GoHighLevel Review, Pricing, Features, Pros & Cons, Demo, & Alternatives.

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You will find tons of reviews on the internet regarding GoHighLevel but the main question is, is it worth using or value for money. There are lots of Platforms that come with many integrated tools to help and assist your business. With the right tool, you can grow your business on the fleek point.

GoHighLevel comes with many small and important features SMS marketing, Email marketing, powerful CRM, supports WordPress,Β and many more.

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In this section, we have done a full GoHighLevel review including how to create your account, Dashboard setup, Pros and Cons, GoHighLevel alternatives, and so on. So let’s find out if Gohighlevel is the right tool for your business.


9.9Expert Score
Best All-In-One Platform For New Agency Owners And Entrepreneur
This is the best platform for new users and agency owners. I am using this for my new website. The best part of this is it has so many tools, So I don't have to depend on several tools. I use this to create a campaign that was so difficult for me before. I can create appointments using the smart calendar features. Most recommended platform for entrepreneurs.
Ease Of Use
Value For Money
  • A cloud-based platform so no need to install any software
  • It comes with so many tools
  • Email Builder For creating emails
  • It supports HTML Builder for creating beautiful emails
  • Comes with a mobile application for Android and IOS
  • Outbound calling supports in this platform
  • Comes with a Voicemail channel
  • We can send Bulk requests using it
  • It has Funnel Builder Features
  • It has a Smart listing that helps to manage contacts
  • It has a User-friendly dashboard
  • It is not for large eCommerce business

πŸ† GoHighLevel Review: What Is GoHighLevel?

GoHighLevel is All-in-one Sales and Marketing platform which contains so many tools in its dashboard.

Gohighlevel comprises so many tools such as Email Marketing, Voicemail Marketing, Forced calls, FB Messenger, Funnel, SMS Marketing, Appointment Automation, campaigns, CRM, and so on.

Using Gohighlevel you can succeed with all your other tools. You do not have to maintain all your other tools separately. You will get all the tools in one place.

So everything at one place, don’t depend on so many Dashboards to control. It is difficult to sign in so many times with other platforms.

GohighLevel assures GDPR compliance to protect their users’ and customers’ privacy.

πŸ† GoHighLevel Login: How Does GoHighLevel Work?

First thing first, create an account and start using it. But how to create an account?

We have answered this, this will help you a lot.

GoHighLevel Register

Click On the “14 Day Free Trial Button” on the home page.

GoHighLevel Step 1

Next step, enter your company name, full name, email id, and phone number. Then click on the “Go To Step #2” button. On that same screen, you have to enter your card details for product plan access. Where you will get 14 Days trial first then after 14 Days the subscription will start.

To log in you have to enter the email id and password and click the sign-in button.

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You will get mail on your email account which is given to the GoHighLevel platform. From that mail, you will be redirected to the Dashboard.

πŸ† GoHighLevel Features: What Comes With GoHighLevel?

GoHighLevel comes with so many features which make it different from the others. We Have discussed all of them for the beginners and the advanced person.

πŸ”₯ Dashboard

The dashboard is very simple to use. Even beginners can use it very easily. After Signing up and Signing in for the first time the first and foremost job is to set up your dashboard.

GoHighLevel Twilio

First, open your Dashboard and click on Settings then hit the Twilio tab. Twilio is a service provider tool for SMS, Email, Whatsapp Messenging, Voice, and video. Here you have to connect your Twilio account from here. You have to enter Account SID and Auth Token, after that your account will be connected to it.

GoHighLevel Mailgun

Now click on the Mailgun to connect your Mailgun Account with it. Mailgun is based on an API service for sending, receiving, and tracking emails. You just have to add your Mailgun API on the page and your Mailgun account will be connected.

Now you can add your team members, clients, and many more. You need to search for the name of the local business and you can extract the information from Google My Business listings.

GoHighlevel has made a user-friendly dashboard user interface so anyone can freely use it. It is not so complex anyone can easily get habituated to it.

πŸ”₯ Mobile App

GoHighLevel features are available for mobile apps. They are claiming it is for agencies and by the agencies.

GoHighLevel Mobile (2)

  • Send SMS and MMS on your business phone
  • You can customize and send review requests
  • you can manage multiple locations through your phone
  • You will get notifications on your phone
  • Confirm appointments via mobile phone

πŸ”₯ Outbound Calling

You have to click on the green phone call icon which is available on the top right of your Dashboard a dialer will pop up on your screen. You can dial the number manually or you can easily search contacts. Once the call is connected then you will get many options such as mute, blind, worm transfer, and hold. Using worm transfer you can either search for another user or dial another user.

To check the call reports you have to click on the left-hand sidebar and click on the reporting and again click on call reporting.

πŸ”₯ Appointment Automation

You can create an appointment by yourself. you can create your appointment by adding a calendar form to the site. You to open the settings from the dashboard and attach them to the funnels. GoHighLevel has a Scheduling dashboard form in which your funnel will reflect auto.
Using an appointment tool you can manage your appointments.
Using appointment automation your already booked dates will automatically be ignored when booking the new schedule.

πŸ”₯ Reputation Management

As a Business Manager, you might feel how much review is important for your business. You can generate review requests by sending them to your customers. You can also add Google My Business on the platform so you can easily request and get responses for the review. You can also check your review request status.

Using Reputation Dashboard you can see, manage your reviews, and reply to any reviews.

πŸ”₯ Unified Messaging

Unified Messaging or UM reflects GoHighLevel has several channels from where you can send messages.

πŸ”₯ Lead Management

Leads are important for any kind of business. Using GoHighLevel Lead Management is so easy.

πŸ”₯ Voicemail

You can create voicemails using GoHighLevel so you can engage more customers through Voicemail marketing.

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πŸ”₯ Email Builder

GoHighLevel is providing email builders and email templates. Although templates are limited, GohighLevel has an email builder so you can create your own email templates.

Click on the marketing from the left sidebar then click on Emails. Then click on Create Email then choose the blank page. From the settings, you can set up a mail id.Β  Now you can use drag and drop so that you can create some awesome and beautiful emails.

After creating save this and click on the action button to preview this. To test the email click on the Send Test Email. You can also schedule an email.

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πŸ”₯ HTML Builder

Although, you can create an email by using email builder times you could find it the same to use it. There is nothing new in this. You can build and import HTML Emails using HTML import in the Email Builder.

Click on theΒ  Create Email, then select HTML import. On the left side, you will get the HTML code and on the right side, you will find the output. Now you can edit this to create your own customized template.

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πŸ”₯ Easy Integration

There are hundreds of tools you can integrate with GoHighLevel. With the help of Zapier, you can connect more than 3000 apps.

Using Yext Listing you can fetch and update contact information from local businesses through many channels.

Some integrations are so effective to use such as WordPress, Mailchimp, Clickfunnels, Pipedrive, Squarespace, Hubspot, and so on.

πŸ”₯ Campaigns

To create a campaign click on the marketing menu on the left side and click on the captain.

Click on the create campaign. Select the campaign name and add events on this like SMS, Messenger, Email, Call, Voicemail, wait, Manual SMS, Manual Call, Webhook, and Add Task.

Select SMS to create an SMS event. Enter the SMS values and save them. Then you can set a schedule on that SMS.

You can create another event by clicking on it. This time try Email. It will be sent after some time. You have to set time intervals by the time event will be executed. If you don’t set the interval time properly then your client may get that event at twelve o’clock at night.

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πŸ”₯ Trigger Links

Click on the Marketing then click on the Trigger Links. Click on the add link buttons. Enter the name and Link URL, after saving it.

Now you can create a new campaign and add an SMS event. Click on the trigger links and select this.

πŸ”₯ Bulk Request

You can send a bulk request using GoHighLevel. Go to the Contacts and again click on contacts/ smart listing. Filter it with Has email-no DND then select the records and add them to the campaigns. After this change the process in drip mode. then select the settings and send it.

πŸ”₯ SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing is the best feature of this platform. Using GoHighLevel Dashboards you can send bulk SMS to all the Clients. You can send SMS, Track your SMS, and record this.

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πŸ”₯ Forms

You can create forms to collect the information from your sites or the funnels. Using you can create these forms using form builders, you can create these forms.

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πŸ”₯ Surveys

You can do surveys using GoHighLevel, so you don’t have to depend on the other sites. Click on the marketing and select the survey builders to create your new survey. You can set up the survey as you want.

πŸ”₯ Chat

If your client relies on your Dashboard.Β  Click on the Chat Widget from the dashboard. Hit the Chat bubble and edit it according to your requirement. Click on the get code and copy that code. Go to the funnels and website to click website to preview this.

πŸ”₯ Triggers

Triggers are known as conditional statements. Click on the Triggers and choose the triggers. Then add the filters. Then add action and choose the action and enter the destination. and send it.

πŸ”₯ Conversation

You can check the conversation if it is Read or Unread. It will help you to track your customers and analyze them.

πŸ”₯ Contacts/Smart List

It is the most useful tool in GoHighLevel where you will find arranged contact list. It is always get updated by Smart List. You can also filter this according to your requirements.

You can build a Smart List where you can add contact with a phone number but without an email id. It will be get updated whenever you add an email id by Smart List.

πŸ”₯ Snapshots

To create snapshots you have to click on settings and click on the account snapshot then click on the create a new snapshot. Fill in the snapshot name and choose the account then click save to save it.

πŸ”₯ Settings

Settings are the place where you can do all the changes which will reflect on the dashboard. GoHighLevel has a simple and well-designed setting so any can understand it.

πŸ”₯ Funnel Builder

You can execute a promo for the customers which includes a landing page and form with thank you. Everything is possible with this. Everything at once. You can save time by cloning the funnel into other funnels and campaigns.
You can also import funnels from Clickfunnels using GoHighLevel.

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πŸ†Gohighlevel Pricing: Is It Value For Money?

Gohighlevel comes with three price offers $97/month, $297/month, and $497/month. Let’s check out what are feature we are getting with these prices.

Agency Starter Account: $97/month Features

GoHighLevel Price

  • Twilio – just enter your own API to enable 2-way texting
  • Mailgun – just enter your own API for unlimited sending
  • Single Account – setup 1 client or use it for your own agency

Agency Unlimited Account: $297/month Features

GoHighLevel Price $297

  • Everything in agency starter
  • Unlimited Sub-accounts – create as many accounts as you’d like for your clients or other businesses
  • Branded Desktop App – out of the box, you’ll have the ability to use your own domain and customize the look and feel of the platform

White Label Mobile App + Custom Zap Upgrade: $497/month Features

GoHighLevel Price $497

  • Mobile app – we will create a customized mobile app so that you can be fully branded
  • Zapier – we will create a custom zap just for your brand
  • Requirements – this upgrade requires the agency’s unlimited account.

πŸ† GoHighLevel Alternatives: What Can We Use Instead Of GoHighLevel?

Now here comes the most interesting part is what else you can use instead of GoHighLevel. Well, there are so many, but we have the most common and famous platform. We have also mentioned the good side and the bad side of both products.

πŸ”‘ GoHighLevel Vs Clickfunnels

Like GoHighLevel, Clickfunnels is also the most demanding software now in the marketplace. Clickfunnels is the website and funnel builder for beginners. Whereas GoHighLevel is an all-in-one platform for sales and marketers to grow their business on point.

  • Key Features:Β With Clickfunnels you can create sales funnels, and you can build membership on your site where you can sell digital products. Clickfunnels provide the Drag and Drop option to create web pages. On the other hand, you will get CRM, Email marketing, and SMS marketing automation. Customer support is Better compared to Clickfunnels.
  • Ease To Use:Β Both platforms GoHighLevel and Clickfunnels have simple platforms. They are well concerned about their users so they have made a user-friendly UI.
  • Cost:Β The price of both platforms is the same. The lowest price of both platforms is $97/month, on that Clickfunnels is offering 1 sub-user whereas GoHighLevel is offering Twilio, Mailgun, and so on.

πŸ”‘ GoHighlevel Vs Kartra

Kartra is also the same as GoHighLevel which is an all-in-one marketing platform. This would be difficult to choose between them but we have mentioned their features.

  • Key Features: Karta has no email marketing integration which means it has only SMTP to send emails. Kartra doesn’t have an HTML builder to create beautiful emails.
  • Ease To Use: Both platforms it easy to use but the customer support of GoHighLevel is best.
  • Cost: Karta is starting from $99/month whereas GoHighLevel is a little cheap that it is starting from $97/month where you will get the same features.

πŸ”‘ GoHighlevel vs Kajabi

Similar GoHighLevel, Kajabi is also an all-in-one platform for the entrepreneur.

  • Key Features: Although both platforms have email marketing it is not included email HTML builders for creating eye-catching emails. Kajabi is the best platform for the course creator to create their courses. You can create the best website using Kajabi. In GoHighLevel you can create a campaign with more channels such as SMS, Emails, Voicemails, and many more.
  • Ease To Use: Compare to GoHighLevel, some people mainly new users might feel difficult to use whereas GoHighLevel is easy for beginners to advanced users.
  • Cost: The cost of Kajabi is too, which is starting from $119/month whereas GoHighLevel comes at a cheap price.

πŸ”‘ GoHighLevel Vs Builderall

Builderall is also the best all-in-one platform that comes with many more tools and features. Builderall has advanced CRM.

  • Key Features: Builderall has the Funnel club which is comprised of sales funnels templates, sales funnels templates, and so on. Builderall has a Website builder, Chatbot, Video Hosting, Booking calendar, unlimited email marketing, chat builder, blog builder, browser notifications, and many more.
  • Ease To Use: Both platforms have a beautiful website but Builderall feels slow comparatively GoHighLevel.
  • Cost: Builderall is offering their basic plan from $14.90/month with 2GB of Disk Space.

πŸ† Who Should Use GoHighLevel?

Builderall is an all-in-one marketing remedy for your all problems. Although it was mainly developed for specific agency owners and businesses. If you have a few items to sell then it is for you but not for a large number of items.
You can create effective and powerful funnels using GoHighLevel. You will find the Whitelabel report for clients.
So, if you have a small business to manage clients, bloggers for affiliate offers and digital products, agency owners, and many more then definitely GoHighLevel is for you.

πŸ† Final Words For GoHighLevel

At the end of the GoHighLevel review, we have included all the details of GoHighLevel by which you can take decisions. We have also mentioned how to create an account on GoHighLevel, which will lead you to start with this platform.

Using GoHighLevel You can create effective sales funnels. The best part is you can create a website and connect it with other custom domains. wich GoHighLevel creates awesome landing pages.
There are lots of software and platforms which are all-in-one but this is the best one. You do not have to manage much software separately, in GoHighLevel you will find everything at once.

Thank you for reading this section. If you like this please follow our Facebook group SaaSTalks for more product discussion like this and review with pros and cons.

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GoHighLevel Review, Pricing, Features, Pros & Cons, Demo, & Alternatives.
GoHighLevel Review, Pricing, Features, Pros & Cons, Demo, & Alternatives.

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