Elai.io Review, Features, Pricing And More

Elai.io is an online AI video maker, that makes professional video creation easy. Its user-friendly interface and advanced features, like customizable presenters and various templates, cater to both beginners and experts. With Elai.io, video editing becomes accessible and efficient for everyone.

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You will get: User-friendly interface for effortless navigation AI-driven digital presenters enhance visual engagement Diverse templates for varied video styles Voice cloning feature adds personalized narration option Support for multiple languages broadens audience reach

Welcome to the comprehensive Elai.io Review! Introducing Elai.io, the ultimate AI-powered video editing solution. With Elai, creating professional-quality videos has never been easier. Harness the power of artificial intelligence to craft compelling video content effortlessly. From customizable avatars to voice cloning and personalized messaging, Elai.io offers a comprehensive suite of tools to streamline your video creation process. Transform your ideas into captivating videos with Elai.io – the future of video editing is here.

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Elai.io Review, Features, Pricing And More
Transform Your Content Creation: A Review of Elai.io's AI Video Maker
Elai.io revolutionizes video creation with AI technology, offering seamless tools for crafting dynamic and engaging videos effortlessly. From customizable digital presenters to screen recording features, it empowers users to produce professional-quality content with ease. With Elai.io, unleash your creativity and captivate audiences like never before
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  • User-friendly interface for effortless navigation
  • AI-driven digital presenters enhance visual engagement
  • Diverse templates for varied video styles
  • Voice cloning feature adds personalized narration option
  • Support for multiple languages broadens audience reach
  • Limited customization depth compared to advanced editing software.
  • Potential privacy concerns with online data storage and usage.

Elai.io Review: What Is Elai.io?

Elai.io transforms video making with AI, making it easy to create high-quality videos from text. Choose from diverse avatars and 75+ languages. Suitable for any team size, Elai.io ensures fast, safe, and flexible performance.

Elai.io Review


Elai.io Review: The Key Benefits of Elai

Elaio.io Review

Elai.io’s array of benefits:

  • Advanced video maker with 80+ default characters
  • Access to 100+ templates for diverse content creation
  • Enrich your skills with Elai Academy’s resources
  • Utilize voice cloning for personalized narration
  • Customize video avatars, photos, and cartoons to suit your brand
  • Leverage real-time Streaming API for seamless integration
  • AI Storyboard facilitates streamlined content creation for learning and development professionals
  • Enjoy dynamic PPTX export for interactive presentations
  • Convert URLs and prompts into engaging videos effortlessly
  • Competitive pricing, ensuring value for money
  • SCORM format export support (coming soon)
  • Seamlessly integrate with major LMS systems for enhanced functionality

Elai.io Review: Exploring the Powerful Features of Elai


Elai.io Review

Elai Editor:

Elai.io revolutionizes content creation by transforming text into dynamic videos with customizable digital presenters. Utilizing AI technology, users can craft high-quality video content effortlessly, enhancing engagement and communication. With a user-friendly interface, Elai.io empowers individuals and businesses to create captivating videos quickly, streamlining the creative process and maximizing impact.

Avatars Library:

Studio Avatars:

Studio Avatar introduces personalized Talking presenters, exclusively crafted for your content needs. Utilizing premium studio video footage, it delivers a professional touch that elevates the quality of your videos. With a focus on customization and excellence, Studio Avatar ensures your content stands out, captivating audiences and enhancing engagement. Experience the power of tailored presentations, designed to reflect your unique style and message.

Elai.io Review

Selfie Avatars:

With Selfie Avatar, generate an animated version of yourself swiftly using just your smartphone or webcam. Effortlessly create personalized avatars in minutes, eliminating the need for complex tools or software. Seamlessly capture your essence and personality through a simple process, bringing your digital presence to life with ease and convenience.

Elai.io Review

Photo Avatars:

With Elaio.io, generate your Talking head from a single photo effortlessly. Experience seamless creation as Elaio.io transforms your image into a dynamic animated character, ready to bring your content to life.

Elai.io Review

Animated Mascot:

Obtain your personalized animated talking character effortlessly with Elaio.io. Experience full customization as Elaio.io brings your character to life, adding a dynamic touch to your content creation endeavors.

Elai.io Review


Elai.io offers voice cloning in multiple languages like English, German, Polish, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, and Hindi, expanding your global outreach. Communicate effectively with diverse audiences worldwide, enhancing your ability to connect and engage across linguistic barriers. Broaden your reach and resonate with international audiences effortlessly through the power of voice replication technology.


Easily craft narrated videos with Elai’s templates. Input text or a link, then select horizontal or vertical format. Streamline your video creation process effortlessly with Elai’s user-friendly interface.

AI Storyboard:

Start your video creation journey with Elai’s Storyboard feature. Effortlessly craft scripts by generating from your topic, pasting a pre-made script, or typing it scene by scene. Elevate your AI-powered content that takes your text to new heights, ensuring your videos captivate and engage audiences effectively.


Make videos from URL using Elai.io with the following steps:

  1. Paste your blog post URL to initiate conversion. Our algorithm seamlessly transforms text into scenes based on the content provided.
  2. Select a template that suits your preferences and theme.
  3. Customize the text for your video to tailor the narration to your audience.
  4. Convert the video into slides to ensure smooth transitioning between scenes.
  5. Render your video with just a few clicks, completing the process effortlessly.

Auto translation:

Follow these simple steps: Navigate to the “Videos” section, select your desired video, and click on the Translation icon. Choose from a wide range of languages available for translation. Elai.io supports over 75 languages, ensuring flexibility and accessibility for users to localize their projects effectively and reach diverse audiences worldwide.

Avatar Dialogs:

Enhance your slide with two avatars to develop scenario-based learning videos, enriching the content with interactive visual elements that engage and instruct learners effectively.

Screen Recorder:

Effortlessly record and upload your screen recordings using the Elai.io screen recording feature, seamlessly integrating them into your video presentations for enhanced visual demonstration and communication.

Why Choose Elai.io?

Choose Elai.io for seamless video editing powered by AI technology. With its intuitive interface and versatile features, Elai.io simplifies the video creation process for users of all skill levels. From customizable digital presenters to dynamic templates and voice cloning capabilities, Elai.io offers a comprehensive suite of tools to elevate your video content effortlessly. Experience professional-quality editing with ease and efficiency. Reasons to choose Elai.io:

  1. Privacy:

    In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, safeguarding your privacy is paramount. At elai.io, we prioritize your privacy and strive to equip you with the necessary tools and insights to safeguard your personal data effectively.

  2.  Diversity & Inclusion:

    Valuing diversity and inclusion fosters a more productive atmosphere and encourages the integration of varied perspectives and experiences, ultimately fueling innovation.

  3. Trust In People:

    We firmly believe that establishing trust in every aspect of our business practices is essential for cultivating a flourishing business environment and fostering a loyal customer community.

  4. Customer-centric Magic:

    At Elai.io, we prioritize comprehending our customers’ needs. We actively engage with their preferences and feedback, aiming to gain profound insights into their core concerns.

  5. Relentless Innovation:

    Elai cultivates innovation, fostering an environment where creativity flourishes and fresh opportunities arise. We actively encourage and support innovation, embracing calculated risks and challenging conventional norms.


To sum it up, Elai.io is a fantastic AI video maker that helps businesses create many training videos without much hassle. It’s a valuable tool for companies everywhere. Whether you’re in learning and development or part of a business looking for budget-friendly and high-quality videos, Elai.io is a top-notch solution, changing the way we make videos.

Elai.io Review: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I utilize templates effectively?
A: Access templates by clicking the “New video” button in your account. Even if you choose a blank video, you can populate it with template slides.

Q: How do I maintain the voiceover without a presenter?
A: Opt for the Voiceover mode in the Presenter section to retain the voiceover without a visible presenter.

Q: How do I synchronize the screencast with the voiceover’s length?
A: Upload your screencast, add it to the slide, and click “Fit to audio” to ensure synchronization.

Q: How can I animate individual elements?
A: Select the desired element, navigate to the “Animate” section, and choose your preferred animation.

Q: Can I preview the video before rendering?
A: To preview, you must render the video first. However, you can listen to the speech text by clicking “Play” next to the text-to-speech box.

Q: How long does the moderation process usually take?
A: Typically, moderation takes up to 15 minutes, depending on the video’s length.

Q: Is there moderation for paid accounts?
A: Moderation for paid accounts is automated and notably faster than with the Free Plan.

Q: How can I confirm that my video is rendering?
A: In your account, the video should display a “Rendering” status.


Elai.io Pricing

Elai offers flexible pricing plans ranging from $1.54/minute to $100/month. Custom plans are available for additional minutes as needed. You can start with a free trial featuring a 1-minute video, and the next paid plan starts at $23/month (billed annually) for 15 minutes of video creation.

Elai.io Review

  1. Free Plan:
    • Price: Free
    • Price per Minute: Free
    • Number of Minutes: 1 minute per month
    • Avatars: 80+ HQ avatars
    • Additional Features: 1-minute free credit (3 slides per render), no credit card needed, try for free
  2. Basic Plan:
    • Price: $23 per month or $278 billed annually (Save 20%)
    • Price per Minute: $1.54
    • Number of Minutes: 15 video minutes per month
    • Avatars: 80+ HQ avatars
  3. Advanced Plan:
    • Price: $100 per month or $1200 billed annually (Save 20%)
    • Price per Minute: $2.00
    • Number of Minutes: 50 video minutes per month
    • Avatars: 80+ HQ avatars
  4. Custom Plan (Enterprise):
    • Price: Custom
    • Price per Minute: Custom
    • Number of Minutes: Unlimited
    • Avatars: 80+ HQ avatars

With competitive pricing, Elai provides excellent quality videos and avatar appearance. Custom avatar options include professional quality for $500/year or self-captured using a cell phone or camera for $259/year. Voice cloning can be added for an additional $500/year.

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Elai.io Review, Features, Pricing And More
Elai.io Review, Features, Pricing And More
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