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Looking for a Streamlined and Simplified Password Manager? RememBear will do the job
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RememBear Review By Rebellink Security Experts: Do you know the nature of the bear? Bear remember each and everything. In this way, RememBear promises to memorize and manage all your passwords, and also they will keep securing your password.

This secret phrase chief handles the essential assignments of catching and replaying passwords, and it synchronizes over the entirety of your Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS gadgets. Be that as it may, you won’t locate the serious highlights present in the top contenders, for example, secret key legacy, complete secret key quality reports, or hearty structure filling capacities. At the cost, you are in an ideal situation with a more able other option.


What Is RememBear?

RememBear is a friendly tool that simply saves your passwords and autofill your web forms easily. Thus it is a great tool for those who have tons of password to manage in a regular manner. RememBear is a more up to date secret phrase supervisor, however, there’s valid justification to confide in it. It’s made by a similar group that makes the TunnelBear VPN, which keeps web utilization secure for a great many clients around the globe. If you checked the RememBear secret phrase administrator out so you could see with your own eyes if it’s really an advantageous expansion to an as of now truly packed commercial centre.

RememBear’s UI is truly interesting. RememBear offers straightforward bit by bit directions to tell clients the best way to get to basic highlights like bringing in passwords, making a protected Master Password, making a Backup Kit, and matching up PCs up with cell phones.RememBear additionally has magnificent security assurances that help protect client data on its workers.

In any case, you were not excessively dazzled by RememBear’s extra highlights — it doesn’t offer encoded stockpiling, penetrate observing, secret word sharing, or any of the different additional items offered by more full-included secret word chiefs like Dashlane or 1Password. Yet, RememBear is attempting to corner the “straightforward secret phrase director” market, and they’re doing it incredibly well.

There’s a 42% off markdown on a multi-year plan alongside a 30-day free preliminary, making this outstanding amongst other worth secret key chiefs of 2022. I’ve tried a variety of secret word administrators, and RememBear is one of my total top choices — you can utilize it on your gadgets throughout the previous month, and this is what you discovered.

RememBear Review

RememBear Review By Our Security Experts

RememBear may not have many impressive features in its free version, but we must not underestimate the password generating capacity of this app. Like other well-renowned Password Managers in the market, RememBear offers different options for creating completely random passwords as well as passwords using the “correct-horse-battery-staple” template. These latter passwords are weaker but easier to remember, which is illustrated by the smaller (and cuter) size of the accompanying bear graphic.

That all said, the more I used it, the more I felt like RememBear mostly got things right. Like sister app TunnelBear VPN, RememBear focusses on what’s important and offers a streamlined, friendly user experience. It lacks cruft – and I half wish it would stay frozen in this form because there’s a sense too many extra features could wreck this app’s elegance.

From our point of view, if you’re looking for a more complex tool that might now be the best fit. But if you want a nice and simple manager, that will cover all the basics, RememBear is the perfect solution for you.

9Expert Score
The Most Simplified Password Manager In Market

RememBear is a friendly tool that simply saves your passwords and autofill your web forms easily. If you are looking for a streamline password manager, RememBear is just for you.

Plans And Pricing
Ease Of Use And Setup
Customer Support

RememBear Features

Some Of The Attributes Of RememBear

As all of the services we access via the internet are usually separate entities, we need to provide a password for every website. From a security perspective, it is not advisable to use the same email and password combination for multiple websites. The primary reason behind this is, if a data breach occurs in one of those websites, all other accounts could be compromised. And that’s where the job of a password manager begins. So, being a password manager, RememBear offers certain features to its users. We will be going to discuss them now.

ease of use
Compared to all the Password Manager in the current market, RememBear has the cleanest user-friendly UI interface. The app offers only the most basic of password management, filling your logins on websites and storing your information in a protected vault. But it can be clearly noticed that the design process utility was favoured over other features.
Backup Kit
In the event that you’ve overlooked your Master Password, at that point you’ll have to allude to your Backup Kit. At the point when you at first made your RememBear account, you would have been provoked to make a Backup Kit. Ideally, you printed and put this away safely as suggested! A total Backup Kit comprises of your record email address, New Device Key, and Master Password. You’ll require the entirety of this data to re-access your RememBear account.

In contrast to numerous administrations, RememBear’s elevated level of security implies that resetting this data on the off chance that you lose it is beyond the realm of imagination. You can peruse more about the Backup Kit here.

On the off chance that you do approach a total Backup Kit, at that point essentially open the RememBear application on your gadget. At the login screen, select the “I as of now have a RememBear account” incite and adhere to the directions.
RememBear gadget
In the event that you have another gadget with RememBear previously signed in, you can utilize this to the re-obtain entrance. From the other gadget find the ‘Include new gadget’ alternative Note, you’ll actually need to recollect your Master Password to get access.
password generator
Whenever you’ve made sure about the entirety of your passwords inside RememBear, you can begin on stage two of secret key security—trading out feeble and copy ones. RememBear doesn’t have a full-scale secret phrase security report like you get with Dashlane, Keeper, LastPass, and a couple of others. The nearest it comes is a tone coded quality meter for the secret word of the presently chosen thing. On the off chance that the meter isn’t green, you need a more grounded secret key. Concerning copy passwords, you need to uncover those yourself.

You don’t need to think of solid substitution passwords all alone; you can utilize RememBear’s secret phrase generator. Of course, it makes 18-character passwords containing two capital letters and two digits, with the rest being lowercase letters. The length is acceptable, better than the 12-character default of Dashlane or RoboForm’s eight characters. Myki Password Manager and Authenticator defaults to 30-character passwords.
reward system
you cannot overlook RememBear’s unique rewards system. It’s what makes it stand out when compared to other password managers.
Customers can complete a number of tasks such as referring a friend or syncing their accounts referring a friend in order to gain more points and get discounts. That’s a really nice touch from the RememBear app.

RememBear Setup

Easiest Setup Process In RememBear

Beginning with RememBear is simple. Head over to the download page and snatch RememBear for your gadget. Whenever you’ve downloaded and introduced the application on your first gadget, you’ll be incited to make a record. Make a point to make a Backup Kit.

Windows and macOS:

When RememBear is introduced on your PC, you’ll need to introduce at any rate one of our program expansions. As of now, we offer program augmentations for Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Windows: To include a program expansion, open the RememBear application and explore to your settings. Select the General tab and snap Add Browser Extensions.

STEP 1:You can also go to the official RememBear website and click Download.

STEP 2: An exe file will be and install it.

STEP 3: After the installation process is completed, you have to create a account if don’t have any .

And you are done, you are ready to use RememBear by adding it in the extension.

RememBear Review
RememBear for Desktop download

macOS: To include a program expansion, open the RememBear application and select RememBear in the menu bar at the head of your screen. There, you’ll see the alternative to Install Browser Extensions.

After you’ve included a program expansion, you’ll be provoked to combine the augmentation to the RememBear application by matching a code. This should spring up naturally for you, however on the off chance that it doesn’t, tapping the program expansion should incite it.

Android and iOS:

RememBear is one of the easiest password managers to use. RememBear will guide its users with a cuddly cute animated bear through a series of achievements to help a new user get started. We introduced RememBear on a Google Pixel 3 running Android 10 for testing. We had no issues validating the new gadget and didn’t run into any exhibition issues with the application. RememBear underpins biometric logins (both unique mark and face) on Android and iOS stages. You can likewise utilize RememBear to fill passwords in applications on the two sorts of gadgets.

RememBear Review

STEP 1: Open Google Play on android device store or App store on IOS device.

STEP 2: Search by typing “Remembear”

STEP 3: When the result shows, download the RememBear app. After the download process is completed, it will start installing automatically.

STEP 4: Open the app. You will be given two option. If you don’t have an account, you have to click “create an account”

STEP 5: You have to give your email id to sign up.

And you are done. After you’ve logged into a website once, RememBear asks to remember that login information and offers to auto-fill your information every time you navigate to that site. Then after doing that whenever you have to log in to any of the sites, just clicking on the bear icon, your username and password will come up automatically.

Before you’re ready to utilize RememBear to its fullest degree, you’ll have to ensure that your gadget is set up to permit autofill. To do as such, kindly follow any prompts to empower settings during your record arrangement. These prompts will be gadget explicit and in the event that you follow them, you’ll be a great idea to go! Follow these step to use RememBear on android or IOS devices.

In the event that you have any inquiries concerning how to arrange RememBear, it would be ideal if you connect with our Support Bears.

RememBear Security Protocol

Is RememBear Safe To Use?

The RememBear developers claimed that they have a ferocious privacy policy, which clearly outlines how they collect the minimum amount of information possible necessary to provide you with a secure and reliable service. RememBear is independently code audited to ensure it is consistently in line with the highest standards of security. They have a track record of posting our audit results publicly, having conducted the industry-first audit for TunnelBear.  So RememBear can protect you and your personal data across the board that we’ve now published the RememBear audit as well.

Putting away the entirety of my passwords in a single spot is a startling possibility — it would be a calamity if programmers gain admittance to your secret word vault. Yet, RememBear offers enough security assurances that you have a sense of security putting away my logins on its workers.

RememBear protects client data with 256-digit AES start to finish encryption — this is similar encryption utilized by banks and governments. Start to finish encryption implies that you’re the main individual who can see your log in data — even RememBear can’t perceive what you’re putting away on its workers.

Progressed clients will be glad to realize that RememBear ensures client information with a huge load of innovative security shields, for example,

  • Secure Remote Password (SRP). Ensures information while it’s moving between client gadgets and RememBear’s workers.
  • Key Management System (KMS). Guarantees information encryption regardless of whether RememBear’s workers get penetrated.
  • Transport layer security (TLS). Protects information from HTTP assaults.

Less specialized clients can simply have a sense of safety realizing that their information is secured at each and every point between RememBear’s workers and your gadgets.

RememBear is pretty low on additional highlights —you had preferred to see them incorporate secret word sharing and informing between RememBear clients — yet this item actually gives the entirety of the fundamental highlights important for an advantageous and secure secret key chief.

RememBear Review

RememBear Pricing Info

RememBear Plans And Pricing

RememBear FREE✔️Unlimited password storage
✔️ 1 device
✔️ User-friendly UI interface
RememBear PREMIUM✔️ Sync items across all your devices
✔️ Securely backup your RememBear
✔️ Priority customer service
✔️ Adorable bear cartoons
✔️ Backup Kit
RememBear Plans and Pricing

RememBear pricing is good if the premium feature is considered. It charges $36 every year, which is a similar premium value that LastPass charges. Dashlane costs more at $59.99 every year, except most other contending items, go for less. Guardian, Password Boss, and Sticky Password Premium expense $29.99 every year. Genuine Key and RoboForm charge just $19.99 every year, while Bitwarden Premium is just $10 every year.

You can utilize RememBear for nothing in case you’re willing to forego cross-gadget matching up. Dashlane’s free form requires a similar trade-off. On the splendid side, you can utilize all the excellent highlights during your 30-day free preliminary. Other free secret word administrators are far less prohibitive. LastPass and MyKi, for instance, don’t put any cutoff points on the number of gadgets you can adjust with your passwords or the absolute number of putting away passwords.

The problem here isn’t the price, but rather the features offered for the price. As discussed earlier about the features, RememBear doesn’t offer much outside of basic password management, which makes the rate seem a little too high. 

RememBear Free

✔️Unlimited password storage ✔️ 1 device ✔️ User friendly UI interface

RememBear Customer Support

After-Sale Services Of RememBear

Talking about the customer support of RememBear password manager, it provides e-mail support for its users. Besides, The RememBear help site enables business leaders and users to find solutions to problems they face when using the platform. The troubleshooting page provides answers to several frequently asked questions, while the getting started page provides useful information when first installing and setting up the application.

RememBear team developed an AI-based software called Paddlington Bear. This Paddlington Bear was able to respond to my technical questions clearly and promptly. The only drawback I personally faced is the absence of Live Chat Option which is offered by many password manager in the market.

Pros And Cons

What Are The Advantages & Disadvantages Of Using RememBear?

All password manager in the market more or less offer similar features. But still, each of them possesses some distinctive attributes. So some of the pros and cons experienced by our Security experts are listed below.

  • Syncs across Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices
  • Amusing bear-themed user interface
  • Stores secure notes and credit cards
  • Audited
  • Pricey
  • No traditional two-factor authentication options for securing accounts.
  • We don’t get any extra features in its free version.
  • No password strength report


Frequently Asked Questions

🤔What is RememBear?

RememBear is a friendly app that saves and auto-fills your passwords to save you time and keep you safe online. RememBear App is developed by the same team that developed the TunnelBear VPN, which is a well-recognized VPN software in the market.

🤔Is RememBear safe?

RememBear is one of the most secure password managers on the market today. It uses end-to-end 256-bit AES encryption to keep user data completely secure on RememBear’s servers. RememBear also uses a ton of high-tech security protocols to protect data, including a server key management system, secure remote password protocol, and transport layer security. Password managers are most often breached due to user error, which is why RememBear gives users a few different tools to keep their vault secure.

🤔Does RememBear have a free plan?

RememBear does offer a free plan — it includes unlimited password storage, but only on one device. It also keeps you from accessing your New Device Key, so there’s no backdoor into your account if you lose your Master Password.

🤔How does RememBear manage passwords, notes, and credit cards?

If you’re familiar with password managers, then nothing about RememBear will surprise you — except for the adorable animated bears, of course. Users transitioning from another password manager have the option to import previous password vaults from a .csv file. All of your passwords, notes, and credit cards are stored in RememBear’s app and browser extension in an alphabetical list. There’s also a search field that makes it easy to find things inside your vault.

🤔Is RememBear better than built-in password managers from Chrome or Apple?

Google Chrome offers a pretty decent password manager, and Apple’s iCloud Keychain is a simple way to store and auto-fill passwords. But RememBear is a cross-platform password manager with added security measures like two-factor authentication. RememBear works really well across a variety of devices — it easily syncs between PCs, Androids, Macs, and iOS, as well as offering extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

🤔Is RememBear is good password manager?

RememBear Password Manager & Digital Vault offers consistent, excellent apps for all the platforms and browsers you could want and includes the advanced features found in the very best password managers, among them password inheritance, secure sharing, two-factor authentication, and an actionable password strength report.

Final Verdict


RememBear is an exceptionally secure and straightforward secret key supervisor intended to make the secret phrase the board experience truly fun. There are huge loads of charming enlivened bears helping you input, auto-fill, and make secure passwords over every single working framework and gadgets. On the positive side, RememBear stands out for its quirky interface. Thus, it’s one of the more fun password managers out there.

The client service group is truly outstanding in the business and the low month to month cost is difficult to beat. While there is a free form, it isn’t all that great. Then hurry up start working with RememBear. While the price and encryption are both good, it’s also one of the more basic password managers. Talking about RememBear Features in its free version, it may disappoint you compared to other password managers in the market.

Read more about password managers here.

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