Best Pretty Links Alternatives. Best URL Management Plugins For Affiliate Marketing.

An affiliate link tracking system should be a core part of your affiliate marketing toolbox. Pretty Link is a terrific plugin but it lacks tracking conversions. To help you find the best Pretty Links Alternatives we have listed both paid and free plugin alternatives to Pretty Links.

Pretty Links is one of the most widely used WordPress plugins that allows URL shortening and quickly locates short URLs for your Social Marketing Campaigns. Most affiliate marketers are familiar with the term Pretty Links. It allows you to create simple URLs on your website, track the number of clicks, view click details including IP address, and easily update and redirect links to new URLs. Read the full article to know the best Pretty Links Alternatives.

To be true, Pretty Links is a great plugin for serious affiliate marketers, but most affiliate marketers who are new to the market stick to the free options which have restrictions that will never let you take your affiliate marketing to the next level. After doing a lot of research work, I have listed down some of the best Pretty Links Alternatives which are free to use with all pro features that will not only track the CTR but also keeps a record of conversions. Check our guide on Best Affiliate Networks And Marketing Platforms.

To become a successful affiliate marketer, use the Amazon Associate Plugins where you can easily include detailed product specifications, pricing details, and ratings even without doing any manual work. Let us have a detailed list of Pretty Links Alternatives where you can easily cloak your affiliate links and serve them with the URL you want using the Affiliate Link Cloaker.

Here are the top recommendations for Pretty Link Alternatives To Track & Manage URLs:

What Are Pretty Links?

As we all are very familiar with Pretty Links, which is the most popular WordPress Plugin that allows you to execute URL shortening inside of your WordPress. It quickly manages to place short URLs for your social marketing campaigns and make your affiliate links more catchy. Pretty Links is the easiest and most efficient way to monetize your content.

Here are some of the key features of Pretty Links:

  • Create clean, simple URLs on your website
  • Track the number of clicks
  • Easy to understand reports
  • View click details including IP address, remote host, browser, operating system, and referring site
  • Easily exclude IP Addresses from Stats
  • Easily update redirected links to new URLs
  • Turn to track on / off on each link
  • Random-generator or custom URL slugs
  • Cookie-based system for tracking visitor activity across clicks

This affiliate link management plugin comes with other plans which are premium and not at all cost-effective. Let us have a look at the pricing plans below:

Premium PlansFeaturesPricing
Beginner✔️Use on 1 WordPress Site
✔️Auto-create Pretty Links
✔️Auto-link keywords
✔️Advanced Redirect Types
✔️1 Year of Support and Update
Marketer✔️Use on up to 2 WordPress Sites
✔️Insert Links in Gutenberg Editor
✔️Link Categories
✔️Automatic Link Titles
Super Affiliate✔️Use on up to 5 WordPress Site
✔️Advanced Add-Ons
✔️Simple Click Counting
✔️Link Tags
✔️Tracking Pixel Redirects


Pretty Links Alternatives Free

Pretty Links is one of the coolest WordPress Plugins that automatically create short links on your domain. Now it is very easy to group and organize links and track click counts and easily replace keywords. Pretty links have two versions free and paid. But the free version doesn’t support all the functionalities compared to other WordPress Plugins. Let us have a quick glance at the most popular Pretty Links Free Alternatives:

  • Affiliate Link Manager which is a free Pretty Link Alternative for cloaking and managing your Affiliate Links. It is very simple to use and add your URLs and you can easily track your cloaked links.


  • Another Pretty Links Free Alternatives is Easy Affiliate Links, and you can manage all your affiliate links on your website. Click gets tracked for your links automatically.


  • WP Wizard Cloak is another free alternative where you can easily manage your affiliate links with great features such as link text-decoration, and bold or italic text automatically.


Pretty Links(Free) Comparison With Alternatives

Top Pretty Links Alternatives:

AAWP Affiliate Plugin 1

AAWP is an Amazon affiliate plugin that helps to insert Amazon affiliate links on your WordPress site, without needing to go through with this affiliate marketing program, you can earn money from Amazon by recommending the product.

Perfect for website owners, bloggers, YouTubers, Social media Influencers, and Developers and help them to create interesting and beautiful layouts for their amazon products and improve your website’s user experience. It offers several features that can help boost your affiliate page performance and, therefore, increase your earning potential by amazon products from your blogging.

AAWP allows you to create a comparison table with relevant information from your WordPress blog, without needing any specific coding skills. Customize and upgrade the post even without having any programming knowledge. It offers a handful of features, let us discuss some of them below.

AAWP Features:

  • AAWP can be used on any theme due to the flexible shortcodes and templates
  • Can be used on Desktop and Mobile devices like tablets and smartphones
  • Loaded with a variety of well-crafted templates
  • Compare multiple products with each other by creating a comparison table with a useful table builder
  • Attract your visitor’s attention towards the newest products within a specific product group

Let us have a quick glance of other options what makes AAWP different from Pretty Links:

Point Of Difference
Pretty Links (Free)
Different Styles And Designs
Comparison Tables
Attract Visitors With Specific Product Group
Create Automated Best Seller Lists
Pick out Amazon Prime Articles and Get Extra Commission


ClickMagick Affiliate Program

Well like Pretty Links, ClickMagick is another Affiliate Program that allows you to promote a high-value product that literally helps you to increase conversions and start receiving commission payments every single day.

To be true, ClickMagick helps all affiliate marketers to sit back, relax and grow their affiliate business over time. It is one of the best Link Cloaker for all affiliate entrepreneurs and small businesses to track and optimize their marketing and run a steady business like never before!

It allows you to track conversion data all in one place and measure performance. If you don’t have a trackback option, simply give your conversion pixel and send your conversion data and get a way out. With advanced features like seamless cross-device and offline sales tracking, I would definitely recommend ClickMagick to all my friends and get more commissions from your affiliate business.

ClickMagick Features:

  • Offers Live Chat Support
  • 14 days free trial on all accounts to improve your marketing
  • Audience Optimization
  • Helps you to Cross-device tracking
  • Includes Offline Sales Tracking

Let us now see how ClickMagick can be a Pretty Links Alternatives:

Point Of Difference
Pretty Links(Free)
Track and optimize your Google, Facebook, or YouTube Ads
Bulletproof Cross-Device Tracking
Audience Customization
Ultimate in Facebook Ad Optimization
Track Your Phone Sales and Other Offline Sales


Easy Affliate Links

Easy Affiliate Links, is one of the best WordPress Plugins that help you to manage all the affiliate links on your website, both cloaked and regular non-cloaked links. You can track clicked links automatically using this plugin. Now you can easily transform your affiliate links into pretty links.

After using this plugin, you can easily categorize according to your product list which makes the link management easy to use. It allows you to add your plugin from the post-editor section. With the free version, you can migrate all your affiliate links to every new website you build.

Easy Affiliate Links helps you to easily add links or change links if you want to promote a different store. I personally liked the SLUG part that will show you what your cloaked URL would be like. It is open-source software and you can easily access your links in the visual and HTML editor.

Easy Affiliate Links Features:

  • Compatible with both the Classic Editor and new Gutenberg Block Editor
  • Now you can easily create short links to coat your affiliate links
  • Automatic text disclaimer for your affiliate links
  • Track monthly and lifetime click counts
  • Set categories to your links
  • You are capable of using UGC and fund attributes to your links

There are many advanced features that make Easy Affiliate Links a better substitute compared to Pretty Links. See below :

Point Of Difference
Easy Affiliate Links
Pretty Links(Free)
Set categories To Your Links
Import Affiliate Links From XML and CSV
Automatic Broken Links Checker
Automatic Tooltip Disclaimer
Export Your Links To XML



Another Pretty Links Alternative is Lasso, and it works with every affiliate marketing program and easily integrates with Amazon Associates. Using this Pretty Links Substitute, you can increase your visitor’s confidence with the help of eye-catching link displays. Customize your displays and match them with your site’s branding.

Lasso helps you to create beautifully designed summary boxes with all product details and information that displays your affiliate site. This affiliate link creator, helps you to create links out of your keywords or phrases on your sites that will help you to generate more passive income with your existing traffic.

It has some limitations, which are not available using this plugin like comparison tables and automated lists but still, this is an amazing plugin due to some key features. See them below.

Lasso Features:

  • Create customizable attractive affiliate links to build your audience’s trust and increase your CTR
  • Helps you to transform your unmonetized links into affiliate links instantly
  • Automatically update product information from Amazon every 24 hours
  • Make your URLs look catchy by putting your custom permalink to every affiliate link
  • Organize your affiliate links into groups and use them to display a grid or list on your site
Point Of Difference
Pretty Links(Free)
Offers a Free 14-Day Trial
Live Chat Support
Affiliate Link Displays
Amazon Integration
Stock Checker
Geo Location
Finds New Linking Opportunities
Affiliate Program Recommendation
Plugin Import And Revert
Cost Effective



LinkTrackr is another Cloud-based link tracking, affiliate cloaking, and split testing software. It is highly recommended for all professional marketers to track all leads and sales.

Using LinkTrackr, there is an outstanding feature like the more commission you earn the higher commission rate you will get. It includes a 5% commission for all valid transactions and becoming an affiliate and earning passive income.

There are various interesting features, you can get using this amazing link management plugin. Preview them below.

LinkTrackr Features:

  • Cloak your affiliate links, capitalize on viral marketing to drive traffic from social media sites
  • Create campaigns to track ads from banners, emails, ad swaps, blog posts, and much more
  • Run a simple A/B split test, and discover which landing pages convert better to improve your conversion rates
  • Split your traffic across different partner URLs, landing pages, affiliate offers, team members
  • Provides 30-day money-back guarantee, in case you are not satisfied
  • Track conversions on your own site or blog, as well as affiliate networks, using this simple pixel tracking solution

There are various different reasons, why LinkTrackr can be a wayout for better link building than Pretty Links. See below:

Point Of Difference
Pretty Links(Free)
Split Testing
URL Rotator
30 Days Money-back Guarantee
Postback Tracking
Flexible Billing


Thirsty Affiliates

Unlike Pretty Links, Thirsty Affiliates is mainly built for bloggers and website owners to manage their affiliate links and make money online. It is considered the best affiliate link cloaking plugin for WordPress that turns your plain-looking links affiliate links into more attractive links.

If you are looking for a purpose-built tool, Thirsty Affiliate is one of the best Pretty Links Alternatives you should consider. Unlike other affiliate link plugins, ThirstyAffiliates doesn’t have bloat or unnecessary features, that is the reason it won’t slow down your site. It has just the options you need in order to manage your affiliate redirect links.

This plugin allows you to manage your affiliate links via CSV. You can easily import/export and update across sites. ThirstyAffiliates is a very useful plugin for any WordPress site that uses affiliate marketing links. It’s an easy way to manage your affiliate links in one place, and use pretty redirection links instead of ugly default links that’ll scare away your readers.

There are plenty of features, let us have a look at some of the key features below.

Thirsty Affiliates Features:

  • Simply provide the keywords and your affiliate link is linked automatically
  • Create amazing reports using charts and tables full of useful statistics, plus regular admin email reports
  • Smart Uncloaking with Amazon’s terms of service
  • Manage your affiliate links via CSV and easily import/export and update across sites
  • Provide alternate destinations for international clicks via country targeting
Point Of Difference
Thirsty Affiliates
Pretty Links(Free)
Link Prefixes
Show Category Slugs In URLs
Import Export Settings
Attach Images To Affiliate Links
Modularized Design
Built-in Proactive Link Fixer
Uncloak Option
Rest API Compatibilty
Uses Custom Post Types


AutoLinks Manager

Autolinks Manager is a smart strategy, using this you can easily generate more visits to your page, sell more products, and earn more money with a referral system. With its advanced autolinks system, you have the option to apply this strategy and you can have total control over the application of the autolinks.

This plugin helps you to categorize your autolinks, which is extremely useful when you have a high number of autolinks used for different purposes. It allows you to increase internal linking and target specific keywords to increase sales, referrals, or page views for your sites.

With Autolinks Manager, you can easily select what exactly Gutenburg blocks the autolinks should be applied. Most importantly, Autolinks Manager is open-source software. There are a handful of key features, let us discuss some of the key features below.

Autolinks Manager Features:

  • Custom attributes to describe the linked documents
  • Determine in which post types the defined keyword will automatically convert into links
  • With the Test Mode plugin option, you can apply the autolinks on the front end of your website
  • Includes the possibility to categorize your autolinks
  • Extremely customizable and easy-to-use
  • Open source software
Point Of Difference
Autolinks Manager
Pretty Links(Free)
Custom Attributes
Test Mode Option
Protected Tags
Categorize Autolinks
Extremely Customizable
Multi-Site Ready
Random Prioritization



Final Words

To wrap up, I would definitely recommend you guys to choose one of the above-mentioned Pretty Links Alternatives, for better link management plugins, track conversions, and also earn huge commissions from the amazon associate program.

Personally, after a lot of research work, I have come across the best substitute for Pretty Links, and most of the affiliate bloggers are in search of plugins with more advanced options which are simple to use. Highly recommended for all professional bloggers.

Hope, I have made it clear which are considered the best link Cloaker for your affiliate business. Still, have questions to ask? Please let me know if you have any queries or suggestions for better Pretty Links Alternatives! Happy to answer all and hear your thoughts.

In the mean time, read our other blogs here!

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