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In the age of digitization, it is important to have a website if you are trying to build your presence in the market. With people more and more leading towards online, websites are becoming more crucial. Those who know about website building, know how complicated it is to build a website. It is a very complex and time-consuming process that you just don’t want to go through. Moreover, not everyone has the required efficacy or enough technical knowledge to build a website from the scratch.

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Nicepage is the solution that can rescue from all the complicacy at once. It gives you freedom from all the restraints that are holding you back. You can create and design appealing websites and deliver them to your clients like it’s a piece of cake.  Here I presented a detailed Nicepage review to give you a better insight.


9.7Expert Score
Powerful No-Coding Website Builder For Beginner And Professionals
It was a nice experience working with Nicepage for the first time. it took me a little time to get used to its interface, but it was easy enough to understand. I don't know much about coding but I needed a website of y own without paying a lot of money, as I was only trying to give it a shot. It was astonishingly easy to create a website with Nicepage. I used my creative side to create the website, hoping that it would get me some leads. Surprisingly, my site started getting decent web traffic within a couple of months. I made a good commission and it's still coming. Nicepage is awesome in one word. I'm already working on another website. You'll surely find Nicepage helpful.
Ease Of Use
Cost effective
Output quality
Value For Money
  • Nicepage allows you to build a website from scratch without writing any codes
  • Build modern designs with grid layouts and freehand positioning.
  • Make a fully responsive website across all devices with this website builder.
  • Build website templates, HTML templates, CSS templates, WordPress themes, Joomla templates, WooCommerce themes, landing pages, and one-page templates with ease.
  • You can create website mockups, website designs, and static websites.
  • You can use powerful animations, motion effects, and video backgrounds.
  • More than 200 features are at your disposal.
  • More than 10,000+ templates are available on this website builder.
  • NIcepage gives you value for money.
  • Its interface is clean and simple
  • It is available on Windows and Mac devices, you can also get the online version of this website builder.
  • The website builder may seem a bit confusing for its users.

🏆 What Is Nicepage?

Built by Artisteer, Nicepage is one of the most advanced drag-and-drop website builders that allows you to create and design websites with ease for different formats. It enables you to create professional websites with its extensive library of templates, responsive design, functional widgets, and freehand positioning. It makes the work easy, as well as fast so that you don’t miss your deadline. You don’t need to write any code to build your website, Nicepage comes with more than 10,000 ready-to-use templates you are able to design your website just the way you like. It contains all the advanced features that you might require o make your website stand out from the others.

🏆 Nicepage Tutorials

Nicepage contains a simple and clean interface. It makes the website builder so accessible for first-time users that you won’t be searching for Nicepage tutorials anywhere. You just need to sign up to this website builder and download Nicepage on your device. You can also use the online version as well.

You can add pages according to your requirement and add elements from the left menu bar. With its drag-and-drop feature, you can drag your required elements and place them anywhere you desire. It helps you with a red magnetic guide to align them.

🏆 Nicepage Features

🔥 Freehand Positioning

In the initial days of website making, there was no scope for freehand positioning. You were allowed to choose from only a limited scope of positioning your designs. Now with the introduction of freehand positioning, those days are gone now. Freehand positioning makes a website look more interesting and visitors can easily surf on the page. Nicepage has taken that into account and it enables you to freely drag and drop your design in your preferred position, and create unique designs for your website.

🔥 Ready-to-use Blocks and Templates

Nicepage blocks

Blocks and templates are integral for making websites. Nicepage has a huge library of templates that consists of over 10,000 ready-to-use HTML templates and the best thing is, these templates are fully responsive and customizable. So you can get creative with them and make your website look more unique. The templates and blocs are divided into different categories, hence in spite of the huge number of options, you can easily look for the kind of template you are trying to get your hands on.

There is a vast range of templates available on this website builder. You can find templates related to Medicine, Sales, Food, Nature, Pets and Animals, and many more. The list seems endless. The templates consist of quality images that are relevant to the particular category. Using full-page templates is not much time-consuming as they are divided into several blocks. This feature allows you to use a particular section of the template instead of using the whole page.

🔥 Web page elements

Nicepage elements

Without the web page elements, you can’t build a website. They are the crucial elements of a website as they give structure to a page and show content to the visitor. Nicepage lets you use several web page elements like Grids, Videos, galleries, Gallery thumbnails, Social icons, Google maps, and many more. You can use these elements to enrich your website and make it more engaging with visitors. Nicepage provides you with 20+ web page elements that you can use to design your website.

🔥 Supported Elements

Nicepage supports many major systems like Windows, and Mac OS. You can download the desktop version of the Nicepage on your device and start creating your website. You can also use this software as a WordPress plugin and Joomla extension also. The online version of Nicepage is also available on the internet, so you don’t need to download anything to work on this website builder. Just sign in and get started with it.

🔥 Visual Page Editor

With the Nicepage website builder, you can edit your content using its drag-and-drop feature. You can expand your image and turn it into a background with just a single click.

🔥 Drag-And-Drop

The drag-and-drop feature allows you to freely place your content on all of the web pages and make it look cooler.

🔥 Resize element

Nicepage allows you to drag text, images, and several other elements to resize them according to your preference. It also provides a magnetic guide so you can resize them perfectly.

🔥 Crop image

You can crop images so it sits fit for the viewers landing on the page. Nicepage also allows you to zoom in while cropping the image so you can get the perfect layout and showcase your creativity.

🔥 Design Elements

Designing is the forte of this website builder. It enables you to create stunning web pages with the necessary elements like icons, Images, Text, Hyperlinks, buttons, Shape, and more. Not to forget, you can place all the elements freely anywhere on your page.

🔥 Extensive Media Library

An extensive media library is one of the best features that people look for in a website builder. Nicepage provides one of the biggest media libraries that you can find on the internet. With over 2.5 million icons, 3 million images, 9000 block designs and more than 1000 customizable web page templates you can design the most exciting website. With all the rich media available, there is one thing for sure, your website isn’t gonna look boring.

🔥 Mobile Responsive Web Design

You can see around you, how many people are roaming with smartphones in their hands.  With the introduction of powerful smartphones, more and more people are visiting websites through their smartphones. Thus, it is important to build your website friendly for all those devices. Nicepage allows you to design the websites in a way that fits all devices. You can even check how your website looks on different devices, you can edit the looks of your website separately and make it fit for the screen. You can use grids to make your website auto-adaptive for separate devices.

🔥 Animation Effects

If you want to draw visitors to your website animation is the tool you should to lure them. Nicepage comes with basic on-scroll animation, and along with that it provides you with on-hover animation that gives the visitors a better experience with your website.  You can choose color, radius, border, or transparency according to your requirement and make your website bling.

🔥 Contact Form Builder

Contact forms are essential to any business website to collect data for probable leads. Apart from that many contact forms like subscriptions, accept terms, and captcha boxes are essential to a website. Nicepage provides you with 10+ form field types that you can use. You can customize them quickly with this website builder and fit them according to different devices within a few minutes. Not all the Nicepage Alternatives contain this feature.

🔥 Header and Footer

The header and footer are the most common parts of all websites. It contains information about the website, details about its features and work process, the Login and search button, the Headline and Logo of the website, and many more. Nicepage contains special boxes for Headers and footers that you can add to your website by using its drag-and-drop feature with ease. It allows you to combine multiple header blocks and make one large header, where you are able to add a menu, shopping cart, icons, and many more options that suit your page.


SEO is crucial for any website, as it helps to rank your site. Nicepage has a separate search engine optimization page that you can utilize to increase your web traffic by using accurate keywords and other SEO properties. With this advanced website builder, you can design WordPress websites that are completely compatible with SEO tools and plugins like Rankmath. It also allows you to use the lazy image loading method which is also good for SEO.

🔥 Custom Code

Building connectivity among other third-party elements like applications, and databases is important for a website. Nicepage has a custom code feature that you can implement to customize your website to build connectivity. It allows you to add HTML and CSS code that are not available on Nicepage. It also enables you to write custom necessary PHP codes and shortcodes into a post. You can instantly see the live view of your site.

🔥 Application features

The application features of Nicepage are really useful that enable you to work on your project with more efficiency. It supports 10 different languages so you can customize your website according to your native language. Its export and import feature makes this website builder a flexible one, as it allows you to export the whole project or a part of it or import the same. Its auto-save feature ensures that you don’t lose any of your work and the quick search allows you to find anything on Nicepage easily.

🔥 User Roles

The theme of a website is sometimes undermined but it is equally important as others as a particular theme applied on your website puts up a statement about its professionalism. Nicepage allows you to set the style of the typography, sidebar, font, and color scheme. The blog templates for WordPress and Joomla are also stylized with theme templates. You can also use the USer roles to separate roles for different people that’ll be working on the website. Nicepage also comes with a white label feature that increases your brand credibility and saves you a lot of money and time.

🔥 The site and Page properties

Site and Page properties are crucial global parameters that specify the value for your website or a web page. Nivepage enables you to use its social share tab, Favicon to define the presentation of your website on social media. You can also get a unique domain name for your website with Nicepage. You can also connect the websites you created to google analytics to get a better understanding of your audience.

🔥 Blogs

Nicepage blogs

Blogs are still relevant on the internet, they are ideal to get organic traffic. Nicepage allows you to add blogs with interesting information on your website. You can add them to any web page of your website. Nicepage allows you to produce HTML, Joomla, and WordPress articles with its Blog Editor. Additionally, you can decorate them with relevant images.

🔥 E-commerce

Selling goods and services online is becoming more and more popular with time, so is the demand for eCommerce websites. With Nicepage you can create a perfect website design for eCommerce without any trouble. With Nicepage website builder you can get shopping cart templates and shopping cart icons easily. You can use them to build your eCommerce website. You can also showcase the product list or product details on any page of your website.

🔥 Widgets

Widgets provide a clean and user-friendly design to your website. Nicepage website builder allows you to use widgets anywhere on the page. You can add a text widget, search widgets, calendar widgets, Meta widgets, Pages widget, RSS widgets, and many more. You can add these widgets without any hassle and design a website that will provide a smooth experience to the audience.

🏆 Nicepage Use Cases

Nicepage needs no coding to create pages, so if a person lacks the skills to design a page with coding, Nicepage can be ideal for them. It is designed mainly by keeping designers in mind. It shortens the requirement of a bigger workforce to create a website as the requirement of creating a website from scratch lessens. Although you’ll need some basic knowledge of website building to go along with this powerful software.

🏆 Nicepage Pricing

Nicepage comes with 4 pricing plans:

Nicepage Starter Plan: Free

  • Features you get with the free plan
    • 1 site, 5 pages
    • Limited access to Page and Block designs
    • Limited access to Block layouts
    • 10 Grid styles
    • Export to HTML website
    • Limited export of WordPress pages and themes
    • Limited export of Joomla pages and templates
    • 5M Stock images

Nicepage Personal Plan: $59

  • Features you get with the personal plan
    • Lifetime App license
    • Free updates for one year
    • 5 sites
    • Access to 10,000+ Page and Block designs
    • Access to 200 Block layouts
    • 25 Grid styles
    • 1 Modal popup
    • Tablets and Mobile support
    • Design WordPress pages and themes
    • Export to HTML website
    • Export WordPress pages and themes
    • Export Joomla pages and templates
    • 5M free Stock images

Nicepage Business Plan: $129

  • Features you get with Nicepage Business plan
    • Lifetime App license
    • Free updates for one year
    • 50 sites
    • Access to 10,000+ Page and Block designs
    • Access to 500 Block layouts
    • 50 Grid styles
    • 10 Modal popups
    • Tablets and Mobile support
    • Full design customization
    • Design WordPress pages and themes
    • Design Joomla pages and themes
    • Export to HTML website
    • Export WordPress pages and themes
    • Export Joomla pages and templates
    • 5M free Stock images
    • 30 Downloads per day during the active free updates period
    • Small size images

Nicepage Pro Plan: $199

  • Features you get with Nicepage Pro plan
    • Lifetime App license
    • Free updates for one year
    • Unlimited sites
    • 10 additional licenses
    • Access to 10,000+ Page and Block designs
    • Access to 1000 Block layouts
    • 100+ Grid styles
    • 100 Modal popups
    • Tablets and Mobile support
    • Unlimited Full design customization
    • Priority support
    • Design WordPress pages and themes
    • Design Joomla pages and themes
    • Export to HTML website
    • Export WordPress pages and themes
    • Export Joomla pages and templates
    • Export to Woocommerce Theme and VirtueMart Template
    • 5M free Stock images
    • 30 Downloads per day during the active free updates period
    • Small size images
    • Medium size images

🏆 Nicepage Alternatives

👉 Nicepage VS Mobirise

Mobirise is a free-of-cost offline app. Mobirise is available on both Mac and Windows. Like Nicepage you can create websites, Landing pages, Portfolios, and Online resumes. It is suitable for people who lack knowledge of coding, you don’t need to write any code to create a website with this website builder. Its interface is really simple and minimalistic. It can be stated as a good alternative for Nicepage, but it lacks many parts. Nicepage gives a way better library of elements like blocks and templates. Mobirise is minimalistic so you cannot create a complex website with this website builder.

👉 Nicepage VS Elementor

Elementor is another Nicepage alternative, that you can use to build a website. Its pricing and features are very similar to Elementor. It comes with a user-friendly interface and a drag-and-drop feature that allows you to create a website with ease.
Although it consists of almost all the features that Nicepage offers, it provides premium support with low-cost plans which you don’t get with the Nicepage website builder.

👉 Nicepage VS WordPress

WordPress needs no introduction, it is the most used content management software and it powers 29% of the whole internet. This free software provides you with all the features to create distinct websites. The pricing for the paid version of this website builder is also lower than Nicepage. Although its interface could perplex the first-time user at first, it’s easy to get on with.

🏆 Final Verdict On Nicepage

With time passing by, websites are becoming the most important part of building a brand. A good website leaves a better impression on people about your brand or company. If done correctly, websites can advertise, generate leads, close deals, and sell products all at once. The traditional way of building a website is coding, but that’s a thing of the past. Website builders are becoming the go-to option for website building, as it does the job much quicker and it gives freedom to people that aren’t familiar with the coding process.

Nicepage is built keeping that kind of people in mind. Its easy and clean interface is best suitable for beginners and it contains all the advanced features so a pro web designer also can work properly with this tool and create a unique website. The free version is okayish, the paid versions are better with more advanced features and it allows you to build a more versatile and engaging website.

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Nicepage Review, Pricing, Features, Alternatives, And  More
Nicepage Review, Pricing, Features, Alternatives, And More

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