What Is Three Factor Authentication (3FA). Know All About It.

Three Factor Authentication is basically making use of identity-confirming credentials from three different categories i.e. Knowledge, Procession, and Inherence. It is a part of the Multifactor authentication that consists of two-factors and one-factor authentication, using a third-party authenticator app. This kind of internet security dramatically increases security and privacy of any website.

What Is Three Factor Authentication?

A three factor authentication similar to the multifactor authentication is an electronic authentication method where you can access any website only after successfully presenting credibility for your evidence for the factors asked by the authentication mechanism. It provides high security to a website preventing unknown users to access any personal data or any credentials.

Factors Of Three Factor Authentication

A Three-factor authentication is also known as 3FA as it has 3 steps or factors of security, which can be better understood as something you know, something you have and something you are, but are generally known as Inherence, Possession, and Knowledge

  • Something You Know – Knowledge
  • Something You Have – Possession
  • Something You Are – Inherence
This is the first of the three-factor authentication which depends on something you know. In order to open an account user must have some knowledge about the account he/she is trying to open, like, Email address, User-name, User-id, etc, and the Password that goes along with them, without having access to that information nobody can’t complete the first step. This factor generally includes passwords, PINs, combinations, code words, or secret handshakes.
This is the 2nd of the Three-factor authentication. In the era of online hackers no amount of information is not safe, matter not how safely it is kept, so now, smart securities incorporated themselves with a physical procession, which one must carry with them to complete the authentication process, this physical thing can be a one time OTP send to the personnel mobile, a smartphone with special authentication app or it can be any special card like employment Ids or something similar. This extra step drastically increases the level of security one could get with only Ids and Passwords, a Two-step safety features ends there. This factor includes all items that are physical objects, such as keys, smart phones, smart cards, USB drives, and token devices.
However a Three-factor authentication model has one more step to boost the level of safety even further, that is the last of the Three factor authentication. That includes any part of the body that can be used for authentication like Facial Recognition, Voice Recognition, Fingertips Identification, Retina Recognition etc. or in other words it uses a person’s own body as an identification factor, and that’s how a three-factor authentication is completed.

Why Do We Need A Three Factor Authentication?

This model of security is generally used to make anything as secure as possible. We can see many Three factor authentications examples around the globe, this level of security is used in government projects, and to protects, top-class patents from hackers, however in the era of hacking when even a random person is targeted mercilessly, and when we keep most of our important documents with an online server, use of multi-factor authentication is getting famous among masses, and for good reason. After all everybody knows nowadays SAFETY comes FIRST.

Final Verdict

In today’s digital era with incredible development in the information technology sector, single-factor authentication using passwords and two-factor authentication is not adequate to provide better security. Hacking programs, simple computerized secret key gathering programs and password generators made it difficult to provide security even when single-factor or two- factor authentication used in securing the
remote access and the system. The security threats using malware like entered key trackers are always there to increase the security threats and here the three factor authentication serves as a great security wall that provides a great amount of security preventing unknown users to access personal details from any site. The ultimate thought is that the proposed three-factor authentication will provoke more vital security.

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