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DeisgnEvo is one of the most popular design tools out there. Check out our review to see exactly what it offers and why it might be the perfect way to bring your ideas to life.

Are you looking to design a logo?

You have hired a logo design unit, but the results are not as expected, not following your aesthetic taste?

It will be simple if you know how to use Photoshop, you can design a logo easily with precisely what you envision in your head.

However, not everyone is familiar with Photoshop or other graphic design software. That is why many online design tools have been born to simplify things.

When it comes to online design tools, many of you will immediately think of Canva, right? Yes, that is also a good choice.

However, in this article, I will introduce a website specializing in logo design with more than 10,000 available logo templates. Giant logo templates help you create highly professional logos with many suggested ideas.

The website I am referring to is DesignEvo! The reason why I say this service is professional, please refer to the detailed content below.

DesignEvo Review

9.7Expert Score
A good versatile online service that allows you to create a logo from scratch or based on one of a myriad of templates. Easy to use, with nice results.
Quality Of Picture
Easy Of Use
Value For Money
  • Easy to use
  • Versatile editing
  • A vast library of templates and objects
  • 10,000+ templates
  • Millions of free vector icons
  • 100+ fonts in various styles
  • Color schemes: solid/gradient colors
  • High-quality SVG and PDF files
  • Font files used in logo designs
  • Copyright ownership
  • Free downloads have low resolutions.

What Is DesignEvo?

DesignEvo is a free online logo maker with 10,000+ templates that anyone can use to bring to life a compelling, unique logo in minutes. You can Discover 10,000+ Professional Grade Logo Designs. You can also browse through their different categories or search 10,000+ logo templates using keywords to find a design that meets your needs and customize it to make it your own.

You can create your logo in 5 minutes with a few clicks. We offer all types of resources that can help you take the logo design to the next level. Thus you can create a top-quality logo to build your brand identity. The multiple file-formats you get from our logo creator make it easier for you to create brand assets.

Features of DesignEvo

  • Straightforward interface, easy to use.
  • Rich logo templates, with more than 10,000 existing templates and constantly increasing.
  • logos are classified (e.g., logos for Gaming, YouTube, logos for T-shirts…)
  • You can design and edit freely any logo template. This stage is entirely free, guys. It would help if you topped up to return it when you like it. 

The most significant advantage of the free service is that it doesn’t have to be paid. But because anyone can use it, it’s no longer unique. And the free service is always only high enough to use, but you can’t expect more from it.

So, I think the paid service will be an advantage. Must have money to be able to take care of you, must have money to be dedicated to their services, must have money to continue to develop better services.

DesignEvo Features

Make a logo without knowing Photoshop

OK, now I’ll go into detail step by step. You can skim through it once before proceeding.

Get free logo ideas

First, I’d love to give a tip to those of you who know how to use Photoshop and photo editing software. It is that you can go here to get design ideas. Specifically, you can see the available templates and get creative to get your unique design ideas.

  1. You access the website
  2. You access the tab logo Ideas=> here logo has been classified into many different topics. Or you can click Make a Free Logo to access the entire logo.
  3. There will be many logo templates for you to choose from. 

Free online logo maker

Well, the design interface will appear after you have chosen the logo template you like. These primary tabs allow you to add icons, text, drawings, or backgrounds.

  • Change Font, font size, font color, text background, bold, italic for text, format text, and create text effects. Of course, this option only appears when you click on the Text line of the logo template.
  • Change the size of the logo, rearrange the elements, and create a grid to align the logo more balanced.
  • The button to return to the last change, you can use the alternate keyboard shortcut CTRL + Z.
  • Delete the object, duplicate the object and the Layer.
  • Preview or save to DesignEvo’s cloud storage service.
  • Download logos.

The default logo size will be 500 x 500px. You can click on the current size and resize it according to your needs. You can use the Grid feature to make the logo more balanced. Or can change or rearrange the position of the logo puzzle pieces.

Remembering that these logo templates are very well designed would be best. It is a combination of many objects, not one. So you can move and rearrange objects in the logo Template easily.

Use CTRL + Z or the Undo icon to go back if not satisfied.

There are countless icons, drawings, and special characters. In this, you can select the object you want to add. There are many, I will introduce them to you, and you will discover more by yourself.

You can easily change the background color of your logo. The icon tab also has a lot of beautiful icons arranged according to different topics. See, you can select any icon you want to insert. Then you can click Preview to preview. Once satisfied, you can click the Download button to download.

DesignEvo Pricing

DesignEvo have 3 Plans:

DesignEvo Pricing


Yes, so I have detailed instructions for you on how to design a professional logo for those unfamiliar with graphic software.

DesignEvo is a service that, in my opinion, is very useful. You are allowed to preview the results, and then you will pay for the download if satisfied. So everything is very transparent and clear. Purchase and sale agreement. Overall very OK!

Hope this article will be helpful to you. Good luck!

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DesignEvo Review, Features, Pricing And More.
DesignEvo Review, Features, Pricing And More.

Original price was: $40.Current price is: $30.

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