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You will get: It is completely based on a cloud platform AdPlexity provides real-time and accurate information This has a huge amount of database which includes the important products and campaigns It allows to downlaod the landing pages They provide support by chat and email It supports Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and more Comes with more than 100 affiliate network

Searching campaigns on the internet and getting frustrated? Then it is normal if everything you are doing yourself. There are so many software and platform for ad spying, if you don’t select the right one then you may face a huge loss in your marketing field. In this content, I have mentioned the best Ad spying tool for the marketer. There are lots of software and platform available like Anstrex.

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Adplexity is one of the best ad spy tools for marketers to get successful campaigns. It helps to download landing pages with dependencies so you don’t have to start to generate landing pages from the beginning. Anyone can use Adplexity on mobile and desktop platforms. Using AdPlexity mobile you can get the best campaigns that are running on the mobile platform and similar to this product with the help of AdPlexity you can find the desktop ads. Using the eCommerce tool you can get the trending product on the market for your e-commerce website and if you use AdPlexity Carriers then you can browse the best websites in more than 80 countries. Read the complete review to find out if this fits you.

Adplexity Review

10Expert Score
Premium Ad Spying Tools For Marketers
This is the best tool for beginners, I have been using this platform for a complete year, and believe me it helps me a lot. It comes with the best intelligence tools where I can find the greatest ad campaigns which are leading right. In previous days I spent my time searching for the topmost products but now it is easy with the help of the Adplexity Ecommerce tool. AdPlexity provides accurate and real-time data which is great. If you are an affiliate marketer then you should use this product once.
Value For Money
Ease To Use
  • It is completely based on a cloud platform
  • AdPlexity provides real-time and accurate information
  • This has a huge amount of database which includes the important products and campaigns
  • It allows to downlaod the landing pages
  • They provide support by chat and email
  • It supports Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and more
  • Comes with more than 100 affiliate network

🏆 What Is Adplexity?

It was launched in 2015 and managed by experienced industry professionals. Adplexity comes with other platforms like Adplexity Mobile, Adplexity Mobile, Adplexity Native, Adplexity Push, Adplexity Ecommerce, Adplexity Carriers, and Adplexity Enterprise. Each product has been discussed below here. With the help of this, you can easily make marketing decisions by understanding what ads are getting profitable.

It will display campaigns running over 75 countries and see the campaigns targeting all regular devices including Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, and also Android Phones. Using this platform get real-time insight campaigns by adult ad exchanges. Get which ads are promoting affiliate offers using 100 affiliate networks within a few seconds. It supports Android in-app ads such as StartApp, MillennialMedia, InMobi, Airpush, Leadbolt, and so on. Banners supported from TrafficJunky, Exoclick, EroAdvertising, JuicyAds, TrafficFactory, and Popunders from Exoclick, EroAdvertising, Plugrush, and more.

Adult advertising is one of the most demanding industries. Without competitive intelligence, it is hard to get the latest trends, but using Adplexity Where you will get information about what competitors. It has the best infrastructure on the market that allows tracking campaigns of more than 120 carriers without using the “header IP spoofing” method. It is advanced with easy to use interface for you so you can check the best campaigns than other platforms and shows ads run on the carrier.

🏆 Adplexity Products

It consists of the 7 best tools for marketers which are trusted by top influencers.

✅ Adplexity Mobile

Using Adplexity mobile features you can analyze millions of profitable campaigns which is coming from traffic sources. You will find the campaigns that are running in more than 75 countries and mobile popup traffic sources. In 2021, mobile users were 6,378 million and in 2022 it will be 6,648 million so we can say the majority of the traffic source is coming from mobile devices.

You can find what campaigns are running by competitors and use these campaigns on your ads to make profitable campaigns for you. Without Adplexity mobile features, you can not detect hidden mobile campaigns. Using Adplexity mobile you can see each and every mobile ad that is available in major countries.

✅ Adplexity Desktop

AdPlexity Desktop

Adplexity Desktop is the primary feature of the platform. It mainly provides the data of the campaigns which is running on the desktop versions. You can search and filter the results to find the best campaigns which are doing very well. The results you will find are running all over the world.

It has the best desktop traffic sources for example- Google, PropellerAds, PopAds, AdCash, and more. Adplexity comes with over 137 thousand desktop campaigns monthly are from 80+ countries. All the ads and creatives including lander are available to download so you don’t have to start from scratch. Moreover, it allows search campaigns using URLs, Keywords, publisher websites, and images.

This tool is easy to use the tool, first, you have to log in to your account then enter the keyword you want to search so you will find all the campaigns related to the keyword. You can also use the filters like ad networks, publishes, advertisers, or placement to find a particular ad campaign.

✅ Adplexity Native

Native advertising is a way where you match ads with content. Most people complain that it is difficult to find and it won’t last. Native Ad helps you to increase leads in your business. It makes related campaigns according to your pages and landing pages. AdPlexity Native helos to find native ads that are running by your competitors.

You can see native ads running in over 35 countries so you can copy their methods and execute your campaigns. AdPlexoty supports almost every device such as Android, iOS, Mac, and even Windows. AdPlexity native helps to search the top native campaigns. In addition, using the AdPlexity tracker you can get the sources of the native ads traffic coming to your ads.

✅ Adplexity Push

If you are an affiliate marketer and looking for the Best Affiliate marketing Ads Spy tools, then you must this tool, which gives you the exact and real-time information about the demanding mobile traffic sources from more than 80 countries within a few seconds, most important is it provides thousands and thousands of top push advertising.

Adplexity Push gives you top push traffic sources such as MGID, MegaPush, PropellerAds, ExoClick, AdMaven, DatsPush, AdsTerra, RichPush, and so on. Every marketer who uses push notifications ads always desires that ads must work differently on mobile and desktop platforms. AdPlexity Push helps you to do so easily.

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✅ Adplexity Ecommerce

If you are surfing on the internet to find the hottest product then believe me it is the most difficult task. You have to examine hundreds and hundreds of products and find out which is the top product making more profit. Adplexity eCommerce provides information on what products are doing very well on the market. AdPlexity eCommerce has more than 71M products in their database and over 100K online stores. Plus, with the help of this tool, you can check the complete shape of any online store.

✅ Adplexity Carriers

Most of the marketers complain that it is necessary and hard to analyze traffic using a mobile carrier. According to research this day most of the traffic is coming from mobile platforms. You can use proxy carriers in the browser like mobile platforms or desktop platforms. To use it in Firefox, first, click on the menu and hit the options button after that in the below you will get Network Proxy Option, click on the settings. Select the manual proxy configuration paste the Ip or domain and enter the port. Enable the “Use this proxy server for all protocols” option.

You have to sign in to the AdPlexity Carriers platform then select the country and mobile carrier then set the proxy server on the computer or mobile device and at the end test it.


🏆 Why Should You Use Adplexity Spy tool?

Trend: In the marketing industry everything is changing very fast such as traffic, traffic sources, affiliate networks, and other things. With the help of this tool, you can get the data in just a few clicks. It is trusted by more than 2000 digital marketers worldwide.

As a marketer, you have to always check what other marketers are doing. You can do it by yourself where you have visit hundreds of websites or publishers websites, you have to refresh the pages every time, click on each banner, it is important to use VPN to check ads in the other country, and the most important is you have to use the different devices every time to check native ads that will consume time and a huge amount of money or use some tools to do so.

Believe it or not, affiliate marketing is merciless competitive marketing for everyone if it is a beginner or an experienced marketer all are the same. You have to need to get updated and on-trend always. In today’s world competition is too high and all are trying to make new funnels for more leads and profit. It is not impossible to track these new things but it consumes lots of time, money, and moreover effort if you don’t want to depend on the tools. Plus, all tools are not the same you have to find the right tool for your marketing strategy.

If you use intelligence tools then you have the upper hand on what your competitors are doing and what are the secret strategies they follow to gain more leads. Tracking on your competitor helps you to get images for your own ideas and create your campaigns. You can not find the exact information you are looking for from all over the market. If you want to do everything on your own then you examine all the publishers and ad networks, check every website using VPN or proxy, download all the banners, landers, and URLs.

Then the question arrives why should you use Adplexity? Well, Adplexity is one of the best intelligence tools on the market and it is used by professional affiliates and companies including millions of small marketers. It is not a gimmick like other tools do. Moreover, it comes with three types of product these are mentioned below:

  • Intelligence Tools: Using Desktop, Native, Push, Mobile, and Adult tools you can find affiliate campaigns easily
  • Ecommerce Tool: With the help of this tool you can research products for a particular niche
  • Adplexity Carriers: It is a 3G proxy service tool that helps you to browse the websites as an actual user in 80+ countries


🏆 What You Can Do With Adplexity?

AdPlexity Laptop

  • examine new GEOs as formats and Sources
  • Scrapping banners and landers
  • Get how other affiliates promote specific offers
  • Spying on competitors


🏆 Why Should One Use Adplexity?

  • Accurate real-time Data:  Get Real-time data of your competitors whose ads are on the fleek so you can earn more profit and always stay updated. Every time you will search via the same keywords you will always get new ads
  • Best Database on the market: Adplexity has a huge amount of data in its database which includes all niches and countries. Thousands and thousands of campaigns are available in the database compared to the other intelligence tools
  • Perfect data quality: Adplexity gives you the best data quality with the help of a scrawling and aggregation system. So you can check each and every campaign including hidden campaigns.
  • Best User interface: No technical skills are required to use this platform, the user interface is mainly built for beginners who are new to the marketing field
  • Download Landing Pages: With the help of this you can download Landing pages without creating them from scratch

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🏆 Who Should Use This Tool?

Any marketer can use this platform and Adplexity can be used in many ways. All the affiliates, advertisers, and ad networks use Adplexity for more profit.

  • Affiliates
  • Advertisers
  • Media Buy Teams
  • AD & CPA Networks
  • R&D Departments


🏆 Adplexity Insight

You can use Aplexity in any way to get different data for separate functions. There is no specific protocol or any set of instruction to find the particular ads which is on the high and copy those to gain profits. It helps to find the trending product, and once you get familiar with Adplexity you will discover more and more data of campaign which is running by competitors.

✅ User Interface

All the tools have the same interface so you will not get confused to use it. It has a basic structure for beginners. Every tool works in a different way for specific traffic.

What you will find in the dashboard?

  • If you log in to your account then you can see the dashboard has a list of campaigns that is available in real-time.
  • You can sort the campaigns according to some parameters for instance newest, longest, or most running traffic received.
  • Using these filters you can search any special campaigns by date, period of time a campaign is running, country, language, traffic sources, affiliate network, and tracking tool. You can select more than one parameter by clicking on “Choose More”.

✅ Search Options

AdPlexity Searching

This is the most demanding search option to find any campaign by any keyword and advertiser. To use the keyword search, you have to enter the keyword to find campaigns that are used by affiliates or landing pages content. For instance, mostly used keywords for gambling is “Casino”, “Betting”, and so on, for crypto, there is “Crypto”, “Bitcoins”, and many more. Another amazing thing is you can search campaigns by URLs. It allows different kinds of URLs like competitors’ pre-lander URLs or affiliate network redirect domains. You can use this Adplexity to find the list of top converting offers. You can pull out the tracking tokens from any URL.

AdPlexity Search Options

If someone searches for an offer URL in the “landing page URLs”. then he will get directly linked campaigns. If the campaign doesn’t have a pre-lander then traffic goes directly to the advertisers’ landing page or in other cases offer would be in “LP outgoing URLs”. If you want more results then you have to select “Search in all the above”.


🏆 How To Find Successful Campaigns?

AdPlexity Features

It completely relies on what the niche wants. You can follow this process to find successful campaigns:

  • Add a time period into the filter so it will only show you only the ads available in that period only.
  • Now check the Hits number which should be a minimum of 50-100, completely depending on how long the campaign is running.
  • Examine the details of the campaign, if it has a good amount of traffic then it is worth analyzing more to find strategies and insights.


🏆 Adplexity Pricing

Adplexity free is not available for right now. Each product is available according to the requirement and Adplexity discount is available for a limited time.

🔥 AdPlexity Mobile $199

  • Popup ads data (5 networks)
  • Android In-App ads data (5 networks)
  • Mobile display web ads data (15 exchanges)
  • Powerful but easy to use interface
  • Download all landing pages with 1 click
  • Chat and email support

🔥 AdPlexity Desktop $199

  • Popup ads data (4 networks)
  • Desktop display ads data (15 exchanges)
  • Data from all major browsers
  • Powerful but easy to use interface
  • Download all landing pages with 1 click
  • Chat and email support

🔥 AdPlexity Native $247

  • Native ads data (7 networks)
  • Data from all major devices
  • Data from all major browsers
  • Powerful but easy to use interface
  • Download all landing pages with 1 click
  • Chat and email support

🔥 AdPlexity Push $149

  • Push ads data (10+ networks)
  • Powerful but easy to use interface
  • Download all landing pages with 1 click
  • Chat and email support

🔥 AdPlexity eCommerce $199

  • Access real-time data on top trending products
  • More than 100,000 stores
  • More than 70,000,000 products
  • See product historical pricing changes
  • Uncover revenue boosting apps used by shops
  • Powerful but easy to use interface

🔥 Adplexity Carriers $149

It will provide you with 3G/LTE proxies through more than 80 mobile carriers in over 30 countries. Plus, it allows transferring of 500MB of data per month.

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🏆 Adplexity Features

Using AdPlexity

🔥 Filters by Keywords

If you want any particular campaign without any tools then it will take lots of time. It is easy to filter ads by searching with keywords, you have to enter any keyword related to your ads campaigns and it will show you the same. Also, it allows you to Filter trending ads by Searching for what the advertiser has done or what affiliate marketers are using for their platform. Plus, using this filter option you can see all the ads running by publishers. Moreover, check campaigns that are running by Affiliate Network.

🔥 Trending Ad, Targeted Devices & Publishers

With the help of these tools, you can see how long the campaign is running and at what time the performance is best. Also, This feature will help you to know if the campaign working well on iPhone or android. This helps to know which campaigns are sending the majority of traffic. You don’t have to use so many traffic sources those are expensive, using this you will know where the advertisers buy traffic.

🔥 More Affiliate Network And Tracking

This tool is mainly used for a certain landing page.


It will display the offer is promoted on the landing pages.

🔥 Campaigns

It gives you the campaigns that are managed by affiliates/advertisers.

🔥 Download The Landing Pages

You can download Landing Pages including their dependencies such as images, CSS, Javascript, Media, and so on.


🏆 Adplexity Is Trusted By

Adplexity Trusted Brand


🏆 Final Words On Adplexity

If you are a marketer then you must use the ad spying tools to save lots of time. Most importantly these tools come with a landing page download option so you can download these landing pages and customize them according to your requirement so you don’t have to start it from the scratch, Adplexity landing pages help you to do so.

AdPlexity indeed is Adplexity best add spy tools which comes with so many intelligence tools and eCommerce tools for its users so you can save so much time and effort or else you can spend all day to find the best campaigns. Most important is you can get the exact and real-time data with the help of AdPlexity.

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Adplexity Review, Pricing, Coupon Code, Alternatives & More
Adplexity Review, Pricing, Coupon Code, Alternatives & More


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