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Looking for the safest Password Manger ? RoboForm provides AES256 bit encryption.
8/10 (Expert Score)
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RoboForm Review by Rebellink Security Experts: Essentially every site you visit demands you make a client record and brainstorm a secret key, from dating applications to hyper-secure financial locales. The human memory can’t stay aware of handfuls and many these. A few people get the brilliant plan to utilize the most straightforward potential passwords, things that are anything but difficult to recall, as “123456789” or “secret word” or “secret signs”. Others retain one eminently irregular secret phrase and use it for everything. Either way is probably going to make you the most recent survivor of wholesale fraud.

You will get relief from all of these things if you trust on RoboForm. When you start RoboForm review you will understand, once you start working with RoboForm. It is one of the best password managers.


What Is RoboForm?

RoboForm is an effective tool for creating and saving passwords. This tool relieves the burdens related to password management by remembering and generating passwords, automatically logging into websites, and even completing long online checkout forms with a single click. RoboForm has gained notoriety for being extraordinary compared to other password managers for clients on a careful spending plan, so you chose to download it onto your PC, iPhone, and Android so you could check it out and discover for yourself in the event that it was valid.

RoboForm is very much planned, simple to utilize, and instinctive, with a lot of standard password manager highlights, as:

  • 256-bit AES encryption.
  • Two-factor confirmation (2FA).
  • Password Auditing

RoboForm’s extra highlights are truly all around made — outsider 2FA applications like Google Authenticator effectively sync up to RoboForm, and experienced no difficulty sharing passwords and notes between various clients and records. RoboForm’s structure filling highlights are additionally a one of a kind life hack, making it conceivable to explore complex web structures with a solitary snap. So here is a detailed Roboform review by our Security Experts.

RoboForm Review

RoboForm Review By Our Security Experts

RoboForm is one of the oldest and trusted Password Manager in the market. It is a business-oriented password manager that all businesses would do well to consider for their organization. RoboForm, although more expensive than many of its rivals, offers advanced features that make it arguably one of the best password managers available.

RoboForm business provide centralized administrator control, password sharing, and emergency access all make RoboForm particularly well suited to businesses and ensure a seamless experience across your organization.

I recommend RoboForm to everyone. The desktop app makes it convenient to use with all computer-based tools. The web browser extensions make it easy to use online for autofill of usernames and passwords. The mobile apps for iOs and Android make it easy to access your usernames and passwords while on the go. Except for the multifactor authentication glitch, there are hardly any solid reasons to turn this password manager tool down.

9.1Expert Score
One Of The Safest Password Managers In Market

RoboForm is one of the safest password managers with AES256 bit encryption. Roboform provides their user a Two-step Verification process which acts as Additional layer of protection for your data.

Plans And Pricing
Ease Of Use And Setup
Customer Support
  • Emergency Access.
  • Application Passwords.
  • Robust form filling.
  • 256-bit AES encryption.
  • Not feature-competitive with top options.

RoboForm Features

Security Features That RoboForm Offers

The basic job of RoboForm is to store passwords. Like other password managers RoboForm also store its data in online server from where user can have access to their saved password and also generate it. RoboForm keeps user data private with end-to-end 256-bit AES encryption, which is the same super-high level of encryption used by many other security-based companies.

RoboForm was launched in 1999, but the developers are still upgrading the software to compete with all other password managers in the market. Besides security protocols, NordForm is providing other features like two-factor authentication(2FA), PassWord Generator, Security Center, Application password, Automatic Form-Filling, bookmark Storage. Here we will discuss some of the highlighted RoboForm features:

2 factor authentication
In the process of 2-factor verification, you’ll need to both provide a password and prove your identity some other way to gain access. As passwords have become increasingly less secure, whether, through data breaches or poor user practices, more and more individuals are moving to 2fa to secure their digital lives and many service providers are encouraging or mandating the shift as well. RoboForm does the same 2-factor authentication that provides the user with the highest level of security.
password generator
RoboForm can generate passwords that are extremely strong. RoboForm by default can produce a password of 16 digit character which include all type of character like upper limit, lower limit, special characters etc. But you can also change a password character count up to 512 characters in the advance setting option of RoboForm.
secure sharing
RoboForm allows you to share a password with your friends and family who have logged in to RoboForms. But one thing is to be noted that you can only share one password at a time with the free version of RoboForm.There are 2 options for sharing a single password — Sharing and Send.

With Sharing, any changes made to the shared login details are automatically synced with the recipient, while Send allows users to send a password once without the recipient having access to future password changes.

But with a paid subscription, one can get the advantage of unlimited sharing. The admin has full control over the levels of access to be given. There is three option for these:
1. Login only– Person with whom the password is shared can only use that but can’t edit or share further.
2. Read and Write- The person on the other site can view and edit the shared item.
3.Full control- The person with whom the item is shared will also have the same admin access.
Bookmark Storage
Bookmark features are really helpful when you need to have access to your files and password from different other devices. Under these features, one can bookmark their favourite sites like browser bookmarking features. But the plus point is it can save the bookmark on any divide that has RoboForm installed. User can use these features from RoboForm browser extension for desktop and mobiles.
If you are tired of giving the same credential to different web forms, again and again, RoboForm is there for you to fill your web forms for you. RoboForm can remember your information and get your job done in 1-click.
offline access
RoboForm for Desktop and mobile apps provide offline access to RoboForm data. In addition, the desktop and mobile versions offer optional local-only storage. One drawback for these features is that this feature is not available for the business version of RoboForm.
RoboForm allows you to select a special contact as an emergency contact. In any of the situations arise like you forget your master password or you have lost your devices, your emergency contact then has access to your account. You just only have to set a time-limited frame.
When you will be the RoboForm user then you can access all the templates. RoboForm offers 7 different templates for form-filling, as well as the option to customize your own template. These are the different options:
1. Person
2. Business
3. Passport
4. Address
5. Credit Card
6. Bank Account
7. Custom
RoboForm also allows users to save multiple templates within a single identity. You can select the templates according to your topic. Which your customer can understand.
You can auto-fill that information into web forms by selecting the correct template in the browser extension.
RoboForm was able to fill out some extremely complex web forms with almost zero errors. You can select the template in the browser extension, clicked auto-fill, and watched all of the fields for my address, credit card, and contact information filled in automatically.

RoboForm For Mobile

Setting Up RoboForm In Mobile

Setting Up RoboForm In Android

There are millions of android users. And nowadays an android device is so much advanced that people don’t need their PC or laptop for their work to some extend. There is a lot of work that can be done with the android device itself. So there comes the need to save passwords in android devices also, RoboForm developers so developed their app for android devices specifically keeping in mind their user-friendly interface.

How To Download RoboForm In Android?

STEP 1: Open your Android Device

STEP 2: Open the Play Store Application.

STEP 3: Search by typing the name RoboForm in the search bar on the top of Google play store .

STEP 4: Tap on the results titled “RoboForm Password Manager” and then tap the green “Install” button to begin the download and installation process.

And you are done. RoboForm is ready on your device

Create Account in RoboForm On Android

  • Open the RoboForm application on your Android device.
  • You will then be prompted to either create your RoboForm account or log in to an existing account. If you already have an account, choose the option to log in. If you do not already have an account, select the option to create a new account.
  • Enter the email address you would like to use with your account and a secure Master Password that you will be able to remember. If you ever forget your Master Password, you will be unable to log in to your account and will have to reset your password, which will wipe the data from your account. After entering your new login information, tap the blue Create Account button.
  • After you are done with the above-mentioned steps, a message will be shown that “your account has been created successfully”.
  • After that, RoboForm will ask you to give a for 4 digit Pin. That 4 digit pin will be required to have the access to your RoboForm account in future.

And you are done. You can use RoboForm app to save your password now.

Setting Up Roboform In IOS

How To Install RoboForm In IOS?

STEP 1: Open your iOS device.

STEP 2: Tap the “Search” tab in the bottom right corner and search for “RoboForm” using the search field.

STEP 3: Tap the result titled “RoboForm Password Manager” and then tap the blue “Get” button.

STEP 4: A pop-up from the App Store will appear at the bottom of your screen prompting you to confirm that you would like to install RoboForm Password Manager, tap the blue “Install” button.

STEP 5: You will be required to sign in using the password associated with your Apple ID. Input this information and then tap the blue “Sign In” button to begin the download and installation process. If you are not prompted to sign in, move on to the next step.

STEP 6: After RoboForm has finished downloading and installing onto your device, the “Get” button will be replaced with a blue “Open” button. Tap this button to open the RoboForm application.

And you are done.

Create Account in Roboform On IOS

  •  Open the RoboForm app. You will then be prompted to either create your RoboForm account or log in to an existing account. If you already have an account, choose the option to log in. If you do not already have an account, select the option to create a new account.
  • Enter the email address you would like to use with your account, and a secure Master Password that you will be able to remember.
  • After entering your new login information, tap the blue Create New Account button.
  • Then a confirming massage will be on you screen that your RoboForm account was successfully created. On this screen you will also see an important reminder not to forget your Master Password. Scroll to the bottom of this page and tap the blue “Done” button.
  • Then you have to setup your biometric security.

And you are done.

Deleting RoboForm Account

The steps to delete your RoboForm account (mobile version of website):

1) Log in to
2) Click the button to the right of “Files.”
3) Select the User Settings.
4) Click “Delete Account.”

[NOTE: Account deletion is irreversible. Once deleted, your data cannot be recovered. In order to continue to use RoboForm, you will need to create a new account]

RoboForm For Desktop

Setting Up RoboForm In Desktop Or Laptop

Setting Up RoboForm In Desktop Or Laptop

RoboForm provide a super easy and proper format to download the tools in your computer.

How To Download RoboForm In Desktop?

STEP 1: Open any of the browser in you PC or laptop

STEP 2: Search by typing the name ” RoboForm” in the search bar of your browser. You will see the official RoboForm website.

STEP 3: Open the website and you will clearly see the download option.

RoboForm Review 1
download roboForm in Desktop or laptop

STEP 4: Click the the Download button and you download will start.

STEP 5: After the download is completed, you will have to install the software. Just go to the download folder, you will get an exe. file. Double click it and the installation process will start. Wait For a few minutes and then you are good to go.

Delete RoboForm Account In Windows

To delete your RoboForm account (steps apply to Windows )

  • Log in to
  • From the top navigation, select My Settings
  • Select User Settings
  • Click “Delete Account.” If for any reason you are unable to log into RoboForm online, you can contact your RoboForm support team by submitting a message here.

[NOTE: Account deletion is irreversible. Once deleted, your data cannot be recovered. In order to continue to use RoboForm, you will need to create a new account]

Pricing Info

RoboForm Plans And Pricing

RoboForm FREE✔️ Unlimited Logins
✔️ Fill web forms
✔ Multi-platform support
️✔️ Strong encryption
✔️ Password audit
✔️ Securely send Logins
✔️ Receive Emergency Access
✔️ Application Logins
✔️ Manage Bookmarks
RoboForm Everywhere✔️ Unlimited Logins
✔️ Fill web forms
✔ Multi-platform support
️✔️ Strong encryption
✔️ Password audit
✔️ Securely send Logins
✔️ Receive Emergency Access
✔️ Application Logins
✔️ Manage Bookmarks
✔️ Sync across all devices
✔️Cloud backup
✔️ Two Factor Authentication
✔️ Secure shared folder
✔️ Grant Emergency Access
✔️Web access
✔️ Priority 24/7 support

RoboForm price structure depends on the subscription you choose. The yearly cost for the Individual arrangement has changed from $19.95/year to $23.88/year, and the Family plan expanded from $39.90/year to $47.75/year. On the off chance that you are physically reestablishing, you will be charged the current expense of $23.88/year (Individual) or $47.75 (Family). However, RoboForm Family is cheaper than 1Password, and RoboForm still provides a lot of great features. As with the Everywhere plan, you get a discount if you opt for a multiple-year contract, and there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee, so your family can decide together if RoboForm is the best password manager.

On the off chance that you are set to auto-restore before June 26, 2019, you will be charged the old cost of $19.95. In the event that you are uncertain of your reestablishment date or cost if it’s not too much trouble allude to your buy receipt.

RoboForm FREE SAfest password manager in market

✔️Unlimited Logins ✔️Application Passwords. ✔️RoboForm Autoform filling. ✔️Multi-platform support ✔️ Manage Bookmarks ✔️ Password audit

Security Protocol

Is RoboForm Safe To Use?

roboform safety feature

With any password management solution, a top-notch security framework is extremely vital. A password managing software company must have the prime objective to secure user data at any cost. As expected, RoboForm doesn’t disappoint. As a standard, all data stored on RoboForm’s platform is encrypted end-to-end with AES256 bit encryption. Two-factor authentication is also available for all businesses, and further enhances data security.

Your passwords are encrypted with your own secret key. This means each user can create his or her own Master Password known only to them. RoboForm claims that the Master Passwords created by you to access the Roboform account are never stored on their servers, and absolutely nobody except the account holder can access RoboForm data stored in it.

And similarly, for RoboForm Bussiness, RoboForm data is managed by company admins. Company admins can allow employees to reset their forgotten Master Passwords and also enforce policies on their Master Passwords minimal complexity and mandatory rotation time for all employees.

All the data stored in RoboForm servers and also the data to be shared are all secured with End to end encryption. This means all RoboForm data is encrypted at all stages using AES256 bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA256, 4096 iterations.

Company-owned RoboForm data can be securely shared with other employees using public-private key cryptography. This ensures that your employees can only access RoboForm data assigned to them while using their own Master Password and with the permission levels company admins sets for them. This means that your employees don’t even need to know or see the actual passwords.

Another impressive security features noticed by our security experts is that RoboForm allows its Admins can generate reports based on RoboForm data access and usage for each employee or sharing group.

RoboForm Security Score is an individual user’s overall password health score. Security reports will show the security score for each employee or sharing group. These security scores can be evaluated by company admins based on the minimum security level set and assigned at the company or group level. Account-holders can be encouraged to improve their security scores based on recommendations and best practices. This feature can be very useful for both small and large business.

That’s not all, Roboform provides their user a Two-step Verification process which acts as Additional layer of protection for your data. A second authentication step is enforced with policies and delivered to employees in the form of a one-time password (OTP) sent via email or SMS, or via TOTP based two-factor authentication (2FA). Once enabled, employees will be required to enter the OTP when they access their accounts from a new device or network.

Failure to pass the second step will result in automatic account blocking. Blocked accounts can only be unblocked by company admins. Roboform is performing its best and upgrading itself to compete other Password Manager in the market without compromising a bit of user’s data.

But there is a drawback that user can avail 2FA compatibility in the paid version. Other free security features are quite impressive. Thus it can be said that RoboForm’s security protocol is enough trustworthy. You can go with the RoboForm password manager without compromising your personal data.

Customer Support

After-Sales Service Of RoboForm

RoboForm offers its users 24/7 customer support. Although it is clearly mentioned in the official site that the priority of after-sales service for paid membership is generally high. RoboForm provides email and telephonic support for their users, the response time of which is pretty impressive. Live Chat option is also available.

User may also opt for self troubleshooting option by visiting their Official Help Center page. RoboForm has developed a clean user-friendly help centre. There are various option to select relating to problems that user generally face like problem-related to the general account, installing and uninstalling RoboForm, importing and exporting password, Web access, log in and form filling.


Frequently Asked Questions

🤔How RoboForm work?

After you login RoboForm, it saves online passwords into what we call a Login. RoboForm will offer to fill your Login details automatically when you visit the login page again. Bookmarks are websites and web pages you can save to RoboForm, similar to a Bookmark on your browser.

🤔Is RoboForm safe?

Yes, RoboForm is very much safe and secure. Password managers like RoboForm actually increase user security in a variety of ways. RoboForm protects user data on their servers using end-to-end 256-bit AES encryption to ensure that nobody — not even RoboForm’s developers — can access user logins. RoboForm also supports 2FA using biometric scanning as well as one-time password authenticators like Google Authenticator.

🤔Does RoboForm have a free version?

Yes. RoboForm is one of the best free password managers on the market. It offers unlimited password storage on a single device, as well as form-filling capabilities, password auditing, and secure password sharing with other RoboForm users. It’s pretty good, but like any free password manager, it has some annoying limitations. Because it only offers coverage for a single device, that means you won’t be able to share passwords between your phone and computer, which is a deal-breaker for most password manager users. However, if you only have one internet-connected device, this is no problem.

🤔Where does RoboForm store passwords?

RoboForm stores user passwords in secure cloud servers, using 256-bit AES encryption. Storing passwords in the cloud enables users to sync their passwords between devices, and it also allows the RoboForm browser extensions to auto-fill and auto-save passwords. RoboForm also offers the option for local data storage. Advanced users with their own secure servers can make use of this feature, which potentially offers even greater security — but it can be dangerous if you don’t have the security expertise to keep your network secure.

🤔Is RoboForm a good password manager?

RoboForm is one of the best password managers on the market. It offers unlimited password storage on a single device, as well as form-filling capabilities, password auditing, and secure password sharing with other RoboForm users.

🤔Does RoboForm work with Chrome or Firefox?

Yes, RoboForm browser extension is supported in a variety of browser like Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox, Opera. No matter which browser you choose, RoboForm will sync easily between the different browser and perform its best.

Final Verdict


All I can say in my RoboForm review is that it is a safe, powerful password manager in the market. I am impressed by its safety protocol that provides enough security to the users’ database. The structure filling highlight is the best available, and I really like the exceptional bookmark sharing component, just as the alternative to auto-fill work area application passwords.

RoboForm price structure is good, but one drawback that I want to mention is that you have to pay a certain amount to avail 2FA compatibility. It’s not the most full-included secret phrase chief available, however, it’s estimated seriously for clients on a careful spending plan and gives the protected encryption expected to keep passwords 100% secure. When you start working with RoboForm at that time you can start it. Collect all the information from this article and start working.

Read more about password managers here.

Image Source: Roboform.

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