100+ Best Side Hustles For Teens To Make Money In 2022

The best time to hustle and explore your entrepreneurial spirit is your teenage years. Do not waste your time dancing on social media, prepare your inner businessman and shape your character for the bigger stage of your life with the following side hustle ideas.

Teenage is the best time of life, you are always full of energy, you have a lot of time, so why not use it to make some easy bucks? Even a couple of hundred bucks is a lot for teenage times. Most importantly it prepares your inner businessman for the bigger stage.

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You don’t need to search for a part-time job to make money, there are a lot of easy ideas that can be adopted by teenagers to make some quick bucks. Here I present you with a list of the best side hustles for teens that any teenager can do and earn money easily.

Complete List Of Best Side Hustles For Teens

Although the legal working age is above 18, there are many small jobs that teens of any age can take up to earn their pocket money. If you are a hard-working guy and determined to make something good with your life you definitely want to start early.

Here are the 101 best side hustles for teens that you might want to check out to make some money for yourself.

1. Become A Social Media Influencer

There are a lot of Social media channels like Instagram, TikTok, and many other platforms that you can take and increase your reach to become a social media influencer. There are hundreds of teenagers that are doing really well by promoting products on their social media handles. For example, if you have many followers on your Instagram account, you can promote your products to them and earn a handsome amount of money on each sale.

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2. Conduct Online Surveys

If you are over 13 years you can go to the Swagbucks and take surveys to earn gift cards to complete surveys. This is one easy opportunity to utilize without going out. It is the most suitable way to earn money for teens.

Nowadays, online form builders are an excellent way that most businesses are using to attract visitors to the site get their details, and send them to push notifications.

3. Start A Fitness Class For Youth

If you are a fitness freak, you can use your skills by starting a small fitness class in your house or in your backyard and getting paid. If you stick to this, you can turn this small initiative into a unique business idea. Plus, this will let you fit throughout your entire life!

4. Become A Youth Sports Coach

If you are a fitness freak, you can use your skills by starting a small fitness class in your house or in your backyard and getting paid. If you stick to this, you can turn this small initiative into a unique business idea. For example, being a sports coach you can train multiple batches and earn your living smoothly!

5. Do Dog Walking

This is one of the best and easiest side hustles that one can choose. You can take out your neighbor’s dog for a couple of bucks, if you stick to it there are certain opportunities to expand this idea. In the beginning, you can do it with your neighbor, but later you can hire more dog walkers to work under you.

6. Provide Pool Cleaning Service

If you can get paid for just removing leaves out of people’s pools and pouring chemicals, it is a good way to make money. You can even do it in an organized way by setting up a weekly route and getting booked by people.

7. Become A Pet Caretaker

If you are good with dogs, cats, or other animals you can easily get paid for the caretaking of your neighbor’s pet. You can also expand this idea and get booking from different clients.

8. Provide Cleaning Service

You might get surprised by how many people are willing to pay to clean their house. You can easily get a lot of clients for giving cleaning service.

9. Sell clothes To Make Money

You can go for this option to make some easy money. You can sell your own clothes or go out and look for some cheap clothes in nearby thrift stores. Then sell it on eBay or any other eCommerce store to make money easily.

10. Become A Freelance Writer

If you are a kid gifted with genuine writing skills there are plenty of opportunities to make money by writing on Fiverr, Textbroker, and many other places. Nowadays, with the help of AI writing apps, you can generate any content within 10 seconds!

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11. Become A Human Billboard

If you are a hard-working guy you can easily get a job as a Human Billboard by many stores and local businesses.

12. Sell Products Made By You

There are lots of skills apart from sports right? People are willing to pay a decent amount for a beautiful product. If your artistry is good enough you can make beautiful crafts, handmade products, accessories and sell them on sites like Etsy, GeekyViews, and more. If you are really good at it, you can become a successful entrepreneur eventually.

13. Charge Electric Scooters

There are several electric scooter companies that pay people to charge their scooters. If you are living in a city where this opportunity is available you can easily make money by using this side hustle.

14. Sell Photos Online

This online side hustles for teens is another open opportunity to earn money. You can sell photos on websites like Shutterstock and get paid for them. In today’s world, we are busy with social media and getting likes. So, there can be a problem to manage photographs so it’s better to go for a good managing tool.

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15. Sell Services

If you are good at writing or Graphic designing you can easily sell your services to other people and earn money. Or if you are a nerd and into laptop or smartphone repairing, you can also open a small repair hub.

16. Buying & Selling Old Books

There are people who want to sell their used books, and there are people who want to buy books at a cheap price. You can utilize this opportunity by being a bridge between them. You can also try sites like TexTrader to do this hustle online.

17. Mobile Oil Change Service

There are a lot of people who are willing to pay for convenience. If they don’t want to do anything you can do it for them to get paid. You can go to people’s houses change the oil for them and get paid for it.

18. Local Sports Officiate

All the local leagues do have a youth sports category, and they are always on the search for young officiates to help.

19. Supervise Garage sale

Take charge of your house’s garage sale, run the whole thing by yourself and earn a few extra dollars.

20. Sell On Amazon FBA

Although it requires a little investment if you are trusted by your parents or have some savings of your own you can opt for this opportunity and make some legit money.

With this service you can send products to Amazon fulfillment centers and whenever a customer make sell and you can provide customer service for their product and get yourself paid!

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21. Go For Fiverr Gigs

You can perform any kind of gig on Fiverr and get $5 for every gig. Use these online side hustles for teens to make money easily.

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22. Stand in lines For Others

It may sound strange but you can really stand in a queue for people and get paid for it. You can look up Craiglist or TaskRabbit to check out these opportunities.

23. Put Advertising On Your Car

There are numerous companies that can pay you if you let them put their advertisement on your car. You can earn easily without putting any effort if only your parents say yes to it though.

24. Do Affiliate Marketing

If you have a great following on social media you can easily use this feat to make some money by referring to different products. You can also build a website that gets a good amount of traffic and start affiliate marketing.

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25. Get A Part-Time Job

You can start checking online or apply in your neighboring stores for a part-time job. You can use your leisure hours to earn a decent amount of money.

26. Sell Graphics Designs

If you are good at graphic designing you can start designing for several merchandise products and sell them on sites like CafePress.

27. Do Social Media Management

Most businesses prefer recruiting young people who are good at handling social media stuff. You can go to look around for local businesses that are willing to pay you to manage their social media pages.

28. Pick Up Trash For Neighbors

You can pick up trashes from your neighborhood in exchange for some cash.

29. Become an Amazon Affiliate

You can get paid if you refer people to buy an Amazon product. It is one of the best side hustles for teens. If you want to become an amazon affiliate marketer, to generate leads you can use various amazon affiliate marketing plugins for your own business.

30. Become Junk Hauler

You can opt for this awesome side hustle if you own a truck. There are companies like 1-800-Got-Junk that turned out to be a huge success from a small initiative like this.

31. Start Amazon Merch Store

This is a great opportunity amazon provides to everyone. You just need to upload your own designs that will look good on merchandise, amazon will print your product and ship them when they have to sell.

32. Provide Mobile Laundry Service

You can start a mobile laundry service by collecting clothes from busy households, washing their clothes, pressing them, and making some extra bucks.

33. Become A House Sitter

People can pay you for looking after their house if they are going out for a long time. If people find you trustworthy you can easily make money by becoming a house sitter.

34. Give Car Wash

You can visit door-to-door and wash people’s cars and get some money in return.

35. Do Blogging

Blogging is a great way to make money and it is also easy enough that even a teenager can do it. There are many blogging guides that you can look up on the internet and start this side hustle by yourself.

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36. Do Yard Work

Working in your neighbor’s yard is one of the best and easiest side hustles that you can start to make money easily. You can ask your neighbors if you can mow their lawn or trim their hedges.

37. Shoe Reselling

This is a great online side hustle for teens. You can try to get some new edition shoes before they sell out, and you can easily sell them to shoe fanatics for a much higher price.

38. Become A Wedding Photographer

If your photography skills are good, you can jump into the profiting business of wedding photography and get paid really well.

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39. Do Babysitting

Wealthy families are always looking for young teenage girls that they can trust with their children. You can easily earn a good amount of money by becoming a nanny.

40. Start Gift Wrapping Business

Good gifts need great packaging, you can start a gift wrapping business and money by beautifully wrapping gifts.

41. Become A Music Teacher

If you are really good at playing any instrument or if you are good at singing, you can start giving music lessons and make money. For example, you can also take help from various online free websites to find song lyrics

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42. Start A Niche Site

If you are passionate about a particular subject, why don’t you start a website on that particular subject? It is one of the best side hustles for teens, you can make a good amount of money once you start getting a good amount of traffic.

You can also build your own website and generate high traffic for your own!

43. Become An Online Teacher

In the pandemic period people are looking for online tutors, so why not use this opportunity? Use a couple of hours of your leisure and teach online to make some money without leaving your room.

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44. Elementary Children Tutor

This is a great way to utilize your time after school. Become a tutor for young children and earn for yourself.

45. Sell Products Online

You can list your products on sites like Craiglist or eBay and sell them to earn money, you can also help other people to sell their old belongings there and get a commission.

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46. Take Customer Interviews

Several businesses hire young people to take interviews with their customers.

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47. Pet Waste Removal

This may not look fancy but it is an easy way to make money. Help people to remove waste from their backyard. You can even do it in an organized way by keeping a book of clients.

48. Start Building A Sales Funnel

If you have knowledge about marketing you can use tools like ClickFunnels to build a functional sales funnel and use it to increase your sales.

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49. Start Web Designing

Lots of small businesses are trying to get their business online, you can look up such local businesses and design websites for them and earn a decent amount of money.

For Example, you can also design logos for their website and get yourself paid! To know more, you can read our blog on Best Logo Makers To Create Unique Logo

50. Create Mobile Apps

If you are a tech-savvy teenager, why not use your skill to create a good mobile app and earn money.

51. Become An Instagram Marketer

If you have a good amount of followers on Instagram, you can start Instagram marketing, there are multiple companies that can pay you a great amount of money for referring their product.

52. Provide Computer Repair Service

Computer repairs are quite easy but not everyone can do it by themselves. If you are a tech-savvy person you can start your own computer repair company and get paid.

53. Start Giving Sewing Services

You can start a sewing service business if you know sewing, and make money out of it.

54. Sell Old Electronics

If you have old but working electronics sitting idle, you can sell them to earn some money for yourself.

55. Start Window Cleaning

You can use your free time to clean the windows of your neighboring stores and earn money easily. This is a great side hustle without a lot of work.

56. Start A Shopify Store

Shopify provides probably the easiest way to start an online store, you can start your online store on Shopify and sell your products easily. Before you start your business, you must learn some important Shopify statistics to be a successful businessman!

57. Sell Baseball Cards

Even though it is a thing from the past, there is still a huge demand for baseball cards that are in good condition. You can search and buy baseball cards and sell them to the collectors that are trying to get their hands on them.

58. Visit Mturk

Created by Amazon, Mturk is a huge platform where they add small online tasks that you can do to get paid.

59. Do Dropshipping

You will need serious business for this, but if done correctly you can make serious money out of this business idea.

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60. Join Food Delivery

Although you need to be above 18 years to do this job, you can opt for this side hustle with a license.

61. Sell Handmade Products

People are willing to pay a good amount of money for products with a personal touch. If your art skills are good, you can make handmade products and sell them to earn a good amount of profit.

62. Resell Websites

Just like flipping domain names, you can also resell websites with a little investment. You need to do some research on what makes a website valuable to do these properly and earn an insane amount of money.

63. Start Your Youtube Channel

Many of us already aspire to become youtube sensations. Try creating your youtube channel and if you can make good content you can make a good amount of money. In case, you want to edit your YouTube videos, try the best video editing software for YouTube.

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64. Start Selling T-shirts

You can do it with very little investment. Design t-shirts by using photoshop or graphic designing tools and sell them online. There’s a good demand for customized t-shirts and people are willing to spend a decent amount of money to get one.

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65. Start Writing eBooks

Use your writing skills to write eBooks that are 20 to 50 pages in length. With Amazon, you can easily launch and sell eBooks of your own and make money out of it.

66. Become A Part-time Caregiver

There is a lot of aged person that needs someone to take care of them. You can become a part-time caregiver and get paid for it.

67. Provide Carpet Cleaning Service

You may know how irritating it is to clean your carpet. That’s why people are willing to pay for carpet cleaning services. You can do it for your side hustle or turn it into a full-fledged business.

68. Start Podcasting

The podcast is a new thing, but it has a great future. Start podcasting focused on audiences of your own age, if your podcasts turn out to be good and you create a large fanbase you can easily get a good amount of money from sponsorship.

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69. Resell Domain Names

Hundreds of websites are popping up every day. Thus, an equal amount of domain names is bought and sold on a regular basis. Do your research on how this process is done, and jump into this online hustle to make money.

70. Arbitrage

You can look online for products at a considerably cheap price and then you can sell them with a good profit margin on sites like eBay or Offerup.

71. Knife Sharpening Service

While we focus on some extravagant, out-of-the-box ideas, some basic stuff goes unattained. You can take knife sharpening as an example, you might not have thought about it at all but if you start to look around there are always potential customers waiting for the service.

72. Install A Vending Machine

In this side hustle idea, you might need to borrow some money from your parents to buy your initial vending machine. Once you set it up, it can be a really good way to earn side money while you focus on other jobs.

73. Do Flyer Distribution

Lots of businesses pay young people to distribute flyers.

74. Start Online Courses

Nowadays everybody wants to learn something new, and it’s easy with the internet. If you are good at something, create an online course, teach people, and get paid.

75. Online Handbag Rental Service

Lots of people try to get fancy handbags even for once as they are expensive. You can try out this opportunity by starting an online handbag rental business.

76. Start Pet Grooming

Once again it needs a specific skill set, if you are good with animals you can choose this option and make some money without putting in a lot of effort.

77. Start Scavenging For Recyclable Items

If you are not afraid to get your hands dirty, this one is for you. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Pick up recyclable items and sell them to earn money for yourself.

78. Start Newspaper Delivery

Here’s a classic one, the good old newspaper delivery. A lot of old guys have earned money by doing it in their teenage days, you can do it too by using your one or two hours.

79. Visit Pinecone Research

If you are 13 years or above, you can visit Pinecone Research, take online surveys and make money out of it.

80. Start Live Streaming

So many of the teenage guys do that already, you can also give it a try. Go live while you play video games, there are a lot of platforms for live streaming that you can use to make money.

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81. Visit Swagbucks

You can go to Swagbucks and earn $5 just for signing up only. Afterward, you can take up many online tasks like watching videos, playing video games, and many more for additional income.

82. Do Performing Arts

A lot of towns do have small theaters where they pay for putting up a performance. If you are good at any kind of performing arts, you can search for paid spots at local theaters. You can earn some money while polishing your skillset.

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83. Do Party Characters

Dress up as a popular character, show up at parties, and get paid. Sounds easy? Yes absolutely! Kids will love to have you around them.

84. Return Cans For Money

This is a very good side hustle idea for teens if you can do it in an organized way. Instead of picking up from streets, visit door-to-door and ask for cans. Every can you get, will make you money.

85. Provide Washing services

Not only cars, but you can also wash people’s dog houses, railings, birdhouses, and anything that requires cleaning is an opportunity for you to make money.

86. Teach Technology To Older People

Older citizens are not really familiar with the current technological advancements but they do require them. This is a really underestimated opportunity that you can explore. Help them to learn about technical stuff and they’ll pay you in return.

87. Do Snow Shoveling

For older people, it isn’t possible to do this back-breaking job in the cold. Offer them the service they require and earn some money by shoveling snow for them.

88. Do Leaf Raking

Leaves will always fall, and people do not have enough time to clean them on a regular basis. Offer them to rake their leaves and make money for it.

89. Design Themes On Tumblr

Tumblr is a popular social media site that operates on themes. Here lies an opportunity for you to design themes and get paid. If you have coding skills then this is one of the best side hustles for teens for you.

90. Start Proofreading

If your grammar is strong, you can easily make money by working as a proofreader. You just need a laptop with an internet connection. As long as you are good at grammar, it will be an easy task for you.

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91. Doing Homework For Others

There are always kids that hate homework or sucks at it. Instead of doing it for free, charge for doing it. You can go online turning it into a full-fledged service.

92. Become An Amateur Referee

This is also an unconventional way of money-making but it is a real one. Every sport needs a referee, I’m not suggesting you to going for big-time sports events. You can look in your town if small sports events are happening and provide service as an amateur referee to get paid.

93. Become An Online Transcriptionist

There are opportunities on sites like Rev and TranscribeMe for teenagers with good ears. You can become an online transcriptionist and work while you can.

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94. Teaching A Foreign Language

If you know a foreign language and are fluent in it, you can easily get people that are willing to pay you to learn the language. You can give online classes to them and get paid.

95. Give Reviews

There are platforms like MusicXRay and Slicethepie that will pay you for giving feedback and reviews. You can give an unlimited number of reviews so you can earn as much as you can.

96. Become A Camp Counsellor

You probably had enough experience of summer camps. Do you know that you can use this experience to earn money? Become a camp counselor and teach children the ways you’ve learned.

97. Sell Avon Products

With a little investment of $30, start selling makeup items with Avon. You can keep 40% of the money by selling Avon products.

98. Become A Customer Service Representative

Many companies hire teenagers to provide customer service by working from home. You can sign up for such jobs and earn a decent amount of money.

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99. Become A Youth Lifeguard

Put your swimming skills into work. Look out for youth lifeguard opportunities in your local community pool or swimming recreation centers.

100. Rent Your Video Games

Video games are attractive but many of them are very expensive. If you have one, you can give up the fun time you get from playing video games and start renting it out to make some money.

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101. Start Website Testing

You can get it for surfing websites if you know where to go. Platforms like Usertesting.com and Testbirds provide an opportunity for teenagers like you to test several websites and give your opinion and get paid.

Concluding Opinion On Best Side Hustle For Teens

Side Hustles are just a great way to utilize the energy of a young age. Along with getting you some lucrative dollars that are already great to have, these side hustles let you gather invaluable knowledge that can help you achieve great feats in the near future. If you are not willing to step out due to a pandemic there are a lot of online side hustles for teens has been listed above that can surely help your cause.

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