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Bigspy Review, Coupon, Features, Pricing, Alternatives: Best FB Ad Spy Tool

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Bigspy Coupon

Get More Discount By Using This Coupon
Get More Discount By Using This Coupon
Use this coupon to get the lowest price ever + amazing features
$6 $69
Coupon Valid For First 100 Users

Searching for an AdSpy alternative? Bigspy is one of the free Facebook ads spy tools, where you can find the ads creatives on social media and the networks. You can quickly track competitors’ ads to see what’s working for them and test if they work for you with our excellent ad spy tool! Apart from that, it aids you in generating unique ideas for fresh marketing strategies to maximize profitability. Read this complete Bigspy review, to track your competitor’s hidden ideas and strategies and apply a similar strategy that works for you!

Finding good ads takes lots of effort and is also time-consuming, but BigSpy makes easy everything. You must try BigSpy’s ad spy tool if you’re seeking a user-friendly social media advertising spy tool, specifically for Facebook ads, with a user-friendly interface, simplified filtering, and in-depth analytics.

In this Bigspy review, we will discuss BigSpy features, BigSpy pricing plans, and BigSpy Pros and Cons to help you get a detailed insight into this ad spying tool. So, let’s get a brief BigSpy review that will help you to make the decision to have this or not!

Bigspy Review

9.9Expert Score
Best Ad Spy Tool For Marketers
I have been using Bigspy for 4 months, and you know what? Bigspy is an all-in-one tool for all digital marketers to strategize and analyze competitors' marketing campaigns! Using their large database, I can easily get access to a lot of ad creatives that helped me to check the performance of my ads really better than before. The best part is, that I have gathered a lot of ad inspiration and tracked how my competitors are running ad campaigns. It's a no-brainer to not getting this software when it is completely free to use! Highly recommended for Facebook ad campaigns, youtube ad campaigns, and more. Thanks, Bigspy.
Ease Of Use
Value For Money
Ad Intelligence
  • Bigspy provides an intuitive user interface for both beginners and experts with proper guidance
  • Access a huge number of ad creatives for your eCommerce business
  • Supports multiple social media platforms with unlimited featured ads
  • Provides you with numerous creative options as well as ad ideas that you can use to create killer converting ads
  • Allows you to monitor all the advertising activities of your competitors to get a detailed insight into the performance of their ad
  • BigSpy provides you with ads analysis, ads trends, and advertisers' rank to help you promote your products or services
  • Bigspy comes with a simplified filtering and in-depth analysis to help you understand how a particular product converts
  • BigSpy has online support assistance that you can use the tool to contact for help when running into a problem
  • Limited free access for users


🏆 What Is Bigspy?

BigSpy is an ad spying tool where you will find a database filled with more than 850,000,000 ads from 40+ countries. BigSpy is a platform where you can find a vast database of ads from different networks like Facebook, Instagram, Admob, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest, and Yahoo. Currently, they have covered more than 46 countries and 76+ languages, so you can find a vast amount of data. The most interesting part is that it allows you to spy on all the YouTube ads that are running on the platform.

When you’re competing in digital marketing with your competitors, it’s a terrific ad spy tool. If you’re curious about your competition or want to know how many advertisements they’ve run and how well they’ve performed, this is the place to go. BigSpy can help you, and you can always find something useful there.

With the use of BigSpy you can capture the most important information from various social media platforms and channels where BigSpy grab ads from various social media networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Yahoo, Google Ads, and Twitter. Apart from that, BigSpy’s spy tool assists marketers in monitoring competitors’ ads, particularly on Facebook, allowing them to check the competitor’s advertising ideas and techniques in order to achieve their goals and reach a high ROI!

Bigspy is a must-have tool for any digital marketing team, as it allows you to discover untapped markets and profitable opportunities, as well as minimize the stress of developing all content, determining campaign goals, and more.


🏆 How To Use Bigspy?

Bigspy comes with a user-friendly interface and lets you find ads in seconds! Let’s see how to use this free ad spy tool below:

🏆 STEP 1: Register Your BigSpy Account 

First, you have to create your Bigspy account to use this platform and believe me you don’t need any credit card to have your account. You just need to enter your unique username, email, and password on the register page to create your account.


bigspy account creation

🏆 STEP 2: Access To BigSpy Dashboard

After creating your account you can access the dashboard of Bigsby. On the dashboard, you will find so many tabs at the top. These are Home, Adspy (eCom, Gaming ads, Non-Gaming Ads), Ad Ideas, Top charts, Feature Ads, and Pricing tabs. This user interface is very user-friendly and a beginner can use it easily. On the Home tab, you can find more information about the Bigspy platform. Adspy tab has the three options eCom, Gaming Apps, and Non-Gaming Apps.

Bigspy Home Tab

 🏆 STEP 3: Bigspy Ad Spy

Here in this section, you have to enter a keyword and choose a required filter that will help you to analyze for that keyword. You can also use various filters such as language, country, date and time, and also device types to get the best search results.

BigSpy Ads

🏆 STEP 4: Bigspy Search Results

After your desired search results you can find how much people are engaging with these ads, plus you can also track details and also get access to the landing page by clicking on the “SHOP NOW” button.

Bigspy search results

🏆 STEP 5: Bigspy Ad Details

After, clicking the details of the ad a popup will show you all the related details of the product and also provides you the option to download it!

Ad Details

🏆 STEP 6: Ad Idea

In this section, you can search for some ad ideas using different filters. You can also be able to do any advanced search and sort it in like, Comments and Share. Other social media networks, such as Facebook, YouTube, AdMob, Twitter, Pinterest, and Yahoo, can be used to find out how other advertisers rank.

ad ideas

🏆 STEP 7: Top Charts

This is an amazing feature of BigSpy it will provide you with the “Overall Charts” and also shows you the “New Trending” using different social media networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Yahoo. Using this feature, you can find out how your competitors are ranking in different industries such as eCom, Game, and other Apps.

Top Charts

🏆 STEP 8: Featured Ads

The final section for ad tracking is “Featured Advertising,” which allows you to collect high-performing featured ads via intelligence, allowing you to quickly access certain popular ads.

Featured Ads

🏆 BigSpy Features And Benefits

BigSpy is one of the greatest & cheapest tools for tracking social ads because it has a massive database that practically covers every ad kind, niche, and country! It’s a fantastic platform for both amateurs and experts, with the most up-to-date product trends, product stores, top-level reports, and other unique features. Let’s get started with Bigspy features below:

1. Facebook Adspy

BigSpy is one of the top Facebook ad spy tools that provide the most extensive advertising data to assist you in tracking your competitors’ Facebook advertising and marketing efforts.

We need to apply this technique to examine the most suitable Facebook advertising style, locate the most efficient advertising examples, and assist you to acquire more business inspiration in terms of understanding market possibilities.

2. Twitter Adspy

BigSpy helps you to spy on Twitter ads and in various niches such as eCom, gaming apps, and non-gaming apps where you can search using various filters such as country language, and the date and also determine the total search results.

3. Google Adspy

With this platform, you can search for Google ad spy on different social media platforms in various niches and filter using keyword search, ad category, country, and language. Read Our Guide On Top Free PPC Ads Spy Tools.

4. Pinterest Adspy

Bigspy can also help to spy on Pinterest helps you to get creative ideas and headline content and how your competitors are having big bucks of profits!

5. Instagram Adspy

Now you can spy on your competitor’s Instagram stories and reels and headline content using Bigspy! Read Our Guide On Best App For Instagram Likes.

6. Yahoo Adspy

Using the largest ad database, Bigspy you can find aesthetic Yahoo ad creatives or videos and take your digital ad world to a new level!

7. YouTube Adspy

Bigspy, is one of the best YouTube ad spy tools that help to find marketing campaigns, and advertising to help YouTubers, marketers, or advertisers create a more effective marketing strategy.

8. Tiktok Adspy

Bigspy is one of the best TikTok ads spy tools that allows you to discover the most relevant Tiktok ads examples and explore the new trends and create your own creative videos!

9. Powerful Search Box

It is the most effective tool on the BigSpy website. By which you can get the right ads for your marketing campaigns.

10. Filter Options

Bigspy comes with filter options, where you can sort by last seen, sort by first seen, sort by like, share and comment which will show you the most popular ads with increased engagement that helps to increase your brand’s identity.

11. Screening Options

Bigspy supports a lot of screening options which include marketing objectives, ads by country, CTA types, eCommerce platforms, ad categories, languages, devices, affiliate networks, custom data range, and Offer ID that helps you look at how your competitors are generating revenue using advertising tactics.


🏆 Bigspy Pricing Plans

Get More Discount By Using This Coupon
Get More Discount By Using This Coupon
Use this coupon to get the lowest price ever + amazing features
$6 $69

Bigspy comes with a unique pricing plan that gives you access to amazing features! The best part? Bigspy has a free plan that will solve your demand for spying on your competitors! Apart from this, it comes with 3 pricing plans Basic, Pro, and VIP Enterprise that help advertisers build powerful marketing strategies for achieving their goals. Free users can enjoy the services for free, however, they have limited search counts and filtering options. In case you need more features and deep insights then you must choose from the paid plans! We have listed the paid plans below with amazing features that suit your needs:

Bigspy pricing plans

Basic $6/month

  • Facebook & Instagram
  • Queries: 20 Queries Daily
  • Unlimited Search Features
  • Track Ads: 25 daily
  • Download: 25 daily
  • Limited Featured Ads

Pro $69/month

  • All Publishers & Networks
  • Queries: Unlimited Daily
  • Unlimited Search Features
  • Track Ads: 250 daily
  • Download: 250 daily
  • Unlimited Featured Ads
  • Ad Ideas Analysis
  • Landing Analysis (Beta)
  • Demographic Analysis (Beta)
  • Online Support

VIP Enterprise $300+/month

  • Unlimited Queries
  • Unlimited Data Access
  • Unlimited Featured Ads
  • Unlimited Tracking Ads
  • More Local Platforms
  • Ad Intelligence
  • Marketing Intelligence
  • Audience Intelligence
  • VIP Company Support
  • Multi-Account Seats
  • Annual Payment


🏆 Who Should Use BigSpy?

Bigspy is completely premium software with the cheapest price and is best suited for:


🏆 Bigspy Alternatives & Competitors

Looking for Bigspy alternatives? Here are the top Bigspy competitors:

🏆 Final Words On BigSpy

BigSpy is a one-stop-shop that takes care of everything. It saves you time by allowing you to select high-quality creatives from its database. Social media advertising generates a significant amount of traffic, and the use of the right social media ad spy tool might assist you in attaining your objectives easily without any hassle!

BigSpy’s amazing database encompasses most insights, search criteria, and analytics that you won’t find anywhere else, and their efficiency is proved by their statistics! BigSpy is one of the top Facebook ad spy tools for online marketing because of all of its features. You may obtain a thorough ad analysis and spy on your competition with the various options. With the use of these elements, it would be beneficial in creating more efficient and effective advertising strategies. BigSpy is a must-have for any digital marketing team, particularly those who work in e-commerce niches.

If you want to give Bigspy a free trial then just register with their free plan, and if it suits your needs you can upgrade to the paid plans later on! We highly recommend this free ad spy tool to accelerate your conversions and increase your revenue!

Hope you like our Bigspy review! If you have any questions do let me know in the comment section below! Just grab the Bigspy coupon code, as the offer is for a limited time period! Want to latest product reviews? You can join our Facebook group SaaSTalks where we discuss latest and upcoming SaaS product reviews with pros and cons!

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Bigspy Review, Coupon, Features, Pricing, Alternatives: Best FB Ad Spy Tool
Bigspy Review, Coupon, Features, Pricing, Alternatives: Best FB Ad Spy Tool


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