ThirstyAffiliates Plugin Review | Best Affiliate Links Management Software?

ThirstyAffiliates is best Affiliate plugin for marketers. The basic plugin is free & paid addon makes this plugin a powerhouse to increase affiliate sales. Amazon addon is superb for anyone who is part of Amazon affiliate program.
9.1/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #5 in category Amazon Affiliate Marketing
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Thirstyaffiliates Plugin Review

No matter whether you are a running blog as a hobby or as a professional blogger, it is probable that you have thought of monetizing your blog. When it comes to earning money from your blog, there’re a lot of options out there: promoting your own services such as writing or coaching, selling physical or digital products, displaying advertising, and more.

Just like you, when I started using Amazon Affiliate, I always wondered how the top Amazon Affiliate makes money with the amazon associates program. So after some research, I get to know that there are some WordPress Amazon Store Plugins that are being used by them. 

Besides, Amazon affiliate marketer generally faces a lot of hindrances while promoting a product. Managing affiliate link in your blog is the most challenging job for any blogger. There are quite a few logistical details to keep track of, including keeping track of all your affiliate IDs and links and making sure every link on your site is working correctly.

After further research, I came across an excellent amazon affiliate plugin known as ThirstyAffiliates WordPress Plugin. This is a powerful affiliate WordPress plugin for the hobby as well as pro bloggers to make the most out of the Amazon affiliate program. I recently invested in the ThirstyAffiliates Pro Plugin during the last Christmas Holiday, and I have to confess to you that I’m really impressed. This Affiliate link management plugin comes highly equipped with features to increase your affiliate sales. So here is the detailed ThirstyAffiliates review.


What Is ThirstyAffiliates Plugin?

Thirsty Affiliates is a WordPress plugin that provides you with complete control over your affiliate links. ThirstyAffiliates is a link cloaking plugin developed and managed by Rymera Web Co., a team based in Brisbane, Australia. This Plugin was built with WordPress bloggers in mind. However, it’s a valid choice for any affiliate marketers using WordPress to manage their affiliate links. With the help of the ThirstyAffiliates plugin, you can completely customize your links either on a global or per-link basis.

The core plugin is free, but paid add-ons are available if you need some advanced functionality. Unlike other affiliate link plugins, ThirstyAffiliates doesn’t have bloat or unnecessary features, that is the reason it won’t slow down your site. It has just the options you need in order to manage your affiliate redirect links. That’s all.


ThirstyAffiliates Features

Some Key Features That ThirstyAffiliate Offers

There are a handful of thirstyAffiliates features. Let us discuss some of the key features of ThirstyAffiliates:

1. Link Cloaking

Your website visitor may not like affiliate links because they may feel that you are suggesting them products because you earn commissions from those products or services as usual. Affiliate link management software hides peculiar affiliate links and converts them into links targeting your own website like; this is called links cloaking. ThirstyAffiliates Plugin helps you to shortens your links and allows you to create brandable redirects. This is a great incentive compared to the long and ugly links provided by affiliate programs. In this way, your visitors don’t know you are using affiliate links or not.

2. Geo-Location link

ThirstyAffiliate Plugin provides alternate destinations for international clicks via country targeting. This feature provides information about which countries visitors come from. It is quite useful when linking to geolocated stores like eBay and Amazon or an offer that doesn’t accept international traffic.

3. Stats Tracking

Monitoring affiliate link performance (Clicks on affiliate links) is important for every affiliate marketer. Yes, you can get this data from your affiliate program or network, but what if you are using plenty of programs and affiliate networks. You have to log in to every affiliate program or network to get those details, but with affiliate link management software, you can track all link’s performance from one place. This is another time-saving feature in affiliate link management software. ThirstyAffiliates provides Charts and tables full of useful statistics, plus regular admin email reports.

4. CSV Import/Export

ThirstlyAffiliate allows you to manage your affiliate links via CSV. You can easily import/export and update across sites. The Import CSV tool lets you upload a properly formatted (comma-separated) CSV file containing a list of affiliate links. These links will be bulk imported for you directly into ThirstyAffiliates.

ThirstyAffiliates Plugin review

5. 404 Error Checking

Never miss another affiliate link 404 error with proactive link checking. ThirstyAffiliates automatically checks your affiliate links for 404 errors and broken link and will notify you when it detects problems.

6. Easily Manageable affiliate link

ThirstyAffiliates allows you to keep all your affiliate links in one central location: your WordPress dashboard, right where you need them.

For example, if the company you promote alters their affiliate link, you don’t have to dig deep into every blog post you’ve published to find and replace the affiliate links you’d added. Instead, you can replace the link in your ThirstyAffiliates panel and all your links will be automatically updated. This is really a handy feature that saves time and effort for bloggers.

7. Smart Uncloaking

With ThirstyAffiliate, you can uncloak certain links to be compatible with certain affiliate program terms. This feature optionally uncloaks links for total compliance with Amazon’s terms of service.

8. Leveraging Affiliate Link Types

Many bloggers have the tendency to use banners and images as their affiliate links. If you are the one, then you will be cover by ThirstyAffiliates Plugin. When adding your link to the library, just upload the relevant banner image and you’re all set. The link picker will then give you an option to insert your affiliate link as an image, instead of a regular plain link.

9. Google Analytics Event

ThirstyAffiliates maintains tight integration with Google Analytics. When an affiliate link is clicked, it pushes a click event through to Google Analytics.

10. Auto-Link Keyword

ThirstyAffiliates plugin can automatically link affiliate links to given keywords throughout your content. Thus it is a great way to monetize your past content effectively

The great thing about Auto-linker add on is that you can limit how many times a keyword can be linked inside an article, randomize placement and more. For example, if you are going to write an entire article about a keyword that you have linked, then the link would appear every time you mention it in the article. This feature allows you to limit it to a reasonable number, like 3 or 4.

11. Link Categories

ThirstyAffiliates offer us native WordPress features such as custom post types and taxonomies. It allows you to sort your links into categories. If you run a large website where you promote a variety of products, then you certainly need this to sort your links so that you don’t have to scavenge them and see how different categories are performing on your site.

12. Link Schedule

ThirstyAffiliate Link scheduling allows you to set specific dates for links to divert for example to a sales page over Black Friday weekend. As soon as the time period is over, the link reverts to the main page so you won’t have broken links when they remove the sales page.

ThirstyAffiliate Pricing Info

How Much Does ThirstyAffiliates Charge?

ThirstyAffiliates Pricing Structure:

ThirstyAffiliate offers 3 plans :

  • 1 Site Licence – $49/ Year
  • 5 Site Licence – $ 99/ Year
  • 10 Site Licence – $ 149/ Year

Features you will get with all the plans:

✔ Shortening / Destination Cloaking
✔ Link Categorization
✔ Choose Your Redirect Type
✔ Affiliate Link Picker Tool
✔ Advanced Link Insertion Types
✔ Smart Uncloaking (for Amazon Associates compatibility)
✔ No Follow & Open In New Tab Options
✔ Uses Custom Post Types
✔ Basic Statistics Reports
✔ Exclude Known Bots From Statistics
✔ REST API Compatibility
✔ Automatic Keyword Linking
✔ Advanced Statistics Reports
✔ Geolocation Link Redirects
✔ Automatic Affiliate Disclosure
✔ Amazon API Importing
✔ CSV Import / Export Tool
✔ Export Statistics Reports as CSV
✔ Link Scheduling
✔ Google Analytics Click Event Pushing
✔ High-Speed HTAccess Redirect
✔ Link Event Notification Emails
✔ Automatic 404 Checker
✔ URL Shortening
✔ Google Tag Manager Compatibility
✔ Control Plugin Visibility For Multi-Author Blogs
✔ WooCommerce External Product Integration

NOTE: 100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee! You are completely protected by ThirstyAffiliates 100% No-Risk Guarantee. If you don’t like ThirstyAffiliates over the next 14 days, they will happily refund 100% of your money. No questions asked.

Visit ThirstyAffiliates Pricing Page

ThirstyAffiliate Setup

How To Install ThirstyAffiliates Plugin?

How to Install ThirstyAffiliates Plugin?

There are two options to install ThirstyAffiliates:


STEP 1: Log in to your WordPress installation
STEP 2: Go to Plugins->Add New
STEP 3: Search for “ThirstyAffiliates”
STEP 4: Click Install and once installed click Activate


STEP 1: Download the archive from
STEP 2: Unarchive the plugin on your computer
STEP 3: Use an FTP program to upload the plugin to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation
STEP 4: Once uploaded, login to your WordPress installation and go to Plugins
STEP 5: Find ThirstyAffiliates in the list and click activate.

Customer Support

Help Centre Of ThirstyAffiliates

ThirstyAffiliates has a support page known as the knowledge page on their site with a few tutorials and addresses the most common issues users have, along with troubleshooting guides for the plugin and add-ons. The plugin is highly rated on the directory, and the developers are highly active in resolving support threads even for the free version of the plugin.

Support is also available for premium add-on plugin users on the official website, and they promise to respond to all inquiries within 24-48 hours. But there is no Live Chat Option available for users.

Pros And Cons

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Using ThirstyAffiliate Plugin

Advantages Of ThirstyAffiliate Plugin:

  1. Link Categories: ThirstyAffiliates Plugin allows you to organize your links into categories.
  2. Free: ThirstyAffiliates provides its user with a free version.
  3. Keyword Linking: Keyword linking is a great feature offered by the ThirstyAffiliates as discussed above.
  4. Support: Excellent support By the Support team with a perfect and quick solution.

Disadvantages Of ThirstyAffiliates Plugin:

  1. If you want to avail its advanced features, you need to purchase its Add-on.
  2. It does not offer integration with woocommerce
9.1Expert Score
Best Links Management solution for bloggers

The most advanced Affiliate link management plugin for serious affiliates and smart bloggers with tons of necessary features.

Ease Of Use
  • You can Categorize your links
  • Free Version available
  • Keyword linking
  • Excellent Support Service
  • Pro version is costly
  • It does not offer integration with woocommerce


Frequently Asked Questions

🤔Who should use ThirstyAffiliates Pro?

Thirsty Affiliates is aimed at bloggers using WordPress, but really all affiliate marketers of any kind who use WordPress as their CMS can use Thirsty Affiliates to aid in their affiliate marketing monetization.

🤔Can I use ThirstyAffiliates to run an affiliate program for my store?

No, ThirstyAffiliates is not for running an affiliate program. ThirstyAffiliates is for affiliates to manage their affiliate marketing efforts from all the programs they belong to.

🤔Do ThirstyAffiliate offer a free trial?

No, since Thirsty Affiliate software is an installable WordPress plugin, they do not have the capability to offer a free trial. However, they do have a valid 14-day refund policy if the plugin doesn’t suit your purposes.

🤔Do you offer discounted renewal?

No, in order to support ThirstyAffiliates customers properly with professional-level support and continued software updates, they don’t offer renewal discounts.

🤔Does ThirstyAffiliates work with non-WordPress sites?

Unfortunately No. At the current moment, Thirsty Affiliate Plugin is only compatible with the WordPress Platform.

🤔Is ThirstyAffiliates translatable?

Yes! Thirsty Affiliates is ready for translation and they also include a number of common languages in their plugin as contributed by their customers.

🤔Do I need to have coding skills to use ThirstyAffiliates?

Definitely not. The developer team have built ThirstyAffiliates to be 100% within the dashboard of your site. Some knowledge of how redirects work might be beneficial, but overall it is a very simple plugin to configure and use.

🤔Is ThirstyAffiliates compatible with WordPress Multisite?

Yes! You can use ThirstyAffiliates with WordPress Multisite. Multi-site installs must use the 5 or 10 site plan for this. To manage your license you will need to network activate the plugin and activate your license from there.

🤔Will the plugin stop working if I don’t renew?

No, the ThirstyAffiliates Pro plugin will continue to work even if your license expires.
However, to continue receiving plugin updates and support you will need a valid and active license.

Final Verdict


ThirstyAffiliates is a very useful plugin for any WordPress site that uses affiliate marketing links. It’s an easy way to manage your affiliate links in one place, and use pretty redirection links instead of ugly default links that’ll scare away your readers. Overall, considering the price of this WordPress plugin, it’s a must-have tool for any serial affiliate marketer and also for new affiliate bloggers.

I hope, you liked reading the ThirstyAffiliate review today. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment section below. I will be happy to respond.

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