neil Gaiman MasterClass?

Neil Gaiman MasterClass is one of the most popular writing courses with amazing quality and background videos with his fictional world in mind. In addition to this, it is very convenient of having this valuable teaching in one spot! With outstanding quotes and illustrated graphics you will find full of actionable ideas, and practical encouragement along with creative magic.

Let us see some examples of his students and followers:

Some said:
”I’m enjoying it – Gaiman is one of my favorite authors, and there are some excellent bits of advice in there – but it definitely trends downward when it comes to whether it’s for beginners VS advanced writers. It’s all excellent advice, but I feel like I’m already following most of it ”- Comment From Community Forum.

”Most valuable writing masterclass. I liked the style when he talks, what he conveys and especially the books are amazing to get more ideas. Neil makes fiction come to life. Really worth the money.” -Comments From YouTube

Another comment from Neil Gaiman MasterClass Reddit:

Some said:
”Gaiman is a man of great ideas. really liked his masterclass. It was well produced and Gaiman was articulate, unpretentious, encouraging and gave some really solid advice. Throughout the class he did several readings from his work to illustrate his points on certain topics, which I found refreshing and helpful.” -Comment From Reddit


Final Words: Is Neil Gaiman MasterClass Worth It?

Is Neil Gaiman MasterClass Worth it

If you really want to write a new story and get it published with real characters then yes Neil Gaiman MasterClass is worth the money! This entire masterclass is for young writers who want to soar and create lifelike characters that will stick in the reader’s mind and dreams!

Interested in fiction writing? Neil Gaiman teaches the art of storytelling and helped me to regain confidence! I would highly recommend this creative writing Neil Gaiman masterclass where you can read and listen to this legend talk about his famous novels and comics and other creative works.

Keep in mind, his course is basically aimed at aspiring writers than advanced storytellers. You will love his lessons which are designed in the most engaging manner with beautifully designed PDF lessons with high-quality visualization.

Personally, I have fallen for Neil Gaiman MasterClass as it has guided me with many magic tricks and tips that have helped me to build my world. Go for this course guys, if you really want that spark and creativity in your writing and connect with your readers more emotionally!

Thank you for reading my Neil Gaiman MasterClass Review, hope this article will help you to build your own narrative world! Get an instant subscription to the all-access pass and get Neil Gaiman MasterClass free! Don’t forget to share your experience in the comment section below! All The best!


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