Growmatik Review (2022) Features, Pricing, Use-Cases & Alternatives. All-In-One Marketing Automation Tool

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Are you struggling to get customers to your business? And to convert the audience to the customers? If you are in search of a tool which is to manage all your marketing tasks in one place and an email marketing tool? Here is the tool called Growmatik which is the best marketing automation tool. Read this complete Growmatik review to discover all the features in action, and how the different parts of Growmatik work.

It makes it simple for you to segment your customers and build up automation rules. In order to communicate with your customers, you can then use visual editors to build website personalizations, emails, and popups. Altogether, it was a pretty simple way for WordPress and/or WooCommerce users to start using marketing automation. Although it offers eCommerce functionality for WooCommerce stores, it also functions for standard WordPress websites.

Creating good marketing strategies drives huge sales for your business. They need to send emails, have good web pages, and many more. After building the email list, you need to send authentic emails to the people. Creating value emails makes them drive to your web pages. From there, the work of web pages is to drive them to become customers of your business by providing your business goals and how you will help them. But for the one who is just starting out is very difficult to get, here is growmatik which helps to create authentic emails, popups, and web pages. Let’s dive into Growmatik Complete In-Depth Review.


Growmatik Review

10Expert Score
Best Marketing Automation Platform For WordPress
Growmatik is a cross-channel marketing automation platform that allows you to create highly targeted web content, emails, and pop-ups. This tool helped me to serve every segment of your audience with personalized web pages, emails, and pop-ups from one powerful dashboard. Lets you automate segmentation across web pages, emails, and pop-ups. Growmatik is really great tool for unique audience segments, so you can boost engagement across the board. It is really a breeze and a big thumbs up to invest in this tool!
Ease Of Use
Customer Support
Value For Money
  • Unlimited pop-up templates
  • Unlimited email templates
  • Unlimited webpage personalizations
  • Advanced API access
  • Automation reports and insights
  • Unlimited website visit tracking
  • Unlimited eCommerce event tracking
  • Unlimited custom segments
  • Email and pop-up marketing
  • Unlimited form integrations
  • Behavioral targeting
  • Drag-and-drop pop-up builder
  • Data import and export
  • Set up one-off or recurring automations with multiple conditions and actions
  • Automate segmentation across web pages, emails, and pop-ups.
  • Growmatik collects customer data from different channels based on 100+ filters, including site activity, shopping behavior, email behavior, and referral sources
  • create custom audiences or use pre-made segments that focus on active customers, bounced visitors, cart abandoners, returning users, and RFM groups.
  • Growmatik segments are dynamic and real-time, so your segments are always relevant and meaningful.
  • Drag and drop your way to highly personalized emails, pop-ups, and web pages.
  • Growmatik lets you use dynamic content modules to serve personalized products, blog posts, and keywords to skyrocket customer engagement.
  • Access performance reports on website behavior, sales, customers, and emails with tailored KPIs and comparison charts to measure growth.
  • Analyze engagement and conversions for separate marketing campaigns all on the same dashboard.
  • Ability to upgrade or downgrade between 3 license tiers
  • GDPR compliant
  • Offers 60 days money-back guarantee
  • No downsides till now.


πŸ† Growmatik Review 2022: Product Details





Official Website




All Levels


60 Days Money Back Guarantee


Marketing Automation Software


Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе


Highly Recommended!

Above I have mentioned in detail the overview of Growmatik, the creator of the product, and pricing details. Now let’s jump into the Linguix review and whether you should get this software or not!


πŸ† Growmatik Review: What Is Growmatik?


Growmatik is a tool that helps to create authentic campaigns for your business with targeted content. It is a smart marketing platform. It is a tough task to create campaigns that connect to your customers and drive sales, but you can create them easily by using this tool.

With the automation tool, you can serve the targeted audience with value-based content. You can run emails, pop-ups, and web pages using only one dashboard. Automatically send the emails to the customers of black Friday sales, welcome emails, discounts, offers, and existing messages.

You will receive visual drag-and-drop builders to customize all three touchpoints. Additionally, all three technologies allow you to quickly add dynamic, customized information. You can dynamically insert products that are connected to the items that each user has purchased, for instance, if you run a WooCommerce store.

Additionally, you’ll get other helpful features like funnel analysis, web analytics, and more. You may also set up automation rules very easily by utilizing a straightforward builder. In the hands-on session, these aspects will be covered in greater detail.

Lastly, Growmatik is a WordPress-specific solution, making it incredibly simple to integrate into your website. You only need to install the plugin from and grant it access to your website using the WordPress API to get started!

Growmatik collects the data of consumers by verifying their email behavior, shopping behavior, site activity, and more from different sources. Analyze the collected data and create the content, what are they looking for? So that you can grab their attention to yours. Focusing on your active customers, bounced visitors, and returning users you can launch your good product as pre-sales.

There are plenty of templates for emails, pop-ups and web pages just you need to drag and drop your email list. Skyrocket your engagement using the content modules of products, blog posts, business, and more. Let your customers be notified of the best offers and limited-time discounts. With this tool, you can analyze the reports of sales, website visitors, conversations, and emails. Check your top-performing content and create around it. Measure your customer’s geolocations, sales referred from domains, and even the count of signup also.


πŸ† Growmatik Review: How It Works?

Growmatik helps with marketing automation and personalization and works on 3 principles which are:

  • Discover & Segment
  • Automate & Personalize
  • Measure & Iterate

You will receive visual drag-and-drop builders to customize all three touchpoints. Additionally, all three technologies allow you to quickly add dynamic, customized information. You can dynamically insert products that are connected to the items that each user has purchased, for instance, if you run a WooCommerce store.

Additionally, you’ll get other helpful features like funnel analysis, web analytics, and more. You may also set up automation rules very easily by utilizing a straightforward builder. In the hands-on session, these aspects will be covered in greater detail.Β  First, you have to install the official integration plugin and lin kit to your Growmatik account (there is a free plan available).

You will manage everything going forward from the Growmatik cloud dashboard (not your WordPress site). Growmatik, on the other hand, will automatically maintain synchronization. As an illustration, information about new users or WooCommerce orders will instantly appear in your Growmatik dashboard. There are five sections you can find inΒ the Growmatik dashboard:

  • Analytics & Reports: Access basic web analytics in reports. View people’s locations, traffic sources (with UTM tag support), the websites they are visiting, and other information.

Growmatik analytics

  • Automations: Create automatic rules to send emails, display popups to certain website visitors, or alter the content of your site.

Growmatik automations

  • Customer Journey: View and segment user trips on your site with the customer journey filter. In essence, you can watch the process people go through to become customers.
  • People: View all of your users and divide them into various groups using more than 50 conditions.

growmatik People

  • Workshop: Create “material” for your site in a workshop. Users can receive emails from you, pop-up windows, and tailored content. This and the features on the Automations tab overlap significantly.

growmatik email templates

πŸ† Growmatik Features & Benefits

Growmatik is marketing automation and personalization tool specifically built for WordPress and WooCommerce.It comes with amazing features, let’s explore some of the Growmatik features below:

πŸ”₯ Create automations

The automation builder in Growmatik is one of its most potent features. Basically, you may trigger certain website changes or activities using the automation builder based on a wide range of different factors. You will be able to set up your automations to be triggered by things like:

  • Source, for instance, a specific UTM tags or referring URL
  • Locational information about the user.
  • The device, such as a desktop or mobile.
  • Time and date
  • If they have visited a particular page
  • User behavior includes things like whether a user has bought a specific item, clicked on or opened an email, abandoned their cart, been inactive for a specific period of time, and more.
  • You can target certain audiences by creating bespoke segments (more on this later).
  • You can target any user; everyone.

After that, you can select from one of four options:

  • Customize a current page on your website. In other words, you can alter a page’s content, but only for visitors who match your trigger conditions. To make these modifications, you’ll be given a straightforward visual editor.
  • Based on this trigger, send visitors an email. You’ll receive a visual email builder and be able to fill the email with a tonne of dynamic, tailored information.
  • Put a popup window on your website. To create these popups, you will have access to a visual popup builder.
  • Show a certain page to visitors. You can guide users to a certain page on your website.

You can select from three different user types when creating automation:

  • Guests are your website’s anonymous visitors. Since you lack their contact information, you cannot email this group of users.
  • Leads are persons for whom you have contact details but who have not yet made a purchase.
  • Customers are those who have really shopped at your establishment.

πŸ”₯ Create Mails

Using the templates provided by Growmatik, you can create highly targeted emails for the people. Email marketing is best for businesses to always connect to their customers. Send the right emails to the right customers at the right time.

πŸ”₯ Create Popups

If you want to show the offers, discounts, pre-sales offers, and more then pop-ups are the best way to do that. Create attractive popups using the templates.

πŸ”₯ Discover your customers

Growmatik will provide customer data by filtering out their email behavior, site behavior, habits, and shopping behavior. For instance, if you discover that Facebook visitors behave differently than Google visitors, you could utilize that information to set up automations that are tailored for each group of users.

πŸ”₯ Templates

Growmatik provides unlimited email templates, pop-up templates, and web page templates.

πŸ”₯ Analytics

You can measure the sales, customers, bounced visitors, and count of signups using the reports. Analyze the most performed content and create the content around it only.

πŸ”₯ Create Segments

The capability of Growmatik to build segments from your leads or clients is another potent feature. Once a segment is created, you can utilize it as a trigger condition for your automation. You could, for instance, send an email or display a unique popup only to those in a segment. Growmatik will provide you with certain pre-built segments when you first start out for important categories like slipping clients and extremely devoted users. Moreover, by combining and matching more than 50 conditions, you can also design your own unique segments. Plus, you can categorize users based on their activity, referring source, and other factors.

πŸ”₯ Customer Support

There is excellent customer support. They will respond to your complaint as soon as possible without any delay, and they will solve your issues.

πŸ”₯ Use the Workshop to Create Content

The automation rules are one method of producing content, but you may also use the Workshop to produce new popups, site personalizations, or emails. The builder is identical to what I demonstrated for you in the sections on developing various kinds of automation rules. To let you know that you can also create emails and popups without using the automation builder, I’d want to emphasize this.

πŸ”₯ Website Personalization Editor

The customization of the website is pretty cool. Based on the trigger, you can alter the content of an existing page on your website. The visual editor will open a live view of the page you have selected to change. After that, you may use Growmatik’s editor to completely alter every piece of content on that page. What you can do is:

  • Edit current text or content.
  • Delete the existing material.
  • Utilize the blocks in Growmatik to add additional content. You will receive specific blocks to integrate WooCommerce products, for instance, if you run a WooCommerce store. The blocks can even be filtered according to the things that each user has bought or watched, which gives you some really strong personalization choices.

πŸ”₯ Browse and Filter Customer Journeys

You may get a bird’s-eye view of consumer behavior on your site by using the Customer Journey page. This style of the report may be one that you are accustomed to from Google analytics.

The other filters will update as necessary as you choose a filter. The other parts will change to just display information for traffic from Facebook, for instance, if you select to filter out only traffic from the Facebook source:

This tool is particularly handy for observing how various user categories interact with your website. You may create automation scenarios that are tailored to each sort of visitor if you are aware that Facebook users behave differently from Google visitors.

πŸ”₯ Popup Builder

Similar in operation to the email builder is the popup builder. Then, using the visual, drag-and-drop data, you can modify your popup. Additionally, you will be able to insert dynamic data.

You may, for instance, address users by name or display a unique message just for those who come from a particular source. Overall, it’s clear that, in addition to the visual, drag-and-drop interfaces, the ease with which you may integrate dynamic, personalized information at any time distinguishes all of these interfaces from one another.

πŸ”₯ Integrate With Your Favorite WordPress Form Builder

If your website has previously been developed, it is likely that you already have lead-generating forms that you have developed using a different plugin, such as Elementor Pro, Gravity Forms, WPForms, etc.

Growmatik now interfaces with such products so you may continue using your current solution and provide Growmatik with the data you already have. For instance, if you used the Elementor Pro form builder to construct a form, you’ll receive a new Growmatik form action that you can utilize.

πŸ† How To Get Growmatik Free Trial?

  • First, you have to go to the official website.
  • Then click on the “start free trial” option.
  • Register with your email
  • After successful registrationΒ 
  • You can use the free trial.

πŸ† How To Buy Growmatik Subscription?

  • First, you have to visit the “Growmatik” official website.
  • Then select the desired plan
  • Click on Buy Now option
  • Then go to proceed to checkout
  • Register the account by entering the details
  • Select the payment method
  • Pay the required amount
  • Start using it and enjoy!

Final Words On Growmatik

To conclude, Growmatik amazed me the most with how simple it was to set up automations on WordPress.

Other tools I’ve used in the past didn’t feel as simple to use to begin started with. The website customization tool, for instance, is quite easy to use. You can edit the content as though you were using a page builder plugin because it is directly imported from WordPress.

Instead of attempting to use a separate product that may or may not work well with WordPress, utilizing a WordPress-specific solution like Growmatik offers this level of tight integration.

In addition to being simple to use, the pricing structure is also fair. Every plan includes all the features, even the free one, making even those on a small budget able to access sophisticated services.

Give Growmatik a look if you want a simple method to get started with marketing automation and personalization on WordPress and/or WooCommerce.

Specification: Growmatik Review (2022) Features, Pricing, Use-Cases & Alternatives. All-In-One Marketing Automation Tool


Lifetime, Subscription

Niche Marketing

All Level, Beginner



Money-back Guarantee

60 days money-back guarantee


Google Search Console, Shopify, Woocommerce, WordPress

Best For

eCommerce, Marketers


πŸ† Growmatik Pricing Plans

Growmatik comes up with different pricing plans. There are three pricing plans, according to your requirements you can choose one of them. It is a lifetime purchase,Β  there will not be any monthly pricing. The Money will be refunded within 60 days only for any reason. Get access to the most powerful marketing automation tool to grow your business, not your bills.

πŸ”₯ Lite ($12/mo)

  • 2500 Marketing Audiences
  • 10 Automation Rules
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Unlimited Email Sends
  • 24/7 Standard Support
  • 14 days free trial
  • SSL secure payment
  • No credit card required

πŸ”₯ Starter ($49/mo)

  • 10K Marketing Audiences
  • 20 Automation Rules
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Unlimited Email Sends
  • 24/7 Standard Support
  • 14 days free trial
  • SSL secure payment
  • No credit card required

πŸ”₯ Growth ($99/mo)

  • 25K Marketing Audiences
  • 50 Automation Rules
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Unlimited Email Sends
  • 24/7 Premium Support
  • 14 days free trial
  • SSL secure payment
  • No credit card required

πŸ”₯ Pro ($299/mo)

  • 100K Marketing Audiences
  • Unlimited Automation Rules
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Unlimited Email Sends
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • 24/7 Premium Support
  • 14 days free trial
  • SSL secure payment
  • No credit card required


πŸ† Growmatik Alternatives

Are you looking for Growmatik alternatives? Here are the top alternatives to Growmatik, that work in a similar manner to Growmatik.

πŸ”₯ Kartra

Kartra is an all-in-one marketing tool. With the help of automation, you can send follow-up messages, offers, discounts, and pre-sales. It is a monthly plan that is too expensive. For solo entrepreneurs, growmatik is the best and lifetime tool.

πŸ”₯ Act

Act is the best tool for midsize businesses and big-size businesses. It is the best automation tool to increase sales, to market better. You can manage the relationships with the clients. The pricing is very high and it is also a monthly plan.

πŸ”₯ Creatio

Creatio automates your campaigns and workflows. It is a powered packed tool of high-end products for sales, conversions, email automations, and many more. It is charging $25 per month, which is much more expensive than Growmatik.


πŸ† FAQs On Growmatik

1. Is this software only for Shopify?

No, you can use it for WordPress and Shopify. Now you can even integrate with stripe and HubSpot.

2. Is there a way to optimize scripts in Growmatik?

Yes, you can optimize scripts in growmatik. Create your own scripts if possible for you and use them. There are a lot of scripts for emails, pop-ups, &Β  web pages.

3. Is it a lifetime subscription?

Yes, it is a lifetime subscription, you need to select the plan according to your business requirements.

4. Is it possible to add team members?

No, right now it is not possible to add the team members. In the future, Growmatik will add it, so it will be good for business owners.

5. What is your refund policy?

You can submit a refund request no later than 15 days after purchasing a plan.

6. What payment methods do you offer?

We use Stripe for accepting recurring payments, therefore we accept all credit card types supported by Stripe. Paypal and direct debit (in some countries) payments will be offered in the future.

7. Do you need my credit card details to sign up?

No, you’ll only need to add billing details when your trial period ends.

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Growmatik Review (2022) Features, Pricing, Use-Cases & Alternatives. All-In-One Marketing Automation Tool
Growmatik Review (2022) Features, Pricing, Use-Cases & Alternatives. All-In-One Marketing Automation Tool

Original price was: $299.Current price is: $69.

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