AppFolio Property Manager Review, Features, and More

AppFolio is a user-friendly property management software that helps landlords and property managers streamline their operations. It includes customizable features such as online rent payments, maintenance request tracking, and accounting tools. With AppFolio, managing properties and communicating with tenants is made easy.

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You will get: The online payment system makes it easy for commercial and residential tenants to make rental payments Navigating AppFolio Property Manager is extremely easy Multi-entity accounting management Ability to Customize & Screening Collect tenant payments via ACH Scheduling Showings with Integrated Calendar It helps us to keep the maintenance side of the business very organized Reporting and accounting are very simple and streamlined Response time is great and results are immediate

AppFolio Review

Are you looking for good property management software to manage your properties then here is the complete solution for you to help and manage all your activities and i.e., AppFolio. AppFolio offers some amazing features with some economical pricing as well. So let’s dive into the detailed AppFolio Property Manager Review. If you are a property manager and you don’t use AppFolio, then you are probably doing it wrong.

AppFolio is the easiest way to get your properties organized and keep them that way. Property managers are under a lot of pressure. They have to deal with stress, paperwork, and tenants, all while trying to keep their businesses running smoothly. AppFolio Property Manager is the only property management software built specifically for property managers by property managers. It’s easy to use and can help you save time and money. You want to increase your profit margins and decrease the amount of time you spend on administrative tasks. Get started with AppFolio Property Manager today!

9.9Expert Score
Best Property Management Software
AppFolio Property Manager is a cloud-based property management tool that assists managers of multifamily and single-family homes, businesses, student housing, homeowners and condo associations, and mixed portfolio properties sell, run, and expand their operations. Complete accountancy and property maintenance features are available with AppFolio, including the ability to instantly access reports and statements, publish and market job openings, accept online applications and leases, screen tenants, simplify rent collection, and conduct mobile inspections.
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Ease of Use
Services & Features
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  • The online payment system makes it easy for commercial and residential tenants to make rental payments
  • Navigating AppFolio Property Manager is extremely easy
  • Multi-entity accounting management
  • Ability to Customize & Screening
  • Collect tenant payments via ACH
  • Scheduling Showings with Integrated Calendar
  • It helps us to keep the maintenance side of the business very organized
  • Reporting and accounting are very simple and streamlined
  • Response time is great and results are immediate
  • Quicker application results

🏆 AppFolio Review: What Is AppFolio?

AppFolio Dashboard

APPFOLIO is an online property management software for residential property managers. AppFolio Property Manager is designed to assist property managers by providing a time-saving, efficiency-boosting, and effective online solution. It is well-suited for apartment buildings, student housing, HOAs, condos, or single-family homes.

The platform offers a number of accounting management and leasing tools for all users, maintenance providers, marketing, and so on. AppFolio stores all asset information, so users can post their vacancy packages, fill out online applications, and perform background checks online. At the same time, they accept online rental applications.

AppFolio offers a variety of tools that help property managers carry out a broad range of non-computerized tasks efficiently. Their services include automatic listing syndication, real estate websites, rental agreements, communication between tenants and owners, and maintenance recording, meaning the influence of powerful and efficient automation tools is highly noticeable.

Property managers generally use the AppFolio platform as a one-stop application for overseeing the property management lifecycle. The AppFolio platform includes tools to support your company during the initial development of your units to manage them after tenants leave. AppFolio is a useful property management software for property owners who manage more than 150 units. It also has certain capabilities for smaller property owners who have a smaller budget. We recommend Buildium for larger portfolios with smaller budgets.

🏆 AppFolio Review: Features & Benefits

Property management software is specially designed for providing a collection of instruments that simplify and streamline your entire property management business. So, let’s explore some of the top-notch AppFolio features below:

AppFolio Features

🔥 Communication Tools

Give locals a single point of access to the knowledge and resources they require. Give residents fast, on-demand access to their web portal so they can submit requests, pay bills, and more with convenience at their fingertips. Contact residents quickly and easily with various communication options, including text, email, and even mail for community associations, all from within AppFolio. Additionally, communications are kept in a record-keeping system for quick retrieval.

Create a community of contented tenants and homeowners who can conveniently pay their rent or dues online from any location. You can free up your staff and receive payments swiftly and securely with end-to-end payments automation on a single platform. Quickly distribute critical documents to residents via their online portal. To guarantee that your residents always have access to whatever information you’d like to share, records may be readily sorted and unshared as necessary.

AppFolio’s end-to-end Mailing Service streamlines your mailing process by bringing everything inside AppFolio and helps keep homeowners updated with just a few clicks. Utilize text templates to streamline and simplify your text communication process. With a mobile app, AppFolio’s Online Portal improves convenience so that your employees can work remotely or from home, and your residents and vendors can access their resources and vital information from any location.

🔥 Accounting and Reporting

Spend more time on critical, high-value work and less time on manual entry. Smart Bill Entry uses AI to read PDF invoices from vendors, identify important details, and help with processing so you can pay bills more quickly. Automate your accounts payable process to save your company time and money. To ensure that you process, enter, and pay all invoices accurately and on time, automated AP eliminates time-consuming and error-prone operations.

Running your business requires accessing and comprehending your data. Even for the most diverse portfolios, AppFolio offers a vast selection of reports, and new reports are constantly being introduced. You can simply drill down into particular elements with the help of links contained inside the reports, which are easily customized. With real-time data visualizations, you can take charge of your company and make strategic decisions with assurance. Customizable dashboards allow you to acquire the information you need to run your business while saving time spent gathering data.

🔥 Maintenance and Efficiency

Use AppFolio’s seamless, digital maintenance experience to efficiently monitor your properties and common areas, handle issues quickly, and update residents and homeowners on your progress. Your team can track a work order’s status and update neighbors and homeowners on its progress using a single effective platform. Automated workflows can help you streamline your payment operations. You can free up your team, keep an eye on your entire business, and be sure that every bill is paid on time, every time, by centralizing all payments and records into one platform with AppFolio.

With end-to-end, complete cycle maintenance support, you can intelligently handle any incoming maintenance requests, day or night. Using the online portal, residents may quickly make maintenance requests. With Smart Maintenance, they will be attended to promptly and effectively based on the particular requirements of each of your properties. Respond to your residents quickly via text, phone call, or online portal, and send work orders to the appropriate vendor, and you and your staff will save a lot of time. Obtain better insight into the tracked modifications that your personnel has made within AppFolio. View a detailed history of every activity and revision made in AppFolio, along with their dates and authors.

🔥 Staffing and Training

Manage complex operations elegantly by directing employees through multi-step procedures and hand-offs. The configurable workflows in AppFolio help you centralize policies and processes to make sure work is completed correctly and nothing goes missing. Complement the effort of your team with clever automation that is already included in the platform. Let AppFolio handle more basic chores so your team can concentrate on high-impact work. These duties include precisely entering all data and finally breaking the 100:1 unit-to-staff ratio.

Reduce the amount of time, money, and effort you spend on training new team members. Give them the product training they require instead, at the time and place when they most need it. The self-serve training materials for AppFolio allow management to concentrate on more strategic tasks while swiftly acclimating users to its features. Imagine having all of the data that powers your company in one location, available with a few keystrokes: every contact, every property, every vendor, every work order, and more. This is exactly what AppFolio’s Universal Search does. You can locate exactly what you’re looking for in a refreshingly straightforward search experience by utilizing a single system to query.

🔥 Management and Growth

By implementing efficient templates for frequent tasks, you may implement best practices throughout your entire organization. By centralizing all of your operations under workflow management, managers can easily track their progress and spot any bottlenecks that are preventing expansion. Gain control of your company by having 24/7 access to real-time data.

You can receive the information you need to make quicker, more informed decisions with the help of customizable dashboards. Gain greater insight into each asset’s performance and use higher-quality data to address complicated problems more rapidly. You’ll have more useful business insights at your disposal thanks to AppFolio’s intelligent automation and single-platform strategy, providing you with a sizable growth advantage over your rivals.

Manage your business and consumer data securely by giving users access levels depending on their job responsibilities. Role-Based Security in AppFolio gives you complete control over what each team member can see and change, enabling you to assign work to your teams in a managed and controlled environment.

🔥 Marketing and Leasing

Utilize AppFolio’s AI leasing assistant to consistently turn quality leads into residents. Your staff is free to work at their highest level while Lisa takes care of regular duties like data input and scheduling showings.

By planning and conducting live virtual tours on the AppFolio platform, you can easily meet the needs of your prospects. Virtual Showings enable you to effectively manage and increase your team’s ability to close deals as part of our seamless lead-to-lease process. Let AppFolio handle the workload by swiftly and painlessly screening candidates using pre-set leasing criteria.

This extra service gives you all the information you need to make wise hiring decisions, including a credit check, criminal background check, eviction history check, income verification, and rental history. Answer your most crucial leasing questions by using a single perspective to produce reliable data and useful insights. You can more simply generate reports by regularly pulling clean data from a single system, saving you time and hassle from having to pull data from many sources.

🏆 Is AppFolio Legit?

AppFolio is a comprehensive rental property administration platform used by thousands of property managers to run income courses. The platform automates a multitude of undertakings in property promotion, resident administration, accounting, and reporting. The company’s software as a service helps landlords and property managers with tasks such as rent collection, applications, tenant screening, maintenance requests, and creating reports for owners or investors.

With AppFolio, property managers have quite a lot of functions that make it suitable for managing licensing costs and maintaining property records for a number of tenants. Small business owners with a portfolio of fewer than twenty properties should seek out Buildium.

 AppFolio Review: Conclusion

A property management tool called AppFolio is made for HOAs, businesses, and residential properties. It’s intended to be an all-in-one platform that offers supplementary services like insurance and paid leads in addition to a management backend and marketing tools and a website (at an additional cost). Small- to medium-sized property management companies are the target market for AppFolio.

One of the most complete property management applications is AppFolio. The program is reliable and can grow with your business as far as you can take it, but it is not for those with modest budgets. Though significantly more expensive than the majority of its rivals, it also performs marginally better. For further queries, you can leave a comment below in the comment section.

AppFolio Conclusion


Frequently Asked Questions?

1. Is AppFolio free?

The monthly subscription fee for AppFolio and Buildium varies based on the number of units you manage and the plan you select. For residential properties, AppFolio has a minimum monthly charge of $250 and starts at $1.40 per unit.

2. Which one, Yardi or AppFolio, is superior?

Compared to Yardi Breeze, which has 82 reviews and a rating of 4.05 / 5 stars, AppFolio Property Manager has 1795 reviews and a rating of 4.55 out of 5 stars.

3. Is the AppFolio API open?

An open API is not available for AppFolio. As a result, it is difficult to integrate AppFolio with other property management software.

4. Can Appfolio be used with fewer than 50 units?

AppFolio is a fantastic fit for real estate owners with sizable portfolios and residential property management firms because it requires a minimum of 50 units for deployment.


AppFolio Review: AppFolio Pricing Information

Appfolio Pricing

Plan Features Core Plus
Portfolio Size Small to Mid-Size (Minimum of 50 units) 1,000+ units (Minimum of 500 units)
Starting Price per Unit / per Month $1.40 $3
Minimum Monthly Fee $280* $1,500*
Accounting and Reporting Yes Yes
Virtual Marketing and Leasing Tools Yes Yes
Resident and Owner Management Yes Yes
Online Maintenance Yes Yes
Mobile Experience Fully Fully
Continuous Software Updates Yes Yes
Live Chat Support + Calls by Appointment Yes Yes
Workflow Management No Yes
Performance Insights No Yes
AppFolio Stack™ Premium Integrations No Yes
Data Export Capabilities No Yes
Elevated Service Experience No Yes
Book a Demo Yes Yes

Note: Onboarding fees for both plans are based on portfolio size. The minimum monthly fee for Core is based on a portfolio size of 50 units, while the minimum monthly fee for Plus is based on a portfolio size of 500 units.

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AppFolio Property Manager Review, Features, and More
AppFolio Property Manager Review, Features, and More
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