Oribi Review 2021: Features, Pricing, Alternatives ( Comparison With Google Analytics)

Frustrated to manage a lot of web pages with Google Analytics? Here is the solution! Introducing Oribi, a great web management tool useful in collecting data to understand the performance of websites! Check full Oribi Review below!
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Oribi Review:

Oribi Analytics

Currently, Google Analytics is the most trusted web analytics tool where the users can track website data on desktop and can also gather usage data from both Android and iOS.

Most of us, are very familiar with the term Google Analytics for tracking website traffic, right? What if, I ask you to switch to another traffic management software with better functionality? Shocked?

If you are lacking in conversion, and want to gain a lot of knowledge of user behavior and analytics then definitely you should stick to my Oribi Review!

Have you heard about Oribi? Oribi is a marketing analytics tool, that helps you in collecting useful data and understand the performance of websites and integrates well with all our needs!

If you are searching for a web analytics app that feeds you with a spoon, then don’t leave this article guys! Here, in this Oribi Review, where you can automatically monitor your website to know which visitors are your best leads and work on to convert more visitors into customers!

Want to know more about Oribi? Stay tuned to know more about Oribi Review below!

Oribi Review

Oribi Analytics Review: What Is Oribi?

9.5Expert Score
Best Versatile Web Analytics Tool

Oribi is one of the best analytics tracking tool, accessible for everybody where you can easily integrate data from web pages.This system takes the most important aspects of website analytics and makes it into an easily viewable, discoverable and digestible format for both webmasters and the clients. It gives you all the data you need to make decisions about website optimization, measure conversions, see cross channel attribution and more.

Ease Of Use
Value For Money
  • Very easy to navigate and understand
  • Helps you easily manage web pages
  • Helps you to understand specific behavior within funnels
  • Identify prospects by email addresses
  • Get full attribution for any event
  • Helps you to evaluate any content
  • Auto generated customizable reports
  • Builds funnels across cross domains
  • 24/7 dedicated conversion expert
  • Expensive

Oribi is an all-in-one marketing analytics tool that authorizes businesses to make smarter, data-driven decisions with cutting-edge technology, that allows users to track goals, understand their visitors, optimize their marketing efforts to drive the best possible results.

With Oribi, you can automatically monitor your website in case of any changes occurs and provides you instant notification of how your platform is performing, any kind of shifts in the number of conversions for your business goals. Guides you on various areas, such as how to increase your conversions, which marketing buttons perform better, which buttons bring more traffic, and which are your best visitors!

To be true, if you want to replace Google Analytics with something much fresher, then Oribi Analytics is the best alternative that will really work for your business. Another important point to share in this Oribi Review, here you can easily analyze and evaluate all your marketing content and fixes with a filterable funnel set up.

Do you know the best part? This web analytics platform has a stunning dashboard that is very easy to understand and changes can be made easily. The main focus of Oribi is to make analytics approachable for everybody and help you to track user behavior across several domains.

Don’t have any coding knowledge or technical skills? No more worries! Oribi provides simple, and easy-to-use dashboards with website statistics. Even with a little experience, Oribi Analytics helps you to build funnels, define conversions, and create reports.

Iris Shoor, founder of Oribi brings this new level of creativity in this marketing process with this incredible web analytics management tool to help businesses easily understand their audience behavior. This will be the best choice for managing user’s behavior, for marketers and business professionals to build strong analytics skills to run their business!

In the next part of the Oribi Review, we will discuss a detailed comparison of Oribi VS Google Analytics and why you should choose Oribi Analytics for future growth! Continue Reading…..!

Oribi VS Google Analytics

A Detailed Comparison Between Oribi Analytics VS Google Analytics

Oribi VS Google Analytics
Easy To Manage

Web analytics is important to grow your business website, and provide you visitor’s data so you can identify what they are doing on your website. There are many web analytics tools, that you can use to collect website data, but the most common and free to use web analytics tool that most of us use is Google Analytics Tool.

But, I would suggest you use Oribi Analytics which is also a very versatile tool to obtain information and data from web pages and allows you to visualize the data in a more flexible way.

Let us have a detailed comparison of Oribi VS Google Analytics below that will help you choose between the two most popular web analytics management tools!

Comparison Of Oribi VS Google Analytics:

If you want to get more actionable insights from Google Analytics, then to be true it is not that easy! In this Oribi Review, I will share with you how Oribi helps you to take the right data from your site and turn it into smart business decisions more easily!

1. Event Building & Tracking

Oribi helps you to track everything automatically and built for people who want actual data insights without putting in any extra time and money. Here, you can track everything automatically and in an unlimited manner. Moreover, Oribi helps to understand your website visitor’s behavior so that you can easily optimize your conversions. Group the events to make quick and easy reporting for any kind of internal communications.

Google Analytics, on the other hand, needs some technical support where you need to customize by adding tags or hire a developer to do the entire work for you. Here, you can track only page views automatically and you have to define them manually by code or in Tag Manager. Google Analytics only tracks events, once you create them manually.

2. Actionable Insights VS Raw Data

Oribi focuses on what increases your website results and optimizes your conversions. It translates your data into actionable insights and helps you focus on what really matters. Moreover, this website analytics tool scans your traffic, conversion goals, key pages, and main visitor data. In case there is any change in traffic, Oribi finds possible causes and provides you more reliable insights into your data. Highlights important data, for your marketing channels, attribution, visitor’s journey to make result-oriented decisions.

Google Analytics, is basically built for developers and focuses on necessary traffic numbers such as user engagement, time on site, bounce rate. Here you have to manually compare several reports and find trends for yourself.

3. Individual Visitor Data

Oribi provides you to follow every step of your visitors, understand specific behavior within funnels or attribution and you can easily identify your potential prospects by their email addresses. There is unlimited scope to dive deeper into specific visitor journeys and keep an eye on behavior.

Moreover, Oribi lets you apply multiple filter options and provides a detailed report of where your prospects came from, which device they used, which country they are from. There is an email tracking option that identifies your prospects by their emails to understand their behavior.

On the other hand, in Google Analytics there is limited access to the journeys of individual visitors and you are able to see only the specific pages your visitors viewed. Here, you get a limited scope with single visitor data and to have a look at the page visits within funnels. There are very basic filter metrics such as the number of sessions and average session duration.No email tracking is available.

4. Funnels

Oribi Analytics helps you to build funnels the way you like. Here you can include any event or conversion goal as a step in your funnel, track funnels across domains such as landing pages, booking tools, etc. Using this flexible web analytics tool you can filter your funnels to get deeper insights into different segments, such as visitors coming from Facebook or browsing from mobile.

Google Analytics has limited funnels and here you can only select page visits as your funnel steps and this, in turn, leaves multiple blind spots if any visitor clicks a button on your website. Cross-domain funnels are available but are basically outsourced to agencies or Google Analytics experts with a more advanced setup. No funnel filter option available.

5. Marketing Attribution

If you are a marketer, then you must know every customer visits your site several times before they purchase anything. Here comes the role of Oribi, where you can identify and evaluate all such attachments involved in any event whether defined or not! There is already a default model that helps your potential customers to learn about your brand before they convert to your site.

Oribi Analytics includes unlimited attribution models to choose from to define your own model. Moreover, helps you to look into the sessions of individual visitors to reveal interesting attribution patterns and learn from their behavior.

On the other hand, Google Analytics displays limited attribution and uses the default attribution model before any customer converts into your site. No session of individual visitor data available.

6. Event Correlations

Correlations are super easy to create in Oribi, where you can evaluate any content and find out how different events affect your conversion.

Google Analytics doesn’t let you to create event correlations.

7. Reports

Oribi Analytics helps you to generate stunning, customizable, reports in seconds which are beautifully designed and easily shareable and can be fully customized. Users can create their own designs, add summary to highlight the achievements and also include metrics. There are unlimited options to add logo, change the colors, export reports to PDF, automate them and sent them on a regular basis.

Whereas Google Analytics has standardized and very basic reports. Here, you can only include a limited amount of metrics, and funnels cannot be part of the report. There is no option of auto-generated reports and you have to spend hours of your day, to include specific metrics. You cannot change the Google Analytics standard reports and the data includes only basic traffic metrics. No option to add a logo, change the colors of the report.

8. Support

With Oribi Analytics, you can have your personal conversion expert 24/7 available to answer your questions and show you skillful tricks and hacks to optimize your conversions.

On the other hand Google Analytics doesn’t provide any kind of personal conversion expert available for you.

Oribi Features

A Detailed Discussion: Why Choose Oribi?

Oribi Features
Oribi VS Google Analytics

In this Oribi Review, I have already discussed in detail a complete comparison between Oribi VS Google Analytics and hope you have an idea Google Analytics has limitations whereas Oribi has some customization capabilities and you can create reports according to your needs. Oribi offers an incredible support system with fast responses. Oribi is a perfect analytical tool for agencies as well as eCommerce businesses.

Check out some out of the box Oribi Features, that Google Analytics lacks:

  • Helps you to get actionable insights to drive results, understand trends and turn your data into action
  • Track and compare multiple campaigns, define your conversion goals without any code
  • Empower you to understand what works, what doesn’t work, and how to drive more conversions
  • Evaluate how each channel contributes to your goals and track and compare multiple campaigns by their UTM
  • Provides you access to follow single visitors across different sessions and multiple domains
  • Oribi’s smart filters help you to look into the journey of specific segments and connect email addresses to match journeys to your top prospects
  • Get ready-made beautiful reports to share your results, customize the look, add logos and schedule your reports automatically
  • Helps you to uncover all touchpoints involved in a conversion, choose different models to evaluate your activities, and define your goals

Oribi Pricing

Oribi Review: Complete Pricing Details

Oribi offers a complete 7 days free trial that you may try to optimize conversions on your site. Compared to Google Analytics, Oribi is not free and is priced in 3 categories ”Business”, ”eCommerce”, ”Marketing Agency”. But the main reason you should give Oribi as here your can easily track your return on investment and the main difference between Oribi VS Google Analytics is their monthly customization plan and custom events support.

Here is the complete list of Oribi Pricing and Categories :

For Business($492/m)

Oribi Business Plan

Business plan includes marketing analytics and website flow optimization:

  • Track Up to 3 Domains
  • 6-Month Data History
  • Channel Analysis
  • Funnel Optimization
  • Unlimited Event Capturing Automatically
  • Visitor Journey and Email Capturing
  • 100% support
  • Webinar Access
  • Analytics Bootcamp
  • 1:1 Onboarding

For eCommerce($410/m)

Oribi eCommerce Plan

eCommerce business needs smart website optimization, to grow audiences:

  • Track Up to 10 Domains
  • Channel Analysis
  • Funnel Optimization
  • Budget Planning
  • Automated Event Capturing
  • Custom Reports
  • Export Unlimited Events to Facebook, Google Ads, And More
  • Export Unlimited Smart Audiences
  • White Labeling And Custom Design for Your Reports
  • Advanced User Management

Marketing Agency($656/m)

Oribi Marketing Agecy Plan

Build the right plan that suits your marketing agency, and includes:

  • Unlimited Customers
  • 2 Years Data History
  • Channel Analysis
  • Funnel Optimization
  • Budget Planning
  • Google Ads & More
  • Export Unlimited Smart Audiences
  • White Labeling & Custom Design for Your Reports
  • Advanced User Management

Oribi Alternatives

A Detailed Comparison Of Oribi VS Smartlook

Oribi Analytics comes with an extremely clean interface, especially when compared with the main rival Google Analytics. Oribi gives you all the data you need to make decisions about website optimization, measure conversions, see cross-channel attribution, and more. The best part is it is very easy to navigate and understand and the information it provides allows you to make adjustments to advertising strategies!

There are many Oribi Alternatives that will boost conversions, but Oribi is the best out of most web analytics tools. Let us have a detailed comparison between Oribi VS Smartlook:

Comparison between Oribi VS Smartlook:

Bottom Line
Bottom Line
Oribi mainly focuses on increasing conversions and helps you to follow every step of your visitors where you can build stunning reports within minutes.
Tracks everything automatically

Helps you to follow every step of your visitor

Unlimited data for funnels and attributions

Helps you in email tracking

Easily shareable

Includes stunning customizable reports

24/7 personal customer support
Nothing Such
Bottom Line
Smartlook records users on websites and in mobile apps that allow users to find useful information even in thousands of recordings in no time.
Advanced filtering

Always on recording

Automatic event tracking
Insights are not particularly profound
Algorithms not that powerful


Final Words

Oribi Alternatives

Here I conclude with my Oribi Review, hope now I have made it clear the specific differences between Oribi VS Google Analytics. To be true both tools both tools are helpful for your business! If you are frustrated with Google Analytics then you should definitely give a try to Oribi.

Though Google Analytics is free to use, but there are certain limitations and confusions. On the other hand, Oribi Analytics is a bit easier where you can get versatile analytics information for your website.

I would highly recommend you guys, to have a look on Oribi business plans, eCommerce plans and marketing plans to get real value from your from your website analytics in a more practical and agile way!

Thank you for being a part of this article! Still have any confusions? What do you think which tool is better? Let me know in the comment section below! Happy to answer all.

Most powerful web analytics tool with cost effective features where entire website is automatically monitored across multiple domains.
$300492 visit site

Oribi Review 2021: Features, Pricing, Alternatives ( Comparison With Google Analytics)
Oribi Review 2021: Features, Pricing, Alternatives ( Comparison With Google Analytics)
$300 $492

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