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Since the advent of digital marketing people has now realized the true potential of content marketing. Creating content is a way that can easily engage viewers and get you prospects, it serves well as short term, as well as long term method. Almost all marketing agencies use content marketing now, so the need for quality content is immense. But creating content is a hard task in itself, creating it in bulk, that too with optimizing SEO and SERP ranking is a bigger issue.

Everybody is in search of the best SEO tools that can help in solving this issue. In this MarketMuse review, I’ll be discussing such a tool that can take care of all these at once. It saves you a lot of time that you usually spend on research and analysis. You can utilize the saved time in creating other content.

It saves you from spending more money and time in creating lots of content and additionally provides you with ideas you should write on and even gives you detailed information about keywords you should put in to get a higher SERP rank, so you don’t need to track SERP rank on a regular basis. If it sounds interesting enough then let’s discover this tool below, where I cover MarketMuse features, MarketMuse pricing, MarketMuse Competitors, and some more details.

9.9Expert Score
Awesome Content Optimizing Tool To Get Better SERP Rankings
In the content marketing business, I can't tell you how hard it is to get your blogs ranked on google, it gets more difficult with new writers. MarketMuse truly amused me with its performance. My team is now writing content that is ranking on a regular basis. Although the price seems a bit high at first, but trust me, it worths
Ease of use
Quality of output
Value for money
  • It provides valuable insight to improve your content creation and optimization.
  • It is easy to see what keywords would improve our rankings as compared to competitors.
  • It's helping us write better, more informed content that gives our users the best answer or feedback possible.
  • Availability of content inventory on MarketMuse makes it easy to measure the quality of the content before uploading or updating it.
  • Identifying key topics and subtopics while creating content to upload on the blog saves a lot of time.
  • With AI-generated content, I am able to write and upload content like a pro that has high-ranking keywords.
  • The Free version contains very few features.

🏆 What Is MarketMuse?

Created by Aki Balogh and Jeff Coye back in 2013, MarketMuse is a powerful AI-powered keyword planner and content marketing tool that you can use to create premium digital content easily. It is an SEO tool as well. With this AI tool, you can easily search for topics that you should cover, analyze content with efficiency and it also helps to create briefs that are really helpful in creating quality content.

MarketMuse is best suited for medium to large brands and agencies, that are trying to create the best content marketing plan depending on reliable data. In simple words, it is an all-in-one platform you can use to manage your workflows, do better planning and optimize content using the same platform. You can search for relevant topics, improve existing content, and include the right keywords effectively so the chances for your content to rank goes higher.

If you are still reading this MarketMuse review then let me show you how easy it is to use.

🏆 How To Use MarketMuse

MarketMuse comes with an easy and simple interface. It also provides a free trial that you can use without giving any payment-related details, and you can see all the features and working processes of this powerful content optimizer instantly.  Here I have covered that for you in this MarketMuse review.

MarketMuse comes with an intuitive interface, it makes things much simpler for you. After you sign up and set up your account on MarketMuse it hits you with a tutorial, where you can choose from given topics.

MarketMuse Topics

In order to use this content optimizing tool, you’ll need to enter the URL and correct keyword in the top bar and press run. Instantaneously MarketMuse will start analyzing top-ranking pages to give you the best content suggestions.

MarketMuse suggestions

After you are done, MarketMuse suggests keywords for the chosen topic that you should put in your content. It additionally shows how many times you have entered a particular and how many times you should use it to improve your content.

It also provides you with a heat map that gives you a clear view of how top-ranking pages are using top-ranking keywords in their content. You can use this feature to compare your content with top-ranked ones and add those keywords to get yourself a better SERP ranking.

🏆 MarketMuse Features

The selling point of this powerful content research tool is MarketMuse features. It is packed up with helpful features that set it apart from the other MarketMuse competitors. It provides different sets of features for different plans. It is suggested to choose premium MarketMuse lifetime deals to enjoy all of the MarketMuse features. Let’s see what they are!

Content Optimize

This MarketMuse feature basically does the job of an editor with its machine learning. You just need to enter the particular topic and URL of your content at the top bar. After that, you only need to press the run button to see the magic happening.

Just after a few seconds, your content will appear in its edit section, and on the right side, MarketMuse will show you the keywords you should add to your content. It also analyses your content and provides you with a content score, you can see the avg content scorer of the other ranking pages and set a target score that’ll certainly rank your content on the SERP first page.

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Research Tool

MarketMuse Research

Research is the most important part of creating content, almost 60% time people invest in just doing the research. This is one of the best MarketMuse features that allow you to do that in minutes.

MarketMuse Research application surveys the search engines to seek relevant data for you. You can do a manual search, targeting a particular keyword or you can let this smart AI tool do that for you. MarketMuse performs an audit and suggests you with the keywords that are being searched by the users heavily.

Compete Tool

MarketMuse Heatmap

What’s the point of creating content that doesn’t rank? Competing with the big guns of the industry isn’t an easy thing. That’s where this MarketMuse feature comes in handy. It helps you in creating content better than your competitors by analyzing top-ranking pages and then comparing your content with them. You can easily see the gaps and fill those gaps easily.

It also gives enables you to see the comparison using different views like Heatmap, List view, and head-to-head view, which allows you to optimize your content against your competitors.


MarketMuse Questions

You can’t rank by only depending on keywords, your content must be able to answer the questions users are searching for. MarketMuse searches for the questions users are searching for the most and suggests to you the questions you should answer.

All you need to do is to pick a topic and you’ll get all the relevant questions. Then you can do your research or optimize your content accordingly.

Connect Tool

MarketMuse Connect

Linking your content with rich internal and external sources builds the authority of your content and it helps your content to rank higher. The connect tool is one of the best MarketMuse features that help you find sources that you can add as an internal link. It also lets you know if you have given an external link to any competitor website, so you can change it.


MarketMuse inventory lessens the manual work by automating all the work. MarketMuse organizes and analyzes your pages and it makes the pages easily attainable.

Content Briefs

This MarketMuse feature I liked especially. It enables you to provide your writing team with related topics, writing structure, linking suggestions, or questions to answer easily. It makes the workflow smoother.

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First Draft

I always feel difficulty when I start writing. A good start is always crucial to creating great content. I guess I am not the only one who feels it difficult to put the first few sentences.

This MarketMuse feature solved this problem by giving an AI-generated first draft that you can use as the foundation of your content. You can take the piece of writing and start putting in more detailed content to create high-quality content without scratching your head.

🏆 MarketMuse Pricing

Now that you got to know about all the awesome MarketMuse features, you need to know about the lucrative MarketMuse pricing.  MarketMuse offers a free version too with limited features that you can sign up for without giving credit card details. You can choose from the two paid plans of MarketMuse to enjoy its features.

  • MarketMuse Free Plan

  • No time limit
  • 1 user
  • 15 queries per month
  • 10 projects
  • Applications: Optimize, Research, Compete, Questions, Connect

  • MarketMuse Standard Plan: $149/month or $1500/year

  • 1 user (add new users for $99/month)
  • Data export
  • 100 queries per month
  • Unlimited projects
  • Applications: Optimize, Research, Compete, Questions, Connect

  • MarketMuse Premium Plan: $999/month | For the annual plan contact the vendor

  • On-demand content audit for one or more domains
  • Domain analysis for any number of pages within the domains
  • Track managed topics
  • 25 team members
  • Unlimited self-serve Content Briefs
  • Unlimited queries
  • Unlimited projects
  • Applications: Optimize, Research, Compete, Questions, Connect
  • The dedicated Account Management team
  • Customer Success platform and workflow training for teams
  • Platform onboarding
  • Add-on options: Managed Content Briefs, Final Drafts, strategy services

🏆 MarketMuse Competitors

MarketMuse VS Frase

Frase is a popular MarketMuse competitor that helps you in optimizing SEO content along with research and writing without spending hours. This MarketMuse competitor also provides content briefs and content analysis efficiently. This powerful AI tool is known for auto-completing your unfinished sentences and even writing an entire paragraph.

Although it works similarly to MarketMuse, it lacks several advanced features that MarketMuse provides. It doesn’t provide a content score that is a really helpful feature to know if your content can rank. One more thing I should include is that it doesn’t mark external links to competitor sites that could cause a major issue. So my money is on MarketMuse.

MarketMuse VS Clearscope

Clearscope is another AI-powered MarketMuse alternative that eases the job of content creation. It helps you create content that can get organic traffic easily by giving you a detailed report on what are people searching for. You can use this as a Google docs add-on or WordPress plugin to work more efficiently. Additionally, it provides its users with free training.

But the prices are a real turn-off, it doesn’t offer a free version and doesn’t provide a heatmap that enables you to get a better insight.

MarketMuse VS Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is an alternative to MarketMuse that helps you create content that can rank on search engines more efficiently. This MarketMuse competitor provides you with relevant topic suggestions that have better chances of raking. It also provides you with article outlines, on which you can build your SEO content easily. This is a useful SEO content optimizer that can help you for sure but it’s not the best option you can get.
Unlike MarketMuse it can’t track your content inventory and the outlines it produces, aren’t as detailed as MarketMuse. Although the prices are considerably low for this software if it produces unsatisfactory results that are a waste of money too.

Final Verdict On MarketMuse

Now that you have covered all of the information written in this MarketMuse review I hope the experience was satisfactory enough. If you are thinking about why choose a pricier content optimizing tool when there are cheaper alternatives available? I can understand, we all got to take care of our pockets as well.

There are thousands if not millions of websites are fighting for good SERP ranking out there and beating them all isn’t a job that can be done by anyone. Keeping the high demand for content optimizing tools and the importance of it, a good content optimizing tool that is enriched with useful features can’t come cheap. That’s why leading agencies and brands show faith in MarketMuse. The tool is known for its performance.

I hope I have covered all the queries you might have about this content-optimizing tool in my MarletMuse review.  If I have missed anything please let me know in the comment box, I’ll be happy to answer them. Now, what are you waiting for? Get this tool and start creating content that ranks high.

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MarketMuse Review, Features, Pricing, Alternatives, And More
MarketMuse Review, Features, Pricing, Alternatives, And More

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