Podia vs Teachable: Who Comes Out As The Best LMS and Why?

Podia vs Teachable! Find out the best LMS that comes with the most number of features at the lowest price. Get in detail comparison of Features, Prices, and User Experience.

If you were searching for Podia vs Teachable, then I can say for sure that you are trying to build an E-learning platform with the best LMS systems that come at an affordable cost. If you are stuck between Teachable and Podia, then you are already on the right path. These two are considered the best LMS platform in terms of the price they come along with the irresistible features.





  Starts with $33/mo

 Starts with Basic $29

Mobile App



User Friendly 

Virtual Product

Online Courses

Customize  website

Advance Marketing Tool

Report And Analytices

Live Classes 

Let’s help you get out of the dilemma with my Podia vs Teachable. If you want to build an e-learning business, you need to have the best LMS tool that comes with all the necessary features that can help you create courses effortlessly, promote your courses, and make your online business successful. Let’s see which LMS software comes out on top considering every aspect of this Podia vs Teachable blog.

Podia vs Teachable: Product Overview

Since its launch, Podia has grown into popularity for its powerful features and affordability. It allows beginners to successfully launch their e-Learning business by creating and selling online courses and digital products with ease.

On the other hand, Teachable has been one of the go-to products for beginners as it is one of the cheapest but most reliable LMS that offers a free plan, but there are some downsides to this LMS platform too. Before making your purchase let’s see what are the limitations of Teachable.

Limitations of Teachable
  • Even though it provides a freemium plan, the transaction fee is sky-high. $1+10% per transaction doesn’t sound profitable.
  • Teachable doesn’t provide full membership site integration, this is a major issue as membership sites are great to build a loyal customer base and recurring income.
  • You cannot create an unlimited number of courses with Teachable, it sets a limit that could limit your growth.
  • Teachable doesn’t have Auto-responder, it is a major issue if you don’t have an external autoresponder tool at your disposal. Who wants to do that manually?

You can try some other apps like Teachable if you want to.

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Podia vs Teachable: Advantages of Podia

Podia LMS is an all-in-one online course creation platform that allows you to run your entire online course business from a single platform. You can sell online courses, memberships, and digital downloads with ease. With Podia, you don’t need to spend additional money to get a custom website, payment software, hosting, or email marketing tools like Mailchimp. Podia includes all these features that you can get for a very affordable monthly price.

Podia Advantages
  • Both online courses and memberships can be sold. You may even combine your courses and memberships to give customers another reason to buy from you.
  • There’s no extra payment for email marketing software, and there’s no limit to the number of connections you can have.
  • Everything you’ll need to host an online course or membership site is included. You get landing pages, opt-in forms, and many more.
  • There’s no limit to the number of courses you can create on Podia.
  • Podia is a simple to use platform that quickly creates a professional storefront.
  • You can offer both free and paid memberships, as well as several levels of premium membership with varying levels of content access.
  • Podia provides easy to use page editor that you can use to edit your pages

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After seeing all these advantages you might wonder if it’s a real deal or just a gimmick! The answer to your question is not easy. Both the platforms are well known, and many people are using them and getting benefitted by creating online courses and membership community platforms. Like all the other products on the internet, Podia has its limitations too, but does it works better than Teachable?

I have made use of the free trial of both the software and tried to pull out all the necessary details about them. In this blog of Podia vs Kajabi, we are going to compare both the software side by side and help you decide which one works the best. Let’s begin our Podia vs Teachable face-off now.

User Interface

Podia Interface
Podia Interface

Podia is a user-friendly platform that allows novices to create courses, webinars, and other types of content. All of the essential features are always just a click away, and its powerful editor allows you to design and create pages without any prior technical experience.

Teachable interface
Teachable Interface

Teachable also comes with a user-friendly interface that allows beginners to use it without any trouble. All the offered features are stacked in the left sidebar menu. From there you can easily build your online courses.

After using both the software, my final view is that somehow the interface of Podia is a bit bland, whereas Teachable’s interface looks sophisticated and lets you operate freely. But while creating a course, beginners may find Podia more suitable to them for its clean interface. In my opinion, the first round of Podia vs Teachable goes to Teachable.

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Online teaching is a lucrative business. You only need to invest your time and bear the initial cost of setting up your platform. After that, you don’t really have any recurring cost apart from the tool you are using to create and sell online courses.

This business comes with a high-profit margin, so beginners usually try to find a powerful LMS tool that doesn’t cost much. Both Podia and Teachable are affordable LMS platforms that come with a large range of features. Both the platforms come at very affordable price, the plans are even cheaper than some WordPress LMS plugins which makes these software very good alternatives for LearnDash.

Podia Pricing
Podia pricing

Podia is available at a reasonable price. It has three paid options, the cheapest of which is the mover plan, which costs only $33/month. Podia’s plans all include a custom domain, community building, an email marketing tool built-in, and infinite courses. Podia costs even lesser than some of the LMS plugins for WordPress. That makes it a very good alternative to LearnDash and other WordPress LMS Plugins.

Teachable Pricing
Teachable Pricing

Teachable on the other hand, offers more flexible pricing with 4 plans, including one free plan. Although it offers a freemium plan, there’s a downside to it. It charges a $1+10% transaction fee on its freemium plan and a 5% transaction fee on its basic plan. So it’s clear that it’s going take a huge chunk off your profit. The other two plans are costlier than Podia, and it doesn’t take any transaction fees.

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So in this case I can declare Podia as the winner of this round of Podia vs Teachable. You can check the Graphy review also, if you are looking for an all-in-one affordable LMS.

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Online Course Building

If you are getting the best LMS, it must do a good job in course creation. A good LMS must allow you to create an engaging, media-rich course in a short time. Podia and Teachable allow their users to do that without any hassle.

Podia Courses
Podia Courses

Creating an online course is simple with Podia; simply go to the dashboard and select Create a Product, from which you can select the product you want to create. Online courses, digital downloads, Webinars, bundles, and coaching sessions are all possible with Podia. After selecting one, you’ll be taken to the course creation page, where you may add various texts, embed videos, create quizzes, and much more, all from one page.

Teachable Course
Teachable courses

Before you begin building the core framework of your course on Teachable, you must first fill in some basic facts. You can set your course in the curriculum area after you’ve filled in the specifics. It also has numerous choices, such as adding or duplicating lectures, making them downloadable, providing a free preview, and so on, all of which are conveniently accessible on the right side of the sections.

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As you can see that both Podia and Teachable can create courses effectively, both have some advantages and some limitations. But Podia comes with quizzes and its course player contains a fresh look and cleaner design. So in my opinion, this LMS could be a better option to keep the learners engaged.

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Design and Customization

Customizing and designing your e-Learning platform properly plays a vital role in making your online teaching business successful. With the right LMS, you can give your website and courses a professional look to attract visitors and convert them into paying customers.

Podia Design
Podia Design

Podia offers a multitude of customization options, allowing you to tailor your course to your exact specifications. From the alter site option, you can build new pages, customize them with words, videos, and images, and add multiple styles and layouts. It also works with Unsplash, allowing you to add thousands of high-quality stock photos to your websites.

Teachable Design
Teachable Design

You must go to the Page parts of Teachable to select and construct your sales page with various blocks. You’ll discover a list of several blocks in the left menu that you can add or alter to give your platform a professional and sophisticated appearance.

on the surface, both the LMS platforms perform quite similarly in design and customization, but the page builder in Podia offers a greater number of pre-built sections. So you have pre-built sections for testimonials, FAQs, author bios, and other things that Teachable doesn’t have. So with a fine margin Podia takes the lead in this Podia vs Teachable dual.

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Advanced Marketing Tools

Creating fabulous courses isn’t the end of the job, in order to make your e-Learning business you need to get it to the right audience, and to do that you need advanced marketing tools that will allow you to reach the audiences and pitch them your product. Both software in Podia vs Teachable, include several marketing options, let’s see who does it better in this round of Podia vs Teachable.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a must-have in your tool if you want to keep your users engaged, and turn leads into customers through well-done sales funnel. Both Teachable vs Podia contains native email marketing tool that performs at a different rate.

Podia Email marketing
Podia Email Marketing

You may utilize Podia’s built-in email marketing tool to deliver newsletters to your leads with a small number of emails. You may also create a drip campaign using the Podia LMS system. A trigger mechanism is initiated when a trial is purchased, for example, moving the user via a funnel system toward paying purchases.

Teachable does include an email marketing tool, although it appears to be rather simple. You must write an email to your target audience in the “Emails” box. You’ll need to include the required filters in this portion, as well as the option to “Email Students.” You can play around with various filters.

Apart from that Podia integrates with the majority of significant email marketing platforms, whereas Teachable only integrates with two. We can already see who is leading Podia vs Teachable clash.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a convenient way to reduce your workload for generating sales as your affiliate partners do that for you. Thus, to scale your business at a faster rate your platform needs to have an affiliate marketing feature to build an affiliate network.

Podia Affiliate
Podia Affiliate

Both Teachable do include affiliate marketing options, where you can create a new account for affiliate partners, set the terms of affiliate links and check the performance of your affiliate performance. So in this case both the LMS platforms perform similarly. But the advantage Podia gets because of its extensive email marketing power with its native and integrated email marketing tools. So we can give the round of Podia vs Teachable to Podia.

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Reports and Analytics

If you want to make an excellent strategy to boost your business, then having a report and analytics to analyze the performance of your courses is a must-have in an LMS tool. Thankfully both Podia and Teachable lives up to their names as both software come with Reports and Analytics tool.

Podia’s reports and analytics tool is well-designed. It enables you to monitor the progress of your sales. You may also check the performance of your email marketing campaign using the report chart. Open rates, bounce rates, the amount of unsubscribed subscribers, and a slew of other statistics may all be monitored.

Podia Reports
Podia Reports

Teachable also provides a section dedicated to reports and analysis to assist you in keeping track of your course. It enables you to keep track of the trainees’ development. You can keep track of how many lectures you’ve completed, your quiz results, your video statistics, and much more. You may also keep track of an individual’s development. Teachable also offers comprehensive sales reports that include bills, transactions, and upsell reports.

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To be honest, Teachable has a slight advantage over Podia in this department as it enables you to see beyond only sales and engagement reports while Podia allows you to track all the necessary details about your business.

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Membership Community Building

Building a membership community could be profitable in many different ways for your business. As you can build a customer base that is loyal to you, you can reduce your advertisement cost by using this community as the biggest advertisement strength, and apart from that, you can keep your users engaged by providing them a feeling of being a part of something special.

Many individuals have established dedicated membership sites to earn revenue. Your LMS must have this feature if you don’t want to lose any opportunity to build your brand. Both Podia and Teachable provide options that allow you to build a membership community but with Teachable the options are not quite effective.

To construct a membership platform with Teachable, you must first produce a bundle of courses and sell them at a unique price to your users.

Podia Community
Podia Community

On the other hand, Unlike Teachable, Podia gives you the option of creating a paid community to help you grow your business. It includes a dedicated page to help you develop a community. You can design an endless number of membership plans, each with its own set of features, benefits, and rates.

You can make postings solely available to premium members, provide free trials, create bundle goods with a single click, and take a variety of other activities to expand your membership base.

So it’s a clear win for Podia in this round of Podia vs Teachable it seems. It provides straightforward options for creating memberships, and the process is very simple to follow.

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Third-Party App Integrations

Your LMS may have a lot of native tools, but if you already have existing tools or want some flexibility to create an online course platform it should come with Third-party app integrations.

Podia and Teachable both come with a lot of options in this scenario. Teachable works with a number of email marketing services including Google Analytics. It also integrates with Zapier and Webhooks. Teachable’s webhook feature is quite extensive, with numerous options.

On the other hand, Podia can seamlessly integrate with more than 1000 third-party apps and webhooks. Drip, Mailchimp, ConvertKit, AWeber, GetResponse, Stripe, PayPal, Facebook, Pinterest are a few of the mentionable apps you can connect with Podia. The number and quality of apps Podia can connect with are beyond comparison.

Final Take On Podia vs Teachable

If you are still reading this blog of Podia vs Teachable, you already know who wins this battle of Podia vs Teachable. Podia is truly a standalone LMS tool when it comes down to its performance. It reduces the workload of an educator by a lot, as it is extremely easy to work with and the number of features it comes with cuts the labor in half.

If you were in a dilemma of which software to get, I hope my Podia vs Teachable has helped you find the answer. Teachable may seem a better option initially, but all the transaction fees and its limitations will sting you for sure, so in my opinion, Podia is a more profitable option in a similar price range. So don’t wait anymore as you have found your answer, get the best LMS tool, and build a successful online coaching school.

If my Podia vs Teachable blog has helped you, or if you have any suggestions or questions regarding Podia vs Teachable do let me know in the comment box. I’ll be happy to hear from you.

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