Stripe Atlas Vs Clerky Vs Gust Vs LegalZoom Vs ZenBusiness

Looking for the best legal service provider for your startup? Then you are at the right place! Today, we will be discussing a detailed comparison between Stripe Atlas Vs Clerky Vs Gust Vs Legal Zoom Vs ZenBusiness! In a free-market economy, businesses are often founded with the intent to either generate revenue or achieve personal gains. The creation of a business comes with many steps and difficulties, but the most challenging of them all is how it should be structured. Read Our Blog On Top 10 Stripe Atlas Alternatives & Competitors

There are two main types of business structures which are a sole-proprietorship and a corporation. In a sole-proprietorship, the creator of the business is its only owner and manager for all intents and purposes. An individual who owns a corporation is still its owner, but they are only one of many shareholders who have an ownership stake in it. Those shareholders may also be managers of the company, but they must answer to the public, who hold the ultimate responsibility in choosing their leaders.

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There are various online incorporation services that help you to prepare and file your incorporation documents directly with your specific Secretary Od State. The best part? You can easily get everything to form a legal business entity from an online incorporation service which is fast and cheap in nature!

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Itis very essential for every startup to go through the incorporation process. Some of the most common LLC filing companies are Stripe Atlas, Clerky, Gust, Legal Zoom, ZenBusiness. If you are confused about how to choose the best incorporation services then this article is going to help you! In this article, I will Stripe Atlas vs Clerky vs Gust vs Legal Zoom vs ZenBusinesson the basis of features, prices, pros, and cons.

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Stripe Atlas Vs Clerky Vs Gust Vs LegalZoom Vs ZenBusiness

Bottom Line
clear winner
ZenBusiness Logo
All In Platform For Business Formation
Bottom Line
ZenBusiness is an all-in-one platform that provides the worry-free services and supports you need to turn your idea into a money-making business. They offer some of the most competitive basic and full incorporation packages in the business, and great turnaround times. It is highly recommended for anyone looking to start their own corporation.
Clean and very easy to use user interface
Offer very reasonable add-ons, such as contract templates and miscellaneous business filings
ZenBusiness’s customer dashboard will let you track all your ongoing filings and approvals from one convenient place
Includes a registered agent, standard filing services, and an operating agreement template
Affordable formation packages for small business
Offer limited website templates
too expensive
Stripe Atlas logo
Stripe Atlas
Best Platform For Startups
Bottom Line
Stripe Atlas is a powerful, safe, and easy-to-use platform for forming a company. It helps you to remove lengthy paperwork, legal complexity and launch your startup from anywhere in the world.
Allows you to set up your new company in the state of Delaware
Stripe Atlas grants you automatic access to the Stripe Atlas Community
Easy integration with most tools with excellent security
Includes up to $5,000 in free credits from Amazon Web Services
Provides free templates for post-formation legal needs
No invoice was given for Stripe commission
only for C-corps
Clerky logo
Best Platform For Online Legal Service
Bottom Line
Clerky is the only online legal service obsessed with helping startup founders get legal paperwork done safely. Clerky helps with the best chance of getting your legal paperwork done correctly online.
Provides a special legal dashboard for added legal work such as fundraising and hiring
Built features that let you easily assign tasks to co-founders and work on everything together
Allow startup attorneys to easily look over and customize documents
Clerky enables access to a legal dashboard that makes it easy to do the additional legal paperwork
Auto-fill information from your formation paperwork to save yourself time and hassle
Only incorporates C-corps
limited features
Gust Logo
Best Platform For Easy Incorporation
Bottom Line
Gust Launch makes it easy to start the right way as a Delaware C-Corporation and then helps you keep your company investor-friendly. It comes with easy incorporation and powerful legal and financial tools.
Easy to use and clean interface
Easily handles all of the post-incorporation legal setups, opens a bank account
Allows you to benchmark your progress and determine key metrics
The forms are top notch and are a perfect fit for start-ups
Gust Launch makes it simple to keep track of ownership and legal relationships
Document system is limited to an NDA
expensive add ons
LegalZoom logo
Most Popular Online Incorporation Service
Bottom Line
LegalZoom is the simplest way of structuring your business to protect personal assets. Now you can create an organization to give back and be eligible for tax breaks.
Offer incorporation services starting at $0, where you only pay the state filing fees
Affordable business legal plan and offers regular access to an attorney
Provides a wide range of services for small business owners
Allows you to customize and download legal documents and forms
Offers 60 days money-back satisfaction guarantee
Document reviews are not available with the subscription plan

Stripe Atlas Vs Clerky Vs Gust Vs LegalZoom Vs ZenBusiness

Here, we will have a detailed comparison of the top 5 business solutions to incorporate your startup. So, without any ado, let’s get started!



All-In-One Platform For Business Formation

ZenBusiness Cheapest LLC Filing service

All-in-one platform that helps you turn your idea into making a money-making business and run your business from an all-in-one dashboard.
Use the coupon REBEL60 and get an additional 50% OFF

ZenBusiness is a great choice for those who are looking to start their own corporation. They offer some of the most competitive packages, excellent reviews from customers that have hired them before, an easy website interface with fast turnaround times – what more could you ask? We recommend Zen Business as your go-to company if this sounds like something up your alley!

If you want to start your business the right way, with all of its necessities covered and more than just some empty promises then look no further. ZenBusiness is here for every aspect in which a small-shop owner might need assistance starting up their new venture – from contracts & filings down to incorporation packages! Read our guide on LLC Costs & Fees.

Plus their team collects and files all the necessary paperwork with the state to officially form your business based on the plan and time frame you select at checkout. The best part? The free registered agent and incorporation filing service included in the Starter package is a great way to get started. But if you need more than that, they offer you with Pro level for an EIN (or other special needs), banking resolution template, or expedited processing time frame!

πŸ”₯ ZenBusiness Features

  • Provide ongoing compliance services to keep you in good standing along with website, accounting, and invoicing services to help run and grow your business with ease
  • Include your business formation certificate and employer identification number (EIN), assuming you purchased that additional service
  • ZenBusiness’s most attractive features are having a clean and easy to use user interface with excellent customer service
  • ZenBusiness mainly focuses on the business incorporation service and offer a few additional business forms
  • Offer worry-free guarantee as well as yearly compliance which allows up to two amendments to annual filings

πŸ”₯ ZenBusiness Pricing

ZenBusiness comes with 3 pricing plans:

  • Starter Plans costs $49 annually which includes a registered agent, standard filing services and an operating agreement template.
  • Pro Plan costs $249 annually with added features such as expedited filing speed, an Employee ID Number, Banking Resolution Template as well as guarantee that your corporation will be re-registered on time every year
  • Premium Plan costs $349 per year and includes a business website, domain name and business email



Clerky’s online platform gives startups instant access to documents, ensuring total protection of their company in non-disclosure agreements and charter amendments. The legal dashboard for fundraising or hiring has been specially designed by Clerks’ attorneys with years of experience running businesses just like yours! With this online legal service, startups can easily get legal paperwork done safely and get back to building their startup.

If you want to analyze Stripe Atlas Vs Clerky in-depth, Clerky is a very user-friendly software for handling the legal side of your organization. It also features transparent pricing, quick service, and flexibility to make forming a business in the United States easier. Just like Stripe Atlas, the site gathers data, fills out the appropriate paperwork to register a Delaware C corporation, and then sends it to a Delaware-based third-party partner who will file the paperwork with the state and act as the Registered Agent.

Additional optional services provided by Clerky include post-incorporation filings and Foreign Certification in the client’s native state.

πŸ”₯ Clerky Features

  • 100% Complete: Clerky is the only online service that helps founders do formation paperwork the same way top Silicon Valley law firms do.
  • Founded By Startup Attorneys: Clerky is led by two startup attorneys who are obsessive about helping startups avoid costly problems with legal paperwork.
  • Collaborate Easily: It is specially built for startups with multiple founders. Plus with their built features that let you easily assign tasks to co-founders and work on everything together.
  • Your Attorney: Many startups use Clerky on their own, but many also use Clerky with their attorneys. It is designed to facilitate collaboration, with features that allow startup attorneys to easily look over and customize documents.
  • Legal Dashboard: Forming a startup on Clerky enables access to a legal dashboard that makes it easy to do additional legal paperwork. You can hire employees, consultants, and advisors, and issue stock or stock options as equity compensation.

πŸ”₯ Clerky Pricing

Clerky costs $799 and includes:

  • Expedited filing fees for incorporation
  • First-year registered agent fee
  • Annual report and franchise tax reminders




Best Platform For Easy Corporation
Gust Launch
Gust Launch

Gust Launch brings the business into compliance with state and federal law, while also ensuring that any necessary post-incorporation legal work has been handled. After setting up their cap table online in one easy step they will provide ongoing document services for investors to keep things accurate and organized at all times!

With Gust, you can easily set up your company the right way and prepare for investment and growth with easy incorporation and powerful legal and financial tools.

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πŸ”₯ Gust Features

  • Gust Launch makes it easy to start the right way as a Delaware C-Corporation and then helps you keep your company investor-friendly
  • Allows you to incorporate and then help you issue real stock on Gust Launch once you’re set up
  • Allows you to work with a startup lawyer and adopt bylaws
  • Helps you to send and sign NDAs & contracts
  • Establish your board of directors and incorporate in Delaware

πŸ”₯ Gust Pricing

Gust is priced at $300 per year and includes post-incorporation company setup



LegalZoom offers customers a one-stop-shop for all their legal needs. They provide reliable, versatile products with great customer support–making them an attractive choice as your next online provider of lawyers’ services! LegalZoom offers a wide range of legal services, from forming your own company to protecting intellectual property. They are committed to helping you find the best solution for all your needs and will work with whichever option fits seamlessly into what’s most suitable!

LegalZoom offers a unique service in that it can provide one-off legal services for small businesses, regardless of their needs. The company’s monthly flat fee is more expensive than other providers but customers who require ongoing advice will find themselves saving money by going with this option since they do not need additional contracts or agreements on an individual basis like others might charge you additional fees just because your situation changed slightly down the line – Legal Zone has got all base covered!

πŸ”₯ LegalZoom Features

  • LegalZoom has been leading the online legal services industry for over 20 years and offers you to decide whether it’s the right solution for your business
  • From business formation to intellectual property protection, and registered agent services to tax contracts and agreements, LegalZoom has got you covered
  • LegalZoom’s customer support is extremely friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable
  • Provides 100% refund on its services for 60 days, without any questions asked
  • LegalZoom’s Business Advisory Plan offers business owners convenient access to year-round attorney help, for an affordable, flat monthly fee

πŸ”₯ LegalZoom Pricing

LegalZoom comes with 3 pricing plans:

  • LLC Formation costs $79 plus state filing fees
  • Corporation formation costs $149 plus state filing fees
  • Registered agent services costs $299 per year



Stripe Atlas

Best Platform For Startup
Stripe Atlas best choice for startups
Stripe atlas comes with 3 pricing plans, starting with 559$ for a registration.
Use the coupon REBEL60 and get an additional 50% OFF

Stripe Atlas is a service that takes care of all the paperwork for you to open your business and start taking payments. They provide detailed documents, courtesy from their legal partner – who also offers help in equity splitting options as well! The Stripe Atlas program offers a way for entrepreneurs to start their business outside the US and have it filed with respect in Delaware.

Stripe Atlas is the ultimate tool for entrepreneurs. It reduces paperwork, legal complexity, and fees to help you launch your company from anywhere in the world with just a few clicks of a button! It is trusted by more than 140 countries with a best-in-class legal structure that’s built for scale.

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πŸ”₯ Stripe Atlas Features

  • Allows you to set up your new company in the state of Delaware and create the legal documents, file the paperwork, and apply for your Tax ID number
  • Helps you to generate stock issuance documents with standard terms used by many top startups
  • Stripe Atlas grants you automatic access to the Stripe Atlas Community
  • Enables you to activate your Stripe account and start accepting payments from customers in 100+ currencies
  • Provides free templates for post-formation legal needs

πŸ”₯ Stripe Atlas Pricing

Stripe Atlas costs $500 and provides company incorporation, an instant bank account, your first year’s registered agent fees, and a tax ID number.


Which One Should You Choose For Your Startup Business?

Here, we have provided some tips that you must consider before you incorporate your startup that suits your business:

  • The first step is identifying where you want to incorporate. There are several states available, but each one has its own set of regulations that must be followed by businesses operating within it, so make sure the right jurisdiction suits your needs before registering!
  • Failing to file the Certificate of Incorporation can lead you into serious fines and personal liability. It’s important for businesses owners like yourself, who are new at this game-filing your certificate should be second nature so make sure it goes in with everything else!
  • Understand the risks of incorporating in US law by understanding who can sue you and what they need to have against your company. For example, if I’m not a citizen or resident of America then there’s always risk that my actions could lead me into an courtroom where people from other countries may wish for revenge on behalf their home country because we did something bad over here- which brings us back around again!
  • If you’re an offshore startup, then it’s important that the correct accountants are hired for this process. The company will need specific transfer pricing rules depending on where they’re incorporated and whether or not there is going to be revenue generated outside of US borders (i.e. overseas). A certified tax expert with international experience who understands these intricacies can help create protocols which ensure every penny sent returns safely back home!


When choosing the right partner to help you incorporate, there are a number of crucial considerations. The first and most important consideration is what state should be used? You need an attorney who knows all about incorporation rules in each different jurisdiction so they can advise on which one would work best for your business needs, not just because it’s convenient or nearby!

Plus you also need to identify what state to incorporate in, filing a certificate of incorporation, calculating litigation risks, and also you need to determine whether transfer pricing rules are applicable to you or not. If you choose the right service it can guide you with proper legal guidance and also prevents expensive mistakes.

I hope this guide has helped you to choose the best online business incorporation service for your startup business! ZenBusiness is my top pick as it provides top-notch services. So, which service suits best for your startup? Don’t forget to share in the comment section below!

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