FileBird Review: WordPress Media Library Folders Plugin Simplifies Folders Management

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FileBird is a WordPress Media Library Folders Management plugin that provides a streamlined solution for organizing and managing your media files within your WordPress website. Designed to enhance the user experience for content creators and site administrators, FileBird allows you to efficiently categorize and structure your media assets, making it easier to find, use, and maintain your files.

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You will get: Improved Media Library Organization Enhance User Experience User-friendly Interface Drag-and-Drop Functionality Time-Saving

FileBird Review

When it comes to managing a WordPress website, handling media files efficiently is a challenge faced by many. The default media library in WordPress is a simple, chronological list of uploads. While this is functional, it becomes increasingly unwieldy as your website grows, with hundreds or even thousands of images, videos, and documents cluttering the space. This is where FileBird, a WordPress plugin specifically designed for organizing media files, steps in to save the day.

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Streamline Your Media Management with FileBird: A Review of the WordPress Media Library Folders Management Plugin
In the world of WordPress media management, FileBird stands out as a powerful and intuitive solution. This plugin offers an effortless way to organize media files and attachments, transforming the chaotic task of managing a growing media library into a seamless experience.
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  • Improved Media Library Organization
  • Enhance User Experience
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Drag-and-Drop Functionality
  • Time-Saving
  • Limited Features in Free Versions
  • May Slow Down Your Website

FileBird is a game-changer for WordPress users dealing with extensive media content. It introduces a folder-based organization system into the WordPress media library, providing an intuitive and user-friendly way to categorize and manage files. With FileBird, you can create folders and subfolders, just like you would on your computer, to sort your media files logically. This means you can have dedicated folders for different projects, categories, or any classification system that makes sense for your website.

The beauty of FileBird lies in its simplicity. Upon installation and activation, the plugin seamlessly integrates with the existing WordPress media library interface. You don’t have to navigate through a complex set of options or learn a new interface; FileBird enhances the default media library, making it more powerful and efficient.

FileBird Review

FileBird Benefits

FileBird, the WordPress folders plugin, offers several benefits that can greatly enhance your experience when managing media files on your website. Here are six key advantages you’ll love about FileBird:

1. Effortless Organization with Drag and Drop

FileBird simplifies the process of organizing your media files by providing a native drag-and-drop interface. You can quickly move files between folders and rearrange your media library with just a few clicks. This intuitive feature reduces the time and effort required to manage your files effectively.

2. GDPR/CCPA/DPA Compliance

FileBird prioritizes user privacy and ensures GDPR/CCPA/DPA compliance. The plugin does not collect personal information for analytics, history, cookies, or any other purposes. This commitment to data privacy gives you peace of mind while managing your website’s media assets.

3. Improved Collaboration and Content Distribution

With FileBird’s organized file and folder hierarchy, collaborative efforts become more streamlined. Team members can easily follow changes and events, fostering better teamwork. This organized approach is particularly valuable for SEO associates, ensuring that your website’s content remains cohesive and well-structured.

FileBird Benefits

4. Seamless Media Migration

FileBird simplifies the migration process for users of other media library plugins like Enhanced Media Library, Media Library Folders, HappyFiles, or Folders. If you’re already using these plugins, FileBird allows you to import all your existing folders and categories effortlessly. This painless migration saves you time and ensures a smooth transition.

5. Streamlined Workflow and Time Savings

FileBird minimizes the time you spend navigating the WordPress dashboard. You can access your files directly from image block editors or page builders, all within the same interface. The plugin offers various sorting and search features in the sidebar, enabling you to quickly find the media files you need. By reducing clicks and optimizing your workflow, FileBird helps you work more efficiently.

6. Advanced Features for Backup and Migration

In addition to basic file organization, FileBird offers advanced features such as the ability to download entire WordPress media folders. This functionality is invaluable for backup purposes and swift migrations. Having the option to export/import folder structures ensures that you can move your media assets seamlessly, enhancing your website management experience.

FileBird Review: Features

With FileBird, you can create folders in your WordPress media library, making it easier to categorize, locate, and manage your files. In this article, we’ll explore the key features of FileBird, including its user-friendly interface, smart navigation capabilities, and advanced customization settings, allowing you to take full control of your media library and enhance your content management experience.

1. User-Friendly Interface

FileBird provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface that allows you to effortlessly categorize WordPress media files and attachments into folders. Its simple drag-and-drop functionality makes organizing files a breeze.

  • Drag and Drop: Easily categorize files and move them to folders using drag-and-drop actions.
  • Bulk File Management: Efficiently move multiple files to folders in bulk, saving time and effort.
  • Rearrange Folders: Rearrange folders within the interface by dragging and dropping, ensuring a customized organization structure.
  • Smart Contextual Menu: Access contextual menus that provide relevant options, streamlining the management process.

2. Smart Folder Tree

FileBird offers a powerful sidebar and navigation system that presents a clear hierarchical view of your folders, similar to managing files on operating systems like Windows or macOS.

  • Advanced Sort Options: Sort files based on modified date, author, file size, and more, allowing for easy categorization and management.
  • Folder View Modes: Choose between hierarchical or flattened tree view modes based on your preference and organizational needs.
  • Startup Folder: Quickly return to the previous folder, enhancing user convenience and navigation efficiency.

FileBird Review

3. Advanced Settings and Customization

FileBird empowers users with advanced settings and customization options, enabling them to create a tailored media management system and enhance productivity.

  • Multiple Folder Themes: Choose from various folder themes, including Windows 11, Dropbox, and the default theme, to personalize the appearance of your folders.
  • Color-Coded Folders: Assign custom colors to folders, providing visual cues for easy identification and organization.
  • Folder Organization by Users: Organize folders based on users, streamlining collaborative efforts and ensuring efficient content management.

In summary, FileBird offers a seamless and efficient solution for organizing and managing media files in WordPress. With its user-friendly interface, smart navigation features, and advanced customization options, FileBird simplifies the process of categorizing files, enhancing productivity for website owners and content creators.

How to Use FileBird WordPress Media Library Folders Plugin?

Using FileBird is remarkably straightforward, even for beginners. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started with organizing your media library using FileBird:

FileBird Review

Step 1: Installation and Activation Begin by installing the FileBird plugin from the WordPress plugin repository. After installation, activate the plugin to enable its features on your website.

Step 2: Accessing the Media Library Once activated, navigate to your WordPress dashboard and click on ‘Media.’ This will take you to the default media library interface.

Step 3: Creating Folders In the media library, you’ll notice a new section on the left-hand side, indicating FileBird’s presence. To create a new folder, click on the ‘+ New Folder’ button. Enter the folder name and click ‘Create.’ Your new folder will appear in the FileBird section.

Step 4: Drag and Drop Files To add files to your folders, simply drag and drop them from your computer into the appropriate folder in the FileBird section. Alternatively, you can click on the folder and use the ‘Add Files’ button to upload media directly into the folder.

Step 5: Organizing Folders You can create subfolders by dragging one folder onto another. This creates a hierarchical structure, allowing you to further categorize your media content. To rename or delete folders, right-click on the folder and select the desired option.

Step 6: Searching for Files FileBird includes a search bar that allows you to find specific files quickly. Enter the file name, and FileBird will filter the results, making it easy to locate the file you need within your organized folders.

Step 7: Enjoy a Well-Organized Media Library With your folders set up and media files neatly organized, you can now enjoy the benefits of an efficient media library. Whether you’re a photographer showcasing your portfolio, a content creator managing multiple projects, or a business owner displaying products and services, FileBird ensures that your media content is organized, accessible, and visually appealing.


In conclusion, FileBird is a game-changing plugin for WordPress users seeking an efficient and intuitive way to manage their media libraries. Its seamless integration with the default WordPress media library, combined with its user-friendly interface and powerful features, makes it a must-have tool for anyone dealing with a substantial amount of media content.

By investing in FileBird, WordPress website owners can transform their cluttered media libraries into well-organized, visually appealing repositories. The benefits of enhanced organization, streamlined workflows, faster access, and improved user experience cannot be overstated. FileBird empowers users to showcase their media content in the best possible light, whether they’re running personal blogs, professional portfolios, or e-commerce websites.

The plugin’s flexibility, compatibility, and robust set of features ensure that it caters to the diverse needs of WordPress users across different industries and niches. Regardless of the scale of your website, FileBird provides a scalable solution for managing media files effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions About FileBird WordPress Media Library Folders Plugin

Q: Is FileBird compatible with my WordPress theme?

A: Yes, FileBird is designed to be compatible with most WordPress themes. Whether you’re using a popular premium theme or a custom-designed template, FileBird seamlessly integrates with your website’s design, ensuring a cohesive user experience.

Q: Can I create nested folders with FileBird?

A: Absolutely! FileBird allows you to create both main folders and nested subfolders. This hierarchical structure enables you to organize your media content in a detailed and nuanced manner. Whether you’re managing a diverse portfolio or a multifaceted business website, nested folders provide the level of organization you need.

Q: Does FileBird slow down my website?

A: FileBird is optimized for performance and efficiency. The plugin is designed to have a minimal impact on your website’s speed and loading times. Regardless of the size of your media library, FileBird ensures that your website remains responsive and user-friendly.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of files I can organize with FileBird?

A: FileBird does not impose a strict limit on the number of files you can organize. Whether you have hundreds or thousands of media files, FileBird provides a scalable solution. The plugin’s performance remains consistent, ensuring that you can manage your media content effectively, regardless of its volume.

Q: Can I use FileBird with page builders and other plugins?

A: Yes, FileBird is compatible with popular page builders such as Elementor, Divi, and WPBakery, among others. Additionally, it works seamlessly with various plugins, allowing you to maintain your preferred set of tools while benefiting from FileBird’s organizational features. Whether you’re creating visually stunning pages or enhancing your website’s functionality, FileBird integrates smoothly with your existing toolkit.


FileBird Pricing


FileBird Pricing

Regular License – $39:

The Regular License for FileBird is priced at $39, making it an affordable choice for individual users or businesses looking to enhance their WordPress media management. With the Regular License, you are granted the right to use FileBird in a single end product. This license allows you to integrate FileBird into your website or project, either for personal use or on behalf of one client. Importantly, this license permits you to organize your media files effectively without any additional charges to the end users. The total price of $39 includes the item price and a buyer fee, providing you with access to FileBird’s essential features for seamless media organization.

Extended License – $199:

For those seeking expanded usage options and the ability to charge end users for access to their content, the Extended License is available at $199. With the Extended License, you can use FileBird in a single end product where end users are charged for accessing the content or services provided. This license is ideal for developers, agencies, or businesses creating websites for clients and charging a fee for content access. The total price of $199 includes the item price and a buyer fee, giving you the flexibility to monetize your content while benefiting from FileBird’s advanced media management capabilities.

In summary, FileBird offers two distinct pricing plans tailored to different user needs. The Regular License provides cost-effective access for personal use or projects on behalf of a single client, while the Extended License offers commercial use options, allowing you to charge end users for the services or content provided on your WordPress website. Both licenses come with the assurance of high-quality media organization, simplifying the process of managing your WordPress media library efficiently.

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FileBird Review: WordPress Media Library Folders Plugin Simplifies Folders Management
FileBird Review: WordPress Media Library Folders Plugin Simplifies Folders Management

Original price was: $59.Current price is: $39.

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